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Your Still My Wife.

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Two little twins boys are playing in the back yard of the day care center that they go to everyday while there mother is at work. The only difference they share in looks are the colours of their hair. Josh the older twin has raven blue hair like their dads. The younger twin Shawn takes after there mom, with dark blue hair. There mom worked as a legal secretary, for a man name Laxus Dreyar. He was a very good boss to Amber. Six years ago, she came to him  asking him for help in getting a divorce from her husband Gray Fullbuster. He was a doctor at fairy tail hospital. She left him one night. After finding him in the arms of his ex, attending a birthday party for a friend she left him the same night never giving him the chance to defend himself. Gray was still in Magnolia, while she moved to Clover. The boys were waiting for her to pick them up. On the occasion there next door neighbour and babysitter will get them, if there mother was running late.

Josh, Shawn! Lucy is here to pick you up. Levy, One of the staff members called to them. "Coming" they said in unison. They came running over to the blonde. "Hiya boys, are you ready to go." "Yes, we are." Josh says as he picks up his bag. "Good why don't we go to the store and get a treat." They both jump up and down. Lucy grabs two little hands and takes them to her car. The store was in the middle of there home and day care. When Lucy picked them up, she will get a treat. "Treat  treat treat!" The boys were saying. "Remember boys something you had before." "O.k" "I want ice cream." Josh says to Shawn.  "We had that last time. Chips is what I want." They argue back and forth until they pulled into parking space. Lucy holds there hands again when they get into the store. "Boys, you know were to go. I am going to buy some milk for you mother. They run down the two aisles that interested them.

Josh opens up the freezer that the ice cream is in and tires to reach for the last chocolate swirl. It was on shelf that was above his head. His mother and him liked the same kind. He wanted it so he could share it with her. When his little hand couldn't reach yet. A pair of hands grabs it and gives to him. Josh gets down. Turns to the one that offer his help. "Thank you." "Your welcome." He looks way up and sees a man with the same colour hair as him and blue eyes.

"Is there anything else you need in here?" "No sir." Shawn comes running down the aisle. "Josh, I cant reach the chips." The man sees the other boy with dark blue hair, with ocean blue eyes. "Need help?" "He help me get my ice cream." Shawn eyes him. "We shouldn't be talking to people we don't know." "Right you are? I help people every day and it would be rude to not help you. Lets go to the Chips." The twins follow the man down to the other aisle. "Which ones?" Shawn points to the bag. "Its the orange one." "You like the same ones I do." He grabs a bag for the boy and for himself too. He hands it to the little boy. "Anything else?" "No." they both said in unison once more. Down at the end of the aisle. Lucy comes with the milk. "All set boys?" "Yes, this man help us." The oldest twin says. Lucy turns to him. "Thank you for helping  the boys." "No problem, couldn't let them struggle trying to reach up." "We come in every Friday for a treat." Shawn says. "Well boys lets go pay and go home? Thanks again." "Again nothing of it." He waves his hand. "Have a good night." His phone starts to ring. "Sorry have to go. Miss?" "Lucy Heartfilla and this is Josh  and Shawn." "See you again on aisle 10. My name..." He couldn't finished with it because of the phone. "Please answer it we have to go."

They wave bye to the man and leave. The man answers his cell. "Gray Fullbuster." "Finally you answer. Were are you? The fundraiser is tonight remember" "Yes, I know Loke. I am on my way back to my place now. Loke do not be sitting me up again. I have told you before." "Yes yes. I will not be doing that again. Poor girl from before. She like you right off the bat." "Its your fault from trying to lead her on to me." "The dinner will have plenty of women there for you to check out anyways." Gray rolled his eyes. "I am fine with my life, Loke." "You work and not enjoying the single life." "Dont need to. I gotta go, I'll see you later." He hangs up before he lets him talk again. He puts his cell back into his pocket and looks down at his left hand and touches the ring on his pinky. Which was by the other ring on the same hand. "I don't need anyone else." He says to himself. He goes over to the cashier and pays for his things. Then leaves the store to go home and get ready.

