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The Gentlemen's Gambit

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The people around them were stunned by the sight in front of them which was as gruesome as it was hopeful. A boy, no older than the U.A. students present, floated behind the fearsome king of shadows. Said king's heart palpated in his hand… which was currently extended through the man's chest. It was understandable that some people lost their last meal at the sight of it.


Merely hours ago, a team, consisting of All Might, Endeavor, Best Jeanist, Edgeshot, Gang Orca, Kamui Woods, Mt. Lady, Tiger & Gran Torino alongside the police force had attempted to destroy the League of Villains as well as rescue the kidnapped student known as Katsuki Bakugo.


They had divided into two groups; All Might, Edgeshot and Kamui Woods went for the Leagues hideout, while the rest went to a Nomu factory. Both attacks were decisive… were it not for the malicious presence of All For One, a presence so foul that it froze several pro heroes in fear, everything would have gone without a hitch..


He reached across space and brought his league to him, and then engaged in a battle with All Might, meeting the titan of a man blow for blow. Each strike blasting the air away from them while the ground cratered from the force of their exchange. Neither could go all out with allies present and yet the world itself still tumbled from the collateral their clashing.


“How pointless. Let's stop dwelling on heroism and start focusing on reality…the shock waves until now were simply to wear you out. I knew it would take much more than that to kill you.” the villain spoke as he looked at the weakened Hero. he stood on air above All Might and was not so subtly looking down on his opponent.


“In fact I have the instrument of your downfall here, my Heir, Izuku Midoriya, the villain called; Starbound!” with a gesture that made up for its simplicity with the sheer level of grandiose and magnificence in its long arc. He gestured to a boy, who’s face gave his youth away but whose body was hardened. The terror the heroes felt increased at the sight of him.


Standing at 5’9 with a rounded face, one that was steadily losing its Boyishness, even if the symmetrical freckles helped add to the childlike look he sported, framed by a short mess of fluffy dark green hair which stookup at odd angles, casting noticeably dark shadows onto itself.


He wore a dark green 3 piece suit, the jacket tight enough to hug his broad shoulders and thick arms. It was slightly open,allowing the waistcoat underneath to be seen, colored in the same shade as his jacket with only 4 buttons, the bottom one loose while the rest were done, making his white shirt visible. The only article missing was a tie.


On his legs were smart trousers that hinted at the powerful legs hidden beneath the tight fabric and his feet were adorned with oversized red boots with thick white soles, laced up to the top. But it was not his appearance that actually scared them, it was his aura - it spoke of power and battle, of skill and experience. This was the thing that terrified the heroes, a presence so potent that it dwarfed All For One’s.


“You know All Might, as much as you hate me, I think I probably loathe you more. I killed your master, sure, but you took away so much from me. Everything I tried to build. That's why I want you to suffer until your last breath and to die broken in disgrace FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SE-” the villain’s speech was cut off. Bringing us back to the present.


Izuku started to move as soon as the villain began to speak, taunting and degrading the hero. He sped behind the humanoid abomination and punched into his back, but his fist did not stop there. Instead, it continued through the skin, muscles and bones, emerging on the other side in a shower of blood and bone.


“Wh...why m-my s-son, Why?!” All For One asked in betrayal, he could literally feel all the Quirks he accumulated over the countless years slipping away from him, quickly being stolen by the boy now revealed to be his son. With each breath the once mighty villain’s life slipped away.  “Y-you we-were m-my...heir!” the ancient monster could not comprehend what was happening to him, that his own son would turn on him like this.


“Why? It's simple, I was never a Villain, no matter how much you tried you couldn’t corrupt me” the boy spoke coldly, a look of raw fury on his face and the sheer venom in his voice palpable to everyone listening. “And soon I’ll be able to undo some of the hurt you’ve caused” he growled.


Fear radiated off of him as he felt it, a pulling sensation of something leaving him, it was hauntingly familiar “m-My...q-q-Qui-uir-irks!” the villain cried as he hyper focused on the senstation. He tried to fight it, to pull the Quirks back, but his son was just too strong, both in body and in will. 


“Now perish All For One. Die alone knowing my mother and I are free. Die knowing I’ll stamp out the blight you’ve left on this world” he ordered before yanking his arm back through.  When his arm emerged he crushed the heart of the ancient evil. All For One’s century long reign of terror… was finally over, in the most appropriate of circumstances, his own son was the one to defeat him.


The myth of the shadow world, landed before the heroes still on sight. He spoke once more, a smooth voice devoid of the venom and ice that had been present before. “I’m not here to fight, reluctant or no, I was still a villain, but please ... There are some people whose Quirks I could return, starting with Miss Shiretoko’s” he pleaded with them.


