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Pinup Boy

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Kirishima has always been somewhat uncomfortable with what’s between his legs. He knows people usually think of being well endowed as a good thing, but he just really dislikes the fact he’s so far from average.


He can ignore that feeling for the most part, as he’s usually too busy to fret over the size of his dick, but it’s shoved to the forefront of his mind when a picture of him in the locker room starts circulating around the school.


After “the picture”, Eijirou has to start changing in the bathroom, and putting on his underwear before he leaves the shower, and using the stalls every time he pees, because people just won’t stop trying to catch a glimpse to see if it was real.


Even people from other classes stare at his crotch in the hallways. He debates tucking himself or something, because from the looks on their faces, it’s pretty obvious even with his pants on.


About a month after the first picture, one of him in the baths starts circulating. It doesn’t even seem to be the same person who took the first, like it’s suddenly a trend to photograph him naked and spread it around. It’s humiliating.


He wants to say something, maybe even tell a teacher, but he doesn’t want to look like he’s overreacting or whining about it. Plus, they’re third years, training to be heroes, he should be able to deal with a couple leaked pictures.


What the hell would he even say if he did tell? “my dick is abnormally large and people are anonymously thirsting over it”? Yeah, no thanks.


He was hoping it’d just blow over, but someone sets up one of those online fundraisers to make a reward for whoever can snap a shot of him erect, and his life becomes utter chaos.


He doesn’t even know about the bounty on his hard dick for the first couple of days. He’s pretty confused as to why it seems like everyone is constantly rubbing up against him, though.


It’s uncomfortable, but he doesn’t mind all that much. He’s a pretty physical person regardless, so it’s not totally out of the ordinary. What is unusual though, is the very brazen flirting.


He’s never had so many people looking at him like this in his life, including the times directly after his unwanted dick pics. It feels like that times a thousand.


He goes through two days of being flustered to all hell before Kaminari approaches him about it.


“Okay, listen dude, you know the whole reward thing? I’m thinking, you take the picture, I send it in, we split the money. Sixty to fourty, since it’s, ya know, your dick.”


“Wh- Reward?”


“Yeah? The one online for a pic of your thang standing tall? It’s over twenty thousand yen, dude. You’re in, like, seriously high demand.”


Kaminari’s smiling like he’s just made the best business proposal in history.




“Wait, did you not know?”


Eijirou shakes his head and Kami makes an “O” with his mouth.


“I’ll pull it up!”


He takes out his phone and taps on it for a few seconds before turning it to Kirishima.


He wasn’t lying about the whole “high demand” thing, almost a hundred people have contributed to a reward for a picture of his DICK, HARD.


He gawks at the page and the comments on it for a full minute before his brain comes back online.


“Kami, if I wanted this reward, why would I include you at all when I can do it myself?”


The blond’s excited expression falls.


“Damn, I didn’t even think of that.”


Kirishima smiles at how very little Kaminari thought this whole thing through.


“It doesn’t matter, bro. Nobody’s getting a picture of my dick anyway.


Well, another picture of my dick.”


Kami hums in thought and Eijirou takes his phone to click on one of the links in the fundraiser’s description. He’s suddenly face to dick with a high resolution image of his own body, full frontal.


He nearly drops the phone, what kind of fuck kind of camera did this person even use?! He can see the goddamn birthmark on his hip!


The other links are surprisingly tame. They’re still incredibly objectifying and humiliating, but at least they aren’t of his junk.


One is of his torso when he’s obviously been working out, one is a zoomed in image of his pecs, one is his arms flexing, one is his back muscles while he’s doing a wide pull up, and the last is just his face. He doesn’t really understand how that one fits with the rest.


He’s flattered, but that’s heavily outweighed by the near crippling shame. He shouldn’t have been so open in the locker rooms, his mom did always say he was too trusting, maybe that’s true.


Kaminari seems to sense his quickly declining mood, and gently takes the phone out of his hands.


“I’m sorry so many people have been taking pictures of you, dude. Hell, I’d switch places with you if it meant I’d be packin as heavy as you are!”


Eijirou smiles at his friend’s attempt at comforting him. It didn’t really help the situation even a little, but it’s nice that Denki’s trying so hard to cheer him up.


“Thanks man. It’s alright, people are gonna get bored of it soon anyway.”


Kaminari chews on his bottom lip and averts his eyes in a way that has Eijirou nervous.


“What’s with the face?”


“Uh, I just don’t think people are gonna get bored anytime soon, bro. It’s been such a big deal for so long.. I don’t know.”


“It hasn’t been that long.”


“Dude, it’s been like, uh..”


He counts on his fingers.


“five months.”




“Yeah, somebody sent me the picture in june I think.. but nobody actually knew it was your dick for a while.”


His face must convey how confused he is because Kaminari doesn’t stop there.


“Like, it was just a thing like “whoa look at this absolute unit, is that real?” I had no idea it was you I swear! I think that’s why it spread around so fast, honestly. Nobody knew!”


Eijirou is slowly curling himself up like his body can somehow suck his dick back inside. He knows it’s stupid, and probably kind of obnoxious, but he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t insecure about his size.


It just makes him feel like his junk is too different from the average, almost like he’s deformed or something. He’s worried many times about what would happen if he ever has sex with someone, and blowjobs are really just a nonstarter.


Maybe someone could suck on the head or something, but he doubts anyone could open their jaw enough to get around the thickest part without biting him on accident.


He’s pulled from his frequently visited train of thought by someone smacking him on the back of his head from behind the couch he’s sitting on.


“The fuck did Sparky say to you?”


Damn, is he really that easy to read?


“Nothing, bro. I’m just tired, g’night guys.”


He can faintly hear Bakugou threatening Kaminari after he leaves the room.




He looks up the fundraiser when he gets back to his dorm, and spends what feels like hours going through comments, until he finds a literal fanpage for his body, with hundreds of followers.


His dick is the main attraction but the page itself has dozens of candid pictures of him in various states of undress. The worst part, is that it’s a fanpage for Red Riot.


The fact naked pictures of him are connected to his hero name now doesn’t do anything to help his anxiety about this whole thing ending soon.


He groans and buries his face in his pillow. He doesn’t care much about modesty when it comes to his torso, but the rest of his body is just.. private. Or at least it’s supposed to be, he really wants it to be.


Apparently that’s completely irrelevant at this point. He doesn’t even understand why so many people see him like this, it’s not like he’s the bulkiest guy in the school, Shouji is easily twice his size.


