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Guys please, its 3am

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DefyingGravity has created a new conversation

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[Untitled Chat]



DefyingGravity: Against Mido’s advice I have decided to make this group chat


Deku: A horrible decision really


DefyingGravity: shhhhhh


Iida Tenya: I would like to say it was against mine as well.


DefyingGravity: What did I just say. Quiet yourself


Shoto: ?


Yaomomo: ????


Minuwu: B E T


Minuwu has changed KingExplosiowo to Bakubitch


Minuwu has changed Eijirowo name to Hard;)


Minuwu has changed Serowo name to SpooderMon


Minuwu has changed Denkiwi name to ElectricAvenue


Minuwu has changed Jirowo name to PunkLesbian


Minuwu has changed Minuwu name to BubbleGumBitch


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: I want to know but also I really really don’t


Hard;): Trust me you don’t


SpooderMon: shit goes doooowwwnnn in the bakusquad chat


BubbleGumBitch: Ignore them im great


PunkLesbian: Shes a menace


BubbleGumBitch: RUDE


Toru <3: It ok ily Mina


BubbleGumBitch: <3 uwu


Toru <3: nvm


BubbleGumBitch: Traitors the lot of you


BubbleGumBitch: Apparently the only one who love me are Bakugo and Kami


BubbleGumBitch: loves of my life where r u


DefyingGravity: Left for one minuet and Mina has disowned most of her friend group and honestly if that aint a mood I think imma do smthg similar


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: Is it me


DefyingGravity: no its not you tsu you’re a delight and were happy to have you


Deku: Is it me??


DefyingGravity: …


DefyingGravity: Its not Tsu


WhenIWas: Btw guys Bakugo is making dinner


WhenIWas: And Sato is making dessert


WhenIWas: Sato is taking requests


WhenIWas: Bakugo is not


BubbleGumBitch: Is that where my boy is


WhenIWas: Yeah and Kaminari has been put to work for him


PunkLesbian: Can we get an F in the chat for our fallen soldier


PunkLesbian: He’s not dead yet but he cant cook and bakuboys gonna kill him when he learns this


Deku: F


BubbleGumBitch: F


WhenIWas: F


SpooderMon: F


DefyingGravity: F


Toru <3: F


Hard;): F


Shoto: F


Shoto: Personally if Sato is taking requests I would like some sugar cookies


TheFrenchiestFry: Oh! I would like to second this


SpooderMon: omg yes please


WhenIWas: He says he’s on it


DefyingGravity: Yay!!


Yaomomo: How did Bakugo get caught up in cooking for the class


Hard;): It was my turn


SpooderMon: Bless baku out here doing gods work and saving us from Kiri’s cooking


Tails: Just got here one Why this group chat two why is that Gods work


BubbleGumBitch: OK SO




Bakubitch: Shitty hair it was really fucking bad


Bakubitch: And also fuck you round face


Bakubitch has left


ElectricAvenue added Bakubitch




ElectricAvenue: Ok I was


ElectricAvenue: til I almost cut off my finger and got blood on the bell peppers and


ElectricAvenue: Momo had to come save me

ElectricAvenue: So she set me to time out and is bandaging my finger while Jiro chops

Bakubitch: You’re a fucking moron


ElectricAvenue: We been knew


DefyingGravity: The Bakusquad Fascinates me in a way nothing has in a long time


Hard;): Thanks


Tails: Uraraka sorry to interrupt but you forgot to answer my question


DefyingGravity: ??


Tails: Why


DefyingGravity: OHHH


Shoto: Yes I am also curious and I was in the original conversation of whether it should be a thin g that exists


DefyingGravity: I thought it be a nice thing to help us connect


Yaomomo: I think this is a wonderful it’s also a terrific way for me and Iida to have contact with all of you!! What a great idea Uraraka


DefyingGravity: <333333




[Untitled Chat]





WhenIWas: Insomnia squad sound off


Deku: Wong chat


WhenIWas: Did I stutter Midoriya


Deku: Nope sorry sir lmao


Deku: Here


Shoto: Here


ElectricAvenue: Here


PunkLesbian: Here


Toru <3: Here


WhenIWas: It seems we are all here tonight


Toru <3: sup


PunkLesbian: Looks like it


WhenIWas: Kaminari would you please begin with a debatable crack head question that will inevitably make us question our existence


ElectricAvenue: OK


ElectricAvenue: Obvs we all know tht ojir is a furry bc of course he is


Deku: Wait wait wheres you evidence sir


ElectricAvenue: Tail


Shoto: the council accepts his evidence


ElectricAvenue: if hes a furry does that make at @Toru <3 also a furry bc theyre dating


Toru <3: I don’t like this convo


Shoto: Suspicious


Toru <3: no its not



Deku: his evidence was pretty rock solid


ElectricAvenue: lol


ElectricAvenue: Like kiri


PunkLesbian: stfu I hated that








[Untitled Chat]







Hard;): Y’all


Hard;): wtf


Deku: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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[Untitled Chat]






DefyingGravity: You haven’t lived till you experience a half asleep Kirishima stumble into our shared kitchen pull out the milk to smell it


DefyingGravity: Then recoil in disgust, smell it again, shrug then walk away chugging it from the carton


Spooodermon: Kiri scares me sometimes but ya know


BubbleGumBitch: It be like that sometimes


DefyingGravity: Is he ok?


Deku: Are any of us?


Iida Tenya: Izuku that was surprisingly dark are you feeling quite alright?


Deku: Yeah I’m fine Iida lol


Deku: Sorry


Spooodermon: Well that’s a fucking lie


Spooodermon: We may not be the closest friend and I tell that


Spooodermon: I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say you can talk about whats wrong


Bakubitch: Look Tape face now you can harass more people about their damn mental health then just fucking  me and Pikachu


Deku: Sorry to worry you guys really I’m okay I’m just tired thanks though Sero I appreciate it


Iida Tenya: Glad to hear it


Iida Tenya: Since I’m here I hope everyone is up and getting ready for class


DefyingGravity: Yes Iida!!


PunkLesbian: @ElectricAvenue are you awake and did you do Present Mic’s homework


Spooodermon: no


Spooodermon: to both


PunkLesbian: I’m not surprised just disappointed


BubbleGumBitch: I’ll get him


PunkLesbian: thx I need him to check my homework


Tails: Just got here and no offense to Kaminari but ??


Spooodermon: Kami is fluent in English


Deku: Woooahhh that’s so cool!! I didn’t know that about him


Bakubitch: Yeah bc hes a moron at most points


ElectricAvenue: :)


PunkLesbian: If you come confirm by homework is right ill let you copy it


ElectricAvenue: omw


BubbleGumBitch: I’m about to get in on this


Toru <3: I recommend you do it relatively quickly, if you want to eat and you guys don’t want to be late to Aizawa’s class


BubbleGumBitch: Thanksssssss








[Untitled Chat]




DefyingGravity has chan ged Iida Tenya to ExhaustPipe


DefyingGravity: Guuuuuuyysss



DefyingGravity: Where are you what happened to not being late?!????



BubbleGumBitch: Were Worlking on irt!!




[Untitled Chat]




SpooderMon: Ok so


SpooderMon has changed the title of this chat to Cereal Killers


SpooderMon: sorry I was bored ofuntitled chat”


SpooderMon: @TheFrenchiestFry why do you put stickers on your own paper??


TheFrenchiestFry: ┐_(ツ)_┌☆゚.*・。゚


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: your so cute


TheFrenchiestFry: Merci


Yaomomo: Guys put your phone away! Your going to get in trouble!


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: No offense Momo but I don’t think Aizawa really cares today. He’s asleep…


WhenIWas: As long as we get our work done and don’t wake him up I doubt he’ll care


ExhaustPipe: I hope you all realize the disrespect this shows towards our education after all were going to be the next leaders, we must set a proper example.


SpooderMon: :/


SpooderMon: @ElectricAvenue                       


SpooderMon: @ElectricAvenue


SpooderMon: @ElectricAvenue


ElectricAvenue: hmm??


SpooderMon: Wanna see how many books we can stack on top of Kirishima before he either wakes up or it falls????


ElectricAvenue: with all my heart!!






ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: @Bakubitch


Bakubitch: What the Fuck do want fucking frogface


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: Are you just going to watch this happen??


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: You’re not going to stop them??




ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: But what if they get in trouble wont that look bad on you because you’re their “leader”


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: But what if when Kiri wakes up the books fall and hurt him


Bakubitch: …


Bakubitch: Don’t think I don’t see what your fucking doing frog face


Bakubitch: fuck you


ExhaustPipe: Bakugo thank you very much for the assistance in corralling our classmates


Bakubitch: Suck a dick


ExhaustPipe: Bakugo! Please avoid using such vulgar language


ElectricAvenue: hey


ElectricAvenue: hey


ElectricAvenue: heyyyyy


ElectricAvenue: you know who’s dick Bakuboy wants to suck ;)






WhenIWas: What a mad banquet of darkness




[Cereal Killers]




PunkLesbian: ok update time


PunkLesbian: contrary to popular hope Kaminari is fine he’s a faster runner than originally assumed


Tails: you’ve got to admit if there’s one thing the Bakusquad can do it run. I swear I’ve seen Mina just book it down the hallway so fast if she wasn’t so pink, I would have though she was Iida.


PunkLesbian: true


PunkLesbian: Bakugo is in a time out


Toru <3: meaning


PunkLesbian: He’s not allowed to leave his room


Toru <3: Woah is this a punishment for him or a reward for us lol




Toru <3: …


Toru <3 has changed Toru <3 name to Invisabitch <3


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[Cereal Killers]




ElectricAvenue has changed Shoto to IcyHotPainRelief


IcyHotPainRelief: why


ElectricAvenue: I bet you relieve Midoriya’s pain ;)


IcyHotPainRelief: You want that to be an innuendo but its not


IcyHotPainRelief: I admire that you tried and stood by it though


IcyHotPainRelief: And your so luck


IcyHotPainRelief: because he’s not awake for once if he was, I would have murdered you


ElectricAvenue: your just mean


IcyHotPainRelief: were gonna delete these messages


ElectricAvenue: :(




ElectricAvenue has deleted 3 messages


IcyHotPainRelief has deleted 6 messages






[Cereal Killers]






SugarDaddy: @ElectricAvenue @IcyHotPainRelief u guys good??


ElectricAvenue : (* ̄▽ ̄)d


IcyHotPainRelief: ^^^


SugarDaddy: …did you sleep


ElectricAvenue : (╥﹏╥)


SugarDaddy: Imma take that as a no


SugarDaddy: I’m making breakfast if u want 2 join?


ElectricAvenue : omw


IcyHotPainRelief: ^^^


SpooderMon: pssstt kmai are you ok?? Is Todoroki threatening you


IcyHotPainRelief: Kaminari is fine. He appreciates your concern.




[Cereal Killers]






BubbleGuBitch: alright girls here the crucial decision we need to establish today.


BubbleGuBitch: which boys the cutest Bakugo or Todoroki



PunkLesbian: im gay


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: You still have eyes and therefore an opinion.


PunkLesbian: just saying


Octodick: I hope im readiing this right and assuming the guys can sit out of this?


WhenIWas: fuck I hope so


BubbleGuBitch: not only allowed but expected. Male opinions are not respected in this household


BubbleGuBitch: we take into account only appearances, personalities are irrelevant.


BubbleGuBitch: Ladies


Yaomomo: I wouldn’t usually participate in this sort of thing, but I would like to say @IcyHotPainRelief


PunkLesbian: yes but consider the fact that @Bakubitch tiddies are bigger than mine and his skin is clear in a way that isn’t fair considering he’s a teenager


DefyingGravity: Todo ily but gotta go with Baku on this one


Invisabitch: but yall aren’t appreciating Todoroki hes like the perfect pretty boy and the cutest guy in class


Tails: thx babe


Invisabitch: Ily but I stand by it.


Hard;): You guys this should be no question todoroki is my bro but have so seen Bakugo hes so manly it makes me jealous sometimes and he’s got really great muscles which makes him really attractive!!


Deku: Todoroki is also very in shape with a very attractive body, More importantly hes got a natural elegance that puts him above Kacchan because that aura only make him more attractive


Hard;): Ok but back to what Jiro said Baku’s got a gorgeous face once you get passed the scowling he’s really pretty and his eyes are like rubies and their the prettist.


Deku: Shoto has heterochromia which mean he has more than one pretty eye color. His face while chisled isn’t as sharp as bakugo’s which is definitely more approachable and attractive


DefyingGravity: Izu idk how to tell you this mate


DefyingGravity: that’s kinds gay


BubbleGuBitch: k kiri we get it


BubbleGuBitch: you want Bakubitch’s4 man tiddies




Tails: Kirishima yelling in all caps wow I feel like ive just witnessed a sin


Exhaustpipe: Uraraka may I ask what you have down to turn our friends face the other of Kirishima hair?


DefyingGravity: Whaaaaatt?? How did you know it was me!!! That’s not faiiiirr…


IcyHotPainRelief: @Deku I didn’t know you thought that thank you for your kind words


Deku: np just doing gods work :)


SpooderMon: @bakubitch do you have something to say to Kiri??


SpooderMon: @bakubitch


Bakubitch: Stop


SpooderMon: @bakubitch


SpooderMon: @bakubitch




SpooderMon: ………………………….


SpooderMon: @bakubitch


Bakubitch: Sleep with one eye open ILL STRANGLE YOU WITH YOUR OWN TAPE


Bakubitch: Shitty hair come here ill make you dinner


Hard;): OK!!


ElectricAvenue : That was bakugou for thanks in case yall were concerned


Yaomomo: Im still concerned but thank you anyway Kaminari the translation is appreciated


ElectricAvenue: :)


Yaomomo: I’m curious. Why hasn’t Bakugou attempted to leave yet or change his name??


PunkLesbian: DIBS


PunkLesbian: ok so


BubbleGumBitch: damn it


ElectricAvenue: Booo u whore


BubbleGumBitch: Denks pls if anyone is a ho in the bakusquad its u loser


ElectricAvenue: :( no one appreciates me


Spooodermon: Got that right


TheFrenchiestFry: I logged in to get the tea but im kinda scared because Jiro has been typing for a while and usually you guys just send a long string of texts


Deku: ^^^


PunkLesbian: Back in the early days of the Bakusquad group chat im talking when the chat was actually called the bakusquad early bakugou didn’t want to stay in the chat. Like he left a lot. And someone would always add him back to the point where it

almost became a game. Kami did it a lot because he’s always awake and did it sometimes. But eventually we got tired of that and our reaction times slowed down. Kaminari said oh no and stole his phone and gave it to one of the support kids he’s friends

with and they removed his ability to leave chats or change his name.


