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Curiosity Killed the ErROr- Bonus Scenes

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Blue wasn’t one to normally ask for days off.

But today… Today was the exception.

As he went around his house, tidying up what little mess there was and folding laundry, he listened to the playlist Edge had suggested to help with days like today.

It had been hard, to move on.

It still was.

After the XEvent, any worlds that had been affected by it were reset- from before Cross’ intervention and no further. The Frisks, Chara, Temmie, and Floweys knew nothing of what had transpired. Sans and Red had been able to return to live with their families.

But when Blue tried to return, a glitch had occurred.

For whatever reason, a new version of him had replaced him in his home.

He didn't have a place in his world anymore.

No one could figure out why, but he got the hint quick enough. The universe didn't want him to be apart of UnderSwap’s timeline anymore.

It had taken a while to get used to it- he lived with Edge and Sci for a bit while he figured out his living arrangements. Once he finally settled down, he tried to figure out life in a new world. But no matter what he did, learned, or tried to do…

Nothing felt right.

One day, Error had decided to rain his fury on the world Blue lived in. He and Ink fought endlessly in the sky, and Blue had used emergency devices that Sci had given him to get the people to safety. When he was finished, he realized that he had felt more alive and… well, happy than he had in months . It was like a light had flickered on in his head, reminding him of the day he had decided he wanted to be a member of the royal guard.

The two days had been so similar. He had been struggling mentally when he was forced to protect someone and realized just how much he enjoyed the act.

It was at that moment that he knew what he wanted to do.

And, foolishly, he jumped into the fight with his bones, blasters, and recently mastered teleportation ability.

He had gotten more broken bones and bruises in that fight than he had in, well, ever. He didn't regret one moment of the time that he spent helping Ink fend off the Destroyer of Worlds.

Ink, being Ink, had decided to bring Blue to the doodle sphere to take care of him instead of just submitting him to the hospital. Blue had learned more about Ink within that period of time than he could have if he had studied him for years. When he learned about Ink and Dream’s struggles fighting off Error and the Nightmares, he insisted he join.

After everything was talked out, he walked into the Doodle Sphere on the first day of being a Guardian, and everything just clicked into place. His soul felt like it was fully realized.

He finally felt like he belonged in the universe.

Finishing folding his clothes, he lifted up the basket and carried it to his room, setting it down. He took a moment to look over a picture he had kept in his pocket since before the XEvent, pausing in his movements. He had insisted on taking the selfie with them when they had finally made it to the surface. Everyone looked happy- genuinely happy.









He moved his hand up to the framed, slightly torn photo- caressing the edge of it. Tears built up in his eye sockets as he smiled.

He hoped they were proud of him.

He felt something fall from his chin and blinked, moving the hand from the picture to his face.

The tears had fallen.

Blue sighed and shook his head, continuing onward and moving to put his clothes away.

Today might be the day he had learned of the mistake and his chosen day of mourning, but he still had work to do.

He’d meditate on it later.