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Spectrum - Vignettes

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Spectrum – Vignettes



They laid in bed and watched Dead Poet Society while Joy was peacefully sleeping. She's a great kid , Jughead thought. She barely fussed, only when something was wrong. She slept a lot and always slept soundly, which made it possible for them to spend some quality time together. He loved to spend time with his wife and just enjoying the feeling of laying next to her.


The last couple of weeks had been awesome. They settled into their new life and everything was going smoothly. 


“Jug?” Betty interrupted his thoughts. He looked at her and waited for her to continue. “Are you still happy with me... with this life?” Betty asked then.


He was taken aback by her question. Jughead knew that she was still - or again – insecure about herself. But this question wasn't just about a small part of their lives, it was a general one and that worried him...a lot.


“Babe, why are you asking me this?” He asked her and couldn't hide the hurt in his eyes.


“I don't know... I think because you're doing all the work. You pay for our living right now. You always helping me with Joy...” She explained weakly.


“First, I'm her father and your husband. Of course I am helping you a lot with Joy. Second, that's not true. You pay just as much for the living expenses as I do.” Jughead countered. 


“Yes, but you work for it. I don't. It's my insurance, the money I got from the trial.” She argues further.


“It doesn't matter how you pay. It matters that you pay...” Jughead answered before asking, “Betty, what is this really about? This isn't really about the money, is it?” Jughead asked. “Babe, I don't know where these insecurities are coming from but tell me what it is. I promise I won't judge you, nor laugh or be angry or anything.” He assured, holding her gaze.


“It's just that being with me, having a life with me... it's so different. Don't you wish that you could sometimes have an easier wife? An easier life?” She asked and he could see the tears behind her eyes.


It didn't even take him two seconds to answer earnestly, “No. Not one second. Betty, I chose this life actively and it is easy for me. I don't feel exhausted or anything. This is my life now and I love every second of it.” He declared.


She sighed and then finally opened up, “You know... In the past I've always tried to replace my disadvantages with our great sex life.” 


Of course it was that problem again, he thought but tried not to roll his eyes in annoyance and just listened.


“Now, I don't know. It isn't like it was. I am always so insecure. You are always so careful... You know what, forget it...” She waved it off, but Jughead stopped her.


“No. No let's talk about this. I'm careful because I can see how insecure you are, for whatever reason.” Jughead stated firmly.


“You changed my diapers, Jug.” Betty almost yelled than.


“Jesus, Betts. I don't fucking care. Listen. You were in pain and bleeding for God's sake. You didn't wear them because you wanted to. It spared you pain.” Jughead answered slowly losing his patience and temper.


“Do you still enjoy sleeping with me?” Betty asked quietly and Jughead knew instantly that this was where the problem was.


“Wh... how can you even doubt that?” He asked with such a hurt voice that it surprised him.


“I am sorry...I don't know. It was stupid. I guess... since we talked about all these kinky stuff, I thought...” She paused and blushed furiously.


Now he couldn't help as a cocky grin spread over his face.


“My horny wife. That's what this is all about? You want to do all that kinky stuff?” Jughead stated.


“Stop it,” She laughed embarrassed, slapping his arm.


“Look, we can't just try. These sort of kinks, like power play, they need rules in advance. Like a safeword, though I would suggest we start with the traffic lights system. Because then we can see how much I can push you.” Jughead explained.


“Traffic lights system?” She asked, confused.


“Yeah. Green is: "I am completely alright with what you are doing". Yellow means something like: “Okay you're pushing my boundaries now but I am still okay with it". And red is: "Stop". Also, depends on what we're doing we might have to discuss other signals for Green, yellow or red. For example, when we do breath play or choking. A blink. A squeeze. Something like that. We should also discuss what you would want to try and what not.


“Okay.” She agreed.


“Okay, I know that you like the dom-sub thing. What about swear words. Words like slut or cunt?” He asked earnestly.


Her body tensed as she asked, “Would you like to call me that?” 


“Honestly, no. But I was asking you babe.” Jughead answered.


“I think I would get triggered. Archie used to call me that,” she admitted embarrassingly.


He just nodded in understanding and was glad that she was able to tell him.


Jughead pulled her closer to him, kissed the crown of her head and asked, “What about kitten, or good girl? Stuff like that?” 


She smirked, “That's kind of sexy, but don't make me call you Daddy. I've always found that kink so weird. I've never been taken serious my whole life until I met you. Everyone saw just the child in me, a piece of garbage or both. You're my husband and I am your wife.” 


“You always will be. So, no daddy kink. Noted. What about role play?” He asked curiously.


“As long as I'm not 'daddy's girl' I am okay with it," After a small pause,  she added, “But I wouldn't mind calling you sir...but maybe not for the first time we're trying this. Let's leave the role play for another time.” She suggested and Jughead answered, “So, no sir then either.” 


She giggled at that and said, “I haven't said that, but I still just want you to be my husband during the first session.


He hovered a bit over her and answered, “Okay.”


“Any other things that are off limits?” Jughead asked serious.


“Well, I don't know. I haven't done this before.” Betty said honestly.


 “I think we won't use any nipple clamps.” Jughead said with a smug smirk but still serious tone.


“For God's sake, no... at least not now...” Betty added.


“So you would be open for pain play?” Jughead asked then.


“I think I like the idea of you pinching and slapping my clit a little harder and maybe some wax play.” She answered and her eyes darkened.


Jughead had to swallow and ignore the slight twitch in his boxers, but he has to stay serious and non sexual.


“Wax is more temperature play. So you would be open to slapping your clit with a small whip or something?” He asked her.


“I clearly don't know, but I would like to test my boundaries. I can still use yellow or red.” Betty answered eagerly.


“Always. Even when we already have tried something and it was green back then, but at another time, yellow or red, you're still allowed to say so.” Jughead explained seriously.


She nodded. 


“Good. Betty, this is a huge step of trust and I just need you to know that I would never be mad at you if you say yellow or red, okay. This is a journey – a pretty sexy one – but also for our trust in each other. Don't hesitate to use those words when you feel and need them. I need you to trust me, that I won't be mad at you for any reason.” Jughead told her.


“Yes.” She said and yawned 


Jughead noded, he decided to postpone this talk to another day because she seemed tired and they will just get a couple of hours of sleep before Joy needed to be fed again.


“Alright, enough talking. Let's watch the famous Oh Captain, my captain scene before we go to sleep."


Jughead was glad that he talked with her. Not just because they talked about all the do's and don'ts. He was simply glad that she'd opened up. 


She was still insecure. He could see that. But he had an exact plan how to change that now. He plotted out his plan with a smile on his lips when he heard the small sweet snores from his wife who's head rested on his shoulder....  



One week later...


It was their one year anniversary. Jughead had something special in his mind but would definitely need some help to make it a reality, he thought as he poured himself some coffee in his mug.


“Hey V, can I talk to you about something?” Jughead asked Veronica as they took a seat at the dining table. “Okay, but first you have to swear that you don't tell anything to Betty... not even afterwards, okay?”


“Well, now I am intrigued. What is it, Jones?” She asked curiously.


“As you know, my one year anniversary with Betty is in a week and I want to do something special.” Jughead began.


“Betty is still a little insecure about herself after her pregnancy… I’ve tried best to get it out of her head - which had worked - but I kinda want to try something. I want to spice things up. Things are great, that isn't the problem, but I know she has some desires... I want to give her that. But I also want it to be in the right environment. Create a setting, so she can lose her mind completely.”