PunkLesbian: And theres your tea


TheFrenchiestFry: That’s some lovely tea






[Cereal Killers]








WhenIWas: Welcome back


WhenIWas: Tis time once again


WhenIWas: Insomniacs sound off


IcyHotPainRelief: Here


Invisabitch <3: Here


ElectricAvenue: Here


Deku: Here


Octodick: Im not a part of the regulars but may I join tonight?


WhenIWas: The insomnia lifestyle accepts all


ElectricAvenue: are we a cult


Deku: Probably


WhenIWas: Shoji as you are the guest ill allow you to choose whos 3am thought were going to be forced to listen too


Octodick: Oh


Octodick: Shoto I suppose


IcyHotPainRelief: ok so


IcyHotPainRelief: I think Aizawa has a child in General studies


Deku: no


Deku: No


Deku: no


Deku: I told you Shinsou and Mr. Aizawa are not related


IcyHotPainRelief: Your also a traitor that cant be trusted and Shoji said it my turn


Invisabitch <3: Could yall feel Todoroki pouting through text


IcyHotPainRelief: Excuse you Hagekure I do not pout


IcyHotPainRelief: Now like I was saying


ElectricAvenue: yes the counsel demands your evidence for this theory


IcyHotPainRelief: Ok if you’ve interacted with him you would know theyre almost the same person


IcyHotPainRelief: Like same personality same exhaustion both cynical


IcyHotPainRelief: They also look the same right


IcyHotPainRelief: They have the same eyes and smile like its almost creepy


IcyHotPainRelief: And their hair have you noticed that shinsous hair looks remarkably like Aizawa’s when he is using his quirk


Octodick: huh im kind intrigued


Deku: Coincidences aren’t evidence


Invisabitch: Midoriya are you sure your just not upset you didn’t figure it out first


Deku: YES


ElectricAvenue: I thourally convinced by todo but Izu im not so sure about


ElectricAvenue: I think Izu feels challenged by the conspiracy theorist


IcyHotPainRelief: Me?


ElectricAvenue: yea u


Octodick: Im not apart of the usual group but do you think you should leave him alone


Deku: Its okay Shoji its all harmless


Deku: @ElectricAvenue Let's Tell Each Other Secrets


Deku: I Hate You


WhenIWas has changed the title of this chat to The Chamber of Secrets



Octodick: I kinda wish I was apart of the rest of the class waking up to this



Chapter Text



[Chamber of Secrets]




SnowWhite: In case you are curious!


SnowWhite: yes Bakugo did throw Mineta out the Window


Invisabitch <3: Good


SnowWhite: No neither of them are being expelled


PunkLesbian: shame the grape bitch deserves it


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: Wait wait why did Bakugou throw him out a window


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: that’s a very him thing to do but ??


ElectricAvenue: He made a very suggestive comment at Mina and Bakugo doesn’t put up with that shit at all


Invisabitch <3: No offense Kaminari but aren’t you guys friends


ElectricAvenue: Sorta?? I mean we were closer earlier but he’s a bit much you know…


PunkLesbian: A bit?!??!


ElectricAvenue: yeah I know I know im sorry kyo ily


PunkLesbian: uh huh


Hard;): Guys!! Since Bakubro is locked in his room lets go visit him and have movie night!!!




SpooderMon: OMG YESS


Bakubitch: I SAID NO




Hard;): No offense bakubro but like that will stop us




Hard;): No worries prez weve got a better plan that that :)))


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: wait do you plan on picking the locks or something its an electric door you know


PunkLesbian: Tsu ily but how could we get through an electric door…@ElectricAvenue


ElectricAvenue: huh?


ElectricAvenue: oh yeah


ElectricAvenue: me and kiri and grabbing some of Bakugous hot Cheetos


Deku: back up I was lurking and you can just get into any room despite it being locked kami??


ElectricAvenue: I mean yeah I just add some extra electricity into the door to over load the system and in the time its being fried and therefore restarting I just open the door


ElectricAvenue: I don’t like carrying around my room key


Deku: WOAH  that’s super cool how did you figure that out and does that same idea work for other types of electronic


Deku: I wonder if Aizawa knows about this isn’t it kind of a security risk


Deku: Did you ever tell him






Hard;): He does care :,)


DefyingGravity has changed DefyingGravity to We’reSoaringFLYING

We’reSoaringFLYING: Deku why do we never do anything fun like that



We’reSoaringFLYING: The bakusqaud does movie night and the izucrew never doesn’t anything exciting


ExhaustPipe: Pardon I thought we were call the Dekusquad


We’reSoaringFLYING: We were


We’reSoaringFLYING: But me and tsu decided that Izucrew sounded better!!


Deku: id just like to have a group name that isn’t mine…


ExhaustPipe: seems unrealistic









Sero was the last to enter get to Bakugou’s room. He knew this by Mina and Kami’s spamming on his phone, that “they were all waiting on him” and “Grab some extra water bottles when you come up”. Needless to say, his arms were filled with snacks and drinks that had been requested. Reaching the door, he tried to shuffle the snack to one side to knock then realizing his efforts were pretty much in vain he uses his foot to slam against the bottom of the door.


“Don’t hit on my damn door so hard-”

“Sero did you bring my chips-”

“Seros hereeeeeeee-”


Several responses could be heard from inside that only grew louder as the door was swung open by Mina who hugged him around the snacks in her arms. He laughed and heard one of the bags of chips get slightly squished, but eventually, Mina pulled away and gather some of the haul he had brought up and let him come inside.


Bakugou was scowling, but still letting Kami settles legs thrown over him. He appeared to be charging Bakugou’s and his phones while they were both on them. While Kami was settled on Bakugou’s with on pillows under him, head by the headboard, Kirishima like Bakugou had his back against the wall and had his head settles onto Bakugous shoulder with his eyes closed looking very relaxed. Jiro was laying at the end of the bed with the laptop that he assumed was to watch whatever movie they settled on. It did always take some debate with them.


Like him and as tradition dictates, they were all wearing their comfiest clothes to sleep in because they knew that Iida was busy with his friends and would forget to bother them about sleeping in their own dorms. All of them, except for Kami and Kiri seemed to go for some measure of sweatpants. Mina’s were a pink that was so bright it almost hurt to look at while Jiro’s were a purple so dark, it almost looked black. Kirishima had on red basketball shorts a white tank top that matched his own and Jiro’s, but Bakugou seemed to have decided to forego a shirt altogether. Kami decided to rock a baggy Sweatshirt that falls to the point where he couldn’t see his pants. He was also very sure that Pullover was his but decided that was a battle for later.


Mina dropped the snack on the table that Bakugou had next to his bed and settled near Jiro by the foot of the bed. It was going to be a tight squeeze to get them all on the bed, so Sero thought it was a good thing that they had already seemingly worn down Bakugou’s resistance to this by now. In fact, the blonde barely flinched as he settled next to Kaminari looking at his friends' Instagram feed, Kami gave him a blinding smile and shifted slightly so Sero could see his phone. There was a strange peace in the room that came with the quiet. Till it was broken with the inevitable argument after Jiro’s question.


“So what movie are we watching tonight?”




Shoto was happy to let the rest of them battle it out for what movie they were watching. They had ended up in Uraraka’s room and were planning on watching their movie with Iida’s mini projector that he had bought after the movie nights became more frequent. Currently, Shoto was leaned up against the headboard eating the bags of popcorn Izuku had brought over from the bowl trying to ignore the warmth coming from the green-haired boy on his left. If Uraraka wasn’t so focused on arguing why they should watch Up for the third time she would definitely be teasing him for the faint blush that is definitely on his face.


They always watched kids’ movies on nights like these. For multiple reasons, the feelings of nostalgia, the stress relief, but mainly because Shoto had never seen these movies. Well, he had seen some of them now, but before UA his father had seen many of these movies as a waste of time and he hadn’t been allowed to watch them. Well, in actuality his father saw most media as a waste of time.


His friends (he almost smiled at the warm feeling thinking about that provided) almost always argued about the movie. Not nearly as much as the Bakusquad mind you, but still a good amount. From their position in Uraraka’s room, they could hear the loud yelling they could only assume was coming from Bakugou’s room. It seemed Kirishima really wanted to watch Jaws tonight and Bakugou would be dammed if they were watching that movie again. Shoto usually lets his friends decide what movie to watch, he didn’t have any opinions on something he hadn’t seen before after all. He told them as much when they expected him to settle their arguments.


“GUYS,” Shoto almost jumped at Izuku’s sudden increase in volume. “You know what we should watch, and I can’t believe we didn’t think of this sooner.” Midoriya seemed giddy, with childish excitement at his thought.


“Up?” Uraraka said with a smirk.

“Oh, hush you, no, we should watch Frozen, Todoroki is practically half Elsa as is!” That idea seemed to pick up traction Iida picking up on the lack of argument decided to put the movie on immediately that way no more disagreement could happen. Shoto looked at the green-haired boy on his left with a raised eyebrow and a look of confusion. Midoriya just smiled back.


“Trust me you’ll see”

Chapter Text

Izuku woke up with breathing in some of his friend's bicolored hair. Shoto’s head was resting on his shoulder with his arm underneath him and he had his chin rested on top of Shoto. They were curled together with various libs intertwined under the covers. Izuku had to force himself to not panic the moment he felt his friend so close. After all, Shoto was practically nuzzling into his chest.

Looking around as much as he could he saw Uraraka and Tsuyu curled up together next to Iida on the opposite side of the bed. Shifting his legs, he felt one someone on top of them, likely Uraraka.

Shoto shifted in his sleep and curled closer to him and made a soft humming sound. Izuku could feel his face heat up, and he really hoped Shoto didn’t wake up right now. Izuku’s phone was still in his pocket and as slowly as he could he pulled it out to check the time.

5:24 am

Early. Especially for a Saturday.

He saw on his notification bar 9+ messages from Chamber of Secrets, he smiled lightly before slowly putting his phone away. He considered the bicolored boy in his arms. Would this make him uncomfortable? He seemed comfortable now, but he was asleep. On the other hand, Izuku thought he looks so beautiful right now. Izuku took a deep breath then settled back into cuddling his friend. Might as well take what he can get.



On the opposite side of the hall, Kirishima wakes up trying to figure out why it was so hard to breathe. His vision was blurry from just waking up and he could hear his friends breathing around him. The window had been left somewhat open last night so now that the sun was up that crack meant there was a bright line directly in his eyes. Taking a moment to rub his eye his breath caught in his throat. For a moment he realized why Bakugou called him stupid.

And speaking of Bakugou, the blonde shifted on top of him. Bakugou was lying with his head on his chest with the covers on top of both of them.

He was warm. And kind of soft. And-

That was the end of that thought process. Kirishima knew he should probably see if he could carefully remove him. God, Bakugou would freak if he woke up like this.

Placing his hands on Bakugou’s waist he attempted to sit up slightly so he could get a look around. Turning his head both ways, on his right Kaminari was cuddling with Mina and just barely staying on the bed, and on his left Jiro was pressed against the wall in a way that could not be comfortable. From the weight he felt on his legs he could assume Sero was at the end of the bed.


All of a sudden, his back was on the bed again.

“Go back to sleep, Shitty hair. Its fuck o’clock on a Saturday, why are you up?”

He locked eyes with his friends barely red orbs. Katsuki had a slight smirk on his face and used his arm to prop his head upon his chest. Kirishima could tell he was tired as he was practically falling back asleep on his chest. A small bubble of pride in his chest that His friend felt comfortable enough to be like this around him.

Kirishima made a hum of agreement and lightly lifted Bakugou’s head from his hand back down to Kirishima's chest.

“Just the sun, you’re right so you should go back to sleep as well,” Kirishima said and judging by the light snoring coming from Bakugou he doubted that he had heard him. Kirishima noted that his hand was still placed on his friend’s waist. Bakugou had been pretty out of it but he hadn’t commented on it. Had he cared?

He decided to indulge, Just for a moment. He slid his hand from around his waist till his arm was curled around his back and he was more or less holding Katsuki to his chest. Might as well take what he can get.



[Chamber of Secrets]






Tails: I don’t think Bakugou went for his morning run


Tails: Usually he agressivly making breakfast for the Bakusquad by now


Invisabitch <3: Hes probably still in bed sleeping in for once.


Invisabitch <3: Like you should be >:(


Tails: morning workout



Invisabitch <3: ik ik


Invisabitch <3: bring me breakfast????????


Tails: Sure, what do you want


Invisabitch <3: ceral or smthg idk


Invisabitch <3: nothing exciting id go down myself but that would require putting on like actual clothes because you never lnow when Mineta is lurking


TheFrenchiestFry: mon cheri you’re so brave to speak his name


TheFrenchiestFry: (つ﹏<)・゚。


Invisabitch <3: Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself


Tails: lol babe cheerios or raisin bran


Invisabitch <3: who here eats raisin bran?? Ya nasty


TheFrenchiestFry: I believe that would be Iida~


Invisabitch <3: disgusting,,,,


Tails: omw up with your cheerios


Invisabitch <3: ily


Tails: ily2


WhenIWas: it is far to early for you all to be loving and gross in the group chat


Invisabitch <3: your just jealous


WhenIWas: I take offense to that


Invisabitch <3: you should


Octodick: I know that its definitely to early for you two to be picking a fight


Octodick: Tokoyami how about we ask Mr. Aizawa if we can go watch that new horror movie you’ve been wanting to see


WhenIWas: sure that sounds nice


Invisabitch <3: gay


WhenIWas: so your boyfriend


Tails: Im pan and why have I been dragged into this


Invisabitch <3: cause he gay


WhenIWas: doth thee wanteth to square! thee speaketh lies and i wonneth't tol'rate t anym're! like a toad, ugly and venemous rampallian wench


Invisabitch <3 ily bby ;*


WhenIWas: We shall fight in the burning abyss in hell I call home


Octodick: Aizawa wasn’t awake so I asked present mic and he said we can leave whenever as long as were back by one pm


WhenIWas: alright that sound good


TheFrenchiestFry: I just watched that go down and it was lovelyyy ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒


TheFrenchiestFry: nothing on nexflix compares to the artistry that is Tokoyami speaking


WhenIWas: I have an atheistic


Octodick: No that was you bring dramatic


Octodick: are you ready to leave


WhenIWas: omw down


TheFrenchiestFry: are you all really heading to watch a horror movie at 8am


Octodick: yeah


WhenIWas: why not


TheFrenchiestFry: I suppose


TheFrenchiestFry: Have fun mes amis!


