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Abah Revisted

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Mulder was cleared to go home after the latest hospital stay courtesy of Stanley Platt’s attempt on his life which brought closure to the Gallaudet Student murders case. Through the case it had come out that he had been attending sign language lessons along with their daughter, Sarah, to bring up his now chosen language of choice, ASL, up to speed for graduate courses at Gallaudet University so he could re-train as a school psychologist. Scully had also been sorting out joining ASL classes so we could follow the conversation when Fox and Sarah were at full speed with their hands flying.
There relationship had been strained, but finally Fox had worked out what he needed to do to move on in the world he now inhabited as a deaf man. His loss of hearing had grown since the initial meningitis with subsequent ear infections and incidents. Now he lived in a world without sound, he had stopped talking out loud on their return from New York, aware he could not hear his own voice and that even before the total loss of hearing he would drop word endings and become garbled and need others to translate when speaking. He had made the decision moving forward that his primary language would be ASL, living a world he now felt he belonged more in than the speaking world he had previously felt at home in. The support provided by his family, meant that Maggie and Walter, his Abah, would also be joining Dana in the ASL lessons.

He smiled as looked at Sarah in the car seat in the back then Dana before she drove them all home. He had made the right decision to walk away from the FBI, even being brought on as a consultant if it meant more time with his ‘girls’ and not put himself in hospital beds away from them. He settled down in the car seat, ever present cane resting on his leg and laid back for the rest of the journey home.

He'd managed to doze off on the way home but woke on the car coming to a stop. Sarah was animated on the backseat wanting to get out the car. She was signing to him as well as talking to Dana he could see. He got out the car and accompanied Sarah back into the house as Dana picked up his hospital bag and brought that in. They made their way to the dining table that sat in their kitchen and often formed the focus of their house. Fox sat down, still weaker from recent events but kept Sarah amused with some drawing and colouring in as Dana sorted out washing and the bag of prescriptions that Fox had returned with. They were signing where possible following the conversation in the hospital, even if some finger spelling had to come in for Dana to understand and lip reading for Fox. Sarah as ever these days spoke and signed together. Fox hugged her, she was his biggest fan and he was hers in reply. Dana was happy to see them hugging, knowing how much he loved Sarah and how much they looked out for each other, much as she and Fox had done first as partners, then as husband and wife.