But a lot of the comments he’s read do say something about liking his face, and Shouji covers his, so maybe it’s that.


He just really wishes he’d never changed in the locker room.




He wears his biggest winter costume the next day, the only one that actually covers his nipples, but it only makes him feel slightly better. At least the piercings are hidden with this one.


He’s been considering just taking them out, after seeing so many comments about sucking on the little barbells. He hates it all so much, but it’s not like he can just leave his body at home.


He always hated blending in, but holy shit, he’s really hating the way he currently stands out.


He’s too stressed to gel his hair up properly on friday, so he just doesn’t bother. He slightly regrets that when he’s standing in the kitchen and Bakugou comes up behind him to yank on it.


“Dude! That hurt.”


He’s rubbing his scalp where Bakugou nearly pulled his hair out, and his friend walks around him and jabs him, none too gently, in his pouting lip.


“You’re frowning all the fucking time, what the hell is going on with you?”


“Doesn’t matter. It’s not like anyone cares what I think about it anyway.”


He knows he probably sounds like a whiny child, but he really hates knowing that hundreds of people have seen him naked, so fucking sue him.


Bakugou’s scowl gets stronger at his answer and he looks down at their feet.


“If I did something or, like, fucking said something wrong, you have to tell me. You know I’m not good at figuring out shit like that.”


Well that is certainly not where he was expecting this to go.


“Dude, no! You haven’t done anything wrong, I promise.”


Eijirou can see the red on Bakugou’s cheeks as clear as day.


“Well how the fuck was I supposed to know that?! You’ve been ignoring me all fucking week. You didn’t even come over to watch that movie or whatever yesterday.”


Oh shit, he didn’t even remember that! God, he’s been in his own head so much he forgot the hangout plans he practically begged Bakugou to agree to. Fuck, he’s such a shitty friend.


He groans and covers his face with his hands.


“Holy shit, bro, I’m so sorry. I totally forgot.”


If he didn’t know better, he’d think the edge in Bakugou’s voice was hurt.


“Y-You fucking forgot?”


“I’m so sorry Bakugou, I swear I’ll make it up to you, I’ve just been having a really shitty time with the pictures, ya know?”




Kaminari bursts in the room, wailing like a banshee about having to wake up so early, even though he’s done it for years, and it feels like their conversation is over. Bakugou walks away with his shoulders slumped.




Fuck. Of course this shit has to happen today. Of course he’s just finished showering, and he fucking forgot his clothes in his locker.


He wouldn’t have given a shit a few months ago, but it feels like this is the absolute worst situation right now. And he has another class, it’s not like he can just wait until all the other guys leave. Fuck.


He considers asking someone else to bring them, but no one knows his locker combination. At least he has his towel, it’s the only thing keeping him from fully freaking out.


It’ll be fine! He’ll just hold his towel tight, grab his clothes, and then go to one of the stalls.


He has to take about ten deep breaths before he actually pulls back the shower curtain and starts walking to his locker. So far, so good. No one’s staring, they’re all preoccupied with changing or chatting or something, it’s all alright.


That doesn’t stop his hands from shaking though. He’s so close to being naked around other people right now...


Nope! Can’t think about that! Gotta just grab his clothes and the- fuck, he dropped his deodorant.


It feels like the next five seconds or so are the longest seconds of his life. What the hell did he do to deserve this? He should’ve just told Bakugou his locker combination or something, then he wouldn’t be in this situation.


This situation being, him bending over for his fucking deodorant, his foot slipping in the puddle from where he’s dripped on the floor, him reaching out to the wall to catch himself, and his towel now being at his feet.


He doesn’t have a chance to even start grabbing it when he hears a phone camera shutter from somewhere behind him.


The whole locker room goes silent and he’s never wrapped a towel around himself so fast in his life. He glances backwards and he can’t tell who took it. Everyone is looking at him now, and several guys are doing something on their phones.


He fights the insistent tears budding in his eyes and doesn’t even bother checking if he’s gotten all of his clothes before running out of the room.


He can hear Bakugou all the way from the bathroom stall he’s locked himself in.


“What the FUCK was that?!”




He doesn’t even care about missing his next class now, it feels like he’s going to be crying in this bathroom for the rest of his life. The fact it was someone in his own class this time..


It’s not like this was even one for the reward, at least that would’ve felt a bit more justified. No, this was just his privacy being violated yet again. He can hear Bakugou still yelling, but he can’t make out the words over his own crying.


It feels like an eternity before they’ve all left for the next class, and he knows Bakugou stuck around waiting for him longer than anyone else. He feels bad just leaving him hanging, but the idea of anyone looking at him at all right now feels disgusting.




He doesn’t know how long he’s been sitting there when he hears footsteps again, but it has to have been over an hour, given the way his joints ache when he stands up.




Oh, great, now his teacher is going to see him like this. He doesn’t even care he’s probably going to get in trouble right now, he’s just embarrassed he’s been sobbing like a baby over something that shouldn’t affect him so much.




“Are you on the toilet?”




“Open the door.”


He hesitates, but ultimately steps out, revealing himself in all his blotchy faced glory.


“I’m sorry.”


“What are you apologizing for?”


“Skipping class.”


Mr. Aizawa sighs and rubs a hand over his face.


“I can tell something is going on with you, and it’s affecting your studies. I highly recommend talking to me or another teacher about whatever it is, I can only give you one free pass.”


Eijirou doesn’t meet his eye, but nods as he feels new tears threatening to fall. God, he feels like such a baby.


“Hero work can be taxing, Kirishima. Carrying that weight alone is irresponsible.”


He really wishes this was something related to hero work.


“I-It’s social.”


Aizawa mutters something that sounds suspiciously like “fuck.”


“Then I’m probably not the best person to go to. I’d say Allmight or Present Mic would be good options, if you don’t want to see a professional. I can assure you they’d keep it confidential.”


“Thank you.”


Aizawa nods to him with an unreadable expression.


“Your classmates have already been dismissed, you should go get some rest.”




Eijirou’s never been so determined to get to his dorm as quickly as possible. He does a decent job, and he ignores everyone’s stares as he speeds past the common room.


His plan doesn’t go perfectly, since when he finally makes it to his room, he opens his door to find Bakugou reading on his bed.


He was so ready to cry his eyes out by himself, he can’t really keep his tears from filling up his vision.


