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Code's POV

    Ripping her arms from behind her back, I glared intensely at my twin sister. Why does she get all the attention!? All because she's antivirus!? I'm just a virus, I cause harm. She always has to rub that in my face. She stood up weakly and I force her down with magic.

    I snap back into reality and see the lime blood lighting up the moonlit grass.  I screamed and clutched my skull. *play premonition* Digital bars around my eye socket glowed red, fading back to the normal color of lime as the digital bars on my coat and the holographic straps on my jacket that was glitching out returned to 1010101 and faded back to blue. 

   Looking at the defigured body of my sister, I knelt and helped her up. The lime blood dripped down onto my hands.  A faint glow was on my leg looking down I saw red. I gently put her down and I touch the new digital bars on my knee. 

    Breathing heavily, I brought out a template of me. I tap on my right leg and zoom in only words that stood out was error. My eye sockets went black. This was it... I thought as lime tears fell. I glanced at my sister looking away, I ran.  

   Just keep running Code...

  Don't stop running...

  Just don't look back...

  Cipher...I'm sorry...

 OH GOD I'M SORRY!! *Stop  premonition*

  "CODE! WAIT!!" shouted a familiar voice. I stopped and looked around to be in a forest.  A noise came from behind me.

    Turning I get ready for attack. I lowered my arms upon seeing familiar skeletons.

    "Calm's just us..." said one of them, she smiled as I teared up once again. 

    "It's ok bud...we aren't gonna hurt you..." said another with red and purple pinpricks. 

  "You're safe now..." said the third one as he reached his hand out.

   I broke down and hugged the girl crying.

  "Oh god...what have I done Lux?!" I cried out as she hugged back the fire purple-haired skeleton just said nothing and patted my skull. 

  The other two (Taipan and Abyss) joined in as my cries echoed throughout the woods. 


   A few months later, I was out in the forest in a place I called home. I started to walk back to the cabin as I was making a flower crown for fun. I entered and I see Taipan casually flirting with Lux. Abyss waved to me and I smiled waving to him. 

     Abyss smirked at me. 

    "Wanna f*ck up their moment?" he asked, I smirked and nodded. 

   I picked up a bottle of water and teleport behind Taipan and dumped it on him. The skeleton screamed and jumped up.

 "WHAT THE F*CK CODE!?" shouted Taipan as  I began to laugh. 

 Smirking, I poked him in the cheekbone.

"Aw did ya get a wet spot from talking to your girlfriend~"  I teased pointing to the water that spoiled over his area, Taipan blushed purple and tackled me.

  "SHUT UP A$$HOLE!!!!" he shouts as we begin to slap fight. 

  Abyss twitched and sighed as he watches the two catfight. Lux, on the other hand, was giggling as she saw the boys fight. 

   "Ok quit it lovebirds.  You two can make out later." joked Lux. Code and Taipan blushed. 

   "SHUT UP LUX!!!" 

Months later~

    I sat outside near a pond that we found recently. I looked into the water and Azure's fishes. I smiled and put my fingerless gloved hand in.

   The fish swam around it confused. I chuckled, I pulled my hand out. The water sparkled as weeping willows draped into the pond. Frogs were croaking and hopping on lilypads. My digital bars glowed in happiness.

   I sighed the sight.

   "It is beautiful..." Said a voice. I jumped, getting my back arms out then I sighed of relief.

  "Oh! Hey Taipan!" I said as my back arms went back into my back.

   Taipan chuckled.

   "Did I scare you? Sorry, Digi." He said as he sat next to me.

   I blushed and looked away.

   "Stop calling me Digi!!! Also yes you did!" I answered not looking at him.

   I hear the skeleton groan.

  "Jeez. Quit being a baby Digi," he said, I refused to look at him. I hear a slight growl, I focused on the water. Then suddenly the world flipped and I was on the ground my head resting on a lap and I see Taipan smirking at me. "I like this~"

    Lime blush came across my cheekbones.

    "U-Um...H-hello there Taipan..." I shuttered out.

   Taipan chuckled at me smirk slightly raising.

   "Can't ignore me now huh?" He asked trimphly, I looked to the side and yawned. Noticing this, Taipan stop smirking and smiled "Sleep Digi. You need it."

   I closed my sockets hearing one last thing "Night my virus..."

Month Later ~

    Sitting with Lux on the roof of the cabin. We looked out into the night sky. I looked at the new moon as Lux sighed.

    "I wonder how Fear and Palette are..." Said Lux, I looked to her with sadness.

    "You three didn't have to follow me... you'd be with your family if you didn't..." I said Lux looked at me in shock.

     "You're our friend Code! Also, I think Taipan's low key is gay for you." She said, not hearing what she said the last part.

    Tilting my head, I blinked.

    "Sorry I didn't hear the last part.," I said Lux at the moment had a sharpen bone behind her and she was completely white.

    "NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL!" she shouted as she waved her hands frantically. I blinked at her in confusion. 

    "Uh...Ok...?" I said uncertainly as I tilted my head. Lux sighed of relief as the bone disappeared.  

   I look to the new moon once again. 

  "What is it like having two little brothers?" I asked as I continued to look at the moon. 

  Lux giggles.

