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Lann The Wise

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Lann Lannister will look like River Phoenix.

Also its my first time writing, so go easy on me my dudes.

Words in italic - are flashbacks

Normal stuff like this - are just normal

"Stuff like this" - are the stuff they are saying

Okay, ya know the drill. Let's get it on!


Lann has been standing in front of the sea, hands behind his back, reminiscing on those days he yearned to have back. It's times like these that he misses Oberyn and Elia. Feeling the weight of responsibilities on his shoulder. Oberyn, wherever he is in his travels, enjoying his freedom. Elia, married to the crowned prince, Rhaegar Targaryen.

He remembers walking around Dorne, looking at Elia and feeling so happy at making her laugh. She laughs at the silliest things. Honestly it was a lame joke, but she would always give him that tender look. Thats what he liked about her, that he could always make her smile.

If Oberyn was out here with them, he would roll his eyes and say something like "I would laugh but I'd only ruin your date." But it was never a date, it was just two friends, spending their free time together by walking around... fuck, it did always seem like it was a date to Lann.

Behind him, someone clear their throat "m'lord, the Starks are bound to arrive in just a few moments." He turns to meet the servant and he nods "yes, thank you. I will meet them once they arrive."

The servant bows and heads off to wherever he was needed, for there was to be a feast tonight, for the arrival of the Starks. Also Lann's betrothal to lady Lyanna might be the real reason for a feast.

He sighs 'oh father' at one and twenty did father only think of finding him his own betrothed and on the time where he is running out of options. Maybe if he accepted the offer of Elia's mother for a betrothal, Lann would have been married now, with children running around the castle. "and happy..." he mumbled.

Lann respected his father, but most of his decisions are questionable to him. Ever since their mother died, his father has been as tough as the rocks that surround the castle. What a grave insult Lady Martell would have felt at that moment, his mother would be so disappointed. He felt like Lady Martell and his mother planned it before his mother died, for a Martell and a Lannister to be bound by marriage. But he always thought that, if it were not meant for you then it was not. But if it we're, there will come a time where it will come back to you.

He shakes his head and starts walking towards the gates of Casterly Rock to meet the Starks where he sees his father, Jamie, Cersei, Tyrion, and the guards all waiting for them to arrive. Lann smiles at his siblings, passing by every one of them to stand beside his father. Ruffling Tyrion's hair, kissing Cersei's forehead, playfully punching Jamie's chest, then nodding his head at his father. With Lann as the first born, Jamie and Cersei received much guidance from their most adored brother and Tyrion received much love from his family.

Lann talked his father out from ever freezing out Tyrion from the family, because he believed that family is everything to them. That if his father loved mother, he would not leave out what was part of her and Tyrion was a big part of her, whether he was a dwarf or not. Mother chose to have him, so it was their responsibility to fill up the love lost from losing our mother.

Cersei, she first saw him as a monster for supposedly 'killing' their mother but that was where Lann stepped in.

(The Day of Joanna Lannister's Funeral)

Lann entered the quarters of his little sister to see her lying on her bed, curled up, crying. He quietly walked towards the bed and slowly lied down behind her to wrap his arm around Cersei and she relaxed upon feeling his big brother's arms around her. "Cersei, you know i love you, right baby sister?" She nods "and even though mother left us, you'll get all the love you need from father, Jamie, and even little Tyrion."

She turns around to face him "He is not my brother! He's a monster, he killed mother. Now I'll never get to see mother again"

He crumbles inside, because he knows that they understand that it wasn't little Tyrion's fault. They just lost so much from losing mother. And felt so much of that hurt, his family was the love of his life. So instead, he kisses Cersei's forehead. "It is not his fault Cersei. Mother took care of Tyrion, she cared for him, and she chose to keep him even though she was hurting in the process of birthing him. And most importantly, she loves him. Like how she loved each one of us."

Cersei's eyes are closed but he knows that she's listening. So he wipes her tears then keeps his palm against her cheek. "And since mother is not with us, we should be the one to give Tyrion that love, to care for him, to adore him. It's what mother would have done." He rubs his thumb against her cheek. "Do you think mother would be proud of us if we just left Tyrion by himself?" She shakes her head and she was now looking him in the eye. "Tyrion is our baby brother, and we are the ones to be guiding him to be great. Like how I watched out for you and Jaime" he rained kisses all over her face. "Look how you grew up. You're as beautiful and as graceful as mother. I know you would grow up to be kind as well. And I have never been this proud of you." She giggles, then wraps her arm around his neck to hug him tight. "I love you Lann and I'll love Tyrion too. I'll give him so much love that he'll be such a chubby babe" she grins through her tear stained cheek. Then they hear the door creek, Lann felt someone lie on his other side. "I'll love him too." It was Jaime. Then Cersei talks back. "Well I'll love him more than you'll love him." And then the quarrel starts, and he just chuckles at his little twins. Just like always.

'It is my responsibility'

He hears the horses and the carriages. Looking up he gives his most charming smile to their visitor's. The first one he recognizes is the oldest man with the Stark looking features, riding his horse. He stops his horse and straddles out of it. Once every men enters the gates, they follow after him, stepping out of their horses. The man walks towards the Lannister's and Tywin follows to meet him.

"Lord Lannister" Rickard Stark says, offering his hand. The carriage opens and Lann sees a boy and, his guess, Lyanna step out from it. They walk towards their father, only to stop behind lord Stark

"Lord Stark" Tywin shakes his hand. "These are my children. Jaime, Cersei, Tyrion, and of course Lann" Jamie and Tyrion nods their head and smile while Cersei curtseys like a proper lady.

Lann steps towards them to greet them personally. "Lann Lannister, a pleasure to meet you Lord Stark" he says, nodding his head in greeting, flashing the Starks his brilliant smile.

Rickard nods his head while inspecting Lann then deciding to finally introduces his children, the only ones to be with him. "These are Benjen and Lyanna"

Lann and Lyanna looks at each other, but Lann notices Benjen nudge his sister on the arm and she nudges back so he smiles at the siblings antics. He walks towards his betrothed, stopping in front of her. Politely taking her hand in his to kiss the back of her hand in greeting, "lady Lyanna, its nice to finally meet you my lady. What they have been telling me is true, you are as beautiful as the moon shining bright in the night and as eye catching as the sun that rises up first thing in the light" He flashes her his most dazzling smile.

Lyanna blushes from her neck to her cheek, and it was as clear as day due to her pale skin.

Benjen looks at his sister in disbelief, and he is conflicted. Should he be shocked by her reaction or should he be laughing. All his life, he knew Lyanna was not one for sweet words. But this Lann Lannister, Benjen thinks Lann could just take his sister's heart by storm. He's got the charm. He obviously was not a boy, ready to boast his riches, like what his sister was afraid of. He seemed to be a respectable man, fit for his house.

Behind Lann were his sibling, obviously with different reactions. Jaime was in awe of the smooth talk that came from his brother and he wishes to learn those from him like how he learned swordplay from him all those years ago.

Cersei was another story, she had her palm against her forehead, releasing a sigh. Then proceeding to look at him again to roll her eyes.

Tyrion, always the cute one was just excited to get a knew playmate in the form of the Stark siblings.

Tywin Lannister suddenly speaks to Rickard Stark. "Shall we?" Then proceeded to guide the company inside the castle with Cersei, Jamie, Tyrion, and Benjen following their respective fathers while Lyanna and Lann are stuck back.

Lann offers his arm to Lyanna "my lady". She takes it. "Thank you my lord."

She looks up at him giving him a respectful smile, "and I do hope to get to know you these coming days."

He nods, giving her a gentle smile. "I do too, my lady."