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Hoseok didn’t usually like bragging about things. However, he did take a selfish kind of pleasure in lording his awards over a certain Jeon Jungkook. Often, he wasn’t even that proud; it was an easy win or they didn’t deserve it. But Hoseok would do anything to win over Jungkook. He needed to be put into his place and Hoseok believed that he was in the correct position to do that.

Hoseok and Jungkook went to the same high school. Strangely enough, that’s not where most of their interactions took place. They were the heads of rival dance crews and that was more than enough to make them enemies. Hoseok had formed Neuron two years ago with a few of his friends. It was a bit of a joke until they actually started doing well. The line-up grew and changed and now Hoseok was the head of a troupe of nine. They went to competitions and placed in the top three most times.

After a year of Neuron, they were at a competition that they were almost guaranteed to win. Other opponents were shaky and poor and Hoseok was already booking reservations at his team’s usual pizza place. They didn’t even go to watch the other performances. The time came to announce the result and Hoseok was confident.

“And in first place… Bangtan Sonyeondan!” Hoseok froze. That was not the name he was expecting. That was not a name he had even heard of before. They must be rookies or amateurs. And as they stepped up onto the stage to collect their award, Hoseok saw that was exactly what they were. The leader didn’t look older than fourteen. What a cocky little prick.

And Hoseok was, of course, far more irritated when Jungkook joined his school the following year. They recognised each other and despised each other. Most times, Hoseok didn’t win for himself or his team; he won simply to beat Jungkook. The only problem was that Jungkook had similar ideas.

It was the morning after they had narrowly snatched a win from Bangtan and all of Hoseok’s team were taunting any of Jungkook’s troupe they could find. Hoseok was just relaxing, bathing in glory and smugness when one of his members approached him.

“Hyung, I was thinking about something. Why don’t we hold a dance-off, just us and them? We wouldn’t have to worry about any of the other teams; we’d just have to beat them,” Jimin told him. Hoseok thought this through for a second, a grin forming on his face.

“That is an excellent idea, Park Jimin. I’m gonna have to start paying you soon,” he joked and Jimin scoffed.

“You’d better. I’ve covered for two of the last three celebration dinners.”

Later at lunch, Hoseok found Jungkook and greeted him the only way he knew how. He shoved him so hard the boy almost fell over.

“Jeon! Dance-off.”

“Fucking hell… now?” Jungkook scowled and Hoseok shrugged.

“I was gonna say next Thursday but yeah, I could go for now. Get your crew,” he ordered, walking off to tell his group. He heard Jungkook let out a shrill whistle, summoning his team. Hoseok was somewhat jealous of that, wishing on some level that he could just do that and have Neuron at his side. But no. He had to use his stupid legs and walk to them like a normal person. Gross.

“Guys, freestyle dance-off against Bangtan. Right now,” he told the few who were gathered. There was a choral groan and moans of ‘my feet hurt’ and ‘I’m too tired for this’ and ‘I’m not ready’. Some followed and a few ran off to fetch the others. They walked to the middle of the playground where Jungkook and his six teammates were gathered.

“So, how are we doing this?” Jungkook huffed, jaw locked. Hoseok thought.

“One on one. I’ve got more people than you so I’ll use one to provide the beat and I guess one of yours will have to go twice. Everyone gets 32 beats each. Jun-ah! Give us a beat!” he called and Yeonjun immediately stepped to the side and started beatboxing quickly. Everyone chose their order and a few students gathered in a crowd. This had never happened before.

Hoseok and Jungkook were both going last. It only occurred to Hoseok around the 4th dancer that he had never actually seen Jungkook dance before. Not properly, at least. He had only seen him doing quick and brief run-throughs with his crew before contests. Other than that, he had prevented himself from watching Jungkook dance. It was dumb to be scared of him so Hoseok forced himself to focus.

The last of Neuron had performed with all of his energy and Hoseok congratulated him. Yeonjun stopped to take a breath before the final battle started. A lot of people were gathered now and they were giving the dancers a wide berth. As it turned out, lucky for them.

Yeonjun hyped up the crowd and started again, this time with a quicker, more complex beat. It took a second for Hoseok and Jungkook to adjust to it before Jungkook slid to the floor. Hoseok started counting subconsciously. Then Jungkook started dancing. An intricate floor routine and then a backward roll into a handstand, which he delicately flipped down from. Hoseok was literally in shock. That took so much control and muscle strength and Jungkook hadn’t even planned this. Hoseok refrained from complimenting Jungkook as much as possible but holy hell that was amazing.

