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“alpha,” jimin whines from the couch. he’s sprawled across the furniture like a cat, on his back with his legs spread and arms doing the same. he’s bunched his shirt up to his armpits, revealing his stomach with a four month baby bump that honestly, is really starting to cause discomfort. it was fine when it was a barely noticeable lump that could be excused by saying he ate too much, but now - well. it was at the point where he was getting up several times in the middle of the night to take a piss and his nipples were starting to swell a little bit, not to mention how much effort it now took to get in a comfortable sleeping position. he can’t imagine how much more difficult this pregnancy is going to be as it progresses.


he doesn’t have to wait long for a response, seeing as jungkook made it a point to never be anywhere not within hearing distance of him when he’s home the second he found out that his mate was expecting. within seconds he’s taking a step out of the kitchen and walking over to his mate, getting down on one knee to hold his hand and place a kiss on top of it, a teasing smile on his face. “yes, my prince?” ever so attentive, yet patronizing at the same time. jimin wanted to punch him, but like, on the mouth, with his mouth. 


“pay attention to me,” he demands shamelessly, flicking him on the forehead. he receives an amused chuckle in response, to which he says, “don’t laugh at your pregnant mate,” with no real bite to it. he really did love jungkook with his entire being; he didn’t know what he’d do without him. he was his sole source of happiness, his reason he still saw a purpose in life. make alpha happy, give him pups, help him hide bodies; whatever he wanted, he would get. he gives a satisfied hum when jungkook finally obliges him and scoots in between his spread legs, careful not to put weight on his stomach. 


as expected, the first thing his mate does is scent him despite the fact that jimin always smells like him nowadays from being at the house more often than not, pressing his face into his neck to rub his cheek against it as his hands travel downwards to feel his belly. before he knows it he’s smiling, tilting his head back to allow him more access as he cards his fingers through jungkook’s hair. “you’re so good to me,” he sighs contentedly, closing his eyes to revel in the affection he was craving. 


“well, yeah,” he receives in response. he can hear from the tone of his voice a sarcastic comment coming up. “if i didn’t satisfy your neediness i’d never hear the end of it.” 


you can’t really blame jimin when his foot magically finds its way to jungkook’s dick.


“ow!” he shouts in pain, immediately getting off of him to rub at said dick in an attempt to make it feel better, somehow. “i was just kidding, you know i-“


“i take it back. you are the absolute worst to me. go away,” jimin pouts, suddenly moody now that his mate had decided to make a comment like that. he turns on his side, facing the couch now, and crosses his arms stubbornly. if he was going to be mean, he could be a bitch back. what he doesn’t expect, however, is for jungkook to just... 


“fine then,” he grumbles, and jimin hears him turning around and starting to walk back the way he came. that - why he is leaving? before he’s able to even process it, there’s tears running down his cheeks, feeling rejected. his alpha was walking away from him, he’d fucked it all up, he was the worst. the worst omega who actually told his mate to go away when he was just messing around. he and jungkook always played like this, but maybe it was one too many times of him acting like a brat and taking things too far, this was all his fault. his alpha was leaving. 


“n-no, wait, alpha, please come back,” he cries, shifting back around to see him and make grabby hands at him. he needed him, he needed his alpha. “i’m sorry, i didn’t mean it, p-please-“


in an instant, he’s enveloped in familiar strong, warm arms. “i-“ he’s cut off by jungkook’s dominating lips on his, and he immediately goes pliant and boneless as comforting pheromones surround them. he’s adjusted so that they’re as they were before, with jungkook on top of him and softly reassuring. when he finally gets the chance to speak as jungkook separates their lips, scooting down a bit to press kisses to his extended belly, he takes it. “i didn’t mean it,” he repeats desperately. “i love you, i was just- i just-“


“it’s okay, baby. just a little sensitive lately?” he finishes for him, grinning against his stomach - out of his teasing nature or just happiness from being so close to their pups, he isn’t sure. “i was mean too. alpha’s sorry, he’ll be nothing but the nicest mate ever from now on, hm?”


“y-yeah,” jimin agrees, smiling shyly. “gonna be the best omega for you, too.”


