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Free Spirit

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Logan gazed lazily out to the driveway as Charlie pulled up. "Where's Bella?"

"Right now, dipshit." Bella dropped out of the front seat. Logan almost squealed, perking up instantaneously and racing down to tackle Bella into a hug.

Me and Bella, we were complete opposites. I'm from the reservation. Long, wavy hair. tanned skin. So, this may be a little confusing, but I'm not actually Bella's sister. I'm Logan Alexander Uley. (My parents thought I'd be a boy, okay). But, my older brother is Sam, and when our asshole father started beating us, Sammy ratted him out to Billy Black and I got sent to live with the Swans.

I consider Bella my sister, but she could never replace my friends of the Rez. Jacob, Quill, and Embry. And of course, the pack. Sam, Jared, and Paul. Before you ask, yes I'm a shifter. Yes, I have an imprint. No, we are not together. Yes, I know the Cullens, and yes, I'm friends with them. Jazz, Emmet, and Rose are the one's closest to me, and I-

What no love for me?

Stop reading my mind!

Stop thinking so loudly!

Ugh... Let's just continue the story.


Logan watched Jake and Bella fawn over Bella's new truck, frowning. Jacob had feelings for her, and Logan knew it would hurt like hell when he shifted and didn't imprint. She shook her head, sighed, and strolled over to Charlie and Billy. "Hey, Charlie. I've got a question."

Both men looked up, but only Charlie spoke. "What's up, sweetheart?"

"Well, I- wanted too know if I could maybe, uh- y'know- move in with my brother, back on the Rez. Now that Bella's back, you don't have enough space for both of us, and Sammy's my best friend-"

Jake piped up from next to Bella, "What am I, then, a garbage bin?" Logan shot him a glare, showing him the bird. Billy gawked.

"Miss Uley!"

"Sorry, Billy." Logan smirked, "So, Charlie?"

"Of course you can." Charlie smiled, though he seemed sad. "Sam's living with his fiancé right?" Logan sniggered.

"He would be, if he grew a pair and popped the question. Yeah, he's living with Emily." She tacked that last bit on when Charlie gave her a look.

"And you'd be living with him?"

"No, I'd be living on the beach- obviously I'd stay with him!"

"And does he know?"

"Nah, I'm just going to walk on it and shout at him."

Billy laughed loudly, shoving his friend. "Okay, okay!" Charlie defended. "I was only asking."

Logan jogged back to the porch and scrolled through her contact, stopping on the first name. The phone rang for a few moments before Jared answered.

"Hey, pipsqueak."

"Hi Jare-bear." Logan's voice was mocking, "and, again, I'm only a few inches shorter than you."

"Still shorter. Now, what can I do you for? I'm sat with Paul and Sam, if you want to talk to 'em."

"I shoulda guessed it. You're always at Sam's."

"Only because you and Emily are such good cooks! Now, again, what the fuck do you want?"

"Shut up. Am I on speaker?"

"Well, you are now."

"Hey, L!"

"Hey, kid."

"Hello, boys! I have some news!" She sung.

"I'm scared-"

"Shut the fuck up, Paul."

"Yes ma'am."

"What's the news, Logan?" Sam interjected. Logan could practically hear him rolling his eyes.

"Where's Emily?"

"Grocery shopping." Jared piped up.

"Okay, well, Charlie okay-ed your idea, Sam. I'm moving back to the Rez." There was an exaggerated gasp and a loud thud from the other end of the phone.

While Sam's sigh echoed in the background, Paul took over the phone, "I think you just killed Jared, L." Logan erupted into laughter.

Bella and Jake, who, during her conversation, reconvened with Billy and Charlie, shot her a confused look. "I-" She gasped for air, wheezing. "I told Sam, Jared, and Paul I was moving back and Jared fell off the couch."

Jake made a sour face at the mention of the pack. Logan crossed her arms, daring him to say something. She knew he didn't like her spending time around the "gang", with her having the tattoo and everything. Paul had hung off the phone, so she broke the gaze and strode back into the house to collect her things.