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Let Me Save You

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The first time Shouto Todoroki saves Izuku Midoriya is when his apartment building had caught on fire. He was trapped on the highest floor and no Pro Hero could seem to get him down without causing much damage to the rest of the building. It was a tricky situation but Shouto couldn’t just let someone burn to death. He was a hero, for crying out loud. 

Without thinking, Shouto used his ice to create a ramp from the top of the building, where the civilian was, to the sidewalk; where a paramedical team was waiting in case they were needed. 

Shouto then blasted fire from his left palm, springing him high into the air, reaching the window where a black silhouette stood, trembling with fear. Shouto blindly reached out a firm hand. There was a billow of black smoke crowding his vision; this worried the pro hero to a degree. People died from breathing in this kind of smoke, and Shouto really didn’t want anyone dying on his watch tonight.

“I need you to take my hand!” His command was slightly drowned out by the crackling of the intense fire and the mask we wore around his mouth and nose. “Grab my hand!” He yelled louder and the civilian seemed to understand.

A small hand gripped onto Shouto’s -it was so small, Shouto thought it might’ve been a kid- dull fingernails made their mark into the side of his palm. The civilian was shaking tremendously. Shouto had to get him out of there. 

The pro hero tugged roughly at the hand, causing the civilian to yelp and tumble out of the window, into broad moonlight. “Don’t worry, I have you.” Shouto spoke into the boys ear, his soot covered hair tickling his nose and lips. 

Shouto shifted his weight so that the boy could now hold onto his back, said boys arms instinctively went around the pro hero’s neck while his legs looped around his waist. He clung onto Shouto like a baby. 

“I’m going to jump now!” Shouto warned, his arm was starting to slip from the railing of the window, the ice ramp right below them, along with the hundreds of reporters and firefighters that crowded the street, watching their every move. 

The boy that held onto him shook with fear, a broken whimper escaping from his parched throat. Shouto used his free hand and placed it on top of the ones right below his throat and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “You’ll be fine, nothing bad will happen to you! Do you trust me!?” He hoped this would be enough to make the boy calm down, even just a little. 

The boy on top of him tightened his grip on Shouto’s entire body. “I trust you.” He croaked so softly into Shouto’s ear that the pro hero almost missed it. 

Shouto nodded once, his hand still resting firmly on the boys trembling ones. “Brace yourself!” He yelled, before letting go of the edge of the window. The boy on his back letting out a panicked yelp before burying his face into the crook of Shouto’s neck. He was free falling for a few seconds before his feet easily landed on the ice ramp he made, gliding safely down to the street, where crowds were already cheering for him. 

Shouto jumped from the ramp, a small ‘oomf’ coming from behind him. He hadn’t realized how close the civilian and him had actually gotten. Shouto’s hands were gripping  underneath the -still trembling- boy’s slightly muscular thighs, squeezing a little harder than necessary. The trembling boy still had his arms wrapped around Shouto’s neck but the tightness around his waist had loosened as the boys legs swung back and forth from either side of Shouto’s hips. The boy still had his face buried in the cloth of Shouto’s hero costume. It felt damp.

He immediately let go of the boy thighs and turned to face him, the sudden movement caused the boy to catch himself with his feet, slightly tumbling to the side as if he were drunk. Shouto grabbed his arm to keep him steady. Two men in white uniform pushed him out of the way, paramedics were already whisking the boy away, asking him countless  questions. The boy seemed too disoriented to answer them. 

Shouto had the strange urge to follow them. To make sure the boy was safe. He wanted to see for himself but held himself back. He had to stay back in case there were other civilians that needed saving. 

His partner, Ground Zero, smirked knowingly at him. “What’s that look supposed to mean?” Shouto deadpanned, looking at him through his peripheral. 

“Oh nothing.” The blond chuckled, patting Shouto’s shoulder with his gloved hand. 

“Ok, what’s that supposed to mean?” Shouto was now thoroughly confused. It wasn’t like Katsuki to be so ... secretive? That wasn’t the word. It wasn’t like Katsuki to beat around the bush. There you go. If he had something to say to you, he’d tell you straight up. So what was going on? 

“Nothing, Shouto, forget about it.” He shrugged, rolling his neck from side to side. “Just not ready for all the paperwork this is sure to bring.” 

Shouto guessed this was Katsuki’s way of lying even if there was some truth to it. He knew that wasn’t what the, normally raging, blond wanted to say. He nodded his head in agreement, deciding not to pry. It was probably nothing anyway. 


As soon as Shouto walked his way into the office the next day, his colleagues had suddenly turned all their attention on him. And it wasn’t like Shouto wasn’t used to attention, he was a pro hero, but the looks they were giving him made him feel a little on edge but he wasn’t going to let that show.

