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Welcome to Star Sanses Studios!

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‘This is going to be so cool!’ He said,” Error grumbled as he typed code into the program on his computer. “ ‘You’re going to love everyone’ He said,” He looked over at the wall behind his computer where a picture of the character he was supposed to be animating was. “Well, you know what?!” He slammed his hands against the table. “I’ve had enough of this!” 

Grabbing the character design, he walked out of his spare bedroom in his apartment, walked out of his apartment, went up the stairs of the apartment complex, and knocked furiously against the third door on the right.

“Hello?” Multi-colored eyes that changed shapes blinked up at him, his smile growing. “Oh! Hi, Error! Blue and Dream aren’t here at the moment- do you need anything?”

“What I need-” He hissed, shoving the picture of the character that Ink had designed in the stupid idiot’s face. “Is for you to make this-” He sharply gestured to the picture. “Simpler.”

“Simpler?” Ink asked, confused. “What do you mean?”

“Do they really need to have seven different layers?”

“Of course they do!”


“Because that makes it look better!” Ink huffed, folding his arms. “Not to mention that it perfectly represents their personality. I’m not just going to go and change up a whole character’s looks just because you ask me to.”

“... You do realize that I have to animate this crap, right?” Error asked, his eye twitching. “I’m not even halfway through the test animation and it’s already far more of a pain than it should be!”


“Are you two seriously fighting again?”

“Core!” Ink grinned as both he and Error looked out into the hallway, where the monochromatic human stood, a few bags of groceries in their hands as they stood outside of their own apartment.

“What is it over this time?” They asked, tilting their head curiously. “Another character?”

“Jake does not need seven layers !” He exclaimed.

“He does too!” Ink argued back.

“Does not!”

“Does too!”

“You two are both children.” Core sighed, placing their hand on their face while shaking their head. “I work with children .”

“gUYS!” Error just barely moved out of the way as Blue flew from the stairs and almost ran into him, papers in hand and blue eyelights shining stars. “We got it!”

“Got what?” Ink asked, effectively distracted from his argument with Error. Error growled, his hands shaking in anger as he tried his best not to strangle his friend’s friend.

“You’ll see!” Blue giggled happily, jumping from foot to foot in his excitement. “Core, can you-”

“Drive? Yeah, yeah, just let me put these away.”

“Great!” Blue stuffed the papers into his pocket, looking past Ink and into their apartment. “Where’s Dream?”

“He’s working with Cross over at his and Epic’s apartment.” Ink answered, still confused. “Do you want me to call them?”

“YES! We need all of them there!”

“Ugh, fine.” Error sighed to himself as Blue and Ink continued to talk. “But we’re not done talking about this.”



“So, what do you think should happen after Jake and Hailey finally meet?” Cross asked as he finished typing a sentence, hitting the period button with a final ‘clack’.

“Uh…” Dream hummed, thinking. He had an idea for what he wanted to happen, but did other people want that? What if they didn't like it? He fiddled with the drawstrings on his jacket absently, lost in thought. What would their viewers want? 


“If what you’re about to say isn’t the thing that I know you were first thinking about then I don’t want to hear it.” Cross interrupted with a mildly frustrated look on his face. “All of your ideas are good. I want to hear the first thing you thought of when I asked you that.”

Well, now Dream was stuck. He hesitated, looking over at Cross when the other gently placed a hand on Dream’s shoulder.

“Even if we need to revise it, that’s okay.” He told Dream. “That’s what I’m here for. To help you with writing this. So tell me what your first idea was.”

The fact that Cross was actually aware of whenever Dream was second-guessing himself still surprised him, but it made sense. He had used to work for Nightmare after all.