He was so caught up with this skill that he only just noticed that Jungkook had four beats left. A jump, a spin and a hand through his hair and he was done. Most of the audience was smitten and Hoseok cracked his neck. He would get them back onside by doing what he did best. He danced.

Freestyle wasn’t Hoseok’s immediate strong suit but he was still good at it. Levels, twists, body rolls, hip thrusts, everything he could do in 32 beats to let him beat Jungkook. One tiny slip up. Right near the end, six beats to go, he caught Jungkook’s eye. Motherfucker was smirking at him. Hoseok didn’t know why that distracted him so much but he tripped. Instincts immediately kicking in, he spun to the floor, landed in the coolest pose he could think of and, last beat, winked at a random girl in the crowd, who literally swooned. Nailed it.

Their audience whooped and applauded. The two teams gathered in the middle to hear the consensus. Hoseok spoke first.

“Everyone who wants to vote, shut your eyes. Kay, hands up for Neuron to win.” He and Jungkook counted the hands, making absolutely sure they got the same number. Twenty-three.

“Cool, and hands up for Bangtan Sonyeondan,” Jungkook announced. Hoseok counted. And again. Twenty-three. “No fucking way. Everyone, it’s a tie!” The crowd groaned, obviously hoping for a more dramatic result.

“We’re so having a rematch next week,” Hoseok hissed and Jungkook chuckled,

“Choreographed or nah?”

“Half and half,” Hoseok decided, telling his team. “You decide how to play it.” And, without a handshake or a formal goodbye, Hoseok walked away. Jungkook did the same.

As Hoseok walked through the corridors, he found himself replaying Jungkook’s dance sequence. It was so fluid and agile. Did Jungkook always dance like that? Hoseok wanted to see more. What? No, he didn’t, he told himself. He’s your enemy. But he was definitely incredibly skilled. The grace and yet the power of his movements was unrivalled. The way his eyes raked through the crowd was no joke either. And when he did the handstand and shirt slipped down just a little bit-

Hoseok stopped dead in his tracks. What the hell was wrong with him? Yes, Hoseok was bicurious but he wasn’t just going to go and like a guy, was he? Especially when the guy in question was Jeon Jungkook. No. It was impossible.

“Hoseok!” He genuinely thought he was going crazy and imagining that voice. But he turned around and saw Jungkook in the flesh, ruffled and flushed and kind of beautiful. OH MY GOD HOSEOK STOP THIS.

“Hey, I’m older than you, prick,” he settled with. Well, better than staying speechless. Jungkook just huffed and walked up to him.

“I’m not gonna call you sunbae any sooner than you’re gonna call me hoobae,” he stated. Hoseok rolled his eyes to escape matching Jungkook’s gaze.

“Fine. What do you want?” he asked irritably. He kind of needed more time to think about this odd revelation his brain had stumbled upon. He was so caught up that he barely noticed Jungkook becoming more fidgety.

“Well, I just wanted to say that… you did really well,” Jungkook mumbled and Hoseok caught his breath.

“U-um, w-what?” Hoseok stumbled, certain of the blush rising in his cheeks. This was an odd day. Jungkook sighed in exasperation.

“Look, I know compliments aren’t a usual thing with us and I’m not suggesting they become one but… I don’t watch you dance that often. Not up close, anyway. You look kinda good.” Hoseok managed to look up and see Jungkook fiddling with his sleeves, face burning red, but his eyes still intense and cool. Hoseok knew that aside from the latter, he looked the same. Jungkook was being unpredictable and nice and Hoseok hated the fact that he loved it.

“Yeah, um, you too. Really,” he added in case Jungkook thought he was just being polite. The small, reluctant smile on his face told Hoseok that it worked. This was very awkward and somehow, Hoseok was unbelievably nervous. Despite being a performer, that was not something he was used to. He looked at Jungkook and theorised that they were mirroring each other. Jungkook started chewing his bottom lip out of nerves and this did not help Hoseok at all.

“Hey, um, kind of a shot in the dark, but…” Jungkook paused to drag his teeth across his lip again, giving himself time to think. Hoseok was now physically unable to take his eyes off Jungkook’s mouth. “…I know we’re supposed to hate each other and all, but, like…” Jungkook was seriously struggling to word this. Fortunately, Hoseok could guess what Jungkook was about to say.

