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GioGio's Bizzare Adventure Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Spring signifies change in nature. It's the transition from the brutal cold into the sweet warmth. As is the same every year, even in 2002. Italy in early March was quiet, minimal activity in the streets, especially in Naples. It's too early for summer vacation and too late for winter break. This boredom plagued the lives of five individuals who needed to break the mold of this mundanity. Three of them sat in the well-lit room, playing with a deck of cards.

"Fugo, do you have… a five?" Mista asked the blonde boy. "Nope, go fish." Fugo smugly replied. Mista shook his head in his own disappointment. "Isn't that the third time you've asked if he had a five?" Polnareff inquired, causing Mista to become even more embarrassed. "Well, I… uh… forgot I did. You know how it is." Mista replied to the ghost in the turtle. Polnareff chuckled. "You really haven't changed one bit since we first met, have you?" Fugo asked Mista. "Nope, and I never will." Mista proudly proclaimed.

Last year, the gang known as Passione, had a change in hands from the cruel Diavolo to the ambitious teen Giorno Giovanna, with the help of the rest of his team. As with the change in hands, the group had to change their styles accordingly. Mista wore his new usual outfit of blue and purple in the original design of his outfit. Fugo, since returning to Passione, had dawned a red suit, similar to his old green one. Polnareff had remained the same since that fateful day nearly a year ago. Ever since then, he's been bound to Coco Jumbo's stand. He's able to pass on at any time, however he chooses to be Giorno's right hand man.

Speaking of Giorno, he lay in his bed, gazing off into the distance. 'What to do, what to do.' The sixteen-year-old thought to himself. Passione was entirely under his control. Ever since the eradication of the narcotics team at the hands of Panacotta Fugo, no problems have arisen since. Even with the loss of income from the drugs, Giorno had managed to find some more money by being escorts for hire and protecting high profile individuals. He looked down at his blue suit. Usually he's wear his pink suit in public, or black and green in private, however he had no meetings with any of his members for the next three months. Giorno sighed, feeling distraught with boredom.

"Knock, knock." Came a voice and two knocks. Giorno lazed up and looked at the door. He smiled and gestured the voice in. She was around Giorno's age, being only two months younger than him, and has been a good friend since he became boss. "It's good to see you again, Trish." Giorno said, pulling her in for a hug. "It's good to see you too, Gio." She replied, returning the hug. "When did you get here?" Giorno asked. "Around 15 minutes ago. I caught up with everyone else and then came up to see you." She replied. Giorno looked deep into Trish's green eyes, which were about as green as her dress. Her outfit design remained the same, however her skirt was a lime-green and blue pattern instead of the usual pink and black pattern. 'Still as beautiful as ever.' Giorno thought to himself.

So, what brings you here? Aren't you supposed to be on tour?" Giorno asked. Trish shook her head. "I don't have any shows until the summer begins. Until then I'm about as free as free can be." She replied. "So what about you?" "I'm about as free as you. Nothing until June." Giorno said. He gazed off outside the window, pondering. Trish put her hand on his shoulder. "Is everything alright?" Trish asked, concerned for her friend. Giorno sighed. "Ever since becoming leader of Passione, I haven't seen much of the world." He started. "I've wanted to explore and have fun with friends for a long time. Never was able to explore and never had friends."

"Y-you never had friends?" Trish asked. Giorno chuckled. "Not real friends. When I was young, I was constantly harassed for being the weird Japanese kid. For two years my step-father beat me consistently. Until one day, I unintentionally saved a man's life using Gold Experience by covering his body with vines. Ever since that day, everyone 'respected' me, only because that man was protecting me. He was the reason I had wanted to become a Gangstar. I just need to take my mind off of everything and just relax." Giorno finished, sighing heavily.

She had known for a long time that Giorno wasn't actually Italian by birth, but British and Japanese. I mean, with a name like Giorno Giovanna, it was a dead giveaway that the boy wasn't Italian. Giorno walked out onto his balcony and sat down on the bench, hands clenched together, with his body leaned forward. Trish followed slowly, sitting next to him, placing her hand on his leg. "If you wanted to explore the world, you know I'll be there with you." Trish said, trying her best to comfort Giorno. He stared out onto the streets of Naples. Barely anyone was out on the streets at this god forsaken hour. The lights dimly lit the streets, but the city shined like a diamond. He looked back at Trish and smiled. "That… would sound wonderful. If I can convince the guys to go with us, then I would love that." Giorno said, smiling. Trish smiled back and leaned up next to him, resting her head on his arm.

"So, where do you want to go?" Trish asked. Giorno pondered to himself. "I want to go somewhere that can bring me a sense of happiness. I just want to have some good… no, great days on this journey." He proclaimed. He stood up, holding out his hand for Trish, which she gracefully held on to. The two of them walked back into Giorno's room. Giorno then opened up a drawer on his night stand and pulled out a folded piece of paper. As Giorno slowly unfolded the paper, Trish immediately recognized what it was. "Isn't this a map of Japan you kept as a kid that you showed me a few months ago?" She asked. Giorno looked surprised. "I'm shocked you remembered that." He said. She smirked back. "I remember a lot of things, Gio." She replied. Giorno chuckled. "My apologies for doubting you." He said, raising his hands in defeat. "Apology accepted." She giggled.

"So where were you thinking of going to?" Trish asked. "I was actually going to close my eyes and choose at random. You know, to give it that extra surprise." Giorno said. He laid out the map on his night stand and then closed his eyes. Raising his finger over the map, he said to Trish, "Wherever my finger lands, that's where we're going." "Ooh, sounds adventurous." Trish ogled. Giorno chuckled before breathing deeply, and in one take taping his finger down on a specific area of japan. "Did I land my finger in the ocean?" he asked Trish. She looked at the map. "No, you actually landed on land. It may be a city by the ocean, but you definitely made landfall." Trish said. Giorno opened his eyes and looked where his finger was touching the map. He slowly removed his finger and looked at the city he had 'selected'.

"So that's where we'll be going? Looks nice." Trish said. Giorno chuckled. "Well, now we've got to convince the others to come with us and book flights to this place." He said. The two of them observed the map. "I've heard of this place before, somewhere on the news, but it seems like a good place to relax." Trish said. Giorno nodded. Both looked at the name of the city. Giorno thought to himself, 'I hope this Morioh is as good as it looks'. "This will at least be a good time to catch up on everything." He said. Trish nodded as both left the room to join up with the rest of the team.