He moved here amost year ago. To take up the job of lead Doctor in Pediatrics department at Clover Memorial. He didn't want to leave Fairy Tail Hospital, but his brother thought a change in area code would help him. "He lost someone six years ago. He didn't get a chance to explain his situation at the time. Gray let her go, knowing he shouldn't of. He was deep in thought while he drove back to his place. "Those twins they could of been mine. They have the same hair and eyes like me and Amber." He shook his head. "The unluckiest of that happening, Amber would of told me. They were cute boys and well behaved." He continued to drive, to think back on Amber.

The twins were home, with Lucy. She was helping there mom get ready to go out. "You should of seen this guy Amber. Tall, raven hair and his body was incredibly sexy." "Lucy, don't drool on my bed. You should of asked him out or are you still waiting for your chance with Natsu?" "If that pink hair man would turn his eyes on me, then yes I would go out with him. I think he likes youuuu though." Don't be ridiculous we are just friends. I am seeing Sting, anyways." "How is that going?" "Not to bad, the boys haven't meet him yet." "Why not?" "Remember what happen with the other guy?" "Rouge, right." "Yeah, I introduced him to them and they never clicked." "Do they really need too?" "Its important that who I become involved with likes my boys." "Why not there Dad." "You know why, Lucy. I never told him I was expecting, when I saw them together." "You never let him explain and ran away the same night to here. He must of been searching for you." "I am still here, like this. So what does that tell ya. We are divorced he can do what he wants with his ex or any other girl for that matter." Amber was combing her long hair before putting it up. "Leave the hair down. It looks better this way." "I prefer it up." "When do you leave?" Amber looks at her watch . "In ten minutes. I am meeting my boss and Sting there." "Cant believe your boss sit you up." "No, he didn't. I have know Sting the same amount of time as my boss. Only through work, never outside. He has heard me talking about my boys, but haven't meet them." "When will he see them?" "I am hoping for soon. With school coming up for the boys here. They might not be to mischievous and not do anything this time." Amber finished getting ready and stands at her front of her mirror. "What do you think?" "Your one hot mama. If Sting doesn't bed you tonight, some other guy will." "Lucy!" "Come on Amber, when has it been? Before the kids where born?" "I have to go now. Thanks for watching them for me." "You are dodging the question." "I know, we will leave it at that."

The two women leave her bedroom and make there way to the front door. The boys come out from the living room. Gives her a hug and tells her goodnight. "I will see you two in the morning. Be good for me, alright" They both nod in agreement. Amber puts on her jacket and walks out the door. Her car was park out front instead in the car port. It was a Suv, traded it up when she found out she was having twins. It was black, and suited her needs just fine. She gets behind the wheel and drives off to the Fundraiser. The Hospital each year was having one to raise funds for what department needed a upgrade. Her boss was a legal repetitive for them. Sting was also handle some of their cases as well, when Laxus needed a second chair to be involved.

Amber pulls up to a parking spot in front of the banquet hall, that they use for this event. It was huge hall to allow all that was invented, then some. She walks up the steps to the front door and heads inside. The place was already busy with guests outside of the hall and inside the room. She scans the room to find her boss and Sting. When she picks them out she heads right one over. "Wow, Amber you look amazing." She blushes. "Thanks Sting you look charming yourself." He kisses her cheek. "Hello Laxus." "He is right Amber you do light up this room looking like that. Are you planing to seduce by boy here." He pats him on the back. "Man cut it out." Sting waves his hand at his friend. Laxus laughs. "Where is your date?" Amber looks up at him. "She is over there by the punch bowl. Trying to find information on the new doctor that has been here for year. He wasn't able to attend last year function, but tonight he is in attendance." "What is his name?" "To tell you the truth I have forgotten. There are so many names to remember. You know me Amber, i can't remember the last case I had six months ago." "You are a lousy at remembering but a good Lawyer."

