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The Life and Times of Scorpius Malfoy

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Draco Malfoy was anything but idle after the War. 

He was cleared of all crimes but called to court several times to either put Death Eaters in Azkaban or clear their names of any wrongdoing. His mother died not long after his father was given the Demontor's Kiss and Draco was finally a free man. Determined to start a new life, he freed all the House Elves and encouraged them to go to Hogwarts, before burning Malfoy Manor to the ground. He made sure the grounds would not be built on for a long time: he reported that an environmental toxin had seeped into the ground causing the Muggle government to quarantine the area. The money he got from the insurance he donated anonymously to Hogwarts.

He began at the Ministry in a lowly finance position and moved to a very small flat in Muggle London. Kingsley offered him a better position with a better title and better pay, but Draco wanted to prove to himself (and to his father, to his ancestors, and to everyone in the Wizarding World) that he didn’t need the Malfoy name to get by. He wanted the Malfoy name to mean something else.

It was during this stage of his life that he ran into, became reacquainted with, and fell in love with Astoria Greengrass, against both of their better judgements.


"Mr. Malfoy?" Draco looked up at his young assistant, "Your wife and son are here."

Draco smiled, taking his reading glasses off, "Yes, yes, of course, let them in."

"Daddy!" A miniature clone of Draco ran in and jumped on to his father's lap wrapping his short arms around his neck, his blonde hair nearly falling in front of his pale grey eyes. "Mama said today we get the puppy you promised!"

Draco glanced at his wife quickly, hiding a sly smile as she tried to look innocent. "Scorp," he started seriously.

Scorpius released his arms from around his father's neck to stare seriously at him, "Yes, Daddy."

"Do you promise to train him?" Scorpius nodded dutifully. "And pick up after him?" Another nod. "And feed him?" Another nod. "And play with him?"

Scorpius looked scandalized, "Of course, Daddy!"

Draco grinned and set him on the ground. "Very well, Scorpius, let's go find you a puppy."


Draco had not planned on falling in love with the pureblood sister of one of his classmates, but he had. She was beautiful, smart, and kind. And when he had first met her after the War, she was poor, living in an awful Muggle flat and without a family - just like him. She may have been a pureblood, but she was exactly the type of pureblood his father would have hated.

Now the Malfoys lived in a nice Muggle neighborhood in London and wore Muggle clothes. There was nothing dark or sinister about their average home: no dark magic books or artifacts, no portraits of ancestors. The furniture was new and Muggle-made; everything was soft, light, airy, and open. It represented the new era of Malfoy.

By the time Scorpius was born, Draco had come a long way at the Ministry. Few people glared at him now and he even had gained the respect of many. When Scorpius was 10, Draco was made the Minister of Finance, a very prestigious and very difficult position, but one that no Malfoy had ever held before.


"Daddy?" Scorpius stood at the threshold of the kitchen where Draco was drinking a glass of wine and reading the paper.

"Scorp? What are you doing up so late?"

Scorpius frowned, "Couldn't sleep." He sat on a chair next to his father, "What if I don't make friends? What if they don't like me?"

Draco smiled at his son, "Whatever House you're in you'll make friends. Just be nice to everyone, right?"

"And everyone will be nice to me." His blonde eyebrows furrowed together, "What if I'm in Slytherin?"

Draco smiled and patted the top of his son's head: they had this discussion frequently in the past few weeks. "There's nothing wrong with Slytherin, Scorpius. A long time ago there were a few bad people in Slytherin, but not anymore. Your mother and I were in Slytherin, you know, and we aren’t bad.” This earned a small smile from Scorpius and Draco patted his back. “Everyone is very nice and very friendly. Now go to sleep, Scorp. You have to get up early tomorrow."


Scorpius could feel what felt like hundreds of eyes on him and he fidgeted slightly under the dark grey storm clouds of the ceiling above him; his father had told him that this may happen, that even after so long people were still prejudiced, still angry. He may have only been 11, but his father had been very honest with his past.

He noticed the eyes that had been staring at him now turned to the two First Years who stepped up next to him. They did look familiar. The boy next to him groaned and Scorpius smiled at him, "Everyone stared at me too. I look just like my dad."

The messy-black haired and green-eyed boy looked at him, "Me too."

Scorpius stuck his hand out, "I'm - "

The red-haired girl next to the boy looked at him, her blue eyes piercing his grey ones, "Scorpius Malfoy," she finished for him. "I'm Rose Weasley," she turned back to look towards the front of the Hall.

The boy's green eyes looked apologetic, "I'm Albus Potter," he said quietly, "that's my cousin."

Scorpius nodded, shifting, slightly uncomfortable under Albus' intense gaze. He opened his mouth to speak again when the Headmistress began addressing the students and then Professor Longbottom began calling out students' names.