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The large mansion of Eterna sparks bright under the sunlight.

You have had this serene calmness in you as you were driving down the reserved street heading towards the mansions. But now, as you slowly approach the front gate—the massive gold-painted iron gate with the embedded logo “E” on it—you are transfixed in a sense of longing once the travertine stone covered mansion appears right before your eyes.

You have had so many memories with this place, as it had served as your home many years ago. This was where everything had started, the place you lived in, where you were trained and pampered since the very first day you entered their premises at the start of this job. Looking at it now, you are surprised to find yourself feeling melancholic about it. And yet, you also feel like you are currently staring at a distant past.

Not too distant. Not yet, but soon, you tell yourself as you stare ahead while picturing your plans for the future.

A guard steps out of the hidden security station placed behind the huge pillars flanking the gate, grabbing your attention by knocking on your car window, and you simply flash a smile to greet him. The guard nods his head after a brief greeting before he buzzes you in and lets you continue to ride slowly down the driveway towards the mansion.

You have done this and gone through this property countless of times for years. Yet today would be the first time after those years when you finally realise how you have taken all the beauty around you for granted.

The line of green hedges bordering the driveway and the entire front yard had been artistically trimmed the same way for years. The field of green grass that never seems to dry out even in the driest of summer is now coated with fresh water coming from the water sprinklers that are currently running. You still have your car window rolled down, allowing you to breathe in the scent of wet grass and fresh earth. Looking past the grass, your eyes fall onto the deco art statuettes that are placed on the welcoming spots leading to the mansion, which become the perfect icing on top to make the place look even more grande.

After parking your car right in front of the mansion’s entrance, you waste no more time and leave it there, then continue to walk up to the massive double door which holds the same intricate golden embossments as the one you saw at the gate.

A curvaceous redhead wearing a leopard patterned bustier and a mini black skirt underneath welcomes you at the reception area. The receptionist, Nayeon, gives you a bright smile as she looks up the moment you enter through the doors.

“______, right on time,” she says, opening the door behind her to lead you in.

You follow her as she leads you through the main guest lounge, walking past the few loveseats and bulky sectionals that would usually host a few group meetings and the waiting clients. A few of the working girls are currently occupying the seats, some of them chatting as they enjoy their free time, while the others with phones or glasses in hands, a sign that they are on a schedule and are waiting for the clients to arrive. A gigantic rug is laid at the heart of the room, with a regal design in various shades of dark red, bronze and black which adds a powerful accent for the elegant room. The minibar that is set around the corner is currently open, with the female bartender tending the drinks and a couple of girls are seen sitting there as they wait for their calls.

“Come. She’s been waiting,” Nayeon calls out calmly when she notices that you are distracted.

“Of course,” you look away from your surroundings and continue to follow her through the guest area. “Sorry for being late, by the way.”

“That’s okay, Madame has been busy since morning anyway,” Nayeon tells you as she walks ahead.

You continue the light chat as you follow her up the large spiral staircase, through the long hall with a set of white-painted doors, stopping at the end of the hall where a set of white-painted double door, the largest set of all, is waiting for you.

This is where Nayeon leaves you to your own accord, but not before she knocks on the door to let your presence known. As she walks away to return to her quarters, you feel havoc happening in your chest right before a voice firmly responds from behind the closed doors,

“Come in!”

You open the set of doors and slip inside, finding Madame Youn standing by her desk with her head cocked to the side as she is staring daggers at the e-cigarette in her hand.

Watching the woman who had taken care of you and the other girls since you were basically young adults, you secretly grin before teasing her. “What did that thing ever do to you?”

The Madame scoffs as she looks at you. “It refuses to tell me how it works,” she sneers, tossing the tiny little thing away and replacing it with a glass of drink which she had laid on her desk. “Come here, love. It’s so good to see you.”

You are instantly pulled into a loving bearhug as you walk up to her. It is something that you enjoy the most of being one of Madame Youn’s girls, to feel the motherly love she constantly gives her girls that you had never felt at home growing up. You enjoy her embrace even if you had only seen her recently. Two days ago, to be exact, when you first came to confide on her about your future plans.

“So,” she cheerfully says as she ushers you to the camelback sofa she has at the corner. “Let’s continue our talk from where we left it off the last time we met. Tell me about your plans.”

She waits until you are sitting right next to her before she takes your hand in hers and continues, “First of all, I need to know. Are you completely sure about it, dear?”


You firmly nod at her, smiling when you think about your upcoming plans.

Your retirement.

You were nervous when you first came to her to talk about it two days ago. It had caught you by surprise when instead of going against it, Madame Youn was completely supportive of the idea.

“Letting my girls go will always break my heart, especially since you are my golden egg, my princess. But watching my girls spreading their wings into better things would only make me even more proud. Like a mother watching her little children bloom into mature women. Or dare I say, a mother hen who is releasing her little chicks to face the world on their own.”

It was then when Madame Youn shared a few stories of hers about letting her girls go in the past prior to you. Many had left for different reasons, but all of them had been good ones. A few had left to marry and build a family, sometimes with their former clients who they had met and fell in love with. The others had built their lives differently; from starting their own businesses, either those who started the same exact line of business Madame Youn has or those choosing to switch into more honest works.

And unlike little chicks that went out on their ways, spreading their wings into better things and into freedom far away from home, Madame Youn’s girls still keep in contact with their ‘mother hen’, no matter where they are today. That was the last thing she had made you promise her when she agreed to let you go.

“Just promise me that you wouldn’t start acting like a stranger once you are out of this place. Never cut strings with your Mother, no matter what happens.”

And you did. You had promised her from the bottom of your heart to keep this friendship for the rest of your life. There is no way you would turn your back easily from Madame Youn and Eterna, when both had saved your life many years ago and have been a huge part of your life which had moulded you into the person you are now. It was just time to move on but it doesn’t simply mean you have to bid your final goodbye.

“And what you said about taking one last job before you start exploring the world? Do you still mean it?”

You smile at her, suddenly understanding where this conversation is leading to. “Yes, I do. One last job and that would be it.”

“Excellent,” she says, clasping her hands together with a spark of excitement growing in her eyes. “There is a client who had requested to hire you. The man had also paid a large sum of money for your companionship and service.”

You raise your eyebrows. “Really?”

Nodding her head, Madame Youn continues to share about how the request had come to be and how the money had been transferred to her immediately to make sure that the deal is finalised sooner than later. She refrains from telling you the exact amount of money she had received, as she never did before, but the spark in her eyes and her flowery words has let you know that it was more than sufficient to earn your full service.

Even though you had expected that Madame Youn would charge your last client with an enormous amount of money to gain as much profit as she still possibly could, you have a feeling that this one didn’t exactly stem from her requirements alone. Judging from the way Madame Youn is talking about it, it seems that your future client had chosen to put a large payment on his own accord.

And more payment will be added once the job is done.

“Does he—” you clear your throat. You have been in this line of work for years to know the drill, yet it still doesn’t make it any easier to find out if a client would have any specific demands for you to fill. “Does he want something specific? From my service, I mean.”

You bite the insides of your cheeks. You had gone through clients with different quirks and kinks that they required you to play along with, but that never stopped you from feeling anxious about it when the special specifications are asked of you.

Madame Youn nods. “He needs a companion,” she vaguely answers you. Then you watch as her brows slightly furrow when she takes a moment to think. “You do have a passport, don’t you?”

“Yes, Madame.”

Her smile returns. “Good. And since this is your last job then I’m sure you won’t have any problem in arranging your schedule for the next month.”

You look up at Madame Youn, startled. While you are slightly relieved that there is nothing else is required from you—yet—you still have no idea where this is going. “I’m sorry?”

Madame Youn’s expression doesn’t even change at all as she adds, “The client had requested to have your service for the whole month. Well, three weeks, to be exact. But with the preparations you need to have before leaving, that alone would require you to spend a week to do, and he is even paying for that.”

For a moment there, you believe that you had heard it wrong. Until you realise that she has this serious look in her face, mixed with something that resembles something similar to pride, when she continues talking.

“The client is an important man. He had helped Eterna for years by supporting us financially while staying anonymous from the girls and surprisingly, you are the one who had caught his eyes after years of his—supposed celibacy, of not hiring our girls’ service for a long time.”

You are still in a complete daze as you listen to her closely. It takes you a moment to let it all sink in. Thankfully, when it finally does, you can finally catch on as she explains the detail of your job further.

“The man has some business abroad which he needs to attend, stopping at a few different places and countries. The trip requires him to be far from home for the next 3 weeks which, obviously, would be very lonely to go through on his own, so he would need a companion to come with him,” Madame Youn keeps talking calmly like she usually does when she relays the job description to her girls. If she could sense your shock, she definitely isn’t showing it. “He was adamant that you would be the one to accompany him. And to provide whatever it is he needs during his trip.”

“I see.”

Perhaps the lack of enthusiasm you are feeling is showing, because Madame Youn frowns at your speechless state. “You’re not changing your mind, are you?” she asks. “The man had specified in his demands that he wants nobody else but you for this job. So it has to be you or the deal is off.”

You quickly shake your head. “No, I’m not changing my mind, Madame. I’ll do it.” Even if you still have no idea what is so special about you being his companion and how fortunate that this job offer comes right the moment you are ready to move on and would be needing a huge support, financially, to do so.

You keep those words and all the questions to yourself, however, and force a smile which seems to please Madame Youn as well. Because she claps her hands in delight to your simple answer.

“Perfect. All the arrangements have been made. All you have to do now is prepare yourself, pack up your things and wait until he contacts you about the rest of the detail.”

You stay a bit longer to join Madame Youn for a drink and continue to talk to her even after the conversation about your upcoming job has ended. The news about your last job has you craving for a strong drink and you start to regret your decision of bringing your blue Audi to make the trip here. Thankfully, it only takes you one glass of drink before Madame Youn sends you on your way, right before the night falls and the night’s guests would start coming.

The client does contact you the moment you arrive at home after the meeting you had with Madame Youn, although he had made his contact through his assistant.

Through this contact, you are given all the information about the trip, including the itinerary which goes into detail from all the information regarding the flights, the places you are going to visit, the accommodations—which confirms that you would be sharing the suites with your client—to all the important events you are going to have to attend with him. The details even include the dress codes you are required to follow for each event, with every other requirement you need to follow are listed explicitly to the T.

Aside from the headache-inducing details, the client’s assistant had also stated that you are to be given 5 days to prepare, which gives you a sufficient amount of time to do everything which is needed for the long trip. Enough time to pack your belongings, picking up the perfect dresses and accessories that you might need for the whole month, checking and preparing your passport, to visiting the doctor for your regular Depo shot since you would be missing an appointment while you are away.

And lastly, you give time to yourself to be mentally prepared before the actual trip happens.

You are still completely flabbergasted to the circumstances you are getting through this job, but you keep telling yourself that it would be the perfect job to take as you are taking a leave from this line of work. The grand finale. Not to mention, that the money would be enough for you to do what you had wanted to do the most.

To go back to school.

Something that you had failed to accomplish when you left your broken home years ago when you were young.

You have already collected a few application forms from different universities with online courses that you could choose from. And it gets you feeling even more excited as you are coming closer to fulfilling your dreams.

When the day finally comes, you are once again contacted by the assistant regarding the details of the departure and the exact time of your pick up to get you ready for it when it arrives. But you have been ready. For you have been spending the past 5 days memorising the entire itinerary of the trip that you could remember each timestamp for everything that has been set in the schedule.

A black limo arrives at your condo in the afternoon without your client in it.

The driver is only willing to give you a few courteous answers while avoiding any question you give him regarding his employer, so you give up as he starts packing your things up into the vehicle. Once your luggage are packed inside the limo and you are seated in the back, the silent driver proceeds to take you across the city, heading towards the high-class suburban area away from the center of the city and the calm neighbourhood you are living in.

