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Dream Demon

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“It’s night again…I can’t sleep.”Ablendan looked outside paranoid. This wasn’t the first night of these ‘visitations’. “You cant see him now...but he is here. In my mind...In my room.” the voice said to his stuffed rabbit. In almost a whisper the voice continued. “He is not as ugly or monster-like as the ones told in stories. HE is ODD. I don’t know what to do about him. He loves a hot cup of tea, two squares of sugar and no more. We talk late at night; he tells me funny stuff.” The clock on the other wall ticked slowly. The stuffed rabbit didn’t move and neither did the man. Ablendan expected the rabbit to reply, it usually did. It must have noticed the time. The human nodded his head as if the stuffed figure had replied. “You’re right. He appears at the same time, every night.” As he finished his sentence, a cheerful voice spoke. “Good evening Cecelia! Care to hear another story?” Ablendan looked behind him. There stood a man in formal attire. He wore a suit, however, instead of a normal business coat, his was in a long black trench coat. Ablendan looked away and tried to ignore the figure. He thought to himself,”I have no idea why he calls me Cecelia. I don’t know who she is but I know im not her. I’m in an asylum after all. I may be crazy but I’m not that crazy.”

While he thought, the guest spoke again. “Come dear Cecelia. A fairytale, memory, poem, what do you want to hear?” he asked politely. Ablendan gave a slightly tired look. He was annoyed by this random intruder. He responded,” A memory, Ace. Tell me about yourself… or rather, us.” Ace’s short black hair stuck up messily as he gazed up at the human. In a low tone, he began to speak. “How do I know you?” I can’t believe you can’t remember. Come now my dearest Cecelia, don’t be so blind.” Ablendan had had enough. Aside from calling him Cecelia again, Ace was poking at his already screwed up mind. He began to speak before Ace cut him off. “Well, if I must,” the demon began as it stood up. It gave a smile as it walked over to Ablendan, placing a tea cup in front of him. Ace continued,”I’ll tell you a tale of us. Should I start from the beginning or the middle? It’s your choice, we’ve been friends for years…” his voice trailed off as he sipped his cup of tea. “Start from the.” Ablendan was cut off by an enthusiastic tone.”I shall start from the beginning!” Ace shouted as he stirred his two sugar lumps into his cup. The demon’s tone was smooth and soft. After a sip from his cup he began.
“It was an odd circumstance...It was during the trials...I saw you.” Ace spoke as his cup swirled; warm steam floated off the top. “May 13th, 1692, Salem, Massachusetts. It was the day that I first met you. What a fateful encounter is was too.” He paused and looked at a very intrigued Ablendan. “Demon years are different than your short human years,”Ace said before continuing.

“ “Another witch trial? Just like the last town.” I thought to myself. I figured while I was in a new town I should take in the sights. The last town was rather dull after all. It was during that thought when I first laid eyes upon you. Your beautiful dark eyes that made hell’s deepest pit look shallow. Your angelic voice spoke,”Oh! Hello, are you the new minister. It’s so wonderful to see a sign of God’s love in such a dark time.” I answered back like any shapeshifting demon would,”I am minister Godfree. My full Christian name is Maceton Christian John Godfree. I am here on behalf of the trials.” You were so beautiful, you still are of course. I love you no matter your physical form. Anyway Cecelia, you held a light. Your eyes were full of the light of hope. It was true that I was visiting your town. However, my dear, I was posing as the minister. I had killed him and took his appearance before arriving. “Dear, little lamb of God, who are you? If I may ask.”I inquired of you. You being the sweetheart you are, answered me without hesitation. “Me? Oh forgive my rude manners. My name is Cecelia Belle.” I’m not sure how you were so lively. During a time of fear and death, you held such a hope.” Ablendan looked at Ace and spoke horrified,”Wait! You killed a man of God? Are you crazy!” Ace gave an annoyed glance before smirking devilishly. “That’s debatable dear and yes. Now,” he paused and roughly put his tea saucer down,”Do not interrupt please.” Abendan apologized,”Ah s-sorry please go on.” Ace walked over to the tired man’s bed and laid down on it. “ It was all very odd. The minister I had killed was due to be a judge for the trials. I spent most of my days in the church. I was involved in confessions in the church’s confessional box and with the prisons.

It was two days before I saw you again. I was in the confessional box waiting for the next sinner. It was a funny thing, forgiveness. The belief that I, a demon, could guide anyone on the path of salvation. Anyway, that day went by like any other confession. I asked the normal questions. “What do you have to confess,” I asked. The voice in the box next to me answered back,”I must confess my sins. Forgive me… You see...It’s me. I am why those people died. It was all a game at first. The ring leader later threatened my life. I had to keep playing along.” It does not even end there dear Ceceia. You continued to speak. “And most important sir, I’ve had impure thoughts. A new man has recently comes to town. I can’t help but fall into sinful thoughts. When I see him... I feel as though I am falling farther from God.” To be honest, Love, when I heard you say that I almost laughed. As a demon, I was in practical stitches. However, I did respond in a nice way. “Understood. God, the Father of mercy...and I absolve you of your sin in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Now then, give thanks unto the Lord…” Then in perfect manner you responded,”His mercy endures forever.”
And so the next few weeks continued. We visited more often and became very close. Those weeks went by so quickly. As all good things, it came quickly to an end. It was late one night I was at the church office. You can guess, I wasn’t doing the Lord’s work. I got the news of your arrest. The human girl’s whom you played with, in turn played you. It was then, my dearest Cecelia, that you were taken under the accusation of being a witch.