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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

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After their usual victory fist bump, Chat Noir left Ladybug to console the akuma victim. He made his way along rooftops towards the Agreste Mansion, then dropped down into an alleyway, just in time for his miraculous to time out.

Plagg spiraled out of the ring dizzily, hovering in midair tiredly.

"At last, I've found you." An unfamiliar voice said from behind Adrien.

Whirling around, Adrien came face to face with a dark haired young man, dressed in a black and blue hoodie, dark gray pants, and faded sneakers. He stared at him, a hint of a smile on his face, his blue eyes almost glowing in the darkness of the alleyway.

"Who are you?" Adrien said, having instinctively hidden Plagg. "Do you work for my father?" His hands balled up into fists at his sides. Oh hell, if his father found out he was a superhero, then-!

"I have an offer for you, actually." The young man said, causing the young boy to look up at him in surprise. "You might enjoy it, despite the strings attached."

His almost-glowing blue eyes crinkled with amusement as a savage smile stretched across his face. He held out a hand, revealing a strange marking on the back of his hand. 

It took the shape of a distant bird in flight, colored a blood red shade.

"Do you seek power? The capacity to change your existence for the better?" Adrien's eyes widened, but the man pressed on. "The Power of the King will isolate you, condemn you to a life of solitude, and you will live far from any other human: a different providence, a different time, a different life." Hard blue irises met shocked green ones, before slowly moving to gaze at the outstretched hand, palm now facing upwards.

"Are you prepared?"

Hesitantly, Adrien reached out to grasp the man's hand. 

As soon as he had done so, he found himself falling through a cold void, streams of green and blue light flying past and around him, seemingly restricting him.

Caging him.

Panicked, Adrien stretches out a hand, restrained as it was, into the plane of ice surrounding him, stretching for something that he knows is waiting to be grasped. He brushes his fingers against something that seems to be falling with him in that void, and then…

Pain . Behind his left eye, his brain feels as if its being squeezed by invisible hands. He cries out, but no one can hear him, there’s no one there. It’s just him trapped in the ice, and that’s terrifying , because it reminds him of being confined to his room, which reminds him of his father, which makes him think of-!

And then the light seems to recede, letting him fall unrestrained. A voice seems to surround him, speaking words he can barely understand, speaking of a contract and something called ‘Geass.’ He doesn’t care to know. At that point he’s falling, and he knows that eventually he’ll hit something and then-

He gasps, opening his eyes, and he’s back in that alleyway near his house, falling to his knees in shock of what had just occurred. The man nodded appreciatively.

“Good job.” He said, his grin widening. He moved to the end of the gap between buildings, turning to look over his shoulder. “I expect great things of you, kid.”

And then he left.

Adrien didn’t bother responding, too shaken by what he saw, and trying to calm down. Plagg flitted around him, seeming rarely worried about him.

“Kid? Control your breathing.” His kwami was saying. “I have no idea what’s going on, but you need to breathe , kid.”

“Plagg?” Adrien spoke in a ragged voice, as if he were on the verge of tears, which-to be honest-he sure looked and acted like he was. “What happened?”

“No clue, kid. You just grabbed his hand, and then pulled it away like it burned you.” Plagg looked up at him, his cat-like eyes widening, and cursed in an unfamiliar language. “Kid, your eye- !”

Adrien instantly slapped a hand to his face, as if trying to feel the subject of Plagg’s surprise. He felt nothing wrong, unlike the force that seemed to root itself into his head in that odd dream he just had. Plagg urgently tugged him over to a puddle on the ground by his sleeve, then pulled his head down by his hair when he didn’t immediately look down.

Partially wrapped around his left pupil and stretching across his green iris, was the symbol that appeared on the back of the man’s hand.