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Flowers, Wings, Smirks and Quirks (Ingredients for Love)

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You: Adopted daughter of Present Mic and Eraserhead

Hero name: Scalpel

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Quirk: Scan (Vision can shift through Normal, Holographic, Anatomical and Heat)

Full time Job: Renowned doctor/surgeon in a prestigious Private Hospital in Musutafu

Part time: Registered Pro Hero and is in Top 100 every year.



Being the first adopted daughter of two Pro Heroes shouldn’t be embarrassing, you thought. But why is it that it’s turning out to be just like it is?

"Hime, my sweetie, do you have a love interest we don't know about?" Present Mic asked, newspaper on hand. He’s already in full hero gear even if thirty minutes ago he was wearing cat pajamas. Amazing.

"Well, last last week some sidekicks and Pro Heroes did catcall on me so I had Nao-chan take care of them. So they're staying away at the moment. Why?"

Nao-chan is Naomasa Tsukauchi, a family friend of your little family because he’s been babysitting you for years. He’s also quite helpful arresting the catcallers for sexual harassment.

"The media is going crazy on who you're dating."

You scoffed. "I'm not getting involved in this. I'm not some entertainment center."


"How about you date someone publicly so they'd get off your back?" Hitoshi cut in. "Just say any name and they'll feed off it for weeks!"

"I'd rather date a villain. Maybe Dabi if he ain't dancing the tango with Shigaraki." You shot back. "How about your love life, 'Toshi? Still pining for a certain aspiring heroic student that I babysitted so much?"

Hitoshi shot her a glare, not that it did much.

"HIME!" Hizashi scolded. "No talking about dancing the tango in front of food and please don't tease 'Toshi about Tenya, he's flustered around him as is it is."

"I am not." was Hitoshi’s indignant reply.

Shouta snorted. "You tripped on your capture weapon when he passed by yesterday during training."

"Dad! Oh my gosh!" Hitoshi groaned, downing the rest of his coffee to hide the blush in his cheeks. "We're talking about her love life not mine!"

"How about Hawks?" Eri asked you, biting her pancakes. "He's your age, he's strong, Deku said he's at #2 now. I met him during my stay at the hospital, he seems nice. He smiled at you so much. His wings get so happy, too."

"I'd rather save 15 people at once than date that guy."

You shot Shouta a helpless look.

"Hitoshi, you'll be late." Shouta shrugged off the request.

"Nevermind that, we have to get her a date."

"DUDE!" You growled "Just go ask out Tenya so you could have a date!"

"Stop!" Shinsou whined uncharacteristically. "He'll reject me so no!"

You laughed, thinking about Tenya's texts asking for Hitoshi's favorites.

"Nah, you'll be fine."

"Worry about your love life, not mine!"

You ignored Hitoshi in favor of patting Eri's head. "Boys, huh?"

Eri nodded sympathetically.

Shouta drank his tea leisurely and when you went to get up, he murmured something that had your face flaming red.

"You know, you already saved 15 people when you and Hawks first met, right?"

-- Five months ago --

Fuck. This isn't happening. Okay, nevermind, it is.

You stretched your shoulders and hands as nurses waited behind you. There were seven approaching ambulances. You activated your quirk and turned on your communicator.

"The ambulances will get here in five minutes. Take the occupants of the first ambulance immediately to Doctor Go, the second ambulance to Doctor Mist, the fourth ambulance has six patients should be directed to the emergency room for patch up and realignment. The third ambulance goes straight to my surgery room. I want Doctor Jeon to take ambulance five and Doctor Joon to take the sixth. The seventh ambulance goes straight to my surgery room too. Contact other doctors on call, they'll be needed later. Prepare the rooms, all instructions clear? Good. Let's move."

You stopped. "Nurse Stitch! Nurse Bean! Come with me immediately!"

You rushed out of the hospital and ran, your nurses carrying your supplies. You passed by two ambulances and banged at the third one.

"This is Scalpel. Open the fucking door!"

The door was opened by a red feather and you ignored the civilian with red feathered wings staring at you wide-eyed. You put on your gloves, stating orders to the paramedics and getting inside the ambulance.

You raised a brow at the blonde haired menace. "I'd like you to step off the vehicle, sir. I'm about to commence surgery."

"Like hell, for all I kno-"

"Don't fucking finish that sentence, chicken wings. I'll pluck your feathers till you go bald." You snarled, mask already in place. With a maneuver you activated the capture weapon and hauled him out the ambulance. You glared up at him when he stared at you in shock as you slammed the ambulance door closed.

When the ambulance reached the hospital five minutes later, the nurses paid no mind as you worked on the patient and carried the bed with you sitting on the patient's lap inside while Nurse Bean sterilizing the space around you and the patient. You eyes blinked and you gestured for Nurse Stitch to do her job.

"He's stable at the moment but I need him in ICU. Where's the patient in Ambulance 7? Are all the patients to the doctors I appointed?" You asked, accepting the new gloves Nurse Stitch handed you as you got down the patient's bed so they could take him to ICU. "I need O- blood immediately. Get patient number 3 a transfusion once he's hooked up in ICU."

"The patient in Ambulance 7 arrived two minutes before you, Doctor. They're ready for surgery. Other patients are being tended to by the appointed doctors and nurses."