Octodick: thanks Aoyama




[Chamber of Secrets]




BubbleGumBitch has changed the title of this chat to Cool Name Pending...


BubbleGumBitch: Im surprisingly the first member of the Bakusquad awake




Yaomomo: …why?


BubbleGumBitch: oh mom im so glad you care ilysm


BubbleGumBitch: my fucking best friend who a bitch btw


BubbleGumBitch: I wake up with a clump of Kaminari’s hair in my mouth


BubbleGumBitch: gross right so I spit it out and make a face like any normal person


BubbleGumBitch: NOW me and Kami are spooning


BubbleGumBitch: you know as lonely single friends do and I shift ever so slightly to try and recover my arm from where it lies under him


SugarDaddy: for reference


SugarDaddy: is Kaminari the little spoon right now?


BubbleGumBitch: yes as is his rightful place as one of my bitches


SugarDaddy: alright sorry for the interruption I believe you were saying how Kaminari is a bitch


BubbleGumBitch: ah yes quite right


BubbleGumBitch: SO THIs little blonde hoe takes my light movement as a open invitation to fucking change positions all together


BubbleGumBitch: and he moves and throws me to the fucking floor and


BubbleGumBitch: has the fucking audacity to sleep through it


SugarDaddy: how many of you are in the bed??


SugarDaddy: like did you fall on who ever else wasn’t in the bed??


SugarDaddy: like whoever I assumed was sleeping on the floor?


BubbleGumBitch: im offended


BubbleGumBitch: you think we leave people out?? Good joke. Everyone fits in the bed.


SugarDaddy: there are six of you


BubbleGumBitch: everyone


SugarDaddy: that cant be comfortable


BubbleGumBitch: never claimed it was


BubbleGumBitch: I got pushed on the floor

BubbleGumBitch: do you remember that


SugarDaddy: I mean yes but like how


SugarDaddy: Sero is very tall and both Bakugou and Kirishima are quite large as well? I mean Kaminari I pretty small and your and Jiro are as well put like that math sholdnt work.


SugarDaddy:  even if you all and laying one by one right next to each other.


BubbleGumBitch: cuddles


SugarDaddy:  Bakugou doent strike me as the cuddly type


BubbleGumBitch: hes not till its 4 am and he tired and cold and just wants Kirishima to hold him


SugarDaddy:  Im learning a lot about the Bakusquad


BubbleGumBitch: gtg my girl Jiro is up











[Cool Name Pending...]




TheFrenchiestFry: Tokoyami and Shoji I saw you all coming in sitting how was your movie!!~~


Octodick: It was alright I personally prefer horror books over movies


WhenIWas: it relied a lot upon gory jump scares which lost its appeal a little which because you could begin to predict them, but I enjoyed it was fun.



Yaomomo: has anyone heard from the Dekusquad


We’reSoaringFLYING: *Izucrew


Deku: can we not?


Yaomomo: apologizes the Izucrew ill try to remember


We’reSoaringFLYING: your forgiven :)


Deku: Ura pls


SnowWhite: Midoriya why is it you don’t like the name of your group being you name


Deku: umm


Deku: ok so


Deku: it kinda implies im some sort of leader of the group kinda like Bakugou is for his friends and im not really


Deku: and it seems like its implying im the most important and I don’t like that were all important


Deku: and like ily guys its fine really just makes me a little flustered


We’reSoaringFLYING: awwwee deku ilysm you’re the sweetest! You’re the one who brought all of us together it only makes since that are group is named after you


We’reSoaringFLYING: plus our group name is super cute and I refuse to change it


Yaomomo: pardon didn’t you already change it from before


We’reSoaringFLYING: sh shhhh shhhhhhh


Chapter Text

[Cool Name Pending...]


Hard;): has changed Hard;): to GayRock



GayRock: hmmmm im gaaayjfdkls


GayRock: lsiek fuck Kami hes so prettyyyyy


Yaomomo: ??


Yaomomo: Kirishima??


GayRock: huh… this appears to not be my private chat with Kami


GayRock: my bad my bad


GayRock: umm


GayRock: this feels like an appropriate time to come out and tell you all that


GayRock: to the surprise of no one im sure


GayRock: im gay



GayRock: :)


Yaomomo: thank you for telling us Kirishima I can speak for all of us I’m sure when I say we support you


Yaomomo: since were sharing I’m actually a lesbian


GayRock: :)


GayRock: I appreciate you momo


Yaomomo: I know were not the closest but since Kaminari doesn’t appear to be up I’m not much help with boys, but I can listen


GayRock: yes please


GayRock: hold up ill pm you




[Cool Name Pending...]




Deku: Just got back from a short work out and just wanted to say I support you and I wish you luck with your crush he’s not the most emotionally venerable person


Deku: also I’m bisexual :)


Deku: and now im out to all the people I care about in my life


GayRock: Mido your adorable and how do you know who I like?


Deku: it’s the way you look at him


Deku: like you’d follow him through hell without second thought


GayRock: I don’t look at him like that


Deku: If you say so






[Cool Name Pending...]








ElectricAvenue: alhfeelhdhsf


ElectricAvenue: kiri im so sorry I wasn’t awake ahhhhh


ElectricAvenue: ily man im sorry :(


GayRock: its good man


GayRock: honestly dude m real happy you slept you need to do that more often


ElectricAvenue: I love that you guys were just coming out last night


GayRock: don’t think I don’t see you ignoring the fact that Im worried about you


ElectricAvenue: did you know that im bisexual @Deku bi buddies


ElectricAvenue: :)))))))))


Deku: nah uh your only dragging me out here because you know It would be hypocritical to lecture you about your sleeping habits


ElectricAvenue: whhhhhaaaaaaaaaattttt neverrrrrrrr


Bakubitch: come get your fucking breakfast you morons before I let Pinkie here eat all of it


ElectricAvenue: Bakugous also gay


We’reSoaringFLYING: We been knew








[Cool Name Pending...]






PunkLesbian: as you all probably know Kaminari sits to my right in class. Endless source of entertainment but today in questioning my sanity


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: Kyoka are you ok


PunkLesbian: NO


Invisabitch <3: Guys present Mic is literally still here teaching


PunkLesbian: You guys are missing the fact that Kaminari is sitting right next to me eating his goddamn homework


WhenIWas: What the fuck


PunkLesbian: Mic passes out the papers and Kaminari picks it up and immediately takes a bite of it


PunkLesbian: Mic pauses cause how the fuck do you respond to that shit


PunkLesbian: Then Kaminari takes a second bite and Mic just moves on doesn’t say anything just keeps going


ElectricAvenue: snacc


WhenIWas: What the fuck


ElectricAvenue: snACC


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: Kaminari are you feeling ok


ElectricAvenue: feeling great why do you ask


Tails: yall remember how peaceful English was before Kaminari began trying to establish dominance over Present Mic


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: I wouldn’t say it was peaceful just a quieter kind of stress


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: much quieter confusion because English is confusing


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: I consider myself to be pretty smart but spelling is terrible


ElectricAvenue: I before E, except after C or when sounded as A, as in neighbor and weigh.


ElectricAvenue: @TheFrenchiestFry


TheFrenchiestFry: Oh are we speaking in English now mon ami?


ElectricAvenue: I mean part of that was French but yes


SpooderMon: oh fuck off both of you


SpooderMon: we get it kami your parents speak English


SpooderMon: we get it Aoyama you speak three languages


SpooderMon: yall bitches


WhenIWas: what crack are you on today Kaminari


ElectricAvenue: :)










[Cool Name Pending...]






BubbleGumBitch: oh boys


BubbleGumBitch: @GayRock @Bakubitch


BubbleGumBitch: who wants to murder a bitch ass grape fucker


Bakubitch: Point me at him


Bakubitch: no questions just me finally killing him


GayRock: ill ask for the story but ill still fight him because he’s gross and is terrible


Bakubitch: grubby fucking raisin


Bakubitch: imma blow him up


GayRock: while I find Bakugou because he might actually end up in prison if I don’t have eyes on him


GayRock: can you tell what happened


BubbleGumBitch: he shoved his goblin hand under my skirt and grabbed my ass


SpooderMon: need some help with hiding the body Bakugou


SpooderMon: cause he gonna die


ExhaustPipe: Classmates as much as I do not approve of Mineta’s actions, murder is not acceptable for the future pro heroes of the world


We’reSoaringFLYING: it would be worth it…


We’reSoaringFLYING: I say we put it to a vote


We’reSoaringFLYING: all in favor of Bakugou getting to murder Mineta please say aye


ExhaustPipe: Uraraka please


ExhaustPipe: everyone ignore her


ExhaustPipe: were not putting this to a vote


ExhaustPipe: we’ll report it to Mr. Aizawa


GayRock: aye


BubbleGumBitch: aye


SpooderMon: aye


ExhaustPipe: I said NO




Yaomomo has added Aizawa to Cool Name Pending...

Yaomomo: sir, Mineta is being…



Aizawa: Mineta?


Yaomomo: sadly


Aizawa: noted


Aizawa: I’ll add it to the file for him


Aizawa: and give him some house arrest so you don’t have to worry about him


GayRock: Mr. Aizawa why can’t you just expel him?


Aizawa: It’s a lot harder to get someone expelled in the middle of the year versus the beginning you need actual reasons and evidence


Aizawa: Mina tomorrow make a written statement


Aizawa: Bakugou if I find you’ve attacked Mineta again ill put you on house arrest


Bakubitch: whatever


BubbleGumBitch: yes siiiiiiiirrr


Chapter Text

[Cool Name Pending...]




WhenIWas: rise my followers


WhenIWas: tis time


ElectricAvenue: OwO


WhenIWas: banished


ElectricAvenue: :(


PunkLesbian: its what u deserve


IcyHotPainRelief: shes right


PunkLesbian: I always am


IcyHotPainRelief: debatable


ElectricAvenue: this is slander and I can and will expose both of you


ElectricAvenue: think is it really in your best interest to insult the boy who know all your secrets


ElectricAvenue: (。O ω O。)


ElectricAvenue: ill expose yall with no hesitation


Deku: no offense meant Kaminari but how do you know these things


IcyHotPainRelief: I mean we tell him


PunkLesbian: love him but hes as dense as you Midoriya


ElectricAvenue: tea people like talking to me


PunkLesbian: bc you’re such a dumbass your easy to talk to


PunkLesbian: your like a brickwall to bounce things off of


Deku: todo you know you can always talk to me right?


Deku: obviously you don’t have to if you more comfortable talking to Kaminari!!!!


Deku: I completely understand


Deku: bu I can always listen as well


IcyHotPainRelief: Of course I know that


IcyHotPainRelief: it was more circumstance


IcyHotPainRelief: because Kaminari is always awake when its 5am and your thinking about life and everything you’ve done wrong and theres only one active person


IcyHotPainRelief: you tend to talk to them


PunkLesbian: also Kaminari has the uncanny ability to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and just know thing and I hate it


Invisabitch <3: sorry im late


Invisabitch <3: can confirm


Invisabitch <3: sometimes me aand Kaminari are just walking and hell be like lets go this way and well just stumble on some shit that we were probably not meant to see


Aizawa: things that will remain unmentioned if you want you grades to remain intact


ElectricAvenue: ha


ElectricAvenue: like I need help failing


Aizawa: you all have class tomorrow


Aizawa: why are you up


IcyHotPainRelief: y r u up?


WhenIWas: Ignore him


Deku: we’re normally up


WhenIWas: I kind of forgot you were here sir


Aizawa: I did too till my phone went off at 4 in the morning


Invisabitch <3: oop


Invisabitch <3: sorry sir


IcyHotPainRelief: it really do be like that


Deku: you need to spend less time with Kaminari


ElectricAvenue: what??? Im great??


Deku: your tainting his innocence


ElectricAvenue: yeah hed like to be tainting you innocence


IcyHotPainRelief: kami stfu


Deku: what does that even mean Kaminari


IcyHotPainRelief: nothing


Invisabitch <3: oh tea???


IcyHotPainRelief: hush you


WhenIWas: has anyone noticed Todorki becomes very aggressively a teenager whenever there’s an adult around


ElectricAvenue: yeah


IcyHotPainRelief: what does that even mean


PunkLesbian: Mr. Aizawa I gotta know


PunkLesbian: are you also just lurking and watching this happen??


Aizawa: yes


Invisabitch <3: Oof


Aizawa: however all of you should go to sleep


Aizawa: now


Aizawa: do I make myself clear


Invisabitch <3: yes sir


WhenIWas: if I must


PunkLesbian: alright sir


IcyHotPainRelief: your not my dad


Deku: I don’t have a dad


IcyHotPainRelief: I wish I didn’t have a dad


Deku: same


ElectricAvenue: I don’t have parents at all


Deku: well aren’t we just a messed-up bunch


Aizawa:  what part of now did you miss


Deku: yes sir


IcyHotPainRelief: yes sir


ElectricAvenue: :(


IcyHotPainRelief: quiet you electric blonde thot go to sleep or ill force you to








[Cool Name Pending...]





SugarDaddy: honestly sometimes waking up to this is the best part of my day





ElectricAvenue has changed SpooderMon to SexTape

SexTape: hey you



SexTape: I hate you


ElectricAvenue: ilyt bby


ExhaustPipe: Sorry to interrupt the morning tomfoolery from the Bakusquad


SexTape: did he really say that


ElectricAvenue: yup


ExhaustPipe: But has anyone heard from Uraraka



ExhaustPipe: She’s not been answering us, and we believe her to be ignoring us?


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: We’re not really sure but we haven’t been able to find her


Deku: yeah it may be nothing but like idk something feels off she wasn’t around yesterday and were just worried about her but have any of yall seen her or talked to her??


SugarDaddy: I saw her this morning


SugarDaddy: it was like early early


SugarDaddy: she was crying with Bakugou


SugarDaddy: and at first, I was ready to fight him but he was comforting her so I decided to just leave it alone and head back upstairs when I went back down later they were gone so I didn’t really think much of it


SugarDaddy: I wasn’t emotionally ready first thing in the morning to deal with the idea that Bakugou has tangible human emotions you know?


Deku: thanks Sato


Deku: and I don’t think anyone is ever emotionally ready


Chapter Text


[Cool Name Pending...]



We’reSoaringFLYING has changed t he title of this chat to The Awkward Turtles

Deku: I mean I guess



We’reSoaringFLYING: hey guys sorry I kinda vanished um im sick today so can you guys kinda keep me updated on whats going on??


