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In The Act

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“Oh fuck, holy fuck…” Bruno moaned to himself as he bounced on the purple dildo, “Abbacchio… you’re going too hard in me! You’re going to bruise my womb!”

Bruno continued to chant to himself, he felt like he was going to explode. His belly never felt this full before. His clit was twitching like crazy, Bruno reached down to touch it. Though, he stopped himself as a whine escaped from his lips. Bruno fell chest first into the soft sheets. He continued riding the thick dildo no matter what.

“Abbacchio… please… I want to touch my clit… I’ve been so good for you… I’ve been a good capo for the past week! I promise I won’t squirt just yet!” Bruno’s tongue fell out of his mouth, his pussy tightened around the cock.

The dildo slowly began sliding out of him. Bruno whined loudly, he went back down on it but went back up. Tears streamed down his face, he needed the dildo in his pussy. He turned on his back and began to rub the dildo between his thighs. Of course, the shaft was rubbing right against his pussy. God, when the head of the dick would touch his clit… Bruno would leak more and more. Bruno grabbed onto his own pecs, he squeezed his nipples and cried out.

“Abbacchio! Please fuck my cunt! I’m sorry for trying to touch my clit!” Bruno panted, “Oh my pussy, it feels too empty without your dick in me…”

Bruno continued bouncing his thighs on the thick purple cock. He needed to squirt badly, but he told himself not to. He had to wait until ‘Abbacchio’ gave him permission to squirt on his dick. Bruno felt so lewd, moaning Abbacchio’s name when he was riding a dildo? This was so unlike him, he should just go for it. No, he can’t do that, he needs to wait.

“Shit…” Guido mumbled to himself as he squeezed the tip of his cock.

Mista only caught him by accident, he didn’t mean to get hard in the hallway. He pumped his cock one more time as pre-jizz leaked from the tip. He covered his mouth as his thumb pressed on the slit. He didn’t want the capo to hear him moan. Mista couldn’t help but chuckle lowly. Who knew the capo would be a whore? Well, he never expected this from his boss.

Bruno whined again as only the tip went into his cunt, “Abbacchio! Please stop teasing my cunt!”

Mista’s eyes widened, he pumped his cock harder. The moans from the capo… he wanted to bury his cock deep into his womb. Mista wanted to stretch him out until his pussy ached. He uncovered his mouth and took in a deep breath. This was painful to hear, his cock ached for more and more stimulation. The feeling of Bruno’s walls around his cock… The thought of the capo trying to milk his dick right into his womb. Was he into that?

He couldn’t take it, Mista slowly crept into the room. When Bruno saw Mista enter the room, he covered himself with the blankets and gasped. Bruno’s tan face turned beet red. Mista’s thick cock was resting in his own palms. Bruno bit his lower lip staring at the dick. Mista crawled onto the bed and got over the capo. Bruno looked away, he wasn’t Abbacchio… but his cock doesn’t look half bad. Truth be told, this wasn’t the first time he moaned someone’s name during his own private sessions. He remembers the name: “Guido Mista” rolling off of his slutty tongue.

Bruno pinned down the gunman and giggled. He removed his stupid hat and placed his lips on his. Mista chuckled as he reached down to grab the capo’s ass. He made sure to spread out wide enough so Bruno’s cunt would be bare. His middle finger pressed up against the sensitive clit. Bruno removed himself the kiss and moaned, he began to grind down on his fingers.

“Please, fuck me, I want you inside of my womb…” Bruno’s pants became louder, “Fuck! I need you!”

Mista’s middle finger slipped inside of Bruno’s cunt. He began bouncing his finger in and out of him.

“You’re so tight for me… I can’t believe you’re still tight after that dildo.” Mista chuckled.

Bruno whined, “Fuck… Please… I need you to fuck me! Mista!”

Mista pinned down Bruno and took his gun out of his sling. He shoved the metallic rod down Bruno’s throat. Bruno rolled his tongue around the shaft of it. Bruno was new to this taste, he couldn’t help but scrunch up. Only a cock has been shoved down his lovely throat. Bruno began bobbing his head back and forth as Mista snaked his hands down. Three fingers were shoved right into him.

Mista fingers pumped out of his lover, Bruno’s moans vibrated along with the silver gun. Bruno’s eyes locked onto Mista’s lustful ones, he felt tears brim in his eyes. Mista placed his index finger on the trigger. Bruno’s eyes widened, he bobbed his head harder. The gun hit further in his throat, Mista could see it bumping. Another finger slid inside of him, four made him cringe. His thumb easily slid inside of Bruno. His pussy sank to Mista’s wrist. Guido shivered, his hand was too deep inside of Bruno. Of course, the capo didn’t seem to mind… 

Bruno’s eyes rolled back, he screamed over the gun. Bruno gripped onto his own chest, he pinched his nipples. As Mista bounced Bruno on his fat hand, Bruno made sure to twist his pecs around. A finger grazed against his precious womb. Bruno jumped as his clit twitched. Bruno let himself spill all over Mista. The male over him immediately let go of the gun and dropped down to the pink cunt. His mouth wrapped around his clit, his hand pumped harder in and out. Mista’s mouth was filled with Brunos’ cum. He popped off of his clit as slid his hand out.

He threw his gun back into the sling and crawled back over to Bruno. His lips crashed against his lover’s, his dick slowly slid into him. Bruno clung onto the gunner, more hot tears streamed down his lovely tan face. Blush was painted across his face, he felt too dirty. Was it wrong for his worker to fuck him? Wouldn’t it give him the position of dominance? Well, who cares now? Bruno’s pussy almost feels too full. Guido pulled away from the kiss and smirked over him. A moan escaped from his lips.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” Guido remarked, “I wonder how your womb feels around my dick.”