"Good work, Nurse Bean. We'll take it from here, please continue the sterilization of Patient #3."

"Yes ma'am."

There was bystanders staring at the lobby and you sighed.

"Back it up, people. You're not watching a K-drama here!" You barked, shedding your doctor coat for the appropriate surgeon scrubs. "Get moving!"

You paused, did a u-turn and slammed a hand on the reception desk. The receptionist, already used to your demands, picked up the phone and placed fingers on the dialpad.

"Get a hero on the third blocks from here, northwest, by my favorite bakery. A building's collapsing. Send three ambulances, just in case."

Then you rushed inside the surgery room, Nurse Bean having the patience to sterilize you once more before rushing for the transfusion.

Hawks gawked at your back, seeing every hospital staff listen efficiently at your commands. He cleared his throat at the receptionist and saluted.

"I'll save some civilians, please let me know the status of my sidekicks, thank you!"

With a majestic flap of his wings, he was off to the collapsing building. His eyes glanced at the hospital, thinking about the charismatic doctor and grinned.

"My type." He hummed as he reached his destination, feathers already going inside the building and saving civilians.

That was your first meeting with Hawks.


“You know what? I’m going to be late.” You announced, putting on your coat and kssing everyone’s cheeks. Seeing as you’re outnumbered, the best strategy is tactical retreat.“See you later! I’ll be back tonight, probably.”


“THIS CONVERSATION AIN’T OVER!” Hitoshi called over her, Eri laughing in the background.




You don’t know how it happened but somehow in the span of five months, Hawks became your friend in the short time you knew him. Maybe it was because of that time you and your friends went out for drinks and he literally crashed into your table when he was fighting a villain. When the villain was subdued, he offered to buy a round of drinks on him.


After that, he just kept popping up everywhere. In the grocery store, in the mall, just outside the hospital, in the bar again. Somehow, your friends befriended the number two hero and suddenly he’s invited to go drinking with them.


It’s as if Hawks fit into their circle and got along nicely.


One outing, you and your friends were watching something about historical folklore in the TV in your apartment while drinking. You were lounging freely as you watched Hawks’ feathers draw squiggles on Iden’s sleeping form.


Hawks hummed as Hanahaki was mentioned. “Hanahaki, huh?”


You snorted.


“There’s no such thing.” you muttered, drinking the last of your beer.





You should've kept your mouth shut.

You totally jinxed it.

There was no way the universe weren't indulging your joke with this timing. It's too much of a coincidence!

Why was it when you joked about Hanahaki not being real, fate just slaps you awake and tells you "Oh, it's true. You didn't know?"

Because Hanahaki comes at you in full force when you helped deliver a baby. It manifested too quickly during your test to see if the baby is alright internally and physically.

Apparently it was too distressed to be out of the womb that it manifested its quirk before you could let go. There were horrified gasps when you almost dropped the baby but your capture weapon just gave it to its mother and start assessing yourself.

"What happened, Doctor?"

"Are you alright, Scalpel-san?"

"I'm fine." You coughed, "Their quirk manifested, that's all."

You froze. "Oh my god, this is so not happening."

"What is it?"

"Fuck." You ignored them and went to the telephone. "Code red. Initiate lockdown. Quirk Manifestation range unknown, requesting Doctor Iden immediately."

"Is there something wrong with my child?" The father asked, looking worried.

"I'm sorry to interrupt such an important moment. This isn't what usually happens when quirks manifests during birth. However your child's quirk is unstable at the moment." You sighed. "I'm afraid I don't know if I'm the only one affected."

The room occupants stared. You approached the couple fearfully holding their child.

"There's nothing to worry about, but may I ask what your quirk is, ma'am?"

"I can bloom flowers immediately, that's why we have a flower shop."

"I can induce neurotransmitters, ma'am. Though only through support items."

'Ha ha, look at that. Nice combination.' you thought wryly.

"I see." You said, stroking the slumbering child's head. "Have you ever heard of Hanahaki?"


Doctor Iden stared at you and you stared at him.

"Doctor, you already know."

"I know." You nodded "The range?"

"Only when the child is distressed and physical contact is initiated."

You slumped down and put your hand on your forehead. "I'll study procedures on how to lessen the cost of surgical removal of Hanahaki."

Doctor Iden nodded, "I will write up the report. How are you feeling?"

"Normal, y'know. Those type of normal where they know when they'll die."

Doctor Iden's brow furrowed, "But doctor you can do the surgery!"

You laughed and smiled at him.

"Of course I can do the surgery for others, Doctor. But not me. I love them." You smiled at him. "Please keep it a secret to others. Don't worry! If symptoms persist, I'll take my vacation leave."

Iden snorted. "About time you take them. Your days off had you reporting here too that I heard through the grape vine the hospital board was about to force a vacation on you."

"They wouldn't dare." You laughed weakly. "I'll be fine, Iden."

"If you say so."


You stared at the door in front of you ominously.

"You know I've been waiting for you to open the door for a while now." Aizawa said, lying upside down via capture weapon.

You startled "Pa! Hi! I was just-"

"Let's get inside so your pops can hear what you have to say too."

You bit your lip. He always know when something happens. When you were seated, Eri thankfully asleep and Hitoshi sleeping in the dorms, you smiled sadly at your parents.

