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Love with food

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Cheng Musheng was the chef of one bakery where he does lots of pastry and cake from what he has learned overseas. 
The bakery was highly popular so it's was not a surprise to see actors or even singers coming. 

Yang Xuixian is one actor popular at the moment because he was a huge star and decided to go to the bakery that lots of people talk about. 
He needed a cake for one event for the end of the filming of his new series. 

"Hello I'm looking for a cake" 

"Oh yes mister I will let you try some of them for see which one is okay for everyone it's can be light" 

Cheng Musheng knew that Yang Xuixian had a bad stomach it's was not very one secret. 
So he gives him a little part of everything and it's was one cake with apple and chocolate. 

"If it's was good I will come back," say Yang Xuixian with a smile and one wink

Cheng Musheng loves food so much that he is also a big cook and that even at his home, he cooking a lot more. 
And generally, it's smell so good that sometime neighbor can smell it. 
He didn't know who was his neighbor yet but was surprised when he saw at his door Yang Xuixian with a smile

"oh. Hi again. I was coming just for ask the recipe because it's smell so good" 

"You could eat with me if you want I have done too much food," says Cheng Musheng with his hand on his hair

"Why Not?" 

It's was the beginning of their history between them because little by little this sort of thing at night happens a lot. 
Because all the time Cheng Musheng prepare to much food and they always eat together when they could. 
It's was the beginning of their friendship. 

Cheng Musheng had a little crush on him because he was very nice and he was always happy when they were together. 
But he knew he had also one reputation of be a flirt he didn't try to believe a lot in everything. 

Yang Xuixian had also a little crush because he was nice, friendly and really handsome. 
And he really wanted that he become his boyfriend. 
So he had one idea to be also a lot at the bakery of Musheng where he loved to eat samples. 
He was so smitten at his food, he had one thing about his food.

Their things are like this during some months, then one-day Musheng decided to do one delivery of pastry at the set of Yang Xuixian. 
And when he saw him he wanted to say hello, but he saw that he was with another girl and that the were kissing. 
He becomes a little sad because it proves that he was right about the fact that he was a flirt and it's also the end of his crush. 

Things become awkward after when Yang Xuixian was back at the bakery and saw that Musheng was sad and that he doesn't have give him some new bake to try before to sell. 
He doesn't even invite him anymore for dinner because at the time of dinner Musheng was still working. 

After some days Yang Xuixian asks him "What going on? You know you can talk to me. We are friends" 

"Don't Worry I'm fine" answer Cheng Musheng with a fake smile because inside of him, he wanted to cry and he was stupid to have fallen so much for him. 

He began to miss a lot of bake and some he wanted to smash them on the floor. And it has happened one day while he was in the kitchen with Yang Xuixian and it's was on the shoes and clothes

 "I'm sorry I shouldn't feel this way I don't know why I react like this, I have seen you kissing someone and I was jealous I wished it's was me, I had a crush on you " finally admit Cheng Musheng

Yang Xuixian tell him "This person means nothing to me, I wished it's was you I was kissing. I wanted it to be you" 

Yang  Xiuxian kiss him in the kitchen 

Then they become a relationship as lovers where sometimes Yang Xiuxian wanted to help him in the kitchen but most of the time it's turned in flour Battle. 

Yang Xiuxian wanted to spoil Cheng Musheng even if he told him that not need to do it. 

But Yang Xiuxian said "Everything is good for my lover" he even bring more cake and pastry at every of his event/set. 

He was proud of him when he enters one contest of cooking and he was his supporter.