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I’d buy all the stars in the sky for you

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It had been a month since derry and Richie was, well Richie was miserable. It’s not like anything had even changed much since the events of his fucked up trip home but what he did realize was just how sad his life was. He woke up, sat at home, occasionally was sent sets of jokes by his manager to “approve”, although he had little say in it anyway, and all in all Richie was lonely.

Since he was reminded he ever had friends he noticed how much he had lacked them in his adult life. Sure he spoke to the people he worked with and he recalled having some friendly relationships in that one year of college he went to before he dropped and headed west, but other than that, if Richie had been asked a little over a month ago who his best friend was he wouldn’t have had an answer to give. Of course the losers still talked to him. Everyday in fact. at first it had been out of fear that they’d end up forgetting each other again but when it became clear that wouldn’t be happening this time around, they kept calling, much to richie’s relief. But that didn’t make him any less aware of how empty his house was all the time and how he longed for people to laugh with him in person and even though he tried not to think about it often longed for.. other types of relationships as well, specifically with a certain hypochondriac in particular.

That’s another thing derry had reminded him of, apperantlly Richie was gay. He always had the vague idea but repression was what Richie Tozier did best and he’d be damned if he was about to loose what he believed to be his only skill. He could have gone his whole life ignoring it, that is if it weren’t for Eddie. Eddie Kaspbrak, the one and only person Richie can ever remember being totally whipped for. At the age of 12 richie had realized that eddie was probably the cutest person he had ever seen and at the age of around 15 he had realized that Eddie was the first person he would ever feel love for, not that he didn’t try denying it, he did, but in the end he couldn’t deny how he’d practically melt whenever eddie so much as smiled in his direction. Almost 3 decades later and apperentally nothings changed.

That’s why when richie heard a knock on his door at 2:30 in the morning, he wasn’t even mad at how ridiculously inconsiderate the person on the other side of the door was being, if anything he was relieved that finally something interesting would be happening in his mundane life. When the person on the other side of the door turned out to be eddie, staring up at him with big brown eyes and a wild expression, that’s when richie was caught off gaurd.

“hey earth to richard are you gonna let me in or should I camp out on your steps?”

“Eddie what the actual fuck? it’s two in the fucking morning!”

“yeah and?! it’s not like i had anywhere else to go”

His voice got quieter at that last part because he knew as well as richie did that he did in fact have other people he could have gone to, 4 of them in fact, but he chose richie .

“Eddie I live in california, that’s more than a hop and a skip from.. where is it that you live? city of prissy suits and boring jobs?”

“just shut up, let me in or i’m whacking you with my heaviest carry on”

“oh so that’s what you call your handbags?”

Eddie shoved richie hard enough to make him loose some balance, at that he smirked.

“woah woah alright welcome to casa tozier, wheezys welcome”

Eddie rolled his eyes “very funny”

Eddie walked in, put his loads of shit down and surveyed the area. This made Richie weirdly self concious like Eddie was gonna somehow notice how pathetic he was by just taking a look at his home.

“i’m surprised”

Richie was taken out of his trance of self pity “what?”

“it’s cleaner than i thought it’d be” he grinned at Richie. Richie grinned back

“well as nice as you coming to my house in the middle of the night to tell me what a good job my maid does is, can you please explain to me what the fuck youre doing here?”

Eddie looked down, he seemed nervous. about what? Richie didn’t have a single guess.

“I um.. I left myra” he looked up at richie with a completely different expression than the grin he had on a minute ago. This one was softer, more vulnerable.

“okay well uh that’s good?” Richie didn’t really know what to say.

“yeah it is” he smiled a little, not a happy smile, but not exactly sad either “you know ever since I left derry I realized how fucked up marrying myra was” he bagan pacing “i mean the woman is a total nut-job richie, she won’t even let me brush my teeth before disinfecting my toothbrush first”

“sounds familiar”

“shut the fuck up im not like that rich, i’m not” he sounded mad

“hey just a joke eds” eddie glared at him “and I was actually talking about your mother not you”

“what’s my mommy” he shook his head “mom, got to do with this?”

richie was holding back a laugh “mommy?”

“you know what rich just fucking forget it, can I stay here tonight or not?”

He was motioning to grab his things as if to leave, which in Richie’s opinion was pretty stupidly dramatic because they both knew Richie wouldn’t ever in a million years let him sleep on the streets.

“Eddie wait” he grabbed at the shorter mans wrist “i’m sorry okay, you wanna talk about it?”

Eddie looked up at Richie and decided that he really didn’t want to talk about it. He didn’t want to talk about how every time he looked at myra ever since he was reminded of what his life in derry had been like, all he could see was his mother and her lies. Eddie had a sneaking suspicion that what his mother did to him could be considered some form of abuse and even though it was too late to do anything about it now, he didn’t like being reminded of it every time myra told him what to do. He didn’t like being reminded of the pills and of the confinement to his room whenever he so much as sneezed as a kid. He had finally gotten away and for some reason was dumb enough to go right back to being in the same situation, except this time he was legally binded “till death do us part” he wanted to gag.

Richie shook his shoulder “hey eddie zoned out much?”

Being reminded of how shitty his life was made Eddie want to cry and so he did the only logical thing, he threw himself into riches arms and shut his eyes

Richie stiffened, he didn’t know what to do until he realized he should probably stop being the biggest fucking idiot on the planet and hug Eddie back.

“I missed you eds” he tried his best to lean into eddies hair without him noticing. it smelled like laundry detergent, that made Richie smile

Eddie tightened his grip ”its only been a month you know” he smiled into the crook of Richie’s neck “but I missed you too idiot”