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The Dark Blowhole

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Caustic and Gibraltar were one of the final 2 squads left in the match, waiting in a building for any sound their enemies may make. The room they were in was just big enough to fit the two of their bodies with a small amount of room to move around. A few of Caustic's gas traps were spread out at each door they were set up pretty well in there. Some time passes until they hear a low rumbling sound. Caustic remains silent.

"Did you hear that sound? Might be the enemy." Gibraltar whispers to his partner.
Caustic still says nothing, knowing what the sound was. He doesn't want to say what it is. Gibraltar notices a foul smell filling the room, worse than a session of sweaty love with his boyfriend. Gibraltar looks at Caustic with an evil glare, realizing what had happened.

"Did you just let out a fat brap? It smells horrible, what's your problem?" Gibraltar asks angrily.

Caustic looks over at him and responds, "What did you want me to do? Keep it in?"

The rumbling comes back but longer and more violent than the last one. The smell in the room gets much worse, making Gibraltar halt his breathing.

"This smells familiar. Is this the same thing that is in your gas traps?" Gibraltar asks.

"Yes, this is the same gas I use in my traps, it's a recipe I've created on my own. Weeks straight of eating nothing but eggs, tacos, and brussel sprouts. It creates the most vile gas possible."

Gibraltar begins to gag and cough at the smell continuing to fill the room, the sounds he made gave away their position. Footsteps were getting closer. Gibraltar runs out of the room, unable to bear the smell any longer. Just as he emerges from the room, the gas traps begin to activate. A wraith runs into the room with a Peacekeeper, taking out Gibraltar as he is dry heaving from the smell. Caustic comes out of the room after Gibraltar.

"my vision is clear my vision is clear my vision is clear my vision is clear"

The Wraith takes out Caustic with their Peacekeeper, earning their 20,000th kill and pulling out their knife to show how amazing and cool they are. A second place placement for the team of units, they could have won if not for Caustic making gas on the field instead of in his stupid boomer garage.