“don’t worry about it,” jungkook responds as he places another gentle kiss to his stomach before scooting back up to peck him on the lips. “you already are.”




jimin’s going to die from the sheer amount of happiness he feels right now. 


he’s making lunch when he first feels it, and at first, he thinks he’s imagining things - but then another set of kicks from his belly come just seconds after, and he immediately drops the knife he was using to bring his hands to his shirt and pull it up to get a better feel. it comes of no surprise when his eyesight gets a bit blurry from the tears and his voice cracks when he cries out for jungkook, excitedly trying to coax more movement from his pups by rubbing over the soft skin and internally begging them to kick again. he’s been waiting for this since day one, reading dozens of medical articles on what happens during each stage of his pregnancy like a bible each night, too absorbed in doing so that he forgets to go to sleep at a reasonable hour despite jungkook’s insistence that he needs rest. he’s just excited, okay? there’s actual life growing inside him, his alpha made sure of that, knocked him up and has been nothing but the best mate he could have ever asked or hoped for. 


and speak of the devil, said mate comes bursting into the kitchen with such dramatics that it would only be fitting if jimin had just screamed for help. he looks ready to kill, and the omega wonders if that’s what jungkook does every second he’s apart from him; imagining every possible worst case scenario that could happen and mentally preparing himself on protecting him from... anything, really. such a thoughtful alpha. he has to admit that when he’d called for him, he’d sounded somewhat distressed, despite being ecstatic at what he’d just felt inside him. he tends to get more on the emotional side of things ever since his pregnancy, crying even when he got overly happy. he just couldn’t help it; damn hormones.


“down, boy,” he jokes, walking over to the table and taking a seat. “i’m fine - well, more than fine, actually - but come feel me. have to show you something,” he looks at him expectantly, his belly still exposed, not even able to contain his beaming smile and teary eyes. as if on cue, he feels another kick, and his face brightens even more if possible. “hurry!”


jungkook does as ordered with a half amused, half lost expression, his instincts obviously still on guard as he rushes over to jimin and gently falls on his knees in front of him to place his hands over his belly. a fond smile automatically crosses his features at the touch; warming up his mood at the reminder that his omega was so heavily pregnant and all because of him. he did that to jimin. they were going to have a family, kids to raise all on their own; to nurture and care for and love. he kisses his stomach, still not really knowing why he was called over but not minding at all. he’d gladly drop everything just for moments like these. 


and then - he feels it.




“i know,” he smiles, placing his smaller hand on top of jungkook’s, right where their babies were kicking. the tears have finally started to fall, and he leans down to kiss jungkook’s forehead, nothing but love and adoration in his eyes for his alpha and their pups. even after all this time, he still can’t believe he’s getting his happy ending. jungkook chose him, of all people, decided he was worthy of being the center of his world to provide for and protect, to make a family with. but despite that, it seems like it was always meant to be like this. that no matter what, this was how things were supposed to be; in love, and needing no one else but each other. fate. “i know.”




it was 12:47 am, and jimin could not sleep. he’s been staring at the ceiling for the past half hour, resigned to his fate of not being able to slip back into sweet, sweet unconsciousness that has been out of his grasp every single night ever since his stomach decided to inflate like a balloon. sure, everyone has trouble finding a comfortable position to fall asleep when they’re pregnant, but jimin is double pregnant and it’s totally not fucking fair. he loves his babies, he does, but he certainly doesn’t love the fact that he’s had to get up twice so far to use the restroom and the only way he can comfortably lie down is flat on his back. plus, his nipples are really sore nowadays, getting plumper and more sensitive. he’s pretty sure they’re the main reason for his restlessness, honestly. and then there was jeon fucking jungkook, the bastard, enjoying a loud slumber attached to his side and looking oh so peaceful. sure would be a shame if something were to wake him up.


in a swift movement, he grabs the pillow under his head and decides to hit him directly in the face with it, his eyes straining to see if jungkook’s were open yet or not. a low groan alerts him of his success, and he enjoys the victory for a few seconds before putting an indigent pout on his face. “i can’t sleep,” he whines. 


understandably enough, his alpha takes a moment to process what just happened and adjust to his sudden awakening, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. “so you decide to wake me up too?” he complains, his voice gravelly and tired, and honestly it’s a little hot. despite the irritation in his words, though, he shifts to straddle jimin’s lap with the lightest amount of pressure possible and lean down to scent his neck. the response is immediate, the omega lifting his chin to allow more access and sigh contently. 


“you did this to me. you’re paying the consequences,” jimin’s fingers find their way to jungkook’s hair, lightly tugging. “do you have any idea how hard it is to-“


“find a comfortable position to sleep in?” jungkook finishes, a hint of amusement in his tone. he receives a harsh tug on his hair for that, pulling him away from his omega’s neck. “you’ve gotten so much more aggressive,” he whines.