In the rashest decision Hoseok had ever made in his entire life, he grabbed Jungkook’s wrist and pulled him into the nearest bathroom. Lessons were just about to start so there was no one in there. Thank god. If anyone had been there, he could have never lived down what he was about to do. But it was just the two of them.

Hoseok pushed Jungkook against the wall and hesitated for a second, closer to Jungkook than he had ever been before and possibly ever will be again. Helpfully, his brain repeated the image of Jungkook seducing the audience and pushed him over the edge.

“Fuck it,” he whispered and just went for it. He kissed Jungkook. Actual Jeon Jungkook. Jung Hoseok kissed Jeon Jungkook. And pretty well, if Hoseok said so himself. Possibly the best kiss of his life and it was with his arch-nemesis. Funny, that.

He felt Jungkook’s tongue against him sooner than he was expecting to but he wasn’t complaining. Like every other muscle in Jungkook’s body, his tongue was strong and surprisingly well-trained. At this thought, Hoseok’s hands wound down to the hem of Jungkook’s shirt and slid underneath. All he felt was warm, tender skin and rock-hard abs. Perfect. Jungkook’s hands were clawing at Hoseok’s arms and shoulders, doing anything to pull him closer. All of Jungkook was so smooth, from his skin to his lips to his voice as he let out a small moan. Hoseok was very close to asking Jungkook if he wanted to stay in this bathroom forever.

The bell rang and ripped them apart far too suddenly. Hoseok felt slightly empty without Jungkook in his arms and mouth. They stared at each other in shock, not really knowing how to process any of that now that reality was smacking them in their dumb faces. Without a word, they rushed out of the bathroom and in opposite directions, both sneaking a final glance that wished they could just stay.

It was safe to say that Hoseok could not focus for the rest of the day. He had no idea why he did that. Well, he did. Jungkook was incredibly attractive and an exceptional kisser. But how had that happened? And where did this leave them? Would they stay enemies or become friends? Or would they skip out the ‘friends’ stage completely and move straight on to something else? This was weird and difficult. He wondered if Jungkook was having a similar crisis.

“Hey, Jimin, do you have Jungkook’s number by any chance? I need to clarify a few things for next week,” he lied. He needed to clarify things for the entire rest of his life. Jimin barely looked up from his phone to reply,

“Yeah, hold on, I’ll send it,” he told him. Hoseok smiled.

“Thanks. Why do you have his number anyway?” he asked, curious. Jimin shrugged.

“He used to date my brother and think he was being slick about it. I used to call him from time to time to check up on him or see if he was in our house. Weirdo,” he muttered and Hoseok’s phone pinged with the notification. Well, at least Jungkook had experience with dating men. Hoseok didn’t have much experience with dating in general, so at least one of them knew what they were doing. If they were going to date at all, that was.

Hoseok got home and threw his bag on the floor to sit on his bed. He pulled up Jungkook’s number and sighed. How the fuck was he supposed to do this? He didn’t even know what he wanted to say, let alone how to say it. He was probably sitting there for the better part of fifteen minutes trying to work up the courage to type something. Would it be easier to call? No, probably not. Better get this over with then.

Hoseok: hey its Hoseok

Hoseok: we should probably talk

And with that sent, Hoseok threw his phone across the room and lay down to try and settle his racing heart. This really shouldn’t be making him feel like this. It was one kiss after one contest; that was not enough to make Hoseok question his life choices.

From the floor, Hoseok’s phone screen lit up. Hoseok practically dived towards it, swiping quickly. It wasn’t Jungkook. His sister had sent him another random meme and, while it did make him smile, he still felt despairing. He was about to get back up when his phone buzzed again. Heart jumping all over the place, Hoseok looked at his phone apprehensively. This time, it was Jungkook.

Jungkook: yeah

Jungkook: in person or would that be too insanely awkward?

Jungkook was reading Hoseok’s mind. At least they understood each other.

Hoseok: fine lets go in person

Hoseok: gotta do it at some point right?

Jungkook: yeah

Jungkook: ok meet me at your studio in 15

Hoseok: got it

Hoseok was already out of the door by the time he typed that. He was so genuinely relieved that Jungkook had taken control of that situation and arranged it all. Hoseok was still blocked by the initial chunk of shock. It would take him five minutes to run there, but Jungkook had said fifteen. So he settled for walking with breaks of awkward running through the darkening streets to soothe his restless legs.