 "It's interesting, especially since they like to pull pranks on me. One time Fear dumped water on me when I was sleeping!" she exclaims as she put her hands together. She then smiled even more "Palette one time decided to be a jerk and slatter paint all over my white dresses." 

   I turned my head and looked at surprised. 

  "Is that why your dress has red, pink, purple, and green splatters on it?" I asked with a  smirk. Lux looked down and twitched. 

   "TAIPAN AND ABYSSS!!" she shouts as Taipan and Abyss teleport away in fear. 

   I laughed and Lux pouted. 

  "You can kill them later!" I said as Lux sits down.

   Lux stayed quiet and I looked at her in concern. 

  "Lux...? you ok?" I asked she smiles sadly. 

   Lux then looked to the sky. 

  "Anything happens to me...promise me you'll protect Fear..." She said with a trusting look in her eye.

  I felt my pinpricks shrink as I heard those words. Protect...Fear? from what...?  I thought as Lux still starred at me. I feel my pinpricks return to normal. I nodded and smiled at her. 

   "I will...I promise"

 A year later~

    I walked among the trees as I worked on a monster. I tapped on the halographer, a machine to help communicate between us. I was working on the soul, seeing something coming near me first a blur and then an ax I grabbed it with one of my back arms. I pushed it back and got the others out.

   Clapping was heard and I chuckled as the back arms returned to my back. 

 "Seriously Abyss? Still with the sneak attacks?" I asked jokingly. I check the soul to see if it was ok then looked to Abyss. 

   Abyss put his hands behind his cracked skull and sighed. 

  "Can't help it Digi. I'm Horror's kid," he said a bone appeared behind him and he paled. Taipan appeared next to him. 

  Taipan had a scary look on his face. 

  "Did'chya just call him by my nickname for him?"  he asked with a smirk. Abyss laughed as he slowly backed away.

    "No...?" he asked as sweat fell from his head. 

   Taipan's purple and white eye glowed with his red and blue one.  Then suddenly a staff knocked him unconscious.
    "Sorry you two!" said Lux as she smiled at them. Abyss and I jumped back. Truthfully, outta everything in this forest Lux is scariest and Taipan is 2nd scariest.

   Lux left dragging an unconscious Taipan away. Abyss looked at me.

   "Jeez, she's scarier than changers...." Said Abyss as he shivered a bit. 

   I laugh and smile at him.

  "yea but she's just as sweet," I replied as Abyss blinked at me. 

  "You crushing dude? thought you were gay for my bro," he said as he puts his hands behind his head. I blushed lime green as I hit him with one of my back arms.

  My sockets were empty as I blushed. 

 "Shut the f*ck up. did you read my journal?" I asked.

  Abyss smirked and raised a journal that had my name on it. 

  "Ya mean this journal?" he asked smirking, I twitched and jumped on him, reaching for the journal.

  "GIVE IT!!" 

 "Hmm nah, " 


 " 'Dear diary, Taipan gave me flowers and even asked me to walk with him! He also decided to help me with something I was working on! I am so lucky to have such a good friend and crush!' HA SO YA DO LIKE TAIPAN" 


   "What the...what's project Note...?"

     I stop reaching out for the now opened journal and paled. Abyss looked at the rough sketch of a skeleton monster with a tail and purple digital bars on his jacket with the caption 'Project Note'. I climbed off Abyss and snatched the journal back.

   "It's just in case..." I said already knowing what he was gonna ask. 

  Abyss tilted his head and peeked over at the sketch.

  "In case of what..?" he asked as I looked to sketch. 

 "If we don't get out alive..."

Years later~

  I looked at the sleeping monster. I rest my hand on his forehead. Everything was up to him. They are gone.

    They disappeared ages ago. They went off leaving me. I will keep my promise to Lux. I will protect Fear Lux, for Taipan and Abyss' sake I'll protect Royal. I glanced at the piece of jewelry that rested on a neck of a broken statue.

    The necklace had pearls that connected rectangle pieces of metal with a smaller rectangler green gem in each of the rectangles. The only diamond shaped metal with a smaller diamond shaped red gem held a full moon piece which sat dormant without it's glow.

     I left the cave with the piece of jewelry. When I got far enough, I activated the sleeping monster. He has a new goal protect the necklace. She can't have the necklace, she made them disappear.
     My digital bars glowed slowly fading red. I'll save them and teach Fear & Royal the way of the forest. She won't take more from me.


   The memory of us talking on the roof came back.

   "Protect Fear...please..."

  I felt tears well up.


   A memory came into my mind of him teasing me about Taipan.

   "Take care of Royal for us...I trust you..."

    Lime green tears silently fell.


   The memory with Taipan sitting next to me at the pond and letting me sleep on him.

       "Take care my hacker. I will always be with you"

    I wiped the lime tears away. I teleported to the tallest tree and sat on the branch. I rest my skull on the tree.

    Take care...and be safe may Scythe be with you...



Code: Jeez...this is all about me?


Me: Yup!~


Code: man...I am depressed...


Me: heheheh anyways!!


Code: Next time On Fearverse!


Me: We meet a new person!


Code: Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out this piece of jewelry.


Me: Can we trust you? Or Can't we? Who is Note? Who is the characters?


Code: F*ck off.






Me: Hehe! See ya'll later!! Oooo Taipan fantasies!