“I know that she's pretty kinky. At least, I know that she liked to be dominated. So, if I am getting you right, you want to plan a sex date?” Veronica asked him with a smirk.


“I wouldn't phrase is like that. But yes. I kind of want to create a playground for us. A playground where we can try out everything she wants to. An erotic scenery. To get her into another mindset.”


“What do you have in mind?” Veronica asked further.


“I was thinking about the place where you took her for her bachelorette party? She just needs to get there somehow, prepared in lingerie. Can you do that? I would say that I have to work the entire day and then send her a text that I can't make it in the evening. You could offer to go to a special ladies night instead.” Jughead suggested.


“She's going to be pissed, but I can definitely arrange that.”


Jughead nodded smilingly and added: “Before I come to the place and wait there, I'm going to stop by your house and hand off Joy to Sweet Pea. It that alright?” 


“Of course, we love to spend time with our goddaughter.” Veronica agreed cheerfully.


“Okay then it's settled. Also, I need to buy some things.” He stated and was about to leave.


“Oh my god, Jug. Please tell me that you are going to a sex shop and please tell me that I can come with you,” Veronica added enthusiastically.


Jughead rolled his eyes in annoyance but gave in with a smug smile playing on his lips, “Alright, but don't make me regret this.”  


“Yay! Alright. I'll call Toni to step in for me for a couple hours and I'll tell Betty that I need to go to Sweet Pea’s because he needs my help,” Veronica stated and reached for her mobile phone...




In the sex shop...


“Jug. So what are we searching for, do you want to go entirely '50 Shades of Grey'?” Veronica asked with a smirk and took a whip.


“Oh God forbid, no. That is the worst portrayal of a dom-sub relationship I've ever seen. But yes, I will be the dominant partner and I will use toys. Like vibrators, anal plugs, maybe some silk ribbons, blind folds...” Jughead explains.


“Like this?” Veronica grinned and held a penis looking vibrator up.


“I knew I would regret this...” He mumbled under his nose and said then a bit louder, “No, V. She's classy and hates porn. We love art and aesthetic - elegance - do you really think that a penis shaped vibrator is the right decision to please my wife?” Jughead said a little bit too snarky and pretentious.


“Chill, Jones. I know my B. It was a joke...” Veronica defended herself. 


“Sorry. I'm just a bit nervous. This has to be perfect. You know me, Ronnie...” Jughead apologized.


“Damn right I do. You are a perfectionist and a visionary… a geek… an aesthetic geek. Same as my Betty!” Veronica said with a with and Jughead smiled appreciatively and was relieved that she wasn't mad because he snapped at her. 


“How you are going to light the room? Which room do you want?" Veronica asked scanning her eyes over the shop. 


"The crimson one with the chandeliers and the giant velvet bed. I was thinking about adding some greenish lightning to illuminate the room more purple and in a 20's bohemian style." 


When he saw Veronica's confused look. He tried to clarify it, “Did you watch Moulin Rouge by Baz Luhrman? It is that aesthetic. Just not with as many diamonds.”


“Now I get it! I thought you meant the hippies.” Veronica said.


Jughead chuckled and then Veronica gasped.


“Jackpot, Jug. I think we found two winners.” Veronica stated.


Jughead was impressed with two perfect choices she presented him. A black chrome metallic vibrator with purple chrome on the part where you can set the speeds and a matching black crystal looking butt plug with a crimson jewel on the visible end. 


“These are perfect, V. Now you’ve got it.” Jughead thanked, smiling.


“We were always the perfect partners in crime, Jones.” Veronica answered, satisfied with his reaction.


Veronica also picked a dark green, almost black, negligee with black lace stockings and a matching garter belt.


“Do you also want masks?” Veronica asked then.


“I think so... for the beginning.” Jughead stated and found some classic black ones. The one for women was more filigree and translucent. 


“I think these are the right ones, what do you think? Jughead asked and showed the mask to Veronica.


“Yup. Perfect choice, Mr. Jones.” Veronica and showed him what she found, “Here, that's a purple double dildo.”


I seriously need to stop picturing my wife while I use this on her later, especially while Veronica is standing right beside me . He thought embarrassed, but he just couldn't help it.


Fuck his mission will be harder than he thought...


Before they went home, Jughead bought some heady massage oils too, black and purple silk ribbons, and a black silk blind fold.


“Oh my gosh. Betty is going to lose her shit.” Veronica cheered.


“V, please don't tell her anything, I want to surprise her.” Jughead pleaded.


“I won't say a word, I promise. Pinky swear.” She declared and stretched out her pinky.


Jughead smiled and said, “Pinky swear.” And hooked his pinky with Veronica's.


I can't wait for our anniversary , he thought with a huge grin on his face as they drove back home...




Two days before the anniversary...


“Are we still going out for dinner for our anniversary?” Betty asked while breastfeeding Joy in the side position. The side was Betty's favorite position, because her husband could lay behind her and didn't have to do much. 


Jughead kissed her neck gently and answered, “Yes, of course.” 


Betty smiled at her daughter and then at her husband. 


“I can't believe that we've really already been married for a whole year. My life – or our lives – changed so much within two years. If my past self would've come to me and told me that in two years I'd be a married woman to the love of life and a mother... I would have looked at her as if she were crazy. But now we're here.” Betty said, her voice full of awe.


“Me too. If someone would have told me that I would fall in love at first sight, then couldn't marry that woman fast enough and I'd be thrilled and happy to be a husband and a father, I would have told him to go to check his brain. Before I met you I wasn't even interested in having a serious relationship because I never trusted anyone. But with you, I wanted it to be serious from the very first moment on. Everything seemed meaningless. I thought that nobody understood me and was just destined to live my meaningless life and die sooner or later.” Jughead whispered against her neck.


Betty knew that Jughead had his problems with socializing in the past, that he had struggled to fit in or didn't want to fit in, just like her. That was one of the many things they had in common. But Betty hadn't known that Jughead really was in a dark place back least it seemed so.


“But you had relationships... with Toni... for example...” Betty answered.


“That wasn't really a relationship. It was just a sex thing... which I am not proud of. And even the sex didn't give me that much satisfaction.” Jughead explained.


Betty couldn't help but grin as she instructed Jughead, “Joy’s ready, can you help me to settle her so she can burp?” After he did as she told him, Joy burped and he rolled Betty back onto her back and laid Joy back into her crib. She asked as she watched him, “And now you are satisfied with your sex life?”


Jughead turned around and grinned smugly. Oh how I love my smug husband... she thought.


He didn't say anything and  just crawled to her in their bed, hovering over her with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.


“I am very much satisfied now.” He answered and leaned down to kiss her. 


“I thought we could maybe try something we talked about last week...” She suggested then in a purring tone.


Jughead smirked even more and said: “You won't know until it happens. Besides that we still need to discuss something...” She cocked an eyebrow at that and her husband clarified: “If I decide to do breath play, we need to discuss signals other than green, yellow and red because you might have trouble speaking."


She nodded at that. He had told her the last time but they haven't discussed any further details. Betty thought for a moment before she suggested, “I could raise my hand?”


He shook his head and said, “You're going to be in a state of pleasure babe. It could be that your arms are moving without it being a sign. We need something more clearer.” He explained.


Jughead was right. Her body did react and move when she was in pleasure, her arms included sometimes. Betty thought more and suggested then “I could squeeze your side.”


“For which color?” He asked.


“Yellow.” Betty answered.