"Do you remember the Hanahaki Disease?" You whispered.

Hizashi and Aizawa froze. "Oh my hime, don't tell me???"

You nodded. "I helped deliver a baby earlier today. The mother's quirk was making flowers bloom, the father's quirk was inducing neurotransmitters."

Aizawa activated his quirk.

"I'm sorry, Pa." You murmured, taking their hands. "It's activated already."

"Who is it, hime? You should let them know." Hizashi said, shaky hands gripping yours. "Tell me you'll confess."

His request was met with silence. Shouta sighed.

"Are you sure you don't want to tell him?"

You stared at the floor, unable to meet their eyes.

"I'm sorry."

Hizashi gasped. There was only one person he could think of that you could possibly fall for.

"Hime, you don't want surgery? Is it out the window? If it’s about money, don’t worry about it."

"I'm sorry."

Hizashi let out an indignant sound, throwing his self and hugging you.

"Shouta! Our daughter!" He sobbed.

Shouta couldn't say anything else, he just joined the hug and kissed your forehead.

"It'll work it out somehow." You murmured. "I'm sorry."

"You don't need to say sorry."

"Just please." Hizashi whispered "Say you'll try."

You smiled. "Yes pops, I'll try."

'i'll try to live'


Weeks later, you stared at the hologram in front of you during break. You're experiencing first-hand the perks of your quirk. It was like watching a seedling take root into your lungs.

With the rate the flower is growing, you'll be coughing up petals soon.

With a sigh, you dispelled the hologram and leaned out the window.

"That's a deep sigh."

A small smile graced your lips.

"Yes, it is. Sleeping is hard nowadays, you see." You responded, looking to your right and raising a brow at Hawks pouting.

"You should be surprised! You're no fun."

"Come off it, chicken wings. I just got off a 12-hour surgery."

Hawks frown, brows furrowing.

"Shouldn't you be sleeping now?"

You shook your head. "Not really, I'm just taking a break. In fact--"


You smiled at Hawks. "Duty awaits."

"Hey--" Before you can go, Hawks grabbed your hand. Shocked at the goosebumps suddenly rising, you slapped it away. Hawks held up his hands in surrender.

"Sorry." He bit his lip.

"It's fine. I'll undergo sterilization anyways." You waved your hand dismissively. "What is it?"

"Wanna go out for drinks?"

"Sure." You nodded. "I'll ask Iden and the others too. See you, birb."

You rushed out the room, missing Hawks frown.


It was nearing the 72-hour mark when you had the chance to leave the hospital. You don't have amazing healing quirks like your colleagues but your efficiency, vast knowledge, excellent usage of quirk and tremendous experience had the others place you as one of the top doctors.

It also helped that Pro Heroes preferred you to heal them as well. Over the years, you never had any hero die on your watch after all. There was also the fact that All Might thinks so highy of you (and is also scared of you out of his wits). Your accuracy at what you do and your connections always saves someone.

The prestigious hospital was happy to have you. The one reason you have shares in this hospital was because you can use your quirk for security as well. With contributing so much, the CEO sees you as a miracle worker. (There was also a time when you prevented the CEO from dying when you unintentionally scanned him and saw a few abnormalities in his blood.)

Quirks have limits after all and yours are reaching it. Too many surgeries and checkups had you almost dead on your feet. You were also in charge of monitoring Haki, the baby with the Hanahaki disease to decrease the hospital staff victims.

Freshening up and changing into civilian clothes, you stared blankly at an upturned stone outside the hospital. Your hero senses are tingling, and you know that some villain is within the vicinity.

"Boo." Someone blew behind your ear.

You ignored Hawks and shoving him aside, activating your quirk and looking at the hospital.

"What's happening?" Hawks asked, transitioning to serious mode seamlessly as he saw saw your eyes.

You looked at him. "Take me to the rooftop."

"Of course." With a swoop, Hawks already gathered you in his arms. He unfurled his majestic wings and within five seconds you both reached the rooftop.

Hawks would've put you down and you would've jumped too but with a split second of tightening your arms around his neck, he held you tighter in response. Your eyes swerved left and right and pointed by the door.

"Two people. There!"

Hawks feathers and your reinforced scalpel pinned villains trying to sneak in. Hawks flew you over nearer to them.

"Kaim Flage. Quirk: Camouflage." You said capture weapon making itself known and wrapping towards both villains. "Flo. Quirk: Floor Wax. You're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent and all that police speech."

Both villain were too shocked to say anything. It didn't help that Hawks had his scary face looking at them.

Your eyes scanned them for dangerous support items. Hawks nudged your cheek with his nose and you blinked in shock. You leaned close to him as he whispered about the quirk handcuffs he has.

You stared at Hawks, his phone on hand to call Tsukauchi. "My hands are occupied, too. Couldn't your wings do that? By the way, you really shouldn't put your phone in your shoulder pocket."

Hawks let out a sound between a sigh and a 'tsk'. He eventually did and seeing the two villains encased in capture weapon and quirk handcuffs as well as scalpels and feathers, it may have been a bit of an overkill.

"You could put me down."

"Yeah, no."