Invisabitch <3: of corse babes not a problem


Invisabitch <3: your not missing much in english besides everyone trying to guess whether or not Aoyama and Kami are gossiping about them in english with present mic


Invisabitch <3: cause Mic was just like why don’t you all start your homework since im done teaching for today and were like hell yeah right


We’reSoaringFLYING: …right


We’reSoaringFLYING: Kami stands up grabs Aoyama as he walks by and pulls him to the front and all of them are just talking and every once in a while they all turn and look at us then laugh and go back to talking


ExhaustPipe: Uraraka! Are you feeling quite alright if your sick then Midoriya and I can stop by during lunch so bring you to recovery girl.


We’reSoaringFLYING: oh nonnon no that ok Iida


We’reSoaringFLYING: its that that big of a deal just a light cold ill probably better tomorrow


We’reSoaringFLYING: just don’t want anyone else sick


ExhaustPipe: of course, that’s very responsible of you!


ExhaustPipe: but you do know I’m here to talk if you need too


ExhaustPipe: not just as your class president but as a friend as well


We’reSoaringFLYING: Iida ilysm


SexTape: yall are so wholesome


SexTape: I love that yall support each other unconditionally <3


SexTape: make me believe there is good in this world ;)


We’reSoaringFLYING: its not that deep


We’reSoaringFLYING: besides doesn’t the Bakusquad support each other


SexTape: define support


Bakubitch: stfu duct tape I need you to get your ass to the fucking tsble before pinkie and sparky die because no one is here to control them


Bakubitch: one peaceful lunch


Bakubitch: just fucking one


SexTape: hear me out


SexTape: the Bakusquad isn’t a friend group it’s a highyly dysfunctional family


SexTape: Bakugou is our mom because I meet his mother that is the kind of parent he will be


SexTape: Kiri is our dad bc have you ever met the guy??


SexTape: im the older sibling that was an accident so im a good bit older that the other kids so the parents want me to keep the peace


SexTape: and denki, mina and jiro are all the children of the family that the parent are trying to not kill/keep from dying


GayRock: how much have you thought about this?


SexTape: more than I care to admit


We’reSoaringFLYING: that was a ride start to finish


Bakubitch: wtf is wrong with you


SexTape: a lot


GayRock: alot


We’reSoaringFLYING: a lot apparently


SexTape: ok I know also said it but ruuuuudddee


We’reSoaringFLYING: ily


SexTape: don’t lie to me




GayRock: yall thought kami was straight


GayRock: the boy has a choker




Bakubitch: im almost sure dunce has announced his bisexuality in here somewhere


Bakubitch: he is not in the closet about it


BubbleGumBitch: sorry to interrupt


BubbleGumBitch: but why the sudden realization


BubbleGumBitch: cause if its what I think it is


SexTape: oh please let it be what I think it is


Deku: that’s kinda cryptic…


Bakubitch: shut the fuck up deku


BubbleGumBitch: wow he liked typed it ou typed it out


GayRock: be nice Bakugou


Bakubitch: go to hell


Invisabitch <3: ok so im wondering around school taking the scenic rout to go meet Ojiro for lunch right and who do I run into but Kaminari practically hanging off this guys arm. And not just any guy my guys


Invisabitch <3: Aizawas secret love child himself Shinsou Hitoshi


Invisabitch <3: who my interaction have been few and far inbetween


Invisabitch <3: but high kigh didn’t look not please with one of our classes blondes on his arm


BubbleGumBitch: hehehehheehhedfhlfhslfjOJOAIJ




GayRock: not yet at least we can save this for a special occasion


Bakubitch: :)


Deku: that smilie face is the most terrifying thing ive ever seen


Deku: Hagakure you might have killed Kaminari


We’reSoaringFLYING: may he rest in peace


PunkLesbian: its what he deserves






[The Awkward Turtles]



We’reSoaringFLYING has chang ed the title of this chat to Ride or Die

Deku: I mean it’s better




ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: I don’t like turtles anyway


Deku: youre a monster


IcyHotPainRelief: turtles are nice


Deku: :)


We’reSoaringFLYING: That’s gay


Deku: your gay


ExhaustPipe: please


ExhaustPipe: I just want to go to bed


ExhaustPipe: Please save such actions for our personal group chat


We’reSoaringFLYING: but the Bakusquad gets to be crackheads in the main gc all the time


IcyHotPainRelief: I would like to be on cocaine


Deku: and id like to die


Deku: we don’t all get what we want


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: were gonna back up and try this conversation again


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: ok?


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: ok


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: lets take it from Iida’s message


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: take 2 and action


IcyHotPainRelief: hey Uraraka want to go snort cocaine out of a hooker’s asshole


We’reSoaringFLYING: would I ever


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: 1


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: guys please


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: were gonna send Iida into cardiac arrest


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: 2


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: Todoroki where are you learning these things from


Deku: Kaminari


IcyHotPainRelief: @ElectricAvenue:


ElectricAvenue: what can I say


ElectricAvenue: im a fountain of wisdom


ElectricAvenue: a fountain of wisdom that gtg b4 bakuboy murders him


ExhaustPipe: I don’t know if I could do what Bakugou does


Deku: ok but since I remembered


Deku: uraraka is everything ok


Deku: Ojiro told us he saw you with Bakugou


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: we’d never want to make you uncomfortable but we worry


We’reSoaringFLYING: oh yeah I probably owe you guys an explanation


IcyHotPainRelief: no you don’t owe us anything


Deku: im sorry that came off wrong


Deku: you don’t have to talk about it whatever happened I just want to know you okay cause I care about you


ExhaustPipe: if it makes you more comfortable, we can move this to our personal chat?  Not to offend anyone here of course.


We’reSoaringFLYING: no its ok


We’reSoaringFLYING: I really do trust everyone here.


We’reSoaringFLYING: but its really kinda dumb and not a big deal


Deku: if its on your mind it’s a big enough deal to listen to


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: we love you Ochako were hear to listen


We’reSoaringFLYING: ok


We’reSoaringFLYING: I’m sure everyone here knows that I really love my family and they’ve always been crazy supportive of me and anything I want to do.


We’reSoaringFLYING: I didn’t really know what being gay or lesbian was until late middle school. It just wasn’t really talked about. And my parents never talked about it. I had to do a lot of research on my own bc a lot of you guys are lgbt and I wanted to be

able to understand


We’reSoaringFLYING: and ive was doing a lot of thinking and I made some conclusions about my sexuality and I know a bunch of you are out and it doesn’t matter but im also bi


Deku: im not trying to interrupt but im so happy for you


ExhaustPipe: also remember its ok to take time to figure out who you are!


We’reSoaringFLYING: I know and I love you guys thank you


We’reSoaringFLYING: I tried telling my parents it didn’t go bad


We’reSoaringFLYING: it just didn’t go great


We’reSoaringFLYING: I told them and they were just seemed really disappointed in me.


We’reSoaringFLYING: it sucks but im sorry for wasting your time. You all have worse problems


Deku: Uraraka wydm


We’reSoaringFLYING: I mean both you and Todoroki have your fucking dads, Mido your in and out of the hospital for broken bones almost every week, Iida always has a lot going on because of being class president, and we all know what shit Tsu as to deal

with which is going to make me fight the country I stg


IcyHotPainRelief: Uraraka your right


IcyHotPainRelief: we all do have our own issues and maybe they are bigger than yours


IcyHotPainRelief: but think about it this way. If you break your arm but you see Izuku in a full body cast, that doesn’t mean your arm doesn’t still hurt.


IcyHotPainRelief: besides


IcyHotPainRelief: were friends and were supposed to be here to support you now matter how insignificant you think the issue is


IcyHotPainRelief:  but its ok to be upset, your allowed to be angry at them and still love them. Give it time. I’ve meet your parents, you have the advantage of parents that really care about you. Let this cool off and then go back maybe talk to them about it

maybe don’t and save that conversation for a later time


IcyHotPainRelief: don’t avoid it but you learned about being Lgbt maybe help them learn as well, bc they really do care about you and I think they would be willing to for you


We’reSoaringFLYING: I know I say it a lot but I really do love  you guys


We’reSoaringFLYING: can  you all come over?


We’reSoaringFLYING:  and bring some tissues with you


We’reSoaringFLYING: I think I just really need to be with you all


Deku: of course!! Ill bring some candy and we can cry together that way you don’t feel bad


We’reSoaringFLYING: midooooo


ExhaustPipe: I will be over with blankets shortly


IcyHotPainRelief: I come with the offering of v large pillows and ordering shitty food


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: and im already outside your door with tissues



Chapter Text


[Wholesome hours]



ExhaustPipe: I still have one question Uraraka. Did Bakugou actually comfort you?



We’reSoaringFLYING: we did some comforting of each other really                          


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: tea?


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: Bakugou having feelings??


We’reSoaringFLYING: Yall the tea is


We’reSoaringFLYING: Bakugou is soft


IcyHotPainRelief: why were you comforting him??


We’reSoaringFLYING: im not handing out my boys secrets like that


ExhaustPipe: Since when is he “your boy”                                    


We’reSoaringFLYING: Since is discovered he was soft and making an effort to change himself


Deku: can confirm Bakugou has soft boy capabilities


Deku: emphasis on capabilities


Deku: its just under a lot of swearing and emotional insecurities


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: the Bakugou tea is strong


We’reSoaringFLYING: its not really tea


IcyHotPainRelief: its tea like


Deku: ig


[Ride or Die]





WhenIWas: I see some of you are online



WhenIWas: insomnia council sound off


Deku: here


IcyHotPainRelief: honestly the entire izucrew is online so they might be lurking


IcyHotPainRelief: here


ElectricAvenue: og wow eveno Iiida is awake wowwo


IcyHotPainRelief: Are you Ok?


ElectricAvenue: isn anyone everrr/?


IcyHotPainRelief: you make a fair point


Deku: Ignore him


Deku: why?


ElectricAvenue: Bakusquad sleepover Sero was on top of me


IcyHotPainRelief:ah makes sense


IcyHotPainRelief: Sero is like twice your height


ElectricAvenue: Fuck off


IcyHotPainRelief: your inner Bakugou is showing


WhenIWas: Then the Bakusquad will have two angry blond twinks


ElectricAvenue: this is bullying


IcyHotPainRelief: it really be like that sometimes


Deku: guys guys


Deku: even those of you lurking


Tails: hi lurking


We’reSoaringFLYING: I think Iida did finally head to bed


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: yes mido


Deku: lets all go down into the kitchen and make like 2 am pancakes or waffles or smthg


Deku: cause fflsahlghnsnhgkeajng


ElectricAvenue: omg


ElectricAvenue: mido yes pls


We’reSoaringFLYING: Big bet I’m excited!!


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: honestly im really on bored for some pancakes


WhenIWas: I as well


ElectricAvenue: yesssss pancakes


ElectricAvenue: do we have like chocolate chips or like blueberrys


We’reSoaringFLYING: we definetly have chocolate  chip idk about blueberrys but omg that’s sounds so good kami are you like a genius


Deku: Todo and I are already in the kitchen gathering for pancakes meet us when everrr


ElectricAvenue: im already downstairs


Tails: omw


Tails: do we have syrup??


WhenIWas: If we don’t im sneaking out to get some

Aizawa: no your not


WhenIWas: if you don’t im gonna start screaming til hopefully Aizawa gets us Syrup


Aizawa: there is some in the pantry


We’reSoaringFLYING: Thanks dad!!

Aizawa: no


IcyHotPainRelief: we appreciate it dad


Aizawa: I said no




Deku has changed Aizawa name to Dadzawa


Ai zawa has changed Deku name to ProblemChild

Deku: (:



Aizawa: tell me when the pancakes are done ill be acquiring some


ElectricAvenue: Alrighty


ElectricAvenue: ive been allowed to mix


IcyHotPainRelief: which hopefully isn’t a mistake

ElectricAvenue: we shall see


Dadzawa: don’t burn down the kitchen


Dadzawa: that’s a lot of paperwork to fill out

IcyHotPainRelief: Its fine


IcyHotPainRelief: the functional people are near the hot thing


Dadzawa: Stove


IcyHotPainRelief: the functional people are near the stove


IcyHotPainRelief: Me and kami are mixing things when told like stirring in the various things


IcyHotPainRelief: we also fetch what were told to


ElectricAvenue: Uraraka and Tsu are gonna be cooking the pancakes bc tsu knows how to make them


ElectricAvenue: and Urarraka is a fast learner

IcyHotPainRelief: right now theyre flirting and making eggs


IcyHotPainRelief: Izuku is teaching Ojiro how to make the pancake batter


IcyHotPainRelief: were being told its his moms recipe


WhenIWas: im existing and fetching what im told too


IcyHotPainRelief: so I trust it


ElectricAvenue: if mama Midoriya told me to jump off a cliff Id trust it


IcyHotPainRelief: ^^^


Dadzawa: there will be none of that


Dadzawa: absolutely zero cliff dives

ElectricAvenue: Dad do you want a bluberyy pankcake or chocolate


ElectricAvenue: or plain ig


IcyHotPainRelief: theres nothing wrong with plain pancakes


ElectricAvenue: :/


ElectricAvenue: idk about that


Dadzawa: chocolate


ElectricAvenue: oki


Tails: were making three batches


Tails: one for each


Tails: its going to be a lot of pancakes sir


Dadzawa: feed them to the other children when they wake


Tails: They’ll be cold?


Dadzawa: …you have a toaster


ElectricAvenue: we have a todoroki


Octodick: I wake up to this


WhenIWas: pancake


Octodick: …


Octodick: fine I’m coming


IcyHotPainRelief: sir


IcyHotPainRelief: can we leave tomorrow


Dadzawa: define who


ElectricAvenue: me shoto tsu and kiri


WhenIWas: yall running away to be pining idiots


Dadzawa: ill think about it


ElectricAvenue: :/


ElectricAvenue has added Yamada to Ride or Die


ElectricAvenue has changed Yamada name to PresentMom



ElectricAvenue: Hey mom is u awake



ElectricAvenue: @PresentMom


PresentMom: I am now little listener,,,


IcyHotPainRelief: can we leave tomorrow


PresentMom: yes


Dadzawa: why do bother


ElectricAvenue: Do you want some pancakes?


PresentMom: yes


PresentMom: is that why you all are awake at


PresentMom: 2am??