“i wouldn’t have to be if you shut up for once,” jimin retorts, rolling his eyes. the attitude is short lived, however, when his gaze lands on the look jungkook is giving him. that look. out of pure instinct he automatically goes pliant, his fingers softening their grip and falling limply on his side; his head moving to the side to expose more of his (vulnerable) neck. a sign of pure submission that jungkook had trained him into with the snap of his fingers years ago. “‘m sorry, alpha,” he murmurs in apology, his eyes anywhere but directly at jungkook. he knows how desperate he always is to be good, and all it takes is either a look of disappointment or one that dares him to keep going. he’d gone for the latter, this time. he closes his eyes as he feels his mate’s hands traveling up and down his body, staying in position because he hasn’t been given permission not to be yet.


“it’s alright, princess. look at me.” and he does. he looks up at his alpha with wide eyes, not knowing what to expect. he’s been treated far more delicately ever since his pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean jungkook still wasn’t mean sometimes, edging him for hours or not touching him at all. based on his expression, though, it’s not going to be one of those nights. it’s more... soft. “do you want me to help you get back to sleep?” he nods wordlessly, and the next thing he knows his shirt is being taken off, and there’s fingers teasing his nipples.




“what are you supposed to call me, baby.”


“daddy please, they’re really sensitive, i can’t-“ and then jungkook is sucking on one of them, and his back is arching in pleasure at the sensation. he doesn’t even want to think about how he’s probably staining the bed with his slick already. his hands fist the sheets and he lets out the most embarrassing whine, but it only seems to spur his mate on as he starts to suck even harder, as if he was trying to-


his mind goes blank as he actually fucking feels milk coming out of him, and jungkook doesn’t seem to care at all, just goes right along with it as if nothing happened - and in fact, he swears he hears an audible moan coming from him. the sound sends vibrations to his skin and his hips attempt to buck upwards, but with jungkook sitting on his lap they can’t. his mouth is moving faster than his brain when he says “a-alpha, fuck, d-don’t stop,”, and his hands find their way to jungkook’s hair to tug at it harshly. holy shit, he’s been leaking for the last week and a half but he didn’t think his mate would be so... responsive to it. it’s certainly working wonders for him, the pressure building up from so much milk that wasn’t being, um, drank, slowly beginning to fade with every drop jungkook was sucking from it. 


“you like that, baby? you like when alpha drinks your milk?” jimin covers his face as he hears the words, face heating up and toes curling in embarrassment. “don’t be shy, cutie, it’s natural.” he swirls his tongue around his nipple, taking as much as he can in, only to save it in his mouth. he brings his face back up to jimin’s, forcing his mouth open and spitting it inside. “you’re gonna feed our pups with that, mommy.” mommy? jungkook seems to barely notice that he’s said it too, but instead of apologizing or getting embarrassed as jimin had, it only seems to turn him on more. “fuck,” he starts rutting between his mate’s thighs, cock pressing up against his clothed hole so desperately that the omega’s body starts being pushed up on the bed. “already such a good mommy, carrying our pups, letting me breed you…” he starts to suckle on his nipple, hands caressing his belly pridefully. a low hum of satisfaction escapes his lips at the reminder that it’s him who knocked jimin up, who made him have to waddle around cause of that belly, completely dependent on him and fully bred.


he doesn’t know how much time passes like that. all he knows is that it feels like heaven on fucking earth as he drinks from his tits - because there’s no other way to put it, really - and he doesn’t want it to stop. but it does, of course, and before he knows it there’s pure silence as jungkook simply rests his head on his chest and he pets his head tiredly. there wasn’t really a solution to his stomach problem, but with the soreness gone he feels sleep threatening to tug him under. he should probably say something about what just happened though, because woah. he’s not letting him get away with not doing that again. “thank you, daddy,” he giggles, leaning forward to kiss his forehead. “taste good?”


“the fucking best, angel. arguably on the same level as your slick,” he responds completely seriously, sounding like a man who just found the eighth wonder of the world. jimin laughs again. “speaking of that, though.” he reaches his hand in the front of the omega’s underwear without even lifting his head, fingers finding their way to his wet hole, causing him to let out a surprised squeak, and he can just feel that he’s smirking. “mm, thought so. want alpha to take care of it before you sleep?”


“of course. you’re the one whose fault it is,” he teases. 


“excuse me, but you seemed to be enjoying it as much as i did.”