"Fine." You sighed and smiled when you heard Tsukauchi answer the phone. You didn't see Hawks frown. "Hello, Chi-chi? It's me. I'm fine. Actually I'm calling because I somehow have Flo and Kaim here in the hospital rooftop. Oh, you were looking for them? That's great. No idea why they're here. No, Hawks is with me. This is his number. Yes, please."

You glared at the two villains after the call.

"I don't care if you both plan on doing some crimes in Musutafu. You made the wrong choice choosing this hospital to terrorize for your plan. This is my workplace, I'll have you know and there are thousands in this place."

"You're just a doctor!" Flo spat, yelling in pain when a feather left a slice in his cheek. Kaim wisely kept his mouth shut when he saw Hawks' eyes were narrowed to slits and his wings buzzed in anger, turning sharp as well.

"Don't talk to her like that." He growled through gritted teeth.

You placed a hand on his cheek to calm him down. Hawks looked at you smiling and huffed, wings flapping strongly.

Sirens were heard below and you tapped Hawks neck. With that, he carried you down with the two villains nearly fainting in shock at the free fall.

Tsukauchi raised a brow when Hawks refused to put you down but shrugged and kindly gave back Hawks' handcuffs as the police properly apprehended the villains.

"Was there anyone hurt where they escaped from?" You couldn't help but ask. Tsukauchi thankfully shook his head.

"The rooftop floor probably still has Flo's quirk swimming in it. I was lucky enough that Hawks had been with me when I saw them trying to infiltrate inside."

"I'll handle the cleanup, how about you go and rest? You're two seconds from passing out."

You laughed weakly. "Wouldn't you know. Maybe I got it from you."

"No sassing. Want a ride?"

You were about to respond but Hawks cleared his throat, staring at Tsukauchi with a frown. "I'll take her home."

Tsukauchi smirked. "You will, huh?"

"Hawks, it's okay. You have patrol, don't you?" You asked, patting his chest to signal that you want to be let down but he held firm. You raised a brow he ignored.

"That's why I was here. I have the day off."

"Oh. Then why would you come here? Wait, are you hurt?! Maybe I should've scanned you first?"

You were about to but Tsukauchi laughed.

"Baby sis, calm down. I think he's fine. Let Hawks take you home."

You frowned at the term of endearment, almost pouting but relented.

"Fine, big bro. Send me the details about the villains later, okay? Can you tell my parents I'm alive and well? My phone was shattered when my last patient unleashed his quirk. Can you tell them that too?"

At Tsukauchi's nod, you smiled brightly.

"I'll inform you when she's home safely." Hawks said, bowing with a grin now that he knew what Tsukauchi is to you. You waved good bye as Hawks flapped his wings.

When you felt the rush of air and Hawks heartbeat, you finally let yourself relax and reveled in the moment.

After all, Hawks had been carrying you for almost an hour now without faltering. You even apprehended a villain together during that time. You nuzzled the crook of his shoulder before settling your head on it, feeling safe and comfortable after a long while. It's no wonder that within two seconds, Hawks felt you go limp.

He let out an amused huff or laughter when he saw you sleeping. Tsukauchi was right, you really were two seconds from passing out.


When you woke up, you were too comfortable and you almost went back to sleep if it weren't for the fact that you feel warm and the sheets feel too nice for it to be yours.

Your eyes snapped open and you sat up, quirk activating. You jumped when a hand held your forearm and almost punched them.

"Woah,woah woah! It's me!"

You blinked at Hawks' voice, deactivating your quirk and smiling sheepishly. Hawks sat up, placing a wing over you tentatively. You caressed the soft feathers.

"Sorry, heat scans don't actually show features that well." You said. Hawks handed you a glass of water from the pitcher he had prepared. "What day is it?"

"You slept for 32 hours." Hawks replied, checking the time. "Sorry I wasn't able to take you home, I forgot you changed your code and you have lots of security checks before you can enter your apartment so I had to fly you here. You were sleeping so deeply, I didn't want to wake you up."

"That's fine, I forgot as well. I mean, you could've dropped me off at U.A but I guess this works too. I could've taken the couch, you know." You nodded, pleased to find a scalpel by your shoulder sleeve. It glinted dangerously when you slowly pulled it out. "Now tell me who changed my clothes."

"Wait! Wait! It was Midnight-san!" Hawks said, wings up in surrender with his hands. "I was with her yesterday and I asked her for help! She even bathed you and used her quirk too so you could rest more! The guest room is filled with fan gifts so this bed was the only option. I swear on my wings I didn't do anything to you!"

"Auntie? But why?" You frowned. "I was just joking but I'm glad for your honesty."

"Your parents also gave me permission for you to sleep here because they'll be having an out of town exercise with the U.A heroics class." Hawks looked away, choosing not to reply on the other statement because damn, was it hard holding back. He was just glad you know you're clingy when you sleep and he had the excuse to cuddle.

You sighed, knowing that somehow your aunt had caught wind of your situation too. Although you can't complain that much, you felt so rested for the first time in months.

"Thanks for letting me crash here, chicken wings." You grinned. "I don't know about you but I'm hungry, how about you?"

Hawks grinned back.


Apparently, Hawks was that kind of friend where he has a lot of spares. That's why you have a new phone on your hand while waiting for the delivery with Hawks.