You have finally chosen to stay quiet during the drive and forgo in asking him anything else during the short trip, having a few experiences in the past where you have met up with some clients who preferred to keep things under wraps, even from his employees. But it doesn’t mean that the silence is not making you tense and your heart racing the further you are from home.

As time passes, a shiver runs through your body the more you realise how familiar the streets around you are becoming, and it gets even more intense as the limo slides down the driveway that leads to an elegant mansion which is painted in full white, a place that you could easily recall having once been in.

You are left completely speechless as the limo finally stops right in front of the mansion, when you step out of the vehicle and walk up the stairs on the front porch, meeting the man who is standing there, waiting for your arrival with a patient smile on his face.

“Min Yoongi?”

The man only smiles at you as he walks closer.

“Hello, kitten,” he greets you while he takes your hand gently in his, lifting it up so he could kiss the back of your hand. He keeps his eyes on you as his lips trace along your skin, while you could only stare at him, wide-eyed and speechless. “It’s good to see you again.”

“It was you?” you mutter softly once you are able to find your voice again. “You were the one who hired me.”

Instead of answering you, Yoongi looks over his shoulder where his assistant is standing by, speaking firmly to him without letting your hand go, “Get my things into the limo.”

Both his assistant and driver move quickly to bring his suitcases and luggage into the vehicle, while Yoongi returns his gaze on you and smiles, “Shall we?” he asks, as he is giving his elbow for you to hold.

You could only reach out to wrap your hand on his arm and let him lead you back into the vehicle as you are still trying to recover from your shock and daze. Your two legs feel uncannily light as you follow him, as if his voice, that has always managed to calm you down under any kind of stress and nerves, now serves as some kind of compulsion as he leads you away from his magnificent home.



It was two years ago when you met Min Yoongi for the first time and it happened during one of your jobs.

Eterna, which had been known for years as an escort service that had only exclusively served paying clients coming from high society, has always had a carefully selected list of clients that had been gradually growing due to its carefully preserved reputation.

You had joined them in the age of nineteen, just slightly legal but not yet allowed to join your clients for a drink. And since then, you have built your career slowly but thoroughly until you gained your own well-crafted reputation and you started to be one of the girls who had been on high demands from the top clients of Eterna.

Though you had kept a shortlist of regulars, as part of your agreement with Madame Youn, you would never refuse a job which offered you a good price and new experience to gain.

You were hired for the night by one of your newest clients, someone that you had to add to your list specifically at the request of Madame Youn. He was a young businessman who was named as ’today’s eligible bachelor’ on tabloids and newsletters, despite having a reputation of being a closed-off person who rarely appeared in public events.

Oh yes, you did take your time to look up everything about the man through Google. You knew you had to. And what you have seen about him online wasn’t entirely disappointing at all. The reason why he had to hire an escort as a date was lost to you, but you had no complaints nonetheless. At least, not when he had picked you up for your first date with him that night. And it had caught you by surprise when you found out more about the event that he was taking you to as a first date.

You have gone to different galas, exclusive business dinners and charity nights with your previous dates, but it was the first time you had been to a music recital.

“He is a well-known composer,” your client had explained to you as you took the seat next to him right before the recital began. “He rarely does this kind of recital and when he does, it would be a challenge to get a ticket or invitation to attend to one. He always makes it so personal that not a lot of people could get in.”

Looking around you, you came to understand the reason why. The recital was held in one of the fanciest galleries in the city instead of a concert hall, once again surprising you, until the chaperone who had led you to your seats explained to you about the acoustics within the gallery that would support the composer’s work perfectly. With a small stage set at the center of the gallery, a piano and a few seats were set on top of it, and less than a hundred seats are set around it for the audience, the event felt a bit more intimate than what you had expected it to be.

“Should I bother to ask how you managed to get an invitation then? And to such a good seat too,” you asked your client then, leaning closer as you whispered to him with a low purr.

Your client, Jihoon, seemed startled for a moment when he turned to find you leaning close enough to let him breathe in the scent of your perfume, but recovered quickly and was soon returning the gesture by leaning closer to whisper in your ear, “I’m afraid it would be my secret to keep, Princess,” he said then, before reaching to run his knuckles down the length of your bare arm.

His eyes went from yours, down to your lips, before ending at your cleavage. You had chosen a simple piece of satin dress in the colour of champagne, with thin straps holding them up on your shoulders and its front falling in a beautiful ruffle which showed just the right amount of cleavage, enough to hide your private parts yet still enough to arouse his interest. You had caught him eyeing both your cleavage and the slit at the hem of your dress which showed just a bit of skin from your thighs, and you were enjoying the attention so far.

“Secrets do make people seem more interesting,” you told him, biting back the smirk that was threatening to show as you watched his eyes reluctantly moving up to meet your gaze. “I love it when people keep me guessing. It makes things less—boring.”

“Do you keep secrets too, Princess?” he asked. He was regarding you with the one endearment you had never truly enjoyed hearing the most, but you forced a smile and hid it from him, letting him continue to woo you with his sweet, yet somehow a bit too corny words, “Is there something you are hiding underneath that pretty dress, maybe?”

Reaching for his collar, you pulled him down and brushed your lips against his earlobe and purred softly, “If you are interested to unveil my secrets, you may just have to earn it.”

You gave him a victorious smile as you leaned back away from him, while you met with his raised brows and a pair of terribly confident eyes.

“Is that a challenge?”

“Maybe,” you shrugged, while lowering your eyes and slowly raised them back to look up at him from beneath your eyelashes. Your signature move which had sent men squirming in their seats. Which was exactly what you were seeing from him when you taunted him, “If you are willing to take it.”

His eyes grew dark with lust and you knew you had him in your clutch. Though he went silent, you were pleased to see how he clenched his jaw and groaned.

No more flirty talk was exchanged after, as the musicians had moved to the center stage, taking their places. Right in time before you had to tease him just to tame his overconfidence a tad bit more.

You turned to look at the stage as the host of the show called out the main composer, an attractive man who took the place at the piano. Everyone around you fell in complete silence as they all waited for the music to start, and so did you. When the composer finally started, giving the cue to the strings to start before his fingers started dancing on the keys, the solemn music started playing beautifully across the gallery. The tune was so beautiful and magnificent that it completely took your breath away that you couldn’t move your eyes from him until his entire performance ended.


The night did not end there.

Once the recital ended, your client took you to the after-party that was also part of the recital. It was set in the form of a formal dinner that was held at a beautiful mansion that was located not too far away from the gallery, right at the top of the hills where the high-class residences were.

Arriving there, you were met with most of the audience you saw enjoying the recital earlier, all waiting for the host of the event and the owner of the beautiful mansion to arrive. Soon, everyone’s attention turned just as the gorgeous man playing the piano earlier entered the room. He took his time, calmly greeting everyone who had welcomed him, receiving all the compliments with a small smile that never once wavered as he went from one guest to another.

You were watching him intensely from across the room, nearly forgetting your client until Jihoon gently placed a hand at the small on your back and pushed your forward. “Let me introduce you to him,” he said when he ushered you towards the pianist. “______, this is the talented composer I was telling you about, and the owner of this lovely mansion. Meet Min Yoongi.”

As you were standing there right in front of him, meeting his gaze as he looked at you with a pair of bright eyes, you were instantly mesmerised just the way you did with his music back at the recital. Jihoon’s voice seemed to fade as he continued to introduce you to Min Yoongi, and you were still in a complete daze as Yoongi took your hand in his for a light shake.

“Thank you for coming,” he said to you, before kissing the back of your hand. Your whole body shuddered and it felt warm where his lips met your skin. It was a whole different feeling with him which you didn’t feel with the client who was standing right beside you.

“It was an amazing performance. I really enjoyed it,” you finally managed to say to him once you moved past your racing heartbeat.

“I’m glad to know that you had a splendid time. It was a pleasure,” he said, letting your hand go slowly while you instantly missed his touch. “I hope you will both enjoy the rest of the night,” he ended the talk with a nod before turning away.

Your eyes were locked on him even as he walked across the room, as you silently watched him leading the guests towards where the dinner was being held, nearly disregarding your date who had taken your hand in his to guide you along to the next event.


An hour later, past the dinner and all the awkward socialising with the other businessmen who seemed to recognise your date, you found yourself roaming down the hallway on your own as you lost your date at the running bar with his acquaintances.

You were revelling at the beautiful sight of the garden when you were found. Not by your date, but by the man who had stolen your attention for the whole night.

“Are you lost?”

You were lost in the beautiful scene before you that you failed to notice his arrival until his voice sounded, startling you which sent you whirling around in an instant to look at him. Instead of feeling shocked and agitated for having your moment of peace interrupted, you breathed a relief sigh the moment you were met with Yoongi’s smile.

“Maybe, but I’m not complaining,” you told him, as he slowly walked closer until he was beside you. You turned towards the garden again, looking ahead at the beautiful hedges and flowers around the widespread green grass that seemed to glow under the artificial outdoor lighting. “This is such a beautiful home. I particularly love the garden.”

“Thank you,” he said, sounding calm yet just as proud as he did when you complimented his music. “I spend most of my time staying at home, since I choose to work on my music here, so I try to keep it as comfortable as possible for me to do so.”

Nodding, you came to an understanding as you felt the peacefulness returning to engulf you. “I get the feeling. I know I’d never leave this place if I had lived here.”

Yoongi chuckled at that, before falling silent as he was watching whatever it was that had stolen your attention. Then he broke that silence by asking curiously, “Where has your date gone to?”

You scoffed. “I think that your bar was more attractive in his eyes than I am. A lost cause, if you ask me. This dress had cost me a fortune and he didn’t even compliment me for it.”

“Really?” he asked, sounding baffled. Yet his eyes had a glint of something else that appeared more like an excitement rather than pity when you turned to him. His gaze stopped at your face for a brief moment before glancing down at your dress and his smile widened. “I actually loved it. You look astonishing in that dress. It is such a shame if the man failed to notice such a beauty.”

You felt warmth rushing to your cheeks that you just had to look away to hide it. “A pleasure. You do know how to win a woman’s heart.”

“So, are you and Jihoon—together?” he suddenly asked, which had you turning to him again.

“As in, dating?” you asked, while he only nodded. “I might be able to say yes to that. But only for tonight,” you vaguely answered, before biting your lips. You hesitated for a moment as you pondered how much you could tell him about your role in tonight’s date with Jihoon. Until you saw his curious gaze and decided that there was nothing better than the complete truth. “He had only hired me to accompany him to your recital and the magnificent dinner you prepared for us. However, judging by the way he was tossing his drink back and forth, I’m not seeing this date going any further.”

His eyebrows jumped up. Instead of looking surprised, what you said to him only had his interest peaked.

“Did you say—hired?”

Your smile fell into a flat line when you nodded. “I am merely a female escort on the job with a client who had paid for my service for the night,” you told him, forcing your words to come out with a playful tone yet you grimaced when you noticed that they came out with a sneer instead. “Are you surprised?”

A glimpse of Jihoon’s acquaintances glancing towards you with scrutinising gazes at the bar came back and it was what had sent you rushing away into this hiding place. You had excused yourself by telling your client that you needed some fresh air, which wasn’t a complete lie. You had never hated this job before and never once you have ever felt ashamed of it, but the judgemental look you were getting tonight had sent your chest clenching in pain.

As you looked up at Yoongi, you had expected to see the same look in his eyes as he watched you. And you were surprised when you didn’t find it in his eyes. Instead of judging you, he was only staring at you with his gentle smile and a look in his eyes that said he was more intrigued rather than perplexed to your confession. And it surprised you more when he answered you with,

“Not really. Pleased and interested, would be the better words for it.”


You were reluctant to walk away from the conversation you had with Yoongi, but after reminding yourself that you were there on the job, you left him down that hallway to return to your client.

