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Disabled Reaction : Whisper in the Dark

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Chapter 4 : Die alone ([fr] Mourir seul)
→ Linked to : Starlight's name ([fr] Le nom de la Lumière Stellaire) -[from]- Record of Balance ([fr] Chronique de l'Équilibre)

« Everything she did... The battles she's been through... And she died alone. No warrior should die alone. »
Jhavi's words had the same effect as Jormag's breath.

Yes... no one should die alone.

Even in the snowstorm, Balthazar's fire still haunted her.
All her efforts in the fight were in vain while the fallen god was just having fun. Selen hoped until the last moment that her guildmates would come to help her... to save her. Her duty was to remain alone and not to endanger others. But deep down in her soul, she was screaming for support, for help !

People appreciate loneliness but no one wants to be isolated. No one wants to be alone, especially when you expect... a cuddle, a hug, a handshake, a pat on the back. Just a sign. Just a sign of life.


Breathing decreases. Blood is flowing. Suffocate in silence when you want to scream. And finally, die alone after agonizing alone.

Selen knew exactly what it felt like when you realized there was no escape. That feeling when you understand that you have given everything to the World but it will not give you anything. That fatal frustration of having sacrificed everything for the World and finally to be sacrificed on its behalf.
No recognition.
It’ll give you a look, but then it'll look away.
Selen knows by heart the bitter taste that twists the soul when you no longer surprise yourself with invective. You invective you should have let this world die. This world doesn’t deserve to be saved. This world doesn't deserve you.

Selen knew perfectly this feeling ; the same feeling that Almorra had, when she had her eyes fixed on death. Anger burns in Selen's heart and tears run down her cold cheeks.
No one deserves that.

Almorra didn’t deserve such a death.