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The beast boy

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The mission started like any other. Into the Stargate went Sheppard and his team. They arrived on Planet P4X-237 and started to explore. They walked away from the gate into the woods in hopes of possibly finding people to trade with. Sheppard managed to trip over a tree root and fall flat on his face. McKay laughed having gotten a good view of Sheppards fall. Teyla glared at Rodney before going to help the Colonel up.

"Colonel Sheppard are you ok?"

"Yea Im fine I wasn't paying attention and didn't watch where I was walking"

"Daydreaming Sheppard?"

"As a matter of Fact no Rodney I was thinking about maybe using this planet as a Beta site if we don't find any indigenous people"

"huh..... that might be a good idea"

"Thats what i was thinking"

Suddenly Ronon takes off running.


The others follow Ronon as he runs further into the woods. By the time they catch up to him Ronon is crouched down by a river.

"What the hell was that?!"

"I thought I saw something"

"And you couldn't tell us? You just had to... take off running... oh god I think Im having a heart attack"

"You're fine Rodney"

Ronon aims his gun at Rodney.

"Oh god dont shoot me!" He holds his hands up and whimpers.

"Move Rodney"

Rodney moves out of the way quickly.

Ronon continues to aim where Rodney was standing.

"What is that?!?!"

"I dont know. It could be dangerous."

"I dont think he is. Look how small he is"

The young Creature was very Doglike in appearance but he has spikes running down the length of his spine and a long tail. He was a dark brown in color except for the spikes which were dark blue. He walked all all fours had Doglike ears and snout. His paws were Huge for such a young creature meaning he isnt full grown yet. If Sheppard had to guess the wolfdog creature couldnt have been older than 6 months tops and he was thin. He was so skinny it looks like he barely gets enough food not to starve to death. You could count his ribs and every vertebrae in his spine. There was almost no stomach to him. Sheppard was pretty sure he could see what looked like a sheath poking out between his back legs.

"Dont shoot him Ronon"

"Why not?"

"Hes not attacking us leave him be"

"How do you know hes male?"

"Its just a guess"


"He looks dangerous"

"Why because he has spikes?"

"Yes and that tail could be used as a whip"