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You won't be into aggressive flirting once you meet my wife

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Something hits Masaru Bakugou’s face and pummels him to the college’s gym floor. Moments later he blinks and recollects himself, hissing at the bruise on his nose caused by his cursed glasses. He picks up the wretched object and sets them down on the bridge of his nose carefully, pushing them up and sighing. He stands up and looks at the books that are scattered along the floor, a volleyball rolling in front of his feet. He picks up the ball and stares at it in annoyance.


His vision is soon directed towards a freshman running towards him and pinning him to the floor.


“GO OUT WITH ME!!” The feisty freshman yells at him, an obvious blush staining her cheeks. Masaru blinks in confusion.


“Wha- U-um,” He stutters, face going a light shade of pink as he feels her chest press against his. He pushes her off of him and dusts himself off. “I have a boyfriend.”


The girl’s face contorts into a suspicious look, eyes squinted and hands on her hips as she looks up at him. Masaru opens his mouth and is cut off by her interjection.


‘You don’t look very gay to me. You fakin’ to make me jealous or something, Mister? Y’know, I convinced a gay guy I knew to hook up with me and now he’s bisexual. So if you want I can do the same to you. You cool with that? I’m fuckin’ great in bed.”


Masaru blinks, taken aback by her rambling. He clears his throat.


“Uh, no, I’m not cool with that, sorry.” The girl whines.


“Aw, c’mon! Okay just go out on ONE date with me. Okay?? To get like, books and shit, you look like you read a lot with those funky glasses.”


“Uh, thank you? What’s even your name, anyways?” Masaru picks up his scattered books and hands her the volleyball.


“Mitsuki Baku-” She widens her eyes and stops stops herself. “S-Saiga.”




She snickers at his idiocy and punches him weakly in the chest. “Saiga, dumbass.”


She throws him back the volleyball, and he catches it just before it hits his face again. To his surprise he reads a phone number written on one of the white panels of the ball.


He smiles a little and adds it to his phone as Mitsuki Baku-saiga.