WhenIWas: no were awake because were contemplating our inevitable demise


WhenIWas: pancakes are just an excellent contemplation snack


PresentMom: yes ok


PresentMom: good night listeners


PresentMom: I need my beauty sleep tp be able to be my plus ultra self tomorrow


ElectricAvenue: :/


ElectricAvenue: I hatexd that


PresentMom: yeah, I did too



Chapter Text


[Ride or Die]






GayRock: yall need help


ElectricAvenue: like you have any room to talk


GayRock: the kitchens a disaster


ElectricAvenue: idk what your talking abou9utfnkdn;


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: so is your room


ElectricAvenue: btw


ElectricAvenue: @GayRock @ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog @IcyHotPainRelief


GayRock: im already here


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: as am i


IcyHotPainRelief: im here now


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: good talk


ElectricAvenue: we leave at 8 so there not enough time for me tsu and shoto to get tired


GayRock: please get sleep guys


IcyHotPainRelief: I try


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: I usually do


ElectricAvenue: sleep is for bitches


ElectricAvenue: should we invite momo that way tsu isn’t the only pining lesbian??


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: yes


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: also delete that


ElectricAvenue has deleted one message


ThePr incessButAlsoTheFrog has deleted 2 messages

IcyHotPainRelief: hey @yaomomo



GayRock: you lurking??


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: I don’t think she is


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: she might still be asleep


GayRock: booooo


IcyHotPainRelief: ill get here


GayRock: what dude don’t bother her


 IcyHotPainRelief: the other day she woke me at midnight to cry about her crush ill do what I please


ElectricAvenue: Big yike she’ll fit in great


Yaomomo: Good morning everyone


IcyHotPainRelief: wanna joinus in group therapy about our crushes


IcyHotPainRelief has deleted one message

IcyHotPainRelief: I mean



IcyHotPainRelief: wanna go on an outing with us


IcyHotPainRelief: v inclusive


IcyHotPainRelief: idiots only


GayRock: HEY


ElectricAvenue: im not even offended


ElectricAvenue: that fair


Yaomomo: This actually sounds quite nice


Yaomomo: you know who would also be a good addition to this group


GayRock: ??


Yaomomo: Iida


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: really????


Yaomomo: yes trust me on this


Yaomomo: yes


IcyHotPainRelief: ok ill go acquire him as well


ElectricAvenue: ok so momo


ElectricAvenue: the only rule our outings is you’ve gotta look like a real classy thot


ElectricAvenue: Shoto bought me my thot outfit and I exclusively wear it for these outings


ExhaustPipe: wait


ExhaustPipe: wait


ExhaustPipe: why did Todoroki by you a…


ElectricAvenue: thot outfit???


ExhaustPipe: yes


ElectricAvenue: ok so it was a bit ago but Todoroki decided to take me and Izuku and mom to a classy coffee place to talk about how parents suck right and nothing about any of my outfits says classy so Todoroki bought me an outfit that makes me look

like a sugar baby


ExhaustPipe: I see


ExhaustPipe: and this is how you would like me to dress?


ExhaustPipe: because I’m not quite sure about that


ElectricAvenue: don’t worry im coming

ExhaustPipe: I feel an immense amount of concern


GayRock: probably smart


Yaomomo: would this work


Yaomomo has sent an image


GayRock: queen


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: ive been lurking for a hot minute but like momo you’re a cutie


ExhaustPipe: Kaminari has walked into my room with his hair in a ponytail and what I’m pretty sure is your hoodie Kirishima and started going through my closet


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: lol Iida im concerned for you


GayRock: a man on a mission


Yaomomo: speaking of where are we going


GayRock: mall


IcyHotPainRelief: the sperm donor got tired of me stealing his credit card and has given me my own


IcyHotPainRelief: so im going to buy the damn mall


IcyHotPainRelief: Denki said he wanted some Armani fashion


GayRock: also I want to back up what do you mean my hoodie


ExhaustPipe: it’s a crimson riot hoodie that almost falls to his knees


GayRock: that bastard!!


GayRock: that’s where that went


GayRock: im going to fight him


ElectricAvenue: ily


ElectricAvenue: im going to get changed I have to break into minas room lets meet in 20??


IcyHotPainRelief: ok


GayRock: I want that back


ElectricAvenue: well see


ExhaustPipe: 20 it is


ExhaustPipe: why Mina’s room


GayRock: she has a full length mirror




[Ride or Die]






ElectricAvenue: yall some gut in the mall just offered to be Shoto’s sugar daddy


ElectricAvenue: this is the quality content I need


GayRock: guys it gets batter at first todo is like im not legal yet and this guy goes age is just a number baby besides no one has to know but us


GayRock: despite the group of us that are obviousl standing there


GayRock: also just gross


GayRock: Iida jumps in a is like I insist you leave and try to get this dude to leave and this guy is not having it being like im just trying to offer your pretty friend a nice gig and how he shouldn’t be so jealous


ElectricAvenue: shoto in all of his glory like gently pushes this man to the side and goes and says why would I want anything from a man that can only afford fake Gucci slides


Yaomomo: it was quite literally the most stuck up I have ever seen Shoto look


Yaomomo: he went full spoilt brat


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: and now in celebration were going on a shopping spree


Deku: everything is ok though?


We’reSoaringFLYING: yall im sitting next to broccoli boy here and he is steaming


Deku: NO  im not Iim PJUST nnconcerned about mdojmy frieedd


We’reSoaringFLYING: deep breath then try that again


Deku: im just worried about my friend Ura


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: its ok everyones fine


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: in fact Denki just talked Shot into buying himself something nice.


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: so make sure to ask him about the absolutely atrocious Gucci bag he got


We’reSoaringFLYING: I want to be living the kind of life Todo has


IcyHotPainRelief: don’t worry uraraka ive already bought you a nice bag I think youll like



IcyHotPainRelief: Tsu helped me pick it out


We’reSoaringFLYING: Really omg you guys ARE SO SWEET


We’reSoaringFLYING: ilysm todo


We’reSoaringFLYING: thank you ong you didn’t have to do that


IcyHotPainRelief: of course even though your not here I want you to know that I care about you\


We’reSoaringFLYING: you don’t have to buy me thing to show you care about me


We’reSoaringFLYING: I know you care about me <3


Deku: are you sure your ok Shoto


IcyHotPainRelief: yes I am


IcyHotPainRelief: besides why would I need a sugar daddy when I practically already am one


IcyHotPainRelief: I buy Denki expensive thing and then he doesn’t sleep with me


ElectricAvenue: Awww Todoroki if you wanted to fuck you could have just said so


IcyHotPainRelief: no


ExhaustPipe: please don’t be so vulgar Kaminari


ElectricAvenue: Should I begin calling you daddy as well


IcyHotPainRelief: absolutely not


ElectricAvenue: why shoto could it be


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: I don’t like where this is going


ElectricAvenue: that you want to call me daddy


GayRock: please stop Iida is literally about to have a heart attack


ElectricAvenue: Todoroki I take your silence as cowardice


ElectricAvenue: which means ladies and gentlemen of the jury that this boy is a bottom


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: objection your honor


ElectricAvenue: overruled


Yaomomo: I thought you were the lawyer


ElectricAvenue: im both


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: this doesn’t seem like a very fair trial


GayRock: guys incase your curious about where Todoroki and Iida are theyre both having strokes like you thought todoroki’s hair was red


ElectricAvenue: further proof he is


ElectricAvenue: a bottom


GayRock: quiet thot


Deku: what the actual fuck am I reading?


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: Denki look what you’ve done you made Izuku swear


ElectricAvenue: he grew up with Katsuki imsure im not the cause of this



Chapter Text


Deku to IcyHotPainRelief






IcyHotPainRelief: hey Izuku


IcyHotPainRelief: You do realize im given a notification when you start typing right…?


IcyHotPainRelief: cause you’ve been on and off tyoing for the past 5 minutes


Deku: AH


Deku: hhi todo no I was not a aware of that im very sorry to bother you while your out with people


IcyHotPainRelief: Its not a problem were all still eating right now anyway


Deku: ok I was just worried about you


Deku: I mean with everything


Deku: you know what this is dumb im sorry to bother


IcyHotPainRelief: continue please


Deku: you okay right? I know everyone made a big joke about the guy who was like flirting with you but your ok right nothing happened??


IcyHotPainRelief: thank you for your concern


IcyHotPainRelief: I am okay Izuku


Deku: that’s good to hear


Deku: did you maybe want to hang out sometime this weekend??


IcyHotPainRelief: love too




Deku to We’reSoaringFLYING



Deku: I am unnaturally angry like I have no excuse to be



Deku: its not like me and Todoroki are like


Deku: together


We’reSoaringFLYING: youd like to be


Deku: What Id like doesn’t matter


Deku: im perfectly happy with the relationship we have and im perfectly happy with the fact that he trusts me so much


Deku: Im just so so angry at that guy like Shoto deserves so much more that a sugar daddy


Deku: Im sorry im ranting


We’reSoaringFLYING: no go ahead im listening


We’reSoaringFLYING: Sometimes you just need to rant deku


Deku: The other day we had that sleepover and I got to hold him while we slept and I woke up and saw him and ive never felt so at peace


Deku: I just care about him so much and he deserves the world


Deku: id give him the world on a silver platter if even hinted he wanted it




[Pining Idiots Anonymous]



GayRock has added IcyHotPainRelief, ElectricAvenue, Yaomomo, and 2 others



GayRock: Rule one: what happens in the chat stays in the shat


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: What happens in fight Club stays in fight club


ExhaustPipe: What is fight club? Im very concerned about that


Yaomomo: … It a movie hun


GayRock: well come back to the travesty later


ElectricAvenue: id like to second the first rule


ElectricAvenue: Like if Kiri wants to talk about how nice he think Bakugou’s man tiddies are who are to judge


ExhaustPipe: I agree with the sentiment though maybe not the example


GayRock: Fuck off


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: Oh is Bakugou rubbing off on you?


ElectricAvenue: Not in the way Kirishima would like


GayRock: Im going to die


GayRock: Shut all your fucks


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: hm there it is again


IcyHotPainRelief has sent an image


ElectricAvenue: oh we love a screenshot


IcyHotPainRelief: welcome to me screaming into the void for an hour


Yaomomo: you’re spending a lot of time around Tokoyami lately

ElectricAvenue: gay


GayRock: I love that our broccoli boy is worried about you


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: thats sweet


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: also hanging out??


IcyHotPainRelief: hhhh


IcyHotPainRelief: he probably means as friends


IcyHotPainRelief: I mean we hang out all the time


GayRock: you do it all the time huh???


ExhaustPipe: I have to agree you hang out all the time


ExhaustPipe: serparetly


ExhaustPipe: and alone???


IcyHotPainRelief: ……


IcyHotPainRelief: @yaomomo @ThePrincessFromAlsoTHeFrog


IcyHotPainRelief: pls come back from the bathroom


IcyHotPainRelief: theyre bullying me


Yaomomo: its what you deserve


IcyHotPainRelief: betrayed by my own best friend


ThePrincessFromAlsoTHeFrog: were on our way back to the food court


ThePrincessFromAlsoTHeFrog: where are we going next


GayRock: I say we just go and see if anything catches our eye


Yaomomo: sounds like a plan


ExhaustPipe: Just make sure we stay together or at least with another person this is a large mall we don’t want anyone to get lost






[Ride or Die]






Yaomomo: @ElecticAvenue What was Plan A


ElecticAvenue: stay with the group so you don’t get lost


ExhaustPipe: and what was plan B


ElecticAvenue: don’t fuck up plan A


Yaomomo: and what did you do


ElecticAvenue: fucked up plan A


GayRock: @@@@ Bakusquad I forgot the rules and lost the Pichu


ElecticAvenue: Excuse you I am at least a Pikachu


SexTape: How do you forget the outing rules


SexTape: Bakugou made us memorize them


Bakubitch: yes I did what the fuck Kirishima


BubbleGumBitch: its just the two of you so you only had to worry about rule 2 and 7


BubbleGumBitch: maybe 4


BubbleGumBitch: maybe


Deku: what are the outing rules??


Bakubitch: none of your fucking business


GayRock: a group of rules we as the Bakusquad have made in order to not get kicked out of places when we leave UA


Bakubitch: I made these morons memorize them


Bakubitch: @ElectricAvenue if you tell me what happened I wont be mad


ElecticAvenue: that is both a lie and a trap but hold up im typing


Yaomomo: What are rules 2 and 7


SexTape: rule 2 is that if you have a time limit and Bakugou is not there Kirishima is not allowed in any crocs stores


SexTape: becasse he can spend houuuuuurrrs in those stores it really rough


BubbleGumBitch: Rule 7 is that someone needs to be holding Kami’s hand at all times


BubbleGumBitch: because he gets distracted and his common sense falls out of his ears and then gets lost


ExhaustPipe: that explains why they were holding hand the first part of the trip


ElecticAvenue: so we just finished lunch right and were all walking around and Kiri is talking to momo and I didn’t want to bother cause like he was stuck at my side for the majority of the trip and I was going to tell someone but like that weird and I didn’t

want to bother them so I got distracted by this super super cute Pikachu onesie and like I was thinking how much I wanted it and checking how much cash I had on me and then like I turn and look around and everyone is gone and so I start wandering

around cause I forgot rule 12 and now im not sure where I am


ExhaustPipe: rule 12 is what exactly


BubbleGumBitch: if you get lost stay where you are


BubbleGumBitch: surprisingly that rule was made for sero and not Kaminari


BubbleGumBitch: Kami is usually good at staying where we leave him


ElecticAvenue: I get lost a lot


ElecticAvenue: I just panicked today


Bakubitch: ponytail im going to send you Pikachu’s location


Bakubitch: I tracked down his phone location


Bakubitch: Pikachu stay still till they come and get you


IcyHotPainRelief: You seem to have this down to a science


Bakubitch: for a good fucking reason


ExhaustPipe: Kaminari we are on our way


IcyHotPainRelief: how the fuck did you get to the opposite side of the mall


ElecticAvenue: I DON’T KNOW OK



Chapter Text


[Ride or Die]








ElectricAvenue had kicked Dadzawa, Present Mom, and ExhaustPipe for 1 hour


ElecticAvenue: Sero what the shit did you give me


SexTape: wdym


SexTape: its just my pen


ElecticAvenue I mean I cant really feel my Fingers can hyper feel in my feet and im twitching.


ElecticAvenue: my mouth takes weird but idk


ElecticAvenue: taste


Bakubitch: I stg if I come up stairs and your fucking high


ElecticAvenue: Will you bring me the oreo’s in the pantry


ElecticAvenue: that wway I can have an oreo before you kill m


Bakubitch: im going to kill pikachu


Bakubitch: have you eaten


ElecticAvenue: Nah


IcyHotPainRelief: i feel like i should take responsibiliy


IcyHotPainRelief: hes with me


IcyHotPainRelief: in my roon


Yaomomo: since when do you smoke


IcyHotPainRelief:  oh i dont I


IcyHotPainRelief: prefered method ofdealing with daddy issue is still drinking


Bakubitch: I have collected the yellow rat


IcyHotPainRelief: im lonely now:(


ElecticAvenue: :(


Deku: do you want me to come over todo?