“Dude, I am having a really shitty day, and I really want to be alone right now.”


“Tough shit, you’ve been alone for hours, it’s time for you to tell me what the hell is going on.”


Bakugou sets down his book and sits up against his headboard before scooting over to give Kirishima space to sit down.


He’d really rather cry himself to sleep than tell Bakugou it’s the stupid pictures that have him so fucked up, but he knows that determined look, and he’s not getting out of this.


He drops his bag on the floor and sits down against the wall on the foot of his bed.


“It’s not even a big deal.”


Bakugou scoffs loudly.


“Bullshit, you’re a goddamn rock, if something’s got you this upset, it’s a fucking big deal.”


“But that’s like, half the problem. It really isn’t a big deal, and I’m just being such a little bitch about it.”


Eijirou feels like he physically can’t look up. He doesn’t want to look at Bakugou when he understands how weak he’s being anyway.


“You still haven’t even told me what it is, Kirishima.”


He takes a shuddering breath.


“The pictures.”




Of course Bakugou is confused about why something that trivial is making him so upset, this is so embarrassing.


“I know, it’s fucking stupid . I can’t help it dude.”


“No, dumbass, what pictures?”


The pictures dude! Of my, you know what.”


He’s actually looking at Bakugou’s very confused face, that is still showing no sign of recollection.


“I have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. I only know about the picture from today.”




Bakugou nods with a frown and Eijirou drops his head in his hands.


“Dude, are you seriously telling me right now, that you know nothing about the pictures of my dick that basically everyone has seen?”


“Of your WHAT?!”


“My dick! Naked pictures! Of me! Everywhere!”


Bakugou stares at him in stunned silence for what feels like years too long.


“You take nudes?”


“Dude! No! Someone took a picture of my dick in the locker room like, six months ago and spread it around since it’s so-And then more people started taking pictures of me and there’s so many and there’s a fucking fanpage for it and someone made a fundraiser for my dick hard and-“


“Fucking, slow down! What the fuck do you mean a fundraiser?”




Eijirou pulls out his phone and sends Bakugou the link to the web page. He doesn’t know how to explain it, it’d be easier to just-


“Wait, no! Don’t look at that!”


By the time he’s reaching for Bakugou’s phone, it’s already too late, and he’s staring wide eyed at one of the pictures before looking away and shoving it in Eijirou’s face.


It isn’t any of the pictures he’s seen before, and he can’t keep a few tears from falling when he looks at it. It’s of him, bent over, fully naked, with a towel by his feet and his pink hole on full display.


He hadn’t even thought about it before right now, but that was literally the last part of his body hundreds of people hadn’t seen, and now it’s just, out there.


The fact he just lost the last tiny sliver of privacy he had, gets the heavy tears flowing in earnest for the second time today.


He just wants a new body he can keep to himself. It doesn’t even matter that he’s only seen positive responses to any of the pics, he never wanted them to exist in the first place.


Now everyone knows about his abnormal dick and absolutely every other part of him. There are probably people he’s never even met who know what color his asshole is. That’s fucking humiliating.


Bakugou pulls Kirishima to his chest a little too roughly, and is squeezing a little too tight, but he’s obviously doing his best to initiate a hug and Eijirou couldn’t be more grateful.


He doesn’t even understand why his body is apparently so interesting to everyone. He always knew his dick was far from average, but why everything else? Why him and not just what’s in his pants?


“I hate this so much.”


Bakugou’s still holding him in a fairly intimate way, but he’s more comfortable than he has been in weeks, and he’s not exactly ignorant as to why he’s feeling like this.


“People have been doing that shit for months?”




“Why the fuck haven’t you told anyone?!”


“Dude! I should be able to handle something like this on my own.”


“Yeah? And what have you been doing to handle it?”


Eijirou smushes his face farther into Bakugou’s neck. He feels so dumb and whiny.


“Nothing, I thought people would just get bored and move on.”


Bakugou scoffs from above him and he frowns. It’s not that crazy of a thing to think.


“Yeah, right. Like they’d ever get fucking bored when you’re... you.”


“What does that even mean?”


“Nothing. Forget it.”


“You can’t just say something like that and then tell me to forget it!”


He pulls back without breaking contact to look at a very red faced Bakugou who won’t meet his eye.


“Just- people fucking love you. And the way you look or whatever.. How the fuck do you not notice?! Everyone fucking stares at you constantly! And when you laugh you just- I don’t get how you just miss the way they look at you.”


Well now they’re both sporting the shade of a ripe tomato. If Bakugou thinks people find Eijirou attractive then-


“Do you?”


“Do I what?”


Eijirou clears his throat and looks down at Bakugou’s chest.


“Do you ever, you know, look?”


The silence is suffocating, and Kirishima interprets the way Bakugou’s grip tightens as anger.


“Sorry, that’s so stupid haha, dumb question. Just, uh, nevermind.”


He pushes himself off of his friend and it almost feels like Bakugou’s reluctant to let him go.


He feels like the past few months have just been a constant stream of humiliation. From the pictures, and the fundraiser, and the people fake flirting with him, and now from his own stupidity. He’s such an idiot to get his hopes up because of that.


He sits back on his knees and can’t keep from crying again. He’s probably making himself look so vain and contradictory, crying over the fact his friend doesn’t find him attractive when he was just complaining about how much he’s been sexually objectified.


He feels the bed shift and suddenly there are tentative hands wiping the never ending tears from his cheeks.


“I said everyone, dumbass.”


Somehow, that only makes him cry harder. It’s just that the combination of such strong emotions is so overwhelming. He’s so upset about the pictures, but the guy he likes just basically said he finds him attractive at least on a physical level, it’s just so much.


Bakugou’s hands pull away like he’s been burned, and it doesn’t help Eijirou’s sobbing or the onslaught of emotions he’s feeling.


“Fuck, I shouldn’t have- Fuck! I’m sorry, you just told me you’re upset because- And I just- Shit, I’m sorry Kirishima.”


He wills his tears to stop long enough so he can look at Bakugou with confused, wet eyes.




“You just fucking told me you’re fucked up about people looking at you like that, and I said- I fucking read it wrong, okay? I thought you wanted- Just forget I said anything, I’m sorry.”


He doesn’t understand what Bakugou’s talking about. Read it wrong? He thought he wanted what?


It takes until an embarrassed and ashamed Bakugou is starting to get up before he finally processes it and grabs his arm.


“I wanted you to say yes!”




