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Spare the Mercy of your Soul

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The air is frigid, freezing and glittering with snow. Thinly does it provide oxygen if you go too far, the mountains quite a climb and a treacherous fall if you slip. The trees whisper a song of the north, a voice so icy sweet, while the clouds ride across the moon in sleighs of silver.


These mountains are no unfamiliar feat. You’ve been here before at least once a year just before every Christmas.


…- Until the incident happened.


They say that twenty one year old Rose Quartz went missing one fateful night during a lodge stay. A week before Christmas. Never returned, never was found until three days later when her body was found at the bottom of a jagged cliff. Reports said it was probably a suicide scene.


But little did the media know, this person was your friend. And even you didn’t know why she died or how. Now deceased, sadly, and rumors say that you can still hear her weeping if you visit these necks of the woods. Others speak of a villain, a monster, a beast who craves bones and blood. It’s all far fetched however, as you know, and nothing can reverse death.


The mountains now give an eerie vibe whenever you visit them. You still don’t know what had happened either that melancholy day, you know that you had awoken and she was gone. You and your friends stayed away from the mountains for some time, unconnected.


Yet for some reason?


Your friend, Pearl, has managed to call everybody together three years later to assemble the old crew back. She says it’s time to fight old demons and do like old days, visit the mountains before Christmas to have some fun and get some fresh air while skiing or sledding. It’s holiday fun all over again. 


But this time in the honor of poor Rose.


And you took the invite, making plans and heading up to the snowy mountains on the scheduled date that everybody agreed on, during a weekend while taking Friday to head up to the winter lodge. You would leave Sunday evening to head home.




There’s only one simple proposal I have for you, unfortunate reader, now that you know what you are getting into. Who will you choose to walk in the shoes of this winter eve?


Voting will be hosted in the comment section below. The one with the most votes becomes the victim for our weekend vacation- ahem, I mean protagonist. Voting will close in advance in the form of a comment warning twenty four hours before the next chapter is submitted, and you may only vote once(don’t cheat, I will close guest comments if so, let’s be fair in this sick game of life for these characters). Do take in mind that who you choose may seal your fate…


Here are your options, reader. Though I will give you this- all six have determined deaths depending on your choices throughout this journey. Relationships with other characters also depend on your choices.


Garnet Rubystone;

This woman hails from her mothers that give her nothing but unconditional love and support. She will let nothing stop her. … Except tiny hands, her biggest weakness. Age 24.

“Don’t touch that.”

  • 6”0, the second tallest of the crew.
  • Although she may not look like it, she is quite strong.
  • Serious.
  • Calm, in even the most deadly positions.
  • Wise.
  • Doesn’t speak much unless necessary.


Pearl Swanson;

This girl has the most sense when it comes to thinking up solutions, and is considered the mom friend. She thinks realistically and sensibly. Age 20.

“Let’s put some alcohol on that before it can get infected. Would you prefer a blue band-aid or a purple?”

  • 4”5, standard height of the crew.
  • Average in strength, but relies more on her thinking, taking the safest routes.
  • Good with a knife…
  • Charitable.
  • Kind, a natural pacifist.
  • Sensible.
  • Always has a med kit on her. Bandages are never too far away!


Amethyst Ingotman;

Her heart is more set on food than anything. Sandwiches are her A game. Younger sister to Jasper. Age 18.

“Do you even KNOW how big a sandwich with a pizza and burger inside would be like?!”

  • 3”8, the shortest of the gang. Able to fit in smaller spaces.
  • Strength? Endurance? Defense? Psh, this girl likes to hide instead.
  • Funny, likes to crack a good joke.
  • Curious.
  • Protective.
  • Has colorful language.


Lapis Lazuli;

Raised in a household consisting of carefree parents who paid little attention to their child, this woman has picked up on the art of sarcasm and edgy jokes, caring little what people think of her and rarely participates. Age 23.

“I’m… staying over here.”

  • 4”4, standard height of the bunch.
  • Average strength, but her endurance is high.
  • Disinterested in most things she finds silly, but also harbors a childish sense of humor.
  • Good at lying.
  • Deadpan.
  • Observant.


Peridot Peterson;

A gigantic nerd with a knack for technology. The science wiz, this girl knows a lot of assorted facts and knows her physics and chemistry. Age 19.

“Oh my stars- they have WIFI up here!! THIS IS AMAZING!!”

  • 4”2, the second shortest of the group.
  • Lacks strength, but knows a lot of helpful facts.
  • Honest.
  • Diligent.
  • A bit immature.
  • Adventurous.
  • Scared easily.


Jasper Ingotman;

Older sister to Amethyst, she always has to keep an eye on her. This woman takes any shot she can to flex or hit the nearest tree, a bit unsteady with her temper. Age 21.

“You wanna go? HUH?”

  • 6”4, the superior tallest of the gang.
  • Well muscled, and fairly strong.
  • Can make anything into a weapon.
  • Headstrong.
  • Stubborn.
  • Relies more on violence and action in sticky situations.
  • Powerful.


Cast the name of the character you would like to see through the eyes of and become in this chilly tale in the comments below.