“Good... and what for Red. Keep in mind that you need to be able to it, while you might not be able to breath.


“I could scratch you or push you  away.” She answered.


He nodded again, but something was still laying on his mind.


“What is it babe?” She asked him them.


“I really want to do this with you Betty, but I just need to be sure that you are able to give me this sign in a particular red or yellow situation. I don't want to push you over your boundaries, nor do I want to put you in danger.


She felt her chest tighten a bit. He doesn't want to do this with me. She thought but stopped herself from getting right into a spiral of self doubt, instead she asked him, “Okay, so... how do we solve this problem?” 


Betty could see the proud twinkle in his eyes before he answered, “We should practice it. I know it sounds weird and maybe not really sexy. But I really need to know that you are able to do it. Not because I don't think you want to but it's because I need to be 100% sure that you're going to be safe, no matter what I or we decide to do. “ He explained and she knew that he was right. She actually thanked him silently for being that deliberate, that intensified her trust towards him even more.


“Alright, then let's do it!” She said then. Betty could see that he was surprised by her answers.


She just smiled and said, “Don't look so surprised. It's one of my deepest sexual desires, my greatest kinks. Of course I'd agree to some weird non sexual practice to make you comfortable with it.”


He smiled and leaned forward to kiss her, “Your greatest kink, huh?" He whispered and skimmed his lips over her cheeks and jawline. “Noted,” he stated hoarsely and let his hands roam over her body.


Betty shivered and felt a familiar coil in her pit. 


“I thought this wasn't supposed to be sexual?” She asked huskily.


“It isn't. We have our clothes on and I won't touch your intimate body parts. I said 'not being in pleasure', I never said anything about not being aroused.” he said cockily.


This little shit, Betty thought but smiled keenly.


“You need to get into the mindset a little bit at least, same as me. So it won't be weird.” He explained, his voice low and promising.


“Oh this doesn't feel weird... and you know that.” She answered tentatively.


Jughead grinned and his hands were wandering more upward. His feathery like touch leaving goosebumps everywhere his delicate fingertips were colliding with her skin.


Jesus, this is just a practice which we haven't even started properly and I'm already highly aroused, how will it be when we're actually doing it? Thought Betty and couldn't help as a deep sigh of anticipation escaped her lips.


“Did I allow you to make any noises?” He challenged her and Betty's whole body buzzed with thrill.


“No.” She quietly, feeling herself slipping into the mindset, even if it was just a practice. His eyes were too sinister and desirous to be unaffected as they pierced into hers.


His hands caressed her face and cheeks at first. Like a hunter would calm his prey or an obsessed artist admiring his best work, his manifesto. When she was completely enchanted by his gaze, he suddenly asked her in a raspy dark voice, “You know your signs for red and yellow?”


Against all her expectations, his assuring question didn't bring her out of the mood. It was even quite the opposite... her mind flooded with anticipation and was even more delirious. She expected some sort of fear but there was none. She was just hyper aware of her body and the rush of anticipation which racked through her veins. There was not one second of doubt, only an alluring mixture of thrill and trust which let her be in a state of awareness she never had been before and it was more than intoxicating.


Jughead still waited for her answer as his palms and fingertips slowly traced over the contours of her neck. 


He placed his open palm delicately over her slender throat. She could feel her breathing vibrating under the skin of his palm, same as the timbre as she answered clearly but with a lust laced voice 




After a prominent moment and exchanging gazes of adoration his fingers tightened tenderly around her  throat, slowly seal the entrance for the life giving air. 


She still wasn't scared just focused as the adrenaline as the adrenaline was kicking in and she could hear her pulse thud in her ear.


Her hands reached for his sides, Jughead's eyes followed her movements. Completely aware of her actions and body language when her hands still on his sides, his eyes twinkled in approval. 


He leaned down and brushed his lips over hers, before whispering, “You're doing great, love. So devoting... beautiful... eyes begging me for more... imagine how it will feel while a vibrator or even my cock is inside. You're gonna come so hard, Betts. Fuck, I can't wait.” His auspicious promise heightened her senses even more and changed the oppressive feeling of his now increasingly tightening palm around her throat into arousal. 


Jughead seemed to see that, because he asked, “Green?”


They haven't discussed a sign for green, so she just blinked once, trying to hold her hands still and hoped that he would get what she meant.


He smiled and nodded proudly.


“Fuck, I never thought I would like this, but I am so hard right now.” Jughead stated and pressed himself against her so she could feel.


Well, he wasn't the only one but she couldn't tell him. She didn't need to. He knew already.


“But I bet you feel the same... I bet your pussy is throbbing with lust while you wait for me to tighten my grip.” He whispered the very rhetorical question to her and her eyes being full lust blown seemed to be answer enough.


His grip tightened as he spoke further, “I know I am right, babe. I see it in your eyes.”


Her mind became dizzy because of the lack of air. Still pleasuring but dizzy. She wanted to wait a little bit longer... wanted to push herself over her boundaries because this dangerous mixture was too alluring., but this was definitely 'yellow', she thought and squeezed Jughead side.


He immediately loosened his grip and asked, “That was yellow, right?”


“Yes.” She answered, a little breathless.


“Are you ok?" He asked her, a little bit concerned.


“It was still yellow and more greenish then red, so yes.” Betty answered earnestly.


“Okay.” Jughead just breathed in  relief.


“Are you ready for another trial round?” Jughead asked.


She nodded and Jughead added, “Babe, I know how thrilling and delirious this is, I could see that. It was even for me. But despite the fact that it's a very sexy kink, it is also dangerous so I need you to assure me that you won't push yourself too hard. Say 'red' if you need to. Even if you'll have just the slightest feeling of red. We can perfect this technique when we have tried it a couple of times. Okay? But for the beginning, let's do it that way...” 


“Okay...and Jug?” Betty answered with a smile and caressed his cheek. “Trust me, okay? Trust me to not put myself in danger. Trust me like I trust you.” Betty added softly.


He looked at her for a long moment, his eyes as clear as the sky on a cold and bright winter day.


She saw when it click in his mind and brought a new level of trust to their relationship. Not just for her, but for him too as he nodded and asked, “Shall we?”


Betty nodded and his hands caressed her face contours again, before they found her slender throat once more.


“You did so well, baby. When we do this for real, you're going to be rewarded with one orgasm after another. How does that sound?” Jughead asked tentatively and Betty's eyes fluttered in pleasure as she shivered.


“No babe, don't close your eyes. I need to see them. Okay?” Jughead ordered softly and she blinked in agreement.


The pleasuring mixture returned as Jughead's grip tightened even more. 


“Maybe we could make some sort of edge play out of it when we're doing this....” He started to speak again and the more Betty listened to his alluring suggestion, the more she was catapulted back into their previous mind set. 


“Instead of my hands, I could use a pretty silk scarf and constantly keeping you on the edge... in a green yellowish state, while using my hand to pleasure you and drive you crazy. Would you like that?" Jughead rasped against her lips.


A desperate moan got stuck in her throat because of his restraining hands. He must have sensed that because a cocky grin suddenly displayed on his face.


“I knew it. Oh, my kinky little wife. You love this, right?" With that he tightened his grip more than before and observed her intensely. Betty concentrated on her body functions as the familiar dizziness came back. Her hand wandered to his shoulder. Ready to push when the border of pleasure and danger would become too blurry. 


She swallowed as the dizziness became stronger and she tried actively to breath, but couldn't. Dark dots were appearing in front of her eyes and she felt her chest slowly tightening.