All three of them make there way to a table to sit down. Sting pulls out a chair for her and sits beside her. Laxus goes to retrieve his date and bring her back the to the table. The announcer comes to the stage and starts tonight program. "Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome tonight Annual fundraiser for the Clover Memorial." Clapping, shouting and whistling could be heard around the room. Laxus, helps his date Mira to come sit down. "Amber, Lovely to see you again." "Like wise you look great in your dress." "This old thing, nah. The way your look tonight. All the men must be staring at you." "I am in the same boat as you Mira, this old thing." Gray had gotten the dress for her. He plan the prefect date, and at the end he propose to her while she wore the dress. It brought up happy times for her, before finding him with someone else.

Loke was waving Gray over to his table. "Hey buddy you finally made it. The speaker started about 5 minutes ago." "I was held up in traffic, got here as soon as I could." "At lest they didn't call your name yet. All the of the department heads are being called up. At lest you don't have to say any thing. Wave and show your smile." "You will be going up as well to." "I am use it, done it for the last four years for radiology." They continue to talk and listen to when there departments come up.

"Some wine Amber." Sting offers her a bottle to pour in her glass. "One glass please. I can't handle my liquor intake." He laughs. "If you can't, I can always drive you." He gives her a suggested look. She sees him eyeing her up and down. "I have a baby sister at home. That will probably like me home before midnight." He winks at her. "Then we shall plan for a date together then." He kisses her cheek. "Sounds good to me." Sting holds her hand. They where hush by Mira. "The speaker is about to call up the doctor for the head Department of Pediatrics." "Sorry Mira." They all turn to the stage. "Now I would like to introduce our newest Doctor. He wasn't here last year, due to the transfer taking place. Ladies and Gentleman. Dr. Gray Fullbuster." Amber almost couldn't breath. From her seat, she watches. The raven walk up to the stage. And shake hands with Jet. He turns and scans the floor before him. Not in the million years she thought, she would see him again. Even in a small city like Clover.

Gray looked at most of all the faces when he looked around the room. It was a sea of nobody he knew. Expect for a few co-workers. Then his eyes pick up something in the corner of the room. He recognized the dress, and his eyes locked with hers. His wife, that he hasn't seen in six years. Was sitting a yard away from him. He couldn't take his eyes off her. She was still gorgeous after all this time. His heart skip a beat, he turns his smile into a smirk. Knowing that she didn't want to be seen at this moment. "Dr. Fullbuster. You can leave the stage now." "Yes of course." He wanted to head toward her table once he step off. Choose to wait for a bit once the program ended and goes back to his table.

Amber took her glass of wine and gulps it down. "Whoa, Amber. Are you alright?" "I was really thirsty. Other one please." He fills up her glass again. "I thought you said, you can't handle it." "I thought maybe tonight wouldn't be to bad. To have a one or two glasses." Laxus looked over at Amber. He knew who that guy was, by the mention of his name and how Amber reacted to it. Her ex husband, that she came to him for help. She had moved to Clover six years ago. Looking for a job and someone to do the divorced. He hire her on the spot from her resume. Then afterwards started on the paper work. Amber had change her name back to her maiden one. Her two boys were also name Fernandes, not Fullbuster. He never question her after she gave birth and why she didn't' send word to the father of her kids.

The raven was still watching her from his table. "Where are your eyes looking at, man." Gray points over to the table. Loke follows his finger. "Wow, you have your eyes on Amber Fernandes." Gray turns to him at the mention of her last name.  She changed it back to her maiden name. "You know her?" "She comes to the hospital functions all the time , with her boss. The one with the blonde short hair. "Do you want me to introduce you two? She is dating the guy beside her." Gray frowns as he looks back at her table. "She is dating, huh." "You don't look please at that. Why? I mean, with the way she looks. Any male in here would swoop down on her and claim her for his own." "Loke, remember when I describe my wife to you." "I remember." He looks back at her. Gray pulls out his wallet and show him a picture of her. "This is what she looks like six years ago." He takes the picture from him. His jaw drops and he turns his head back to Amber. "Are you telling me your wife is Amber." "The one and the same." "Buddy, you had stake calm to her already." He gives him a look and takes the picture back. "What are you going to do now. That you have seen her." Loke only knew her at these things, haven't seen her outside of the hospital events. He doesn't know that she has kids. "Not to sure yet. I'll figure out soon." He keeps on looking at her.