You even had time to freshen up and soak up in Hawks' bathtub. Fortunately, Midnight bought and washed you a new pair of underwear. You came out of Hawks' room wearing his clothes you never intend to give back.

You grinned up at Hawks' frozen form when he spotted you wearing his clothes. You snatched up the flyer in his loose hand as you sat beside him on the couch.

"Oooh, yes. Pizza. Did you order already?" Receiving no response, you titled your head and blinked at Hawks' looking like he's in a daze. "Hawks?"

He startled. "Oh! Uh, not yet."

"Okay, can I borrow your phone? I'll order for us." Hawks handed you a box. "What's this?"

"One of my sponsors gave me three phones so you can have one. consider this as your advanced birthday gift."

You gasped. "Seriously?"

"If you don't take it, I'm just letting it rot here." He shrugged.

"I'm taking it! Thank you, chicken wings!" Hawks was unprepared for your hug but hugged back, a grin in his face when he saw how happy you are. "You didn't have to but you did!"

You broke the hug and cleared your throat. Internally, you were relieved you had to break the hug because you almost kissed his cheek. "Sorry, I got excited."

"How about you set that up, and I'll order?"

"Great! If you don't mind!" You accepted the box containing the newest phone model. You started it up and immediately added U.A and Police staff contact info before adding Hawks' too. You mumbled out an "I'll add Iden and the others' contact info too."

You were startled when Hawks suddenly knocked over the remote, the TV turning on and speakers blaring the news. Hawks cursed.

You stared wide eyed at the pictures in the widescreen TV displaying Hawks carrying your passed out self. At least, although they were high resolution pictures, your face wasn't shown at all. Hawks turned the TV off.

" there something you're not telling me?" You mumbled, staring at the blank screen.

"Nothing." He said, sighing. "They're just having fun because it's been awhile since I held someone in a princess carry. Don't worry about it, my manager is handling it too."

Hearing the dismissive and nonchalant tone in his voice, you shrugged. Your lungs itched as a reminder of your situation.

"...if you say so." You smiled tentatively at him before going back on updating your phone. Cloud drives, Google drives and HeroSpace were godsend because within minutes, all the information and data you had in your previous phone was installed in your new phone. For commemoration, you snapped a stolen picture of Hawks and set it as his contact picture.

Sending a mass text about what happened on your phone and saying you're alright as well as telling them you just woke up had your colleagues and U.A aunt and uncles bombard your phone.

Hawks raised a brow at you, showing the mass text in his phone. You shrugged and poked him as you leaned on his shoulder when he resumed watching a video in his phone.

"I just got my phone and requested them not to bombard me but do you hear that? I'm ignoring it." You stated, eyes closing. Hawks encased you with his right wing and you let it, playing with the tips of his wings. "This is nice, maybe I should just sleep again."

Hawks nudged you. "You need to eat."

"Delivery takes too long today." You complained, coaxing Hawks wing to act as a blanket unaware of his blush. "Wake me up when it's here okay?"

Hawks just sighed and leaned more on the couch, you following your shoulder pillow and humming contentedly when his right wing settled comfortably around you.

Half an hour later, Hawks patted your head. "I have to get up, food's here."

You silently let go of his shirt (when did you grip it?) and mumbled "Please leave your wings here they're so comfortable." He directed his feathers and within a minute you're curled up with his blankets.

He chuckled at that, standing up and paying for the delivery. When the smell of delicious food had your appetite making itself known, you woke up.

Hawks played a movie as you both enjoyed the food.

"It's been awhile since I had a nice dayoff." You commented. "Thanks."

Hawks smiled at you. "Anytime."

"By the way, Iden and the others turned down your offer of getting drinks." You said, reaching for the mashed potatoes and missed Hawks' smile sliding off his face. "I checked my messages earlier and Iden told me the board gave me the rest of the week off. So I'm free."

"Can I ask a question?" Hawks asked, eyes locking with yours. When you nodded, he continued. "Who is Iden to you?"

"Hm? Well Iden is a close colleague of mine. He handles the Quirk Manifestation and Research department. He's my partner in the buddy system in the hospital, we have the same shifts. His girlfriend is part of the secretarial department so she just informs him about our schedule to lessen the hassle."

You blinked in confusion when Hawks' wings perked up and his bright aura returned. "Is that so? I didn't know that!"

You laughed, "That's because both your shenanigans when drunk doesn't leave for serious "get to know" conversations."

Hawks joined in your laughter, because it's true and man was he relieved you were oblivious to see that Iden likes you.


Apparently, it was a shame day offs didn't last much because after dinner, Hawks received an emergency alert.


Hawks left in a hurry with the promise of keeping himself safe.

"You're safe here in the apartment, no one could get to you even if they tried."

"I'll be fine, you should go. Please be careful."

Hawks smirked obnoxiously, plucking a feather and tucking it behind your ear.

"I promise."

You twirled the feather on your hands, smiling to yourself. Your giddiness lasted for a minute before you're coughing too much, you were in your hands and knees.

With a rasp gasp, you activated holograms and paled when you saw the state of your lungs. Petals were gradually filling it up like phlegm, the main flower already having a long stalk.

You felt cold dread running through your veins. You estimated your time and came up with two months. With a pained whine, you sat up and froze when you saw five petals lying innocently on the floor.