IcyHotPainRelief: yes!!!!!:)


Deku: ok I’m coming up


IcyHotPainRelief: thars nice I like seeing you


Deku: Really???


We’reSoaringFLYING: careful your gay is showing Mido


IcyHotPainRelief: yea I think your great why wonuldnt i????


IcyHotPainRelief: hmm yea your pretty


We’reSoaringFLYING: really


We’reSoaringFLYING: what else do you think of Mido??


IcyHotPainRelief: hes a nerd


Deku: thankssss…


IcyHotPainRelief: and


IcyHotPainRelief: very brave


IcyHotPainRelief: and


IcyHotPainRelief: he had very broad shoulders


IcyHotPainRelief: and


GayRock has kicked IcyHotPainRelief for 6 hours


We’reSoaringFLYING: awwwww


GayRock: let my bro live


Deku: I’m just going to put him to bed. I don’t think he’s to bad, but you never know.


GayRock: Mido your such a good egg


Deku: what does that even mean


GayRock: excellent lad


ElecticAvenue: stfu shitty hair I made hot chocolate take it or leave it


ElecticAvenue: im backkk @@bakusquadd there is enough for all of us shhh don’t tell him I told youu


SexTape: my boyyyyyy


SexTape: ill grab my girls


GayRock: bring monopoly lets ruin some friendships


ElecticAvenue: eyy


ElecticAvenue: game night


Bakubitch: ive confiscated the dumbasses phone who knows what happened


PunkLesbian: something with Shinsou


Deku: ?????


PunkLesbian: are you aware of Kami’s flaming gay crush on Shinsou?


Deku: No!?!?!


GayRock: bro howd you miss that one


SexTape: they talking


We’reSoaringFLYING: like talking talking


SexTape: idk honestly


SexTape: but they text or whatever


TheFrenchiestFry: I do believe this to be news to everyone outside or the Bakusquad


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: not to me


Invisabitch <3: or me


TheFrenchiestFry: You guys are withholding the tea from me?? (´;ω;`)


Invisabitch <3: ily


TheFrenchiestFry: liar


PunkLesbian: ANYWAY


PunkLesbian: I think they got into an argument so Kami is ignoring it with drugs


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: A+


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: is this common??


SexTape: not really


GayRock: the real tea is both Baku and Kami make bad decisions when things go wrong


GayRock: slight inconvenience happens and suddenly the solution is to commit a crime



GayRock: okay maybe not a crime butttttt


PunkLesbian: be gay do crimes


SexTape: yes


GayRock: no hush both of you


Bakubitch: hey shitty hair are you trying to fucking imply something


GayRock: no never


Deku: I wont even imply it


Deku: you make bad/rash decisions when your angry


Deku: when we were 13 you got into an argument with your mom about being to much like her so you died your hair


Bakubitch: hey Deku are you trying to fucking die


Deku: sometimes but not currently no


PunkLesbian: is it time to expose our childhood friends???


PunkLesbian: is it that time??


PunkLesbian: because denki doesn’t know how to use a toaster


PunkLesbian: or a lot of electronics really


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: ???


PunkLesbian: they didn’t have much electronics in the house because his entire family is electricity quirks


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: We’re learning so much today


Deku: Kacchan broke his arm on his scooter when we were 9 because he thought his quirk would make the scooter

go faster


Bakubitch: ok listen here dumbass it did go faster that’s the reason I broke my damn arm


Bakubitch: I had the right thought just the wrong fucking execution so fuck off ok


Yaomomo: Once when me and Shoto were in 13 and in school he got so embarrassed by his crush that he set the

entire classroom on fire. School was out for like a week because of it


Deku: Kacchan did something similar with when we were 7 with the school’s playground


Bakubitch: im going to kill you if you don’t shut up right fucking now Deku


PunkLesbian: we love dumbasses shutting down schools


PunkLesbian: pretty sure Denki has overloaded the power in every schools he’s been too


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: we love that for him


PunkLesbian: no


PunkLesbian: no we don’t


SexTape: I walk downstairs into the kitchen to witness Kami and Bakugou sitting on top of the counter. Kami is

crying and theyre both talking about how dumb boys are


Deku: what happened with him in Shinsou


Bakubitch: he has a crush on someone that isn’t Pikachu


Bakubitch: and he mentioned that


Bakubitch: and kami said some dumb shit like why would I want to hear about your stupid ass feelings for this bitch


Bakubitch: like a genius


Bakubitch: and they both start fighting


Bakubitch: then somehow Kami says that he was in love with Shinsou


PunkLesbian: my boys really going through it


Bakubitch: oh no


SexTape:  it gets worse


Bakubitch: Shinsou says he likes him back


Yaomomo: oh great!


SexTape:  no


Yaomomo: why no?


Bakubitch: Because Pikachu I assume was already crying by that point and said some shit like don’t fucking pity me

and don’t lie to me then blocked him and ran to Duct tape then IcyHot


Yaomomo: oh dear


BubbleGumBitch: im omw down


BubbleGumBitch: Christ I leave to take a shower and Kami breaks his own heart


PunkLesbian: oh yeah I should probably mention im with kiri waiting for mina then well be down


BubbleGumBitch: Should we bring tissues?


Bakubitch: yes


Bakubitch: many of them




WhenIWas has changed the title of this chat to Its to early for this kind of drama



Bakubitch: bitch your telling me




[Its to early for this kind of drama]



Dadzawa: who broke what laws??



Dadzawa: if you tell me I won’t be mad


Bakubitch: that’s a lie


Bakubitch: Pikachu is heart broken


Bakubitch: he is however no longer crying


Dadzawa: ok


ExhaustPipe: As I cannot see what has happened in the past hour, I encourage you to make sure our classmate is

well hydrated if he is going through a difficult time.


GayRock: trust me we got that handled


Present Mom: :)


Dadzawa: if you must


Present Mom: I must


GayRock: sketch


Present Mom: ill return children


Chapter Text


[Its to early for this kind of drama]






Present Mom: im dropping off the package


GayRock: unless its icecream


GayRock: or an illegal substance


GayRock: doubt its gonna help


Present Mom: who said I was going to help


SexTape: MOM




ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: hello whats happening?


SexTape: hes here


SexTape: I gotta watch my real life soap opera brb


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: whos here


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: @PresentMom who did you bringgg


Present Mom: Shinsou


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: oh dear


WhenIWas: who’s in charge of the play by play??


ExhaustPipe: Absolutely no play by play!! This is our classmate’s life, not some terrible recorded drama for you entertainment


Bakubitch: im in charge of the play by play


ExhaustPipe: Bakugou!!


ExhaustPipe: that very disrespectful to your friend!!


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: Are they talking in front of yal??


SexTape: no they ran off to talk somewhere away from us


SexTape: Bakugou is just a gossip whore


Bakubitch: are you going to say that to my fucking face duct tape??


SexTape: I would but your off being a gossip whore


ExhaustPipe: Kirishima if you would be so kind as to help me remove your boyfriend


GayRock: gkszjoriaspfiroe


GayRock: lmaoooofnndsj omg Bakugou’s not my boyfriend


GayRock: yeah im onw nmy way


SexTape: smooth bro







“I’m sorry for what I said, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,” Hitoshi looked at the blonde in front of him and he could see the tear-stained cheeks and puffy eyes as clearly as people could see his dark circles. And yet, Kaminari stood in front of him, still smiling and waving off his apology.


“Dude, it's fine. You were joking, you didn’t hurt my feelings. I can take a joke.” Kaminari put extra emphasis on the words of the last entrance, though Hitoshi couldn’t pick up exactly why that was what he was trying to emphasize. The gestures Kaminari had always made with his hands while talking were choppier and looked forced. Most importantly, he wouldn’t meet Hitoshi’s eyes. He had always thought himself particularly good at reading people, and especially Kaminari, but right now he didn’t have a clue what was going on inside his head.


Hitoshi hung his head and sighed out. Shaking his head, he attempted angled himself so he could look into Denki’s eyes. They locked eyes for barely a second before Kaminari found a new place to avert his gaze. He hadn’t even known that Kaminari was upset till Yamada showed up at his dorm. But Shinsou blamed himself. He should have realized when Kaminari ended the conversation so suddenly. He had heard so many people make the same joke that it hadn’t even occurred to him how it affected Kaminari.


“Are you okay?” Shinsou asked.


“Yeah I’m fi-” Denki’s gold eyes glazed over as his sentence trailed off. Hitoshi approached him, his turn to avoid eye contact stopping when Kaminari was just outside of his arm’s reach.


“Look, please don’t lie to me. Are you okay?” Hitoshi asked again.




Kaminari’s voice broke in the second half of the word as Hitoshi released his control. Hitoshi’s eyebrows furled and he frowned as Kaminari curled in on himself wrapping his arms around himself and going back to his safe place of staring at the ground. His blonde hair had fallen around hiding parts of his face.


Shinsou took a step forward to where he was in distance to reach and touch Denki. He desperately wanted to reach out and touch Kaminari’s face to try and comfort him or push his stupid blonde hair out of his face or give him a hug similar to the ones Kaminari had given him a thousand times, but he didn’t do any of those. He held still and spoke in a quiet tone.


“Please talk to me Denki,”


When Kaminari took the next breath, it sounded choked. Hitoshi leaned over slightly to be able to look at him and saw the small drops leaking out of those gold eyes. Knowing he’d been caught, Kaminari used his long sleeves to wipe off his cheeks.


“Please don’t call me an idiot,” Kaminari’s voice was so quiet Hitoshi strained to hear it. Kaminari was never quiet and that cause the whispering to crush his heart even more. “I know it was a joke, but please. I don’t care if anyone else calls me and idiot, it doesn’t matter to me. Everyone knows I’m the idiot of class 1-A, everyone already says it, please don’t also say it. Just not you please Shinsou, it hurts more when you say it.”


Hitoshi gave in to his urge and wiped the still flowing tears off of blonde’s ruddy cheeks. Then he let his hands just sit on his face. He pushed a piece of hair out of Kaminari’s face and pushed in gently up, so he was looking into the teary eyes.


“Why is it different with me?” Hitoshi said with the volume of his voice matching Kaminari’s. Immediately Kaminari’s eyes began tearing up, he jerked himself back and away from Hitoshi and wiped his face once more.


“God, I’m such a fucking baby,” Kaminari looked towards the wall and crossing his arms. “God don’t make me say it, you know, everyone knows, I’m sorry alr-.”


“Kaminari please come here,” Hitoshi cut him off before he could head into tangent territory. Hitoshi hoped that Kaminari would miss the element of pleading in his voice. And Shinsou hoped he would comply. Mostly Hitoshi hoped that he was reading this right.


Kaminari did comply. Back to being curled in toward himself, Kaminari took the few steps back towards him. Back in arms reach Hitoshi reached for the blonde’s hand, who allowed him to grab and hold it and gently pull him closer. He let him wipe off his tears again and run his fingers threw his blonde hair to get it all out of his face. He let himself just be held close to Hitoshi. And he let Hitoshi’s lips press into his.


Though let maybe the wrong word.


And when Shinsou finally pulled away from him Kaminari made a confused noise.


“It’s okay Denki,” Shinsou said holding the blonde close. “Why don’t we figure this out.”






[Its to early for this kind of drama]




Yaomomo has been given admin privileges


ExhaustPipe as been given admin privileges


Yaomomo has deleted 103 messages from ExhaustPipe, SexTape, GayRock, and 6 others


WhenIWas: Wench


PunkLesbian: Call her that again I dare you


WhenIWas: did you come here just to respond to that


PunkLesbian: so what if I did


WhenIWas: Careful you Lesbian is showing Jiro


Yaomomo: Kaminari has had a rough night he does not need to come back to you all speculating on his love life


PunkLesbian: you absolutely right!!


Bakubitch: bullshit @PunkLesbian


Yaomomo: what do you mean Bakugou?


PunkLesbian: nothing he means nothing isn’t he funny like that


PunkLesbian: if you shut up now ill get and share my snacks


Bakubitch: I mean guess you heard her Ponytail. I mean nothing by it


GayRock: Guys kami coming backkkkkk


Deku: he looks like hes been crying but he looks happier too


Deku: guys im going to cry


GayRock: I want someone to look at me like Shinsou is looking at Kami that so not fairrr


Yaomomo: Well Kirishima if I’m right you don’t want just any someoneeeee


GayRock: husshshfho;snkaglr;a


PunkLesbian: okay Kami is getting his phone back from Bakugou


ElecticAvenue: :)


ElecticAvenue: guess who’s got a boyfriend


Chapter Text


[Its to early for this kind of drama]




Deku has changed the title of this chat to Mistakes Were Made




Deku: so I called all might dad today


IcyHotPainRelief: yes and?




IcyHotPainRelief had changed Deku name to SmallMight

SmallMight: I want new friends



We’reSoaringFLYING: bye bitch


Tails: please just get to class on time



Tails: Mr. Aizawa seems tired


SmallMight: hes always tired???


Tails: more tired than usual




[Pining Idiots Anonymous]




IcyHotPainRelief: I cant believe of all of us Kami is the one to be in a relationship first


IcyHotPainRelief: I lost money over your fucking relationship


ElectricAvenue: I take offense to that


IcyHotPainRelief: good


GayRock: who did you think would be the first of us??


IcyHotPainRelief: you


GayRock: im honored??


Yaomomo: please focus in class everyone


ElectricAvenue: speaking of @GayRock


ElectricAvenue: your next


GayRock: wdym???


GayRock: Kami please wydm


GayRock: Kaminari denki I cant see that you are seeing these messeges answer me








ElectricAvenue to TheFrenchiestFry




ElectricAvenue: Fellow blonde


TheFrenchiestFry: oui


ElectricAvenue: I need a favor


TheFrenchiestFry: oui


ElectricAvenue: I need your help. I can't tell you what it is, you can never ask me about it later, and we're gonna mess with some people.


TheFrenchiestFry: lets do it~








[Mistakes Were Made]






Octodick: ??




Bakubitch: *ketchup


GayRock: ive been with you all day when did you do it


ElectricAvenue: exactly ive been with you all day when would I have done it kiri??