“I hate the pictures, but I wanted you to say that you- that you see me like that.”


He drops his arm and averts his eyes after his little admittion. Bakugou’s voice is quieter and more apprehensive than he’s ever heard it.






“Why me? Why do you want me to look at you?”


This is a completely different kind of embarrassment from the one he’s felt for the past few months.


“I, uh, I think it’s pretty obvious at this point, dude.”


“I need to hear you say it, Eijirou.”



He feels like he’s going to need to put ice on his face after this with how hot it is right now. He can barely get his voice above a whisper.


“Because I want you to think of me like that. I want you to like me in that way, because I- I like /you/.”


He feels hands even warmer than his cheeks, tilting his head up until they’re face to face.


“Can I kiss you?”


Eijirou has half a mind to be embarrassed of the way he nods like an excited puppy.


Bakugou is chaste in the way he presses their lips together, but he used the perfect amount of pressure and Eijirou’s surprised he got the angle so right on the first try. He can’t help the goofy smile that takes over his face.


Bakugou pulls Kirishima down with him when he flops back on the bed, and they spend the next few minutes exchanging short pecks before ending with something way deeper.


Eijirou breaks the kiss when he can’t hold back his smile, and it gives him long enough to remember why he has dried tears all over his face. His mood isn’t completely ruined, he doubts anything could do that right now, but it definitely dampens it.


Bakugou notices his drop in mood quickly and pokes where his eyebrows are furrowed.


“Why the fuck did someone take a picture of your dick in the first place?”


Eijirou’s face goes back to it’s previous burning status.


“It’s, uh, it’s abnormal?”


He gives a weak, nervous smile, and Bakugou frowns at him.


“You got a fucked up dick and they were making fun of you or some shit?”


Kirishima has honestly never been so embarrassed talking about his genitals.


“Uhm, not really?”


“Then what the fuck is it?!”


“My dick is big, okay?!”


Bakugou looks fully shocked, and a blush that rivals Eijirou’s spreads over his cheeks.


“Wh- How big?”


“Really?! That’s your response?”


“What the hell were you expecting?! You can’t just claim to have a monster cock without giving me specifics!”


Kirishima shoves his face back into Bakugou’s neck. He physically cannot look him in the eye right now, and he mumbles out a number.


“What was that?”


“It’s double digits..”


“Yeah, I kind of already fucking guessed it was over ten centimeters, Eijirou.”


“Inches, dude.”


“What the fuck.”


Eijirou whines and pushes his face deeper.


“I know it’s weird..”


“How many centimeters?”


“Dude, I don’t know! It’s not like I measure it often.”


“Come on, I know you have a fucking estimate.”






“Twenty seven!”


Bakugou is silent for long enough that Eijirou is convinced he somehow grossed him out with his weird dick size.


“I don’t believe you. Show me.”


“Dude! Enough people have seen those pict-“


“I don’t want to see the pictures.”


Eijirou’s brain has completely stopped working at this point. He’s never gotten such a strong case of emotional whiplash in his life.


“So, you mean like, in person?”


He doesn’t like how unsteady that just came out.


“Well you’re right here aren’t you? Come on, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”


He can literally hear the arrogant smirk in Bakugou’s voice.


But the look on his face shows way less confidence when Eijirou leans back onto his knees and starts undoing his belt.


Half the school’s seen his dick, what’s it matter if one more person does?


He can’t even convince himself of that for a second, of course it fucking matters! This is Bakugou they’re talking about!


But he’s already committed, hell, he’s already got his zipper down. One pull and he’s got his weird junk three feet from his crushes (boyfriend’s?) face.


“Y-You gotta do it too.”


Bakugou gives him a serious nod and starts working on taking off his own pants. His distraction gives Eijirou the confidence to push his down.


He doesn’t even realize he’s scrunched his eyes closed until he opens them again when he hears Bakugou gasp.


“Wh- Holy fuck.”


Eijirou does not appreciate the way his dick is starting to swell under the attention.


“Hah, almost as big as mine.”




“No, you idiot! That’s a fucking python!”


Eijirou laughs at Bakugou’s pure shock and it diffuses the awkwardness a bit. Bakugou huffs with a frown and pushes his pants down. He’s so cute when he pouts.


Kirishima is honestly kind of surprised by what he’s looking at, Bakugou certainly has nothing to be pouting about right now. How the fuck is his dick so pretty?


It’s above average, if Eijirou’s gauge is correct, and it’s only half hard but already a pretty pink, a far cry from the angry red Eijirou’s becomes. If anything, he should be the one pouting.


But it’s kind of hard to pout when he’s staring at Bakugou’s perfect dick, and feeling his own grow. That’s not weird, right? They just made out, and Bakugou’s kind of getting hard too, so maybe it’s fine?


Eijirou nearly has a heart attack when Bakugou reaches towards him, but he only tugs on the hem of his shirt.


“Take this off.”


“Take it off yourself.”


He immediately regrets his little challenge when Bakugou grins up at him and rips his shirt open completely, with quite a few buttons flying.


“Hey! I don’t have enough school shirts for you to be doing that!”


“Whatever, you need new ones anyway, they’re all too tight around your tits.”


Eijirou mock frowns and crosses his arms over his chest.


“Not true!”


“Oh really? So you didn’t bust a button off when hugging pinky the other day?”


“Th-That was ONE time!”


Bakugou just smirks up at him and leans back to pull off the tank top he must’ve changed into when Eijirou was still hiding in the bathroom. Just looking at his friend’s perfect chest has him standing at full mast.


He does NOT appreciate the fact Bakugou is now laughing with a disbelieving look on his face, and Eijirou’s frown becomes a real one.


“Holy shit, Ei. That’s just fucking excessive.”


“You are so RUDE!”


He moves to pull his underwear back on but his hands are immediately intercepted.


“Oh hell no, you don’t get to put that beast away before I’ve even gotten to play with it.”


Eijirou has no control over the shocked look on his face or the way he’s floundering for words, but Bakugou notices quick and drops his wrists.


“Unless you seriously want to. I’m not gonna like, pressure you or some shit.”


“No! I want you to play with it!”


He physically cringes at the sentence immediately after it leaves his mouth. Bakugou gives him that unbearably attractive lidded eye smirk yet again.


“You first.”


“I don’t- C-Can you hand me the lube in that drawer?”


He gets a quirked eyebrow, but Bakugou leans over to dig around in his bedside table while a very red faced Eijirou starts lightly stroking himself.