First comes the petals, then the blood, then the whole flowers, then the vines, and finally, suffocation.

With a calming breath, you picked up the petals and watched it burn in the stove and you had the realization.

Hawks shouldn't know about this.


Which was ironic because a few weeks later, your paths cross once again.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Hawks hollered, eyes wide at the sight of you casually bandaging a person while there's an earthquake going on.

"Hawks, great to see you. I have days off too, y'know.Get this civilian off the building before it collapses."

"What about you?"

"I'm seeing two people unstable in the other room. I have to stabilize them before they can move."

Hawks looked like he's going to protest but you glared at him.

"I'm a hero, too. Let me do my job."

Hawks grimaced but nodded.

"I'll come back for you."


You immediately tended to the civilians. Hawks arrived immediately and gathered feathers to transport them as you induced treatment.

"Is that all of them?" Hawks asked, the earthquake was thankfully gone at the moment. He offered a hand so you can get up.

"Yes. I just can't help but feel that it's not over yet." You mumbled. "It felt different."


"The earthquake."

"Come on, let's report back before you investigate." He flapped his wings. "I'll give you a lift."

You shook your head. "I'm using the stairs. I dropped my bag there. I've to retrieve it. You go on ahead."

Hawks fidgeted, a tingling in his neck. He was about to say something but his communicator went off, they're asking for him.


"I'll be fine."You smiled, stroking the feathers of one wing. "Besides, you'll find me easily."

He flew off the building and was startled when there was rumbling. Screams were heard as the building caved in. He paled and rushed towards the fallen building, screaming your name.

"Requesting Thirteen on site!" He yelled on the communicator. "Pro Hero Scalpel went down with the building!"

Hawks heart thudded, eyes flittering in panic. There was too much debris, dust and dangerous wiring.

"WHERE ARE YOU?!" He's cut off by Thirteen and rescue-specialized heroes arriving.

"What did she say, Hawks?"

"She dropped her bag and had to retrieve it." Hawks replied, raking a hand through his hair. "I don't get it too."

"Mic told us she has a conference. Her phone has the documents she needs."

"Her phone..." Hawks mumbled. His wings shot up, remembering your words. A flash of memory of her answering her new phone, his feather clearly shown as a design on her transparent phone casing. He COULD find you easily! "She has my feather on her phone case!"

His wings buzzed, tracking the feather.


Rescuers maneuvered delicately but within five minutes, they were able to get to you.

Hawks flew in immediately, looking for a pulse and flying you out of the surprisingly spacious location with your bag, breathing a sigh of relief. He made a mental note to just sweep you off your feet and fly you out of danger. Your capture weapon pulled out an unconcious man, likely a villain with the handcuffs and beaten up face.

You came to in his arms, before you were laid down to a stretcher.

"Told you." You said, voice hoarse.

"You owe me one. For scaring me like that." He murmured, he nuzzled your cheek. "Why do you always make me worry?"

You patted his wing, whispering words he barely heard before you passed out again. "I'll be fine."


You're not fine.


Hawks stumbled in the air when he felt someone hugging him from behind, shielding the base of wings. He looked over his shoulder to see a familiar head and froze.

"I'm glad I made it in time." Hawks heard you laugh as you tightened the hug as you coughed violently. "This makes us even, huh?"

"Hey... what's up? Are you alright? What are you talking about? How did you get up he-"

Hawks' question was cut off when he felt your slip from the hug and started plummeting down. He cursed and gave chase, blood thudding in his ears in panic when he saw that you were unconscious.

He shouted your name, as he plucked feathers and threw them towards you when your descent fastened. His heart stopped for a second when he saw you were unconscious. Gravity had you turning around and showing him your impaled back.

Three knives were deeply ingrained in your back, only the hilt was showing. His mind shut down, roaring in anger as he caught up to you and once you were situated in his arms, his majestic wings formed tornadoes on both sides.

"WHO DID THIS?!" He roared, rage buzzing in his wings as it sharpened. Golden eyes narrowed in anger and mouth forming a snarl, he searched for the perpetrator.

He almost ignored the forgotten communicator in his ear but his respect for your parents won out when he registered the voices.


"We caught who did it already, come down."

Hawks, upon spotting Recovery Girl, flew towards her. Within a minute, his wings were encasing you and Recovery Girl to protect you from privy eyes. Recovery Girl ignored the sharpened feathers.

Recovery Girl nodded upon finishing her assessment.

"She'll live. We have to get her to the hospital immediately. With her condition, it's a miracle she's still alive."

Hawks nodded and within five minutes, he was hovering as he laid you down on your stomach and wheeled towards the emergency room.

Eraserhead patted his shoulder and Present Mic gestured at his bloody hands.

"Clean up and calm down first." Eraserhead said. "Then we'll take you to the villain."

"Our daughter will be fine. She'll live."

Hawks had no other choice but to obey. When he slumped down a chair, he stared at the emergency room doors.

"Recovery Girl said condition." He mumbled. "She's been avoiding me lately I didn't know something happened to her." Hawks looked up at your parents with tear-filled eyes.

"Is she alright?"

Hizashi sighed. "She has to be."

"I'm sorry, it's my fault for not watching my back."