Betty still wasn't scared, but she knew she shouldn't push her boundaries further... This is red. Betty thought. Her mind conscious as she pushed her husband's shoulder.


In the seconds she pushed his shoulder he let go of her throat and she filled her lungs with a sharp, loud breath of air.


She coughed a bit and he massaged her chest muscles to help her breathe easier.


God I love this man, thought Betty.


“You okay babe? Do you need something?” Jughead asked softly.


“Water.” She cracked out.


Her husband jumped out of the bed, walked straight to the bathroom and came back with a full glass of water.


He put a straw in it so it was easier for her to drink.


“I know you don't like to drink with a straw, at least when I am handing the drink to you, but just relax okay.” Jughead said as if he could read her mind.


“Do you want to sit up a bit? I could sit behind you ?” Jughead asked palming her cheek.


She nodded and he settled behind her.


When she was sitting in the familiar position, she closed her eyes for a moment and rested her head onto his chest.


She felt his lips on the top of her head, when he murmured, “How was it for you?”


Betty thought about it for a brief moment before she answered, “Definitely thrilled in a positive way...and aroused. You'll definitely have to change my panties later.” Both chuckled at that.


“Were you scared?” Jughead asked further.


“No. Not even one second.” Betty answered earnestly and held his gaze.


A brief moment passed, moment of non verbal exchanges of love. Awe. Thankfulness for each other – but mostly trust.


“I love you, Betty.” He whispered hoarsely.


He caressed her neck and then suddenly gasped.


“Shit, you have bruises baby, let me take care of these.” Jughead said in an apologetic tone and reached into the nightstand drawer for some ointment. “This we usually use if you have sore nipples after breastfeeding, but I think it could also work for these.” He explained and applied some ointment onto her bruises. “I'm sorry.” He whispered.


His hands were so delicate and apologizing, that it overwhelmed Betty and she suddenly got hit by a wave of emotions. A mixture of memories accompanied with relief just washed over her. There he was – her beloved husband – taking care of her and apologizing after a rough or may even abusive action, she had wanted and asked for. Her mother never did that. Her mother hadn't shown any sort of regret after hitting her or being rough with her. Even though it was clear that it had hurt and Betty didn't want it. Betty thought about all these things and before she knew it, a single tear escaped.


Jughead stopped in his actions and asked concerned, “Betty, what's wrong? Am I hurting you?”


She shook her head and just said, “No. You're perfect Jug. It's not you.” When he looked at her more confused than before she clarified, “It just overwhelmed me that you apologized and feel guilty for being rough to me even if I wanted it.”


It took him a moment to realize to what she was referring to, but then he got it. He didn't say anything, neither of them needed to. It was a moment of mutual understanding and sympathy. Betty was just glad that he didn't push her to talk, because it would destroy their moment.


“Tell me just one thing, Betts. I haven't triggered you with this stuff, have I?” Jughead asked, still a little concerned.


 “If anything, Jug, you helped me realize something rather than triggering me.”


“What?” Jughead asked.


“That I just love you very much.” She said and snuggled her face into his chest. She didn't hear his answer because she had fallen into a peaceful sleep...




“I love you too.” He murmured and realized that she was already asleep. He decided to stay like this for a while because he didn't want to wake her.


Suddenly an idea plopped into his head. Within the last few days his anniversary plan had slowly become the perfect picture. The perfect picture of sensual art and experience. He quickly grabbed his phone.




Veronica was surprised as her phone was suddenly buzzing in the middle of the night. Maybe something happened or Betty didn't want to wake Jughead and needed help breastfeeding Joy.


When she saw that the text was from Jughead she cocked an eyebrow in confusion. When she opened and read it, she just scoffed in annoyance...


Jughead: “Hey V. I need a favor. Could you buy four more identical masks for yourself, Josie, Cheryl and Toni. The same aesthetic as mine and Betty but different ones?”  


“What the hell? This man..." She murmured as typed back.


Veronica “I'm not gonna even ask... yeah, I can do that... But seriously... this couldn't wait until morning???”


Jughead: “Nope, I had an epiphany. I also need all assistants there. Can you organize that?”


She rolled her eyes and typed: 


Veronica: “Sure, but we are not starting an orgy with you two...”


Jughead: “ Ugh, of course not! I just need you all for the entrance scene dressed up in some avant-garde clothes. Like in the movie, Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrik?”


Jesus this fucking weirdo ...Veronica thought with a smile on her lips as she was typing back:


Veronica: “Or course you need to make an entire art spectacle out of it... but, truth be told, I shouldn't expect anything else. You're an artsy weirdo and the best husband for my, B. Consider it arranged and I am just hoping to not be involved in any sexual BDSM interaction of yours..."


Jughead: “Don't worry V. You're like my sister and I am more than happily married. I am more into sexy blondes ;) "


Veronica: “Thank god! Good night Jug.”




The afternoon of the anniversary...


Betty was getting ready for their one year anniversary dinner, when her phone rang.


“Oh, it's Jughead! He is probably right on his way home...” Betty said cheerfully.


“Hey, babe. I'm almost ready, when are you here?”


“Babe, oh gosh, I don't wanna do this...” He began.


“Jug...what's wrong?” She asked and her husband sighed desperately.


“Look, I really don't want to do this but...” 


“Jug... No please, don't do this to me... it's our anniversary.” She pleaded


“I know... I know babe but they're telling they need me and they have no other choice.” Jughead whined and she could hear how bad he felt about this.


“Did you tell her yet?” She heard some stressed voices.


“No. Please don't make me do this, Alana.” She heard him arguing and then heard some aggressive mumbling and then some weird ruffling.


“Jug? Jug, are you still there? Jug?” She asked a little worried now.


“Mrs. Jones?” A female voice appeared on the other line now.


“Yes. Who is there? Where is my husband.” Betty asked a little snarky.


“This is Alana, his boss.... Look I know today is your first anniversary of your marriage, believe me he can't stop talking about it, and I am really really sorry... but we have this huge project here, which is taking us longer than expected... It's our most important client and we need the best photographer for it. Your husband is the best and we really, really need him so please understand and don't be mad at us or him... Please, Mrs. Jones.” Alana pleaded.


She was pissed and would have literally burst out into tears, but kind of choice did she have? Betty thought carefully before she answered, “Fine. I don't have any other choice anyway, have I?”


“Thank you Mrs. Jones. Myself and the entire Vogue staff really appreciate your understanding.” Alana said thankfully.


Another ruffle... 


“Babe... God, I am so sorry... I am going to make it up to you, I promise? Maybe you could do something nice with the girls, now that Joy is at V and Sweet Pea's.” Jughead suggested.


“Just come home as soon as possible okay?...” She said sadly, on the verge of crying but promising herself that she wouldn't...


“I love you, babe.” Jughead answered 


“I love you too.” Betty said and hung up.


“Why couldn't I just say no? I need my husband, it's our anniversary! Why?” She asked V as well as herself.


“Because you're a nice person. How about I call Cheryl, Toni, and Josie? Let's have some fun! We can go to the club where we had your bachelorette party. That club called: 'Open your mind – Nothing is impossible'. They are having a special lingerie wellness night there. I could ask Sweet Pea if he could babysit Joy for some more hours alone at my place?” Veronica suggested.


When she hesitated Veronica argued, “Betty. I won't let you sit here, full on depressed on your wedding anniversary. We're going. I'll pack your lingerie and call the other girls. Trust me, it's going to be fun and you won't regret this.” 