“I don’t want them to know that they’re meeting the other person at first.” He admitted, tapping his finger against the table. “He askes if he can sit with her while he’s waiting for someone, and she says yes. They wait there for a bit, and they start getting to know each other. Then he finally says something and she realizes that it’s him and it makes her die a little inside from happiness because he’s even sweeter in person, and…” Dream paused, realizing that he had gotten a bit too into that explanation. A golden blush erupted on his cheeks, and he ducked his head. “Sorry…”

“No, it’s okay.” Cross smiled a little. “I really like that idea.”

“You do?”

“Yeah.” He nodded. “We should write it down and brainstorm some more later.”

Dream smiled and nodded, his heart doing a little flip in his chest. He was glad that Epic had convinced Cross to come and join them, even if they weren’t as well known as Nightmare’s studio was. Yet, anyway- Blue had big plans.

Speaking of his friends…

Dream reached over for his phone, clicking the answer button and writing a little more as he spoke. “Hey, Ink. What’s-”


“Blue?!” Dream winced, holding the phone away from his head. Cross shot him a look, and he shrugged. “What’s going on?”


“I’m gonna be honest here-” Ink took over, and he could hear Blue continue to shout happily. “I have no idea what’s going on either, but Core seems to understand. They’re driving us over, and we were hoping you, Cross, and Epic could meet us there?”

“What’s going on?” Cross asked.

“They want the three of us to meet them somewhere.” Dream admitted. “Where are we going?”

“Still have no clue-”

“But I’ll text you the directions!” Blue said excitedly. Dream could hear Ink shout out a ‘hey’, and could guess with 86% certainty that Blue had stolen the phone from him.

“I’m free for the rest of the day.” Cross admitted. “I’ll drive.”

“Sorry, dudes, but I have ta go to work.” Epic sighed. “Working two jobs ain’t as cool as it sounds.”

“Don’t worry about it, Epic.” Cross smiled and fist-bumped his best friend. “Still up for Epic Movie Night?”

“Heck yeah!”

“We’ll meet you there.” Dream said into the phone, smiling. “See you!”




“I still don’t get what all of the fuss is about.” Error grumbled, sinking low into the seat he was in as they drove through the city. “Why do we all have to go?”

“Because it’s a surprise!” Blue said from the front passenger seat. The reminder of their current seating arrangement made him glitch and curl in on himself a little more. He grumbled something under his breath, turning to look out his window and away from the ink-stain.

How Blue had managed to convince him to join this team was up for grabs. Error didn't even know. Maybe he felt guilty for being his old bully. Maybe it was because Nightmare had started getting angrier as the days went on. Maybe it was because life at Nightmare’s studio had gotten predictable, and he had wanted a change of pace.

Whatever the reason actually was, he didn't really care.

He was the first person out of the car when they finally parked, pulling up his hood and walking up onto the sidewalk. Cross and Dream were already waiting for them, and once everyone was out of the car, Blue spread his arms wide with a smug, excited little smile on his face.

“Welcome, to Star Sanses Studios!” He said, the pride in his voice making them all smile a little- including Error and Cross. “Also known as our official place of work!”

“This is what you meant!” Dream gasped, his eyes turning into stars. “You got us our own studio!”

“Yup!” Blue giggled, reaching into his pocket and pulling out some keys. “Who wants the tour?”

“ME!” Ink yelled, bouncing forward. He tried to snatch the keys, but Blue evaded him swiftly. He tsked, shaking his head.

“Not so fast, Ink.” He said. He tossed the keys over to Error, and he caught them without looking. Confused, he glanced from his friend and back towards the jangling metal in his hands.

“Blue?” He asked.

“You and Cross are our two newest members.” He explained. “You should be the ones to unlock them!”

“... Are you sure?” He asked, uncomfortable. When Blue nodded, he looked over at Cross, who was the furthest away from Ink but still somehow standing next to Dream. Cross shrugged, and with a sigh Error decided that he might as well.

He walked forward and past everyone, towards the doors of the building. He glanced behind him, looking at all of Blue’s friends uncertainly before he pushed the keys into the doorknob, turning it.


‘Whelp.’ He thought, opening the door for everyone. ‘There’s no going back now.’