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The club was loud, louder than he usually enjoyed, but Nines found a rare satisfaction in the humming of his sensors, lively with the almost overwhelming input of everything.

A case had been solved, a murderer put away for a time hopefully longer than most, and the officers involved had come to celebrate the brief pause in late nights and trembling hands at the coffee machine. A small moment between this big case and the next where everyone felt as if they could take a big breath, lungs filling with fresh air and joints clicking, body certain to enjoy a drink or five.

Gavin had wandered off, standing on tippy toes to give Nines a quick peck on the cheek before stumbling off to dance with Tina, alcohol already dancing through his face leaving his lips loose and teeth showing in a rare smile. Nines still felt the scrape of his stubble on his cheek, and chuckled at the alcohol induced shamelessness. The android could see him now, spinning in circles, Officer Chens head on his chest, drunkenly slow dancing to fast paced club music. Nines also noted Connor. The over officer was similarly watching Gavin, smile on his face and LED yellow as Hank Anderson whispered in his ear, no doubt snapping a photo for the precinct notice boards. Nines allowed it, knowing Anderson wanted to have fun while remaining sober. It was a rather wholesome display of unusual civilness rarely seen and preciously saved and stored away in a folder for him to watch whenever he felt overwhelmed.

And so that’s what he did. Nines leaned his elbows and back against the bar, ignoring a stool in favor of standing, looking out at the dancing. The sleeves of his black turtle neck were rolled neatly to the elbows and hanging from between his fingers were black sunglasses which he didn’t need but felt ultimately dapper in. If he were human he’d be considered a rarity, unbearably gorgeous albeit slightly scary. Gavin had chuckled as he told him that now laws had changed, now ‘person’ and ‘android’ had become a practically synonymous, he’d probably have ladies all over him. Nines had frowned at that, the thought of interacting with more humans than he cared for mildly intimidating, and had silently sworn to glare harder at any human that looked at him for too long.
But in this moment, Nines found himself disregarding his personal role, nodding politely at strangers and being genuinely friendly.

“Care to dance?"

Nines admitted he hadn’t seen the man walking up, and found himself surprised at the visit. The man was handsome, tall with dark hair and a glint in his eye. Nines found himself mentally reasoning. Gavin’s dancing with Tina. I see no ulterior motive.

Nines smiled, showing teeth, and took the man’s hand. They walked out into the dance floor, and Nines almost immediately felt his partner swaying with the music. Nines chuckled, realizing his own movements were awkward and robotic. Though he soon found rhythm, giggling when the man spun him, acting more human like than he intended. Nines moved his hips, running his fingers through his hair and closing his eyes. The man was dancing seductively, hips grinding close to Nines but not too close. His new friend was laughing, and he found himself joining in, once again buzzing with the stimulation.

They stopped with the music, Nines finding himself breathless despite not needing to breathe. The other man’s cheeks were flushed, eyes half lidded. “Wanna go outside for some air?” the man asked with a smirk. 
Nines nodded, feeling sociable and genuinely enjoying the man’s company. The fresh air hit his face as the door shut behind them, and Nines breathed deep.

The man touched his shoulder.

He turned, only to find his back pushed to the wall, he frowned. The man was looking at him seductively, hands stroking his shoulders and wandering up his neck to the plate were he found pleasure. The wires only Gavin had touched. 

“I think I may of misread this situation,” Nines found himself saying, “I have a-“

The man ran a nail along one of his now exposed wires, and Nines found his whole system stuttering to a stop, his eyes glitched, eyelids fluttering robotically, skin peeling back around his slack jaw, white creeping behind blue flushed ears. It was so much to process. “Good boy,” the man grumbled, grinding his erection against the android before leaning in, kissing him hungrily. 

Nines found himself too overwhelmed with  emotions to push him away. 

To overwhelmed to hear the door click open

“What the fuck are you doing!”

The harsh shout caused the man to flinch, pushing away from Nines and zipping his pants up with haste. Nines just stood there, frozen. Gavin approached, angry, stomping steps loud against the gravel. Reed had grabbed the man by the collar, pinning him up against the wall. 

“Get your hands off of my fucking partner!”

Nines noted how he didn’t use ‘boyfriend’ with horror, realizing how this must of looked to Gavin. Before he knew it, the man was scampering off, and Gavins murderous glare was turned to him. Nines couldn’t even speak, couldn’t even defend himself. 

“Nothing to say? Not even an excuse? You’re just gonna get dirty with any random mother fucker as soon as my backs turned?”

Nines noted a harsh red reflection on the wall from his LED, and chose to focus on that rather than the strange wetness of saline filling his eyes. He’d hurt Gavin, he’d hurt Gavin. The man who respected him, treated him as a partner, let him into his home. Nines felt like a traitor, a back stabber, a cheater. 

“Gavin!” he yelled at the man who’s back was already facing him, systems seemingly jumping to life in that moment. 

Gavin turned, eyes filled with water, every hurt, every disappointment, every let down visible in his eyes in a raw an unfiltered display of emotion. “Don’t speak, I don’t want to hear it,” he paused momentarily, mouth open, “I thought-“ he shook his head, glancing at Nines again before walking away. 

Nines stood, mouth open and LED red, casting harsh shadows on brick walls.