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Another day... 

Another boring day. 

My name is Midoriya Izuku. 

I am 15 and I am single.

And I am also bi. 

Most people will think that being bi is great because you can choose a guy or a girl but no, it's not the easy.

This spring I have started high school. 

I wonder if someone will talk to me... 

Well expect for my 3 best friends Uraraka, Todoroki and Iida. 

They have been my friends since elementary school. 

But I would like someone... 

A boyfriend would be nice. 

Not that girls aren't but I just think that I would rather prefer a guy.

What kind of guy?

A tall, handsome, smart, imperfect guy. 

Who wants to spend time together. 

Who would be fine with fries and chocolate.

That type of guy. 

I have a very fun class now. 

We can just stat on the pc and play. 

The teacher doesn't really care

Hmm I wonder if I got the email with that game that I was supposed to get a notification on. 

But just as I entered I noticed something.


Someone forgot to log off. 

Can't remember what class was here before us.

Oh well... 

Let's see the username.



What the heck?

Who is this guy?

And here I thought that my userbame was wierd. 

Mine is HeroNerd1507.

I am a hero nerd and proud of it. 

And 1507 it's my birthday cause why not.

I should just log off. 

But I have an idea. 

How about I text this guy. 

Maybe he has the email app. 


HN1507: Hi! You forgot to log off when you had the pc class. I decided to tell you in case it happens again. Don't worry I didn't look at your email. Also are you a 9 grader as well? Maybe we can be friends ^^


I just hope it doesn't sound weird.

Maybe the guy won't even say anything.

Next is math. 

The chemistry came. 


And now is time to go home. 

The guy didn't say anything.

Maybe he really doesn't care.

Oh wait. 

My phone was on silence. 

I got an email!


LEM04: Hey nerd. Yeah thank I guess. I am also a fucking 9 grader and NO I don't need a shitty friend so fuck off!



I guess I was expecting too much.


A week later I sort of forgot about home but then I got an email. A pretty long one. 


LEM04: Hey I am telling you this because we don't even know each other so I feel a bit more comfortable to talk about it. If you don't wanna answer is fine. I have a problem... My fucking best friend is mad because I didn't tell him about why I canceled our "going out night". The thing is that I was feeling shitty because he was gonna bring his bf and it just reminds me how fucking single I am and that no one would want a fucking jerk like me. So yeah that's what happened. Any advice nerd?



Wait... Bf is boyfriend right?

Oh God. 

He likes guys!

Now I really wanna know who he is!

Hmm let's see what to write back.


HN1507: Hey! Well... I mean I do understand what you mean. Two of my best friends are dating and I feel sort of like I shouldn't be there. I am single and probably will never get a boyfriend since I am quite plain... So I get your problem. My advice is to be honest and tell your friend how you feel about this. I am sure he will understand ^^


I hope this helps.

Next day I got an email.


LEM04: Hey nerd... Your advice worked. He thought I had a problem with his bf. But now all is good. You are plain? Dude what the fuck? If the guy likes you he won't think that you idiot! So are you gay as well? 

HN1507: No. I am bi. But I do like boys more than girls. So you are gay. That is cool. Hope you find a nice guy ^^

LEM04: Yeah thanks... Hey wanna get to know each other? But here is the thing. Let's not see or even ask our names. I want to actually see if I can like someone like this. What do you think? 

HN1507: Yeah! Sure! Let's do that. How are we gonna call each other? I mean I know that I am nerd but you? 

LEM04: Pick something. 

HN1507: How about... Babe? 

LEM04: I know you want a bf but jeez keep it in your pants. 

HN1507: I was jocking! Tell me like a nickname you had. 

LEM04: Kacchan. But don't you there even try to figure out my name got it? 

HN1507: OK. It's cute! Kacchan then ^^ Tell me something about you Kacchan. 

LEM04: I like video games. 

HH1507: Me too ^^ Anything else? 

LEM04: Well... 


Kacchan and I have been talking now for almost 3 months. 

What I know until now is that he is taller than me, likes spicy food, wears usually black and is blonde. 

Kacchan knows that my hair is a dark color, that I like katsudon, that I am pretty short and that I wear pretty plain clothes.

But then something changed.


LEM04: Hey nerd! Let's talk! 

HN1507: OK. I am here. Tell me. 

LEM04: No dumbass. I mean on the phone. Here is my number. Call me in 5. 


Oh my God. 

No way! 

I am gonna hear his voice! 

I am a mess. 


Let's calm down. 

I put the number in my phone and saved it as Kacchan. 

Here we go. 

I just hope this really is his number... 



Hey! Kacchan... It's me. 

Yeah. I can tell. 

Why did you wanna talk on the phone? 

I was just wondering how you sound like. 

Oh... You sound quite hot. 









Oh really? You sound cute. Not as plain as I expected. 

That's mean... 

So what do you think about me? 

Well... You are interesting. I am definitly curious about meeting you. 

Me too. I bet you are cute as fuck and just have a self esteem problem. 

I bet you are pretty handsome. 

Yep. I am. 

And modest right? 



Fuck. Let's meet. I really wanna kiss you. 

Wait. R-Really? 

Yes. Meet me at the local park down the Sakura street in 15 minutes. If you get lost call me. 

Ok... See you there! 


Oh Lord. 

We are gonna meet! 


Where is that park? 

Oh here it is. 

I am nervous. 

There are a few people here. 

Kacchan is blonde and taller than me. 

I see a few blonde guys. 

Maybe I should call him... 


I see a tall and blonde guy waiting on a bench. 

Oh he is handsome. 

He has spiky blonde hair and looks a bit angry? 

Is that him? 

Maybe I shouldn't say anything. 

He is most likely going to be like oh you really are plain or something like that. 

I started to look down and then the phone rang. 

I decided to hide and answer. 


Hey Kacchan... 


I know and I am sorry but-

Did you see me? 

I think so... 

Look... Even if I am not what you expected you could at least say something. 

I am just nervous! 

Oh really? So am I stupid! 

Can you come and find me? 



I turned to look at the spiky guy and he was gone. 

Maybe that wasn't him.

Is he even gonna find me? 

I did hide after all... 

I should just walk around. 

Five minutes passed. 

Maybe Kacchan left... 

My phone started to ring. 



... Why the fuck did you lie?! 

Lie? About what? I am still at the park! 

You really are fucking adorable...


Listen. You can just go home or I come and kiss you and make us boyfriends. What do you want? 

... Come here. 


And before I knew it I was turned around and kissed. 

It felt amazing. 

"Finally you damn nerd." 

In front was the spiky guy. 

I blushed. He really is Kacchan! 

"Hey Kacchan... I am sorry for not having the guts to talk to you." 

"It's fine. Fuck you are gorgeous. And I fucking mean it!" 

"You are very handsome! That is why I felt like you won't like me." 

"Bullshit. My name is Katsuki by the way. But you can still call me Kacchan. I don't mind." 

"I am Izuku. But nerd is fine." 

We both laughed. 

And them we just kissed again. 


An year and a half later Kacchan and I are still together. 

Except he is not here anymore. 

Kacchan decided to study abroad. 

We still talk every day but I still miss him. 

I am gonna move to America with him after high school.

Until then we will still see each other. 

Just not often.

Sometimes you find the right people by accident. 

And Kacchan and I are just that case. 

I am very happy that we found each other.