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SPW Academy

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[Narrator Voice]

“Welcome to the Speedwagon Academy, where we help gifted children discover the wonders of the world. This is where they hone those talents and use them for the greater good or for a better future. Here in the school, we have dormitories for those children who have nowhere to turn to and to those who just need to have a place to stay at. Those children who have lost their parents or have just been abandoned by them completely.

The founder, Robert E.O. Speedwagon created this school in the Texas West, where his wealth had first been discovered. His dream was to create similar programs internationally. In countries like Japan, where technology would advance quicker than he could keep track of; in the United Kingdom, more specifically in London where he was born and raised to give other children who remind him of himself, hope; in Brazil and Mexico, to help those who really needed it; in the border of Italy and France to give the dreamers a chance to shine through.

However, as he began to expand his Legacy throughout these said countries, he managed to start the project idea in Europe before disappearing in the South American jungle amid a research expedition with his partner William Anthony Zeppeli.

Now the project lays in the hands of his most trusted ally and friend, Jonathan Joestar, who uses his own inheritance to maintain the Academy open and running. Jonathan with the help of his wife, Erina Joestar, raise all the kids who walk in through the doors until they are old enough to leave and live on their own. Only then, is it up to those who graduate to use their talents for good?

This husband and wife manage to keep up with these children’s bizarre adventures as they grow into themselves. The Joestars have also brought in many different curricular activities to add in the classes and to challenge the students to reach their peak.

This Semester, a whole new group will be joining the fray and will begin to challenge themselves in the best ways. Join in as we follow the newcomers in their story, and we revisit some returning students as well.

Welcome to the SPW Academy! Where dreams can become a Reality!

We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay!!