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Pack Your Bags, We're Going..

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To say that the pack was excited for this vacation would seriously be the biggest understatement of the year. The pack had spent the majority of the past month making sure that this trip went without amiss and that they had everything that they would need, at least until they arrived in Orlando, Florida. It’s the first trip they’d be taking since Liam was born, and the pup was excited since “Uncle Isaac said we get to see Mickey!” and Stiles tried to be mad at Isaac for spoiling the surprise, but the look of pure happiness on his son’s face was worth having to hear the pup explaining to everyone and anyone who’d be willing to listen to him about how “My daddy’s are taking me to see Mickey!” everywhere they went. The night before they were set to travel out to Orlando, Liam just wouldn’t settle down to sleep since he was too excited about flying for the first time and getting to see Mickey. Just as Stiles and Derek were about to give up and deal with the fact that they’d be dealing with a grumpy five year old werewolf pup in the morning, Liam knocked out around 12:30 in the morning. Stiles and Derek thanked the deities and wasted no time in going to sleep. God knows they’re going to need every ounce of sleep the next day.



[Day of Trip to Orlando, Florida]

The morning of the trip, the Hale house was a chaotic mess due to everyone trying to get the last bits of essentials packed while trying to eat breakfast and trying to make sure they didn’t forget anything important like their wallets-

                “That happened once Stiles” Scott would protest, even though it was true.

By the time everyone’s bags were distributed into cars, they headed off on the hour long ride to the airport. Stiles spent the drive trying to finish feeding Liam since the pup was barely awake; he just hoped he wouldn’t throw a tantrum at the airport because he was sleepy, so Stiles was just trying to let his son sleep as much as he could before they actually got to their gate. Once they arrived at the airport, the pack followed Derek’s car to where they’d be leaving their cars while on vacation before getting out and dealing with the suitcases. Since Liam had fallen asleep after Stiles fed him, he had his hands full with Liam resting on his hip, while the boy continued to sleep and Liam’s bag with his toys, extra clothes and snacks.

                “Hey babe, little one here is out cold, are you okay with the suitcases?”

Stiles looked over at his husband, who was currently bickering with Erica about what park we’re going to go to first.

Stiles huffed out an amused laugh,

                “Well, there won’t be any parks to go to if we don’t actually oh you know, board the plane?”

Stiles raised an amused eyebrow at his sheepish looking husband and beta.

                “Yeah that’s what I thought now, go take care of the suitcases so we can go check in and head to our gate. Oh and by the way, munchkin here wants to see Mickey, therefore we will be going to Magic Kingdom first.”

Stiles walked away, laughing at the squeak and “Awh man” that left his husband’s mouth. Once they all figured out exactly how they were going to get the suitcases to the check-in counter, they were off.


After getting their tickets and checking in their bags, they all headed towards their gate where they would have an hour or so before they would start boarding the plane.


After getting through TSA, with a little whining from Liam due to being woken up, they were all enjoying a second breakfast and talking about the things they want to do while in Orlando. Stiles noticed that Liam, who was currently leaning against Isaac, was starting to finally wake up as Isaac kept feeding him bits of food from his own plate, Stiles was grateful that Isaac took Liam from Stiles’ arm the moment they announced they should eat a heavier breakfast.

                “So babe, are you excited about this vacation just as much as the pups?” Stiles asked Derek as he sipped on his coffee and continued eating his pancakes.          

                “Of course I am, love. It’s going to be a great trip and I know that Liam is excited as well.” Derek said while looking over at his son who was in a deep conversation about Mickey with Isaac.

                “Oh yeah, I know he’s excited, but I was totally talking about the other pups that make up the pack. You know your betas?”

Stiles laughed at the indignant “Hey’s!” of protest coming from the pack. While they waited for their flight to be called, Stiles spent it talking to his husband, while making sure Liam was behaving himself with his uncle.

                “So babe, what are you looking forward to during this vacation?” Derek asked; he had a plan to take Stiles out to a romantic dinner while Liam stayed with John and Peter.

                “Honestly? I’m looking forward to the entire vacation. It’s the first one we’ve taken since Liam was born, and I know we all needed this vacation and Liam is super excited about going to Disney. It’s our very first trip as the three of us. Our family.”

Stiles was smiling, thinking about Liam and how he was going to react when he saw Mickey Mouse. And if he was planning a romantic night for Derek and himself, well no one could blame him.

                “Me too baby, me too. He’s been so excited about this trip that I just can’t wait to see his reaction to everything that is Disney World.”

Derek chuckled, imagining the look of pure awe that will most likely be stuck permanently on his son’s face for the next three weeks. ‘Maybe he could to the adults and see if they were willing to take Liam for a couple of days so the Derek, Stiles and the pack could head to City Walk and Downtown Disney for a couple of nights of clubbing and drinking,’ Derek thought as he looked around the table at his pack. He could feel Stiles grabbing his hand under the table; he knew that Stiles could feel the bit of sadness coming from Derek, knowing that at times like this, he would miss his family a lot. Derek was so lucky he had Stiles, he truly didn’t know, nor did he want to think about where he would be without Stiles in his life. He leaned in and gave his husband a kiss on the cheek,

                “I love you” Derek whispered.

Stiles just smiled back, a small private smile. They sat there in silence, just watching their pack, before their flight was called. Stiles stood up and grabbed Liam’s back bag, before picking him up from where he was sleeping against Isaac.

                “Jesus. He must be exhausted.” Stiles mussed, as he brushed some of his baby’s hair away from his face.

He felt terrible, knowing that Liam’s senses must be going haywire.

Soon enough they were seated in their respective seats, Stiles took out Liam’s blanket and his favorite stuffed animal; a blue teddy bear, with a Christmas tree for its leg, named Harry. Once Stiles made sure Liam was secured, he turned to his husband and smiled,

                “So here we go!”

He was so excited, and Derek could tell that he was,

                “Yep. Three weeks of blissful relaxation.”

Derek smirked, as he leaned in to give Stiles a quick kiss on the lips, before allowing Stiles to rest his head on Derek’s shoulder, knowing that his mate has been busy all morning with Liam and deserves some sleep.

                “Go to sleep, love. I’ll wake you up when we’re about to land.”

Derek just shook his head fondly, at the noise of contentment that escaped Stiles’ lips. He kissed Stiles’ head once, before letting the sounds of his mate’s, pups and packs heartbeats lull him to sleep.











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