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Women's Football RPs

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Magdalena Eriksson once took a dare from her girlfriend Jonna Andersson to go into Hedvig's room naked after a game and one thing lead to another as Mag ended up sucking off her friend. Since that day, the two have been close and hung out, even agreeing that was the only time they would do something. "hey are you?" she asked sitting by the Hot Tub as her wife Jonna slept.

"Hey Mag." Hedvig smiled. "I'm okay, how are you? Tired?"

"a little yeah, went for a jog on the trail earlier" stepping in and relaxing in the Hot Tub as they talked "Jonna went to bed, early morning at the Office" playfully splashing Hedvig and laughing, pulling her top off wearing blue shorts.

Hedvig laughed softly, booping her friend's nose. "Cheeky... lucky I like you huh?"

"yeah lucky me" laughing and smiling as she sat by her friend "hey wanted to ask...have you thought about that day?"

"You mean when we... played?" Hedvig asked with a light smile. "Sometimes... it's hard not to sometimes."

"yeah when I sucked your beautiful cock" smirking and slowly rubbing Hedvig's crotch "you looked so content"
kissing her friend's cheek, Mag slowly slid her hand in Hedvig's shorts feeling it.

"Someone after a round two?" Hedvig asked lightly.

"if you are" as she grabbing her friend's cheek with her other hand kissing her, unable to hide her feelings, feeling that cock start to harden, sliding out of her shorts
"kiss me Hed" she smiled pressing her lips.

Hedvig smiled, kissing Magda softly. "Mmm, you are impossible to resist you know Mags."

Mag shrugged smiling and kissing back, moaning and helping with Hedvig's shorts "is this wrong?" as she slowly stroked her friend, feeling it grow hard.

"If it is? I really don't care." Hedvig admitted. "As long as you keep doing that."

"hehe Hed you're so cute" Mag smiled kissing her friend deeper while gripping and stroking, moaning
"mmm want me to suck it again?"

"Are you offering?" Hedvig asked softly. "My Mag?"

"mmm" looking up "my Hedvig" softly sucking the head using some tongue, her ass poking from the water
"mmm I could suck this all night" slowly bobbing.

"You know I wouldn't stop you..." Hedvig teased, lightly spanking Mag's ass.

Magda was giggling and licking up and down on it, smiling big as she stared "are you showing feelings?" asking all sexy as she went back to sucking.

"Maybe... are you?" Hedvig asked softly. "I could fall for you."

"maybe" slowing the stroking and kissing on Hed's abs, licking up and kissing Hed hard.

Hed smiled, kissing Mag hard, lightly teasing a hand into her shorts to tease her clit.

Mag was blushing from the kiss moaning and sliding them off, having a thick bush smiling and kissing her girl again, toes curling "mmm I wanted to ride you last time so bad"

"Well, we always could this time.... if you're sure?"

"lets give it a try Hed" as she pulled off straddling her girl's thick cock, holding her cheeks smiling big.

Hedvig smiled, kissing Mag softly even as she gave her time to get comfortable.

Mag was kissing back slowly riding and moaning "mmm you're so cute"

"Look who's talking." Hedvig teased, slowly upping her pace.

Mag was giggling and curling toes as she kissed on her girl's neck "love you"

"Love you too cupcake." Hedvig smiled, slowly upping her pace a little more.

Mag smiled big then gasped loud nibbling at Hedvig's tits cummming hard.

"Mmm, good girl."

"you're so big but i love it" Mag smiled again kissing Hedvig, clenching to make her cum
"lets go in and i'll suck you off again"

Hedvig agreed, cumming soon after.