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chapter 1 Smokescreen

Midoriya stood resting on his rake as he scanned his field; he had just finished the last row that needed weeding. Sweat had welled upon his forehead and started dripping into his eyes. Taking out a cloth he was able to dap it off before putting it back in his pocket. Since he was big enough to do the work, he had been taking care of his land and home. His mother took care of the inside and he took care of the outside. Midoriya’s home was far enough away from the city that he could hide when he needed to. When he went into heat his scent wouldn’t drift that far. He was a male omega who hated everything about his fate. On his I.D and the government registry, he was a quirkless beta. In reality he was a male omega, one that should have been mated off at birth to a king in hopes of creating a future prime alpha to rule the kingdom...Not that he was going to admit to his gender or tell anyone. He was going to continue to be a quirkless beta.

However, Midoriya wasn’t so quirkless anymore. Again, this was something else he kept a secret from the world.. He had been gifted a quirk, or at least Midoriya believed he had been gifted. He never felt different or seen anything different. In the past 3 months the all powerful knight All Might who had given him a quirk and a sword to call on. The thing is, when he called on the sword he was never able to pick it up. It kind of stayed stuck in the ground until he unsummoned it. All Might had told him you have to be balanced to use it. Though, All Might hadn’t stuck around long enough to explain anything about the quirk or the sword. Midoriya now had a useless sword he couldn’t pull out of the ground.

The wind blew around Midoriya as he looked to the sky, there seemed to be a storm brewing in the air which his crops needed a good amount of rain.

“Well I better go get that bread for dinner,” he said to himself as he put his garden tools away. He came inside as his mother looked up from cutting the veggie for their dinner tonight.

“You really don’t have to go to town. You have been working out there all day,” Inko said gently as she wiped her hands on the cloth she had while cooking.

“It’s ok mom, I’d like some bread with our stew. Besides, if the storm hits I’d like to be back and all settled in then,” Midoriya said as he kissed his mom cheek. He grabbed his little basic sword that he used for protection. He headed out in his normal wear clothes, nothing special on and nothing special about him.

Though as he got closer to town, he noticed something weird going on in the town. King’s men were wandering around the town. Knights were having people stand out in the streets, checking their scents and papers. Midoriya slowed his pace and stopped, looking around a corner of a building. Whenever the King of his country got word of an unmated omega or maybe a hidden omega female or male, everyone had to be paraded out and checked. Hell, they even stripped you down in the streets to check for a second gender if you were an omega despite the fact that an omegan scent could easily be distinguished from alphas and betas. The King was also in a big search for a rare male omega so he could have that chance at a prime alpha heir.

Midoriya had made sure no one knew him well in town so no one could ever think of him any more than a beta. Yes, some omegas were happy or excited to maybe give a king a child or one of the royal families. Omegas were the only ones to birth alphas and more omegas. Betas couldn’t, even if there was only one beta in the couple. Betas only gave birth to beta children and, of course, alpha normally didn’t breed with each other or couldn’t. Alpha females were rare and never seemed able to get pregnant. Only 1% of female alpha were successful in becoming pregnant and birthing a child, and when they did it was due to mating with a male omega. Male omegas accounted for about 15% in the world’s population, but there could be more, being Midoriya wasn’t the only hidden one. This was the hard-knock life for omegas. Omega could get pregnant outside of heat as long as the alpha knots. However, there was a better chance and stronger young if the omega was in heat and the alpha in a rut. The omegas that couldn’t get pregnant were turned to slaves or worse killed off since they were seen as useless. And to top it all off, the whole play of quirks was added into it all too.

Taking a deep breath, Midoriya debated if he should try to get his bread or turn and run, he didn’t want to be noticed by anyone, he just wanted to grab things and go. As he moved in the shadows, he noticed that some of the knights looked like they had been in a battle. Maybe this wasn’t just a search for innocent omegas, but they were looking for a wanted criminal instead.

Midoriya made it to the bread shop, went in and quickly choose his loaves of bread. The owner stared at him a little too long for his liking. “Sir, do you know what is going on? I haven’t seen the king’s men gather like that in town for a while,” Midoriya asked as he brought up the basket of his choices.
The owner eyed him closer now. Midoriya froze, reached up and rubbed his neck. He felt that his hidden scent blocker was in place on his neck so it wasn’t his scent. Even then, his cycle was still a month away.

“Few things,” the owner said finally. “King of the Drakoni came storming into the broads of our land. He and his dragon were brought down. They’re hiding somewhere around town. Also, someone blurted about a male omega. Our king still has no heir. He has 3 omega females who only gave birth to more omegas. If he finds this male omega he could finally get his prime alpha heir and someday with that heir rule over more.” The owner said as he took Midoriya coin.
“Wow, I didn’t know any of the Drakoni, little alone the king would show up here. His highness is a hopeful man, isn’t he? Well, I hope he finds his destined mate,” Midoriya said, hoping to keep kind words on his lips.

The owner's eyes stayed on him even as he hurried out. Midoriya quickly went around a corner and flattened his body on the side of the building. He let out the breath he been holding. For a split second, he waited for the guards to circle him and spirit him away. When nothing happened he made sure to high tail it out of the town, leaving the knights, the eyes of the city people and fear.
Midoriya walked fast and was all in his head so that he wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings. He didn’t notice anything unusual until it about smacked him in the face. A deep growl and the sharp smell of smoke in his nose had Midoriya looking up quickly. In the open field about 10 minutes from his home, was the creature of myths. A beautiful crimson red dragon rested there.

Midoriya almost dropped his basket and one of his hands went to his neck as he gasped. The dragon’s eyes snapped open and stared at the young man. Over the smoky smell that came from the dragon, Midoriya could also smell blood. Even though the dragon was the color of blood, Midoriya could see the dripping and flow of blood from where he stood. This was the dragon the king’s knights were looking for. The huge dragon turned his head toward Midoriya with a rumble in its throat and its tail flicked out in interest. Midoriya’s body was still frozen, until he noticed the blond man resting on the dragon that had been previously covered by the dragon tail. The blond man had an awful gash on his stomach and nothing had been done to stop the bleeding.

Midoriya stood for a moment, even though it felt like hours to himself. He finally set forward slowly to the dragon. “I can stop his bleeding if you let me near him,” Midoriya said.
He was crazy, but he didn’t think anyone should bleed out. The Drakoni and the Dragon were a whole different breed. Dragons themselves were rare creatures. Midoriya held out a hand to the huge creature. The dragon growled deeply again but it didn’t stop the green haired male. It sniffed him and his head pulled back a moment like he couldn’t decide what Midoriya was. The dragon head came in again this time bypassing the hand and went right for Midoriya’s head and neck, sniffing again. Midoriya froze, well if this was how he was going to die at least he died with pride. A dragon snack, fine. Midoriya gasped as the dragon ended up nuzzling him and gave a small lick to his cheek, before letting Midoriya move closer to the human who was passed out. Before he moved too much, he took his basket and set it in front of the dragon letting the dragon eat the bought bread.

In a side bag, Midoriya pulled out creams and bandages. After meeting All Might he had learned to start carrying around first-aid items. He got down very slowly and touched the shoulder of the blond. The male’s eyes cracked open. “I’m going to clean and cover your wound,” Midoriya whispered showing the kit.

The blonde let out a raspy breath of agreement and his head went back down on the dragon’s hide, closing his eyes once more.

Midoriya took that as a sign that he needed to work now. He got down on his knees and pulled out things and ripped part of his shirt to use as a towel to wipe off the blood and see the wound. It may of needed to be sealed off, but he didn’t have that skill. The best he could do was use the cream that would stop the bleeding and do it tightly.
“You’ll have to get to a healer very soon,” Midoriya said quickly, as he finished what he was doing. He pulled out a water bottle to wash his hands and clean some of the blood off of him. His mother didn’t need to see him bloody. His bread was all gone, it was going to be a story to tell already. Well, maybe his mother could make him some bread for tomorrow. He wouldn’t be traveling into the town again for a few weeks to let things clear out.

“Thank you little one,” a deep voice answered him.

Midoriya’s head jerked up and around to find the dragon staring back at him. “Whoa... was that you?…. I can understand you,” he said.

The dragon let out a rumbling laugh. “Yes, I can speak. Take care little omega,” the dragon said with a grin on its toothy mouth.

Midoriya tensed, the dragon knew. He jerked himself up to stand and quickly took about 6 steps back. He gave a bow and started to walk away at a fast pace. No chances… no chances if that Drakoni King comes awake more and the dragon tells him.

Red eyes watched him travel back up the path. ‘Tch’ was the only thing the dragon heard of his partner.

After taking a right turn from the main path, Midoriya came to the clearing that his house sat in. He froze mid-step. In his yard were many knights and guards around his home. His hand gripped tightly on his empty basket. Why… why were they all here? He has all the paperwork and the scent blockers to hide from the normal alpha. The shop owner, there had been time for the shop owner to tell them about Midoriya. Gulping the air in that had built up in his throat, he started moving forward again. He would get out of this. This omega would not be a slave or breeding stock. He held his head high as he came to his home.

The knights turned to look at him. “Izuku Midoriya?” one asked in his doorway. His mother stood behind him worried lines across her face.

“Yes sir, how may I help you?” Midoriya asked, to act as if nothing was wrong.

His mother was clearly afraid but trying not to show it. Inko had been hoping to get the men to leave before Midoriya came home, but she hadn’t been successful. With the search and stories and now verbal clues from the shopkeeper the knights had come and were waiting. “Izuku” she whispered, her eyes wide. She wanted him to run and never look back.

"It's ok, we haven't done anything," Midoriya whispered.

"You haven't been to any of the checkpoints when you turn 10 when the placing is now noticeable," one of the knights said.

"Some of the villagers believe there is a male omega out here. One that is not in the listing." another said calmly. "Nothing to be scared of if they are one."
"I haven’t noticed anyone out here. Beta tend to not notice omega," Midoriya said quietly.

They had fake papers made up to show he was a beta. Midoriya shifted further into his home and brought out the papers to prove he was a beta, with the official seal and everything. If he ran now they really would come after him. He made sure to stare at them and not back down.

The soldiers took the papers and looked them over. The paperwork was convincing, but the head soldier shook his head. “Anyone could fake these. Let us check your neck and then we will be on our way” he said, his hand going to his sword, willing to use force if necessary.

Midoriya’s body stiffened up at that. “That is real paperwork. What the hell,” he growled.

The soldiers were now moving in on him.

"I don't have to. By our laws, the papers are enough. It’s the reason I didn't have to be checked anymore over the years," Midoriya grumbled. “I’m a quirkless beta male just trying to make a living in this world,” He said. In his head he was sending up a prayer to any god that would listen. It would be ok, it would all be ok somehow. Though as his words were heard, he was grabbed from behind and his body forced into a bent position as the soldier brushed his hair aside finding the scent blocker on his neck.

The soldier pulled off the scent blocker and sniffed the scent. "Well, well look at this. A male omega. His highness will enjoy this. He’ll finally get his prime alpha offspring," the knight laughed.

Midoriya’s body jerked, trying to free himself. How did it come to this? Midoriya jerked again, only to have the soldier push and a little too hard. He felt his arm pop out of his shoulder socket. He cried out in pain, it ripping out as that happened to him.

Inko let out a scream of her own, rushing forward. “Stop it! Leave him alone,” she cried.

"I will not be a toy. I just want to be myself here," Midoriya yelled as he fought to be free this time. The knights knew better than to hurt the omega to much. Of course, Midoriya took the chance to pull out his basic sword and hold it in his good arm. He would not go quietly.

His brave and strong train of thought ended when the soldiers turned on his mother using her as a hostage.

In a sad breath he dropped his sword, holding up his hands, well hand, the other one wasn’t moving well. "Stop it. She has nothing to do with this," Midoriya grumbled.
A chill went through the air, making the hair on his arm raise. It had everyone freezing and looking to the sky as a growl ripped out of the huge dragon that came crashing down to the ground. The dragon let out a roar that made the ground shake and the knights fell back or leapt back. Midoriya stared at the huge dragon. Great, the best way to end the day was going to be eaten by the dragon.

"Great. Now we're all going to get eaten. Are you happy?" Midoriya yelled.

As if on cue, the dragon grabbed the soldier closest to him and snapped the guy in half. Blood and gore went everywhere, and Midoriya’s’s mother let out a terrified shriek as the dragon went for the rest of them. The Drakoni from earlier was there too, slicing through another soldier with one strong swipe of his saber. He shouted at them in a strange language that Midoriya couldn’t understand, pointing to the woods.

“Izuku! I think he wants us to run there,” Inko said grabbing his hand. She didn’t know why a dragon and a strange man were helping, but those questions could be asked later.

Using what energy he had, maybe even that quirk that had been given to him, he was able to pick up his mother and took off with a dash that wasn’t the norm for a human.
It was shocking for the few soldiers that were still alive. "He’s using a quirk..... How the—?" the lead knight said.

“Shit! Pull back for now. We will gain the omega later,” the leader grumbled, pulling back. He had been facing off with the Drakoni, keeping ahead of the dragonblood king.


The pain finally got to Midoriya and he had to stop and set his mother down. Inko gasped as she gripped her son's arm. “We must keep moving.” She whispered. Midoriya nodded as he took the lead still.


Bakugou's eyes flashed to his dragon. "Kirishima! Don't let them escape alive," he yelled.

Kirishima let out a stream of fire, hoping to fry the soldiers before they could get to their horses.


Inko could see the sky light up with fire, and feel the warmth even though they were some distance away. "I never thought I'd see a real live dragon," She said letting Midoriya pull her through the brush and trees with his good arm.


Kirishima raised an eyebrow as he snapped a few more soldiers. Few of them went for his tail like it would do damage there while on their horses as if they were keeping a faster speed. Kirishima snorted and was able to catch a few of the ones on horseback. He took the soldier off and petted the horse sending it on its way, before depositing the soldier bodies off to the side.


"He and his rider were hiding in the woods near home…. Both were wounded. I must have helped the blonde rider. He had a gash…. I don’t know. I couldn’t leave him there to bleed out.” Midoriya said as they got through the woods. He was finally able to let out a rasping breath when they had gotten a good distance away. "Are you ok?" Midoriya asked thinking it was ok for a moment, which he could finally speak.

Inko bent over, hands on her knees as she caught her breath. "Yes, I'm fine. Although this just reminded me how out of shape I am" She said slowly rising. Her eyes went to Midoriya's arm which was hanging useless at his side. "Sweetie, your arm." She said coming over to inspect it. It really didn't look good. Even if they had money for a doctor, there was no telling if it would be safe to go into town now.

Midoriya looked at his arm. "I know... I think it's just out of my socket ..... Maybe the next town over will be able to get it fixed…” Midoriya said as he rested back on a tree. "Ugh ok. Now the pain is catching up," Midoriya grumbled. He would have to get more scent blockers, luckily there was some in his bag he always had on him.


The fight finally ended leaving the Drakoni and his dragon in the middle of a bloodbath. Bakugou gave a swift nod of his head to Kirishima and the dragon changed back to his human form. "Thanks for backing me up. The horses will find somewhere to go," Bakugou said. Most of them had already runoff. "We need to find the boy...I think he's the one," Bakugou said his eyes were on the forest before them.

Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck. "You thought that girl was too Bakugou. Checked her over real good too," Kirishima said with a raised eyebrow at his partner and brother. “Though they did damage to him, those fucking dick heads. Male omega and to pop his arm out like that! What if it did something worst to him,” Kirishima gritted looking off in the same area Bakugou was.

"Being a male omega, he’s not going to come nicely.” Kirishima said with a cheesy grin.

Bakugou raised an eyebrow. "I had to test and see if there was a connection." He said with annoyance.

Bakugou's people had been blessed or cursed (depending on which way you look at it) with destined mates. If they found their destined mate they would find love, children...if they never found them they were doomed to a dull, gray life with no children. One could only have an heir with their destined mate. With Bakugou being king, he felt more pressure than ever to find his mate. He'd sensed them...a feeling that his mate was near this small town. He and Kirishima had flown miles here looking for his mate.

"I don't know if it’s him for sure...but it can't be a coincidence that he stopped to help us." Bakugou said as they made their way into the forest. Bakugou was in the lead, using his saber to cut a path in the thick brush.

"Well, you got lucky and we all thought we had the easy life when that woman showed up on your steps. Us never noticing that she was a fake for a while. Though not getting pregnant should have proved it," Kirishima said as he followed.

Bakugou had taken the girl, even had a wedding because he thought that the female omega was his destined mate. But the true mate to this lady showed up one night demanding to have their mate back. They were just hoping to get a child and one from the king. Bakugou being Bakugou had them kicked out of the kingdom nude and no one to give them clothes or food. For taking his time, trying to take his seed and lying. He knew when trying for a baby he hadn't liked her and her loose body.

"Kiri, please don't remind me of that bitch. Such a waste of time. I should have known. I never felt the connection that the poets talk about. Sex sucked too. My dick ain't small and she was still loose," He grumbled, kicking a pine cone. It went flying and almost took out a poor squirrel. It squeaked in alarm and then scurried off. "What about you? Ever think about spawning with a female or male? I know you ain't social with your race, but you do need to make baby dragons right?" Bakugou asked his buddy.

Dragons were able to breed with any gender, they had evolved like this to keep the dragon race alive. So two females or two males or male and female could have young, hell Dragons with some work could breed with themselves, though that way never really worked fully.

Kirishima froze up mid-step, his head jerking to Bakugou. He let out an uneasy laugh. "You want some baby dragons flying around? Well if I really wanted to I could just have eggs by myself. Though it’s not as fun and I have to be home for my eggs for a few months. We’re never home." Kirishima said calmly.

