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How to Win the Sports Festival and get Adopted

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This was his only chance to get into the Hero Course and Shinsou will be damned if he half asses this competition. He’s going to win the Sports Festival and the teachers and their fucking robots can kiss his ass .

In theory, the obstacle course should be the most taxing in the competition. He’d done his research on past festivals and the purple haired boy had a pretty good grip on what could happen, he’s also done his research on those in Class 1-A and 1-B. He’s ready.

Shinsou gripped his gloves as everyone got ready at the start of the course. His late grandmother had them made a long time ago when he realised he couldn’t be a hero relying on just his quirk. The knuckles of the gloves shot a long piece of thin wire. The wires could only be seen when light reflected off them on the correct angle and they were strong (and they were sharp as fuck) . Shinsou could easily fling himself around with them. They were made of a similar material to Eraser Head’s capture weapon. He’s signed it up as a support weapon for the competition, but he didn’t want to use them up front, he’ll just use them in situations that they’d be needed.

Shinsou smirked as everyone pushed each other, trying to get ahead. The purple haired boy sucked in a large breath of air before shouting, “WHAT TEAM?!”

It was glorious . Over half of the other first years screamed back, “WILD CATS!”

Shinsou held back a snort and calmly said, “Clear a path for me.” 

The students under his control followed quickly and he was off. He was glad that everyone was so focused on the hero course kids and not him. He’d let the poor fools out of his control once he reached the end.

He kept gaining control of people until he got close to the finish. Shinsou let everyone out of his control as he passed the line in 27th place. There, no attention in his direction. There were shouts of confusion from the crowd, students and even the teachers.

A subtle smirk stayed on his face.

The Cavalry Battle was easy, though that monkey looking guy from class 1-a seemed to have realised his quirk. No matter.

His first one on one battle was with that green haired kid from 1-A, Midoriya Izuku. He knows that monkey dude told him not to respond to Shinsou, but Midoriya was easy to read. His classmates were his weakness, insult them and he won’t hold back.

But that little broccoli shit managed to break his control by breaking his own fingers. He gripped his gloves, dodging Midoriya’s attacks, ready to use them if he needed. He kept thinking about what to do, deparately spouting off anything to get the green fuck to respond. ‘ There were multiple entities in his head. Maybe… maybe it’s apart of his quirk. ’ Shinsou’s eyes widened slightly, ‘ That’s it! It may be possible his quirk was given to him! Multiple generations in one quirk has to be a big secret. And if that’s not the case, then his confusion might be enough of a reaction. How many were there… four… five… eight… eight! There were eight! He’s nine!’  

With a smirk, Shinsou rushed Midoriya. The green bitch wasn’t expecting it and prepared to block, but Shinsou leant off to the side, speaking lowly in his ear, “Who gave you that quirk, 9th Holder?” That did it.

Midoriya gasped, “H-how-” 

The crowd gasped as Shinsou took control of Midoriya once again, “Block out the entities in your head and run out of bounds.”

Despite the obvious struggle in his head, Midoriya did just that as Shinsou held his mind tightly under his control, winning the round. 

Midorya gasped as he was freed. He watched as the general education student walked away and the crowd roared in awe.

Shinsou’s next battle was against the son of the #2 pro hero, Endeavor. Todoroki Shouto was very strong and strategic, but he had one obvious flaw. His daddy issues.

Todoroki stared at him, “I was hoping to fight Midoriya, but this’ll do.”

“Ok boomer.” Shinsou snarked, readying his support gear. He knew Todoroki would fling his ice (only ice, never fire. Really shows them daddy issues, huh?) at him straight away and he needed time to chip away at him, knowing the bicolored boy would stop answering him soon.

As soon as the round started, Shinsou shot out to the side, anchoring to the stadium wall but making sure not to pull himself out of the stadium. He then shot towards Todoroki, who dodged just in time. He flung the string of his weapon towards Todoroki just as the boy shot another wave of ice at him. Cutting and shattering the attack to pieces.

It continued like that for a while. Shinsou’s plan was to aggravate and tire Todoroki before trying to get the boy under his control. ‘ Looks like it’s working ’ he thought as his oponents right side began to frost over and he started to slow down.

“Hey,” Shinsou called. Todoroki wisely stayed quiet, “I’ve been wondering. Why don’t you use your left side? Y’know the fire part of your quirk?” Todoroki’s eyebrow twitched but he stayed quiet.

Shinsou laughed gently, thinking about his foster father, “I know what it’s like when a man you’re supposed to trust hits you.” 

Todoroki’s eyes widened and he left out a choked off, “W-” His arms dropped as Shinsou took over his mind. He followed the purple boy’s words and stepped out of bounds.

Shinsou spoke up as he let Todoroki from his hold, “If you ever want to talk, I’ll be happy to listen. I’m no therapist, but it’s nice when someone’s there.” he waved as he walked off, winning the round.

Iida - from what Shinsou had gathered - would be easy to set off.

“If you think about it, there are more nipples in the world than people.” Iida’s mouth twitched as Shinsou grinned, dodging and continuing to spout off bullshit.

“If tomatoes are a fruit, then isn’t ketchup technically a smoothie?”

“How come our nose’s run but our feet are smelly?”