You had an inkling that the night would end up as a complete disaster. And the moment you found your way back to the bar, you were exasperated to find that your hunch had been right.

There it was, your client at the very same spot where you left him before, slumping against the bar counter having been too intoxicated to even lift his head up. Using his phone, you contacted his driver to pick him up before you tried to lift him up, crossing his arm around your shoulder as you hoisted him off of his seat and carefully led him towards the exit.

That was how Yoongi found you. He instantly took over, looking completely displeased as he looked over to your date before he tossed the man into the backseat of his fancy car. You stood at the porch with him as you watched the car took your client away, and Yoongi stopped you just as you were about to call for an Uber to give yourself a ride home. He made it impossible for you to say no when he offered to give you a ride home with his driver instead.

“I’m sorry the night didn’t end well for you,” he said as he sat next to you on the passenger’s seats in the back of his SUV.

You returned his concerned gaze with a smile, as you came to understand what he was implying. “It doesn’t matter. It wasn’t all that bad. I got to watch your amazing performance, had a good meal and enjoyed a few glasses of your delicious wine, met some interesting people in the mix. Aside from the lousy client, I actually had fun,” you told him, shrugging. “And I’m still getting paid. He hired me for the whole night for whatever service I provide. No matter what happened, the bill will be sent to his account. The thing I love about this job is that I am not always obliged to give sexual service. I can put a stop whenever I think that the client didn’t earn it.”

“That’s a good thing, isn’t it?” he asked, sounding hesitated to continue. “Has anyone ever—”

The worries in his voice were clear just before he stopped himself, but you understood just what he was about to say. “Force themselves after I said no?”

Yoongi’s jaw tightened briefly when he nodded.

“Thankfully, no. I can’t say the same for my colleagues but by making sure that we have their identity and personal information in our hands, it serves as an insurance policy to use as a weapon in case there is a possible threat being thrown at us while we’re on the job.”

Though you had spoken with a smile on your face, it was probably terribly unconvincing. Because Yoongi still looked concerned as he sat there in silence, making you feel guilty for sharing too much information regarding your work. Yet the moment you reached for his hands and tried to apologise for it, he only tightened his hold on your hand and told you not to worry about it.

Yoongi had insisted to walk you to the entrance of your loft’s building no matter how hard you resisted. “I hope you will be able to have a good rest tonight,” he said, before taking your hand in his and once again, left a gentle kiss at the back of your hand. And once again, your heart started racing at the touch of his lips. “Until we meet again,” he said as he let you go while looking deep into your eyes.

His words had you raising your brows. “What makes you think that we’ll be seeing each other again?”

Yoongi merely smirked. “I just have a good feeling that we will. Perhaps even a lot.”


It didn’t take long before Yoongi’s words were proven to be right.

You continued to do your job, taking in demands only from your listed clients and your regulars to avoid another catastrophic date like the one you have had with Jihoon. The former client of yours had left bad reviews only because he was sent home without you joining him in his bed, but none of that mattered when it didn’t even tarnish Eterna’s exceptional reputation none the slightest. Or yours, for that matter.

Having been familiar to your regular clients’ habits and social circle, you were glad to find that you were completely in your element whenever you were with them. The only surprising thing that you came to face during your ‘dates’ was meeting Yoongi through them.

The first time you encountered him after the night you visited his mansion was at a charity night. You were re-introduced to him by a client, who had told you how rare it had been for Yoongi to appear in public the way he did that night.

Then you met him again when you went to a gala dinner with a different client, caught completely by surprise when Yoongi arrived slightly late to the event but was welcomed as an honoured guest for the night.

Then more encounters happened, on other gala nights, high-class charities, company parties, even to an opera house opening event. He had never once hired you as a client but for some reason would always find ways to be present on random occasions whenever he was able to.

As the random encounters continued to happen, something started to bloom between you and Yoongi. Something so delicate and crucial in the form of a friendship. Your short meetings through these encounters had only been allowed to happen perhaps less than an hour, but every single conversation that happened between you during those short times had been noteworthy. You had slowly started to open up to each other, sharing each other’s personal thoughts and troubles to the point that you became the perfect confidant to one another.


Perhaps it was what tight friendship that was built that had prompted you to open up to him, to share about your plan of retirement after keeping it to yourself for a long time.

To say that Yoongi was surprised to hear it was an understatement, but he was quick to come to an understanding and gave you his full support.

“What do you have in plan? If you really are going ahead with your plan, I mean,” he asked you then, after giving you a few words of encouragement.

As you thought about what you had in mind, and the reason why you had been so determined to move forward, your whole body shuddered with giddiness and excitement. You couldn’t help but smile widely before you spoke about it.

“I have saved enough money to go back to school. But I might save a bit more so I could travel for a while. I’ve always lived in this city and had never travelled more than a night and never without a client. I want to explore new places, experience new things—” you caught yourself sounding a bit too dreamy and wistful that you stopped yourself, then turned to look at Yoongi sheepishly as you found him staring at you with his intense gaze, completely astounded at whatever expression you had when you spoke. “Do I sound a bit too melodramatic?”

“No, absolutely not,” he firmly said, instantly stopping you from being embarrassed from sharing something so personal. “If you want to travel, do you have any place in mind?”

His question somehow roused too many promising possibilities that you found yourself speechless. Honestly, you haven’t thought of it that far enough when you mentioned it.

“Greece? Europe?” you hesitantly answered while shrugging. You felt slightly embarrassed for wanting so much but had no solid plans yet on how to make it all come true. But when you found no judgement in his gaze, you felt encouraged to share more. “I always think of Europe as a romantic place. But I have only seen pictures and read them in books. I’d like to see if what people had portrayed in them about Europe are true. Perhaps I could go to Italy, experience life there, or Paris, to see all the art, visit the Eiffel tower, do some sightseeings on those historic places I always see on television and books.”

Though every word that slipped out of your mouth sounded more like wishful thinking, Yoongi continued to listen to you with rapt attention and pure interest in his eyes. Once you were done with your wonders and slightly unrealistic plans, you looked at Yoongi to see his lips curling up to a smile which held a thousand of unspoken secrets.

“That sounds like a nice plan.”



Your confusion and shock only start to wear off as you are sitting inside Yoongi’s private jet.

With your hands gripping at the armrests of your seat just as the jet is starting to move slowly down the runway, you keep your eyes on Yoongi, returning his gaze as he is watching you silently. You have yet to exchange any word other than have Yoongi explain about the flight, about the next destination you are heading to, and some other inquiries regarding your passport and other documents which you need to prepare upon departing.

But no other explanation has been added to stop your mind from reeling over this sudden arrangement.

You cannot deny that you are feeling agitated about all of this and it is not because of the flight. This would not be the first trip abroad you had been on, with a few experiences in the past where your regulars had taken you to join them on their business trips before. Granted, this one is still able to make you feel nervous and completely right on edge.

Perhaps it is all because you had never once imagined that Yoongi would ever hire your ‘service’, when each encounter you have had with him in the past had all happened in the form of friendship, of him being your confidant. And now when his role has changed, you are left wondering what all of this really means and where your relationship now lies.

How are you supposed to act now when your ‘friend’ had paid you to be something else than just?

Yoongi has taken the seat right across from yours, allowing you to sit face to face during the flight. As the private jet speeds up and slowly ascend to its height, neither of you says a thing. Until the jet steadies itself the moment it reaches its designated height in the sky, moving steadily away from the city, when Yoongi finally starts to talk.

“You have questions.”

His tone is calm as he speaks, just the way he usually does. But the amused look in his eyes is hard to miss.

“Do I?” you ask him, raising your brows. Meanwhile, Yoongi only grins at you.

“You certainly look like it.”

Scoffing, you choose to taunt him without hiding the cynical tone in your voice. “I look like what? Like I’m about to flee or jump out of the plane?”

“No, just—I can see it in your eyes,” he says, shrugging.

Once again, you fall silent. It is no longer the shock that leaves you speechless, but the fact that you have tons of questions you want to throw at him and you have no idea which one to choose from.

“I have no idea where to start.”

Yoongi sighs, as if he understands what you are thinking. Leaning forward, he takes your hand in his before he starts rubbing his thumb gently on the back of your hand. “Why don’t you start by asking me ‘why’?”

“Alright, then. Why?” you finally ask him. “Why hire me? Why all the secrecy in hiding your identity when you made the deal with Madame Youn? And why exactly am I here?”

Yoongi immediately chuckles. “That’s a lot for a start.”

“I have tons more.”

This time, it is Yoongi who falls silent. But he keeps holding your hand as he looks at you more intensely, as if he is trying to read your emotions before he could say anything. When he finally does, he only asks you in return, “Would you have taken the job if you knew it was me?”

That silence you a little. “I’m—not sure,” you hesitantly answer him.

There is no denying that you might be second-guessing it if only he had revealed who he was when he placed the deal to Eterna. The same way you are second-guessing it now as you are looking straight into his eyes, seeing the sincerity he has always given you present in them, though you are starting to see something else threatening to pierce through.

Something unfamiliar that you have never seen coming from him. Something that semblance the look of lust.

By not knowing that it was your friend who had hired you as his escort, you have put yourself in the role that you had never taken before when you were with him. When in the past encounters you have played the part as his friend, now he wants you—no, more like that he needs you—to be something else.

His escort. His companion. Or perhaps, a lover?

Once again, Yoongi looks at you as if he could read you like an open book. At least, the smile he is giving you insinuates that. And so does the way he is calmly bringing your hand to his lips, leaving tender kisses on your skin with his gaze aimed straight into your eyes.

“What if I told you that I’m giving you this as a retirement gift?” he asks, all while brushing his lips on your knuckles.

“All this for me?” your question comes with a chuckle. A nervous one, if he could sense it. Then you tilt your head as you let your confusion shows. “I might just believe you,” you tell him, given to the fact that he was the first person in this world you had confided in about your desire to move on from your escorting life. “But what’s in it for you?”

Yoongi lets go of your hand and moves from his seat, taking the one right next to you so he could be somewhere close as he explains everything.

“I have spent the past year focusing on making new music that I have neglected all my other responsibilities. It has been a while since I’ve composed something new other than the ones I’ve been performing on my recitals. And as much as I hate to admit it, the one year I took to create a new piece wasn’t enough and now I’m stuck in a creative block.”

Yoongi sighs, looking exasperated as he talks about the lack of progress he is having with his work. For all the years you have known him, you know how proud he speaks about his work, from his music to the business that he runs, and you could see how much he loves each of them to bits.

“While I was unable to finish my compositions, everything that I had been putting off for it are starting to call for my attention, demanding that I deal with them before it would be too late. I have nearly forgotten that despite the deadlines I have put myself on with my music, I also still have my business to run and some unfinished dealings to meet. And then I figured, why not leave the house, meet the people I needed to contact directly instead of through meaningless conference calls, and then I could use the free days between them to tour around and enjoy some new sceneries to help me get through this—slump of ideas I am having?”

You watch in awe as he keeps talking so animatedly about his plans, nearly forgetting that you are in fact involved in all the exciting plans he is sharing with you, as stated in the job details and itinerary which you have received from him. Yoongi takes in your silence as he looks at you, then takes your hands in his, entwining his fingers with yours when he continues,

“So—since I have a few events to attend to this month in Milan and Paris, I decided to schedule everything else to be incorporated to one another so I could get through all of them, including finishing my musical projects, all at once.”

“And where exactly do I fit in?” you look up from your entwined hands to meet his eyes. “Except for being by your side during all those events and at every other time you’d be needing me.”

Yoongi merely smiles. “I need—a muse.”

That has your brows rising, curious to what he means by it. “And you think I can help you with that?”

You watch as his lips curl to his signature smile, the one that looks as if he has a ton of secrets to hide. “I have no idea if this could work. But what I do know is that I am going to need you there with me.”