"Damn she had been that lose? What she do, sleep with a troll?" Kirishima laughed.

Bakugou rolled his eyes. “Most likely,” he gritted.

Kirishima sniffed. “His scent is close that way,” Kirishima whispered.

Bakugou nodded.


Midoriya sighed as his mother had him sit down. "I don't think we should sit here too long," he whispered as he rubbed his neck. It wasn’t long before he could hear footsteps.
Inko pulled him closer. "Shhhh, if we're quiet, maybe they will just pass us by," she whispered.

Midoriya covered his mouth, hoping to keep himself quiet. It wasn’t long before he saw the blonde from before go walking by, a redheaded male following in his steps. Midoriya let out a small breath. He moved to finally stand and start moving out again, when he was grabbed from behind and lifted off his feet. Midoriya yelped and craned his head back at the blonde.

"Hey... Hey! Put me down," Midoriya yelped.

Kirishima sighed. “You could have just walked up to him. Scaring him isn’t helping." Kirishima mumbled as he crossed his arms.

"I didn't want to take the chance of him running off," Bakugou grunted.

Inko let out a yelp and hit him. "Let him go, you monster," she said.

Bakugou made a face, not even flinching. "Woman, we just saved your lives. Those soldiers would have taken your son and killed you," He growled at the woman.
Inko whimpered and edge back a bit from the fearsome alpha.

Midoriya groaned.

"His shoulder is still messed up Bakugou," Kirishima said.

"Let me go. I helped you and you saved us. We’re even now, so let me go," Midoriya said as he kicked his legs, trying to get free but he was good amount off the ground.

Bakugou adjusted his hold so he wasn't squeezing Midoriya's shoulder anymore. "No, can't do that. “ Bakugou said as he shifted Midoriya to be face to face with himself now. Midoriya yelped when he was pulled into a face to face hold with Bakugou who put his forehead to Midoriya's forehead.

Midoriya froze he felt a bing in his mind and soul. He also felt his body coming alive.

Inko stared at them both. "Stop it. Let my son go,” she whispered. Kirishima was keeping her at bay. This was a small test to see if they were fated to be mates.

Poor Midoriya was shocked when the strange blonde man held him even closer, nuzzling his cheek and his neck, rubbing his skin against his. The Drakoni king was rubbing his alpha scent all over him. It also didn't help matters because Bakugou was insanely good looking and he smelled great. Bakugou let out a small moan and breathed in the scent of Midoriya's hair. "It's you," he whispered. "Finally."

"What..... It’s me? What!?" Midoriya mumbled, starting to freak out more.

“You feel it too don’t you, my mate? What is your name?” Bakugou asked. He let Midoriya recover rather than jumping on him again.

Inko stared in shock and surprise, her face turning pink. That was something she didn’t need to know. “Mate? No, that’s not possible. Your kind never comes around here.” She said quickly.

"I'm not your mate... Izuku Midoriya.... and I'm no one’s mate... I had a home and a farm.... and maybe I have a mate already," he said. He wanted to cross his arms, but his one arm wasn't doing it. At least he was on his own feet again.

"What’s going on? Do you know what he’s talking about?" Midoriya said turning to his mother.

Inko looked over at her son. “He’s a Drakoni, I’ve heard stories that they have destined mates...a match, but that’s all they are, just stories.” She said. “Listen, I’m very thankful for you saving my son, but right now we need to get somewhere safe.”

Bakugou raised an eyebrow. “You can’t go back to your home. The sad piece of shit of a king here is looking for you. It’s best if you come with us” he said.

"Not just any Drakoni, he’s king. And you’re his other half," Kirishima said with a toothy grin.

"I don't remember seeing you before." Midoriya said quietly.

Kirishima's eyes for a moment glowed and shifted into dragon eyes. They flashed before going human again. "I was the mighty dragon that saved you before. That was me." Kirishima said with a laugh.

Midoriya stared sickly before looking at his mother. "We will just go to the next town and start over." Midoriya said quietly.

"You’re a known omega now... And being Bakugou’s fated mate, he can't have children with anyone but you." Kirishima said, but blinked to see Midoriya and his mother were already walking away.

Kirishima sighed as Bakugou growled. Kirishima stripped off his clothes and transformed into his dragon form and blocked the two from going down the path with his huge, scaled body.. "Safer with us." Kirishima huffed.

Bakugou walked over to stand next to his dragon, reaching out with a hand to rub Kirishima’s snout. There was still blood stained under his chin from the soldiers Kirishima had snapped in half. Bakugou’s grin was sinister. “You don’t have a choice.” He said. “You’re going to travel with us back to Volcom where we will get married.” His eyes then went to Inko. “And as my wife’s mother, you will live like a queen.”

Midoriya and Inko looked at one another before back to the Drakoni King. The look on Midoriya’s face was dull as he stared at the two, the dragon and the Drakoni. Shit, there goes the easy calm life.

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Chapter 2 Dragon wife

Midoriya let out a tired groan rubbing the bridge of his nose before looking at his mother with an eyebrow raised. Midoriya shifted his look back to the blonde that stood tall and proud. “I am …. Ugh I am not a wife. I’m not a woman… I don’t know you at all. I’m not marrying you!! I don’t care if you’re a freaking king.” Midoriya gritted out as he kicked a stone at Bakugou and Kirishima.

“I know, being a king you don’t hear this word often or may have never heard it. But No… N and O no!!” Midoriya said, pointing his one good arm.

Kirishima blinked at the omega. He snorted a laugh and before long was in a full fit of laughter. “Ouch bakubro,” he laughed as he looked at Bakugou who was starting to become really pissed off.

“He’s a brave little omega… I like him” Kirishima said as he bonked Bakugou with his nose. “He’ll keep you on your toes. And if I was you I would have waited until we were home to bring up the wedding,” Kirishima puffed out.

Midoriya was eyeing the two. Yeah, sure he could really face off with the huge dragon. Midoriya started to move back as Kirishima moved forward. Well, No had become his death wish. The dragon was going to eat him. Midoriya turned to run or something only to have Kirishima grab his shirt with his lips and lift him off the ground.

“Hey, put me down you big red bastard!” Midoriya yelled only to be dropped into Bakugou’s arms who put him over his shoulder to carry him. Midoriya started to fight. “Hey, you can’t do this!!” he yelped only to squeak when Bakugou bit his butt, as a keep quiet and stop fighting me. It caused the omega to turn deep red and just hang for a moment. A hot wave of arousal had shot through him, which made no sense because his heat wasn’t for 2 months.

“You can’t just….” The words stopped on his lips as he saw that his mother was now up on the dragon’s back. Inko was quiet. She didn’t like the kidnapping, but if it meant they could be safe then maybe it wasn’t all bad. Their kingdom’s ruler was not going to give up on Midoriya. Bakugou started out still carrying Midoriya over his shoulder. Well, at least Midoriya could maybe start forming a plan or something.

Midoriya seemed to hang for a long period off Bakugou’s shoulder as they traveled. Midoriya almost fell on his booty when Bakugou finally stopped and set him down. Though it didn’t take him long to recover, and it only took a split second for him to grab his mother and take off running again. But he didn’t get very far. Midoriya was caught by Bakugou and shoved up on the dragon. Midoriya made a dull face, but cuddled close to his mother. Bakugou climbed up now too, sitting in the very front..

“We have to cross water and it is faster and easier to fly,” Bakugou said. They had stopped for one small break along their journey, where Bakugou had applied healing oils on Midoriya’s shoulder to dull the pain and put it in a sling so it wasn’t flopping.

Bakugou was definitely in his element on the dragon’s back, standing up on occasion to shout something to Kirishima, only held on by his feet wedges between the dragon’s spikes. The amount of trust he had in Kirishima was evident by how comfortable he was, looking elated with the wind blowing through his hair.

After some time Inko finally got over her fear and opened her eyes. The view was amazing, flying over land and rivers, mountains. It was hard for Midoriya to hate Bakugou then because riding a dragon was something he’d never been able to do if it wasn’t for the grouchy blonde.

“We’re getting close,” Bakugou said looking back at Midoriya. “We’re about to cross the Herring sea.”

Volcom, Bakugou’s homeland, was across the sea from Midoriya’s. It was a group of huge islands made from volcanoes and protected heavily by rocky growths under the water. Bakugou’s people had never lost a war on their homelands, ships were torn up by the rough seas and if the enemies made it to the islands they were devoured by dragons.

Midoriya sighed. He would have enjoyed this ride on a dragon if he wasn’t being forced into this. ‘Great this is going to be a hell of a lot harder to get away’ Midoriya thought. Maybe another dragon would be ok to take the two of them home.

Midoriya looked at his mother before at the back of the blonde. Well if anything he wasn't rolling over for him like a dog in heat. He had only so long before his heat started and for the love of anything out there, he hoped it wasn’t an early one. Midoriya groaned and slumped back, his head bonking on the dragon’s back, which caused the dragon’s eyes to slide back.

Kirishima only snorted out a laugh. This little omega was going to be interesting to be around.

Soon the dragon landed in a grand city. Well, Midoriya was happy to find it wasn’t a caveman-like city. It was a huge city with dragons and people living next to each other. Dragons moving with humans and all of them working together. There were huge mountains off to the side of the city that had dragons flying in and out.

Midoriya blinked and stared as the people gasp seeing Bakugou climb down off the huge red dragon. Midoriya though, refused to climb down when Bakugou held out his arms. The omega had no choice when Bakugou bared his fangs and used his alpha commands to make Midoriya climb down. Even forced, Midoriya made sure to not take Bakugou’s hands. Kirishima gave a toothy smirk and shook somewhat causing Midoriya to fall into Bakugou’s arms. Midoriya landed with his face in Bakugou’s slightly bare chest, being the alpha didn’t wear a top but for a cape and necklaces. Kirishima did get down lower so Inko could climb off easier. Midoriya pushed himself away from Bakugou with a growl of his own.

“You know, I don’t think I’ve heard any omega growl,” Kirishima said as he popped back down to human form, his clothes were magic and recovered him when he turned back. But sometimes his clothes ripped on accident or he didn’t think right and he would come back nude.

Midoriya’s eyes were scanning the city as he looked around. Bakugou’s eyebrow was twitching. All he wanted to do was have his mate be happy and want him. This omega was pissing him off.

"Your highness!!!!" a voice cried out. "We have a problem!!" a guard yelled as he rushed up to his king. Denki bent gripping his knees. When word got out that the King had returned Denki had rushed out of the castle to get to his King first before anyone else opened there mouth and pissed him off. From the looks of it, Bakugou was already in a bad mood. Denki gulped. Boy, if looks could kill he would be 6 feet under.

Bakugou grunted. His head hurt and his mate was a freaking…. Well, he didn’t know what to call him when the word Deku popped in his head. “Damnit Deku, stop fucking acting like I just bent you over and fucked you here in front of everyone!” Bakugou yelled. Midoriya back stiffens looking back to Bakugou his face red from the yell.

“Deku?” Midoriya grunted before shaking his head. “Stupid alpha I don’t want to be here” Midoriya yelled.

So much for bringing his mate home and showing him off. Bakugou was almost ready to yeet his mate to be off into the ocean with that attitude. His eyes flicker to Denki who was sweating and kind of looking between the two.

Denki stuttered and finally formed the words he needed to speak. "Your ex-wife is back...With a child...the baby has your eye color. The court is angry that you threw out your heir and never waited to see if she was pregnant...She’s sitting in your throne and demands to be remarried." Denki said quickly. His body seemed to be freaking out, unable to stand in one place as he spoke. Midoriya’s eyes went back to Bakugou, seeing the pure anger coming across his face before it faltered to a dull look, the king’s arms arms crossed.

Without another word to Bakugou, Midoriya crossed the space to Kirishima and spoke then. “Hey, please fly us back to the mainland,” Midoriya said calmly to the shocked redhead. Bakugou growl made Midoriya look back at him.

"I ain't a wife and I really ain't no second wife," Midoriya said with a cold chill in his tone. Kirishima just sweatdropped, waving his hands as he wasn’t going anywhere right now. Midoriya made a face as Kirishima sighed.

Bakugou let out a growl. “What she’s implying is impossible. I’ve found my true mate while away.” Bakugou gritted out. He looked back to Midoriya and Inko.

“Take them to my rooms Denki. Call a healer for Deku and assign guards. I don’t want anyone in or out.” Bakugou grunted. Bakugou had grown up with Denki as boys and trusted him completely.

“I have this shit to deal with,” Bakugou growled as he stormed off toward the main part of the castle to his throne that had a stain on it that he wanted not just clean but tossed out.

“Ah, your highness, the court… is going to want to see your mate personally!!” Denki called to Bakugou. Denki yet out a long-held breath. He turned to Midoriya who stood there with a sweet, but an angry face.Kirishima looked at Denki with a sheepish look. “Ah careful with Midoriya. He is a fire spirit,” Kirishima said. “His shoulder needs healing.”

Denki smiled at Midoriya and his mother. “Hello!! I’m Denki. Please follow me and I will get you all healed up and fed and all ready for yours and Baku…” his voice and speech was cut off by Kirishima covering his mouth.

“He is not happy to be here….. Bringing up his wedding night is not going to make him move anymore then he is right now,” Kirishima hissed into Denki's ear. “You can tell by the scent he’s letting off. He’s an angry little puffball omega.”

Denki blinked looking at Kirishima and then back to the sour-looking omega that was trying to not look stressed or worn out.

Kirishima and Denki started for the castle hoping that leaving Midoriya there to pout on his own in this city he would follow. Though it ended up being Inko who followed first. She wanted her son healed and fed. Inko knew they wouldn’t be leaving this kingdom or at least not happily. She left Midoriya groaning and cussing up a storm.

When he finally caught up with them, he stopped Kirishima and almost begged him. “Kirishima, please …. Please for the love of All Might eat me,” Midoriya moaned.

Kirishima raised an eyebrow at the omega. “I swear to you Midoriya it’ll be ok. Bakugou is a good guy,” he said as he and Denki got him to the healer.


Bakugou stormed into the throne room causing a hush to come over the room as he let the huge door slam, his red cloak swishing as he eyed his ex-wife like a snake looking at its next victim. He was pissed off, wisps of smoke leaving his hands as he saw her sitting on his throne. “Bryna gets the fuck off my throne,” he growled out.

"Like hell, I will! It is mine too. I gave birth to your child!" she yelled. A baby lay in the basket next to her. "I belong here with you." She was dressed royally in clothes fit for a queen.

People were really stupid sometimes when it came to the king. They were worried Bakugou would never find that one or have an heir. Though as Bakugou looked to the baby where it laid, he flinched a bit. It was a really ugly baby. It did have red eyes and blonde hair, but the face was nothing like his.

Kirishima entered the throne room, coming next to Bakugou because his brother in arms needed him. He was catching the last of Bakugou’s rant too. “Nothing that fucking ugly would come from me and we already know you’re not my destined mate!!” Bakugou roared. Kirishima's eyebrow came together in a wince at the words.

Bakugou’s angry alpha scent was rolling in the huge room. Many of the people in audience cowered down in submission. “I’m the fucking King here and you’re trash on my throne! Guards!!” he growled, nodding towards them. They seemed hesitant, but when Bakugou had to yell at them, they moved. They were more afraid of him than the King's advisors who’d allowed this in the first place.

“I’ve returned with my destined mate. I’m now surer than ever that you were never mine. I don’t know where you found that, but it ain’t mine,” he said hitching a thumb to the crying baby. He looked at his advisors. “And you’re fired.”

Bakugou turned towards Kirishima who made a face as Bakugou told him to eat them. "Katsuki, I ain't eating them...We don't know where they’ve been," he mumbled.

The woman was forcefully taken away with the baby in toe. Bakugou didn’t want to deal with them right now. He knew killing on his wedding night may be bad luck. So Bryna was a very lucky woman at the moment other than being kicked out again she wasn’t being killed off.

Denki held the door as she was dragged out of the room along with the fired court advisors, a sweatdrop forming on his head. Denki turned back to Bakugou who was blowing up the throne cushion. Bakugou groaned. “I want the whole thing thrown out, break it down and let the people take the riches of it and get me a new one,” Bakugou grumbled to some of the other guards.

Bakugou turned, heading towards Denki with Kirishima on his heels to head out into the courtyard so he wouldn’t have to smell that nasty omega scent all over the place.

“Ah, Midoriya? He’s with the healer right now. When it comes to the court I told them not to let her in here until you were home.” Denki said as he held the door open for his king. Denki was a top rank guard. His home was in the castle with his mate. “But you know I’m just a dumb guard. No one listens to me” Denki said as he followed Bakugou outside now.

Kirishima shook his head, patting Denki's shoulder. “You’re a good man Denki. Don’t let anyone say different.” Kirishima said gently. Bakugou grunted in repose to that.

“Inko is in the extra room in the royal family hall. Midoriya will be put in your room. I thought, you know, people will be happy to see him.” Denki said quietly.

Kirishima rolled his eyes as he stood with them out in the courtyard. Bakugou sighed. “I know Denki,” he grumbled as he looked to the sky. Kirishima looked up and paled before moving to kind of hide behind Bakugou.

The dragon clan leader landed in the courtyard. He was huge and black scaled, an absolutely beautiful and terrifying creature to behold. Kirishima had a crush on this huge dragon for the longest time. Not that he had ever told anyone, little lone the dragon himself. Even though he knew the leader was looking for a mate, Kirishima was trying to disappear inside the castle to pretend he wasn’t here. He had a bad feeling come over him.