He got there in under ten minutes. Jungkook wasn’t there; he was the type to be fashionably late to things. Hoseok walked around the practice space aimlessly for a bit before checking his watch. He still had five minutes. And he was so jumpy. And his phone was already connected to the speaker in here. And he had to practise for the performance next month.

He set his phone down on the floor and played the set music. It was a remix of some American pop song that Hoseok had made to make it fit within the time constraints. It wasn’t that bad if he said so himself.

He focused on his reflection in the mirror and tried to imagine the rest of the dancers in formation behind him. When his cue came to move, he moved. He concentrated hard on every move, making sure he committed as much as he could to muscle memory, including that really freaking difficult footwork that he honestly regretted choreographing. He couldn’t tell if he was glad that he was the only one doing it or annoyed that he couldn’t run through it with anyone.

Halfway through was a move that rather relied on the other guys throwing him in the air but he couldn’t be bothered so he just freestyled for a few seconds. He was reminded of Jungkook’s smirk and very nearly tripped in the exact same way. He pushed through and spun through the space, remembering as much as he was physically able.

By the end, Hoseok kicked the air, pulled off a final spin and landed the ending pose perfectly. The room was silent aside from his heavy breathing. He stayed still to catch his breath and his eyes flicked to the mirror briefly. His heart pretty much stopped beating.

Someone was leaning against the back wall, analysing him with eyes that froze Hoseok’s entire soul. Jungkook just tilted his head. Hoseok had no idea how long he’d been standing there but he knew enough to realise that Jungkook watched him dance. Silently, without interrupting him. Why?

Before Hoseok could say a word, Jungkook started walking towards him. Hoseok’s mind caught on the grace and power with which he moved. Like a panther. Even his eyes had become driven and searching in a way that made Hoseok’s throat go dry.

Still, no words were said. When Jungkook pushed him up against the mirrors, Hoseok realised that maybe nothing was ever going to be said. His lips connected with Jungkook’s once more and he let his eagerness speak for him. His hands moved to Jungkook’s hips to pull him in closer until his entire body was braced against him. This time, Jungkook was taking control and Hoseok wouldn’t be able to decide which was better if he was at gunpoint.

The first time had been unsure, a little hesitant, afraid to push and create something new. Now, they had nothing to lose. Jungkook’s hand slid up Hoseok’s body and stopped at his neck to caress the skin gently. Hoseok was breathless and so incredibly hot. It was hard to focus on one thing when he had Jungkook’s tongue sliding against his lips, his hand brushing his skin and his toned body pressing him harder into the mirrors.

Hoseok looped his hands around Jungkook’s lower back, digging his nails in lightly and then harder when Jungkook gripped his shoulder. It was deliciously on the border of rough and sweet. Hoseok would have never guessed in a million years that he would be here, and never that he would like it so damn much. He couldn’t help himself, couldn’t get enough of Jungkook. Just this morning, he had hated the guy’s guts. Now, he wanted nothing else than to be able to make out with him for the rest of eternity.

Hoseok pushed Jungkook’s shirt up, craving to feel more of his skin. He trailed his fingers upwards and felt Jungkook’s back muscles flex. Holy shit, that was hot. Hoseok ran his hands back down his sides and earned a short but heavenly moan. He was so fucking perfect.

Jungkook pulled away breathlessly, leaving Hoseok to simply stare at him in awe and admiration. Now he could see his pink face and swollen lips, he was convinced that Jungkook was some kind of fallen angel; beautiful and dark, still holding on to a glimpse of innocence.

“S-sorry, I couldn’t help it. You look really good,” he whispered. Hoseok didn’t know what would happen if he attempted to speak. Would he stutter, form any words at all? There was only one way to find out.

“I forgive you.” It seemed sinful to speak any louder than a whisper when they were still so close in an otherwise silent room. Hoseok still couldn’t think of a single thing to say. It was as if Jungkook had stolen the words out of his mouth with his pretty tongue. He was becoming more and more aware of the awkward silence taking over the room and his brain pushed into overdrive, trying to pick something, anything. “Were you watching me?” Dumb question. He knew the answer to it.

“Yeah. Is it for the contest next month?” Jungkook asked, slowly moving his hands away and stepping back awkwardly to give Hoseok more space to breathe. Hoseok was comforted by the fact that neither of them knew what to do with their hands now they weren’t on each other. It was somehow harder this way.