She can tell that his eyes were on her and she didn't want to look at him. A other glass of wine was gulp down before Amber stood up. "I'll be right back. I need to get some air." "Want me to come with you." "No thanks Sting. I will not be to long." Amber heads for the balcony that heads outside, to look at the garden below. She takes her cell phone out of her purse and dials her home number. "Hello?" "Lucy!" "Hey Amber how is the party going." "It was going good until a moment ago." "What happen?" "I can't tell you yet, but I will be home soon." "You are leaving early?" "I need too, If I don't show up in 20 mins call my cell. I will make up a excuse to leave." "Alright well do." They both say bye and Amber hangs up the phone. She walks over to the balcony and put her arms on the edge and takes a few deep breaths in. Her heart was racing a mile at minute. Hopefully being out here will calm her nerves. The air was a little big cold, she forgot her jacket inside.

A jacket was place on her shoulders. "You will catch a cold if you aren't careful. " She quickly turns and looks into blue eyes, like her oldest son has. "Hello my wife." He had follow her out when he notice her get up from the table and walk away. He told Loke he will be back. "Gray!" "Surprise to see me, Amber" He looks her up and down. "Still have the dress." Amber turns back around and looks out over the Garden. "Can you please go. I came out here for a reason." He comes up behind her and puts a arm around her waist and pulls her into his chest. She holds her breath. Six years is a long time to see someone you once love. "Gray. Can you let go of me. We are nolonger together." "No one will see us. Plus you are cold my wife." "I am no longer your wife. We are divorced." She removes herself from him. "I need to go back inside. Here, take back your jacket." He takes it from her hand. She goes to walk past him. He holds out his hand to stop her from going. He puts his hand back on her waist. "I want to see you again." "I don't think that will be a good idea." "Why?" "Gray, Do I need to repeat it. We are divorce, no need to see each other again." "I want too." He moves his hand up to her cheek. "Your beautiful Amber." He was about to lean his head in closer to her lips when someone appears at the door.

"Amber?" She steps away from him. "Sting!" He comes out and sees the doctor from before that was on stage. He walks over to her. "Are you alright. You look flushed." "Maybe, I had to many glasses of wine." He puts his hand around her waist and pulls her close. He looks over at Gray. "I wasn't interrupting something was I." "Nope, everything is ok. We should head back inside Sting." "Sure, before we do that. My name is Sting Eucliffe." He holds out his hand. "Gray Fullbuster." He shakes it. "Do you know Amber?" He looks at her. "Yes, I do for many years." "I guess this is a reunion for you two then." "You can say that, Right Amber." "May I ask how you know her?" Sting was curious. Her behaviour change once this guy went up on stage. "Sting, I don't think details are necessary." "If he is a friend of yours. I would like to know." Amber looks at Gray as he was still looking at her. "Let me help with that Sting. Amber is my wife." "Ex wife, Gray."

Sting was shocked. You are the infamous man that broke her heart. Gray glares at him. Amber phones start ringing. "Excuse me please. Hello?" " I gave you ten mins instead of 20. Pretend something is wrong." "Oh no. That isn't good, brother. Yes thanks for calling. I will get hold of him as well. bye." She hangs up the phone. "Sting I have to go. That was Mystogan, something as come up. I will call you later." She kisses his cheek and leaves quickly. "Wait Amber, I'll walk you out." He turns to Gray and gives him a once over. He then goes after Amber. Gray goes back into hall and watches his wife leave. "Until next time My wife."