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Dragon Blade

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chapter 1 Smokescreen

Midoriya stood resting on his rake as he scanned his field; he had just finished the last row that needed weeding. Sweat had welled upon his forehead and started dripping into his eyes. Taking out a cloth he was able to dap it off before putting it back in his pocket. Since he was big enough to do the work, he had been taking care of his land and home. His mother took care of the inside and he took care of the outside. Midoriya’s home was far enough away from the city that he could hide when he needed to. When he went into heat his scent wouldn’t drift that far. He was a male omega who hated everything about his fate. On his I.D and the government registry, he was a quirkless beta. In reality he was a male omega, one that should have been mated off at birth to a king in hopes of creating a future prime alpha to rule the kingdom...Not that he was going to admit to his gender or tell anyone. He was going to continue to be a quirkless beta.

However, Midoriya wasn’t so quirkless anymore. Again, this was something else he kept a secret from the world.. He had been gifted a quirk, or at least Midoriya believed he had been gifted. He never felt different or seen anything different. In the past 3 months the all powerful knight All Might who had given him a quirk and a sword to call on. The thing is, when he called on the sword he was never able to pick it up. It kind of stayed stuck in the ground until he unsummoned it. All Might had told him you have to be balanced to use it. Though, All Might hadn’t stuck around long enough to explain anything about the quirk or the sword. Midoriya now had a useless sword he couldn’t pull out of the ground.

The wind blew around Midoriya as he looked to the sky, there seemed to be a storm brewing in the air which his crops needed a good amount of rain.

“Well I better go get that bread for dinner,” he said to himself as he put his garden tools away. He came inside as his mother looked up from cutting the veggie for their dinner tonight.

“You really don’t have to go to town. You have been working out there all day,” Inko said gently as she wiped her hands on the cloth she had while cooking.

“It’s ok mom, I’d like some bread with our stew. Besides, if the storm hits I’d like to be back and all settled in then,” Midoriya said as he kissed his mom cheek. He grabbed his little basic sword that he used for protection. He headed out in his normal wear clothes, nothing special on and nothing special about him.

Though as he got closer to town, he noticed something weird going on in the town. King’s men were wandering around the town. Knights were having people stand out in the streets, checking their scents and papers. Midoriya slowed his pace and stopped, looking around a corner of a building. Whenever the King of his country got word of an unmated omega or maybe a hidden omega female or male, everyone had to be paraded out and checked. Hell, they even stripped you down in the streets to check for a second gender if you were an omega despite the fact that an omegan scent could easily be distinguished from alphas and betas. The King was also in a big search for a rare male omega so he could have that chance at a prime alpha heir.

Midoriya had made sure no one knew him well in town so no one could ever think of him any more than a beta. Yes, some omegas were happy or excited to maybe give a king a child or one of the royal families. Omegas were the only ones to birth alphas and more omegas. Betas couldn’t, even if there was only one beta in the couple. Betas only gave birth to beta children and, of course, alpha normally didn’t breed with each other or couldn’t. Alpha females were rare and never seemed able to get pregnant. Only 1% of female alpha were successful in becoming pregnant and birthing a child, and when they did it was due to mating with a male omega. Male omegas accounted for about 15% in the world’s population, but there could be more, being Midoriya wasn’t the only hidden one. This was the hard-knock life for omegas. Omega could get pregnant outside of heat as long as the alpha knots. However, there was a better chance and stronger young if the omega was in heat and the alpha in a rut. The omegas that couldn’t get pregnant were turned to slaves or worse killed off since they were seen as useless. And to top it all off, the whole play of quirks was added into it all too.

Taking a deep breath, Midoriya debated if he should try to get his bread or turn and run, he didn’t want to be noticed by anyone, he just wanted to grab things and go. As he moved in the shadows, he noticed that some of the knights looked like they had been in a battle. Maybe this wasn’t just a search for innocent omegas, but they were looking for a wanted criminal instead.

Midoriya made it to the bread shop, went in and quickly choose his loaves of bread. The owner stared at him a little too long for his liking. “Sir, do you know what is going on? I haven’t seen the king’s men gather like that in town for a while,” Midoriya asked as he brought up the basket of his choices.
The owner eyed him closer now. Midoriya froze, reached up and rubbed his neck. He felt that his hidden scent blocker was in place on his neck so it wasn’t his scent. Even then, his cycle was still a month away.

