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Lena heard a whisper drowning out the deafening silence in the white room. A room so white she couldn’t tell where the walls ended and the floor started spreading under her feet. She was in a corner, hands pressed to her ears because she was tired of the same whisper over and over. She didn’t dare close her eyes, for she knew there was nothing to be afraid of, but a pair of dark eyes staring back didn’t fail to terrify her; eyes that tore a hole in her mind, even if she knew they weren’t real. Nothing, she was alone inside her own thoughts.


It’s time. Just a whisper, but she felt forced to close her eyes.


A fraction of a second was all it took for the eyes to turn from dark brown into a shiny marbled shade of white, and a trickle of blood running down pale cheeks. The whisper became a cry for help, and that’s when she heard her name, like a distant call.


“Lena. Lena!” Millie gave her a nudge on the ribs, and gestured to the line of people in front of her. “Were you in outer space?”


Lena shook her head and realized she had been paralyzed for God knew how long. The visions were getting more intense. The blonde girl in front of her rolled her eyes and said, in the most annoying tone Lena had ever heard, “Hey you, chickie, make it three—”


Lena closed her eyes in exasperation, took a deep breath and finished the girl’s order out loud.


“Three Americanos and one Caramel Macchiato… Madison, right?” With a huge grin she waited for the girl to confirm.


The young girl in the black dress was taken aback by Lena’s behavior. Sure she hadn’t been quite nice to her when she started her order, but as far as she was concerned, Lena was just a barista at Starbucks in an awful green apron.


“My name is Queenie, Miss Know-it-all,” the girl said making a face and winked at Lena. “Make it quick, chickie.”


Blood running through Lena’s veins boiled like lava. She not only hated conceited people, but also liars. She knew the blondy had given her a fake name to get away with it.


Madison Montgomery. Want it or not, that would be the name in the order. What could possibly happen?


Lena went on taking orders from customers, but couldn’t help but smile when she saw the look on the blonde girl’s face when she saw her full name written down. She looked irate. Lena limited herself to smile and wave goodbye with an air of victory in the gesture. She saw the girl walk towards the exit with a group of women, all wearing black. A dark skinned young lady turned to her before leaving and gave her the thumbs up and the brightest smile of the day. Maybe Lena had done some good? She wasn’t certain, but she sensed it would be a very interesting Wednesday in the wonderful New York City




The hotel room they had booked was fancy enough to keep Madison comfortable. The girls were getting ready for bed after a long day walking the streets of New York. Zoe gawked like a tourist at everything, even the squirrels in Central Park. Queenie loved sitting on the grass, reading Lana Winters’ new book, while Madison complained about the sun, and the people around, and basically everything.


“Why were you so upset about it?” Zoe asked Madison from the bathroom. “She’s probably one of us.”


“What? No! It can’t be. I don’t want her in Robichaux.”


“It’s not for you to decide, though.” Queenie said. “That’s what we’re here for.”


“We’re here because Cordelia wants to show off on that TV show.” Madison rolled her eyes and got in bed.


“That’s not showing off, you cold hearted bitch. The Academy needs it. And you know why, out of all the Starbucks shops, Cordelia decided to go there.” Zoe turned the bathroom light off and walked to the room.  Sitting on the bed, she reached for a half-full glass of water laying on her bedside table.


“She wants more girls,” Queenie said, also sitting on her bed. She scratched her head. “But we always let them come to us. Why would she make us travel all the way from New Orleans for one girl only?”


Zoe shrugged and got into bed, covering herself with the duvet. “Maybe she’s the next one.”


“Next what?” Madison sat right up after hearing Zoe.


“The next Supreme, duh.”


“Speaking of Cordelia, I haven’t seen her since we left Central Park. She said she had some business to attend, but it’s almost midnight.” Queenie was concerned about the Supreme whereabouts.


“She’s a grown-up. She’ll be back for breakfast. Now let’s get some sleep, we’re having a long, long day tomorrow.” Zoe turned off the lamplight off and closed her eyes, so did Queenie after getting into bed.


Madison, however, was left wondering whether Zoe was right. That stupid barista couldn’t be the next Supreme. “Cordelia is acting weird,” she whispered.


“No, she’s not. Now shut up and get some sleep.” Queenie got into Madison’s mind and made her close her eyes. As Madison drifted off, her thoughts went back to that girl at Starbucks. She can’t be the next Supreme.



It was pouring rain outside and Lena was getting ready for bed when she heard a knock on her door. She looked at the clock on the wall. 23:30. Who could possibly be? She grabbed a knife from the small kitchen counter and walked to the door. Taking a look through the peephole, she saw a blonde woman who looked quite familiar. She was trying to remember where from when she heard another knock. Hiding the knife behind her back, she unlocked the door and slowly opened it.


“Hi,” said the woman in the black dress with a smile. She was soaked from the rain, but it didn’t seem to bother her at all. In fact, she had the kind of energy that made people think she wasn’t affected by anything.


“Hi.” Lena answered, a bit confused. She didn’t know whether to let her in, or ask a trillion questions. She tried to do what she always did when she first met someone, but the harder she tried, the more frustrating it became not being able to read her mind like she had done with Madison.


“It’s Cordelia. Cordelia Goode.”