“As if I had any choice here...” Betty grumbled and capitulated.



At the nightclub...


Jughead felt really bad that he had to lie to her, but it was for a good cause. He was glad that Alana was his last minute partner in crime. He couldn't have done it without her help.


He booked the whole nightclub for a  whole day and Toni was helping him to prepare everything. He chose a crimson -almost purple- room and changed the lightbulbs in the chandeliers to LED's which had various color options.


“Seriously, Jug I have never seen a guy who practically created a movie scenery just so he could bang his wife on their wedding anniversary. I am impressed."


“Toni, I am not banging her... It's a  sensual experience for both of us. An experience of mind expansion.” He explained. “Besides that, you should have seen my proposal. I created an entire LARP Quest.”


“You two are really the perfect match. Look, I know we never talked about this but... I am really sorry for how I acted the first time I met Betty...” Toni suddenly apologized.


“It is long forgiven, Toni. You shouldn't have called her a cripple. Actually you shouldn't call anybody that... But the talk afterwards brought Betty and me even closer together. So, I guess I should be thanking you.” Jughead said with a smile while he prepared the room with Toni.


“I was frustrated – which isn't an excuse at all – and I didn't know anything about physical disability...” Toni tried to explain herself.


“Me neither... But I wanted to know her. All of her. She bewitched me from the very first moment on. She taught me a lot. Still does and will. She changed my perspective and I am really grateful for it.” Jughead said.


“She has a lot of impact on people without even knowing it.” Toni said.


Jughead just nodded and smiled.


“Alright, I think we have it.” Jughead said and let his gaze roam across the room.


“Just in time. I just got a text from Veronica. I'm going to text her that I am going to meet them outside. We still have an hour, I think. They're dropping Joy at Sweet Pea and Veronica's place first.” Toni said.


“The two people who work know what to do. At first, you girls will have a little girl time with virgin cocktails and when I get back here, I'll text Veronica. The costumes are in the next room on the right. You girls go one after another to the restroom – at least you say so – and then you'll know what to do... I'll start the music with my smartphone.” Jughead instructed.


“Got it. Let's do this, Mr. Grey.” Toni said.


Jughead scoffed and said, “Don't call me that. Shades of Grey is the most unrealistic representation of a dom-sub relationship that ever existed.”


They both chuckled at left the club.



Right before the surprise....


“Betty, come on have a little fun! I know it sucks that you couldn't celebrate with your husband, but come on!”


“V, I am sorry that I'm not thrilled about the fact that I can't celebrate my one year anniversary. This was important to me. I don't care how I would've spent the day with him, just that I got to. The day I met him my life changed, V... and we have come so far. I just wanted to celebrate with him..." She explained and started to cry, because she was frustrated and still a hormonal roller coaster.


All her assistants looked awkward and Veronica started typing a text.


“No don't write Jughead, V. It's not his fault. I don't want him to feel bad.” Betty argued.


“No. Just checking on Sweet Pea how he is doing...” Veronica explained.


“Ugh, these cocktails... I think I have to pee.” Cheryl said suddenly.


“You know what, I'll go with you.” Toni added then quickly.


Okay, yeah whatever go fuck in the toilet... Betty thought, frustrated but didn't say anything.


After a few minutes, Josie said, “ Oh shit! Ah. I think I got my period. Be right back.” 


Betty sighed loudly after they were gone. Veronica rearranged the pillows beside her for whatever reason and said, “He's going to make it up to you.” 


“I know he will but I am just sad, V. By the way, I didn't mean it the way it might have sounded. You changed my life, too. I know that.” Betty apologized to Veronica.


“I couldn't marry you and get you pregnant. I get it. He's all you ever dreamed of. He's your fairytale.” Veronica answered sympathetically.


“Yeah. Yes he is.” Betty breathed with a dreamy smile.


“Where are they. They had been gone for at least ten minutes...” Veronica asked then.


“Cheryl and Toni are probably fucking and Josie... I don't know.” Betty said snarky.


“I'll get them. If you aren't getting fucked on your marriage anniversary, none of us will either. Solidarity, bitch.” Veronica said and Betty chuckled.


“Can you stay here alone for a bit? Just long enough for me to go and get them.” Veronica asked her then.


“Sure, I am surrounded by a wall of pillows in the middle of the bed. I  think I won't be scared to fall.” Betty assured with a smile.


“Here take another sip of your virgin colada. I'll be right back.” Veronica said as she gave her a sip of her cocktail and rushed out of the room.




15 minutes Later...


Why aren't they back yet? Betty wondered and sent Veronica a text.


Then suddenly, the light changed in the room. The chandeliers lit up and illuminated the crimson room with a dark greenish glow. The vintage lamps on the furniture lit up in a purple light. It was a really delightful scenery now: bohemian artistic, mixed with the elegance of the roaring twenties.


She startled when some music started all of the sudden. She got a little scared, to be honest.


The song seem strangely familiar... and sounded like some sort of background music of a sex cult... Then she had an epiphany. 


“Oh my gosh. Is this the Eyes Wide Shut soundtrack?” She breathed and instantly shivered. This movie was literally a masterpiece, she should definitely watch it with Jughead someday. He would love this right now... She thought with a smile but still was a bit confused.


Her heart stopped for a second when the door opened, but she was relieved when she saw who it was.


But on the other hand she was even more confused when she saw Cheryl, Toni, Josie, and Veronica entering the room like a sacred procession, dressed in black masquerade masks and some avant garde silk rope dresses. Veronica had a small suitcase and the others a scent bowl and some fancy flacons in their hands before placing them down and then each taking a place on either side of the bed without a single word.


Betty didn't say anything because all she could think was, What the fuck is going on?


When the song hit its climax...


“No!” She gasped. "No fucking way!” She gasped again and yelped in surprise.


There he was – her husband dressed in a dark red silk robe and a black mask. Like the sex cult priest in Eyes Wide Shut . She could see that it really took him a lot of effort to stay in his role and not smile like a fool too.


“You are so unbelievable, Jug. Oh my god!” Betty squealed euphorically.


Now he lost it too, took his mask off and grinned like a fool, before he said, “Happy anniversary, my love,” and crawled to her onto the bed. “You fucking idiot! I love you so, so much!” She she said gleefully and pulled him down for a kiss. “I was really sad.” Betty said and raked her fingers through his hair.


“Do you really think I would let you down on our anniversary?" He said with a smile and kissed her again.


“But your boss called?!” She said still shocked that he made this whole thing up.


“Exactly, because you would never believed me any other way.” He stated and he was right she definitely wouldn't...


“You are such an asshole!” She said with a joyful laugh and shoved his arm playfully.


“I promise you, I will never miss an anniversary and I will never fool you again... But this smile made it all worth it." He kissed her again and she saw the others left the room from the corner of her eyes...


As soon as the door clicked, Jughead parted from their kiss and stood up to take off his robe. He had decided to wear a silk burgundy suit with a dark grey silk shirt. He left the upper buttons open so it revealed his muscular chest, letting him seem more reckless. Fuck, his cock already twitched in excitement when he thought of all the things he was about to do and he hadn't even started yet.


He raked his eyes over her body and spoke huskily,  “I thought about this night, my love... and it's going to be a long night...”




“Because today is our anniversary. I wanted to do something special.” He spoke 


He leaned down to kiss her and she reached out to touch him, but he stopped her and gently pushed her hands besides her head onto the mattress.


“Did I allow you to touch me?”