The bottle of lube is thrown on the bed, but Bakugou doesn’t stop digging and Eijirou groans in embarrassment when he realizes exactly what he’s pulling out with a grin.


“Seriously, Ei? Who buys a dildo smaller than their own dick?”


“W- Lots of people! It’s not like I was practicing to have sex with myself!”


Bakugou just hums and holds the red toy next to his own erection with a satisfied smile on his face. He dwarfs the damn thing.


He tosses it back in the dresser and squeezes out a small amount of lube on his hand before handing the bottle to Eijirou expectantly. So, they’re really doing this.


Kirishima’s hands shake slightly under Bakugou’s intense stare as he starts touching himself with his now slick fist. He has to close his eyes after a few strokes to keep from feeling like a live porn video.


“Fuck, you’re so hot, Eijirou. You gonna finger yourself for me?”


He moans lightly at the obvious need in Bakugou’s voice and the clear sound of him doing the same thing Ei is.


“Uh huh.”


He’s reeeally hoping Bakugou actually wants to touch him though, and not just watch. He’s felt enough like a spectacle lately.




Eijirou has two fingers in himself and a hand around his dick but he’s going absolutely nowhere. He doesn’t want to be watched anymore, he wants.. actual intimacy.


He’s trying to keep his face from showing how much he hates this, but he doesn’t think he’s doing a very good job. His only solace is how much Bakugou sounds like he’s enjoying it.


He has to stop when all he can think about is how he’s only been looked at for so long and a dry sob wracks his body.


“I don’t like this.”


God, is he really such a little bitch he’s about to cry during his first sexual experience with the guy he likes because of some fucking pictures? He can feel Bakugou sit up and put his un-lubed hand on Eijirou’s face.


“Hey, we can stop. Fuck, I fucked up didn’t I?”


He sounds so nervous it only makes Eijirou feel worse. He shakes his head and bites his lip to try and keep his eyes from filling up again.


“No, I just- I don’t wanna stop, I just don’t wanna be watched.”


Bakugou makes an understanding hum before scooting closer and tilting his head to slot their lips together. He doesn’t waste time deepening it, and guides Eijirou to lay back with him.


Now, this is what he wanted to do. He jumps a bit when he feels Bakugou start touching him, but it’s a good kind of startled.


“Damn Eijirou, it’s like there’s a fucking salami laying on my stomach.”


He whines at the teasing and nips Bakugou’s lower lip.


“Quit making fun of me, jerk.”


Bakugou chuckles and the sound distracts Kirishima enough he doesn’t notice his hand moving until his fingers are prodding at his hole.


“This okay?”


He nods and complies when Bakugou pushes himself up until he’s leaning against the headboard and guides Eijirou to straddle his lap. He knows Bakugou obviously can’t see him back there from this angle, but he still feels ridiculously exposed with his finger sliding inside him.


“Damn Ei, you really slicked yourself up, huh?”


And then much quieter and closer to his ear-


“Think you could take my cock right now?”


He lets out an embarrassingly high pitched moan and a full body shudder. How the hell can Bakugou just say stuff like that?!




He knows it’s probably a bit ambitious, but if he’s not full in the next thirty seconds he’s gonna lose his mind.


“Prove it.”


He doesn’t even have time to respond before he’s flipped on his back with Bakugou sucking on his neck and lining himself up.


“Tell me if I need to stop, okay?”


Eijirou can barely respond between the deep breaths he’s taking to try and relax.


“uh huh.”


It feels like every time he’s relaxed enough to comfortably take a dick, he remembers he’s seriously about to take Bakugou’s dick and clenches up again.


Why does he have to be cursed with an ass that clenches when he gets turned on? Life is so unfair.


Bakugou obviously senses his discomfort, and moves up to slide his tongue in his mouth.


“Focus on this.”


He’s seriously doing his best, but it’s kind of hard to just ignore the feeling of being penetrated by a real life person for the first time.


But, he’s able to focus enough on kissing back that he can force himself to stay unclenched until Bakugou bottoms out.


It’s slightly uncomfortable, but it’s not too much more of a stretch than his toy, and it feels so good to be filled. Especially by the person he has feelings for..


Bakugou groans loudly into his mouth when he involuntarily squeezes him and he now has a new favorite sound.


“Fucking stop that, you’re gonna make me come.”


“I didn’t mean to-o!”


Holy shit, getting fucked by a real dick is soooo much better than his toy, and he really loves that thing.


Bakugou’s reaching way deeper, and the feeling of a warm body above him is amazing. Damn, it did not take him long to understand why people like sex so much.


The making out definitely helps too, though he briefly wonders if he should be losing his virginity twenty minutes after his first real kiss.


That train of thought passes quickly though, with the way Bakugou’s rolling his hips, he’s having a hard time thinking at all.


He moans and grips Bakugou’s back when he uses his free hand to start playing with Eijirou’s nipple piercings. He fucking knew those would come in handy.


He gets a short wave of dread when he feels his orgasm approaching. It’s been what, five minutes? Bakugou’s barely even broken a sweat and Eijirou feels like he’s nearing the edge.


It’s just the way he’s thrusting so hard and deep at the right angle without jackhammering into him.. and the inconsistent, almost teasing friction on his dick from whenever Bakugou’s stomach rubs against it.. it’s really not Eijirou’s fault he’s coming so early.


Bakugou leaning down and biting his neck is ultimately his undoing, and he’s never had such a strong orgasm without even really touching his dick. His brain is barely functional when he feels Bakugou groan and pick up his pace exponentially.


He’s just coming back to his senses when he’s being filled with warmth and he moans at the feeling. That’s gonna be a pain to deal with later, but holy shit it feels so good right now.


He practically purrs when Bakugou collapses next to him and wastes no time holding him tight.


“Next time, I’m gonna take that fucking monster to the hilt.”


“What? Bakugou, no way.”


Katsuki, and are you doubting me, Shitty hair?”


“I’m worried about your guts.”


“Yeah, yeah, don’t get too fucking cocky.”




Eijirou has never woken up so satisfied in his life. Bakugou slept over, and practically fucking pampered him, so it’s already a good day.


Waking up with his best friend-turned-boyfriend cuddling him, is surreal. The fact Bakugou, no, Katsuki is actively cuddling anyone like this is almost unbelievable, but Eijirou knows him better than to think he’s incapable of showing affection.


