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A Peculiar Arrangement

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(On the coast of Ocean Town, on a small abandoned road near a beach, sat an RV. It was white, with multicolored stripes, and the words "Mr Universe" on the sides. Inside, a 14 year old boy was sleeping. His name was Steven DeMayo. He was had tanned skin, a bit short for his age, a little beefy, and had curly black hair. At sunrise, he woke up, and grabbed an old used toothbrush, after finding the paste, and rinsing with a plastic cup, he got dressed. Throwing on a hole-ridden white T-shirt, stained pink hoodie, and some shorts. He heard his father Greg's snores coming from the driver's seat. Steven quietly grabbed his fishing equipment, and headed outside. A few minutes later, he was deep in concentration, fidgeting with the reel, keeping it steady as to not scare the fish. So when he heard a high pitched squeaking sound, and the flapping of wings, he got startled.)


Steven: Aah!


Greg: Steven!, You okay!.


(Greg had come outside. A white tank-top and jean-shorts cover skin that had become sun-burnt over the years. He has long receding brown hair with a bald spot in the middle, and a goatee.)


Steven: It's fine dad. Just another bat.


Greg: I don't get it!. They just keep coming. We keep having to clean bat guano off of the windshields!. 


Steven: Maybe it's a sign!.


Greg: What are you talking about?


Steven: You told me that Mom liked bats right. Really liked them. Maybe she's trying to talk with us!. Like from beyond the grave or something!


Greg: Stewball, That's ridiculous. It's a cool idea, but ridiculous.


Steven: I guess.. Anyway, (He pulled out a bucket of fish.) I got us some breakfast!.


Greg: Wow!, Thanks bud!, I'd make something, but I overslept.


Steven: It's fine, Dad. Do you mind getting the plates?, I'm gonna get the utensils.


(A few minutes later, The father and son were enjoying their meal. They roasted the fish over some logs. At this moment, they heard a voice calling out to them from the beach.)




Greg: What the-?


(Steven turned his head, to find a mailman walking toward them. He wore the standard outfit for a delivery man, hat and all. In his left hand, he held a white envelope. At a closer glance, Steven could see that it was sealed with a red rose made from ink.)


Jamie: Pardon me sirs, but I have a letter for Gregory DeMayo?


Greg: That's.. me?. 


Jamie: A letter for you, sir?


Greg: Thanks...?


(The mailman turns to leave.)


Greg: Excuse me!


Jamie: Yes!


Greg: Who sent this letter?


Jamie: That's the thing sir... It was blank.


Greg: Oh... well, never mind.


(The mailman left.)


(Greg opened the letter, and read it aloud.)


"Dear Mr. DeMayo,

"We have heard of your financial troubles, and your general plight. It must be hard to take care of your son, with your current living status. Therefore, we have decided to invite you, to stay with us. You and your son are very special to us, so we are glad to have roommates. Transport will come at 8 o'clock in the evening. We insist that you join us."

"Sincerely, the Sisters of the Night"

"P.S. The house is located at 1897 Lugosi Lane. Stoker Residence."


(After reading the letter, Greg fell silent.)


Steven: This is... great!. 


Greg: I'm not so sure.


Steven: Why not?, I'm sure that these guys are like... some sort of bed and breakfast or something.


Greg: I'm just worried. I mean, what if it's something shady?. I mean, are we really gonna believe that this group of ladies are willing to take in two strangers, for free?..


Steven: Dad, I know this seems sketchy, but something... in my heart, just tells me that this is important. You've always told me to seize an opportunity if I see one!. Well... here it is!, a chance for us to get out of here!. Please Dad, Just give it a chance?.


(Greg hesitated, before sighing.)


Greg: I guess... we've got nothing to lose. 


Steven: Don't worry, Dad!. No matter what happens, we got each other right?


Greg: Right... I love you, Son.


Steven: Love you too, Dad.


(As the day continued, father and son went through their routines. Steven searched for knickknacks and items on the beach, hoping to find something valuable. Greg made repairs to the van, and having to stop every now and then, in order to shoo a bat away. By nightfall, The men were sitting outside of the van, waiting on the road. The few essentials they had were packed in a small suitcase. A black hearse was driving along the road, and stopped when it saw the two men. A door opened, and they got in. The driver glanced at them, She had short black hair, and glasses)


Rebecca: Where to?


(Greg looked at the address on the letter.)


Greg: 1897 Stoker Lane. Stoker Residence


(The driver visibly grimaced.)


Rebecca: That house?. Are you sure?


Greg: Yes, why?


Rebecca: It's just that it has a bit of a reputation for being a.. dangerous place. Look, if you're going to that home, then I'm obligated to give you and your son some protection.


(Greg and Steven were given two identical bags. Steven opened his bag, inside there was a vial of holy water, cloves of garlic, a wooden stake, and a necklace with a cross.)


Greg: Why would we need these?


Rebecca: Just.. trust me, I've heard stories. 


(They finally arrived at the destination. Steven and Greg got out of the car and thanked the driver. As the hearse drove off, Steven got his first glance of the house he was going to be staying in.)


Steven: Whoa...


(It wasn't just a house, it was essentially a mansion. Steven had never seen a building so big, yet so strange. It was of Victorian-Gothic design, and it seemed to loom over him.)


Steven: This is insane!. I mean.. have you ever seen a house this big, Dad?.


Greg: No!, Well... your mother's old house was pretty close.


(As they met the front steps, a dark chill met the boy's spine. A swarm of bats flew over him. Subconsciously, he put on the cross.)


Steven: Here we go...


(Steven took a deep breath.... and opened the door.)