Tiger allowed him to move forward and due to hovering around the pair he heard the whispered “Told you I’d get your Quirk back where it belongs Tomoko-san” the tone was so kind and gentle, that Tiger promised himself that he would see this young man freed. It was the least he could do for the young man whom had saved not only his friends body but her spirit to.


Very deliberately using the hand that was not coated in All For One’s gore, he placed his hand against her head, and to the outside world it took a few seconds but for Izuku it took an eternity to find Search and then herd the Quirk back to its rightful owner. “There” Izuku mumbled after he finished his task.


With his task done, Izuku presented his wrists and allowed himself to be taken into custody. Most of the present heroes were conflicted by this, was he not the terror of the shadows? Was he not the one whom had made over 400 people comatose? They left in confused and disgruntled silence.


It was a sombre drive to the police station, one filled with much thinking by all involved. For All Might it was a drive of shame; shame that he had failed Izuku and his mother so completely. For Tsukauchi the Truth Man it was one of contemplation; why had the heir of All For One turned on him? For Izuku himself it was one contentment; his decade long facade was over now.



To the surprise of many the league all turned themselves in, though few knew why and those who did were envious of Izuku for it, after all it was more than a little shocking to learn that the boy was a skilled enough lover to seduce and fuck the villainesses into defecting. It was something that did later cause complications for him, as unlike Izuku himself they had all committed various crimes.


Soon a deal was made, one that allowed Izuku to pursue his dream. It was spearheaded by Nezu and All Might as neither wanted Izuku to rot in jail, not after the young man had endured more hardship than men thrice his age but still retained the heart and soul of a hero, were able to use the reveal of Izuku's coma trick to lighten his sentence. 


2 years in Tartarus and a 5 year Hero Bar - Izuku was unable to hold a license for public Quirk use for this duration. Still Izuku didn't complain, took his meals and continued to grow. At 18 and a towering 6'4 with a boxers or martial artists build he left Tartarus and Starbound behind, burning the suit his villain persona had worn.


Of course his mother was present to greet him at the gate, she stood in a hero’s outfit; A form-fitting black dress, that showed off her curvaceous figure, with long sleeves, and four high-cut leg slits that show off her legs and mid shin black heeled boots (adding 3 inches to her height), though Izuku could see a set of dark green compression shorts. 


He was surprised but happy to learn his mother had become a hero, specifically, The Psionic Hero; Tatsumaki. Inko was more than happy to tell him why she'd decided to become a hero, something she'd never wanted to be before.



Bathed in ethereal green light, one Inko Midoriya floated in place, around her several large boxes swirled, each one outlined with green. She did not move, but all the boxes exploded away from her at speeds only the superhuman could follow. Each one coming to a sudden stop before hitting the wall - once more Inko had never moved.


During her time in captivity, Izuku having used his ability to copy Quirks; mimicked All For One - allowing him to copy Inko’s Quirk and then transfer it to her, only he was not practised into this skill, meaning that when he did he gave her 2 copies of her quirk plus an Energy absorption and stockpiling quirk.


Turning her from a someone who barely qualified as psychic to the strongest one in the world - this power was immediately suppressed by All For One by a quirk suppressing collar, to prevent her from killing him. A side effect of this was that she was not practised with her new strength, hence why she was training now.


“Well Done Mrs Midoriya, Well Done” came the squeaking voice of Nezu; the Mouse-Bear-Dog thing that headed the prestigious school known as U.A. “you’re almost at the level of control where you can go home, now we just need to make sure your first reflex to danger is….” the words faded out as Inko, in a burst of telepathic sensitivity, sensed a colossal wave of pain.


She would have been overwhelmed had it not been for one factor; she was a Mother with a son who had similar pain, pain she was unable to heal and comfort for over a decade. She reached out with her telekinesis and bent space, warping to the source of the pain, one Shoto Todoroki. Moving on instinct, she wrapped him in a hug; physically and telepathically.


The poor boy was confused at first, but that quickly gave way to the tidal wave of pain that exploded off of him. This was the first time in over a decade he had felt motherly affection, he threw himself into the embrace as ten years worth tears fell from his eyes. Inko cooed sweet nothings into his ear to help calm him.


Hours later, Inko grasping her newly discovered telepathic powers did three things; contact Mandalay or Shino Sosaki of the Wild Wild Pussy Cats, held a conversation with her Son and helped to calm and start the healing process of the boy in her arms. Though she was far from a master, Mandalay’s training allowed her to grow into quite the telepath - being able to train at the speed of thought was a boon.