Hell, the guy spent fifteen minutes cleaning him out last night after they had sex, if that’s not affectionate, he doesn’t know what is.


He doesn’t even want to get out of bed, but he didn’t eat dinner last night, and his stomach is about to kill him. Maybe he spends a bit too long gazing lovingly at his sleeping boyfriend when he finally gets up, but no one can prove that.


He happily skips past an especially groany Kaminari on his way to the kitchen, and starts pulling out the ingredients for an actual breakfast. He woke up early, he’s in a great mood, might as well make breakfast for him and Katsuki.


He’s just beginning to cook when he hears Kami shout and nearly drops his pan.






He sighs before making his way over to his visibly upset friend holding out his phone.


“Somebody got the reward!”


He can feel his heart drop and the warmth drain from his body and then be replaced with unbearable heat at that sentence. That can’t- The only time he’s even been hard in the past couple of weeks was last night.


“Ca-Can I see that please?”


Kaminari looks at him with obvious concern, but it’s not like he can just deny letting him see a picture of himself on the internet.


He feels the lump in his throat grow when he clicks the link and sees himself, with a play button over the image. They really posted a fucking video?


He has to bite his cheek when he clicks play. It’s not good quality, and it’s from a weird angle, but it’s definitely him. He’s kneeling on his bed, shirt open with his sleeves rolled up, pants and boxers at his ankles, and a hand around his dick.


The fact the video has sound makes it a hundred times worse. His groans are fucking lewd paired with the slick sounds of him touching himself. His eyes are scrunched shut, and the way he’s biting his lip just adds to the vulgarity of the whole thing.


He looks fucking ridiculous, and if he thought he was humiliated before, it was absolutely nothing compared to right now.


He wonders how many people have already seen this, how many of his friends have heard his moans, have seen his face like that. He doesn’t even bother trying to keep from crying, he knows it’d be pointless.


“Kiri, I’m so sorry someone-“


“It was Bakugou.”




“H-He was the only one there. I thought he- He said he- I’m so fucking stupid.”




He thought he knew his best friend better than this, but apparently he’s just an idiot who’s been wearing rose colored glasses for two years. God, he fucking told Bakugou he loves him last night.


Maybe he deserves this for being so trusting, for being so fucking naive, for thinking he was somehow actually special to the guy he loved. He should’ve known. He’s not worthy of being special to anyone.


He’s sobbing like a child and he feels Kaminari hugging him in an attempt to comfort him, but it’s futile. He can’t remember ever being hurt as badly as this.


At least the video doesn’t show him fingering himself. Maybe he should thank Bakugou for at least not posting him being fucked. Thank him for only posting what he needed to get the money. But really that would’ve just been a picture, sending a fucking video was just cruel.


He hears some of his classmates starting to come down but he can’t bring himself to care. Everyone’s already seen him in every other vulnerable situation, might as well let them see him crying too. Maybe he’ll get lucky and no one will post it online.


“Ei! You really just gonna fucking ditch me sleeping in your bed? Woke up with no idea-“


Eijirou turns around and watches Bakugou’s playful smirk drop slowly when he takes in the pure hatred in his eyes.






He stops his tears for long enough to walk over and shove Kaminari’s phone in his chest with way more force than necessary.


Eijirou really wishes his voice didn’t crack, and he didn’t sound so utterly broken.


“I fucking hate you, Bakugou.”




It’s barely three minutes before there’s incessant knocking at his door.


“Eijirou! Open up!”


Well, if it isn’t the last person he’d want to talk to right now.


“Ei, please.”


He puts in his earbuds and tries to ignore the hurt in Bakugou’s voice.




Eijirou doesn’t go to class. He asks Kami to tell Aizawa he’s sick and falls asleep without his tears ever fully stopping.




The sound of his door opening wakes him up. He thought he locked that.


“Are you decent?”


Oh, it’s Aizawa. Yay.


“Yeah, come in.”


He’s seen his teacher look exhausted a million times, but he’s never really seen the guy look quite so uncomfortable. He sits in Eijirou’s desk chair and sighs loudly.


“I’m sure you’ll be happy to know we’ve had the photographs and videos taken down, along with the social media accounts.”


He can barely squeak out “Thanks”. He knows he’s supposed to be relieved, and he probably will be, but right now that’s really overpowered by the shame that comes with the fact his fucking teachers saw him like that.


“I understand why you might feel embarrassed, but I don’t think you properly gauged how serious this was.”


“It’s just people being weird, I should’ve been able to-“


“Violating basic privacy in a sexual situation and taking nude images of you without your knowledge or consent is not ”just being weird”, Kirishima.”


Well, when you put it like that..


“Do you really think this is the first time something like this has happened?”




“Heroes are essentially celebrities who are known for serving the public, it’s not unusual for people to think that entitles them to every part of a hero’s life.”


He leans back and rubs his temples.


“I thought I wouldn’t have to teach you about these things quite yet, but I’ve also never had a class with so many well known kids.”


“I- I’ve never seen pictures of other heroes.”


“That’s one of the things legal teams are for, Kirishima, but the images are certainly still out there somewhere on the internet. Though it’s usually more of an issue for female heroes..”


That makes sense, but that’s honestly part of the reason he didn’t think this was such a big deal. He’s a guy, and even more, he’s a guy who parades around in a revealing costume. He knows logically not to blame the victim, but he feels like he just made it easy for them.


“So, what, the stuff is just over?”


“Not exactly. Nezu is trying to trace back as many of the original posters as he can, but I don’t know how that’s going. Hopefully he can at least find the students for expulsion. If not, we might bring in someone with a truth quirk.”


“Damn, you guys are really taking this seriously, huh?”


He gives a forced laugh to try and lighten the mood, but Aisawa just stares at him with a firm look on his face.


“Yes, it’s a serious situation.”


Hearing that makes him feel both uncomfortable and validated. Mostly validated, actually. It makes him feel a little less stupid for letting it all fuck with him so much.


“How did you find out?”


“One of your classmates brought it to my attention. I can see why he showed me today, that video was.. deeply disturbing.”


“Gee, thanks.”


Eijirou mentally slaps himself. What the fuck was that?? He made it sound like he wanted his teacher to enjoy watching him jacking off!


Aizawa’s eyes widen and Eijirou’s never seen him look so caught off guard.


“I- You know that’s not what I meant, Kirishima. Being told one of my students was unknowingly recorded like that is fucking upsetting, much less actually being shown the footage.”