ElectricAvenue: couldn’t have been me :)


GayRock: you lying bitch


Octodick: can we back up a few minutes whats going on here


ExhaustPipe: yes I too would like to know


GayRock: IIDA


GayRock: youre in the chat


GayRock: you saw him being all ominous


GayRock: now I come back into my room


GayRock: to blood on the walls saying


Bakubitch: still ketchup


GayRock: youre next


SugarDaddy: im going to assume this is a most of the class isnt in??


Yaomomo sent a screenshot

Yaomomo: that’s from earlier today



SugarDaddy: pining idiots anonymous??


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: it’s a excellent chat


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: the past few days have been us harassing Kami for having the audacity to be in a relationship


GayRock: mosty its used to scream into the void about our various crushes


Bakubitch: hold up shitty hair since when do you have a fucking crush on someone






GayRock: umm


GayRock: what nice weather we’ve been having recently


SugarDaddy: can I ask who all is in that chat


Octodick: I just want to know who made it


Yaomomo: Iida, Kaminari, Todoroki, Kirishima, Tsuyu, and I are all apart of the chat and it was started by Kirishima I believe??


ElectricAvenue: yall really out here exposing yourselves




SmallMight to We’reSoaringFLYING



SmallMight: do you think he doesn’t trust me?? I didn’t know he had a crush on someone hdd;hipa



SmallMight: I mean not my job to police him


SmallMight: he’s entitled to his own life


SmallMight: do you think he hates me?!>!>!?!!


We’reSoaringFLYING: woah woah woah


We’reSoaringFLYING: that was a really big jump


We’reSoaringFLYING: breath


SmallMight: right


SmallMight: oxygen


SmallMight: Uraraka


SmallMight: I know he doesn’t like me back


SmallMight: but if he gets with someone else im going to cry


We’reSoaringFLYING: and im prepared to handle that


We’reSoaringFLYING: and deku you don’t know that he doesn’t like you


SmallMight: yes I do,,,






[Mistakes Were Made]






PunkLesbian: Mineta is about to get yeeted out of a god damn window jesus I fucking hate him so fucking much


Bakubitch: where


PunkLesbian: game room


Bakubitch: omw


Dadzawa: no


Bakubitch: Id like to see you stop me


Dadzawa: Bakugou Katsuki I swear to whatever god you may or may not believe in


Dadzawa: are you aware of the amount of paperwork comes with a student getting into a fight?


Bakubitch: ok sir


Bakubitch: here me out


Bakubitch: one punch


Bakubitch: and it was in self defense


PunkLesbian: I think this is the most calm I have ever seen Bakugou and that scares me


Dadzawa: he cant report it happened


Bakubitch: deal








[Mistakes Were Made]







IcyHotPainRelief: its been a few since Tokoyami has called for a sound off


IcyHotPainRelief: and im trying to ignore the crippling weight of existence :)


IcyHotPainRelief: anyone wanna keep me company


ElectricAvenue: morning pretty boy you all good


IcyHotPainRelief: hello kami your boyfriend let you flirt with other guys like that


ElectricAvenue: that’s a good question


SmallMight: Hey Todo is everything okay??


PunkLesbian: greetings im always down to ignore the crushing weight of existence


IcyHotPainRelief: I got off a phonecall with my father I few hours ago and im still spiraling


ElectricAvenue: I feel that my guy


SmallMight: fuck endeavor


SmallMight: im going to kill him I stg todo >:(


IcyHotPainRelief: its alright Midoriya


PunkLesbian: that feels like a big ass lie


PunkLesbian: lets all fight endeavor


ElectricAvenue: lets gooooooo


IcyHotPainRelief: another time


IcyHotPainRelief: anyone want to hear my evidence for why Mr. Aizawa and Present mic are definitely in a relationship


ElectricAvenue: hmmmmmmmm


SmallMight: Todoroki they are both in this chat please


IcyHotPainRelief: im willing to accept these consequences


IcyHotPainRelief: a few weeks ago Kaminari and Hagakure were talking about how they stumbled upon something they weren’t meant to see


IcyHotPainRelief: and Aizawa immediately threatened them


IcyHotPainRelief: im willing to bet that it was Aizawa with Mic


ElectricAvenue: this is an incident that never happened pls shut up im going to get in trouble todo ples


IcyHotPainRelief: in addition to this Mic calls Aizawa Shota which is his first name and some how I doubt our teacher is one to allow just anyone to call him that


IcyHotPainRelief: and lastly the clincher on my theory


IcyHotPainRelief: they have matching rings


IcyHotPainRelief: on a necklace


Dadwawa: are you sure you’re not wanting to be a detective Todoroki


IcyHotPainRelief: my father would kill me :)


Dadwawa: I can connect you with the school therapist


IcyHotPainRelief: my father would also kill me for that


Dadwawa: noted


IcyHotPainRelief: I have a question sir


Dadwawa: yes


IcyHotPainRelief: do you have a child sir


Dadwawa: I’m sorry what


IcyHotPainRelief: a child sir


SmallMight: Todoroki we talked about this please


SmallMight: im crying stop please don’t ask him this


IcyHotPainRelief: Sir is Shinsou Hitoshi your secret love child??


Dadwawa: No


IcyHotPainRelief: Sir I don’t believe you



Chapter Text


[Mistakes Were Made]





SmallMight:  Hm im going to jump off a cliff


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: ??


SmallMight: og dear this isn’t me and Uraraka private chat


We’reSoaringFLYING: its fine Izuku


We’reSoaringFLYING: your doing great sweetie


Invisabitch <3: Mido with all of my love


Invisabitch <3: how often are we going to start with you making a mistake??


We’reSoaringFLYING: Mistakes are just choices you haven’t made yet


SmallMight: often apparently


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: since when is Uraraka your therapist?


SmallMight: since I became unstable


IcyHotPainRelief: Bakugou would like to insert that you have always been unstable Midoriya


SmallMight: gee thaaannnnkkkss


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: so what happened??


Invisabitch <3: yeah mido what did you do this time


SmallMight: since when is this an interrogation


SmallMight: I don’t like thisss


SmallMight: id like to turn this around and ask why Todoroki is with Kacchan??


IcyHotPainRelief: He, Kirishima, and Denki are teaching Iida how to play Mario Cart. I’m just giving them a play by play because their phones keep going off


We’reSoaringFLYING: Sounds fun!! Can I join


IcyHotPainRelief: hold please


IcyHotPainRelief: Kirishima and Denki differ to Bakugou


IcyHotPainRelief: Bakugou says whatever


IcyHotPainRelief: Kirishima says that’s Bakugou for yes


We’reSoaringFLYING: Ah Awesome!!!


Invisabitch <3: Who’s winning


IcyHotPainRelief: Kirishima


IcyHotPainRelief: Bakugou is in Second


IcyHotPainRelief: Iida is doing surprisingly okay for learning how to play a few minutes ago


IcyHotPainRelief: he’s in 4th place


IcyHotPainRelief: Kaminari is doing his best


IcyHotPainRelief: he started in eighth place and is still in eighth


SmallMight: oof


Bakubitch: ha I won


Bakubitch: because im the fucking best


ElectricAvenue: ok boomer


Invisabitch <3: do you want to die??


ElectricAvenue: um yea?? That’s like the goal


We’reSoaringFLYING: ….


We’reSoaringFLYING: Kami should we talk???


ElectricAvenue: yall asked


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: the school has a free therapist Kami


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: maybe you should take advantage of it


ElectricAvenue: um I don’t like this convo


SmallMight: tough


SmallMight: I didn’t know we had a therapist at school!!




SmallMight: I could think of someone else who could use one


IcyHotPainRelief: hello


SmallMight: think about it?


IcyHotPainRelief: I have


IcyHotPainRelief: the answer is just no


SmallMight: that’s a shame because that’s the wrong answer


IcyHotPainRelief: what a shame


SmallMight: you need to talk to someone Shoto


SmallMight: just give it a shot


IcyHotPainRelief: I don’t want to. I have no issues and no trauma to speak of


SmallMight: Is that so?


SmallMight: Kaminari don’t think ive forgotten about you


SmallMight: I have to handle something right now


ElectricAvenue: fuck


ElectricAvenue: ignore me pls


ElectricAvenue: go back to flirting with todo pls


SmallMight: kaminariji


SmallMight: iwasntn


SmallMight: look we weerent flirting okayd


IcyHotPainRelief: what a shame


SmallMight: shut it


SmallMight: Todoroki your going to see the counselor


SmallMight: they happen to be free right now


IcyHotPainRelief: Make me


Invisabitch <3: ,,,,


ElectricAvenue: ,,,,


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: ,,,,


We’reSoaringFLYING: ,,,,


ExhaustPipe: ,,,,


We’reSoaringFLYING: oh fuckkkk


We’reSoaringFLYING: T O D O R O K I


Bakubitch: that was the highlight of my whole fucking day


Tails: I heard a crash what the hell happened???


We’reSoaringFLYING: ill types read up Ojiro pleaseee


We’reSoaringFLYING: so me Iida Kaminari, Katsuki Kirishima and Todoroki all in the game room and we were choosing the next game while above is gpinh on and you see that silence


We’reSoaringFLYING: my best friend walks in like the god he is


We’reSoaringFLYING: Katsuki doesn’t even get the chance to yell at Deku before Todoroki is picked up off his spot on the couch and thrown over Mido shoulder. Keep in mind while picturing this Deku is tiny. A strong boy, but tiny.


We’reSoaringFLYING: So Todorki is throwing a fit but Deku just


We’reSoaringFLYING: leaves with him


Tails: hhhhhhhhhhh


Invisabitch <3: im glad im at least not alone in that one babe


Invisabitch <3: now


Invisabitch <3: Kami go to therapy


ElectricAvenue: the whole damn class needs it and your going to single my ass out


Invisabitch <3: yes


Invisabitch <3: I am


Tails: hey babe


Tails: if it worked for Todoroki do you think it would work for Kaminari??


ElectricAvenue: ???


Invisabitch <3: ??


Invisabitch <3: !!!!


Invisabitch <3: Its time Kaminari


ElectricAvenue: what


Invisabitch <3: who can fulfill the deed




ElectricAvenue: what are we talking about


Invisabitch <3: Why didn’t we do this sooner


We’reSoaringFLYING: suspense??




We’reSoaringFLYING has added InsomniaCookies to [Mistakes Were Made]



ElectricAvenue: !!!!



ElectricAvenue: BAAABBBEE


ElectricAvenue: Wait


ElectricAvenue: fuck


ElectricAvenue: Babe???


ElectricAvenue: oooohhhh


ElectricAvenue: those are dirty tactics Toru


ElectricAvenue: but heres the thing


InsomniaCookies: hold up pause please


ElectricAvenue: :) oki


InsomniaCookies: who, what, when, where, why, and how


Invisabitch <3: um I mean this is all of class 1-A


ExhaustPipe: sorry to interrupt but no Mineta is not here






Invisabitch <3: Anyway this is a groupchat


We’reSoaringFLYING: think it got made about a month ago by yours truly


Invisabitch <3: umm here ig??


We’reSoaringFLYING: I made it to help us connect


Invisabitch <3: and theres an app for it ;)


InsomniaCookies: Thank you that was riveting


InsomniaCookies: can we take it from the why again and make it more specific thanks


We’reSoaringFLYING: oooohhh ok


We’reSoaringFLYING: we want you to tell Kaminari to go to Therapy


Invisabitch <3: and Uraraka has your contact information


InsomniaCookies: lmao


InsomniaCookies: ok I know what your going to say


InsomniaCookies: go ahead and unpause Denki


ElectricAvenue: like lmao good joke


ElectricAvenue: Hitoshi is the last person in the fucking world with any fucking right to tell me to go to therapy


InsomniaCookies: Im going to come over there and kick your tiny blonde ass


ElectricAvenue: do it pussy


ElectricAvenue: and bring over your laptop


InsomniaCookies: you only want me for my Netflix account


ElectricAvenue: Babe you weren’t supposed to find out this way


InsomniaCookies: hold on im omw


SexTape: you know  


ElectricAvenue: Sero no


BubbleGumBitch: I mean we don’t have permission but its just a thought


InsomniaCookies: am I supposed to feel threatened


GayRock: oh no nononon no no


GayRock: trust me dude


GayRock: youll know when were threatening you


InsomniaCookies: oh?


ElectricAvenue: Guyssss nooooooo




Bakubitch has kicked ElectricAvenue for one hour



PunkLesbian: Our orders your majesty?


Bakubitch: Pikachu does not leave his room


PunkLesbian: Momo has handled it


Bakubitch: excellent


Bakubitch: now bring me him alive


Bakubitch: do you know why its called a shovel talk troll doll




InsomniaCookies: ….


InsomniaCookies: no


InsomniaCookies: sir?


Bakubitch: because a shovel is they only thing I will allow them to use if you hurt him.


Bakubitch: Because a quirk would just be so impersonal


InsomniaCookies: I


InsomniaCookies: see


Bakubitch: why don’t you join us for dinner




Chapter Text


[Mistakes Were Made]





ElectricAvenue: im back bitches!


IcyHotPainRelief: I am as well


IcyHotPainRelief: with weekly therapy appointments


SmallMight: good


SmallMight: @literally any of the Bakusquad is Shinsou alive


InsomniaCookies: sup


SmallMight: are you


SmallMight: good?


InsomniaCookies: good is a relative term


InsomniaCookies: im definitely traumatized


InsomniaCookies: im pretty sure I sold my soul


InsomniaCookies: and surprising Bakugou is not the person im most afraid of


IcyHotPainRelief: who is the one you most afraid of


GayRock: :)


GayRock: im not gonna let this guy hurt my bro


Invisabitch <3: Oh?


SexTape: Kirishima’s protective father mode has been activated


ElectricAvenue: guys pleeeeeeeeaaaassseee


SexTape: Kirishima has released him


BubbleGumBitch: guys if the Bakusquad minus lover boy over there went out to watch a movie who would come with


Invisabitch <3: I woulllddd


SmallMight: Me and Todo would go


IcyHotPainRelief: I mean I didn’t have any say in this but I suppose


SmallMight: shshhhhs shhshs shhhhh


Bakubitch: im not sitting next to you


Bakubitch: not with this fucking movie


Bakubitch: in fact I want you as far away as humanly fucking possible from me


ExhaustPipe: what movie is it??