"None of that, Hawks." Eraserhead scolded. "Scalpel did what she thought was right."

"What's right?" Hawks scrunched up his nose.

"She's dying. She's allowed a lapse of judgement."

"Dyi-" Hawks stopped, couldn't bring himself to finish the word as dread crawled all over his body. "You said she'll be fine! What's going on?!"

"My daughter has Hanahaki."

Hawks froze. He remembered Iden saying something about a new baby with a strange quirk. Hanahaki.

His grandmother told him all about it.

"She...she loves someone." He struggled to continue. "Knowing her, she won't do surgery. She loves someone so much she..." He trailed off and shot Aizawa a horrified look. "What's the situation?!"

"Surgery is out of the question. The vines are almost finished settling in. She said she has a few days left before full bloom."

Hawks reeled at the thought. Before he could go on a full-blown panic and heartbreak, Recovery Girl went out the emergency room.

"She was fortunate enough that the Hanahaki protected her. The vines and flowers suffered the brunt of the attack and no vital organs were pierced through. We had to clean her lungs of the excess petals and stems so she could breathe. There was a moment where she almost gave up but her heart picked up soon afterwards. I've done all I can. Now it's up to the others."

Hawks was torn on being happy you're still fighting and shaking you awake himself.

" you know who she's in love with?" His hands curled into fists when he asked his question. "Maybe we should bring them here."

Aizawa snorted. "We know, kid. Don't worry about that."

They know who it is.

"Do I know them? I can--i can fly them over here. I'm a very good wingman, you know. I can convince them to give her a chance. She's amazing in everything and she's so kind and loyal and excellent. There's no way she'll be rejected! I can bring them here, just please tell me their name." He pleaded weakly. "I can't lose her. Please."

Hizashi sighed, patting Hawks' shoulder. "He'll confess soon enough. Hime didn't think he'll like her. How about you tell her what you said to us?"

Hawks was one step into begging, he would've done it if it weren't for Aizawa sighing and saying he needed rest.

"Rest? No! I'm fine. Totally fine. The person I love the most is in love with someone so much she had Hanahaki triggered. I need to find the one she's in love with and give him a piece of my mind. He has to love her, and cherish her and treasure her. God damn it, why didn't I --"

His speech was cut off when Midnight arrived and activated her quirk on him.

"Sorry, he looked like he's one step into begging and I don't want my niece thinking we told him."

"It was probably for the better."


When you woke up and opened your eyes, you were just amazed you were still alive. Then you let out a noise of discomfort when you felt a tube on your mouth. You raised a hand to tug it off but was held back.

"You shouldn't take that off, it's helping you breathe at the moment." A strained voice sounded. You blinked, mind catching up on who it is.

"Hawks..." You mumbled, coughing. You stared wide-eyed at the tube finally registering the steady flow of petals and blood. You made a face.

"You were immediately operated, you know. Ironically, the hanahaki protected you from dying. The knives didn't get your vital organs, too." Hawks reported, stroking your hair. "That was a shock. Hearing you have Hanahaki. Why didn't you tell me?... Nevermind."

He paused then frowned at you.

"You didn't have to do that, you know. I'll be better, watch my six and all that. Just...please don't get hurt because of me."

You had to deliberately cough so you could stop yourself from spewing 'You're worth it' or 'You're already hurting me, Hanahaki's no joke y'know'.

There was silence as you contemplated on what to say. You squeezed the hand Hawks hadn't let go yet and it seems he has no intention of doing that with the way he squeezed back.

"...Do I know the person you're in love with?" He whispered, kissing your knuckles and playing with your fingers, unable to look at you in the eye. "Because I can set you guys up. I have to give them a shovel talk too before anything else. I-I have to make sure they'll take care of you, y'know, because you're important to me. You're everything so I want to know who it is. Maybe they don't deserve your love but if you love them so much it triggered Hanahaki, I have to accept that."

Your eyes widened when he looked so crestfallen.

"If I had known earlier, I would've suggested surgery." He laughed weakly. "Maybe that's why you didn't tell me, huh?"

You couldn't help but nod. When he saw that, his eyes filled with tears and you had to reach for his cheek. He let you, leaning on your hand and clasping it with his own.

"If you had taken surgery, I would've taken care of you after. I would've told you then how I feel but now it's too late, huh?" He looked at your shocked face and laughed hollowly. "Why are you so shocked? Everyone in the news said my love for you was so obvious. You were clear of our boundaries every time so I know it can't be me. So, please just--"

"KEIGO! IT'S YOU!" You yelled, Hawks stopping and staring at you in shock. You struggled to get out of bed, yanking away the tube and coughing up petals and blood and flowers and yeaaahh, maybe you shouldn't have done that. Hawks shot up and got ahold of both your cheeks, wiping away your tears as you struggled to say something. "I love you. *Cough* *cough*, No one *cough* else. You *cough* *cough* idiot."

You wiped away the blood and blinked at Hawks' still form.

"You love me." He repeated, jaw dropping in shock and wings perking up. Then he grinned as bright as the sun when realization set in. "Holy shit, you love me AND you called my name!!!!"

"Yes, chicken wings." You managed to say, a weak chuckle sounding out.