There is something in the way he says it that has your chest feeling tight and warm at the same time. Whether it is the way he is staring deeply into your eyes when he speaks or the way he seems sincere when he says it, you cannot really decide which. You had been doubtful to think that you may serve as any help for his work, if you could do anything at all. Unless—

Clearing your throat, you try to find your voice just so you could ask him, “Does this job require me to accompany you in bed too?”

You bite your lips after you speak. You could only guess what his answer would be, since you have known that most of the accommodations which had been settled for the trip would require you both to share the same rooms, or perhaps even the same bed. Which is why, you cannot help but ask to confirm it. To find out what else you are required to provide for him during this trip.

“Are you asking me if I want to have sex with you?”

Hesitantly, you nod. “Don’t you?”

Yoongi gives you a smile. And with it, his gaze slowly darkens. This time, the lust that he kept suppressing before has no qualms in showing itself when he looks at you. “I won’t lie. I am just a man with needs, so it is quite obvious that I would ask you for something that is going to be more—intimate,” he says, once again bringing your hands to his lips. You keep your eyes looking up to his, but you could feel his lips, pressing tender kisses on your palm with every word he says, his lips moving to trail a line towards your wrist.

“For the money I spent to hire you, I had requested for a full service. I want you to act as a friend, travel companion, girlfriend, my date—whatever you are able to provide and whatever I will need you to be.”

He stops himself right that moment and leans closer, releasing one of your hands as he reaches out to tuck your hair behind your ear. “But—” he whispers close, his lips brushing at the shell of your ear, as he leaves the faintest of kisses at your sensitive skin, “When I do take you to my bed, it will only happen because I have earned it. Not because I paid for it.”

If the thought of sharing a bed with him didn’t do much for you, his words certainly did. You hold back the urge to shift in your seat, afraid to reveal how much you have been affected by the promise he held in his words. You can only hope that you can hold still regardless the amount of moisture rising between your legs when he ends his words with a tender kiss at the sensitive spot on your neck, the intimate move that had sent shivers running down your body and your desire pooling at your core.

It is a good thing that it wouldn’t take long to reach the first stop, for the first short meeting he is attending would be held in Tokyo, Japan. Just two more hours, you tell yourself as he lets you lean back in your seat, your hand still entwined with his as he lets them settle on his lap.

Two hours to get yourself together for the next three weeks alone with Min Yoongi.



The first thing you notice about Tokyo is the rush.

The sun is starting to come down as you sit at the backseat of the rented car with Yoongi by your side, watching the city and every visible part of it moving in quick, steady motions through the car window as the car drives down the main roads.

Yoongi is currently busy with his phone while allowing you to have a moment to marvel at the sight around you. There is no schedule set to happen tonight, so you simply cannot wait to arrive at the hotel and have a quick hot bath before you could rest for the night. You can hear your stomach rumbling since the car left the airport, but you could hardly acknowledge it when you cannot even stop the yawns that keep pushing through.

A warm hand rests on your thigh and you look over to Yoongi as he smiles. “You look tired,” he says. “I was planning to take you out to dinner, but how about we take it to the hotel and eat up there?”

You are truly exhausted, but you know that it is not all you are feeling at the moment. You blame it on the jet-lag but there is this thick haze that has been in your head that makes it hard for you to think clearly ever since you had gotten on the flight.

Placing your hand on top of his, you give Yoongi a grateful smile. “That sounds like a good idea,” you tell him, deciding that spending the night in a more private place will allow you to adjust better about being this close to Yoongi.


You have been a bit apprehensive about having to share sleeping quarters with Yoongi during the trip. But as you finally arrive at the hotel, you are relieved to find that he had made it easier for you to deal with it by choosing a bigger suite which has a spare bedroom and two separate bathrooms to use.

The relief is short-lived, however, when he pulls you into his arms as you walk in with him into the suite and whispers, “You can sleep in the bigger bedroom, and I’ll take the spare. But later, once we leave here, I am not going to let you stay far from me even while we’re sleeping.”

Yoongi sends you into your room with the promise he made still lingering in your mind.

With your knees nearly buckling and your skin warm to the touch, not only because of the promise he made, but also the way he brushed his lips against your temple and how his gentle palm was touching the small of your back. You try to brush it off by telling yourself that you are simply overreacting, only because you are not used to him acting this way towards you. To have him constantly flirting and throwing you off balance with his gentle touches.

Having no expectation to what you are going to encounter next, you take your time in the privacy of your bedroom to enjoy your space. After a warm shower, you move to change into something more comfortable for you to rest for the night. As you are rustling through your luggage, you regret the fact that you had chosen to bring all the revealing nighties for this trip, when you have been expecting to be spending your nights entertaining your client. Which, is still something that you need to do, you realise.

You just have to figure out how to look past the shock and prepare your heart to act properly and do what is required for you to do with Yoongi.

A soft knock comes at your door. Grabbing a silk robe to wear over your nighties, you rush to the door and open it. You had expected to see Yoongi standing there. And yet he wasn’t. All you can find as you look around is that a dinner table has been set in the sitting lounge between your room and Yoongi’s.

Surprisingly, you find that the dinner table has been set for a single person instead of two, and there is no sign of Yoongi except for the sound of him moving around inside his bedroom. You glance over towards Yoongi’s closed door as you wait for him to emerge from it, but give up when there is no sign of him leaving the privacy of his room and you continue to walk over to the table.

A set of dinner—a small plate of salad, a steak for the main dish, a bottle of chilled wine, completed with a plate of chocolate cake for dessert—with a few lighted candles are set on top of the small dining table. As you come closer, you find a white folded card placed with a single red rose laid right in front of your empty seat. Yoongi’s handwriting appears as you unfold it.

“I’ll let you settle in for the night so you could rest well before tomorrow’s date. Enjoy your dinner. — MYG”

Your heart nearly bursts with so much warmth knowing how considerate Yoongi is being towards you. You hate to admit that you haven’t been acting pleasant ever since you left Seoul, ever since it was revealed that you are to spend the next three weeks with him. So as you take the seat at the table with a regretful sigh, you promise yourself to quickly get over it and play your part, to act as the wonderful companion he needs you to be for the rest of the trip. Even if the thought of sleeping with him makes your whole middle part flutter with nerves.

You spend the next hour enjoying the beautiful dinner, before carrying the rest of the wine with you as you return to your bedroom with tiny excited hops in your footsteps.

When you are finally alone in the shelter of your bedroom, sipping slowly on your wine to let it warm your insides and help you sleep, you feel a heavy weight in your chest. That is when you suddenly realise that no matter how grateful you are feeling that Yoongi is giving you some space and some privacy to settle down, you cannot deny that you are missing him already.


The meeting that Yoongi has to attend the next morning is being set up as a lunch gathering between Yoongi, his business acquaintances and some people who are helping him with his music.

Wearing a professional business attire—a light blue silky blouse paired with a pencil skirt and your favourite pair of black heels—as required through the list of itinerary that was sent to you before the trip, you arrive with Yoongi at the reserved restaurant with his hands wrapped around your waist.

Your presence on Yoongi’s side seems to have garnered the attention from everyone who is there for the meeting. Curious looks and polite smiles have been directed at you since you step into the main dining room. Through your limited knowledge of basic Japanese language, you notice it when Yoongi introduces you with a name that is similar to a lover during his greetings. You dare not to ask him a thing about it, but you are relieved to find his acquaintances starting to look at you in a different light and treating you more nicely after he did.

Once you are seated next to him through the meeting, you slowly understand the reason why he needs you there.

You find that whenever the talk suddenly grows intense, he would reach out to either hold your hand, rubbing his thumb on your skin as he responds to any questions or remarks, or he would rest his palm on your thigh as he listens to the others speak and to cool down. On other times, when the people around him seem to be demanding as they are asking for his new work, you would find him looking at you with a hopeful glance before he makes a few promises that seem pleasing enough for the other guests.

Yet as you continue to watch him through the meeting, you cannot help but admit that simply doing this for him might not be enough. Perhaps if you look at this not as a job, but as a favour for someone who is dear to you, then you might be able to break the walls that is still holding you back from giving in.



Overall, the meeting went pretty well for something that Yoongi had postponed and avoided for months.

Even though the beginning of it was filled with doubts and tons of questions that brought frowns upon Yoongi’s face, right after Yoongi made promises of having an exclusive recital within the following month and new materials to work on, the rest of the conversation was filled with laughters, excited exclamations coming from the men Yoongi was talking to. Then the lunch was quick to end with a brief tea time since it was still in the middle of the day and much too early for them to be serving alcohol to their foreign guests.

Hours later, as the skyline is starting to shift into shades of tangerine hue, you find yourself strolling through a park with Yoongi by your side and a cup of latte in your hand. The scene around you feels perfectly serene with the nearby pool and the beautiful cherry blossom trees that line up along the pathway. Tourists and lovers are present as they are enjoying the view, but you couldn’t even bother to notice the crowd around you when all you could feel is Yoongi’s calming presence and you could only focus on his gentle voice as he continues to talk to you during the small walk.

You were sitting in the backseat of the rented car while stifling a yawn when the equally exhausted Yoongi suddenly requested the driver to make a detour instead of returning to the hotel after leaving the lunch meeting.

“I need to make sure that you have a chance to fully experience Japan before we leave,” he said, when he suddenly pulled you out of the rented car.

After the nearly disastrous subway trip which had led you to being pushed into boxes filled with human beings with not an extra inch to move, running hand-in-hand to join the rushing pedestrians crossing the streets, and a short bus trip later, Yoongi pulls you towards this beautiful park—which, according to Google and a quick confirmation from the lady in the travelling agency, has been named as one of the well-known romantic spots to visit in Tokyo. You had both managed to grab a cup-to-go from the nearest coffee shop and a light snack to enjoy during the walk, a replacement to dessert after the luxurious lunch you had earlier.

Perhaps he needs a moment of calm after the long meeting he had, you wonder. You have to admit that even you had needed one and you are glad to have found this place with him.

“Are you still uncomfortable? Being with me this way, I mean,” he suddenly says after pulling you down with him to sit on one of the empty benches he could find. Leaning back to rest your stiff back, you didn’t notice that he had slid closer until he speaks.

“No, it’s not really that. I just—” you mutter softly, hiding your face from him when warmth rushes to your cheeks after meeting his intense gaze. “Still trying to get used to looking at you less like the man that I looked up to as a good friend.”

Yoongi grins. “You could still look at me the same way,” he says, shrugging. “Except that there is going to be more than just friendly chats and drinking tea to pass the time that will happen while you are with me.” He lifts his own cup of coffee after saying those words, yet you could still catch the sly grin he is trying to hide by doing it. So you decide to tease him.

“Oh, is there?”

He looks at your raising brows and chuckles. “Of course, there should be more if I want to woo you to my bed. Didn’t I promise to earn myself a night with you?”

Your eyes grow wide when you clearly had not expected for him to say it out loud. Once again, you are left flustered and your middle fluttering before you have any chance to let him taste his own medicine with his constant flirting and teasing. Realising this, you look down at your lap and wonder how you could be so lost. You have had years of experience in charming your men. To have yourself being thrown off balance this way has certainly proven that those years and all the experience you moulded yourself into has been nothing but a completely useless ones.

“Please don’t pout, I’m only teasing you,” Yoongi says, surprising you when he gently grazes his thumb across your bottom lip and tugs it loose from the restraint of your teeth. You must have been so lost in your thoughts that you haven’t even noticed that you have been pouting.

Looking up, you cannot look away as he brushes his fingers up your cheeks before reaching to your hair, tucking the messy locks behind your ear. “Don’t think too hard about it, and don’t hold back,” he whispers, then he surprises you by leaning forward, kissing your cheek gently and smiles.

“Come, how about we go grab some sushi for dinner, then we’ll hop onto some local bar and grab some drinks to have you loosen up?”

