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Disabled Reaction : Whisper in the Dark

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Chapter 1 : Vigil Leader ([fr] Meneur des Veilleurs)
→ Linked to : The Valiant Illusion ([fr] La Vaillante Illusion) -[from]- History's small cuttings with its large axe ([fr] Petites coupes de l’Histoire avec sa grande hache)

« I am a Grand Warmaster, Almorra's second-in-command. Should she fall, I will lead the order...but I pray to the Tree I am never needed in that role. »
His words resonated in Raëndaxia's ears. She could feel the burden on her shoulders. She felt relieved at this instant, because she was in a similar position.
Between General Almorra and Marshal Trahearne, Laranthir appeared more erased as a soldier. For some, he wasn't up to the task. But Raën had never realized what would happen if... Death rang at the door of the Pact, of the Vigil.

Who would take the lead ? Who would become the leader ?

Laranthir raised his head and turned around when he heard heavy steps entering without knocking in the room. Jhavi came in with a dark face, imbued with rigor. Just behind her, Laranthir watched his little sister come forward ; the commander as if crushed by reality. He heard news from her, through her exploits, but he hadn't seen her for so long.

He got up from his desk and prepared to welcome them by taking the carafe and glasses. Suddenly, a kind of icy wind entered the room, chilled his veins, made him shiver and froze him in place.

He recalled seeing a report that she was very busy at the Bjora Marches. The sylvari's brain set in motion the gears of understanding. The mesmer’s armor was sober. The norn had wear Vigil's Honor armor. The necklace with Emblem of the Vigil, which his sister had never left, sparkled like a scythe. The secondborn immediately knew that something was wrong.

But never, he would have imagined that.

They made a military salute before kneeling, no, prostrating themselves by announcing grimly and mournfully :
« We came to bring you terrible information, General Laranthir of the Wild. »

Laranthir felt the weight of responsibility collapse on his shoulders as the cup broke on the ground.