“Yeah. How’s yours going?” he asked, trying to stay on a subject he was comfortable with for as long as possible. As much as he knew this weird conversation needed to happen – he had even initiated it – he didn’t want to actually have it. It would happen in the next ten minutes but Hoseok’s panicky brain still wanted to stall. Jungkook scratched his neck and gave a small smile.

“Not as well as yours, apparently. I’m gonna have to make some changes,” he replied and Hoseok pouted.

“Hey, no, wait, that’s cheating!” he objected and Jungkook just shrugged in response. “Fine, let me see yours then. It’s only fair,” he reasoned and Jungkook rolled his eyes, getting his phone out and muttering something under his breath. “What was that, sorry?” Hoseok asked, significantly calmer. Jungkook smirked at him again (how the hell did he have the composure for that?).

“I said ‘sure, if you can keep it in your pants,’” he teased and started playing the music. Hoseok was left speechless and blushing with no comeback at all. At least he had a reason not to reply because Jungkook had started dancing. And, somehow, Hoseok felt time melt from his mind. He felt everything disappear except Jungkook. He danced with such strong passion, Hoseok was slightly afraid he would break the floor. The routine may not have been as complex as Neuron’s but he made up for it with unbelievable stage charisma which shocked the sole audience member.

Four minutes passed in the blink of an eye and Hoseok was, once again, dumbstruck. He had no idea how he had never seen Jungkook dance before today but there was something about him that was just so damn sexy. And the more Hoseok thought about it, he realised that that something was his everything.

“See, not as good as yours,” Jungkook shrugged, out of breath. Hoseok didn’t believe he was being serious.

“Are you kidding? You’re gonna win this shit again,” he mumbled, his red face betraying how secretly impressed and proud he was. Jungkook scoffed.

“You realise you won last time? And the time before that, and the time before that…” he drawled, sitting down and Hoseok smiled, rolling his eyes.

“Yeah but we were practising every day before and after school as well as lunchtimes and we still only beat you by three points. It’s not like you’re giving us an easy time,” he replied, joining Jungkook on the floor. There was a long silence as Jungkook just looked at him, seemingly analysing him with those goddamn beautiful eyes of his. Hoseok couldn’t hold eye contact for long before shying away.

“Do you really hate me?” Jungkook asked out of the blue. Hoseok looked up.

“I mean… I did yesterday. And this morning I didn’t like you either. Lunch was… something else. And now I don’t know what’s going on,” Hoseok confessed, more easily than he thought he would be able, and Jungkook nodded.

“Cool. Just checking we’re on the same page,” he hummed. Hoseok was relieved that neither of them knew what the hell was going on, whilst also missing the cool and confident Jungkook from earlier.

“We don’t have to, you know… be anything, if you don’t want. It’s cool if you want whatever this is to stay casual or, like, stop,” Hoseok assured him, hating how formal he sounded and how uncomfortable he was making this. Jungkook tilted his head.

“Do you want this to be something?” he asked. “We’re not who we used to be. Besides, everyone still thinks we hate each other’s guts. I don’t think it’d go down well with either of our groups if we randomly started going out,” he reasoned and Hoseok was now trying to find any reason to stay with Jungkook. He had sort of given in and accepted that he liked Jungkook in some way at this point, however much that fucked with his head. He ruffled his hair.

“Well… not gonna lie, secret relationship sounds kinda hot. If you don’t want to, I get it, we can- “

“No, I want to as well,” Jungkook interrupted and Hoseok couldn’t hold back a smile. He looked up and saw the same grin decorating Jungkook’s face. Somehow, this confirmation relaxed Hoseok infinitely. He had a boyfriend now. Cool.

“Well, thank god for that. ‘Cause, I gotta tell you, you’re really something else,” he winked and Jungkook rolled his eyes amusedly.

“Oh, you’re that kind of boyfriend,” he teased and Hoseok shuffled closer to him.

“I can be any kind of boyfriend you want me to be.” He kissed Jungkook on the cheek, who was trying to ignore his blush. Yet, he looked at Hoseok and kissed him back on the lips. Wow, he was beautiful. His jealousy must have been forcing him to ignore it before today.

“How the hell did this happen,” Jungkook mumbled.

“Absolutely no idea,” Hoseok agreed. “I feel like I’m gonna wake up and this is all gonna be a dream.” Jungkook smiled at him.

“Best dream ever.” He kissed Hoseok again, deeper this time. Soon, they were both lying on the floor of the practice room, alternating between making out and giggling at each other. Hoseok didn’t want anything else for the rest of his life; just this moment, replayed forever.