Bakugou had a smirk on his face as he stared up at the huge leader. Tamaki looked back at him, but then his eyes drifted to the disappearing Kirishima. Well, he knew the best breeder to have with his guardian dragon now. Bakugou knew that their dragon pups would be powerful.

Bakugou reached up to touch the dragon’s flank. “It’s been a long time Tamaki, it’s good to see you,” He said. His tone was respectful towards this old dragon who’d lived many human lifetimes.

Tamaki let out a puff of smoke, “I came back last week only to find that strange woman and ugly child in your place. Katsuki I was tempted to eat them.” Tamaki said.

Bakugou laughed. “I wish you had. That was my ex. I thought she was my mate, but I was wrong. I’ve only just found him. I’ll introduce you to him soon...Tamaki, have you considered taking another mate?” He asked. He knew Tamaki hadn’t had a mate in a long time. He’d lost his last mate in battle, Mirio, hundreds of years ago.

“Kirishima!” Bakugou called back to his dragon who was almost back inside the castle. Kirishima’s back stiffened and he looked back, his human face going pale.

“ah..... yeah Bakugou," Kirishima gulped out slowly walking up. He didn't like this. "What are you doing bro?" the redhead whispered as he stopped next to Bakugou, looking at him with a look of don’t you do it.

Tamaki took one look at Kirishima and then shifted to his human form to speak easier. Of course, that meant he was standing there in his birthday suit.

Bakugou grinned. “May I suggest that my guardian would make a good choice for you Tamaki? Now that I’ve found my mate I intend to stay in Volcom for a while.” He said.

Kirishima's mouth dropped. "Bakugou!!" Kirishima yelped going bright red. Kirishima turned to high tail it out of there before Tamaki could fully see him, only to have Bakugou grip the back of his shirt and yank him back. When it came to the dragon clan leader, if Tamaki said yes Kirishima didn’t get much say even being the dragon king’s guardian

“What the hell Bakugou!?” the redhead yelped as he turned back to Bakugou.

Bakugou knew baby dragons in the kingdom would be a happy thing, they were rare and few. There were many different types of dragons, but the warrior dragons that Kirishima and Tamaki were part of were the highest rank but rare to breed. He knew Tamaki hadn’t had any with his mate you had passed away. Bakugou also knew that Kirishima was a healthy young dragon. Bakugou also thought that maybe Midoriya would want to stay and watch the babies be born, maybe even stay and have young with him.

“What? You’re young and healthy. We were just talking about baby dragons earlier today. Your race needs babies Kirishima” Bakugou answered.

Because of their loner nature, dragons were rare and didn’t reproduce often. Tamaki raised an eyebrow and smiled. He wasn’t a big talker, so instead he moved to Kirishima and started touching him, feeling his arms, his butt and even opening his mouth to look at his teeth. Kirishima stared at Bakugou with a glare so sharp it could cut. He wasn’t ready for young and definitely didn’t want to be the mother.


“I accept,” Tamaki said finally, as he stepped back. “Come with me young one.” He said turning and then transforming into a dragon once more.

“Go,” Bakugou said pushing Kirishima towards Tamaki. “I’ll call you if there’s a problem, but I can handle this shit myself,” Bakugou said.

Kirishima stood and was kind of pissed off at his so-called brother. “Bakugou talking about and having are really big differences. You ever think I didn’t want to be the breeder. Maybe I was eyeing one to have the eggs, not me.” Kirishima whined as he took his clothes off, not wanting to leave them in a cave somewhere and he didn’t feel like using his magic to keep his clothes in one piece. “Maybe I wanted to find…. The one on my own” he groaned as he transformed. He let out a snort of smoke at Bakugou.

“I demand a nest inside the castle.” He grumbled. He was not going to be staying in a cave or outside. “I will demand a lot of other things when I get back.” he added.

Kirishima froze up as Tamaki moved over. The black dragon outweighed him by a ton. He started looking and sniffing Kirishima and licking the sensitive area of Kirishima's gender. Tamaki found out that the red dragon was in season too. He would need to mate. It wasn’t as bad as an omega’s heat, but it meant it was easier to fertilize an egg produced by an in season dragon.

Kirishima let out a small whimper at Tamaki. He only flinched a tiny bit when the bigger dragon moved and bite his neck in claiming him as his own. Tamaki then opened his wings, taking off with a calling to Kirishima to follow. Kirishima groaned in return as he opens his wings looking to Bakugou “I hope Midoriya kicks you,” the red dragon called back to Bakugou as he flew away.


Midoriya let out a long, relaxing breath as he looked around the fancy room. He felt so much better once his shoulder was fixed and he had been fed. He hadn’t gotten to eat anything before the chaos of the day. In an act of defiance, he had put his old torn and messed up clothes back on even though the maids had asked he put on the fancy robes that had been laid out for him. His room had only one set of doors which had guards on the opposite side. Taking that risk, he opened the huge doors to stare at them.

“What is it going to take to let me out of here?” Midoriya grumbled. The two guards just shook their heads. “Please, just let me out,” Midoriya whimpered. He was going to take a chance, if he pushed himself out of the room maybe he would catch the guards by surprise. Before he could take action he heard the footsteps coming up the hallway. Midoriya could see Bakugou coming his way and quickly backtracked into the huge room. Bakugou walked into the room as if he owned it, which he did.

Bakugou’s eyes scanned over Midoriya, finding that his future husband was back in his old torn clothes. He hadn’t put on the fancy clothes that he was meant to wear for their wedding. Midoriya crossed his arms. “I want to return to my homeland with my mother. Now,” Midoriya grumbled.

Bakugou let out a sigh. “Deku, we're getting married. If it’s that important to you, I can take you back there to visit in the summer. Why aren’t you dressed? I sent servants to help you,” He said trying to be calm.

Midoriya stared at Bakugou like he had grown a second head "...... I told you no and I'm not wearing... " Midoriya’s words were cut short when Bakugou gripped his shirt and ripped it open, leave it unwearable.

"Hey stop it!!" Midoriya yelped as he closed his shirt with his hands, not that he was a female so he didn’t have breasts, but still it was rude. Bakugou growled and ripped more clothing off the omega. The brave omega did just want Kirishima had been hoping for earlier. Midoriya grunted and kicked Bakugou squarely in the family jewels.

Bakugou howled in pain and went to his knees. Midoriya took advantage of that moment and ran for it being his guards were trying to find the “attackers.” Midoriya skidded around the corner looking for the room his mother would be in. He soon found it and burst into the room.

“Izuku!” Inko said in shock as Midoriya came rushing into her room. She hugged him tightly.

“Baby, I was so worried. You look so much better.” She said. Inko eyes flipped to the door as Bakugou stormed in, now a very pissed off look on his face along with walking gingerly to be careful of his now angry family jewels. Bakugou knew there was only one way to make Midoriya agree to marry him.

The anger deflated out of Midoriya when Bakugou’s guards grabbed his mother and pulled them apart. The anger became shock when the soldiers pulled out their weapons on her.

“Deku. You will marry me tonight if you want to keep your mother alive,” Bakugou said in a chillingly calm voice.

Midoriya’s body shut down and the rush to get out, to go home disappeared. His eyes narrowed as he focused on the blonde. He let out a sigh and his hands tightened into fists. "Fine, we get married, whatever I got plenty of fight left. You’re never going to touch me." Midoriya grumbled as he had his stare down with Bakugou.

Bakugou could feel a migraine coming on. He had a feeling his mate was going to give him more headaches than just this one. Bakugou needed Midoriya if he wanted to remain king. If he didn’t have his mate and produce an heir in a year he would be replaced by his stupid ass cousin who was next in line for the throne.

“Go get dressed,” the alpha said quietly. He watched as Midoriya stormed out and went back to the room where the servants were waiting. “There will be someone here to take you to the wedding,” Bakugou said to Inko who was trying not to cry. She hated being the reason for this. Bakugou then turned, on his way to go get ready for the wedding.

Once back in the room Midoriya found the servants that he sent away before back again and this time they wouldn’t listen to him. He let out a squeak as the servants moved in taking off what was left of his old clothes, re-cleaning places and dressed him without underclothes in the wedding dress robes.

"I want underwear," Midoriya tried to demand, it was bad enough they had him cleaned below with oils that made his body feel really weird now.

"Midoriya, it is our rules thus these are your wedding clothes and no underclothes. Don’t worry only his highness will see you fully or touch you tonight," one of the servants said gently.

Midoriya made a face at the whole room once they left for him to wait alone. When there wasn’t anyone watching him he moved to find some underclothes. He slipped them on before waiting again, this time on the lounge at the foot of the bed. Wedding Night, hah! If the dragon king wanted another kick, fine. But that was all Bakugou would be getting from him.

Someone came and got Midoriya for the wedding ceremony. Everything was a blur after that, of tradition and ceremony. When he saw Bakugou again it was hard not to stare at him, he looked magnificent and royal as his bloodline dictated It was unfair how good looking the blonde was, wearing traditional robes similar to Midoriya’s except they were a deep blood red. On his head was a crown, stylized so it looked like a dragon with red eyes sitting upon his brow in shiny metal. Midoriya’s own robes were dark teal with swirls of black embroidery.

Midoriya wished that when this was over he might find that dragon and really ask to be eaten. Maybe that wouldn’t have been a bad ending after all; he was so worried about his mother.

Midoriya played along; holding Katsuki’s hands and saying the vows he didn’t feel at all while trying not to shake. When the priestess proclaimed them married, Midoriya wanted to throw up. It was Kirishima who came forward and placed a matching crown on Midoriya’s hair. Kirishima and Tamaki had returned for the ceremony, although they would most likely disappear again after. Kirishima was hiding his limp pretty well in his human form.

The dragons did their blessing on Midoriya next, placing their hands on Midoriya’s stomach and whispering words in their language.

Midoriya had been zoning out, bute he finally blinked hearing Kirishima’s voice, his eyes drifted to the redhead. “What did that mean?” he asked quietly.

Kirishima smiled. "That your future children will forever be watched over by their dragonkin and your future young will be healthy, strong and many," Kirishima said.

Midoriya’s mouth dropped and he tried to stay calm. He didn't want to have a bunch of blonde demon children. He didn't want to be here even if Bakugou was so good looking, strong and the Drakoni King. Midoriya eyes saddened and tears started to build up in his eyes, causing his vision to blur.

Kirishima's eyes blinked before he pulled his hand away from Midoriya’s stomach and put it on Midoriya’s shoulder. "He is a good person. Don't worry hmm? You'll be well taken care of. Not every day you get to marry a powerful king, " Kirishima whispered in his ear.

Midoriya looked at the ground. "But I don’t know him..... The moment I don't have kids I'll be thrown out. We don't know if I am able to have a child or a healthy child. I have been hiding as a beta all my life so I have never been checked by a healer," Midoriya whispered.

Kirishima's eyes flicked to Bakugou who was back beside them and now hearing all of this. "Tell him you want to get to know him. He should be ok with that. If it’s not going to work he'll let you be free," Kirishima said not knowing he was going to get growled at putting the idea in Midoriya head because Bakugou wasn't letting him go.

Bakugou let out a sigh, giving Kirishima a look that said he’d be having a serious talk with him later. “Deku, I know this ain’t your idea of a happy ending, but I ain’t gonna force you to anything. I needed this marriage to keep rule. If you met my stupid-ass cousin you’d know how important it is for him to never become a ruler of a country,” He grumbled.

Bakugou took Midoriya’s hand. “Give me a chance,” Bakugou said, holding izuku’s hand. “And don’t fucking look at me like a beaten puppy. If I don’t have an heir by the time I’m 20, I’m getting thrown out too. Stripped of everything. So it is my ass right next to you.” Bakugou said.

Midoriya stared at him before letting out a sigh. "I still want to know you. When do you turn 20?" Midoriya asked. He hoped he had time to run away, hoped that Bakugou was his age of 18 years. "Kacchan how long? I would like to date. Get to know you," Midoriya said quietly. At least as long as Midoriya became pregnant by Bakugou’s 20th birthday it would be ok.

“Kacchan?” Katsuki said, raising an eyebrow. “I turned 19 last week. We have a year.” He said.

“You called me Deku. I’m calling you Kacchan,” Midoriya mumbled.

Midoriya could now see why Bakugou had been so desperate to find his true mate. Bakugou had wasted so much time with Bryna that he’d traveled far with Kirishima to try to find his true mate. Bakugou led Midoriya to his throne. “It’s customary for you to sit on my lap,” The alpha said, he didn’t apologize but he seemed annoyed by it. The King sat down first and then pulled a little on Midoriya’s hand until the omega sat in his lap, although a little awkwardly.

Midoriya shifted his weight. He was bright red and oh so glad he pulled on the underclothes earlier. Midoriya tried to not look at Bakugou who slipped a hand inside his robes to touch his skin, only to find a shirt and pants underneath.

"We’re taking it slow," Midoriya grumbles. "I want my own room," he added. Midoriya could hear the groan from behind him.

Midoriya wondered if he could get word to All Might and maybe he could help him get out of here. Midoriya hung his head with his own groan as he sat there. It was nice, everyone was so nice even the blonde who’s lap he sat on. But he didn’t want to be an omega. He didn’t want to be a weak little omega that had to be treated as if he was going to break and was only good for one thing, having babies.

Later, alone in Bakugou’s room, Midoriya eyed the alpha. He found out that Bakugou wasn't letting him have his own room or at least not tonight. Midoriya stood in the large room. Even after seeing it once before, he was finally looking around without the filter of anger. It was huge with many pieces of art and a big bed.

Midoriya turned to see Bakugou strip off everything. The alpha walked toward Midoriya like a hungry tiger. Fear passed over Midoriya’s face. He realized that Bakugou thought he was still going to get his wedding night.

Midoriya took about 8 steps back. "Nope," Midoriya said with a glare. Bakugou had been hoping the oils that he had put on Midoriya would set off a fake heat and make it too hard for Midoriya to hold off and want Bakugou for everything.

Bakugou reached out getting Midoriya robes off. He groaned when he saw the under clothes. After hours of fighting he couldn’t get Midoriya to take off the rest of his clothes or get him into his bed. Bakugou finally gave up. He was tired and moody and his dick was hard to the point that it hurt. He’d tried everything short of using an alpha command, but he didn’t want to go that far. He stormed over to his bed willing the lights off with a little bit of magic leaving Midoriya standing in the dark.

Midoriya sighed and moved taking up a pillow and blanket. He cuddled in the corner of the huge room where he fell asleep.

Chapter Text

When the sun rose over the city for the new day Midoriya awoke to find himself in the huge bed with Bakugou asleep next to him. The Dragon King looked very calm and innocent as he slept. He was keeping his body away from Midoriya, not touching him. Bakugou hadn’t wanted Midoriya to be sleeping on the floor like he was some worthless piece of shit.

Midoriya slowly peered down at the blonde that was still sleeping. He reached out and brushed some of the King's blonde hair from his face. Ok, Bakugou was a very handsome guy. It made a heatwave wash through him again.

Though Midoriya didn’t get a chance to yell at his own body because the bedroom doors swung open, causing him to jump out of his skin and almost fall off the huge bed.

"Sir, Kirishima is nesting. You and Midoriya are needed. It is the king’s duty to be there, to protect their eggs and make the nesting parents rest at ease as the eggs come. Since Kirishima chose the palace to have his nest and his eggs, it makes it a little bit easier for us to protect them from other dragons. There won’t be any others with him, but for his mate." The soldier said quickly, a happy tone in his voice.

Midoriya almost feared for the poor guy. From what he had seen of the king so far, he seemed to snap at anyone. He was shocked as Bakguou woke up and did shoot a tiny glare at the soldier, but climbed out of bed in a quick moment and started to get dressed.

“Get dressed Deku. You’re part of this too,” Bakugou said quietly.

“Kirishima’s nesting and birth is a big thing in the royal family. It’s a rare sight and we hope the egg or eggs are whole,” Bakugou said as he motioned for Midoriya to dress more than his under clothes. Midoriya looked around somewhat from the bed before Bakugou sighed and moved flinging some pants and a shirt at Midoriya who slipped them on.

“Thank you,” he said lightly. “Eggs come that quickly?” Midoriya asked.

Bakugou nodded. “Yes, they will need to be watched, loved and warmed for another 6 months or so,” Bakugou said lightly. Midoriya looked away as he finished putting his shoes on.

The soldier reopened the doors as Midoriya and Bakugou headed out of the king's room and were led to a room Midoriya hadn’t seen the inside of yet. When they reached the doors the guards standing outside of them moved to push the oversized doors open. Midoriya’s eyes widened as he looked into the huge room. Near the back of the room was a huge bed like a nest. Kirishima was pacing around in circles near the back of it. He seemed to stop here and there with a flinch of pain.

Before they could step in fully there was a roar and flapping of huge wings. The huge black dragon landed baring its teeth at the ones standing there. Midoriya gulped holding up his hands in fear. Yup, he really would die by a dragon. It seemed to be written in his fate, he thought. Hee didn’t know if it would be by one bite or two.

Tamaki’s roar cut short and he sat back a bit, seeing who it was. He moved and nuzzled Bakugou with a purr.

“I’m sorry young Bakugou. I didn’t realize it was you and your mate,” Tamaki said as he shifted and moved toward Midoriya, even though Midoriya did shrink back a little as the huge dragon nuzzled him too. “Kirishima just started to nest and I’m a little bit edgy even if I just asked them to get you two,” Tamaki said in a strained tone.

The huge dragon nuzzled and gave a little lick to the omega, making him break out into giggles. Midoriya guessed his scent was coming out to the huge dragon. From what he could tell, Tamaki was an alpha, so his little omega scent was calming to him.