Bruno’s eyes widened, “Please, fuck my womb.”

Mista fully entered his cunt, his cock was planted right into Bruno’s womb. Mista leaned his head down between Bruno’s chest. A content sigh came from his lips, a little smile curled up as well. Bruno ran his fingers through the curly hair, he needed more. Mista’s eyes closed when he licked over Bruno’s nipple. Bruno whined as he took his right hand to shove his pec into Guido’s mouth. Guido gladly took it in, making sure to suck hard. 

When Abbacchio entered the hall with papers from the Boss, his ears were filled with moans. His eyes widened, he slowly crept to the opened door. Only a small peek, that’s what he promised himself. Abbacchio’s eyes met with Guido’s cock buried inside Bruno’s pussy. He could only see a little bit of the bump on his tummy. Nonetheless, Abbacchio pulled away from the door. He covered his mouth and collapsed to his knees. Why wasn’t he moving in the capo? Abbacchio rubbed his thighs together as he placed the papers next to him. Wasn’t this wrong? To spy on their private times…?

“Move, I want you to move.” Bruno whined.

Mista refused to pop off his nipple, he refused to listen nonetheless. His cock was going to stay there for a bit, and that’s what he wanted. He didn’t care if Bruno cried or came everywhere, Guido wants to fuck him when he wants to. Though, Bruno doesn’t mind warming up the gunner’s cock. It made his pussy feel full. Perhaps his cunt would feel like this after he got fucked. The image of cum overflowing in his cunt… It made his pussy leak more. Abbacchio whined to himself when he heard Bruno’s moans.

Abbacchio began to undo the top part of his outfit. His pecs poured out, he only grabbed one of them. His other hand made it to his bulge. Abbacchio slowly rubbed up against himself. It was so painful to not have someone else to help him… Abbacchio’s mind began to cloud. The thought of Mista’s cock buried in Bruno’s pussy, as he fucks his throat. Abbacchio shivered as he squeezed his dick. Another low whine escaped from his purple lips. He squeezed his pec harder, trying to get more and more stimulation from this.

Bruno finally had enough, he pinned down Guido and moved his hips up. He laid one hand over his tummy as he bounced himself up and down. Bruno’s head threw back as his tongue flung out of his mouth. Bruno felt the bump along his hand, he felt too filled already.

“My belly! You’re filling me!” Bruno screamed.

Guido gave a harsh buck up, “Of course I am, I’m filling you no matter what.”

Bruno giggled as he bounced harder, “You look good underneath me…”

When Abbacchio heard that, he whined again. He hoped that they didn’t hear, yet he didn’t care. Bruno giggled once more as he tightened his cunt around Guido. He pulled off then sank back down on the dick. Bruno made sure to make the cock hit his sweet spot.

“Shit, you’re really fuckin’ good at this, huh?” Mista chuckled.

“I’ve had a lot of practice, and sometimes I like to have fun as well.” Bruno winked.

Mista’s middle finger pressed onto Bruno’s clit, “You’re so fucking hard, it’s hot.”

Bruno rolled his eyes, “I can go on for hours….”

Abbacchio gave another whine, this time… It rang throughout the hall. He covered his mouth and shivered. Bruno perked up, he slowed down on the thick dick. Mista looked at the doorframe and so did Bruno. 

The curly-haired male smirked, “Look like we have a visitor…”

“Oh don’t be shy… Come in and see me ride Mista.” Bruno called out.

Abbacchio stood up and made his way to the doorway. He felt like a whore, he felt too exposed to his own capo and the gunner.

Bruno’s eyes lit up, “Oh come in! Please… watch me ride Guido…” 

Guido rolled his eyes and pinned Bruno down. He flipped him over on his hands and knees. Guido leaned over with his hand and forced his mouth open.

“C’mon Abba, fuck his throat.” Guido snickered.

Abbacchio went over and placed himself in front of Bruno. Bruno fumbled around his crotch until his cock came out. Mista pulled on Abbacchio’s hair; making him pull forward. The two of them whined; Abbacchio’s cock was inside of Bruno’s throat. With each buck, Bruno’s mouth went back and forth. He bobbed his head back and forth. Abbacchio was already so close before… His pre-cum leaked to the back of Bruno’s throat. Guido pulled away closer; his tongue was shoved right down into his throat.

Abbacchio’s lipstick spread everywhere on his own face. Bruno felt Abbacchio’s balls slap his chin, he was deeper than before. Abbacchio held onto Bruno’s head and began to buck. Even though Guido was pushing the capo on the dick, it still went crazy deep inside of him. Without a warning, Abbacchio spilled his cum deep inside of Bruno. The corner of Bruno’s lips began to leak with cum, but he still swallowed most of it. Bruno’s pussy also spilled on Guido, his dick slipped more into his womb. Guido pulled away and cussed to himself. His seed shot deep inside of Bruno.

When he pulled away, Abbacchio gasped, “Holy fuck… You’re thicker than a can, Mista.”

Mista chuckled, “Am I?”

He pulled Abbacchio on the bed. Mista pulled Bruno’s hair to drag his cunt over Abbacchio’s face. Abbacchio held onto his thighs and wrapped his lips around the slit. Guido’s cum dripped right into the mouth as his tongue slid deep inside of the capo.

“Mista! You’re too cruel to us!” Bruno screamed.

The bump began to slowly disappear as Guido spoke, “Be quiet, whore. I know you wanted this to happen.”

Abbacchio sucked along Bruno’s clit as Bruno reached down to paw at his cock. Abbacchio’s dick twitched lightly. Though Guido got to sit back and watch the show.