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Blood, Sweat and Tears

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"Are you sure?" His fangs were grazing your neck, hesitant to pierce but oh so eager to sink in. Instead of biting like part of you expected him to do he gave a long lick from your collarbones to your ear instead. Jin was rock hard and solid beneath your palms, his bare chest muscular and cool against your flesh. You were sitting in his lap, his button-up open and skin exposed, the button on his jeans popped and zipped pulled down so that the tip of his curved and throbbing length peaked out against his happy trail and belly button, while your top half was completely open to his hungry eyes, crooked fingers twisting at your nipples as you soaked your panties with your desire.

"I'm sure," He tugged at your nipple harder, making it pebble obscenely, want clear on his face as he looked at you with glazed eyes. "I trust you."

He groaned hard from the back of his throat, hand leaving your chest so that it could wander teasingly along your sides before planting itself with a firm grip against the thick plush of your ass, its twin sweeping your hair out of the way of your neck as he gently but firmly tilted your head to the side to give himself better access. "I love you."

"I love you two." Jin ran his lips along the spot he had been sucking a moment before, teeth nipping softly and tongue running over the spot before you felt the pinpricks of pleasure shooting up your spine as his fangs sunk in. Heat pooled in your abdomen and every touch felt like a jolt of electricity up your spine.

A long loud moan fell from your lips and as he took the first suck of your blood he rumbled deep in his chest and groaned as he clutched onto you harder, hand leaving a bruising grip onto your ass as the other wrapped around your back against your shoulders and clutched you to him. This had been a long time coming, and it was nothing like you had learned about from books and movies. In horror and lore, vampires were dead, beings that had once been human and had been turned from demons in the night. But that was the furthest from the truth. Vampires weren't undead, and neither were they once human, they were just another species, something else entirely.

They didn't need to live off of human blood, but it was a powerful aphrodisiac. It made the vampire drunk on pheromones and endorphins, and the human involved would be affected by the venom in the vampire's fangs much like the vampire was affected by the humans blood. So this was a long time coming, you in your now husband's lap as he sucked slowly at your blood and ground his now purpling length against you, both of you moaning uncontrollably until he forced himself away from your neck and tipped his own back with a loud whimper, eyes shut tightly as he gripped you harder. You weren't in any better of a state, the wetness from your dripping core leaking all over the fabric of his jeans and the exposed part of his cock as you started to rub frantically against him.

Sweat beaded down your back, a thin trail of blood sliding down your collarbone and over your heaving chest. His eyes latched onto the trail and he leaned forward, licking at it until he ended up at your throbbing and hardened bud and suckled noisily. His tongue flicked rapidly against your nipple, rolling the bud around and nipping lightly with his teeth, pulling and playing with it as he tipped you both suddenly off of the couch and onto the floor and humped against your soaked core frantically.

You both were out of control and with trembling hands you managed to fully pull him out of his jeans as he tried to hump against you, and push your underwear to the side so that he could shove in. He entered you with one swift thrust, immediately pounding against you, driving his hips erratically into your and using a strength you had never known him capable of using to fuck into your wet and pliant body. His mouth switched from your nipple to the other and his eyes rolled to the back of his head as he sought after his pleasure, no longer in control as he held you by your waist and tried his best to fuck you into the floor.

Heat spread throughout your body and your limbs trembled, everything feeling too good all at once until you came with a shout of his name, no longer capable of doing anything but taking it as he did his best to bury himself in you and never leave. He suddenly bit into your breast and sucked at your blood once more, the sudden pleasure spiking through you too much to handle, and tears pricked at your eyes and fell down your cheeks as you came once more, gushing out a puddle against his lap as he bucked into you harder than he ever had before and came violently inside of you.