“You two will be in on the care of our young so of course being here during the egg-laying is important. It starts the bond that will be with the young for their entire lives,” Tamaki said as he led them over to Kirishima who had lain on the huge bed breathing deeply. The eggs came quickly, but it would take a while for the young to grow in the eggs. Dragon eggs were big and hard, and of course, an area for the eggs to come out of on a male was now there on Kirishima. Much like an omega’s second gender, dragons had both genders depending on the season and who was the breeder. Their first gender would stay and the second gender only came out when needed.

Kirishima groaned as Bakugou walked up to his best friend. Kirishima cracked an eye open to see Bakugou moving forward and move his head to nuzzle Bakugou.

Midoriya had come into the room more now though he was worried. “Should… Should I really be in here?” Midoriya asked as he looked at the huge dragon.

“Of course, you are our family now …Our young will be kin with your young,” Tamaki said gently, as he moved around Kirishima. Midoriya kind of smiled at Tamaki. This whole process was so amazing to Midoriya.

Midoriya was happy for Kirishima. Even if he didn’t know them very well, this seemed to be a rare and wonderful moment for everyone. Midoriya turned red as he watched Tamaki move around Kirishima’s backside, now licking the open second gender.

Midoriya blinked and looked away, searching for anything else to look at. “Maybe I shouldn’t be watching this,” He shuttered out quickly.

“It is normal for the father to lick the area. It helps by numbing the pain, keeping it clean and helps the eggs to come forward. The birth canal has just come in so it is tender and sore and growing bigger much like an omega when one has a child come out,” Bakugou answered.

"It’s part of their birthing," Bakugou added. "The eggs really hurt coming out a sensitive new area." The blonde king said as he patted Kirishima's head as the dragon whimpered again.

Bakugou had seen his father’s dragon give birth long ago. Sadly those eggs were cracked and broken. It was rare for more than one egg to come out and not broken or none to be alive.

Kirishima shifted with a grunt as he felt his first egg coming. Midoriya was in awe as he watched. Tamaki moved to watch as the first egg was laid, licking clean the egg. Midoriya watched the miracle of life and it made him feel odd in a way he hadn’t felt before. His body was reacting to this.

“Seriously,” He muttered to himself before looking back at the nest, now more eggs in the world. 3 eggs lay in the huge nest. Tamaki was bonding with the young by licking his eggs clean and also Kirishima’s birthing canal.

Tamaki soon moved to nuzzle Kirishima with a deep purr, oh he was a proud papa. After a few more licks of Kirishima's head, he headed out of the room. He had his clan to tell the news to and bring food to his mate.

Kirishima was almost like a dog as he looked at Bakugou because his tail started to wag. “Look Bakugou…. 3 … 3 whole eggs….. 3…. Wooo…. Shit, I have 3 kids,” Kirishima yelped as he moved to nuzzle his eggs to start his own bond to them.

Bakugou reached out and touched each egg sending a warm glow into each one as a gift of health to each unborn dragon, his quirk was also able to let their little heartbeats be heard. All 3 had healthy heartbeats.

Midoriya was excited when he was able to touch the eggs. He very gently scooted over to the nest and put his ear to the eggs, hearing the heartbeat again and the warmth from within them.

“This is amazing Kirishima!” Midoriya said with so much awe in his voice it made it a little high pitched. Kirishima gave a smile in his dragon form.

“Well Deku, Bakugou thought maybe me breeding would put you in the mood. Maybe kick your heat in,” Kirishima said nuzzling Midoriya. Midoriya’s awed face dropped into a dull one as he looked back to the blonde.

“Did you…. Did you force Kirishima to mate!? Ugh, what is with you and forcing everyone?” Midoriya grumbled as he cuddled the dragon’s head to himself.

Kirishima blinked letting out a small snort of panic. “Whoa!! Whoa, Deku…. He didn’t force me… I liked Tamaki for a long time, I just never thought he would pick me.” Kirishima said quickly. Midoriya looked at Kirishima.

“Ah…. Ok, Bakugou may have pushed me to Tamaki…. But I am happy we really connected. So happy to make 3 whole eggs,” Kirishima said as he licked Midoriya’s face to calm the omega down.

“It’s not the same for dragons Deku. Eggs are so rare for them, that they will try even outside of their mate if they’re compatible with another dragon. And for Kirishima, being able to mate with Tamaki is a great honor.” Bakugou said giving off a laugh as he saw Kirishima’s tail still wag back and forth like a dog.

“He just climbed all the ranks in the dragon clan. With him having 3 eggs all at once...well, he basically became the clan leader overnight. Sadly, a lot of eggs are broken while being laid...and I’ve never seen a successful egg-laying since I’ve been alive. You did good Kiri.” The Dragon King said loving on the dragon.

“Even though it did hurt. Ugh.” Kirishima said with a small, dull tone. “I won’t be able to go human for a week or so and I won’t be able to go far from them for about 6 months,” Kirishima said as he looked at Midoriya and back to Bakugou.

Midoriya’s eyes were back on Bakugou as he was speaking again. “We need to stay with him until Tamaki returns with food. He needs our protection in case anyone tries to hurt him. He can’t move or breathe fire,” Bakugou explained that Kirishima saved all of the fire in his belly to keep the eggs warm. They were tucked in close to Kirishima’s stomach. The amount of heat Kiri was putting out was amazing. Dragon eggs liked it hot, and if the eggs went cold they would die.

“With how happy Tamaki is, he will probably come back with a damn elephant for you Kiri.” Bakugou added.

Midoriya now understood why Bakugou had allowed him a sword before they came into the room. They both had their swords a safe distance away, but within reach. They were safe here, but it was customary for the king to protect his guardian dragon during this time.

Kirishima let out a rough laugh that was deep in his dragon chest. “Tamaki was very gentle to me. So I guess I got wee bit too happy… Could be the reason we had 3 of them.”

Midoriya was now looking at the eggs again as he came around to them and nestled in the nest. “Will they have human forms?” Midoriya asked as he settled down. Kirishima shifted and made sure the little omega could rest well on him. The dragon could tell Midoriya hadn’t slept.

“When they turn 1 they’ll be able to go into human form,” Kirishima said gently. The king moved and also cuddled up in the nest. Kirishima smirked and end up licking Bakugou gently. Bakugou’s hair was now sticking up funny now that Kirishima had licked him. It reminded him of his childhood; it had been a while since Kirishima had licked him like that, back when he was just a small boy. He was able to cuddle up closer to the eggs and heat, because of his quirk he was able to handle the heat.

“Let me know if there’s anything you need Kiri. I want you to be comfortable,” Bakugou said. They already had water there for him to drink, and Tamaki would bring him all the food he needed, but it had to be boring just sitting there for months keeping his eggs warm.

Kirishima smiled as he wrapped his body around the humans and eggs. “I know bro. Thank you.” He said quietly as he settled down, resting well now.

“It's amazing how fast you had your eggs. Kacchan just told me last night that you were chosen for mating,” Midoriya said trying to choose the words that weren’t rude.

Kirishima let out another small laugh. “Dragon eggs form right away when the father seed comes in. So last night was long enough for the shells to harden around the fertilized egg and now there’s a baby forming inside each and will grow for 6 months. The eggs will continue to get harder and start keeping their own heat and I’ll be able to walk outside and take a wiz without worrying or even go human for a few hours.”

“And at least with them being here in a bed like nest instead of the outdoor cold nest, I’ll be able to cuddle them in a blanket. I wasn’t doing anything in a cave. There’s too many people stealing eggs, or other dragons getting jealous and breaking them to try split me and Tamaki up, to either send me into season again or free Tamaki,” Kirishima said looking at Midoriya. No wonder there weren’t many young dragons in the world, Midoriya thought.

Bakugou patted Kirishima's side. “Get some rest Kiri,” Bakugou mumbled.

“I will… ugh, keeping them warm with my fire in my belly is a lot of energy,” Kirishima said looking back at Bakugou before setting his head down on his arms.

"How was your night Bakugou?" Kirishima asked. Midoriya answered for Bakugou with a grunt of anger and crossing of his own arms. The dragon’s eyebrow went up as he looked at the blonde.

“Ah… heh ok from the looks of your omega he put you in the dog house… Oh my,” Kirishima snorted out.

"I tried to sleep on the floor, but woke up in bed. He better not of touched me while I was sleeping," Midoriya grumbled.

"Kacchan needs to keep his hands to himself," Midoriya grumbled, his eyes were now closed.

"Kacchan? And no, he is a horny butt head but he wouldn’t do that to sleeping people even his waifu," Kirishima said as he nuzzled Midoriya to hopefully cuddle the sass away.

“Nerd, I ain’t touching you in your sleep. I moved you to the bed, that’s all. The servants will talk if they know we’re not sleeping in the same bed,” Bakugou said with a sigh. Bakugou wasn’t interested in forcing Midoriya to do anything sexual. He wasn’t that guy. He’d rather have a mate that came to him willingly or at least at first. Bakugou may hold things over one's head. If Bakugou could just get a child made then he would let things be.

"Well, that is good to know," Midoriya whispered as yawn escaped his lips.

Bakugou looked over to see Midoriya was half asleep. Tamaki returned with a big whale in his mouth as he walked in the room, his chest still puffed out with pride. Kirishima's eyes lit up, being a fire dragon he didn't do much swimming and hadn’t eaten muchseafood in his lifetime.

Bakugou had to wake up Midoriya so that the two could leave. It would give Kirishima a chance to eat and cuddle with Tamaki. Daddy dragon had a long list of things he had to do now with Kirishima unable to leave the eggs for the first couple weeks. Tamaki settled next to Kirishima so he could rip up the whale in smaller pieces to feed it to Kirishima. Midoriya slowly got up, petting Kirishima. Bakugou was happy that Tamaki had taken a liking to Midoriya and watched as the black dragon nuzzled the omega as he got up to leave the nest. Maybe it was because the dragon saw Midoriya as good luck. 3 healthy eggs had been brought into the world and hopefully this meant there would be 3 healthy human babies soon as well.

Once outside the room and the doors closed behind the two, Midoriya’s stomach let out a growl of hunger. “I guess I could go for some lunch,” he said quietly. A slight blush tainted his freckled face.

“Come this way. I’ll have something sent up for us,” Bakugou said, handing Midoriya his sword before putting his own back around his waist. “The dragons like you. They’re usually wary around most humans, especially when they have eggs.” Hee led Midoriya through the castle courtyard. It was nice, sunny and tropical here in Bakugou’s homeland. It was hard to be sad when it was so beautiful with large palms, trees with brightly colored fruit and colorful flowers.

It was a whole new beautiful world for the little omega. "Which is kind of neat. To see dragons in the first place? It was rare back home and they weren't so nice," Midoriya whispered as they walked. His eyes fell on the blonde who was in the lead.

Finally feeling brave again he stopped. "Why did it have to be me?" Midoriya called out causing Bakugou to stop and look back at him. "I'm sorry I don't see this bond that you feel,” Midoriya said as he stood there.

Bakugou made a sour face at his omega. “You know, I didn’t ask for this either. You can blame our shitty gods for bestowing us with this curse. No one knows if there’s a reason for who is selected to be your mate. We’re born having a connection to another person, someone we might spend a lifetime searching for never to actually find them,” he said.

“I know you must feel it too. The connection is there Deku. I can’t just move on, my biology won’t allow me to. You’re the only person I want,” Bakugou said, fully showing his feelings for the omega that he had just met.

Bakugou stopped and turned to the omega who was staring at him wide-eyed. “I’m not asking you to fall in love with me. I’m an asshole, I fucking get it. But if you let me make an heir with you, I’ll set you free. I’ll give you the protection you and your mother need and you never need to see me again if that’s what you want,” He said sadly. “I need to remain king. I want to protect my people, the dragons, and my cousin he only cares about himself. If he becomes king, it will be the end of us.”

Midoriya stared at Bakugou quietly. Green eyes shifted down to state at the ground. "But you would be asking me to give up my child..... I wouldn't be able to do that. Kacchan..... We have a little time to see and I know evil people are real,l but dropping this on me... I haven't.... “ Midoriya stopped. God he wanted to start collecting for a nest, damnit.

“…If I did feel a ping and maybe still do when I look at you, but I want to understand. I want there to be feelings between us so my child knows he or she wasn't made to be thrown away. To make them feel like I just walk away from them or just for you have your kingdom, no need to care anymore about them," Midoriya said. He hated that he sounded so weak and sad over this.

“ don’t have to leave, I just...if you can’t stand to be around me then I understand...but I’d never treat our young like that. He or she would mean something to me. I want a family...always have,” Bakugou said in a very quiet voice.

Midoriya stared before finally walking over to stand next to Bakugou, waiting for him to start leading the way again. They were now walking into a training facility that had an arena of sorts. Below there were warriors practicing sword fighting. They sat down where they could watch and the food was brought over for them.

“No offense… But your swordsmanship is shit Deku. I want to train you so you can do more than just swing that hunk of metal around,” he poked the sword at Midoriya’s side. “I’d feel better knowing you can defend yourself.”

Midoriya looked to the sword that was there and back up at Bakugou. “I never really learn a lot of sword fighting. I was given a sword by my master, but it has been kind of useless to me. I summon the thing and it just sticks out of the ground,” Midoriya mumbled as he sat looking at his drink.

“I'm a farm kid kacchan..... Deku? Why are you calling me that name?" Midoriya asked now hearing it more. Bakugou just shook his head not answering him.

“A useless sword?” Bakugou said. Midoriya just shrugged his shoulders.

“I'm more of a hand to hand fighter," Midoriya said as looked back out to watch the training grounds. "I can protect myself"

"Master thought I should hold off on using my quirk until I come into my powers better. And the sword, he said I need balance for it to work," Midoriya added with a sweatdrop. "I didn't get my quirk until later in life unlike most quirk users."

“Well, we can work on your quirk as well as your sword fighting. You should never just rely on your quirk, we all have limits. Everyone learns to fight here. There’s a reason why your king hasn’t messed with my people,” Bakugou said with a smirk.

Indeed, there weren’t just men practicing there was a great number of women warriors too, from alphas, betas, and even a few omegas were kicking ass down in the arena below. “Women or omegas aren’t restricted here. And so you know, if we had a daughter or an omega they would still be the heir,” Bakugou said.

“I don’t understand why it would be otherwise.” Bakugou took a huge bite out of one of the fruits, not noticing the juice that ran down his chin. Midoriya was liking all the different fruit, especially oranges. They were rare...he came from the land of wheat and potatoes. Oranges just didn’t grow where he was from.

Midoriya watched him before looking at the fruit in his hand. "I would still like my own bedroom please.... We have time. I can still start in my own room..... You have to understand, I hid what I was for years. I've had too many close calls...... I've had many so-called friends nearly rape me because my scent blockers came off and my omega scent came out,” Izuku said quietly.

“There was a story I heard, of a quirkless omega who was the child of the lost kingdom of crystals. If the omega was found and was claimed, that omega would give birth to a child with eyes the color of crystals. it would mean that they own everything, even if the other parent had no blood to the royal family….. They believed I was that lost child just from catching my omega scent..... The things I had to do to get away,” Midoriya said as tears came to his eyes. "That.... That made me not want to find love.... Because no one is going to like me for me, but because of an old stupid story."

Bakugou’s eyes narrowed. “Just so you know, I haven’t heard of any of those stories. I didn’t know who you were before I met you, I was just following my instincts,” He said. It hurt that Midoriya didn’t trust him enough to share a room.

“If that’s what you truly want then I’ll have a room made up for you,” Bakugou said as he wiped his chin and then stood up. “I like you. Kirishima likes you, and even the dragon who hates everyone likes you. Come on,” Bakugou said dragging Midoriya to his feet. “We didn’t just come here to watch.”

Chapter Text

Midoriya’s head jerked over to stare at Bakugou. With wide eyes, he shook his head quickly. Yeah, he really hadn’t wanted his ass handed to him. “I’m ok with just watching Kacchan. Really I’m…not ok with being close to someone even if it was to train,” Midoriya said, as his eyes glossed over with fear.

Bakugou took in a deep breath. His omega had been abused badly, he was seeing that in this reaction of Midoriya’s. “I can watch you… Show me what you can do,” Midoriya said, looking to Bakugou with a fake smile.


Bakugou’s eyes softened. “’s just practice. No one here is going to hurt you,” He said. “We will start slow.” Bakugou felt like he was the wolf and Midoriya was the scared sheep.

He got Midoriya to come down to the arena with him. “Deku, this is Momo. We’re going to show you some easy formations, so get out your nerd notebook,” Bakugou said with a smirk. He was being more considerate now, keeping his distance.

Momo smiled at him. “It’s nice to meet you finally. Don’t be nervous! Sword fighting is like an art, and practicing is just a way to bond with your fellow warriors. We practice not to kill, but if we ever need to protect our families,” she said.

Midoriya once again shook his head in a hard motion. “I learn better by watching people. May I just watch it today? I’m not ready to be in sword to sword,” Midoriya said quietly, his heart was panicking and beating wildly in his chest. He felt better training by himself and would do so later. Now he would sit and watch, take notes and draw out stances.

Bakugou finally nodded and took Midoriya to a place he could sit and watch and got him pen and paper. After a while, Midoriya asked them to really practice. He knew they were taking things slow because of him, so when they practiced for real, going all out, Midoriya was amazed by how fast they moved. It was like the sword was part of them, an extension of their limbs.

These were people who had grown up learning to fight as soon as they could walk. In the end, it was Bakugou who came out the winner, his sword lightly pressed against Momo’s thigh, where a major artery was. Bakugou was the image of victory with a big smile, sweaty and breathing hard. He brought his sword away and both him and Momo laughed.