“Few things,” the owner said finally. “King of the Drakoni came storming into the broads of our land. He and his dragon were brought down. They’re hiding somewhere around town. Also, someone blurted about a male omega. Our king still has no heir. He has 3 omega females who only gave birth to more omegas. If he finds this male omega he could finally get his prime alpha heir and someday with that heir rule over more.” The owner said as he took Midoriya coin.
“Wow, I didn’t know any of the Drakoni, little alone the king would show up here. His highness is a hopeful man, isn’t he? Well, I hope he finds his destined mate,” Midoriya said, hoping to keep kind words on his lips.

The owner's eyes stayed on him even as he hurried out. Midoriya quickly went around a corner and flattened his body on the side of the building. He let out the breath he been holding. For a split second, he waited for the guards to circle him and spirit him away. When nothing happened he made sure to high tail it out of the town, leaving the knights, the eyes of the city people and fear.
Midoriya walked fast and was all in his head so that he wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings. He didn’t notice anything unusual until it about smacked him in the face. A deep growl and the sharp smell of smoke in his nose had Midoriya looking up quickly. In the open field about 10 minutes from his home, was the creature of myths. A beautiful crimson red dragon rested there.

Midoriya almost dropped his basket and one of his hands went to his neck as he gasped. The dragon’s eyes snapped open and stared at the young man. Over the smoky smell that came from the dragon, Midoriya could also smell blood. Even though the dragon was the color of blood, Midoriya could see the dripping and flow of blood from where he stood. This was the dragon the king’s knights were looking for. The huge dragon turned his head toward Midoriya with a rumble in its throat and its tail flicked out in interest. Midoriya’s body was still frozen, until he noticed the blond man resting on the dragon that had been previously covered by the dragon tail. The blond man had an awful gash on his stomach and nothing had been done to stop the bleeding.

Midoriya stood for a moment, even though it felt like hours to himself. He finally set forward slowly to the dragon. “I can stop his bleeding if you let me near him,” Midoriya said.
He was crazy, but he didn’t think anyone should bleed out. The Drakoni and the Dragon were a whole different breed. Dragons themselves were rare creatures. Midoriya held out a hand to the huge creature. The dragon growled deeply again but it didn’t stop the green haired male. It sniffed him and his head pulled back a moment like he couldn’t decide what Midoriya was. The dragon head came in again this time bypassing the hand and went right for Midoriya’s head and neck, sniffing again. Midoriya froze, well if this was how he was going to die at least he died with pride. A dragon snack, fine. Midoriya gasped as the dragon ended up nuzzling him and gave a small lick to his cheek, before letting Midoriya move closer to the human who was passed out. Before he moved too much, he took his basket and set it in front of the dragon letting the dragon eat the bought bread.

In a side bag, Midoriya pulled out creams and bandages. After meeting All Might he had learned to start carrying around first-aid items. He got down very slowly and touched the shoulder of the blond. The male’s eyes cracked open. “I’m going to clean and cover your wound,” Midoriya whispered showing the kit.

The blonde let out a raspy breath of agreement and his head went back down on the dragon’s hide, closing his eyes once more.

Midoriya took that as a sign that he needed to work now. He got down on his knees and pulled out things and ripped part of his shirt to use as a towel to wipe off the blood and see the wound. It may of needed to be sealed off, but he didn’t have that skill. The best he could do was use the cream that would stop the bleeding and do it tightly.
“You’ll have to get to a healer very soon,” Midoriya said quickly, as he finished what he was doing. He pulled out a water bottle to wash his hands and clean some of the blood off of him. His mother didn’t need to see him bloody. His bread was all gone, it was going to be a story to tell already. Well, maybe his mother could make him some bread for tomorrow. He wouldn’t be traveling into the town again for a few weeks to let things clear out.

“Thank you little one,” a deep voice answered him.

Midoriya’s head jerked up and around to find the dragon staring back at him. “Whoa... was that you?…. I can understand you,” he said.

The dragon let out a rumbling laugh. “Yes, I can speak. Take care little omega,” the dragon said with a grin on its toothy mouth.

Midoriya tensed, the dragon knew. He jerked himself up to stand and quickly took about 6 steps back. He gave a bow and started to walk away at a fast pace. No chances… no chances if that Drakoni King comes awake more and the dragon tells him.

Red eyes watched him travel back up the path. ‘Tch’ was the only thing the dragon heard of his partner.

After taking a right turn from the main path, Midoriya came to the clearing that his house sat in. He froze mid-step. In his yard were many knights and guards around his home. His hand gripped tightly on his empty basket. Why… why were they all here? He has all the paperwork and the scent blockers to hide from the normal alpha. The shop owner, there had been time for the shop owner to tell them about Midoriya. Gulping the air in that had built up in his throat, he started moving forward again. He would get out of this. This omega would not be a slave or breeding stock. He held his head high as he came to his home.