Now it’s Eijirou’s turn to be surprised. He knows damn well Aizawa is the type of person who curses, and he’s heard him do it under his breath before, but hearing him say it so outright is.. kind of comforting.


Like it proves this situation is fucked up enough to actually affect people who weren’t even involved.


“It was also apparent you weren’t alone during it, and though I should probably be reprimanding you for being sexually active here when girls aren’t allowed in this side of the dorms,”


“It- It wasn’t a girl.”


He doesn’t know exactly why he felt the need to come out to his teacher right now, but he doesn’t want to let him just think he slept with a girl, and he’s seriously doubts Aizawa is someone would judge him for being gay.


But he definitely feels like that was a little tmi..


“I see.”


Okay, that is not the tone of a surprised man. That is the tone of a man who has just been told the sky is blue.


“Well, I’ll just say that if the boy is who I think it is, I sincerely doubt he would ruin a relationship as strong as yours by doing that.”


“Wh- How, we don’t-“


“Kirishima, if you thought you two successfully kept your relationship a secret, you’d be mistaken.”


“We didn’t even have a relationship! Not until- and then after.. We don’t have a relationship.”


He feels tears budding again and he does everything he can to push them down, temporarily at least. He deserves to fucking cry though, the person he trusted most betrayed him in a seriously shitty way. It hurts.


“Regardless, I hope for both your sakes that I’m right, and we’ll be able to prove it.”


“I just don’t know who else it could’ve been.”


“I understand, but I doubt Bakugou would tell me about it if he was the culprit. There’s no class tomorrow, get some rest.”


Aizawa stands up and walks out, leaving a very shocked and confused Eijirou in his wake.


Bakugou’s the one who told him? Why would he do that? Even if it wasn’t him who posted it, he seems like more of the type to take it into his own hands.


Eijirou’s pulled from his confusion by his phone ringing loudly.


“Yeah, Kami?”


“DUDE! You totally missed out at lunch, seriously it was wild! So like, Monoma came over and was doing his whole “wah wah class-a” thing right? And he tooootally chose the wrong day, because, like, Bakugou was in a SUPER shitty mood.  And then Monoma said some fucked up stuff about all the pictures and videos and he called you a pinup boy or something, and then guess what?”


Eijirou has a hard time focusing on anything besides the pinup boy comment. He knows it’s dumb and Monoma was just being an ass, but he’s still getting a lump in his throat.




“Bakugou PUNCHED him, dude! In the face! No quirk! Really, you would’ve loved it, him fighting for your honor or whatever. Super manly. I think he’s in detention though, so that kinda sucks, but it was still really cool.”


Kirishima feels his cheeks heating up. He wouldn’t put it past Bakugou to hit Monoma, but the fact he did it for him is both embarrassing and kind of endearing.


“Thanks for telling me bro.”


“Yeah, ‘course! I gotta go, Shinsou’s annoyed with me, but I’ll see you at dinner?”


“Yeah, see you.”


He drops his face in his hands and lets out a very unmanly squeal the secon he hangs up. Bakugou punching people is definitely not good, but he was punching for him.


God, this just makes everything more confusing though. He really wants to believe Bakugou didn’t post that video, and everything is making him think he didn’t, but then what the hell happened? Who else could’ve recorded and posted that?


He’s gonna feel like shit if Bakugou really didn’t though.. Fuck, he told him he hates him this morning. He looked so hurt... Why does everything have to be so fucked up?


And Bakugou practically announced to everyone that they were together now, and then Eijirou made him look like a stupid asshole. Great, now he’s crying again.


It just doesn’t make sense! Neither of the options do. He’s so overwhelmed, what’s he supposed to do?


He’s trying desperately to figure out any appropriate plan of action when his door is opened so violently it nearly flies off it’s hinges.


“My phone.”


Not to be a dick, but Bakugou looks like shit. Eijirou hasn’t seen him this wound up and upset in a year, and his shirt isn’t even properly buttoned. He’s holding his phone out with an expression between desperate and enraged.




“My fucking phone! Go through my phone. Fucking, just check it, okay? I didn’t do shit, I swear.”


Eijirou doesn’t know what to say, but Bakugou’s hands are shaking, and his voice cracked.


“I don’t want to go through your phone.”


“Why not?! You won’t find anything, check my, check my photos, my fucking internet history, just, anything! Please, Eijirou! There’s nothing. I swear there’s nothing.”


He unlocks his phone and goes through his apps, shoving everything in Kirishima’s face before pulling it back and opening something different.


“Just fucking look!”


Eijirou feels almost in a daze as he watches Bakugou get more upset and desperate. He doesn’t like that look on him.


“Stop it.”


“Not until you look!”


He’s tired, and he’s confused, but he doesn’t want Bakugou angry crying in his room, and he can see his eyes starting to water.




He lets out a loud sigh of relief when Kirishima finally accepts his phone, and Eijirou feels like he’s only half seeing the contents. It all just looks how he’d expect Bakugou’s phone too look.


He has two tabs open, one a youtube video of “Allmight’s Greatest Moments!” and the other an online store that specializes in custom quirk friendly products. He has no social media, fifty two unopened texts, and his camera roll is sixty percent pictures of his class notes.


Eijirou even looks at his recently deleted pictures, and nearly snorts. There are about twenty pictures of a bruise on his lower back taken at angles that are very unflattering for the half of his face that’s visible.


“I didn’t know it fucking kept those.”


It looks like the only apps he’s even downloaded aside from the standard ones are sudoku and an extra calculator.


“Click that one..”


Kirishima looks up to see Bakugou wearing a dark blush and pointedly avoiding eye contact. Why the hell is he embarrassed about a calculator?


Eijirou only gets even more confusing when he opens it and it asks for a password.


“It’s fucking- It’s your birthday.”


It’s his turn to blush as he types it in and is taken to a web browser in “incognito” mode. Bakugou is covering his face as Eijirou skims through the tabs. Welp, he can see why Bakugou would want this password protected.


Half of the tabs are quirk forums for anonymous questions about sex, that he has apparently been active on, asking quite a bit about “hypothetically” how to safely handle his quirk in sexual situations. Nerd.


A couple others are porn sites, one with a video of a muscular red haired man and a blonde. Cute. And a few other tabs are sex toy stores. Including fucking bad dragon. Kirishima’s almost impressed.


“Do you have-“


“No! I was just fucking looking.”