“One of these days I’m going to win,” She said.

“Not today. I’m the best there ever was,” Katsuki said arrogantly and Momo snorted.

“You certainly have the biggest ego,” Momo poked fun at him. Bakugou collected his things (he’d long ago shed his shirt when he’d become overheated).

“Get enough notes?” He asked Midoriya, as Momo left to go check on others who were training. She was the master here. Midoriya nodded as he closed his sketch/notebook.

“Unfortunately, I gotta go do some real work I’ve been putting off. Do you remember the way back to our rooms? You can look around the castle while I’m busy. The kitchens are just over there if you’re hungry,” Bakugou said pointing off to another area. “I’m going to be away for a few hours.” It seemed like Bakugou was letting him go about the castle as he wanted...and without a guard. Then again, Midoriya was safe here. No one would dare touch him since he belonged to the king.

"Oh ok.... have a good day Kacchan," Midoriya said as he stood up and turned to Bakugou. "Am I able to visit Kirishima again or are humans not allowed right now?" Midoriya asked quietly. He liked being with them. Bakugou knew it would be ok, he was hoping the unhatched baby dragons would bond to the unborn unmade future children of his.

Midoriya wandered around for a while before he headed there, ooking around and meeting people. He knocked first, he wouldn't want to walk in, in case Kirishima was being bathed by Tamaki or fed or something he shouldn't be seeing. The big doors opened as Tamaki stepped out. He growled at the guards, but when he saw Midoriya he let out a purr.

"Hello, little Midoriya," the huge dragon said gently.

"Is it ok if I come in? I... I'd like to study you and the eggs," Midoriya said, holding up his sketchbook.

Tamaki laughed. "Of course that is fine, you're welcome any time. You weren’t walking in on anything. I can't mate with him for a while and I won't until the eggs are hatched,” Tamaki said gently.

"Oh, I will still knock," Midoriya said as he came in. Kirishima's tail wagged when he sawMidoriya. Kirishima purred as Midoriya moved in to lean on him, cuddling close and near the eggs. Kirishima nuzzled close, before resting his head down. Tamaki came back laying behind Kirishima's head resting on him. It wasn't long before Midoriya started drawing. Kirishima had laughed quietly when he looked.

"My my, for someone who did not have a wedding night. You’ve remembered him well without his clothes," Kirishima cuffed.

Midoriya’s face turned red. "You were supposed to be asleep," Midoriya mumbled, turning the page.

“Ok, so I find him pretty to draw," Midoriya mumbled, as he cuddled in gently putting his ear to one of the eggs. Soon he fell asleep, resting on Kirishima.

Some time later, Bakugou was shocked to find Midoriya sleeping there. Kirishima opened his eyes. "Hey, buddy," Kirishima said gently. "Your waifu was here asking all kinds of things until he fell asleep after a while," Kirishima said gently, as he shifted so Bakugou could wake up Midoriya.

Bakugou gently rubbed Kirishima’s scales, coming over to hug his large head. “Really? He hasn’t talked much since I’ve been around him,” He said.

Tamaki raised his head to nuzzle Bakugou as well. The larger dragon had his body wrapped around Kirishima’s, one of his large wings draped over him and the eggs. Only Midoriya’s face was visible where he was tucked in with the eggs. “He wanted to know everything about us,” Tamaki said, raising his wing so Bakugou could get in close.

Bakugou rubbed the eggs one at time affectionately warming them with his magic, before reaching out to caress Midoirya’s face with the palm of his hand. “Deku, your room is ready, unless you want to stay here?” He whispered. Then again, Bakugou wouldn’t blame his new wife if he wanted to stay. There were few places in this world as comfortable to sleep, as being against a dragon’s soft belly.

"Heh Bakugou, check out his sketchbook," Kirishima whispered, tapping it with a claw. "Before you fully wake him."

"He's kind of taking his time to open up, bro ... he's kind of... like how you were as a kid, scared out of your mind in a new world. Being told this…" Kirishima added as he lifted his head.

Bakugou picked up Midoriya’s notebook to look through it. His face turned bright red when he saw the drawing of himself naked. Then again, Bakugou wasn’t exactly shy about his body, so of course, he’d been roaming around in front of Midoriya and in their room nude. “Ah...well, it’s good to know he finds me nice to look at.” He said. “Heh, the nerd isn’t half bad at this.” He turned the notebook around showing Kiri a sketch of him, Tamaki and the eggs. “I wonder if he’d like more art supplies...” Bakugou had been trying to think up ways to make Deku happier. He was trying to learn what he enjoyed doing. Bakugou also found the drawings and notes for the fighting, he was amazed that Midoriya had been able to draw so many of the moves.

"He did practice a little bit here. I think he’s being shy. It’s a big difference from how he acted on your wedding night," Kirishima said. "He likes to take notes and draw. I had to poke him when he was drawing you. He said he couldn't help it and wouldn't talk about it after. He likes you... I think he's seeing it as ok, he’s not too bad. But you know, look how uncle's wife acted. She was bought out of nowhere too. Screamed in our dragon’s faces out of terror. Until she got to know him, things changed she came to know the dragons better. They are happy in love for 15 years now," Kirishima said lightly.

Midoriya slowly sat up yawning, before looking around his eyes were blurry as he rubbed them to get the sleep out of his eyes. "Oh shoot, I'm sorry Kirishima, I didn't mean to just wiggle here and fall asleep," Midoriya said quickly. Luckily Bakugou had set the notebook down.

"It's fine, you fit in like one of the eggs. I’m sorry if Tamaki licked you trying to turn you," Kirishima laughed. Tamaki smirked.

“You taste like chicken,” Tamaki said, which made Midoriya squeak. “Only kidding,” Tamaki said, he laughed, the dragon’s laughs were rumbles in their throats, it sounded like a mix between a growl and purr.

“By our standards, you and Katsuki are eggs,” Tamaki added. Even Kirishima was hundreds of years old and he was considered a “teenager”.

Bakugou looked at Midoriya with a smile. “You’re cute when you sleep,” he said, helping Izuku out of the clutch of eggs carefully. Tamaki lowered his wing over his mate and their eggs again. “I want to show you your room. It’s late now. I had food sent up.”

"Oh... I didn't know I slept that long," Midoriya said, as he stretched his body to fix some of the aches from sitting up as he slept. He hadn't meant to miss dinner with Bakugou.

"Thank you for letting me stay here," Midoriya whispered, as the huge red dragon nuzzled him gently.

"Gave me something to do by watching you draw," Kirishima said gently.

“We will see you tomorrow,” Bakugou said, before leading Midoriya through the door and the hall. The room for the dragons was very close to the suite of Bakugou’s rooms, so it wasn’t a long walk.

“I set up a meeting for you tomorrow. Someone is gonna measure you for clothes that better suit our climate.” Bakugou said. So far, Deku had been wearing borrowed clothes of Bakugou’s which were much too big. They went into the common area, and then Bakugou showed him the door to the bedroom next to his. “This is your room. Let me know if it’s alright?” he said. The King’s suite had a large common area with a library, and office, Bakugou’s room, and then several other bedrooms which were probably set up for any future kids Bakugou might have.

Midoriya eyed everything. How many kids did Bakugou think they would have? He shook his head and just let it be. Bakugou didn’t build the castle. "Oh yes, it's fine thank you... I know it's hard and I'm sorry I'm being like this," Midoriya said with a smile. "Are we going to eat together?" he asked, being a nice table was set.

“Deku, I know you’ve been through some tough shit in the past...It’s fine. We don’t know each other yet, not really.” Bakugou looked at the table. “Yeah, I haven’t eaten yet either. Lost track of time. Trying to appoint new advisors that aren’t stupid, is harder than you'd think,” Bakugou finally answered the little omega. He pulled Midoriya’s chair out for him and then went around sitting across from him.

"Well yes, I see it being hard. You need to know them somewhat, they need to know if they can keep up with you and the people's needs, they have to make decisions if you’re not here or unable to. Or you know to be your back to the real world thinking because you want something done and it not humanly able to." Midoriya said quietly.

"My father was the advisor to King One for All. When that King died, he went off the deep end. That has been a while ago and I and my mother moved away to hide. He was willing to sell me to stay where he was for the next King due to the mental snap," Midoriya whispered.

“That’s fucked up,” Bakugou said, rude but to the point. It was the best way to describe Midoriya’s past. He was beginning to understand why Midoriya was so hesitant to trust him even a little. He knew he had to win Midoriya’s trust over a long time. It wasn’t gonna be easy.

“You said your master went missing. Do you have any idea where he might be?” Bakugou asked. “Once the baby dragons are older, we can go looking for him. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Capital. I know that slimy ass King is trying to get his paws on my dragons,” he said.

This meant Bakugou wanted to do some spying himself. If it happened that they found Midoriya’s master, well maybe that would make the little omega happier too.

“I would like that Kacchan. I might be able to find some answers so I can understand the useless sword too” Midoriya said as he finished his meal. He stood, looking towards what would be his room for the time being. His freedom was looking less and less likely. He looked back at Bakugou. “Good night Kacchan,” He said as he turned, heading to his room.

Once in the safety of the room with the doors closed, he sighed. He had a strong need to do this since being around Kirishima. He started looking around the room and began to collect things in the room. He wanted to nest. Midoriya was so worried now as he grunted at himself. The want and need to make a nest meant his heat was coming soon. Midoriya cursed himself. It wasn’t time for his normal heat. The dragon eggs were speeding up his own body’s cycle along with the stress. With the need for things to make a nest, he even started wishing he had something of Bakugou's to put in his nest. Midoriya froze in a grab for another piece of fabric and had to shake his head with viciousness to clear that want and need out of him. He finally found himself able to settle down and climb in the part of the nest on the bed, falling asleep.

The next day, the world came crashing down in a scary way for Midoriya. Midoriya came awake to the yells of the guards. Someone was attacking the castle. Someone who had dragon bonds was attacking the castle. Even though most of the dragons in the clan had been happy and excited for Kirishima and Tamaki, there was one who was not and joined with some bandits. Midoriya and Bakugou got to the dragon's nest at the same time. A huge ugly orange dragon was attacking Tamaki, who was protecting Kirishima and the eggs. Kirishima was keeping himself hovering over the eggs, as a protection from the fighting male dragons.

Midoriya's heart was beating out of his chest when he saw the rogue dragon had one of the eggs in its claws going to smash the egg. “Oh God NO!” Midoriya screamed as the dragon raised the egg up and was about to swipe it down and crush it with all its strength. Midoriya knew he couldn’t hold it back anymore. Even if he couldn’t use the sword that his master had left him, even if it gave away more than he wanted the world to know, that uncontrollable quirk he had swirling inside of him needed out.

The dragon's arm was coming down, only to flinch and hiss out a growl as something smashed into his neck and jaw sending him up. The egg that had been in its grip, was taken from the dragon and brought away from the huge ugly creature it was. In a rush of movement, the ugly dragon was knocked back from the first punch of inhuman power. This time, the dragon was sent crashing into the ground with a yelp of pain. Sliding to a stop, trying to keep himself from going down, Midoriya stood, not even out of breath, his arms filled with one egg. Midoriya stood fully, One for All activated, as if he always had this power and it wasn’t just a gift to him from his master. It shocked them all.

Midoriya could use this quirk for a moment, but it was going to hurt him after he deactivated the quirk. Bakugou stared in shock for a moment. Who would have thought the little omega was so strong...that was when he saw one of the men who had invaded aiming an arrow at Deku. He realized with fear he wouldn’t get there in time.

“Deku watch out!” Bakugou screamed. But ultimately it was Tamaki who saved Deku, his tail whipping out to deflect the arrow while Midoriya was able to roll away, the egg protected close to his belly. Bakugou went for the archer with a bloodthirsty holler, the guy never stood a chance against him. By now, the human attackers were starting to run, but the dragon Midoriya had punched was starting to get up.

Tamaki was already hurt so Kirishima was now moving to protect them. Midoriya had moved back to the nest, putting the egg gently down and turned to protect the nest with his quirk. Kirishima having mommy protection instincts and now having his own stolen egg back, he joined his mate in battle. The two parent dragons were able to double team the rougue dragon. Midoriya’s eyes moved around watching the eggs. He couldn't believe a dragon would do this because laying intact, healthy eggs was so rare.

Bakugou got to Midoriya's side with ease now as he fought off the humans. However, as time continued on, the humans were getting stronger. Taking a deep breath, Midoriya summoned the useless sword. Midoriya's hand reached for the sword and was shocked as Bakugou’s did too. When they both grabbed for the sword, it came free and split in half. Midoriya stared at his half, before looking at Bakugou and the other half. “Balance.” Midoriya whispered. “Kacchan is my balance….. damnit,” Midoriya groaned, as he used his quirk and sword to fight the humans with much ease now.

Bakugou fought beside Midoriya as they protected the dragon eggs. “Not bad for a nerd,” Bakugou said, with a raised eyebrow as Midoriya smashed a guy in the face and sent him flying, before slashing another in the chest.

With Kirishima and Tamaki working together, they took to the skies after the enemy bronze-colored dragon. It was later, after Bakugou and Midoriya had secured the dragon’s room, and kept the babies safe when Tamaki and Kirishima returned. They were both limping but alive, blood on their snouts. Tamaki collapsed on the stone floor as soon as he saw the eggs were safe, kept warm against Bakugou’s and Midoriya’s bodies.

Kirishima whimpered, cleaning some of Tamaki wounds but of course, he was pushed to go back to the babies. Kirishima climbed in his nest around his eggs. Midoriya moved, then getting his healing oils and things and quickly applied them on Kirishima and Tamaki. Midoriya sighed, his quirk was still active, if he let it go his broken bones would set in and so would the pain.

The moment Bakugou touched Midoriya's shoulder, he let out a scream of pain. Midoriya’s quirk turned off, his body catching up with the pain, damaged and worn out. When Midoriya used his quirk in full force and not having enough control over it. It caused more damage than the first intake of damage.

Midoriya fell to his knees in pain, his legs damaged along with his arm that had punched the rogue dragon.

Kirishima stood up quickly, even from his eggs, as worry struck his dragon face. Bakugou, as he watched this reaction was the one reaching out and catching the falling omega.

"Oh shit!" Kirishima yelped, as he moved to sniff Midoriya and see if he could find the wounds and help.

"I’ll be ok Kirishima, lay back on your eggs, they need mommy heat," Midoriya whimpered out as he opened his eyes halfway to look to the red dragon.

Kirishima whimpered, as he relayed on his eggs warming them again. He had checked the one that had been taken and held hostage. Sadly the egg had cooled off a lot and he feared there wouldn’t be any way to save his one egg. Just laid eggs were too young to not be warmed by the mother constantly, they needed to be kept warm for a few weeks which is the reason Kirishima couldn't go human. Tamaki had limped over to lie on his mate.

Midoriya let out a cry as Bakugou picked him up and quickly headed to the healer together. Bakugou was still shocked, now that he had seen Midoriya's full powers. No wonder he just wanted to study, that power was crazy and could have hurt others. But the twin sword that had become two pieces for them had been amazing too. When Midoriya dropped the sword, it returned to one sword and had disappeared into thin air.

“Deku, fuck, does this happen every time?” Bakugou asked, brow wrinkled in worry. He passed Mina and Denki. “Can you stay with Kirishima and Tamaki? You’re the only other people Kirishima trusts...I don’t like them being alone,” Bakugou called back to the two.

“Of course Baku. We will stay until you can come back!” Mina said cheerfully. Midoriya tried not to stare because he hadn’t met Mina before and her pink skin was definitely unusual.

“She’s a fairy,” Bakugou explained after they continued. Bakugou took Midoriya to his room where the healers were waiting, laying him down as gently as he could.

Bakugou stared at Midoriya, not fully understanding what had happened to his omega. Midoriya kind of studied Bakugou, as the healer used his quirk to heal. “I… I used my quirk much too quickly and too much of my power output. Master was trying to train me to get used to it," Midoriya said, breathing through the pain.

"It’s also one of the reasons I don’t train with others. I can’t keep it under control just yet," Midoriya said, as he shifted. Bakugou was close enough that could grip his hand.

"They’re going to be ok right? That baby dragon should be ok," Midoriya whimpered as tears started to fall down his cheeks. “The fact someone would take on a poor egg, all dragons normally don't attack eggs," Midoriya whimpered.

Bakugou shifted and pulled Midoriya into his arms holding him. The healer started working around the movement. “I don’t know. The first two weeks are important...that egg being out in the open for even a short period of time...” Bakugou said sadly. “But if it wasn’t for you, there would be no chance of saving it. You saved their baby pisses me off that they got in here. I don’t know why they wanted those babies dead, but I’m gonna find out. Killed a lot of my skilled warriors too.” Bakugou held Midoriya as the healers worked. Bakugou had tried to get up to give Midoriya space but found the nerd had clung to him so he stayed put.

"It’s ok your highness if he wants you to stay," the healer whispered, working on Midoriya's legs first.

"I think they were jealous...... like if Kirishima's eggs were gone, maybe he would go into season again," Midoriya said in a dull tone. Once he was healed, he wanted to go back to the dragons.

Kirishima whimpered as he cuddled his eggs. Sadly the one didn’t seem to be taking in the warmth anymore. He could feel the heartbeat getting weaker. Kirishima looked up as Midoriya and Bakugou came back in the nesting room.

"Midoriya, I’m so happy you’re ok now," he whispered as he nuzzled Midoriya. who hugged him around his neck tightly burying his face in the red scales. Then he did something he didn’t fully understand himself. Midoriya reached out and touched the cooling egg.