The knights turned to look at him. “Izuku Midoriya?” one asked in his doorway. His mother stood behind him worried lines across her face.

“Yes sir, how may I help you?” Midoriya asked, to act as if nothing was wrong.

His mother was clearly afraid but trying not to show it. Inko had been hoping to get the men to leave before Midoriya came home, but she hadn’t been successful. With the search and stories and now verbal clues from the shopkeeper the knights had come and were waiting. “Izuku” she whispered, her eyes wide. She wanted him to run and never look back.

"It's ok, we haven't done anything," Midoriya whispered.

"You haven't been to any of the checkpoints when you turn 10 when the placing is now noticeable," one of the knights said.

"Some of the villagers believe there is a male omega out here. One that is not in the listing." another said calmly. "Nothing to be scared of if they are one."
"I haven’t noticed anyone out here. Beta tend to not notice omega," Midoriya said quietly.

They had fake papers made up to show he was a beta. Midoriya shifted further into his home and brought out the papers to prove he was a beta, with the official seal and everything. If he ran now they really would come after him. He made sure to stare at them and not back down.

The soldiers took the papers and looked them over. The paperwork was convincing, but the head soldier shook his head. “Anyone could fake these. Let us check your neck and then we will be on our way” he said, his hand going to his sword, willing to use force if necessary.

Midoriya’s body stiffened up at that. “That is real paperwork. What the hell,” he growled.

The soldiers were now moving in on him.

"I don't have to. By our laws, the papers are enough. It’s the reason I didn't have to be checked anymore over the years," Midoriya grumbled. “I’m a quirkless beta male just trying to make a living in this world,” He said. In his head he was sending up a prayer to any god that would listen. It would be ok, it would all be ok somehow. Though as his words were heard, he was grabbed from behind and his body forced into a bent position as the soldier brushed his hair aside finding the scent blocker on his neck.

The soldier pulled off the scent blocker and sniffed the scent. "Well, well look at this. A male omega. His highness will enjoy this. He’ll finally get his prime alpha offspring," the knight laughed.

Midoriya’s body jerked, trying to free himself. How did it come to this? Midoriya jerked again, only to have the soldier push and a little too hard. He felt his arm pop out of his shoulder socket. He cried out in pain, it ripping out as that happened to him.

Inko let out a scream of her own, rushing forward. “Stop it! Leave him alone,” she cried.

"I will not be a toy. I just want to be myself here," Midoriya yelled as he fought to be free this time. The knights knew better than to hurt the omega to much. Of course, Midoriya took the chance to pull out his basic sword and hold it in his good arm. He would not go quietly.

His brave and strong train of thought ended when the soldiers turned on his mother using her as a hostage.

In a sad breath he dropped his sword, holding up his hands, well hand, the other one wasn’t moving well. "Stop it. She has nothing to do with this," Midoriya grumbled.
A chill went through the air, making the hair on his arm raise. It had everyone freezing and looking to the sky as a growl ripped out of the huge dragon that came crashing down to the ground. The dragon let out a roar that made the ground shake and the knights fell back or leapt back. Midoriya stared at the huge dragon. Great, the best way to end the day was going to be eaten by the dragon.

"Great. Now we're all going to get eaten. Are you happy?" Midoriya yelled.

As if on cue, the dragon grabbed the soldier closest to him and snapped the guy in half. Blood and gore went everywhere, and Midoriya’s’s mother let out a terrified shriek as the dragon went for the rest of them. The Drakoni from earlier was there too, slicing through another soldier with one strong swipe of his saber. He shouted at them in a strange language that Midoriya couldn’t understand, pointing to the woods.

“Izuku! I think he wants us to run there,” Inko said grabbing his hand. She didn’t know why a dragon and a strange man were helping, but those questions could be asked later.

Using what energy he had, maybe even that quirk that had been given to him, he was able to pick up his mother and took off with a dash that wasn’t the norm for a human.
It was shocking for the few soldiers that were still alive. "He’s using a quirk..... How the—?" the lead knight said.

“Shit! Pull back for now. We will gain the omega later,” the leader grumbled, pulling back. He had been facing off with the Drakoni, keeping ahead of the dragonblood king.


The pain finally got to Midoriya and he had to stop and set his mother down. Inko gasped as she gripped her son's arm. “We must keep moving.” She whispered. Midoriya nodded as he took the lead still.


Bakugou's eyes flashed to his dragon. "Kirishima! Don't let them escape alive," he yelled.

Kirishima let out a stream of fire, hoping to fry the soldiers before they could get to their horses.