When the night falls at the end of the day, you somehow manage to make your way to Roppongi, where you end the eventful long day with a more relaxing date night with Yoongi. You are finally able to talk like old friends again during the sushi dinner and through dessert.

Somehow, Yoongi is finally able to break down your wall of decorum bit by bit with his usual easy-going manner and the light talks he shares in the middle of the meal. Then after sharing a few shots of drinks and dancing with him in the nearest club until your legs are close to giving up, you find yourself finally loosened up completely to be comfortable with him just the way you used to.

Comfortable enough to lean into his embrace and to give him a quick kiss right on his cheek as you bid him goodnight.


“Tokyo Tower?”

You are back in the rented car the next day, just after Yoongi had finished leading a symposium in front of a hundred of classical music students where he talked about his music and shown a little demo on the piano. You are heading to a late lunch when Yoongi offers you to stroll around the city. Starting from the Tower.

“Yes, aren’t you interested to visit as many places as you could while we’re here?” he asks, returning your curious gaze with his gentle smile.

“I suppose,” you say, shrugging. “We do have the time for that today, don’t we?”

“Yes, we do. And that’s good to hear. It would certainly be a good chance to test you out before we continue to other places.”

That has you raising a brow. “Test me? For what?”

Yoongi finishes giving the driver his instruction to let the man know where to go before answering you. “To see if you have any fear of heights. We don’t want to have you freaking out or clinging to me in fear when I take you to the Eiffel Tower next week now, do we?”

At the mention of the Eiffel Tower, you can feel as if there are butterflies in your stomach fluttering wild. Reminded of the part of the trip that you are both excited and nervous about, you become speechless. The idea of finally being able to see the dream place you have always wanted to visit for a long time has your heart bloom with great expectations. But knowing the prospect of what could happen then, of what would living for a whole week in Yoongi’s private property could lead to, is the one that has your whole nerve ending strumming with a foreign desire.

One hour later, you are standing way above the ground and looking around, to the landscape of Tokyo and the city skyline that is too mesmerising that it helps you forget about all of your inhibitions.

It turns out that you don’t have any fear of heights at all. Unless you do unconsciously have it, but the excitement of being in such a wonderful landmark, enjoying the beautiful view of the city with Yoongi’s arms wrapped around you is able to cover it. 



The rest of the trip turned out to be a complete whirlwind.

Leaving Tokyo the next day, landing in London with a terrible jet-lag that made you wish you could just stay in bed and hide under the blanket until the day you were set to leave. It had been so severe that for a moment, Yoongi really thought that he would have to call a doctor for you. That was until you drained two and a half cup of strong black coffee and all was well again.

At least by being distracted enough with the way your whole body felt like a sack of potato and your head spinning like you just had a terrible hangover, it had allowed you to take no notice of the fact that you were sharing the same room and even the same bed with Yoongi while in London.

That was until he reached out to you that night to hold you close in your sleep.

Using your sickness as an excuse, he told you that he only wanted to make sure you would feel better and how he was worried about you feeling sick again at night. Though you had doubted if any of it was true after a while, when you kept waking up in his arms for the next few nights you shared with him on that very same bed, even after you had gotten much better.

And that was not the only thing he did to leave you flustering around him and turning in different shades of crimson in any possible opportunity he could find.

The moment your mind was finally clear enough to notice it, he would send your mind and your senses ablaze by making small accidents that would put you on edge. One of them, for example, was when he had intentionally stepped out of the shower only with a piece of towel wrapped around his waist, water still dripping from his hair and down to his bare chest and back while he trudged around the room before getting changed. Or when he ‘accidentally’ bumped against you while you were getting ready to leave and caught you by the waist to stop you from falling, only to leave his hands there, holding you close and touching you until you were left restless under his admiring gaze.

Still, you remembered that you had a job to do. And it was the only thing that had helped you survive Yoongi’s torments.

After surviving the first 24 hours of being unwell, you returned to do your duty as Yoongi’s companion through his business meetings. He had flaunted you around as his partner and ‘special friend’ whenever he would introduce you, and he proudly showed you around as he held a small impromptu performance for his acquaintance who was the owner of the restaurant he had taken you to at dinner the same day.

Once all the business matters had been taken care of, Yoongi used the limited time you still had in London to take you around the city. He took you to different touristy places to show you all the beautiful parts of London you had never seen before.

He had enjoyed watching you laugh delightfully during a parade and the short visit to the small souvenir shop near Tower of London, then marvelled at how your eyes grew wide with awe through the visits you had with him on different art museums or historic places he could find. But what had surprised him the most was the fact that you were far less interested to enjoy your sightseeing at the Buckingham Palace.

“Yeah, I was never that girl who dreamt to be a princess growing up, so it just doesn’t hold that much appeal to me,” you told him with a nonchalant shrug as you were walking away from the curious onlookers around you.

Your personal impression on it may not be any different to how you had thought about Eterna’s glorious mansion or Yoongi’s white mini castle back home, as a matter a fact. You could probably even admit that the gossips and news surrounding the family inside the palace might be more interesting for you to follow instead.

That night, Yoongi redeemed himself by taking you to a few other places that you were more interested into, before taking you to a candlelight dinner that you were starting to grow more used to after receiving them each night while in London. As you were able to enjoy the rest of the day with him, walking hand-in-hand or with his hand holding you protectively around your waist like lovers do through the streets of London, you found yourself feeling calm and your heart was full with his presence that you nearly hated it when the night ended, that you ended up being the first one to reach out to hold him under the covers on his rented king-sized bed.


Thankfully, the jet-lag was not as bad when you landed in Milan four days later.

Either the flight was becoming easier for you to handle and strolling through London for two days straight prior to it had made it easier for you to adjust, or perhaps the thought that you were finally at one of your dream places to be had simply made it all better.

Unlike Yoongi’s busy schedule in Japan and the long meetings Yoongi had in London, the Milan trip felt more like a short vacation. After one day of resting in the lodge that he had rented for both of you to stay in, the main event only happened on the second day.

Yoongi’s music recital.

The small recital was held in a gallery that was similar to the one you went to see him at a couple of years ago, where he held his ‘invitation only’ music recital that you were so grateful to be in. And watching him perform this way had brought you back to that night, when you were mesmerised in his beautiful performance.

As you were sitting in the front seat of the audience, admiring how his fingers danced on the piano, you finally remembered what it was about his performance that had blown you away. It was the intensity that he carried when he played his music, something that you could feel through the beautiful flow of his music that was hypnotising you in your seat. You could feel his emotions as if he was putting his own soul into it and you had barely known him when it did.

For someone who had put aside your emotion for years, because of your career of choice and for the fact that you had been someone who would only focus on surviving life, watching someone who was putting everything into something they were working into was like a breath of fresh air.

And you wanted it. To feel something just as strong as what Yoongi made you feel the night you first watched him play.

To love. And to have something to love just as fiercely.

And as you were watching his recital that very night in Milan, you were starting to feel it again. To be reminded of the reason why you felt you were ready to move on and chase your dreams.


After the recital, a romantic candlelight dinner at one of the plazas in Milan, and a few glasses of drinks in a small establishment you passed by after the meal, Yoongi took you to stroll down the city to enjoy the night view. Cuddled under his arm, you had your body pressed to him for warmth while the night breeze brushed past you. People were passing by down the sidewalks but it felt like you and Yoongi were the only two people who were present there.

“Why haven’t I seen you working on making your music?” you asked him, as you walked by a few street musicians busking at one alleyway.

“What do you mean?”

You looked up to him, still with your arms around his middle and his arm wrapped around your shoulder to keep you close. “I know you said that you are taking this trip to deal with work and business purposes. But you also said that you needed to find ideas, to create new music. And though I’ve watched you do everything else, I haven’t seen you creating anything while we’re together. You haven’t even told me what you need me to do to help you with it.”

Yoongi grinned. “But I have been doing my music. I even played today.”

Slapping a palm on his chest, you rolled your eyes and scoffed at him. “You know what I mean.”

You felt his chest rumbling as he chuckled. “Who said I’m not making my music already? Or that I’m not making it as we speak?” he taunted you. “And who said you haven’t been helping?”

Raising your brows, you couldn’t help but wonder what he could possibly mean by it.

All you have been doing so far was to look pretty by his side when he was meeting up with numerous people and attending events, then ended the days with strolling through the city, acting like regular tourists as you went on different dates with him. And never once did you see him writing, or did anything that was remotely related to his music while you were around.

“But I thought—”

Yoongi stopped you from talking by pulling you into a small plaza that was surrounded by small shops and guest houses. The spot was a beautiful sight to see as it was wonderfully lighted with all the antique wall lamps around you, but it was less crowded compared to the places that you had just past through on your way here.

“Dance with me.”

“Here?” you asked him with your eyes growing wide. “There’s no music,” you told him as you looked around, seeing nothing else but small closed doors and sky-high walls. But as you met his eyes again, seeing the determination on his face as he looked at you, you chose to sigh in defeat and follow along. “Fine.”

Leading you to place one of your hands on his shoulder, he took the other in his gentle grip and placed his palm on the small of your back and started to dance. His movement was not as smooth as you had expected it would be, but it managed to make you smile. And then, he started humming.

His gentle voice sounded a bit lighter when he did it, unlike the usual deeper tone that he used to send your heartbeat racing and your legs into soft jelly. But he sounded beautiful. And so did the tune that he was singing in the soft hum of his voice. Following along with the tune, your legs moved with his lead as you were lost in his voice, and also in his eyes that were gleaming with pure love and warmth.

You could no longer care if there was anyone passing by around you as you were dancing with him, right there at the small plaza in the open air, under the beautiful moonlight that was illuminating the night sky.

Suddenly, he stopped humming, and you stopped moving. With his eyes looking deep into yours, Yoongi smiled and pulled you closer into his chest.

“What is that? It sounds beautiful,” you asked him then. “I’ve never heard it before, is it yours?”

Yoongi’s smile widened. “It is mine. You are the first person to listen to it.”

“What is it called?”

Yoongi fell silent for a brief moment, his admiring eyes seemed to refuse to look away from you. Through your palms that were now resting on his chest, you could feel his heartbeat, pacing in a steady rhythm that was slowly increasing as his head started to dip lower.

“It’s called—Moonlight,” he whispered, before he pressed his lips against yours.


The sound of the pilot coming through the speaker pulls you out of your reverie, and you are back in Yoongi’s private jet, looking out at the beautiful sky. You have been so lost in your own thoughts, memorising every part of your trip so far that you know for sure would be hard to forget that you don’t even notice that the plane is already preparing to land.

The moment you look out the window, noticing the city skyline appearing beyond the clouds, your smile instantly grows wider.

A gentle hand takes yours and you look to your side at Yoongi, finding him smiling at you, no doubt having had noticed the change of mood you are having, or perhaps he could even feel your excitement brimming on the edge.

“We’re almost there,” he says, “Are you excited?”

Excited would be an understatement, you wonder, as you picture yourself spending the next seven days in the city that has been in your dreams for a long time. Perhaps out of all the people you have known all through your life, Yoongi would be the only one who knows about it without you even saying it.

“I am.” 




The long couple of weeks alone with Yoongi, days and hours of dealing with his business and days of facing his charms that had been constantly thrown at you to break through your walls have all been leading up to this.

It is finally the last week of the trip, where you would be spending it with Yoongi in his small apartment in the beautiful city of Paris.

Entering the apartment, you walk around to marvel at the beauty the place holds while Yoongi leads his staff to take care of all the luggage and set them all in the master bedroom. Walking past the entrance foyer, past the bedroom and the spacious kitchen, you find your way to the main sitting lounge that is nearly twice the size of the living room in your loft.