Bakubitch: the new superhero action movie whatever


Bakubitch: Shitty hair whats to see it


ExhaustPipe: yes I understand your position


SmallMight: Iidaaaa


IcyHotPainRelief: Midoriya youre kind of terrible to watch hero movies with


GayRock: HEY


GayRock: id like to jump in and say that Bakugou is just as excited for this movie as I am


Bakubitch: shut the fuck up shitty hair


Bakubitch: is don’t know what your talking about


Bakubitch: fucking liar dumbass shit


BubbleGumBitch: ah young love


Bakubitch: die


ExhaustPipe: I think I would also like to join this outing


ExhaustPipe: I would also like to not be seated by Midoriya


SmallMight: this is rude


SmallMight: I feel attacked


Bakubitch: good


SmallMight: :(


BubbleGumBitch: @PunkLesbian you coming


PunkLesbian: I guess


GayRock: Ok so that’s Me Bakubro mina sero jiro Mido Todoroki Hagakure and Iida


GayRock: did I miss anyone??


PunkLesbian: no you did get this Aizawa approved right


GayRock: Sorta


SmallMight: ill take sorta

SmallMight: when do we leave


PunkLesbian: lets all meet up in 20 at the entrance






[Mistakes Were Made]






Yaomomo: assuming the commotion I hear downstairs I hear is the group from the outing


Yaomomo: how was you guys’ movie?


SmallMight: disappointing


Yaomomo: I see


Yaomomo: I’m sorry about that


GayRock: its chill it wasn’t that bad


GayRock: it just wasn’t good


PunkLesbian: mido is just=t the most disappointed by that




SmallMight has changed Yaomomo name to Yaomom




Yaomom: I see


Yaomom: thank you I hate it


SmallMight has changed the title of this chat to Thanks I Hate it




IcyHotPainRelief: excuse him hes wallowing in self pity


SmallMight: no im not go away


BubbleGumBitch: ill be honest this is more entertaining than the movie was



SnowWhite: im glad you had a good time because I haven’t


ElectricAvenue: Koda im so sorry


InsomniaCookies: im not


InsomniaCookies: you hit me in the back of the head with a box of condoms


InsomniaCookies: were even as far as im concerned


BubbleGumBitch: whatttt


SnowWhite: I am disgusted, I am revolted


ElectricAvenue: Koda ily pls stop exposing me here


GayRock: what happened?


InsomniaCookies: I mean what normally happens when teenagers are left alone


PunkLesbian: disgusTANG


InsomniaCookies: yea yeah sorry


InsomniaCookies: but that did not give you THE RIGHT








SnowWhite: oh


SnowWhite: I woke up my bunny


BubbleGumBitch: remember what I said eerier about this being more entertaining than a movie


BubbleGumBitch: lemme get some popcorn


Bakubitch: let me join you


SnowWhite: @Dadzawa


Dadzawa: what


SnowWhite: dad


Dadzawa: what


SnowWhite: I want a new room


ElectricAvenue: ITS NOT THAT DEEP


ElectricAvenue: K O D A



WhenIWas: What a mad banquet of darkness


ElectricAvenue: YOU SHUT UP


Dadzawa: since when are you two dating??


InsomniaCookies: um since like a week ago


Dadzawa: Hitoshi what did I tell you


InsomniaCookies: don’t date a loud blonde


Dadzawa: and what are you doing


InsomniaCookies: dating a loud blonde


Dadzawa: glad we have that sorted


Dadzawa: hold


PresentMom: yes?? You called


WhenIWas: did he


PresentMom: yes he screamed at me to check the problem childrens group chat


InsomniaCookies: love that for you dad


PresentMom: alright kiddos Hitoshi and denki leave the door open


PresentMom: Koda you doont need a new room its fine


PresentMom: cool? Cool glad we had this talk


IcyHotPainRelief: Sir


Dadzawa: yes


IcyHotPainRelief: Mr. Aizawa sir


Dadzawa: what do you want


IcyHotPainRelief: youre a liar


Dadzawa: oh jesus


Dadzawa: problem child come collect you boyfriend


Dadzawa: don’t care I see you typing that hes not your boyfriend


Dadzawa: just come collect him okay


SmallMight: yes sir



Chapter Text

[Pining Idiots Anonymous]




IcyHotPainRelief: were back


IcyHotPainRelief: its time


IcyHotPainRelief” b cim gay and I need to tell someone about it


GayRock: yes?


IcyHotPainRelief: hand


GayRock: hand?


IcyHotPainRelief: hands


IcyHotPainRelief: izuku’s hand


IcyHotPainRelief: in my hand


IcyHotPainRelief: He’s holding my hand


IcyHotPainRelief: and like arms


IcyHotPainRelief: hes small and v strong


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: does anyone else miss the time before Kaminari taught Todo how to text


ElectricAvenue: Gay


GayRock: Kami idk how to break this to you


GayRock: but


GayRock has added InsomniaCookies to Pining Idiots Anonymous



ElectricAvenue: !!!!



ElectricAvenue: BAAABBBEE


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: I feel like we’ve don’t this before


IcyHotPainRelief: definitely


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: anyway todo youre gay?


IcyHotPainRelief: ah right


InsomniaCookies: what is this?


IcyHotPainRelief: quiet im gay


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: I hadn’t noticed


IcyHotPainRelief: so im in the nurses office rn


IcyHotPainRelief: bc me and Izuku were sparring and I did not do the right thing. I don’t really remember what happened I just wake up


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: strong start


InsomniaCookies: quiet hes gay


IcyHotPainRelief: and Izuku is carrying me to the nurse and he asks me if im good and im obviously not but I say I am anyway


Yaomom: doing great sweetie


IcyHotPainRelief: and he sets me down in recovery girls office and holds my hand and like apologizes for something. Maybe he’s the reason I have a concussion but I don’t really care


ElectricAvenue: how romantic Shinsou wanna give me a concussion


InsomniaCookies: why not sounds like a fun date to the ER


GayRock: if Katsuki had given me a concussion he would have left me there


ElectricAvenue: bs


ElectricAvenue: if Katsuki had given me a concussion hed leave me there. If he gave you a concussion hed silently panic umtil Mido tells him what to do



InsomniaCookies: tea


IcyHotPainRelief: anyway were going out today and Shinsou you have to join us now


InsomniaCookies: why


IcyHotPainRelief: because im not sure how to deal with my emotions or trauma and this is my therapy space bc my father believes therapy is for the weak.


IcyHotPainRelief: so I waste his money at the mall


InsomniaCookies: cool im broke so I probably wont buy anything


GayRock: lmao


ElectricAvenue: baby he wont let you pay for shit.


ElectricAvenue: where do you think my name brand stuff is from


ElectricAvenue: certainly not my parents.


ExhaustPipe: if we are leaving as a group again I may need help with choosing clothes again Kaminari.


ElectricAvenue: I gotchu


ElectricAvenue: bby im dressing like a thot so I need you to go choose my outfit and then choose your outfit based off that


InsomniaCookies: yeah okay


Yaomom: I wont let you pay for my things Sho


IcyHotPainRelief: your really going to fight me on this?


Yaomom: yes I am






[Thanks I Hate it]






IcyHotPainRelief: were leaving


ExhaustPipe: please do not cause any property damage or commit violence against your classmates


ElectricAvenue: Iida im about to commit violence against you if you don’t hurry up


ExhaustPipe: I apologize I’m coming now


InsomniaCookies: Babe you look like a hoe


ElectricAvenue: be like that sometimes


InsomniaCookies: please just


InsomniaCookies: put on pants


ElectricAvenue: nope


InsomniaCookies: this isn’t a fight im going to win


GayRock: no probably not


TheFrenchiestFry: mon ami what are you wearing that is causing your boyfriend such distress.


ElectricAvenue: something he picked and is now regretting


ElectricAvenue: he wanted me to dress like a hoe so I am


InsomniaCookies: please I changed my mind


SmallMight: where are you going


SmallMight: shoto you had a concussion 30 minutes ago


SmallMight: you should be in bed


IcyHotPainRelief: I should also be in therapy


SmallMight: shoto please


IcyHotPainRelief: can I offer you some Gucci slides


SmallMight: nO


IcyHotPainRelief: hm


IcyHotPainRelief: can I offer you a limited edition Gucci allmight bag


SmallMight: no I really just want you to take care of yourself


InsomniaCookies: that’s sweet cause id sell Denki to satan for a single corn chip


ExhaustPipe: alright im ready


ExhaustPipe: Its alright Midoriya. I promise we’ll take care for him diligently


SmallMight: last time you all went to the mall you lost Kaminari.


GayRock: really be like that sometimes


GayRock: byeeeeeeee






[Pining Idiots Anonymous]



Pining anon ElectricAvenue ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog GayRock ExhaustPipe IcyHotPainRelief



Yaomom InsomniaCookies


Yaomom: imma do it


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: I believe in you


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: be the first one to actually confess


GayRock: we support you momo!!!


InsomniaCookies: AHHHH yes momo youll do great -Kami


InsomniaCookies: do any of you have Denki’s Phone?


GayRock: Nah bro sorry


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: Maybe he left it at the dorm


InsomniaCookies: probably thanks anyway


ExhaustPipe: Todoroki and I have lunch


Yaomom: were where you left us




[Thanks I Hate it]






ExhaustPipe: Classmates for reference Kaminari has lost his phone. Have any of you seen it??


Sextape: no sorry


BubbleGumBitch: Ah no wonder I couldn’t contact him.


ExhaustPipe: he sends his apologies




ElectricAvenue has added Mineta Minoru to the Thanks I Hate it


Mineta Minoru has changed Mineta Minoru to GrapeJuice

GrapeJuice: so this is why you guys are always on your phones





Chapter Text


SmallMight has added Invisabitch <3, PunkLesbian, Sextape, BubbleGumBitch, and 9 others to This isn’t Going to Last Long but here





SmallMight: I don’t want to bother those that are like out right now, but im concerned


SmallMight: Mineta’s been quiet.


SmallMight: And im don’t really wanna say much cause it would be wrong to assume. But given his nature.


SmallMight: I Worry


We’reSoaringFLYING: don’t worry I agree


BubbleGumBitch: with both statements



SmallMight: All of them deserve to have a nice day out


Sextape: icant believe that little purple bitch stole Kami’s phone


Invisabitch <3: I cant believe you just became Bakugou there for a moment their Sero


Sextape: The Bakusquad is good at channeling our inner Bakubro


BubbleGumBitch: We really are


BubbleGumBitch: None of us are really good at being aggressive on our own


BubbleGumBitch: Bakubabe controls all the anger of the Bakusquad


PunkLesbian: That and the brain cell.


PunkLesbian: but back on topic


PunkLesbian: the silence is unnerving








[Thanks I Hate it]






GrapeJuice: Since yall are assholes and didn’t want me in you groupchat ill be the bigger person and drop some knowledge


Bakubitch: We don’t want it


Bakubitch: did you steal Pikachu’s phone you fucking creep


GrapeJuice: no she left it in the Kitchen


GrapeJuice: which leads me to what im about to say


Grapejuice has sent an image



Grapejuice has sent an image


BubbleGumBitch: woah what the fuck is wrong with you



Grapejuice: figured you all would want to know that Kaminari is a liar and is actually a girl


Grapejuice: I heard she was dating Shinsou and im surprised he lets her dress up like that


Grapejuice: id never let my woman


Bakubitch: and its shit like this that makes it so youll never have anyone


Bakubitch: take that down right fucking now


SmallMight: jesus Christ Mineta I just got here delete that


Grapejuice: why


SmallMight: oh idk




BubbleGumBitch: Holy fuck is that in my room???


BubbleGumBitch: How the hell did you get that


Tails: Mineta you had absolutely no right what is wrong with you


Grapejuice: Midoriya you shouldn’t talk


Grapejuice: your hitting on another guy you just a disgusting as she is


Grapejuice: honestly if she wasn’t hiding her body all the time I’d be pretty attracted to her


Tails: don’t say that about either of them


Bakubitch: where are you im gong to find you and kill you


We’reSoaringFLYING: omg what the hell


We’reSoaringFLYING: @Everyone if you can don’t load the picture Mineta sent!!


Grapejuice: im just sharing the truth


PunkLesbian:  Wasn’t your truth to share


Sextape: Me and Bakugou have Mineta. He is restrained and lucky he’s not dead


We’reSoaringFLYING: thank you for doing gods work


Sextape: @Dadzawa @PresentMom


Dadzawa: What’s going on


We’reSoaringFLYING: Mineta is a disgusting fucking pervert.


BubbleGumBitch: disgusting fucking pervert with a camera in my room


BubbleGumBitch: I just found it



BubbleGumBitch: god


Dadzawa: Okay can you elaborate


Dadzawa: Uraraka said not to load the picture so im not going too


PunkLesbian: It’s a two pictures of Kaminari getting dressed. And because he’s trans and is putting on his binder in the photos you can see his breasts



PresentMom: has anyone heard from those at the mall since iida texted


SmallMight: no


ExhaustPipe: Oh dear…


ExhaustPipe: With no insult mean to my friend. I did not wish to see that


SmallMight: nvm he’s here


ExhaustPipe: should I alert Kaminari?


PresentMom: Yes please and keep him out of the school. Enjoy your shopping trip and maybe go to lunch idc just don’t take him back to the school yet


ExhaustPipe: yes sir


InsomniaCookies: Can I come back to the school to commit murder


Dadzawa: No Shinsou stay with your boyfriend hell need you for moral support.


GayRock: We’ll stick with Kami. Bakugou Sero Mina I want his head


Bakubitch: Way ahead of you


PresentMom: Bakugou no


InsomniaCookies: Bakugou yes


InsomniaCookies: my boyfriend is in tears


InsomniaCookies: yall are lucky im out and not there because otherwise id be expelled


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: Todoroki doesn’t know how to comfort people but is trying his best and has gotten Kaminari his favorite ice cream which he is angry crying into


ThePrincessButAlsoTheFrog: Kami is a tough cookie he might murder Mineta himself




[Thanks I Hate it]






Dadzawa: Kaminari youre back correct?


ElectricAvenue: yes sir


Dadzawa: do you plan to press charges


ElectricAvenue: I mean idk probably not


ElectricAvenue: that requires a lawyer and my parents would probably agree with what he did so


ElectricAvenue: probably not


Dadzawa: would you press charges if I could provide the lawyer


ElectricAvenue: yeah


Dadzawa: alright


Dadzawa: Listen up everyone. Mineta has been placed in a lock down in his home. UA will be pressing charges on behalf Ashido and Kaminari for stalking, sexual harassment, and child pornography.


Dadzawa: Mic has turned over his phone to the police so they can use that as evidence. Long story short, this isn’t going to be a fun ride for him.


Dadzawa: Girls please check your rooms for cameras see Ashido for reference on what they may look like