Inko could see the sky light up with fire, and feel the warmth even though they were some distance away. "I never thought I'd see a real live dragon," She said letting Midoriya pull her through the brush and trees with his good arm.


Kirishima raised an eyebrow as he snapped a few more soldiers. Few of them went for his tail like it would do damage there while on their horses as if they were keeping a faster speed. Kirishima snorted and was able to catch a few of the ones on horseback. He took the soldier off and petted the horse sending it on its way, before depositing the soldier bodies off to the side.


"He and his rider were hiding in the woods near home…. Both were wounded. I must have helped the blonde rider. He had a gash…. I don’t know. I couldn’t leave him there to bleed out.” Midoriya said as they got through the woods. He was finally able to let out a rasping breath when they had gotten a good distance away. "Are you ok?" Midoriya asked thinking it was ok for a moment, which he could finally speak.

Inko bent over, hands on her knees as she caught her breath. "Yes, I'm fine. Although this just reminded me how out of shape I am" She said slowly rising. Her eyes went to Midoriya's arm which was hanging useless at his side. "Sweetie, your arm." She said coming over to inspect it. It really didn't look good. Even if they had money for a doctor, there was no telling if it would be safe to go into town now.

Midoriya looked at his arm. "I know... I think it's just out of my socket ..... Maybe the next town over will be able to get it fixed…” Midoriya said as he rested back on a tree. "Ugh ok. Now the pain is catching up," Midoriya grumbled. He would have to get more scent blockers, luckily there was some in his bag he always had on him.


The fight finally ended leaving the Drakoni and his dragon in the middle of a bloodbath. Bakugou gave a swift nod of his head to Kirishima and the dragon changed back to his human form. "Thanks for backing me up. The horses will find somewhere to go," Bakugou said. Most of them had already runoff. "We need to find the boy...I think he's the one," Bakugou said his eyes were on the forest before them.

Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck. "You thought that girl was too Bakugou. Checked her over real good too," Kirishima said with a raised eyebrow at his partner and brother. “Though they did damage to him, those fucking dick heads. Male omega and to pop his arm out like that! What if it did something worst to him,” Kirishima gritted looking off in the same area Bakugou was.

"Being a male omega, he’s not going to come nicely.” Kirishima said with a cheesy grin.

Bakugou raised an eyebrow. "I had to test and see if there was a connection." He said with annoyance.

Bakugou's people had been blessed or cursed (depending on which way you look at it) with destined mates. If they found their destined mate they would find love, children...if they never found them they were doomed to a dull, gray life with no children. One could only have an heir with their destined mate. With Bakugou being king, he felt more pressure than ever to find his mate. He'd sensed them...a feeling that his mate was near this small town. He and Kirishima had flown miles here looking for his mate.

"I don't know if it’s him for sure...but it can't be a coincidence that he stopped to help us." Bakugou said as they made their way into the forest. Bakugou was in the lead, using his saber to cut a path in the thick brush.

"Well, you got lucky and we all thought we had the easy life when that woman showed up on your steps. Us never noticing that she was a fake for a while. Though not getting pregnant should have proved it," Kirishima said as he followed.

Bakugou had taken the girl, even had a wedding because he thought that the female omega was his destined mate. But the true mate to this lady showed up one night demanding to have their mate back. They were just hoping to get a child and one from the king. Bakugou being Bakugou had them kicked out of the kingdom nude and no one to give them clothes or food. For taking his time, trying to take his seed and lying. He knew when trying for a baby he hadn't liked her and her loose body.

"Kiri, please don't remind me of that bitch. Such a waste of time. I should have known. I never felt the connection that the poets talk about. Sex sucked too. My dick ain't small and she was still loose," He grumbled, kicking a pine cone. It went flying and almost took out a poor squirrel. It squeaked in alarm and then scurried off. "What about you? Ever think about spawning with a female or male? I know you ain't social with your race, but you do need to make baby dragons right?" Bakugou asked his buddy.

Dragons were able to breed with any gender, they had evolved like this to keep the dragon race alive. So two females or two males or male and female could have young, hell Dragons with some work could breed with themselves, though that way never really worked fully.

Kirishima froze up mid-step, his head jerking to Bakugou. He let out an uneasy laugh. "You want some baby dragons flying around? Well if I really wanted to I could just have eggs by myself. Though it’s not as fun and I have to be home for my eggs for a few months. We’re never home." Kirishima said calmly.

"Damn she had been that lose? What she do, sleep with a troll?" Kirishima laughed.

Bakugou rolled his eyes. “Most likely,” he gritted.

Kirishima sniffed. “His scent is close that way,” Kirishima whispered.

Bakugou nodded.


