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Murder the Gods (and Topple Their Thrones)

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Heart pounding, Rin took a few steps backwards, before throwing her slight frame at the jammed door. The offending wooden panel was smashed out of its frame and toppled to the floor, leaving the young magus to yelp and stumble into the living room. Regaining her balance and turning her attention upwards, Rin came to behold a perplexing scene.

Glowing red arcs of residual mana mixed with clouds of settling dust, clearing in slow swirls around a pile of smashed, scattered furniture that lay in the center of the living room. Rin’s turquoise eyes widened as she saw the obfuscating particulate in the air draw back to reveal a human figure lying prone amidst the rubble. Even from her place, standing on the threshold, she could make out a few characteristics about the mysterious intruder.

His hair was a dusty gold streaked with shades of darker color–giving it the appearance of a lonely sunset as glimpsed through a canopy of dark branches. He was garbed in simple clothes, green cloth and brown leathers in the form of a loose, hooded cloak and a tunic, light armor adorning his chest and leggings. He wore worn boots and carried a large pack over his shoulder. Rin’s gaze wandered downward, noting the short blade that was strapped to his hip with a glimmer of hope, before her eyes landed on the longbow of dark wood that lay strung and carefully maintained by his side.

It seemed that she had failed to summon a Saber servant as she had intended, and had instead received an Archer.

Rin’s momentary flash of disappointment took a backseat to her warring confusion and curiosity as she observed the curious being. While his appearance certainly seemed to suggest he was a scout or yeoman of some sort, the style of his clothing seemed subtly distinct from any she had seen before. Though it was easily possible he hailed from some obscure culture with which she was unfamiliar, the young mage couldn’t shake the lingering feeling that something was distinctly wrong with this situation.

“H–hey, you!” she called out to her servant, mentally berating herself for allowing her nerves to creep into her voice. “Servant!” The Tohsaka prodigy crossed her arms impudently as she stared down at her weapon in the time-honored ritual of bloodshed and treachery upon which she was about to embark. “Get up and tell me who you are!”

The servant seemed to finally register her presence, and shot up to his feet with a slight wince crossing his pointed, highborn features. The first thing Rin noticed, despite the sharpness to his stormy grey eyes, was his apparent youth. Indeed, he seemed to be barely older than her. The second thing that caught her attention was his ears, pointed and elongated unnaturally.

“I am the, er… Archer servant known as Evan Rainé,” declared the being called from across time and space, hailing from realms distant–even more so than Rin could have foreseen. He winced. “I’m, um… sorry about your house…”

Rin didn’t know why, but she felt an intense, looming sense of dread prickle the back of her neck.

Elsewhere entirely, and roughly parallel in time, the corrupted and disturbed artifact known as the Holy Grail did not laugh in a fit of sadistic glee, nor could it, nor would it even if it could have.

The sentiment was conveyed nonetheless.