“No.” She breathed and he could see by the way her darkened that she realized what was about to happen. “No... sir.” She added then and he couldn't help but grin in approval. Usually, he would highly appreciate that form of address. But not today. Today was a sexual discovery for both of them. He wanted to experience it as husband and wife.


“As much as I like you to call me that, not today... Today is our anniversary as husband and wife. Yes, I will be in control the entire time and I will do a lot of things with you which we have never done before, but I am still your husband.” He explained holding her chin between his thumb and forefinger.


“Okay.” She answered with a clear voice.


“What are your stages, Betty?” He asked.


“Green, yellow, and red.” She answered


“Exactly. Such a great memory.” Jughead praised.


“I remembered everything what we talked about,” She said eagerly.


“Me too, babe. I remembered every single word and wish that came out of your kinky mouth.” He answered, walking to the suitcase and opening it. He took out the satin ribbons.


“I am going to tie your hands onto the bed now. You're always grasping for friction to ease the overwhelming pleasure. That won't happen tonight. You will feel everything in all its massiveness and pureness. You will come as often as I please and when I please.” He declared in a determined but husky tone.


“Fuck...” Betty said, half a whisper, half a moan.


“I bet you're going to say that a lot tonight.” He stated with a mischievous grin and tied her hands to the bedpost each one on each side with enough space for her to move her arms, because he knew it could trigger spasms and she could hurt herself when her arms were restrained too tightly.


“Are your arms okay like this?” Jughead asked her and she nodded. “I need you to say it. I need you to voice your answers when I'm asking you questions,” He ordered 


“Yes, it's alright.” Betty answered aloud. Jughead leaned down and kissed her.


“That's my girl,” Jughead rasped against her lips and let his hands wonder upon her body until he reached the waistband of her panties.


“Tell me, Betts... For how long have you been imagining this night, waiting in almost unbearable anticipation for it to come?” Jughead asked, his eyes twinkling devilishly as he shoved her underwear down tormentingly slow.


“Since the day we first talked about it.” She admitted, purring like a little kitten, ready to be touched.


“My horny little kitten, purring in excitement for all the things I have planned for you...” Jughead spoke while his hands wandered along her thighs, purposefully avoiding the heated spot where he knew she craved his touch the most.


Betty whined a bit and her legs opened under his teasing touch unconsciously. 


Jughead was a little nervous, he had to admit. Sure they talked it all out, but in the end, he had to choose what he would try with her. She was always allowed to say no, but it was still different compared to their other love making sessions. Jughead shook his nervousness away and focused on his wife again.


His fingers stroked feather-like along the already drenched lace. “God, how I want to sink my fingers into your dripping core...” He began while he slowly slid her panties down. “But I won't, not until you beg for my cock to fill you up to the brink. Not until I've made you come as many times as I please... or maybe I will just tease you... We'll see...” Jughead explained with a mischievous grin.


“How do you want to make me come... multiple times... without using your hands or mouth before you fuck me?” Betty asked. Her voice innocent but raspy from wantonness.


He smirked sinisterly, his eyes dark as midnight. He could feel his nervousness drift away, getting more and more comfortable with the mind set. So did his wife. The way she looked at him... her dark forest green eyes fully dilated from anticipation, making his cock twitch against his pants and making his plan even harder to realize. But he will. 


Tonight he will edge her so far. He will pleasure her so often that her mind will merge with the setting and the feeling. It will completely overcome her senses. A delirious state of euphoria. Like a drug trip without drugs, simply caused from her brain. Her imagination. Her feelings. They call it subspace. He never had this ambition before. To get someone that far. But with Betty, with whom sex had always been sort of transcendental, he wanted it. He read a lot about, even before he met Betty. He was always into that kind of stuff but hadn't found the right partner to try it. Jughead let his thoughts slip away for a second.  


“Oh, my love. Don't act like you don't know what I am capable of. I know how your mind works. And I know how your mind is connected to your sex. If I want to I could make you come just by talking. But I have other plans with you, love.” He stated and stood up from the bed. 


Jughead walked slowly towards the suitcase, making sure she was following every move of him with her eyes. He opened the suitcase and pulled the nightstand with the suitcase more besides their bed, so he would be able to reach it without standing up again and she would be able to see all the items of pleasure which were replacing his hands and mouth for tonight.


“Holy shit.” She said accompanied with a suppressed moan.


Her legs twitched in anticipation.


Jughead took the crimson red, metallic, curved vibrator out the suitcase. He was pleased with his and Veronica's choice because it fit perfectly into the setting and represented the elegance of his wife. It was the only metallic one they had found which can also stimulate the clit because of the small metal balls on the side. It still had some parts of silicon to make it bendy but it was aesthetically interwoven with the metallic parts of it.


“Have you ever used a vibrator, Betty?” Jughead asked and was a bit scared to bring bad memories back. He was right. A veil of sadness immediately clouded her eyes. But he was planning to replace the bad memories with good ones.


“Yes. One time and I hated it. Because it looked like the kind they would use in a porn movie. In fact, he even watched a porn movie while using it on me.” Betty told him.


Jughead could see that she was sad and slipped for a moment out of his dominant, hovered above her and leaned his forehead onto her, before he softly spoke, “We don't have to do anything you don't want to. If this a 'red' I'll figure something else out. But if it's 'yellow', we could turn it into an entirely new pleasurable experience for you... for the both of us... If you trust me.” He watched her. Saw that she was truly considering it.


“I trust you.” She said after a brief moment. He smiled and kissed her. Jughead let his hands roam freely along her body again knowing that his touch was soothing her.


“Tonight, I will catapult you into another world, Betty. You won't be able to think. Your whole body is going to buzz with pleasure and it's going to be the most carnal thing I have ever watched. Because, I will watch you. Every fucking second. I will watch how your facial expression changes from confusion – maybe even fear – into one of lust. I will watch every reaction of your body, absorbing it into my mind. Making my cock so hard for you that it will be almost unbearable to wait. To wait until you are begging for me to pound into you."


Jughead could see her quiver and rubbing her thighs together. He quickly pushed them apart again.


“No. No friction, remember?” He said in a demanding tone


Betty groaned frustratingly, but answered loud and clear: “Yes, Jug.”


Jughead smirked sinfully and reached for the vibrator. The light buzz filled the room and Betty's body tensed a bit. 


He started the lowest speed of it and begin to delicately tease her clit and folds with it. His hands urged to touch her as he saw her legs twitch at the first contact, but he wouldn't.


After a couple of seconds she adjusted to the new feeling and relaxed.


Her hips bucked towards him and her eyes fluttered as a small sigh sneaked out of her lips.


“Does that feel good, babe?” Jughead asked.


“Yes... though I would prefer your hands..." She began but was interrupted by a moan as Jughead moved it over her core again, teasing her wet slit just slightly and stopped at her clit again. "Or your mouth..." Another moan escaped her half opened lips.


“I'm sorry but no hands or mouth today. I have to say, I quite like the view I see. You laying in front of me in your gorgeous lingerie, your pussy glistening with arousal. You spreading yourself naturally, begging me for more. I don't get to see you in this perspective often, where I can just observe and enjoy. This night and this trial might have it's advantages.” Jughead stated and it was true. Sure – depends on what kind of position they were using- he could watch himself fuck her. He could observe her face or feel her body clench around him. But this-- this was another level of voyeurism, mixed with control. Which made it even hotter.


“Juggie, please I need more. “ Betty pleaded.