Midoriya sighed as his mother had him sit down. "I don't think we should sit here too long," he whispered as he rubbed his neck. It wasn’t long before he could hear footsteps.
Inko pulled him closer. "Shhhh, if we're quiet, maybe they will just pass us by," she whispered.

Midoriya covered his mouth, hoping to keep himself quiet. It wasn’t long before he saw the blonde from before go walking by, a redheaded male following in his steps. Midoriya let out a small breath. He moved to finally stand and start moving out again, when he was grabbed from behind and lifted off his feet. Midoriya yelped and craned his head back at the blonde.

"Hey... Hey! Put me down," Midoriya yelped.

Kirishima sighed. “You could have just walked up to him. Scaring him isn’t helping." Kirishima mumbled as he crossed his arms.

"I didn't want to take the chance of him running off," Bakugou grunted.

Inko let out a yelp and hit him. "Let him go, you monster," she said.

Bakugou made a face, not even flinching. "Woman, we just saved your lives. Those soldiers would have taken your son and killed you," He growled at the woman.
Inko whimpered and edge back a bit from the fearsome alpha.

Midoriya groaned.

"His shoulder is still messed up Bakugou," Kirishima said.

"Let me go. I helped you and you saved us. We’re even now, so let me go," Midoriya said as he kicked his legs, trying to get free but he was good amount off the ground.

Bakugou adjusted his hold so he wasn't squeezing Midoriya's shoulder anymore. "No, can't do that. “ Bakugou said as he shifted Midoriya to be face to face with himself now. Midoriya yelped when he was pulled into a face to face hold with Bakugou who put his forehead to Midoriya's forehead.

Midoriya froze he felt a bing in his mind and soul. He also felt his body coming alive.

Inko stared at them both. "Stop it. Let my son go,” she whispered. Kirishima was keeping her at bay. This was a small test to see if they were fated to be mates.

Poor Midoriya was shocked when the strange blonde man held him even closer, nuzzling his cheek and his neck, rubbing his skin against his. The Drakoni king was rubbing his alpha scent all over him. It also didn't help matters because Bakugou was insanely good looking and he smelled great. Bakugou let out a small moan and breathed in the scent of Midoriya's hair. "It's you," he whispered. "Finally."

"What..... It’s me? What!?" Midoriya mumbled, starting to freak out more.

“You feel it too don’t you, my mate? What is your name?” Bakugou asked. He let Midoriya recover rather than jumping on him again.

Inko stared in shock and surprise, her face turning pink. That was something she didn’t need to know. “Mate? No, that’s not possible. Your kind never comes around here.” She said quickly.

"I'm not your mate... Izuku Midoriya.... and I'm no one’s mate... I had a home and a farm.... and maybe I have a mate already," he said. He wanted to cross his arms, but his one arm wasn't doing it. At least he was on his own feet again.

"What’s going on? Do you know what he’s talking about?" Midoriya said turning to his mother.

Inko looked over at her son. “He’s a Drakoni, I’ve heard stories that they have destined mates...a match, but that’s all they are, just stories.” She said. “Listen, I’m very thankful for you saving my son, but right now we need to get somewhere safe.”

Bakugou raised an eyebrow. “You can’t go back to your home. The sad piece of shit of a king here is looking for you. It’s best if you come with us” he said.

"Not just any Drakoni, he’s king. And you’re his other half," Kirishima said with a toothy grin.

"I don't remember seeing you before." Midoriya said quietly.

Kirishima's eyes for a moment glowed and shifted into dragon eyes. They flashed before going human again. "I was the mighty dragon that saved you before. That was me." Kirishima said with a laugh.

Midoriya stared sickly before looking at his mother. "We will just go to the next town and start over." Midoriya said quietly.

"You’re a known omega now... And being Bakugou’s fated mate, he can't have children with anyone but you." Kirishima said, but blinked to see Midoriya and his mother were already walking away.

Kirishima sighed as Bakugou growled. Kirishima stripped off his clothes and transformed into his dragon form and blocked the two from going down the path with his huge, scaled body.. "Safer with us." Kirishima huffed.

Bakugou walked over to stand next to his dragon, reaching out with a hand to rub Kirishima’s snout. There was still blood stained under his chin from the soldiers Kirishima had snapped in half. Bakugou’s grin was sinister. “You don’t have a choice.” He said. “You’re going to travel with us back to Volcom where we will get married.” His eyes then went to Inko. “And as my wife’s mother, you will live like a queen.”

Midoriya and Inko looked at one another before back to the Drakoni King. The look on Midoriya’s face was dull as he stared at the two, the dragon and the Drakoni. Shit, there goes the easy calm life.