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Michael Langdon Imagines

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Michael smiled as he spotted you reading, alone, his plan for a well stocked library seemed to have lured you over to its cozy comfort. It was almost Christmas and you seemed particularly down about it. After all you’d been chosen for the bunker and he was irritated that you didn’t seem to appreciate his choice to the fullest. You were lucky to make the list.
“You do not seem to be enjoying yourself.” He mused, finding a sick delight in the way he startled you. “You don’t enjoy Christmas?”

“Oh, no I am.” You said quietly. He rose goosebumps across your skin whenever he was near. You felt like his gaze could peer right into your mind and he could listen to every thought. “Yes! Yes I do! I like Christmas! I love Christmas!”
“If you were, wouldn’t you be with the others, all that excitement over a holiday party.” He pointed out, grinning wickedly when he saw nervous guilt fill your eyes. “We’re lucky this bunker still stands. Most people would give anything to be here.”
“I know. I know I’m lucky to be here, I do.” You answered, staring at the book that was now closed, on your lap under your folded hands.
“But?” He pressed. His tone seemed to ring through you and seemed to extinguish any common sense that told you to stay quiet and hurry away.

“I’ve never spent this time of year without my family. I’ll get used to it. I miss them though, spending time together, the food and celebrating. And the snow!” You said before gasping and looking up at Michael who was smirking as if he had known everything you were going to say.
“Snow. Well there won't be any of that anymore. Not out there.” He said almost cruelty.
He didn’t speak to you again for days. In Fact personally you didn’t seem him until it was Christmas. He disappeared into the library just ahead of you while you were on your way yourself.
When you entered the library you gasped. Snow covered every inch, it poured from the ceiling like it was snowing inside. Out of the corner of your eye you were sure you saw Michael but when you turned to look there was nothing there.