Midoriya slowly and carefully brought the egg to his chest and held it there. As Midoriya reached into himself he found his quirk was coming out differently. Warmth and what he felt of love started to flow into the egg. The heartbeat started to grow strong again. A Light engulfed the egg and omega. When the brightness dimmed and Midoriya let a hard breath out, as he set the egg back into the warm nest back close to mommy’s heat. Kirishima moved to sniff his egg when the tears started to flow and his head shot over to Midoriya. “The egg's back to normal.” He whispered.

“How?” Kirishima said lightly. “My quirk has many uses,” Midoriya said, gently as he stood back up.

Bakugou watched with amazement as he rubbed Tamaki’s head. Both Kirishima and Tamaki were healing quickly thanks to Midoriya’s work on them earlier. “I honestly have no idea what to expect next from you,” Bakugou said in disbelief.

Tamaki nudged Midoriya with his snout and licked him. “Thank you gifted one,” he said. Bakugou snorted out a laugh, seeing how Midoriya’s hair slicked up now from the dragon spit.

Kirishima laughed. "Yes thank you," Kirishima said laying down, the poor guy was out like a light then, sleep overtaking the red dragon completely.

Midoriya looked at Tamaki. "Is he ok? " Midoriya asked.

"Yes, he used a lot of energy.... he’s fine... and there are no other rogue dragons in the clan. That dragon ..... He didn't like that Kirishima was having my young. He believed he should have been the one to have young. Many want to mate with Kirishima now that they know he can have young. But I've claimed him as mine and mine alone. Most have backed down, but for a few. But after that, they won't be coming near the nest again," Tamaki grumbled,. Midoriya nodded with some relief.

"Thank god," Midoriya whispered, as he climbed gently out of the nest. He looked at Bakugou, who smirked and said we should go clean up.

“Oh ok," he said, not knowing Bakugou would bring him to a giant bath. Midoriya stared in wonder at the huge pool bath. Midoriya let out a small smile. This, he would enjoy. He had been needing a soak with all the aches in his body. Midoriya started to strip down, until he froze and found Bakugou was there and taking his own clothes off. He went bright red and turned away from the stripping blond.

Bakugou, on the other hand, seemed to have no problem being in his birthday suit in front of Midoriya. “Like what you see?” He asked, smirking. He slowly waded into the water. This bath was so huge, it was like a swimming pool. It was warm and smelled good.

“You coming?” He asked, his back to Midoriya. It seemed like he was giving Midoriya some privacy if that’s what he wanted.

Midoriya kind of played with the hem of his pants. ".... yes you’re... ah, very manly," Midoriya said red painted on his face. He didn't know how to put it. He was trying to not nose bleed or scream running for the hills. "You’re going to be disappointed in me I’ll keep…" Midoriya stopped as Bakugou looked back with a raised eyebrow of don’t bring dirty clothes in the bath. When he looked away Midoriya slowly undressed and climbed into the water, slipping down at least bubbles had started so he couldn't see below the water. He kind of stood in the water cupping himself, so he was hidden when Bakugou came close. Midoriya face turned away, boy even his ears were turning red.

“I can’t see anything. Why are you so worried about it?” Bakugou said with a raised eyebrow. “We’re married, Deku. You’ve seen me with nothing on. Unless you’re worried there’s fish in here that will go after your junk” Bakugou laughed, taking Midoriya’s hands and pulling them away.

Midoriya eyes widened as he kind of looked around. "It’s too big for a fish," he grumbled with a dull face. "Maybe I don't want you to be jealous," Midoriya said with a small laugh.

"..... I'm scared and worried that I’m not good enough for anyone. Not cute.... just a big disappointment. I've had girls laugh at me," Midoriya added as he sunk down into the water now that his hands were away from his body.

Bakugou let out a growl. He came forward, setting his hands on Midoriya’s shoulders to make him meet his eyes. They were now only inches apart and Midoriya could feel the warmth radiating off his body. “The gods chose you for me Deku. I’ve never been disappointed in you even once. You’re strong, powerful, a mate that can fight beside me.’s taking every sense of self-control for me not to touch you. I want you so damn bad I’m going crazy from it.”

Midoriya was shocked when Bakugou took his hand and placed it between his legs. Um yeah, Bakugou was definitely really hard. It was bad enough when Bakugou hadn’t been aroused, but now that he was, he was even bigger.

Midoriya's eyes widened, the poor guy stumbled, falling back in the water. When he came back up out of the water Bakugou groaned. Nothing like watching the one you love come up out of the water like that. Midoriya slowly stood up all the way, not looking at Bakugou. "....." Midoriya had gotten hard too now, painfully hard from feeling Bakugou. Midoriya sighed as he stood there water dripping off from his hair staring at Bakugou who had that lazy lion you're mine look on his face. Midoriya’s body was kicking it into gear without his brain being involved. The heat. Midoriya felt the heat rise more. Damnit.

Chapter Text

Chapter 5
You are not damaged

"Kacchan...I ...I want to," Izuku whispered as he came closer, still not looking directly at Bakugou. His mind had flipped off. He had decided that this was his life now, although he would never get down and beg for things. "I... I know nothing of how this goes... I mean with a girl, yes I know that. But that is only from being told, I have never done anything with anyone," Izuku said, looking up to Bakugou, shyly meeting his alpha in the eyes.

Bakugou's eyes were glued to the other now. It was his turn to blush deeply, as he studied his mate's body. He blushed hard enough that his ears even turned red. “Ah, well… I don’t really know either. I’ve asked around some… your second gender is the same as a female omega,” Bakugou said, as he looked at his mate and then back down again. “Why the hell were you nervous about that?” he groaned, staring at Izuku. The nerd had a dick that was bigger than average. They had moved to a more shallow end of the bathing pool, where body parts were no longer in the water and it only came to their knees.

“Just let me do this...” Bakugou said, as he dropped to his knees and wrapped his hand around Izuku’s length, feeling him and memorizing all of this. Bakugou wanted to know what his mate liked, after all. He leaned forward a bit and licked him, and when Izuku seemed to like that, he got bolder and stretched his jaw, taking Izuku all the way in his mouth, while with one free hand his fingers started to stroke Izuku's core. Bakugou groaned, his full mouth around his omega was hot and slick, sucking him in.

Izuku's body jerked in pleasure, as he gasped and almost lost his feet again. He had to reach back to the bath’s edge and hold on, as Bakugou spread his legs so he could get at both genders.

"Ah! Oh, Kacchan... god... Katsuki!" Izuku gasped out, his voice raspy now as pleasure was exploding throughout his body.

Bakugou let out a growl of satisfaction and sucked harder, also gripping Izuku’s length with his free hand as he moved faster. When Izuku came hard and whining in ecstasy, he swallowed his cum. He gently pulled Izuku back into the water with him, swimming back to the deeper area of the pool.

“Fuck, you even taste good,” Bakugou groaned, before taking Izuku in for a kiss. It was their first one. Hell, they hadn’t even kissed at their wedding.

Izuku was so shocked at this, he didn’t know which way was up or down. He pulled back to breathe again. His body was hot and achy, despite having had his very first orgasm minutes before. "Well... that's better than what my hand has done to myself," Izuku gasped out, as he sat in the water. His body was craving for Bakugou's body, it needed his alpha deep and full even if it was the heat acting up.

".... Can we?.... Can we continue in our room?" Izuku said through a huff of air. "Bubbles may get in places I don't want,” Izuku added turning red. His heat had made his insides slick and his cock hard again. He could smell the arousal on Bakugou and looking down, he saw his prime male alpha cock hard and ready to join the two of them together, hard and rough. Izuku's body shivered at the thought and he let out a rough throaty purr. Even as he covered his mouth in embarrassment, the smirk that came across Bakugou's face was sexy as hell, which had Izuku's dick twitching in want.

Bakugou let out a throaty laugh as he stalked closer to Izuku, pulling him to his body again. Bakugou nuzzled Izuku's neck, trailing kisses along his smooth skin. "Our room huh? Guess you don't want a separate room after all." Bakugou said with a smirk.

"Alright, let’s get out," Bakugou said, reluctantly stepping away from Izuku to get out of the bath and dry off. The oils he needed for Izuku were back in their room anyway. It was only a short walk back to their bedroom since the bath was just another one of Bakugou’s rooms. A maid was there putting down food for them in the small dining area. Luckily both him and Izuku had thought to put robes on.

"Thank you; we won't need anything else for tonight," Bakugou said, nodding to her.

She smiled. "You're welcome, have a good night your highness," she said before leaving them be.

"You should eat first, it will be cold by the time I'm done with you," Bakugou said in a deep purr, which sent a shiver down Izuku’s spine and caused his heat to rise.

Izuku moved one arm to wrap around himself. "... I was lonely last night. That... That room was lovely, but so much bigger than my bedroom at home," Izuku whispered. "Kacchan.... this.... this is just us. No baby-making…" Izuku said, looking at the food. He was having a hard time just sitting there, his body was heated and wanted Bakugou badly. The heat was overwhelming and it was going to be so hard for him to keep Bakugou from knotting and making a child. Izuku looked down. Was Bakugou going to notice his heat now that the bath scents weren’t blocking his scent?

Bakugou was eating and he was trying to not look like a little kid getting a piece of cake. “It’s fine. You’ve had enough pain for one day. We’ve got time,” Bakugou said, finally looking up. A devious smile came over him as he noticed Izuku staring at him.

“You know, I’m not very hungry,” Bakugou said, standing up and going to the bedroom to see if Izuku would follow. Seeing the hungry look on Izuku's face had set his body on fire too.

Izuku watched him for a moment before standing up. He stuffed some bread in his mouth to keep his stomach full. Bakugou had to laugh when Izuku followed, his cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk.

"My stomach was making noises," Izuku mumbled, as he finished swallowing the bread. Izuku watched as Bakugou flung his robe off and turned showing off his full dick length. Izuku's mouth gaped as he stared at Bakugou’s hard and lean body. For a scary moment in Izuku's mind, he wasn’t sure if his body would be able to take in Bakugou. Would he even fit? Izuku sweatdropped.

Bakugou watched every movement, finally seeing all of his mate, whose ears were red with blushing beginning to start in. Izuku gasped when Bakugou pulled his dick at first, fist pumping and then pushed Izuku onto the big bed with his other hand. There would be no more waiting. Waiting made his dick hurt to be this hard and the delay scared Izuku more. Izuku rested back on the bed, his robe was gone now too so he was bare before his alpha.

Bakugou climbed up on the bed like a stalking lion, making sure to push Izuku's legs open to slot his own body between them. Bakugou let out a growl when he saw that the second gender was glistening with slick. Oh, the delicious scent of it made Bakugou's dick jerk in need. Bakugou couldn’t help it, the scent pulled him in and before saying anything he moved in licking Izuku's core, tasting him. Izuku squeaked as his body jerked up in shock. Bakugou's tongue took in the slick which was sweet like honey. Izuku moaned, his hands gripping the bed as his toes curled. Bakugou pulled back for a moment to look at all of Izuku, licking his lips as he did so. Oh, he needed that and was happy to have a taste of all of Izuku now. Bakugou could also taste the heat in Izuku’s scent. He could tell his little omega was in heat now.

Bakugou's eyes wandered over the omega, whose eyes were hooded, staring up at Bakugou.“Heh, you have freckles everywhere,” Bakugou said, even seeing them on the inside of Izuku’s thighs and speckled on his cute ass. When Izuku tried to shy away, he sighed. “Stop, I like them.”

He pulled away for a moment to get the oils from the bedside stand. He slicked up his fingers. “Relax, stop me if it hurts you,” Bakugou said, before slowly sliding in one finger into Izuku's core, before long he had another inside, stretching Izuku further. “You’re doing so good baby,” he purred.

Izuku's body ached for more than just the slow strokes of Bakugou's fingers. The moans that were leaving his lips were music to Bakugou's ears. As his fingers stroked the sensitive skin inside his omega, he felt something off that caused Bakugou to stop his pleasuring. Scars. Bakugou's eyes went down, even if he couldn’t see these scars within. Bakugou's eyes then went up to meet Izuku’s, who had frozen now in with a terrified look on his face. Bakugou touched the scars again, only to have Izuku jump and grab his arms as tears came down his face.

Bakugou pulled his hand away and shifted up to hold Izuku in his arms. “Those are scars?” Bakugou whispered. Izuku let out another small sob as he clung to him.

“I really have never been with anyone,” Izuku whimpered out. Bakugou rubbed his back, cradling his omega who was shaking uncontrollably now. “… I haven’t been with any alphas…But one…One found out that I was an omega…. He tried to force me… I hurt him by kicking him in the dick, but I was young and unable to get away from him… He caught me and being I hurt his manhood…He used a knife as his replacement,” Izuku whimpered. He never believed he would have to tell anyone about this. Bakugou froze in horror.

“I’m sorry…I’m scared of that…I should have told you before… But I didn’t think we would… that it would come to this,” Izuku whispered, as he hid his face in Bakugou's chest. “I’m damaged… I’m so very damaged… if you don’t want me because I’m damaged… I understand” Izuku whimpered out. Bakugou held on tighter now. His omega had been raped with a blade, the fact horrified him to the bone.

“There's more…God I… I don’t know if it messed up me so much that I may not be able to have children…The whole point I was bought here for you…I should have told you the moment you told me I’m your destined mate and you needed a child to keep you as king…I couldn’t seem to bring it up. I guess I was worried you would kill me off because I couldn’t,” Izuku cried.

Bakugou pulled back so he could see Izuku's face. Bakugou stared down at the crying omega, the one that had already come to mean so much to him. Bakugou knew deep down that he already loved Izuku very much. He lowered his eyes and looked over Izuku's lower body. Izuku's manhood had scars too. The monster had cut and butchered Izuku.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… in my world, if an omega of any kind can’t have children, they’re killed off or thrown out because they can’t breed … and then you tell me that you need a baby and I’m the only one that can give you one…” Izuku let out a sob that wracked his entire body. Izuku hadn’t thought Bakugou would take his time and feel up there to find the scars.

Bakugou pulled Izuku close again, shifting his omega onto his side and the two were able to rest together. IEven with Izuku in heat, this news had broken through all the arousal.

Bakugou grabbed the blankets and draped them over their bodies, holding Izuku flush against his body. He was overwhelmed by the feelings Izuku was going through, and damn if he didn’t want to hack whoever did this to tiny pieces.

“Shh, why you apologizing for something you have no control over? We’re bound and I still would have married you if I’d known before,” Bakugou whispered.

Izuku sat up to look at Bakugou's face and looked for answers.

“Why?” he asked in a shaky voice.

“Because you’re my best shot at a life it so fucked up that I want to be happy too? My parents were so…well, cheesy and shit, always all over each other, and the way they looked at each other...” his ears turned red. “It ain’t just about kids for me, alright? If it wasn’t for Kirishima I’d be all alone.” He bared his teeth. “And if they try to take my crown from me, for this, I’ll make them pay. Fuck anyone who tries to take us down,” Bakugou hissed.

Izuku was staring into the alpha's eyes, more tears welling up in his green ones. Bakugou becoming worried, pulled back again to swipe the tears away with his thumb as they fell. Izuku let out a sniffled whimper. Bakugou slowly realized that these tears were different from before.

“Really?” Izuku said in a sniffled voice that was a bit shaky. Bakugou raised an eyebrow and kissed the tears now and then Izuku's lips gently. “Oh, Katsuki….” Izuku whimpered, as he moved up and caught Bakugou's lips in a kiss, deepening it as his arms went around Bakugou's neck.

“I… I want to be happy together,“ Izuku whispered, as he held onto Bakugou. Izuku wasn’t ready to say I love you just yet, but his heart was changing over this short time of knowing Bakugou. Izuku bit his lip, the heat was back with a vengeance, swirling in his belly and throughout his body. His cock was re-hardening like it had a right to. This alpha had to claim him and bring him back into this world. He wanted him, no matter how damaged or messed up he was.

Izuku was becoming brave as his tears dried up. Izuku reached for it, taking his mate's manhood in his hands, squeezing and gripping Bakugou's dick. It hadn’t lost its hard on and just now twitched for Izuku's touch. His alpha let out a growl of pleasure. “I want you deep Kacchan, oh so deep,” Izuku said, in a timid but husky tone.

Bakugou let out a groan, as Izuku kept his hand pumping up and down his length. It felt so good with his omega controlling him with each squeeze of his cock. Though Bakugou could see the tears still shining in Izuku’s eyes.

“Are you sure? We don’t have to do this tonight,” Bakugou gasped out in a raspy tone. Then again, Izuku's hand squeezing tighter was his omega’s answer to Bakugou. Bakugou was starting to pant as his dick started to beg on its own, wanting more of his omega than just this.

Izuku slowly nodded, that he wanted this now, as he ran his thumb over Bakugou's head. Izuku looked up at Bakugou and he slowly let go of Bakugou's hard throbbing dick. He pulled away to lay on his back on the huge bed. Izuku took a deep breath and spread his legs, opening himself so Bakugou could see his core and how ready he still was for the alpha. Bakugou let out a deep growl and in a quick movement was in between Izuku’s legs, coming down. His tip rubbed at the velvet start of the omega's core. The heat and slick, it was a calling to his most basic instincts. Bakugou had a hand on his own cock to keep from diving right in. His knees were weak. He wanted this so badly. Bakugou's eyes went to Izuku, asking and wanting to be sure.

“I’m sure… If you truly mean it,” Izuku whispered.

“I only say what I mean Deku,” Bakugou said quietly, taking his hand off his cock and reached out, brushing Izuku’s hair out of his eyes. Bakugou then moved and kissed him deeply before pushing inside; going in slow as he made sure Izuku wasn’t in pain at all as his core welcomed his thickened length in deep.