He chuckled and said, “Hmm you want something to fill you tight needy pussy, am I right?” Jughead asked, teasing her entrance with the toy.


“Yes. Yes, please.” She answered needy.


"Let’s see what I can do." Jughead suggested, his eyes devilishly twinkling right before he slipped it into her wet cunt. She was so wet that the toy slid in and out of her without much effort, accompanied by salacious sounds when the slick intruder pushed in and out of her.  


When he turned the level higher, Betty started to speak, but then moaned: “Oh, shit.” 


Now that she got used to it, he was a more encouraged to play with the toy. To tease her evilly. Bringing her close to the edge, letting her moans echo through the room and then - when he saw her  pussy clench around the toy - he lowered the pace, so it was just lightly humming inside of her. 


“Please, I was so close, Jug.” Betty whined frustratingly


“Patience, my dear. I promise, the more you get to the edge and deny it, the better it gets.” Jughead said cockily.


“It's just so intense..." She explained.


“We're just getting started and you're already begging. I have so much more in store for my lovely wife. But I'm going to be a gracious husband and give you your first one of the night.” He said, leaned over her and brushed his lips against hers, heightening the pace again.


She moaned against his mouth and he murmured, “That's my girl. Just let go. Imagine it is my cock inside and come for me.” The small denial was indeed effective she was close within a second again. He could tell by the way her body tensed and her arms moved. It was a good decision to tie them the way he did, otherwise she could definitely have hurt herself and that was a pain he wasn't in control of.


He changed the angle of the vibrator to get a better reach to her g-spot and clit. Sinking it into the hilt. He held it in place so she could not flee from the pleasuring buzzing that was overstimulating her without mercy. It was a strange feeling of power and possession to be so purely in control.


Not being distracted by her touch or the effort and techniques he would usually use with his hand. He could completely focus on her state of ecstasy. Read her body like a bible. Manipulate it as he pleased. That was a form of power he never felt before and the fact that she was so openly willing to hand it to him, intensified it even more.


“Oh fuck.” She called but didn't even have the strength to moan because her first orgasm erupted through her body without a warning.


Jughead caught her breathless pants with soft kisses, which quickly turned into more fervent ones. 


When she came down from her high and her breath was becoming regular again, he murmured, “You did so well Betty.... Still green?” He praised her and asked.


“Yes. More than green.” She said enthusiastically.


“What are the other things in the box?” She asked curiously.


“Now you got a taste of it and can't get enough of it, huh? You are as always very insatiable.” Jughead said with a chuckle.


The vibrator was still inside her so Jughead turned it onto the lowest level. He wanted her to be in that state of pleasure all the time. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but always simmering. He pulled the black anal plug out of the suite case and rolled it playfully to warm the cold glass.


“You're going to put this into my ass, aren't you?” Betty asked and he could see her eyes darken at the thought.


“Yes, I will. You're going to feel so full and it's going to feel even better when I finally fuck you with my cock. Your mind will be blown and you won't have any idea where the pleasure ends or where it begins...” Jughead explained raspily, kissing her neck.


“I've never done that before.” She admitted and blushed.


A strong feeling of pride washed over him as she admitted that.


“No need to be ashamed. We have a lot of firsts tonight and I am honored that you're discovering this new path with me... I won't hurt you, I promise.” He assured her, 


“I know that.” She answered.


Jughead slowly took the vibrator out of her, laying her legs open and was met with her lustrous sex. She immediately whimpered at the loss of the buzzing toy.


“Soon my love. Be patient.”  He laid the anal plug aside and roamed his hands along her legs. 


“I was pretty focused on your breast lately and I have intentions to change that.” He spoke and caressed her butt cheeks.


Her legs were relaxed because of her first orgasm. So they easily rested on his shoulder and he could use both hands to prepare and the toy for their new experience. He took the lube and prepared the toy with it carefully.


After that he took another toy out of the case. He was extremely proud that gem. The first clit vibrator which needed no hand. It holds itself. This wasn't just good for tonight. It was a great revolution for people with physical disabilities. To have the experience to masturbate without someone helping you actively. Sure it has to be inserted but then you can do all the other stuff alone. You can 'orgasm' privately. Like any other human being would do.


When she saw what he was up to, she asked: “What is this.”


“It's a clit vibrator. I discovered it a while ago and was really impressed because it's in no need of hands – at least while it is put on – it holds itself...” When he placed it right, he asked, “Is it alright?”


“I think so yeah-- Oh.” a slight moan escaped her lips when Jughead started the small revolutionist on its lowest level.


He leaned down and whispered, “Now you can also explore on your own.”


It was really hard to stay in that dominant state. Sure he still was giving commands, still wasn't touching. But the deep caring and love could never pass away and they felt it. In every minute they were together now. It was fascinating, how his plan changed and yet was still the same. To pleasure her and make it just about her. Sure he would be lying if he'd said it was an entire altruistic cause. But he knew how much it meant for her to transform with him. To make sex an experience of conscious expansion.


He saw her face distorted with pleasure and was mesmerized by it.


Jughead leaned down to kiss her. In the kiss lingered all his admiration for her.


“Look at you. How on mother earth could someone watch a porn while having the embodiment of carnality right in front of him. I can't take my eyes off you, laying here, your whole body radiating with want in complete surrender to me. Your eyes not filled with fear, but with love and trust, even though I already pushed you over some boundaries and still will.” He praised her, allured her with his talking even though it was nothing but the truth.


She seemed to sense his change of demeanor. But it wasn't bad, in fact. It made it all more organic without taking away the purpose of the night. 


Fueled by the lust and love for each other.  “I love you.” Betty whispered then.


Jughead caressed her face and leaned down to kiss her instead of answering. He decreased the pace of the clit vibrator and she cried out in response.


He tugged her bottom lip tentatively between his teeth and swiped his tongue against hers.


“You like that, huh? Just wait until I add this pretty little thing into your ass. You can't wait for it. I can see it. The small glint in your eyes, the curiosity for the unknown." He talked her further into the state of pleasure, the vibrating toy just a multiplication, for the glimpse of lust to inflame. 


She was so enchanted that she didn't even realize that he covered his fingers with lube and began to tease her tight hole.


“Your pussy is glistening with arousal... getting wetter and wetter the more I reach my destination....” His narrative got interrupted by a deep guttural moan. He took that as an undeniable proof.


“You want that, am I right? You want my fingers in your ass. Stretching it gently for the constant fill of the plug.” With that, he slid his finger inside her tight hole and she gasped.


His eyes twinkled victoriously as his fingers entered her, as if he finally caught his prey. “How does it feel to have my fingers inside your pretty ass for the first time?” he asked huskily.


“Strangely good.” Betty admitted.


He smiled evilly, before he whispered: “I knew it. You love the feeling, when the pleasure is

overwhelming you. When it takes control over all of your senses and completely overtakes your mind. Because maybe you are afraid of losing control, but you yearn to lose it completely... consensually.”  


Jughead had to admit that he truly enjoyed this. He stretched her further. Moving his thumb in and out, every movement eliciting another sweet sigh out of her.


“Such a good girl. Look how great you take it. I bet you would also like my cock in here?” Jughead asked  her, huskily.


She moaned and pulled at the silk ties.


“Please. I need more. I need to touch you. I need your hands.” Betty pleaded.


“No. You know the rules. No touching. No distracting, darling.” Jughead just answered and traced his hands along her arms to calm her a bit.