“Today is the oldest you’ve ever been but the youngest you’ll ever be again.”

“Why is it called a building if it’s already built?”

Iida cried, “WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS?!” 

Shinsou cackled, wrapping his strings around the unmoving body of Iida Tenya, and threw him out of bounds screaming, “YEET!”

Iida, now snapped out of Shinsou’s control, cried at the loss of half his brain cells this round.

Bakugou Katsuki was going to be the easiest to rile up. He may be strong, but his weakness was fairly simple. This round wouldn’t last long.

Dodging the first round of explosions, Shinsou put on a bored face, “Midoriya was better than this, what the hell man?”

“FUCKING DEK-!!!” Shinsou took control of Bakugou immediately and flung him out of bounds just like he did with Iida.

The crowd cheered and Bakugou was restrained by Midnight.


“Oh my god.” Yamada turned to Aizawa, “What the fuck?”

Aizawa stared at the thin body of Shinsou Hitoshi. Even from up here the man could see the eyebags almost as dark as his own on this child. A sudden urge fills his mind.

Yamada’s eyes widened, “No, Shouta.” Aizawa looked at him blankly, “He is not a cat that you found on the street! You cannot adopt him!” Aizawa didn’t react, “Shouta! We have four cats!”

Poor Yamada.

The next day, Shinsou Hitoshi was introduced to Class 1-a and took his rightful spot in the grape piss baby’s seat.

Unknown to them all, Aizawa had the adoption papers for a certain best boy in his sleeping bag.

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Hizashi was surprised his Shouta had held out for as long as he did. For nearly two weeks his husband had restrained himself from adopting Shinsou Hitoshi, but that was sure to end soon.

Shouta had approached Shinsou that first day and offered to help him train more, ‘ It’s good that you know the basics, but learning some other moves would be helpful here in the hero course ’ the man had told Shinsou. 

What a load of shit, the sleep deprived teacher just wanted to spend more time with the kid.

Hizashi has to admit though, Shinsou was very polite. The blonde had joined in on some of their training sessions and the purple haired boy was always respectful. He was also surprisingly strong. Apparently, Shinsou still hasn’t come up with a limit to how many people he could control at one time. ‘ Large groups aren’t a problem, I guess. The sports festival was the first time I had controlled so many people. ’ And for someone with such a thin body, he had a surprising amount of strength.

The husbands learnt more and more about their student over the next week, including some…  concerning habits. From the way he flinched whenever touched to the way he barely slept. There were times when Shinsou would practically pass out after training. Shouta was hesitant to wake him up because he looked so relaxed.

Now, Shouta was losing his restraint, “Maybe just a surprise home visit? Teachers do that, don’t they?”

“Sho…” Hizashi trailed off, “’d have to get permission from Nezu first.”

Shouta got up from his desk, “Yeah. I’ll be right back.”

“Shouta! Class is starting soon.”

He didn’t listen. Of course he didn’t. Oh well.

Shouta did get permission to do a home inspection. And let’s just say, it didn’t go well.

The first thing the black haired man noted was the rough exterior of the house, all broken down. Next was the reluctance of Shinsou’s foster father, like there was something he didn’t want Shouta to see. The horrible smell and messy interior followed. There were also five other foster kids there all varying in age. Once he saw his student (soon-to-be son) he just about snapped the clipboard he was writing on in half.

Shinsou’s hair was no longer styled up, purple strands framing the pale face. Bruises littered his body and their were specs of blood on his clothing. What really enraged the teacher was the tight muzzle strapped to the boy.

With a sharp intake of breath, Shouta gestured for Shinsou to come closer. Hesitantly, Shinsou stepped over dirty childrens toys and made his way over to Shouta. The erasure hero undid the muzzle and threw it to the ground, taking in the cuts along the boys face and the deep breath of air he drew in.

With a calming breath Shouta said, “Take the other kids and go pack all of your things.”

Shinsou herded the children upstairs quickly, noticing the rage in his teachers voice.

The foster father screamed in anger only to be silenced by Shouta, who was in the middle of calling the police.

And that’s how Hizashi’s lovely husband brought home not one stray, but six.

It took another few days before things calmed down. The foster father was in prison with six cases of child abuse and neglet charged against him. The five younger kids had been taken to new foster homes around town and they were checked beforehand by Shouta. The children refused to part from Shinsou at first, but promised visits and some chocolate later, they enjoyed their new homes.

Shouta finally fulfilled his wish. Hizashi couldn’t even discourage it anymore, having grown attack to the kid himself.

Now the family consisted of two husbands, four cats and one child now name Yamada-Aizawa-Shinsou Hitoshi (yes that is his legal name now). Hitoshi had cried the first time they announced to him they wanted the kid in their family.

Everything was peaceful now-

“How long do you think we can fuck with 1-A before they realise I’m your kid now?”

Please no. 

“I wonder…”



And so, best boy went on to freak the shit out of his new class. It was bad enough that the Bakusquad and Dekusquad were fighting over him already, but adding on the way two parts of the Yamada-Aizawa-Shinsou family kept hinting at their relationship, it was chaos .

When they finally revealed the truth to the class nearly a month later, there was silence. That is, until Todoroki pointed a finger at Hitoshi, “You sneaky little bitch.”

Best purble boy cackled as the class exploded.