Izuku had feared that there would be an awful amount of pain if anyone ever had a chance to take him. Though as the heat swallowed his body it overshadowed any pain of the first intimate moment. Izuku was able to keep from flinching in pain because it felt so good. Izuku's body shivered in pleasure as he took in the full size of Bakugou, who filled him up wholly. Bakugou gritted a moan, as he slid into the slick heated core of his omega. Even if Izuku had been damaged, he couldn’t tell now. It still felt wonderful, better than anything he’d ever experienced. The green haired omega gasped and a low moan had Bakugou almost releasing then.

Bakugou stopped mid descent into the heavenly heat. Izuku gasped and opened his eyes more as Bakugou pulled out and loomed over him for a moment, before shifting his hands so they rested under Izuku knees. “Kacchan?” Izuku whimpered.

“Just a moment, my sweet omega,” Bakugou whispered, as his tip rubbed Izuku's core again, and he moved forward kissing him. He shifted back and pushed Izuku’s legs up and open, so his core was bared better to Bakugou, who smirked his own dick jerking again. “Not damaged…You're everything I could want,” Bakugou whispered.

Izuku's eyes widened, before his eyelids lowered, becoming hooded. “Kacchan…I’m in heat, I need… I need you so deep that it burns,” Izuku gasped.

Bakugou obeyed this one time. He thrusted in and pounded into his omega, whose body arched and moved with him, meeting him stroke for stroke. “Oh, Katsuki!” Izuku moaned as his hands reached behind, his hands needing something to grip which he found on the edge of the bed, gripping it as if his life depended on it.

Bakugou grunted as he almost came then. Izuku was so tight and welcoming to Bakugou, if he hadn’t known about the blade damage he would have never noticed. He fit perfectly to his destined mate as he thrusted harder. His fangs grazed his mate thighs and when he saw the reaction of that on his mate's face, he moved and bite leaving his mark there. Bakugou gasped, his dick started to knot and quickly for his omega, that was begging for his release to dull the heat.

He pulled back, lowering his mate’s legs knowing that would be a painful lay if he fully knotted in him there. As he felt his full knot catch on Izuku's rim, he moved jerking Izuku's head to the side and his alpha fangs came down. Fangs that normally didn’t come out unless one was claiming his mate while knotting.

“Gods, Deku you feel so good,” he moaned as Izuku met him stroke for stroke. When he felt Izuku tighten and scream out in pleasure, Bakugou couldn’t hold back any longer, and came hard inside Izuku, filling him up with his seed as he knotted joining the two. As his seed spilled into Izuku, Bakugou took the moment to clamp his fangs down on his mate’s neck, claiming him. It was something he should have done on his wedding night, but had let Izuku have his freedom until now. Izuku's eyes widened as he realized Bakugou had knotted and claimed him.

Being so damaged, he knew nothing would come of this joining. His womb had been damaged beyond repair. His heats came on a normal cycle, but he didn’t believe he could still have babies. Izuku's eyes wandered as Bakugou wrapped his arms around him, holding him close as he laid them on their sides now.

“I’m going to be tender for a while, my heat and first time,” Izuku whispered as he breathed in his mate's caramel sweet scent. It relaxed and eased hims, his body handling the knot better this way. “…Only once… A day or so to heal,” He said quietly.

Bakugou whose eyes were closed slightly, nodded. “As long as you need,” he said gently.


The next day was nice. Bakugou canceled all of his meetings and stayed with Izuku, taking a bath again with him and feeding him food. Generally, he was soft and loving as he took care of his mate, showing Izuku another side of him that he hadn’t seen before. It was amazing to Izuku, who's insides were a bit tender. Scars tended to get painful after something like that.

The few times Bakugou left the bed, it was to check on Kirishima and his eggs being Izuku would keep asking about them. Bakugou wouldn’t let Izuku out of bed so he checked on them for his mate. Izuku sighed as he sat in the huge bed alone with his sketches. New ideas came to mind and he had been drawing them out. The normally shy Izuku turned red, as he drew himself and Bakugou making love.

He went an even brighter red when Bakugou returned and was able to get a hold of the drawings. Bakugou smirked, seeing the details on both of them. There was one that Izuku had most likely looked in a mirror to get right, because it was a drawing of himself from what Bakugou would have been looking down at. “I think I may be keeping this one for the times I need to travel away,” Bakugou said with a smirk, which caused Izuku to squeak and try to reach for his drawings.

“Kacchan!!” Izuku squeaked.

Izuku finally stopped trying to reach for his drawings, giving in. “I have been thinking… you told me when you brought me here… we would look for my master,” Izuku said quietly, as Bakugou settled down in the bed with him. An eyebrow coming up in a way, as he looked at Izuku who puffed his cheeks out.

"We... We will still go to look for my master, right?" Izuku asked. "He'll help me get my power under control. He is All Might after all," Izuku said, as if it wasn’t anything big.

Bakugou froze, Izuku's master was All Might. Izuku had never told Bakugou his master's name before. But All Might, the all-powerful All Might who fought for both sides trying to get peace?

“All Might? Gods Deku! You were trained by him?” Bakugou yelled in shock. Once Bakugou calmed down more, he sat down running his hands through his hair.

“Yeah, of course, we will look for him, but it’s fucking All Might, if he doesn’t want to be found then we don’t have much chance of finding him,” Bakugou added. Bakugou looked back at Izuku with a smile. “You’re unbelievable” Bakugou laughed, kissing him.

"Well we were going to meet in a week, but he most likely saw my burnt home and went looking for me," Izuku said quietly.

"He's no longer the All Might the world has known him for," Izuku whispered, as he kind of looked around before pulling Bakugou close.

"His powers are disappearing," Izuku said in a quiet breath. "Because...He passed them on," Izuku said in a low tone so no one could could listen in. Izuku knew he shouldn't be saying this, but Bakugou was his husband. He wouldn't leave Izuku or his one chance in a happy life would be gone.

Bakugou wasn’t stupid by far, and he caught on quick. “You weren’t born with your quirk.” He said, remembering everything. “All Might gave you his?” he reached up, cupping Izuku’s face.

“I won’t...I won’t tell anyone. No one can know. If they did, well, we’d have everyone knocking on our castle walls.” Bakugou said quietly.

"Yeah, I don't want to use it so much that I keep breaking. But you can see why so many thought I was the story's chosen one. But now with a quirk, people don't think about it so much." Izuku said quietly as he smiled, he moved to kiss Bakugou again.

"Were the eggs ok?" Izuku asked as he cuddled under the blankets, he hadn't dressed because he hadn’t wanted clothes to rub on sensitive places and hurt. “Things don’t hurt as much now down below and the tiny bit of blood has faded,” Izuku said.

“That’s good, but I still want you to stay in bed,” Bakugou said. “The eggs are good. Tamaki says he can sense that they’re growing inside and getting stronger.” Bakugou said with a smirk. “3 baby dragons will be here soon.”

Izuku cuddled into Bakugou. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you everything…I just had so much at risk.” Izuku said quietly. Bakugou nodded.

“I can understand. About before and now,” Bakugou said. He slowly rubbed circles on Izuku’s lower back. “If I have my way, you’ll never have to worry about anyone ever again. I mean it, whatever happens, you and me we stick together with Kirishima and Tamaki,” Bakugou said as he held on Izuku. It was a promise to Izuku and to himself that he would keep his family safe.

Izuku slowly smiled up at his alpha. “Thank you,” He whispered, reaching up to pull his mate into a sweet kiss.

Chapter Text

Chapter 6 Dragon babe

(There are a few things that are a little bit more modern that will be in the story, but only a few things.)

The months started to pass in a blur to Izuku as he settled into the new life and world. Izuku couldn’t believe how he was starting to enjoy this world, his mate, and the dragons. Izuku woke up and learned something new every day. 6 months had passed now. Izuku had one other heat since then, but it seemed to be proven he wouldn’t be able to have young. Bakugou was working up a different way to stay king if no young came of them.

Izuku even looked forward to making love with his husband, every night after helping him during the day with his duties as king. Izuku had also been practicing sword work whenever he could, even if he wasn’t confident enough to try to spar with Bakugou yet. Kirishima was able to walk away and do things now that the eggs were older, the parents could take turns caring for them now.

Izuku noticed that no one had come to visit them today. Normally Kirishima would be there to greet them when they came out to give updates. He wouldn’t stay long, but enough to make sure Bakugou and Izuku got to their next place safely.

Izuku looked to Bakugou who was just finishing getting dressed. “Where’s Kiri?’ Izuku asked. Bakugou looked to him slightly.

“What, the pain in the ass isn’t here yet?” Bakugou said, coming out of the bedroom into the main living space of their quarters. Izuku shook his head. He wished he hadn’t shaken his head a little too hard. He seemed to be having a bit of stomach flu and even the smallest of movement upset him. Bakugou opened his main door and looked out. As he did this, he found a guard racing up.

“Your highness!” the guard said quickly as he nearly tripped over his feet. Denki held out his hands as he stopped himself from face planting and falling. He looked up at Bakugou who raised an eyebrow, giving him a cheesy grin before blinking. “Kirishima… he sent me, the eggs! It’s time!” Denki said in a quick breath. Izuku was already out the door pushing around Denki, sending him into a spin as he quickly left. Bakugou caught Denki setting him upright before following after his mate.

Izuku entered the room at a run, both parent dragons were there watching the eggs with their tails wagging in excitement. Tamaki turned to see them. “Come over quick! We think one of our babies is about to hatch!” Sure enough, the egg in the middle of the nest was twitching, moving, and little squeaks could be heard coming from within.

Izuku's eyes widened as he came over to the edge of the nest, his eyes on the egg that was twitching. Bakugou finally caught up with Izuku, his own eyes widening. Even Bakugou hadn’t seen a dragon egg hatch before. Bakugou pulled his mate in for a gentle kiss. Before letting Izuku climb in the nest. The first egg finally popped, cracking and out popped a head of a pure black baby dragon with a red belly. It let out a tiny squeak, it was the size of a grown cat.

Kirishima smiled. “Come little one, come out.” He said gently. The little dragon squeaked again and started to rock the egg to the point it fell over and rolled ending at Kirishima's foot, where the baby was able to break it off and unroll itself. Kirishima's first dragon pup was a tiny boy. Izuku couldn’t believe how cute he was, as his mother licked him clean. The second egg soon popped open and another baby boy came out. This one was red like Kirishima.

The 3rd egg was the one Izuku was really waiting for. It was the egg he had brought back to life. He has been so worried about this dragon pup. He was worried that it wouldn’t hatch. Izuku being careful, moved closer so he could hear the very tiny squeaks and the egg was moving. Izuku, no matter how he wanted to, he couldn’t help. The young were only strong if they could make it out on their own. “Come now little one,“ Izuku whispered, as he ran his fingers over the egg, begging the baby to be born. He felt a bond to this one and would feel awful if this one wasn’t born.

Kirishima moved his head to nuzzle Izuku as they watch the egg. It didn’t move anymore. Kirishima whimpered sadly as he licked his egg and then moved his head to look at the two boys that were born and happy, learning to walk already. Izuku let out a small sob.

“Oh, I’m sorry I couldn’t save you,” Izuku whimpered, as Bakugou moved into the nest wrapping his arms around Izuku and was going to pull him out when Izuku shook his head and got down taking the egg in his lap and held it. Rubbing his cheek on the egg closing his eyes. Bakugou pulled back knowing Izuku needed to mourn over this.

Izuku let out a small whine as he rubbed the egg. That was when he felt the egg move on its own again. Izuku pulled back, letting the egg have space. It soon started to roll and crack and the squeaks came louder again. The dragon pup had gotten life and energy again to try. Soon the egg was able to pop open and a tiny black dragon with red back spikes came out. On this pup’s forehead was a green diamond. The little girl, smaller than her brothers, squeaked and stared up at Izuku upside down being her egg had rolled her upside down. She blinked before squeaking again at Izuku who stared back. Kirishima moved in and licked his little girl.

“Oh my God, they're so cute," Izuku said, as he watched as each baby learned to walk so quickly. His heart settled, all the babies were here safely and healthy now that they made it out of the eggs. But that wave of illness he had for a while hit him again upsetting Izuku's stomach. It was to the point he needed to lay down again, even though he'd been trying to stand up, he had to come back down again in the nest. The rest looked at him with concern.

Bakugou was smiling as he watched the dragon pups. “Deku...can you draw them?” He asked, until he saw Izuku do the up and down. Which stopped his words on his lips, when he saw how pale his mate looked.

“Are you ok? You don’t look well,” Bakugou said, getting down on his knees in front of him, reaching out to cup his face with a hand. The baby dragons were happily cuddling both mommy and daddy dragons, letting out the cutest squeaky noises every time they touched noses with their parents.

Izuku shook his head. “I’m ok, that illness is still in my system,” He said, gently as he patted Bakugou's hand being it was gripping his shoulder.

“I was just so worried about the pups. I think I got light headed and I almost wanted to get sick,” Izuku added. “What are you naming them Kiri?” Izuku asked, looking at the two big dragons.

Kirishima smiled as he nuzzled his babies. “The oldest is Kaz, the red male is Lex, and our sweet baby girl is Emmy.”

Bakugou was down on his haunches to be level with Izuku. “I can take you to the healer and get you checked. This illness has been plaguing you for a while now.” Bakugou said gently, as he kissed Izuku's forehead.

Izuku started to rub his neck. “Sometimes being sick lasts a little longer. I haven’t really sat and rested. I have been training and helping you and the babies,” Izuku mumbled, rubbing his neck. He blinked as the little girl came over squeaking. She climbed in Izuku's lap, going in circles and cuddling close letting out a cute yawn.

"Was that a lot of work sweetheart?" Izuku whispered, as he petted her head gently. Kirishima smirked.

"You young lady need to sleep over here, Deku doesn't feel good," Kirishima whispered, picking up his little one by the extra skin. When he stopped, his nose while still holding his young still and took a long breath sniffing Izuku before smirking at him around his daughter. Kirishima set Emmy down with her brothers and wrap his tail around them to cause them to fall asleep.

"Your scent has changed Izuku," Kirishima said quietly. "Only changes when young are made," Kirishima said with a wide-tooth smile. Izuku's body froze up, a hand already on his belly to settle it, but now froze mid rub. Izuku's eyes widened in shock, as he stared at Kirishima before looking to Bakugou wide-eyed.

".... I... I’m kind of stupid when it comes to anything about babies. Trying to hide being an omega my entire life, I never learned much about pregnancy..... And with my body damaged, I... I didn't believe it could happen. The doctor that fixed me after I was damaged said my womb had to be sewed and fixed and he wasn't anything special so he was just putting me back together. He had no idea if I was fixed enough in there to be able to have young," Izuku said quickly. Izuku was getting ahead of himself.

Izuku shifted a little closer to Kirishima. "Are you sure you don't just smell yourself, Kiri?" Izuku said quickly, as the dragon let out a deep rumble of a laugh, low so he wouldn't wake his babies that had all fallen asleep.

Tamaki snorted a puff of smoke that wafted out from his nostrils. “No, it’s not my mate, gifted one. His scent changed for only a few days and has worn off months ago. Since he hasn’t gone into season since then, it isn’t possible. Also, humans smell different,” He said quietly, knowing Izuku would appreciate the full explanation.

Bakugou finally fully sat down, so he could slide Izuku into his lap. He showered him with kisses, his hands going to his mate’s stomach. “Anything is possible. You may have been sterile before, but you’re not now. Remember what Tamaki and Kirishima did to you after our wedding? It wasn’t just a prayer. Dragons are capable of miracles. Kirishima saved me when I was a boy. I got the plague, and as a last resort, my parents gave me to the dragons. I was nearly dead,” Bakugou whispered to him.

Tamaki sighed. “It was your connection to your dragon that saved you, fireboy. We couldn’t save your parents,” He said.

".... I would be so happy... Kacchan..." Izuku whispered, as tears came to his eyes. The baby girl Emmy squeaked from over Kiri's tail. She was worried about Izuku's crying. Izuku blinked as she climbed over Kirishima's tail to Izuku, nuzzling gently. "Heh, are you worried little one? These are happy tears," Izuku whispered.

“Fuck, they are so cute Kiri,” Bakugou said, even he was taken up by the adorable dragon hatchlings. He reached out to touch Emmy too. Her scales were still baby soft. The brothers were watching, and jealous of the attention their sister was getting. Soon all 3 were in Deku’s arms, kissing him with their little tongues. “Oi, I think they like you nerd,” Bakugou laughed.

Kirishima laughed too. "Well they're my kids, of course they're cute," he said with a smirk.

Izuku giggled as they all cuddle into him. "Kids I’m ok, I’m sorry to cry," Izuku whispered, as the dragons stared at him. "Your mommy wants you to sleep," Izuku added as they all laid on him.

"Heh, you 3, Deku’s not a bed. Come now," Kirishima said gently.

"Does Kiri have milk or do they just eat meat from the start?" Deku whispered to Bakugou.

Though it did seem that the dragons had milk. Kirishima had his normal two breasts on his dragon chest. The dragon kids had to take turns to feed. Kirishima blinked as they found their meal. "Hey, there is enough for everyone, stop it" Kirishima mumbled, as the boys started to fight.

One of the boys was a little impatient that he didn’t get any, and was pulling on his brother's tail to try to get him to move. At least they didn’t have teeth yet.

“Ha! That one is stubborn” Bakugou said standing up. He reached down with one hand to help Izuku up. “We will let you have your family time now. Deku and I have an announcement to make and now need to get a healer for him.”