She groaned in a mixture of frustration and lust when he didn't obey and continued to stimulate her sweet spot with his thumb. When he thought was enough for the toy he replaced his thumb with the anal plug.


She moaned at the new sensation of the cold glass.


“You good?” Jughead asked and she answered, “Yes.”


He hovered above her to undo the silk ribbons. She immediately took the opportunity and grabbed his arms.


“No!” He said devilishly and pushed them down.


“I am going to undress you. Because I want you naked under me.” He instructed and undressed her.


She just nodded, even if she was on her edge. It was really a big deal for her not to touch him. He left her stockings on, because he loved to fuck her in them.


When he lifted her back up to undress her negligé, she shivered and whimpered in his arms.


“You're doing so good, babe.” Jughead praised her and caressed her hair.


“It's yellow right?” Jughead asked softly, kissing her neck.


“Yes. But it's okay. It's just much. My whole body is buzzing with lust. I just need to come.”


He laid her down gently and tied her hand back up a little looser than before.


Jughead took the wax candle out of the suitcase and lit the candle.


“They say that temperatures and pain intensify the state of pleasure.” Jughead explained while he waited for the wax to melt. He watched her for any signs of fear. But there was only sheer lust challenging him to start.


So he did, locking eyes with her as the first hot drop hit her sensitive skin. She startled but the look on her face was pure pleasure as a gasp escaped her mouth.


He fastened the pace of the clit vibrator to the highest pace. So the pain could easily transform into lust.


And it did. With every drop of wax her moans got louder... and his cock got harder. He thought, desperately wanting to open the zipper of his pants... but his mission and zeal to reach his goal were giving him an amount of willpower he was highly grateful for.


"God Betts. You're making me so hard right now. I can't wait to fuck you and fill you up to the hilt.” Jughead admitted, his voice hoarse and dark.


“Then do it already.” Betty answered, whimpering.


“Patience is a virtue, my dear. But I guess since you behaved so well. I am willing to give you another release." He let one last drop fall onto her nipple and she screamed.


“Holy shit, fuck!” Her back bowed forward.


Jughead grabbed some ice cubes from the champagne bucket besides them and silently thanked Veronica for ordering non-alcoholic champagne and let the cubes slide along the heated skin.


As she still panted breathlessly, he couldn't bear the painful throbbing anymore. He quickly undressed himself, pulled a condom on and sunk into her without warning.


Her loud cry coalesced with his feral groan, giving the first note of their symphony of pure lechery.


The hot walls of his beloved, pulling onto him eagerly, her loud cries and begs for release echoing through the room.


“Oh my god, Jug... I can't, Jug...I can't.” Betty cried.


“You can. Imagine... a state of pure lust, just that. Where nothing else matters. I know you... and that you want that."


He reached up to open the ribbons and she quickly grabbed his arms and crawled her finger in it.


“I need...”


“I know what you need, baby. You need my hands around your throat.... you need my control...” He whispered hoarsely, skimming his fingers along her neck. Their eyes silently asking her if she knew her signs.


“Yes.” She whispered her plea and permission at once.


With that his hands enveloped her throat and a rush of adrenaline raked through his body.


It was already arousing when they practiced it, but this was another league of  experience... not just for her. To see her utter devotion and trust in him was the most tentative fuel and brought him to the edge even more. To feel her fluttering around him more and more. The more his hands tightened around her neck. He never thought that this amount of control could be so delirious and mind blowing.


“Baby, can you feel your pussy clenching around me the more my hand's tightening around you? There is nothing but pleasure. The pleasuring dizziness slowly overcoming your senses. A delirious state of numbness. Letting nothing but pleasure in." He groaned in pleasure.


It was a blink of a second. There was no desperation, no thoughts that it was too much. Just pure lust when she came hard around him, tears leaking out of her eyes because of the lack of air. 


Jughead loosened his grip as he felt his own climax overwhelm him.


“God, Betts. I love you so much.” He panted as she cried his name out into his neck, biting it harshly to bear the intensity of her lustful euphoria.


Her tight walls were wrenching him out until the very last drop.


His choppy pants mixed with her moans of delirious deliverance. 


When he came down from his high. He captured her face with his palms and kissed her. Encased her with his love for her.


“You did so so well, my love.” She looked up at him, her eyes still lust dazed.


She wasn't able to answer, but he knew it would be like that. The state of subspace. She wasn't able to speak or to move. She was drunk in the euphoria of it. 


Jughead slid gently out of her and gently took out the anal plug, as well as the clit vibrator. She whimpered slightly at the loss.


He laid down beside her and pulled her close to him.


“I love you so much, Betts. You were amazing.” Jughead whispered into her hair after he rolled her onto her side, resting her head on his chest. Embraced her with his body, letting her nurture from his closeness. Caressing every part of her skin he could reach.


She still shivered a bit but didn't seem to care.


“That was a great anniversary.” Betty murmured.


“Yes. Yes it was.” Jughead murmured.


After a while he spoke. 


“How about I give you a massage?” 


“I can't lay on my belly.” She answered quietly.     


“I know, babe. You don't have to. I know how your body works, baby. Just let me take care of you okay?"


She nodded weakly and smiled leisurely.


He grabbed the massage oil and began to massage her legs. Though she was pretty relaxed he could still feel which muscles had worked more and which didn't. She hummed in delight as he hit the tense knots and massaged them out.


He needed to do this more often, he decided. It helped her to be massaged, but she would never asked for it, despite the fact that she felt pain she couldn't bear any more. Jughead needed to keep in mind that she needs this sometimes.


“Good?” He asked


“Hmmm.” Betty murmured.


“I'll go for a couple of seconds to the bathroom to grab a bowl with hot water,  washcloth, and some ointment. I'll be quick.”


She nodded again and he rushed into the included bathroom of the room. He prepared the items quickly and rushed back to her. He began to wash her gently, scraping the rest of the wax from her chest. She winced a bit when he cleaned the sore places. When he was done he leaned down and kissed the light red marks.


“Jug...” She protested but he hushed her gently. 


“I know that you aren't used to apologizing, remorseful behavior but if we are going to do this, it'll always be like this babe. I am always taking care of you afterwards and I will always feel sorry if I hurt during our lovemaking... It's alright to be overwhelmed because of it... I am here to hold you when you need to cry. But never stop me from caring for you okay?” He told her slowly and sincerely so she understood it.


Her eyes were glassy and full of love when they met his...


Jughead took the ointment out and took care of her marks on her chest and her throat.


“Come back to bed, Jug.” Betty pleaded.


He obeyed but sat behind her this time, brought her into a half sitting position and covered them with a blanket. This was his favorite position. He could hold her, secure her, and by the way she let her head fall onto his chest, he knew that she felt safe.


“Thank you for today, I still can't believe that you made this all up for me.” She said dreamily and played with his fingers.


“You know me,” Jughead just answered with a smile.


“How about we drink a glass of non alcoholic champagne?” 


“Sounds great now that I can think again...” She answered chuckling.


“It's the subspace, but you're slowly coming back again.” Jughead explained.


“It was the greatest experience I've ever had, my skin still tickles from pleasure.” Betty said 


“Mine too. The way you surrendered to me... You have let me do all these things to you, without any hint of fear. Shit I am only getting hard again just by the memory of it.” He declared and poured them two glasses of champagne.


She giggled at that before he raised their glasses and toasted: “To us. The best year of my life and many more to come, because I spend them with you.”


He clung their glasses and kissed her, both smiling in pure euphoria against each other’s lips.