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Disabled Reaction : Whisper in the Dark

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Chapter 3 : Die alone ([fr] Mourir seul)
→ Linked to : Starlight's name ([fr] Le nom de la Lumière Stellaire) -[from]- Record of Balance ([fr] Chronique de l'Équilibre)

A small cloud came out of Selen's mouth when she exhaled. Her breath was freezing. The ground was frosted and the walls are frozen. The ranger would never have thought that water, the element of care, support, and healing, would turn into its worst enemy.

Still walking and continuing the way of the road, she tightens her coat around her.
The only comfort in this mission was to see Kax, the Melandru's stalker who was her pet ; to see him jump in the snow and try to swallow the snowflakes. Selen was having fun with her animal's behavior. She loved to see him gamble like that. He was carefree and it was a change from his usual detached and overly suspicious look.
To not being alone was good for the human being. Since her crows had become silent and then disappeared, Selen had been shaking abnormally. She used to give her companions space and certain freedom, but she had to admit that, there, anxiety and doubt were eating away at her.

The wind calmed down a little when she entered a kind of cave. The human immediately stopped when she saw the sword resting against debris from the rockslide.
The positioning of the weapon was far too ceremonial and artificial. Selen started shaking again.
She saw the embankment right next to the sword and felt her heart die in her frozen rib cage.

Her knees hit the ground when she dropped. Her fingers tore off the pebbles and then the stones until she dug up General Almorra.

Her body collapsed. She called her pet.
« Kax, come here, my big boy... » her voice slipped into hoarseness « …please... »
The animal advanced lazily but did so despite everything. He sat next to his mistress.
She opened her arms, tears were already flowing « I need you. »

The sobs burst. The Pact Commander would have liked to salute and honor the General. But the tears didn't cry out until the blizzard fell.