He crashed his lips into yours, not minding your bloodied lips and the petal on it. You pulled away and he chased you, swiping the petal away and kissing you again and again. You pulled away, reaching for a glass of water to wash off the taste of blood. Hawks let you, and when you're done, he kissed you again.

You kissed back, your arms around his back and resting on the base of his wings. You hummed when you felt his wings encasing your whole body, hugging you close to him as he lifted you off the bed.

Running out of air, you pulled away and laughed, burying your face in the crook of his neck. He held you tighter, his arms already around your shoulder and lower back, as he kissed your forehead, your ear, your hair, anything he can reach.

"I almost lost you. Fuck, I could've had you months ago. Why am I such an idiot." You heard him muttering and stroked his wings to calm him down. He shivered as his wings settled into position again and he nuzzled your forehead and whispered. "You're the only one who could do that besides me."

"Do what?" You murmured, kissing his neck.

"Calm my wings." He responded.

"Oh. That." You lifted your head up and grinned at him. "I thought I was the only one who could shut you up."

Hawks raised a brow at you and you giggled, crashing your lips against his. He let out a surprised sound before laughing against your lips, and tilting his head to kiss you more.

It was everything you could ever wish for but before anything escalated, you both heard an amplified clear of throat.

You shoved him away, hands coming up to cover your face when you saw your parents raising a brow at the both of you. Hizashi even had his phone up in your direction. Hands down, this is the most embarrassing moment in your life.


"MY DAUGHTER'S LOVELIFE IS FINALLY BLOOMING!" He yelled, stopping the recording just because Shouta elbowed him.

"You're at a hospital, behave yourselves." He reprimanded half-heartedly, getting closer and patting your head. "Glad you're alright, kid."

You smiled, erecting a hologram of your lungs at his unsaid cue. "It feels like I haven't breathe in fresh air in years."

Hawks stood up from where he was shoved, wings righting him up and letting out a surprised sound when he saw the state of your lungs.

"The vines fortunately are backing up, petals withering, stems shortening..." You said, pointing at each one. "It'll be like Eri's quirk rewinding its growth and I'll be able to hack up the seed. For now though, it's like that."

Hawks' wing curled around you like a blanket. Seeing his horrified face, you stroked his wings like it's a harp to get his attention.

"I'm here, chicken wings." You poked him as a reminder. "Don't cry."

Hawks looked at the hologram, then at you, then at the hologram again.

"I almost lost you." He breathed out, holding you close to his chest. "Oh god, I did didn't I? Fuck. I'm sorry, I didn't know it was like that. No wonder the nurses had to replace the machine compartment every two hours."

Hawks looked at your parents and bowed as he hugged you closer.

"I'm sorry for hurting your daughter unknowingly. I've loved her ever since I first saw her commandeering the emergency room for my sidekicks. I fell for her even more as I got the chance to know her. It hurt being her friend because there were lots of guys looking at her like I look at her but somehow she doesn't notice it. I stand by what I said during the waiting area. I'll love her, cherish her and treasure her. I can't promise our relationship would be bump free but I can't lose her, she's my everything. So please give permission to love her the way she deserved to be loved."

By the end of his speech, you were burying yourself in his chest in embarrassment. You groaned when you saw Hizashi's phone was up again.

"Pops please stop recording."

"But Hime, you'll want a copy of it. I'm sure."

"Yeah, okay." You relented as you broke the hug, pouting. "Send it to me."

"Already did."

"I can't say I agree but my daughter's been through enough and clearly she loves you too." Shouta shrugged. "She's prepared to risk her life just so she could love you. Keep your word and you'll never have to face her family's wrath."

Hawks' mind replayed all the visitors you had the last three days. U.A staff, Police department (three more from different prefectures), heroes, Heroics students, and many more.

He laughed, kissing your forehead. "No one will see my body ever again."

You nodded in response, a grin set in your mouth.

"Well then, I guess we should go and celebrate!" Hizashi cheered. "I already sent a mass text that you're alright and will live, everyone wants to see you."

You groaned and settled in bed, grabbing Hawks and coaxing his wings to blanket you.

"Nope. I'm not dealing with that. I'm sleeping."

"Hime! Why do you have to take after Shouta when it comes to parties!" Hizashi whined, letting himself be dragged out by said person. "We'll bring the kids later so be decent!"

"I love you!" You yelled, barely hearing the response back as the door closed.

You kissed Hawks' cheek. He smiled at you. He leaned down and now that you're forehead to forehead, you leaned up and pecked his lips.

"Come on, let's sleep, chicken wings. Heaven knows we won't be getting any of it soon when I leave this hospital."

Hawks hummed, pulling you closer, nearly on top of him and his wings a comfortable weight above the blankets.

"You're right." He murmured through your hair, eyes closing. No need to tell you that he hadn't slept a wink during your stay in the hospital and he needed sleep as well. Now that he knows you're alright, he can finally allow himself the rest he needs. He kissed your forehead, just because now he can. "Let's sleep."

The mass media, the patients, the villains, the civilians, other heroes, the world will have to wait.

For now, sleep comes first.

You smiled at hearing Hawks' calm heartbeat, his wings comfortably around you, his arms around your waist and your legs tangled together. He hummed a lullaby that you could feel the vibrations in his chest and you closed your eyes.

This was better than any of your daydreams.

All was well.