“Well Miss Midoriya, shall I apply for a quirk license on your behalf?” Nezu asked her, projecting a thought her way, allowing her to sense it without his normal mental shields in place.


“Yes” was all he got back, but there was so much raw emotion in it that Nezu struggled briefly. Taking a moment to compose himself he began filling out the form, listing down her qualifications as well as Quirk. When it came to her hero name and epithet, she sent another telepathic message “The Psionic Hero; Tatsumaki”



Though it was with much less enthusiasm that he tracked down the Anti-All Might Nomu and stole back its Quirks… he needed to get Super Regen to give to All Might whom had started dating his mother. Inko was a woman of angelic patience, but she had needs, needs that All Might or Yagi Toshinori was unable to take care of in his skeletal form. Izuku’s face contorted into one of distinct discomfort  upon hearing his mother speak those words.


It was a thoroughly disgruntled and slightly traumatized Izuku that healed All Might to full strength, through giving him the aforementioned Super Regen as well as a copy of the original power stockpiling Quirk that All For One gave his brother. In a matter of hours the Symbol of Peace was not only back to full strength, he was even stronger.


Most would take joy in the act of revitalising the Symbol of Peace, and some part of Izuku did...but knowing that it was because of his Mother needing a sexually active partner made doing it bittersweet, he helped his hero… to fuck his mother. Needless to say, he spent the next several nights at Ochako’s, even half a city away, he could Feel the intensity of their lust as they furiously… got to know one another.


Speaking of Ochako, a flash of rage filled his mind at the situation she and several others had found themselves in. There was a reason he was so skilled in Telepathy; he had been using it to scan the minds of countless people, to find the weak and easily exploited. After all, they had to do it for one reason or another they had no choice, All For One loved these kinds of people the most.


This was how he had met Ochako Uraraka, her parents made just enough to put her through U.A. but just barely, then All For One swooped in and ruined it. He’d pressured the family on the sly, ever so subtly forcing them to spend more and more money of the U.A. savings, and from there well, like a benevolent god he’d invested in their business, getting Ochako into U.A. with a price of course.


It was simple things at first; classmate names, what they looked like and if they were her friends. Then it got worse, Ochako was then asked about Quirks, about how they fought, how they moved, how they thought. Then the USJ happened, and All For One gleefully told her of what would happen if she tried to uncover him, of what he could arrange to happen to her parents.


Of course Ochako was not the only one he blackmailed using Izuku, Momo’s Mother's old drug habit was reawakened and used to control Momo into giving weapons and armor to the villains. Minerva was almost convicted of sexual assault, Kyoka for assult and battery, and Doi was forced to provide them with power in exchange for her fathers medicine - if he didn’t take it his illness could progress further than treatable.


Each one Izuku found and each one he helped All For One ensnare, helped him taint. The girls were all forgiving of him, they understood that Izuku himself was blackmailed into being a villain, that he did not have a choice in the matter. It caused a bond, and it was them who brought the idea of seducing the villains into switching sides.


He had been shocked to learn that because the girls had not committed any grave offences they had merely been under house arrest for a few months before they were allowed to once more train to become heroes. Though it had been a great relief to learn that they had not gone to prison because of him, because of the position he had put them in.


Still his mind lingered on his lovers, how half of them had been blackmailed into this life. This train then continued on, going to all the Yakuza members that Momo had run; for the most part they didn’t have a choice… choice, the word reverberated through Izuku’s mind. “What...What if I gave them a choice?” he asked as a smile spread across his face.


Izuku returned to the old dingy bar the league had used as a hideout, no one had bothered to repair or maintain it. His smile widened as he set about making calls; he needed a way to support himself and more importantly to give those whose circumstances had prevented them from attaining a job before a choice.


It went surprisingly fast, but soon the old dingy bar was transformed into a diner - a fairly high class one at that.  All those who had been blackmailed by All For One were now given the chance to work honestly, as well as it serving as a convenient place for those who hadn't been blackmailed to be put.


Twice or as he was now known as; Jin Bubaigawara manned the bar, alongside the buxmon form of Kurogiri. Spinner or Udzuki Iguchi was one of the waiters, while she wore an ordinary waitress dress during the day, she wore a ‘Sexy’ version of her villain costume at night. For the gimmick of Izuku’s dinner and bar was this - ‘Heroes and Villains’ or rather ‘sexy Heroes and Villains’.


Still with so many people from different walks of life, the dinner and bar was completed within only a few short months, merely days after its completion it was fully staffed and ready for customers. What was it called you may ask? 


“Oh Customers? Well, Welcome to The Gentlemen’s Gambit. What can we get you?”