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Should’ve Gone with Your Gut

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Crashing to the ground after being thrown into an oddly lit room, a harsh array of coughs erupted from him. Their sound wet and hoarse. Grunting as he clutched his stomach he struggled to force deep breaths. Magnus was gonna kill him. Well if he survived at least.

He should have known. Shadow hunter training 101; Anything that was easy was either too good to be true, or you were doing it wrong. This instance proved to be the later. He had been wrong. His gut begged him to turn around but he ignored it and went on anyways. Alone. No parabati in sight. No backup. No call to the institute to let them know his location. Nothing.

So with his current situation he began to think. As he was doing an assessment of his injuries he couldn’t feel his connection to his parabati where he was. What the hell was that about? Now that he thought about it more, his runes weren’t working at all. His vision felt blurry, no doubt the effect of blood loss, and he felt very heavy. Also the effect of blood loss. But why? The runes should be working to stop the loss and head l the wounds. He should be golden.

Lifting his head off the ground was more difficult than imagined and a decision he regretted. The room spun and he gagged. Nausea? What made it worse was the neon blue and pink lights. Maybe yellow? They were blinding and it wasn’t like his brain could figure it out anyways. It looked like paint was splashed along the walls because they flowed under the lighting. Or maybe just neon paint?

Gingerly rolling rock the side he cried out and coughed hard. Blood trickling down his lip. Great... punctured lung. Not good.

He needed to figure out where he was and try to send a fire message. That was the best bet of survival. It wasn’t like his attackers gave him any clues or expressed any sympathy in maiming him and leaving him for dead. Why would they? Demon scum rarely cared about anything other then themselves and destruction. This wouldn’t be any different for them.

With every bit of strength he could muster, he forced himself up to his hand and knees. Pausing for a moment to steady himself he carefully sat back on his heels and tilted his head back as he coughed with a closed mouth. Angel, it hurt, but that didn’t matter now. It would only be a matter of time before he began to hallucinate and then succumb to his injury. Injuries? That couldn’t happen.


Those gorgeous golden eyes came to him. His lips tugged up into a smile and he coughed hard. His breathe was becoming more and more wheezy. He had to get out for Magnus. Forcing his eyes open, he blinked hard to allow them to adjust to the light. The smell was of must, stagnant water and metal. Underground? Perhaps an underground club? The metal scent would come from the metal support beams, unless there was an abundance of minerals? Or blood...

Gagging, he swallowed hard to force that thought down. If that was the case then this must be some sort of vampire haven. A club or bar owned by a clan or rogues. That wouldn’t explain why his runes weren’t working. Leaning his head forward he examined his arms and his eyes fell upon his wounded torso. It smelled to high heaven. That couldn’t be. He hadn’t been injured long enough, or dead long enough for that matter, for his skin to start rotting.

Allowing his hand to move he examined his wound and threw up. A shadow hunter he might be, but not squeamish... that was a whole other story. With bile adding to the pleasant aroma invading his nose, he looked again and groaned. His wound was festering. It was black and had puss spilling out of it. He had been poisoned by Demon blood and of a high proof too. Thinking for a moment he abruptly laughed. It all made sense now. This would inhibit the senses and cause him to lose control all the while, poisoning and preventing his angelic capabilities from healing him. Surely that would let Jace know something was wrong. That was one mystery solved. Now to find out where he was...

A few more minutes passed before he tried to right himself to a standing position. After falling a few times he was finally able to right himself against the wall. Water was dribbling down it and the cool sensation helped bring him back from the edge of unconsciousness. Managing a few steps forward he paused to catch his breath. That battle alone was overwhelming. Keeping pressure on his wound was another. It wasn’t long before he heard a loud creaking sound and then a loud slam. He jumped and lost his footing as he slide down the wall and coughed painfully. Great. This is how he would die. It wasn’t for lack of trying to survive, but still.

Closing his eyes he waited for whatever it was to come get him. He had, had a valiant fight. How that demon had tricked him was beyond him. What kind of demon was able to generate a whole new demon from a dismembered limb? Whatever the fuck that one was could. Still, the demon pulling a knife on him was unexpected and he was the least bit prepared for that. Jace wouldn’t let him live that one down.

His life had been great to say the least. He had a family that loved him and a man would cherished and appreciated him. As tears welled in his eyes, he truly knew his life was what it should have been, no matter how short a time he had it as it was. If only he could tell Magnus how much he loved him one last time. He deserved to know.

Finally he heard movement of some kind next to him. Panting, as if he ran a race, he slowly opened his eyes and cursed inwardly. His vision was shaky but after all the squinting he was doing to see, he knew. Of all the fucking vampires...

“Well, well, well... Mr. Lightwood. When my little cohorts told me you were in such dismay in my cavern, I couldn’t help but come and see for myself. Especially since I had orders to put you there.”

He was trying to press himself back into the wall. Maybe it would swallow him and kill him instantly, but it was to his dismay that it wasn’t happening. As if the presence along wasn’t enough she got all but within centimeters of his face and took a deep breath in. She hesitated for a moment before moaning and kissing him hard. Her tongue invading his mouth, running over his teeth and cheek as she drank every bit of blood she could. To weak to fight back he let her. Feebly trying to move his head she reached up and gripped his jaw with her hand, securing him in place. He could feel her tongue invading his mouth and licking his teeth, savoring the blood lining his mouth. It was appalling. It wasn’t until he bit down as hard as he could on her lower lip that she screeched and pulling back. Growling she wiped her lower lip and shook.

“How dare you. I just got lip fillers in!”

Raising her hand to strike him, he couldn’t help but quietly laugh. She would be the type to get some sort of work down. Being all vain and such. She seemed to lower her hand as his movements slowed even further... what was she planning? Would he live to find out?

“Oh, little shadow hunter... you’re going to regret that decision.”

Maybe he would. Hazily looking up at her, he knew it was a matter of moments before he succumbed to his fate. Might as well make his last words one he meant.

“Go... to hell... Camille.”

With his eyes rolling into the back of his head he didn’t hear her words clearly. He only remembered his head falling to the side and his body with it, connecting with the hard floor as her red shoes inched closer.