While the other rooms have been painted and decorated in bright colours—mainly white, just the same way it did with his mansion—the lounge appears much darker. With dark grey painted walls, the whole room is decorated in various shades of grey aside from its wooden flooring, giving the room the all men and masculine feels to it. The only altercation is on the centerpieces, the pair of golden chandeliers hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the monochrome surroundings that has added colours in the room in the most magnificent way.

Walking to the center of the room, you graze your fingers along the leather-covered sectional sofa that has taken most of the room, making your way towards the grand piano at the far corner then continue walking towards the massive glass doors leading to the balcony. Finding them unlocked, you open them and step outside, breathing in the air as you stand against the golden painted railings to marvel at the view around you.

Overseeing the city, the balcony gives you the perfect view of the old buildings surrounding the apartment and the clear view of the Eiffel Tower standing in the far distance.

The place is marvellous, you wonder, as you continue to stand there, picturing how lucky you are to be waking up to this view for the entire week you are here, when Yoongi comes around not too long after.

“Enjoying the view?”

“This place is lovely,” you tell him, leaning back against his chest as he pulls you in with his arms wrapped around your middle. “Everything is so perfect. The apartment, the sight, and you,” you stop to graze the tip of your fingers across his arm, earning a shiver coming from him to your touch. “How on earth did you able to find this place and claim it as yours?”

Looking over your shoulder, you catch Yoongi shrugging. “I’ve had help,” he says, which earns a scoff coming from you.

“Do you come here often?” you ask him again, as he rests his chin on your shoulder to watch over the same sight you are currently staring at.

“Not really. I only come here when I wanted some space of my own and to feel something different whenever I’m stuck with work.”

Turning around in his arms, you look at him to ask, “Like you do now?”

“True, but only for the part where I need to be someplace else to get a different feeling and vibe for my work,” he says, before touching your chin and holds your face up for him. “What I love about it now is that I have you here with me.” With those words, Yoongi dips down, kissing your lips gently, moving slowly against yours with a kiss that feels completely different than the one you have felt with the kisses that he had given you prior to this day.

He pulls back after a moment, leaving your lips swollen and your eyes fluttering, then speaks softly with a smile, “Why don’t I show you around? This balcony and this side of the apartment are not the only parts of this place that I know you would love.”


There is only one event that is scheduled for Yoongi to attend for the entire week in Paris.

A musical gala where Yoongi is required to meet up with his fellow musicians, then gives a small speech as he is receiving a small token of award for his creations.

It takes you an hour to get ready for the event. Though you had not been expecting to be here with Yoongi when you were packing up your pretty dresses, you are grateful to have chosen the perfect dress to have with you for tonight.

As fate has it, you have chosen a champagne evening dress, with the same colour and almost the same silky fabric as the champagne dress you have worn during Yoongi’s recital a couple of years ago, but in a completely different style, going more for elegance this time rather than risqué. For tonight, you have picked a full-length gown with a low cut heart-shape neckline that accentuates your curves perfectly and raises up to the shoulders to a pair of lacy short sleeves, the tight bodice falls down to a mermaid tail.

You know that you have won Yoongi’s approval when you meet him in the living room, and he welcomes you with his eyes running down your dress as if he is devouring you with his dark gaze.

“Well?” you ask him while turning around, putting on a little show for him with the dress.

Yoongi stops you by placing his hand on your waist. “Perfect, as always,” he says, before stopping himself and acting as if he is thinking hard about something. “No, wait. There is something missing.”

While you are sending him a questioning gaze, he reaches into the inner pocket of his suit to retrieve a velvet-covered box. You look down as he opens it with a ‘pop’, revealing a beautiful piece of golden necklace which glows under the dim light.


Raising a finger to your chin, he lifts your face up and stops you with a soft kiss. The way his lips brushes against yours feels so soft, but still enough to leave your eyes fluttering, distracting you just enough to allow him to turn you around, to have you facing a floor-to-ceiling mirror that he was using to get ready earlier and your back to him.

Before you could even stop him, Yoongi raises his hands, arranging the piece of jewellery on your neckline. You can feel his fingers gently brushing against the length of your neck as he puts the necklace in place. Through the reflection in the mirror, you watch him leaning closer, brushing the tip of his nose at the nape of your neck right as you feel him clasping the necklace on, his eyes are locked on your face as he does it, witnessing how your breath hitches to the cold touch of the gold that is in contrast to his gentle brushes. His warm breath falls on your skin when he whispers, “Beautiful.”



If there is a way to describe what the gala is like, how the night feels, and how the people you meet through the night appears in your eyes, then that would be the perfect word for it.

Everything has been set like it is supposed to be the main event of the year, and everyone had done marvellously well to match the pretty decorations and the exquisite main hall where the gala event is being held. Yoongi keeps you within arm's length the entire time he is mingling with the other guests, once again introducing you as someone who is special to him to anyone who asks.

Though the event of the night is an important one for Yoongi, you find it hard to pay attention to everything that is going on when Yoongi constantly steals the spotlight through his playful mood that has somehow elevated a lot more than usual tonight. Perhaps the French wine that he had drunk right after his winning speech earlier had been the one to release it and expose it to the public, but then you also realise that he has been this way ever since the little sweet dance you shared with him in Milan, the first night you shared a kiss with him.

You have finished a few rounds of the same wine as well, enough to make you a bit tipsy and reveal your playful side which is coming out slightly flirty. It has certainly taken away the last bit of your inhibitions that it has you touching and teasing Yoongi like a normal lover would. Yoongi’s smile that seems to have been plastered on his face lets you know that he is no doubt enjoying the attention he is getting from you, and he is starting to show less interest on the ongoing event that is still thriving around you.

Just as he is ready to pull you away from the event, a voice interrupts you, stopping him from making his move.


Both you and Yoongi turn around to look at who it is, and you see a man making his way towards you with a huge smile on his face.

“Sebastian,” Yoongi greets him while taking the man’s hand to shake. “It’s good to see you. I didn’t see you earlier, didn’t think you were coming.”

“And it’s good to see you too,” the man responds with a thick accent, patting Yoongi’s back as he does it. Once they are apart, the man, Sebastian, turns to find you standing there and smiles. “And may I know who this lovely lady might be?”

Yoongi places his hand at the small of your back and smiles proudly as he introduces you to the man, “This is my lovely date for the night, ______. This is Sebastian, a good friend of mine.”

“Pleased to meet you, Mademoiselle,” Sebastian says to you as he takes your hand and leaves a brief kiss at the back of your hand in a gentlemanly way.

Turning to Yoongi, he speaks briefly about Yoongi’s speech which he had caught on briefly when he was just arriving, and then suddenly adds, “I have also received your email and am delighted to know that you are creating a new composition soon. I can’t wait to hear it,” he stops briefly, looking over to you as an understanding look comes to his eyes. “I could be wrong, but could this lovely lady of yours be the one you have been referring to as your muse?”

His statement has caught you by surprise but you have no words to say to respond to him. Looking over to Yoongi, you find him smiling at you while addressing to his friend, “Thank you. I am hopeful for a great outcome soon. And you are right, this beautiful lady is my muse.”

You are left speechless while Yoongi and Sebastian continue to exchange a few more words. You still have your eyes on him even after Sebastian returns to the gala and leaves the two of you be.

“You have your music ready,” you finally say to him the moment you can find your voice back, expressing what you believe to be something that Yoongi has failed to tell you.

Turning to face you, Yoongi holds you by your waist as he speaks, “I have been working on it, that part is the truth. But it’s not quite ready yet.”

“I don’t understand.”

Yoongi leans down, giving a chaste kiss to your lips which supposed to be a way for him to clear your mind from doubts and confusion, then he pulls you away with a tug at your wrist as he takes your hand in his gentle grip. “Come. Let me explain everything. But we need to be somewhere private.”



Back in the apartment, Yoongi immediately pulls you towards the grand piano in his lounge.

You had failed to see it when you first arrived, for you have only walked around it and had only been looking at it from the other side rather than from its front. But now, as Yoongi leads you to take a seat next to him while he takes his place on his stool to play, you finally notice them—a bunch of papers of sheet music with scribbled notes written messily on them and a title that has been written on top of the page which says ‘Moonlight.’

Then Yoongi starts playing on his piano.

What he is playing is a simple tune, compared to the ones you had listened to on his prior performances, yet still beautiful in its simplicity. And it is the same tune that he was humming to you when you danced with him on that fateful night in Milan.

While you are mesmerised in his music, Yoongi stops abruptly and sighs deeply. As you look at him, questioning him silently to inquire why he didn’t play it until the end, you are met with his smile before he starts explaining it to you carefully.

“I didn’t lie when I said I’ve been working on this composition for the past year. What I didn’t tell you is that I haven’t been able to finish it because the only time I could think of a tune was when I spent some time alone with you,” he says, taking your hands in his, rubbing your skin gently with his thumb as if he wants to relieve you from your shock. “I meant it when I told you that you are the only one who could help me finish this music. I need help from my muse, and you have been my muse for a long time. The only thing I am hoping from taking you on this trip is not only to be able to finish this music with you by my side, but also to show you that you are the only one who could be that person—which I am hoping is willing to continue doing so in the future.”

“Is that why you went through all the trouble? Planning this trip and for taking me with you?” you ask him while you are reminded of what he had said to you at the beginning of this whole trip. The moment he confirms your thoughts with a simple nod, you push yourself off of your seat and walk away, turning your back on him to clear your mind for a moment.

But then another question comes to mind, and you turn to him to ask them, “Why have you never told me anything about this? Why wait until now? Why are you doing it like this?”

Yoongi gives you a smile and makes his way closer to you. “You always had your mind set on your goal, always knew what you wanted and you have made plans on how you wanted to reach it. I didn’t want to interfere with that by making advances to you when you weren’t ready, when the possibility of having something permanent would seem more like it would hamper you down from reaching your dreams.” He reaches up, brushing a finger up to your cheek before moving his thumb across your brows, easing the creases that have appeared as you were listening to him.

“Not to mention,” he continues, “I didn’t like having too many competitions on getting to have some time alone with you. I didn’t want you to look at me as you did to those men.”

While a part of you are close to being irritated for hearing what he just said, all you want to do is scoff at him and laugh, “But you did hire me, just like they did.”

Yoongi’s smile turns somewhat grim, as if reminding him about your clients and the fact that you had only been able to meet him was through your jobs is not truly something that is pleasant for him to hear. “Would you just take everything if I had just handed them to you straight away? The trip, the money, the chance to visit the places you had been wanting to see?”

He is right. No matter how much you had wanted to have a chance to see the world, to see things differently the way you wanted it to before chasing your dreams through your study, you might have refused them if they had just been handed to you. And you would certainly refuse to allow Yoongi to pay for your study if he had just come to you as the friend that he was.

“Probably not,” you finally answer him, to which he nods, because you had already made it clear even you first talked about this, that you wouldn’t have taken this offer if they had only been given to you as a gift, instead of something that you have truly earned.

“I knew that you wouldn’t, even if I had told you that I was giving it all to you as a gift. Besides, I had to make sure that I will be able to join you on this trip, didn’t I? However else could I have the chance to be alone with you and keep you to myself for these weeks?” he adds after he explains himself. To which you cannot help but smile and roll your eyes at him.

“Of course, you did,” you playfully sneer at him. “But since that would also mean that you were doing this because you needed me. Then was it only because you wanted something from me that you went through all the trouble?”

“Yes, and no. Of course, I’m doing it to gain something, I already told you what they are. But I really do want to give something special for you. Something that you deserve to have, after what you have done for me.”

Though Yoongi had spoken his words offhandedly, you still furrow your brows, wondering just when and how you were helping him. “I haven’t done anything—” you wonder loudly, only to have him smiling. “I mean, not that I know of.”