His voice gets much quieter when Eijirou closes the phone and hands it back to him.


“Do you believe me now?”


Kirishima hates hearing him sound so unsure, and ge really fucking hates this whole situation. He flops back on his bed with a loud groan.


“I don’t know what to believe, dude, but I really don’t think you did it.”


Bakugou sighs almost inaudibly and awkwardly sits on the foot of his bed.


“I don’t know how to prove it.”


“I get that, I think I’m just paranoid at this point. Even though I don’t think you did it anymore, it still really fucking hurt, dude, and now I feel like I can’t trust anyone. I hate this so much.”


He throws an arm over his face to somewhat hide the fact he’s crying and tries to regulate his shaky breathing. He believes Bakugou, he really does, he just doesn’t understand.


He doesn’t stop him or move away when Bakugou crawls up and lays beside him.


“So you don’t hate me?”


Eijirou chokes out a sob at how worried he sounds. He was fucking right, he does feel like shit now that he knows it wasn’t Bakugou.


“No, I didn’t really even hate you earlier. I don’t think I’m even capable of hating you. I, you know I love you.”


He leans heavily into the touch when Katsuki pulls him to his chest. His voice is almost as wobbly as Eijirou’s.


“Good, I’m- same.”




Eijirou feels kind of bad about going back on his promise to eat dinner with his friends, but Bakugou offered to cook and bring him food, which is literally impossible to say no to.


Plus, he doesn’t really want to be around everyone, knowing it’s quite possible most of them have now seen him jerking off.


He’s almost happy when Bakugou announces he’s going to get him caught up on the day’s class work and he can’t say no.


He definitely doesn’t like that junk, but a distraction is nice. Plus, he always enjoys studying if it’s with Bakugou.






“Duuuuude, I’m exhausted! We don’t even have class tomorrow, can’t we just do it later?”


“Fine, you big baby.”


Eijirou sloppily puts together his papers and sets them on his desk before turning back around to see Bakugou standing awkwardly in the center of the room with a troubled expression.


“What’s up with that fa-“


“Can I stay? Tonight, can I stay.”


Eijirou feels like he momentarily forgets how to speak, and he nods his head with a little too much enthusiasm. These past few days have been so fucking weird.


Bakugou nods back at him and walks out of the room, presumably to get ready for bed. Eijirou follows suit, and has to stop brushing his teeth a couple times because he can’t keep from smiling.


It just feels like so much stuff in his life is new, and his newfound relationship with Bakugou is the only good new. He doesn’t think he’s ever been this excited to go to bed.


Once Bakugou comes back in to join him and cuddles up to his side, Eijirou can’t help noticing how different the energy in the room is tonight.


It’s not necessarily bad, but it’s definitely heavier. Last night they were on cloud nine, it feels like it’s been weeks since then.


It makes sense, a part of their sex stuff was posted online, Eijirou told Bakugou he hated him, then that he loved him, Bakugou punched someone and made Eijirou dinner, it’s been a hectic day.


“Can you turn off the lamp?”


“Uh huh.”


He usually sleeps with it on, but it’s not like he can’t sleep in total darkness, plus, Bakugou is here, that’ll definitely keep him comfortable.


He’s not wrong, he falls asleep in less than ten minutes, but he basically slept through the whole day, so he gets the privilege of waking up fully at three thirty in the morning.


His limbs and completely tangled up with Bakugou’s, and he’s currently the little spoon. Bakugou’s soft breathing on the back of his neck almost tickles.


It’s not like he can get up, and he wouldn’t even have anything to do if he did, so he opts to stare into the darkness and hope he’ll get tired again.


It’s hard to stare into the darkness when his vision has little red dots everywhere. What the hell even is that? He’d understand his eyes doing that if he’d been looking at a light recently, but there’s nothing light in here.


The dots are irritating. Some of them are even blinking in and out. They remind him of the lights on the wifi router at his moms’ house.


After a bit longer than it probably should’ve taken him, he realizes they go away when he closes his eyes. If it was just his vision being weird, that wouldn’t happen, right?


He feels kind of dumb reaching towards some imaginary dot on his nightstand, but maybe it’s his phone charger? Nah, that doesn’t make sense, his phone charger isn’t tucked under his lamp.


The dot disappears when his finger is blocking it, and he’s now convinced it’s not just his eyes being weird.


He finally reaches it, and whatever is making the tiny light feels like a weird marble or something. He wonders if it was reflecting the light coming in from under the door, but the dot doesn’t go away when he puts the marble thing in his hand.


He doesn’t want to turn the light on and wake Bakugou up, but what the hell is this thing? He sits with it for a minute before his brain thinks up a disturbing possibility and he really needs to know.


Sure enough, the second he turns on his lamp, he knows exactly what he’s holding. A tiny camera, the size of a marble.


He lets out a choked sob that’s essentially a shout and turns his light back off in record time. Looking around with his new knowledge makes everything worse. The dots are everywhere.


“Eijirou?! What’s going on?”


He can’t even be bothered to try and stop his tears. How long have they been here? How long has he been spied on? The video of him touching himself was the first thing posted that was taken in his room.


Why does it make it so much scarier to know whoever set these up has just been watching him?


Bakugou leans over him to try and turn the lamp back on, but Eijirou slaps his arm away.


“No light.”


“Okay? Why? Are you okay?”


“No! There are c-cameras everywhere. I don’t- I didn’t-“


Bakugou pulls him to his chest and rubs his back.


“Hey, shh. Did you, uh, have a nightmare?”


“No, Katsuki, there are cameras everywhere in here! All the red lights!”


Eijirou can feel Bakugou tense up as his eyes readjust and he looks around the room.


“Fuck, are you sure?”


“Yes! Why do you think I turned the light on? I was l-looking at one.”


Eijirou’s having a hard time talking between sobs. He doesn’t fully understand why he feels this way, he knows the little cameras can’t cause him any physical harm, but he’s scared. He’s really fucking scared.


“Shit, you wanna try for the door in the dark or just turn on the light and book it?”


“I don’t think I can do either.”


He knows Katsuki can tell he’s shaking, and he begins walking him through a deep breathing exercise when Eijirou starts hyperventilating.


Everywhere, Katsuki! I can’t, I can’t-“


“Shh, I know. Just breathe with me.”


He never would’ve expected the volatile Bakugou Katsuki to be calming him and holding him through a small panic attack, but he really shouldn’t have put it past him. Bakugou is incredible.