"Did uncle Bakugou rub off on you in the egg," Kirishima mumbled, as he licked the stubborn Lex, who enjoyed that and let his mom bath him while the others ate. "Take care you two," Kirishima said nuzzling the two, before trying to make his kids behave.

Izuku let Bakugou hold his hand as they walked. Bakugou wanted to pick him up. "I can walk Kacchan," Izuku said with a big smile.

“You nearly fainted earlier,” Bakugou explained, he wrapped his arm around Izuku’s waist instead as they walked. “First, we will go see the healers and see if they can bring in an expert on omega pregnancy,” he said. “And then, we should make a public announcement about the dragon’s birth. Our people are going to throw the party of the century,” Bakugou said with a smirk.

Bakugou wasn’t going to announce anything about Izuku being pregnant yet. It was still very early and he wanted to make sure the baby was fine before saying anything to the entire kingdom about it.

Izuku laughed as Bakugou kissed him again. "Didn't faint..... Was going to throw up and I didn't want to do it on the babies.” Izuku said. The smile that was on his face was so wide and bright. He wasn’t broken or damaged. He could be having a baby. He prayed to whatever god was there listening to them, that it wasn’t just a long rampaging flu.

"Kacchan..... I’m not broken… I could be having your baby," Izuku whispered, as tears came into his eyes. This made Bakugou stop mid step and turn to Izuku. "I... I can do what I need to. For you… For us..." Izuku stopped, now he felt light headed.

Bakugou picked him up then, kissing his tears away. “Deku, you’re such a crybaby,” he said with a smile on his face. “We’re having a baby. You did it. Now don’t cry. Isn’t stress bad for pregnant people?” He said carrying him to the healers.

A short while later Izuku was taking the test, and sure enough, it was positive. All of the healers were so excited, some of them were crying. Bakugou was the proud daddy, smiling broadly. “We’re not ready to announce it just yet, so keep it quiet for now. I want you to find an expert...the best healer you can find for Izuku. But be discreet about it,” he said to the healers.

They returned to their room. Izuku was staring at the test. Izuku was so excited. "Katsuki!" he said making Bakugou look at him. "We.... We're having a baby… god Katsuki... I love you!" Izuku cried. He stopped, that was the first time he said love you. They had gotten closer over the months and he knew his feelings were true. He could say it and mean it.

Bakugou’s face flushed pink. “Deku...I...” he leaned in close and kissed him. “I love you too. I have for some time...I don’t know when, but you saying that to know, you can’t run away from me now,” he said, only half-joking, as he held Izuku in his arms.

Izuku laughed. "Ah, I kinda lost that want to leave a little while ago," Izuku whispered, as he cuddled into Bakugou, before a smirk crossed his face as he pushed back and started to back away. "If I run, it’s for fun," Deku laughed as he spirited around their large room, losing his clothing as he ran. It always got Bakugou in a playful mood. Being the alpha, he was always up for stalking his omega.

Bakugou laughed as he finally caught Izuku, pinning him down on the bed. Since he was sitting on Izuku’s legs, he couldn’t move. Bakugou rubbed up on Izuku, letting him know just how hard he was.

“You’re mine.” Bakugou purred, before leaning down to kiss him deeply. He found it didn’t take much to get Izuku ready with the oils and then he was sliding inside, fucking Deku deep. Deku had gotten better and learned new things to please Bakugou. Even getting on and riding Bakugou which had shocked him the first time. They made love, so happy for their news. Their first child would be born and Izuku never knew he would be this happy.

The two fell asleep cuddled together their hands joyfully placed over Izuku’s belly. Izuku put his fears to rest, yes he was pregnant and he hoped it would go well.


Hello!! thank you for reading Dragon Blade so far! I'm so happy people are enjoying! I've come a long way putting up these stories and hope to start a few more along the way. Thank you for your support and reading!!

No Frosting

Chapter Text

Chapter 7 switched

Izuku smiled to himself in the mirror. A few more weeks had passed. Bakugou had wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret until Izuku was showing. Bakugou's little omega had a tiny baby bump now. So now, Bakugou with a puffed out chest of a proud alpha, was ready to tell his people that they were having young and that he would continue to be their king.

Izuku was being dressed in revealing clothing to show off his baby belly. A red tint came to his cheeks being he wasn’t allowed a shirt and his pants were worn low on his waist to show off his and Bakugou's baby.

“I want real clothes,” Izuku whispered, as he and Bakugou turned to leave their rooms. Kirishima was waiting with his babies. He was in human form, as his children followed and stayed near him most of the time. They were big enough to hover for a short period.

Bakugou let out a small laugh. “Oh, my omega you’re ok. This is me showing off. You won’t have to be in it for long,” He said gently. “I don’t like them staring at you, but they need to see you to believe it,” Bakugou whispered to Izuku.

Tamaki was beside Kirishima in human form as well. The little girl dragon landed on top of his head and chewed at his hair playfully. Each one of their sons landed on Kirishima’s shoulders, alert and looking around at everyone curiously.

A hush came over the crowd and they quieted as Bakugou moved to the front to speak, he had Izuku come up with him, the two of them holding hands. Bakugou raised his voice and it projected, well Bakugou had always been loud, so the crowd heard him perfectly as he told them the good news. That his new mate and husband was pregnant with their heir.

The people cheered loudly, so many had been so worried about Bakugou's cousin taking over. But no one wanted to break the old laws. Although Bakugou would break the old rules as soon as he could. Izuku turned very red.

The crowd had even started chanting his name. Bakugou laughed and swooped down, kissing Izuku in a very romantic way. The people loved it. They really liked Bakugou as king, under his rule their country had gotten stronger, wealthier and dragons had been born for the first time in centuries.

Izuku had found out that he was at least 4 months along. He was in awe being it had been 4 months since the dragons had been born, and even though they couldn’t go human yet they could speak. Emmy, Kaz, and Lex were happy baby dragon pups.

After the showing of Bakugou and Izuku's young to be, the two had taken to the gardens, letting Izuku get fresh air and sun. Izuku was pulling Bakugou in for a passionate kiss when his guards walked up, interrupting their romance.

“Your Highness. Annabell Leno has come to see you,” One of the guards said. Annabell had been Bakugou's human friend, long ago as children and throughout puberty. This had been the female omega that had taken Bakugou's virginity. He at one time had hoped Annabell would be his fated mate. But Annabell's destined mate had found her a few years ago and she had traveled off with him. Annabell had kept in touch with Bakugou, but in the last year she had stopped replying to his letters.

Izuku stared at this tall, beautiful, dark-haired woman who seemed to have power roll off of her. She would have been a strong, powerful mate for Bakugou. Izuku kind of looked down at his belly, a hand going on it to his young. She made Izuku feel so not right for Bakugou. Izuku tried to not look jealous as Bakugou hugged Annabell.

“Annie, I didn’t think you’d be back, but it’s good to see you,” Bakugou said. When he smiled at her, Izuku immediately felt more jealous, because Kacchan's smile was his. Bakugou finally turned to Izuku and put his arm around his omega.

“This is my mate, Izuku,” Bakugou said, as he bought Izuku closer to him. Izuku cuddled into him, staring at the woman. The pretty woman seemed to have too much lust and want in her eyes for his mate. It made him nervous.

Bakugou was beaming as he put his hand on Izuku belly. “I finally found my true mate. He’s pregnant with our first baby. Oh! And Kirishima had dragon pups,” Bakugou added, as the baby dragons wandered over and started to sniff Annabell. Emmy snorted, not liking the scent of this woman, she backed up and let out a whimper before going back to Izuku wanting up in his arms.

"Oh wonderful, Katsuki," Annie said with a bright smile. Izuku’s face dulled. No one called the king Katsuki, but for him.

Kirishima sweatdropped. "Annie remember he is king, it's rude to call him Katsuki," Kirishima said lightly. Annie made a small face at Kiri, but kept the smile.

"My husband has been too busy to try for kids yet," She said lightly. Izuku shifted, why did that feel like such a lie to him?

Izuku's day just seemed to get more and more annoying. Annabell was with them the whole day. No more alone time with his mate, who was king and couldn’t spend too much time with Izuku being he had a kingdom to rule over, people to help and keep happy and Izuku had to rest and be strong for their young. So sadly each time he had a chance to be with Bakugou, there was Annabell. When he wasn’t there, she was still. Izuku was steaming with anger by time Bakugou came back to their room for dinner.

Izuku thought he would dress sexy, while they sat at their private room’s dinner table. The night was going well when the door opened and in walked Annabell. “Oh Katsuki, I bought you some of my cookies. You used to love when I made them,” she said in a sing-song voice.

Izuku froze mid-movement. He had stripped himself of his clothes and was fully nude, his omega length hard and aching, slick was pooling and the scent of it was heavy in the air. Bakugou was sitting back, liking his omega coming to him, as a little dance and show. He had freed his thick cock from his pants and was readying to slide his omega down on his throbbing length. Bakugou's eyes were hooded and he was trying to stop from reaching out and gripping his mate. Izuku had wanted to do this himself.

Though this interruption had been very bad. Izuku let out a squeak, going red being nude and so sexed up. This surprise entrance had Izuku jerking back and almost falling back onto the floor and in a bad way, if Bakugou hadn’t caught him. The anger crossed his face as he looked to Annabell. No one was to see Izuku nude, but for him and the few servants that help him dress a few times. To come in to see Izuku in such an intimate pose and about to take Bakugou into his core? That invasion of privacy was punishable by death.

Bakugou shifted, putting Izuku safely back in his chair and making sure he was covered up with his cloak, so no more parts of Izuku that were only his was showing. Izuku caught Bakugou's arm before he could turn to yell or scream something at Annabell. Izuku stopped him and fixed Bakugou's pants, so his was cock was covered, even if it was still very much hard and painful.

“I don’t like the idea of her seeing you like this. You are my alpha, my mate and that is where my babies come from,” Izuku grumbled. Bakugou grunted. Ugh, if he didn’t have to deal with this woman, he would have pinned his mate and gave him his cock that Izuku had claimed as his only.

“I’ll take care of this,” Bakugou whispered to Izuku. He was upset and angry that Annabell had interrupted their private time. He turned to her with a growl.

“Annie, we were close friends once, but you can’t just come in here whenever you want. This is our private space. How the hell did you get in here!? Even Kiri doesn’t come here unless he asks,” He growled, and that was only because Kiri had a key. Only they, Kiri and a few trusted servants had a key to their rooms.

“I don’t think I need to remind you that seeing my mate nude is punishable by death. You’re lucky we’re friends and I’m not fucking insane like my mother. Get out,” Bakugou snapped.

Annabell's eyes went to the floor, in what could have been shame or anger depending on how you caught it. "I’m sorry Bakugou. I just never thought of us as private back then. I thought you were just having a normal dinner. I'm sorry. Remember you gave me a key long ago? Back when you and I thought we were fated mates....." she sighed, handing the cookies to Bakugou before she turned away.

Annabell's eyes snapped to Izuku in sharp glare before she left. The door shut too hard for a person that was so sorry about coming in like that. Izuku sighed raising an eyebrow. "I don't trust the cookies," he mumbled, as Bakugou looked at the treats. Izuku looked at his plate of food.

“No, don’t eat them. I don’t know if I can trust her, not anymore,” Bakugou said.

“Did you like her that much back then?” Izuku asked in a small voice. He feared that he would be replaced after the baby was born. Bakugou would get to be King and run off with Annabell.

Bakugou went to Izuku and dropped to his knees in front of Izuku’s chair, wrapping his arms around Izuku’s middle. “I did, 3 years ago. A lot has changed since then. She found her mate and left. I haven’t seen or heard from her fully in a year. Strangely, she didn’t come here with him,” he nuzzled Izuku’s belly. “I love you Izuku. Only you.”

Izuku smiled running his fingers through Bakugou's hair. “Ok, I believe you and have trusted in you… I love you too Katsuki,” Izuku whispered, as Bakugou moved up and kissed him.

“We can continue,” Bakugou whispered.

After the love making, Izuku fell asleep feeling a little better that Bakugou had told off the pretty lady. Though when the bad feelings came to him, it always came hard.

Izuku came awake from what could have been a dream, that he was not with Bakugou and he had never mated Bakugou. He shook his head and found himself a different room, nowhere near his and Bakugou's room. He was dressed in different, normal pregnancy clothes. Not the fancy one Bakugou liked to dress him in. Izuku got up and headed out into the hall where he found that he was in the guest hall.

Izuku was so confused to why was he there, in a different room from his and Bakugou's room. Izuku started to make his back to the main royal family. Soon Izuku got back to his and Bakugou's room and walked in, finding it not locked at the moment. Izuku entered, rubbing his neck and came to a stop after he shut the door. Moaning and groaning was heard. Someone was making love. Izuku's heart started to hurt, as it started to pound louder and harder in his chest. His hand went to his pregnant belly.

He came closer, peering into the bedroom. On the bed Bakugou laid on his back, Annabell riding him hard and rough. Izuku felt so sick. Though he noticed right there, Annie was pregnant and she hadn’t been yesterday. He had seen her body outlined in the tight clothes yesterday. At this moment however, Annabell was as pregnant as he was.

Izuku couldn’t believe this and he didn’t realize he was screaming until the guards were in the room and Bakugou was marching up to him, pissed off, a robe on himself and Annie in a robe too. Izuku was pulled out into the hallway. Izuku finally stopped screaming.

“Who the fuck are you?” Bakugou growled, Annie was moving so Bakugou couldn’t hurt Izuku.

“He’s pregnant Bakugou, don’t hurt him. I believe he’s your cousin's mate. You know they came to see us about our joy coming soon,” Annie whispered.

“Izuku just got lost and wandered here.” Kirishima was now walking up to them. His young were nowhere to be seen. Normally they were always with him. But Izuku wasn’t really looking at him. His heart was breaking as Bakugou spoke. A male walked up as well. This was Bakugou's cousin Zen.

“There you are Izuku,” Zen said. His eyes meet Annie. “I’m sorry, he was asleep when we showed up and he didn’t realize where we were,” Zen said calmly.

Bakugou sighed. “Shit, Zen I could have killed him. Are you sure he’s ok?” He asked some of his anger going away. Now he looked worried that Izuku was having some kind of mental problem, because why else would he show up in his room and start screaming at the sight of Bakugou and his mate fucking.

"You know how pregnant omegas are, their minds are a little unstable. Izuku also hit his head a few weeks ago. He’s still having some issues with his head," Zen said quietly, as he turned to Izuku whose eyes went to him.

"..." Izuku started to shake his head. Zen was moving forward and gripped Izuku so he stopped the shaking of his head.

“How was his head hurt?” Bakugou asked, eyeing Izuku.

"In that attack a few weeks ago, he was hit in the head. We were worried, lucky as hell he healed...... but still very... mentally unstable, one reason we came here was so he could rest and our young could be born together," Zen stopped talking when Izuku glared at him.

Izuku’s tears were coming more which turned into sobs as Zen went on with this lie. No one knew him here. His heart crumbled as he stared at Bakugou.

“Kacchan,” he whimpered. He watched with tears in his eyes as Bakugou turned to him. Bakugou’s face didn’t change, he didn’t react, but there were tears in his eyes too. Izuku knew at that moment that this was a spell of some kind. Izuku wondered if the real Bakugou could see out.

Zen grabbed Izuku's arm. “Come along Izuku.” He said, as calmly as he could. Izuku was dragged away by Zen, while Kirishima followed after.

“No Kiri, you know me. I’ve bonded with your children,” Izuku whimpered. Kirishima stopped and looked at Izuku, so hurt.

“Children? My children… my eggs were destroyed before they could hatch,” Kirishima said, so sad and angry at the same time.

Izuku shook his head, oh god.

When he was put back in the guest hall, Zen left him in the room thinking Izuku was more under the spell now and would stay there this time. Zen didn’t realize that the spell would no longer work on Izuku, his mind was stronger than the original cover spell.

Izuku found his way out again and down to a different room that he saw Zen go into. He found Annie also in the room now, the two of them talking in low voices.

“Ugh, I knew the damn kid would not forget or change. Shit, and if I want the baby we have to leave him alive. If nothing pops out when I’m due, this whole thing goes up in smoke,” Annie grumbled.

“Keep him under control and don’t hurt him, if this fake belly disappears too Bakugou will kill us both,” she added.

Zen made a face. “Fine, fine, but I’m fucking him, just to destroy what my cousin loves so much,” Zen grumbled.

Izuku held in his gasp and anger, they would not get away with this. But Izuku knew, he wasn’t powerful in magic yet and would need help. Finding an open window, so he wouldn’t make any noise as he climbed out, he headed out into the city. He knew he would have to leave his new home and would have to do so by boat. Hee found an old rowboat with a huge wooden box on it with air holes. As he got closer to the boat, he gasped at what he found in it. The dragon pups were inside, they had all been forced into the box.

“Momma Deku,” Emmy whimpered. The dragon pups had come to calling him mama Deku or momma Deku.

“Oh don’t worry sweetie, I’ll get you out,” Izuku said gently, getting the cage box opened. Though before he had opened the cage, he had pushed the boat off from the shore. Izuku knew he wouldn’t be able to get the spell off on his own, he needed help. His master. Izuku would have to take the dragon pups with him, because their parents wouldn’t save them. They were supposed to be dead. Izuku cuddled the 3 pups to him as they floated away from their home.

All Izuku had on him was hope and the wedding ring that Katsuki had given him. Which he would have to sell so he could have food for him and the dragon pups. Izuku never believed he would be leaving his family so soon. He had hoped he could save his home before his baby was born, but fate had other plans.