Yoongi chuckles and raises your hand to his lips. “You have done a lot, my kitten,” he says as he lays a kiss at the back of your hand. “Can’t you tell how much I have been infatuated on you for all this time? I had to get out of my shell just to be able to see you. My senses would come alive whenever I see you. How else have I been getting these tunes playing in my head whenever I was alone with you?”

Though you are surprised to hear it, you can finally understand the reason why Yoongi’s appearance in the events you have been in had been so surprising to a lot of people to see. You would have never thought that the sudden interest he had for socialising with humankind was all because of you.

“And here I thought you were simply acting as my special friend. And I have been wrecking my brains out to figure out how to do this job well enough to return the favour.”

This time, Yoongi is the one furrowing his brows to question you. “What favour?”

Smiling shyly to him, you finally admit something that you haven’t been able to tell him. “For encouraging me to want more. For showing me that I could have more than the life I was living in.” Meeting his eyes, you are reminded yet again to how you had ended at this point. To be with him so far away from home. “How about those donations to Eterna? Have you had other muses before me?”

Yoongi chuckles. “No, I only told Madame Youn to simply keep my identity and the reason why I have been sending donations to Eterna for years a secret,” he explains. “Those donations were made not without a reason. I needed to make sure that you are being taken care of, kitten. That was the only way I could do it, to have her watch over you closely on my behalf.”

Suddenly, it all makes perfect sense. How Madame Youn had paid close attention to you for the past two years, and though she had allowed you to keep up with a permanent list of clients for years, she had been more strict to make sure that you would only be taking jobs from your regulars and would have a tight background checks on any possible new client you were going to take.

Though it is slightly irritating that the woman had done such a good deed of taking care of you only because of Yoongi’s money, you are still grateful to have him protecting you as your own personal guardian angel. Simply accepting the fact alone is enough to make your heart full with warmth, the different kind than the one he had continuously ignited in you with his gentle yet cheeky advances. And it has you reaching out to him, to feel the need to be closer than you have no queries in wrapping your arms around his neck and hold on tight.

“So we’ve been helping each other out for all this time, huh?” you ask him, looking up to him while batting your eyelash.

“We certainly have,” he says, chuckling while holding you close with his hands on your waist. As he looks down, his eyes stopping at your lips for a brief moment, he dips his head lower to brush his lips against your jawline. As he trails faint kisses up to your cheeks, you anticipate him to place a kiss on your lips, only to have him latching his lips under your ear as he whispers, “Have all of my admissions been enough to give me a good rapport to have my final wish granted?”

“A—a wish?” you choke out. There is something about his touch, about the kisses he is teasing you with that has your body turning warm and your insides burning with desire. Perhaps the moment the truth has been revealed, and after the long wait of having him touching you more intimately, all have caused the dormant flame inside you to run ablaze and you are now putty in his hands.

“You know what I’m wishing for, kitten. Don’t you want it too? Have I earned it by being pleasant to you and for treating you well during this beautiful journey of ours?” he keeps whispering sweet words, teasing you, taunting you about how much he could tell that your whole body is humming with the same desire he has on you as he keeps trailing kisses on your face, your neck, and even nips lightly on your lobe.

But he keeps doing it while avoiding your lips.

“Will you grant me my wish, kitten?” he whispers against the corner of your lips, still denying the kiss that you are craving for, and it earns a desperate groan to slip out from the depths of your throat.

“Yes, Yoongi. Anything, I will grant you everything you wish for,” you finally respond to him with a whine, then continue to protest, “Now would you just shut up and kiss me already?”

And that is exactly what he does next.

His lips are pressed against yours in an instant, simply drinking you in as he latches on with more vigour. You could tell that he is giving it all into the kiss, spilling every desire, every passion, and all the emotions that he had kept inside this whole time in that one kiss that lights up every dormant part inside you that is now coming alive, even if you are feeling like you are being consumed by him.

Your body trembles with the intensity of his kiss, and the hands that have been holding on his shoulders are now clutching tight on his shirt to hold yourself up as he drinks in even your breath away the moment he pushes his tongue through the seams of your mouth. You can feel the heat rushing up and down your body, sending the delightful flutters rising in your center to wake up every sense in your body, and you pull back with a gasp once it feels too much but not completely enough.

“Take me to your bed, Yoongi. Make love to me,” you beg him with gasping breath, and his eyes grow dark with every word you say to him.

Wasting no more time, Yoongi lets you go only to reach down, scooping you up into his arms and starts carrying you up into his bedroom. He kisses you softly as he walks up the steps, moving carefully and only stopping the kiss that has grown deep with hunger once he walks past the doorway.

Once you are in his bedroom and the doors are closed behind you, he gently places you down to the floor and holds you up until you are able to stand on your own two legs, as shaky as they are.

He gives you no time for a reprieve, however, as he immediately leans down and takes your lips in a slow, deep kiss that is filled with pure desire that you start losing the ability to stand straight so you throw your arms around him, refusing to let yourself fall. “Are you sure you want this, kitten?” He moves his lips down to the side of your neck, placing kisses and nibbles down your skin as he whispers to you those words.

“Positive,” you answer him with a gasp, your breath keeps hitching each time his lips latch onto your skin. You could feel your legs starting to quiver, and you hold on tighter on his shoulders, half clinging onto him as you try to keep yourself from falling. Your whole body is burning with the need to have him inside you, and you simply cannot wait any longer. “I’m begging you, Yoongi. Please take me.”

“Patience, kitten. I want to devour you so badly as I have been waiting for a long time to do so, but I also want to worship you the way you deserve it.”

With one last soul-searing kiss, Yoongi moves down. His lips keep trailing down from your lips, to the column of your throat as he moves lower, while his palms trace down the length of your body, feeling your curves through the silky fabric of your dress until his knees are on the floor. He looks up to meet your gaze as he plants a kiss around your navel and pulls back, his hands reaching to help you take off your shoes, peeling them one shoe at a time with a gentle manner before tossing them away.

Looking up to you, he runs his hands up the length of your legs from beneath the dress, his warm palms grazing at your skin as he keeps moving up.

Yoongi stands up slowly as he does so, pulling the hem of your dress up with him to expose your legs, letting the long skirt of your dress hang on his arms once he is standing tall in front of you. His hand creeps up to your panty line while he runs the other to give a gentle grip on your hip. Looking down on you once he is on his full height, he bends his head lower until you feel his lips ghosting on your skin and his breath fanning against your cheeks. Brushing his lips against the shell of your ear, you feel the tip of his fingers running across the line of your panties, brushing gently against the soaking center.

“I haven’t even touched you properly yet and you’re already this wet,” he whispers. While the warm breath that falls on your skin has your body shuddering, the light touches of his fingers against your pooling heat makes you gasp when he moves them to trace the wetness that had stained your underthings.

He traces the tip of his nose downward, teasing your shuddering skin as his lips are seeking for your mouth. Just as you feel his lips faintly touching yours, you lean in for that kiss, searching for him, only to have him pulling back. At your disappointed pout, Yoongi chuckles deeply, enjoying how you are showing him just how much you want him without words. Then with the tight grip on your hips, he pulls you closer to him, pressing your center against the desire poking through his pants to let you feel him.

“Do you want me, kitten?”

“Yes, Yoongi. I want you,” you murmur against his lips. Resting your hands on his shoulder, you nearly clutch tightly on his shirt to beg for him to touch you, to kiss you, to sate the desire rushing inside your core which is now calling for him.

As if he understands your needs, he clutches at the hem of your skirt once more, tighter as he does it compared to the way he did before, before he pulls them off of your body. The ripping sound of your fabric against his hasty pull has you gasping and your heartbeat racing, but you let him continue to undress you.

He slowly peels away your clothing, taking them off layer by layer, caressing the skin that is slowly being exposed as he does it, starting with his fingers first, then his lips join in. Once you are clad only in your undergarments, as you are standing there in the pair of lacy wine coloured bra and its matching panties, Yoongi tears his gaze away from your body and looks up into your eyes.

Without looking away, he takes a seat on the edge of his bed and pulls you to him. His strong palms run down from your waist, grazing down the curves of your hips before resting at the back of your thighs where he suddenly tightens his grip there and pulls them up until you are raised up from the floor.

He lifts you up until you are straddling his lap and cups your breasts with both hands. “These are perfect for you. But they need to go,” he says, before he leans forward, tracing kisses down the colour of your throat.

He rubs his thumbs across your nipples over the bra and watches as the little buds tighten for him, each taut peak poking through the lace, taunting him. And he gives in. He dips his head lower, his lips latching onto one taut nipple through the lace fabric of your bra and pulls it into his mouth, leaving a ring of wetness on the lace as he nips and laps with his hands holding you up, pressing you against his mouth.

Your breath grows ragged with a few moans slipping out, then they stop to a gasp as you feel his teeth joining in the mix. He bites down a little harder than he would if you were bare, knowing the material would cushion the sting, yet your body is already so responsive to him that you can still feel it, the pleasurable sting sending electric sparks all through your whole body. Moans and whimpers continue to come out of your lips as he keeps lapping across your now sensitive nipple until the lace of your bra is glued to your skin with wet patches of his hot licks.

You arch your back and feel Yoongi’s hand behind you, unsnapping the bra and pulling it off your shoulders. His eyes stop at your bare chest, glowing with admiration as he whispers, “So stunning,” before dipping back down, latching his mouth to the other breast and nips the hardened tip with his teeth, giving just the same treatment as the other taut nipple, earning a soft cry to slip through your lips. With nothing there to come in between his hot mouth and your sensitive skin, it gives you even more intense pleasure rushing through your body that you have your fingers threading and latching through his hair as you hold on to him.

As you are high in the rising pleasure, Yoongi flips your body so that you are laying on the bed and he is looming over you. Yoongi looks down on you with clear desire in his eyes, distracting you with his smirk as he reaches down, pulling your panties apart before peeling them off your legs and throwing them on the floor.

“Hey, I liked those!” you protest with a whine, still gasping for breath and slightly irritated that he has ruined the good pair of panties.

“And I can buy you tons more to rip them off of you,” he murmurs, looking down at you with no remorse but with admirations instead.

His eyes trail down your body while his hands slide down your legs, parting them just enough for him to slip between them. You could swear that you are able to feel the heat of his gaze as he looks down at your center, running his admiring gaze at your glistening folds that now feel slightly cold for being exposed to the open air. You can only feel it briefly, however, before he pushes you up to the center of the bed and you are suddenly engulfed in his warmth the moment Yoongi crawls between your parted legs and lets you feel his body heat even without him touching you directly yet.

Kissing a circle around your navel, he licks his way downwards from the beneath your belly button to the top of your pubic mound, stopping for a moment to snap his eyes up to look at you, before he finally dives in.

Moving agonizingly slow, he dips his tongue into your center, dragging it up your dripping slit until the tip of his tongue meets your clit. After giving a few soft licks at the nub, he latches his mouth onto the throbbing nub, pulling it with a gentle suck until you arch your back upward off of the bed.

You have been anticipating for this for weeks and each nerve ending in your body has come awake to his touch, as if there is a low electrical charge running through you as he is tasting your essence, like you are a piece of dessert he wants to savour.

“Please,” you moan softly, moving your pelvis in circles and rocking your hips gently against his mouth to feel more.

Yoongi keeps lapping, moving up and down your slit before returning to lap lightly at the quivering bundle of nerves, and you feel your clit swell slowly as he wound you up with his sinful mouth and tongue with so much hunger.

You have your eyes shut close while you are lost in the increasing pleasure. But you can feel it when the tip of his fingers gently tug at your nether lips, parting them for him to reach the center.

Yoongi pulls his lips away from your heat, then traces his fingers along your slick folds and teases your hot entrance, circling against it gently until you can hear the slick noise of your wetness against his digits. As you start moving your hips along with the motion of his touch, he dips a finger slowly into your wet warmth. His thumb is pressing on your clit as he slowly thrusts his finger in and out of you, drawing soft breathy moans from you with each thrust. As the need for leverage rises the more the rushing pleasure increases from the core, your nails are buried into the sheets in a death grip, crumpling the fabric beneath you as you hold on tightly through the ride.