“...shut up.”




jimin... does not like his body.


he knows this is natural. he knows that it’s totally logical for not only his stomach to get bigger as the pregnancy progresses; that his thighs and waist and chest and even his face is going to get chubbier. thicker. fatter. it’s perfectly normal. it’s fine. he’s fine.


except he’s not.


as he stares at himself in the mirror, dressed only in his underwear, he can’t help but to frown and turn side to side in an attempt to find an angle where he doesn’t look gross and unappealing. he finds none. and fuck, now there’s already tears coming; he never used to be this much of a crybaby, has he? it’s not like he can help it, either. he doesn’t feel like he has any control over his body or his emotions lately; getting more unattractive, ugly, even, disgusting. yeah, he’s full on crying now.


he’s too blinded by his tears to notice when someone enters the room, frantic and more than concerned, rushing over to him as if he’d cried out for help. there’s hands on his waist to turn him around to face them, and although his vision is blurry he knows that scent anywhere. “alpha,” he sobs into his chest, arms wrapped around him so tight that it almost hurts. nothing could hurt worse than what he was feeling, though.


“baby, hey, shh,” a soothing voice whispers, hand tracing over his lower back softly. “it’s alright, alpha’s here, okay? alpha’s here,” he kisses the top of his head and within seconds there’s comforting pheromones wafting through the air and starting to get to jimin, his sobs quietly dying down until he’s merely sniffling into his chest. “that’s it. being such a good boy for daddy. he doesn’t like seeing you cry. you’re so, so good jiminie,” and with every praise jimin feels like he’s getting closer and closer to euphoria. it’s like all of his anxieties from just minutes before are washing away with every inhale of his mate’s scent, with every comforting word he speaks. 


it’s quiet for jimin doesn’t know how long, the only thing he’s aware of being the warm embrace of his alpha and the way his hand is rubbing up and down on his skin. he looks up at him, eyes surely puffy and red, lips pouty and eyes silently asking to lay down with him. he doesn’t really feel like talking right now; fears he’ll break down again if he does. “do you want me to carry you to the bed?” jimin thinks it over for a moment before nodding, making grabby hands already. his alpha has the audacity to chuckle as he does so, an obvious struggle now that he’s gained quite a bit of weight, and he feels himself tearing up again. fuck, this was awful. “no, no baby please,” there’s desperation in daddy’s voice, which only makes jimin feel worse about himself for making such a production out of his feelings. “remember what daddy said? you’ll make me cry too,” he frowns, leaning down to peck him on the lips once he’s on the bed. “tell me what’s wrong.”


jimin sniffles for the millionth time, wiping his eyes and opening his arms up for jungkook to slide into. he clings onto him like a koala once he obliges, burying his face into his neck. “it’s stupid.”


“your feelings aren’t stupid, jiminie,” he responds with a frown. “is it something i did?” he slides his fingers through his omega’s hair, trying his best so settle him down. “something someone else did? i’ll kill them. you know i will.” he feels jimin smile against his skin at that, and he smiles back. 


“i just...” he sighs shakily. “i’m so ugly, jungkookie. i feel so fat and bloated and i don’t know how you can even look at me without feeling grossed out.” 


and then -- there’s silence for a moment. jimin worries that he’s said too much, that jungkook is going to be annoyed that he’s crying for a small reason like that. maybe he even agrees, but doesn’t want to say so. a million thoughts circle around his mind that make the omega feel worse by the second, and he forces himself to hold back more tears before they fall and make jungkook have to deal with his crying again. why does he have to be so high maintenance like this? his alpha doesn’t deserve to be burdened with a mate like him, he’s-

“that’s what this is all about?” jungkook finally says, and jimin can’t read his expression. anger? frustration? annoyance? all three? “you think that you’re ugly?” he sounds almost offended, as if the omega had personally insulted him. he nods hesitantly, afraid of what jungkook’s going to say next. he sighs, leaning down to kiss his mate before continuing. “jimin, you’re the most beautiful fucking omega i’ve ever laid eyes on. i don’t know how i got so lucky to have a mate like you. sometimes i feel like i’m going to wake up and this will have all been a dream; but then i open my eyes and there you are, lying down next to me looking like a damn angel. i love everything about you, petal. your eyes,” he kisses the omega’s eyelids, “your nose,” he kisses his nose, “your chubby cheeks,” he lands loud smooches on his cheeks, making him giggle, “but especially your tummy. it’s so round and cute, baby, and how could i hate it when it’s carrying our pups, hm?” he kisses it softly, jimin’s hands coming down to settle in his hair and pet his head as a habit. he quietly agrees and purrs contently, feeling warm and happy, so grateful that he has jungkookie to take care of him and to be in love with, for the rest of his life.