Pushing himself up on the bed, Yoongi keeps moving his finger in and out of you while tracing kisses all the way up your body until his face is looming on top of yours. Yoongi leans down and hums in your ear as he tugs the lobe with his teeth. “So wet for me, kitten,” he whispers, his voice is deeper and huskier as he presses his erection against your thigh, grinding it into your skin as he speaks.

Wanting to feel more while despising the presence of his clothes still blocking your way to his skin, you buck your hips up against him, only to have him pulling back.

With a chuckle, Yoongi adds another finger and thrusts deeper, still massaging your clit with the pad of his thumb. You keep moving your hips forward, chasing his fingers and his hand this time as you move in a circular motion, your inner walls are clamping down on his thick digits as you search for more friction.

“So responsive,” he hums as he nips at your neck and curls his finger the moment he finds your sweet spot and starts massaging his digits against it. “Will you come on my fingers? Drench them in your sweet cum so I could taste you again?”

You cry out as his fingers press down and massage harder inside you, his other hand pulling at your pebbled nipple to the point of pain. A jolt of pleasure travels down to your groin and the climax that you have been seeking for comes rolling through you in a sudden force that it cuts off your breath.

“Oh, God!” a cry of pleasure slips out as you gasp, sounding a bit loud as it comes right as your orgasm peaks. You could feel the tight coil in your stomach bursting, pulsing at the same pace as your insides as they spasm around his fingers which are still slowly fucking you through your release.

Yoongi tuts softly when he looks down on your face. He withdraws his fingers out of your tight walls slowly, earning a soft gasp at the sudden loss of pressure, your walls instantly clench tight against themselves as they search for his presence. You look up through your hazy eyes to watch him pulling his fingers into his mouth, sucking them clean with a hum.

“And it tastes beautifully too,” he whispers with a chuckle before he leans down, taking your lips in longing kiss which allows you to taste yourself through his tongue.

Yoongi kisses you until he could feel your breathing settling down then pulls back. As you slowly come down from your high, you can hear the unmistakable sound of a zipper and the rustling sound of him peeling his own clothes off of his body and you sigh in contentment.

Finally, you wonder with another sigh. Your body has been buzzing with needs that have only been intensified with how often he had put you on the edge only to bring you back down without giving you an end. Weeks without having a man’s touch—a proper touch that would bring you pleasure, that is—and it had left your body bereft of human touch. Even your own touch has not been enough to put you any closer to the kind of pleasure you had been deprived of the most.

Perhaps that explains why you have been so responsive to him.

How you are making it so easy for him to strum every inch of your sense like he would to a music instrument, sending them all awake to his touch.

Yoongi’s hot lips start trailing up on your skin again as he crawls back on top of you. With your body still sensitive to his touches, every brush and graze he gives with his gentle fingers sends heat back into your spasming walls that you could feel yourself needing him to fill you up with a newfound hunger building up inside you.

Spreading your legs apart for him to allow him to come closer, you plead for him, “Please, Yoongi,” begging him desperately to sate your needs.

As you are finally granting his wish, to beg for him to take you and break you apart, Yoongi takes his place and ready to grant your demands.

Placing a searing kiss on your lips, Yoongi aligns himself at your entrance. Your hands are up on his shoulders while he pulls your legs up and apart, the swollen head of his cock slips between your nether lips and he stops. Moving slowly in circles, he stays right there at the lips of your entrance, keeping only the mushroom head of his cock parting your tight, hot entrance while your walls spasm continuously, ready to be filled.

Growing desperate, you let out a deep groan. “God, fuck me already, Yoongi,” you whimper beneath him as you pull back from the kiss. “Fuck me until I forget my name, until I forget everything but you, Yoongi. Please.”

Brushing his lips at your lobe, he whispers softly to let you know how he would be delightful to do as you wish, and then he does it.

Without a warning, he thrusts his full length into you, earning a strangled cry from your lips. His girth fills you up perfectly that your walls feel tight and completely full as he is sheathed inside you. The abrupt move he made had caused wild spasms to build up around his length, that he stills himself, letting you adjust to the tightness and to calm himself down before he explodes inside you too soon.

“Are you okay, kitten?” he asks you, searching your face for an answer when all you are giving him are soft gasps with your eyes shut closed.

Whimpering, you nod your head while letting your eyes open, only to have him nipping at your chin. “Talk to me, kitten.”

“I’m fine,” you whine softly to him. Running your hands up from his shoulders to clutch at his hair, you arch your back and smile. “Now fuck me. Fuck me good and well.”

This time, your words have him groaning with desire. He dips down, licking a wet trail up your neck as he slowly begins withdrawing from your warmth. His mouth stops moving to tease your earlobe, biting and licking until he feels your body quivering.

“Fuck, kitten,” he groans against your skin, “You are marvellous.”

Then, just as you are distracted by his sinful mouth, he slides himself back home, sheathing himself in your tight warmth until he is finally nestled deep within you, the head of his cock kissing at the mouth of your cervix. It sends your body to a jolt, before your muscles slowly relaxing beneath him.

Feeling ready, you buck your hips up to make him move. He slides in and out of your tight, wet walls for a few minutes at a slow and steady pace, revelling in the way your pussy is gripping tight around his cock. He mutters softly to tell you how your tight pussy snugs around him and how it fits him just right. How you are perfect and that he wants to fuck you hard into his bed all night long.

Moaning to how much you want everything he is promising to give you, you hold tight around him and cry out, “Yes, fuck me. Make love to me. I can take everything you give me.”

Your words are just enough to encourage him, to let him know that you are ready. And he switches up his assault and snaps his hips into you, making you take his hard thrusts, as hard as he is willing to give. But then his eyes snap open when he hears you whimper,

“More, please. I need more.”

“More?” Yoongi asks you, gasping between the hard thrusts that are causing you to moan out loudly. “Is that really what you want, kitten?”

With a few nods which you give him for an answer, as your voice is lost between the constant moaning you are making and how high your head is with the intensity of his lovemaking, Yoongi slams hard into you and sends your body shifting higher on the bed with the force he is making.

“Yes, yes! That’s it!” you keep crying out, calling his name as the coil on your stomach starts tightening again and your walls are clenching around him.

He must have felt it, or that he could tell how close you are to coming again and he swivels his hips into you, his formidable length assaulting all the pleasure spots he could reach within you.

The thought that you are already close to another climax is completely surprising for you. Once again, you blame it on your abstinence and the effect you have felt from Yoongi’s charm. You revel on the fact that Yoongi is able to sate your needs, to fill what you have been craving for and that he seems to enjoy watching you unravel to his touch.

“Are you going to come for me again, kitten?” Yoongi growls out as your sex starts tightening around him, clutching possessively at his swollen girth.

“Yes, oh God!” you cry out, feeling as if you are near at your peak yet again and it is coming to you fast. “Yes, Yoongi! I’m coming.”

With a hard slam against your pelvis, Yoongi grunts out as he fucks you harder, deeper. And then with his tight grip around your waist, he commands you firmly, “Come around my cock, _____. Let go for me.”

He rams into you hard as you cry out, moaning his name as your climax comes crashing down on you. He watches your face as you reach at your peak, as it comes to you intensely that your breath seems to stop for a moment, your voice nearly a whisper as you keep panting out his name.

Your thighs continue to shake uncontrollably around his waist, and he keeps on fucking you hard and fast through your release, elongating your orgasm as you wither beneath him with soft moans slipping out with your ragged breaths.

Yoongi’s arms slide up and reach under your shoulders as he spreads your legs wider. He buries himself deep inside you as he gradually slows his pace. He keeps his eyes on you, as if he wants to witness every expression you make and how you react to him as he pistons in and out of your slick walls. You are completely soaked and drenched upon climax after climax and it feels like your arousal keeps leaking out that you could hear the sound of it, the slick sound of your release around his cock as he hits hard inside you.

When your breathing is slowly settling down and your body is no longer tense, he knows you are ready for more. Dipping his head lower, he starts laving at your nipples with the flat of his tongue as he starts moving again with increasing vigour, winding you up some more.

Your steady breathing starts rising again into moans and whimpers as he continues to stroke your insides, his grunts of pleasure urging you on as he seems to slide even deeper inside you with each plunge. His cock twitches against your walls and you could feel your core tightening around him again just in time as his cock starts to swell and grows tight against the spasms of your hot muscles, letting you know that not only is another climax coming to you soon, he will soon follow with his own.

His grunts grow increasingly louder and more intense along with your own sounds of pleasure and he snaps his hips harder against the vice grip of your pussy around him.

“Kitten, you’re so tight,” he groans.

“Yoongi, I’m coming!” you could barely choke out the words as wave after wave of pleasure explode through you, consuming you as you shatter beneath him once again.

The pulsating rhythm of your sex against his hard length finally pushes Yoongi through the edge. And with a hard bite on your tight nipple, he finally releases himself inside you, spilling his cum inside your throbbing walls with a few uneven thrusts.

Everything seems to stand still after he has released every single last drop of his cum inside you. The sounds of him catching his breath along with your own, add those with the constant thrum of your racing heartbeat, are the only sounds filling the bedroom. Your heart feels like it is thudding hard against your ribs, and with how Yoongi’s chest is pressed against you, you could feel that the same thing is happening to him as well.

It has been a while since you have someone fucking you to oblivion, to sate your needs the perfect way Yoongi had just done it. Then he opens his eyes, looking at you with astonishment that lets you know that he finds it amazingly surprising to experience something so intense. Smiling warmly, Yoongi leans down to kiss your lips gently while he carefully slips out of your warmth.

Falling beside you, he grabs the nearest discarded piece of cloth to clean yourself off the mixture of your arousal and his cum that is leaking out of your center, then himself, before he tosses it away and pulls you into his chest.

Pressing your face against his chest, you listen to his heartbeat with your eyes closed. You feel it when Yoongi kisses the top of your head, before whispering to you, “You are perfect, kitten.”

“I am not,” you deny him with a whine, though you cannot help but smile sheepishly at his words.

“You are. We are perfect together.”

Opening your hazy eyes, you look up to see him. “You think so?”

“Don’t you feel so?” he asks you, chuckling when you only fall silent with a smile.

“I’ve never been in a serious relationship before,” you admit to him, biting your lips at the very second you realise what you had just said. And while you were expecting to have Yoongi laughing at you about it or denying that he wants the same thing, you only find him smiling patiently the same way he always does when he listens to you.

“Then we’ll try together. I’m here for however long you need to take. Besides, you know what people say about perfection. Perfection needs practice,” he says, once again kissing the top of your head. “I can help you the same way you have been helping me, kitten. Then we could be perfect together.”

Smiling to him, you leave a kiss on his bare chest before laying back down on him. “That does sound like a good idea.”

“You’re right, it does sound like a good idea,” he says. “And we have all the time in the world to practice together.”

You want to tell him so badly how much you love that idea, of having the entire lifetime to make it perfect with him. But you are too exhausted to say anything. The only thing you could give him as a soft hum, before your breathing evens out and ends with a content sigh, to which Yoongi cannot help but smile at. He starts threading his fingers through your soft tousled strands of hair, marvelling at the feel of them in his hands when he is touching it lightly instead of pulling it in intense desire.

Yoongi settles deep into the bed the moment he looks down again and confirms without a doubt that you have fallen asleep. He softly kisses your brow and lays back down with your head resting on his chest, humming softly a new tune that he would soon add to his composition in the morning.

Perhaps he would write them down before breakfast, before he would hand you the online college application forms that he had obtained for you. As the night grows deeper, Yoongi makes all the plan silently as he breathes in the sweet scent of your shampoo until he finally drifts off to sleep.