“What?” He asked bluntly, trying to take quick strides to his desk but was ultimately stopped by Mina. Shouto really wasn’t in the mood for her dumb jokes that morning.

“What do you mean ‘what?’? What was all that about, last night?” She lightly punched his bicep with a knowing smirk, similar to Katsuki’s. 

“Last night? What are you talking about?” Shouto was in the beginning stages of irritation. Why was everyone acting so weird around him? 

Katsuki expressed mirth into his fist, covering it up with a fake cough. Shouto frowned. “What’d you tell them, Katsuki?” Shouto knew he had to be the root of the problem. He was always getting Shouto into trouble, and today wasn’t any different. 

“Oh, relax! All he told us was that you went all googly eyes on a civilian you saved last night.” Eijirou smirked. “Was he that cute?” 

Now Shouto was confused. Last night? During the apartment fire? He’d saved at least a hundred people and he didn’t remember making ‘googly eyes’ towards any of them. Then he remembered the boy and his ... thighs. Were they talking about him? 

“The last boy I saved? You’re talking about him?” He enquired. 

The trio burst into teasing laughter. “So he does remember!” Mina cried, pointing an accusing finger at Shouto. 

“But ... I wasn’t making ‘googly eyes’ at him.” He protested, folding his arms over his chest. 

“You clearly haven’t seen the pictures from the press.” Katsuki chuckled and pulled out his phone, scrolling through it then shoved it in Shouto’s face. 

Shouto squints to read. 

‘Pro Hero, Shouto, Saves Young City Boy From Burning Building’

So far, it didn’t sound too bad. Shouto skimmed through the rest of the article, only reading what he deemed important but stopped when he saw a clear picture of the boy he saved last night. The picture probably came from the school he attended. Shouto found out that his name was Izuku Midoriya and he was 19 years old. A year older than Shouto. Midoriya had really pretty big green eyes, and a mop of matching unruly dark green hair. He adorned freckles, that dusted all the way across his tanned cheeks. And his lips ... they were so pink and naturally pouty. Midoriya was pretty. Very pretty. 

“Geez Shouto, don’t drool.” Shouto hadn't realized how long he probably had been staring and cleared his throat, pushing Katsuki’s phone away.

“Wait so do you actually like him?” Kirishima asked, smiling wickedly.

Shouto scoffed at the idea. “I’ve never even had a full conversation with him. How am I supposed to develop feelings?”

This time Mina scoffed. “Oh please! We all saw the way you were looking at his picture. Even if you don’t like him, you think he’s attractive. And I’d have to agree, he’s super cute looking. Almost adorable. Like a puppy.” 

The other two boys nodded in agreement. Shouto couldn’t not disagree with her accusing statement.

He didn’t need Mina to tell him what he already knew. 


The second time Shouto sees Izuku Midoriya he tries to talk to him. Key word: tries. Some words were spoken, but Shouto wouldn’t consider it a win. More like the biggest loss in his social career. It was awful. 

Shouto was on patrol that night, walking mindlessly down the streets of the city ( the same city where the apartments had bursted into flames ) hoping nobody would cause trouble. He had felt particularly tired that night and was not in the mood to deal with any villains. 

It was twelve in the morning, no sane person would be up this late into the night. He stopped walking and leaned his body against the wall of a ramen shop. It smelled amazing. Maybe he would stop by when patrol ended in ... six hours. Shouto groaned internally. If there was one thing he hated most about doing hero work was being on night patrol. They were the most boring nights of his life, especially in the small city where he had been posted. 

“‘Night, Ochaco!” A voice, that was way too cheery for the time of night, chirped from the ramen shops door. The bell on top of the door frame jingled as the glass door slid shut. 

The voice sounded oddly familiar to Shouto, but he decided to ignored the strange feeling in his gut. It was probably nothing. 

“Oh, Shouto!” Shouto’s eyes snapped in the direction the voice had come from. Stood right in front of him was Izuku Midoriya, a bright smile plastered on his oh so cute face. His freckled cheeks were tinted pink and his lips were a rosy red color, probably from eating warm ramen. Shouto couldn’t stop staring down at them.

“U-uh ... Shouto?” 

Shouto looked into bright green orbs, he almost feels all the air knock out of lungs just from staring into them. Why were they so green? How were they so green? 

“Can I have your number?” Shouto blurts out. Oh god, he did not mean to ask that. 

Midoriya’s cheeks tint a darker pink and his eyes blow wide. “M-my what?” 

Shouto was panicking. How does he fix this? “I mean— because you're— very pretty ... you’re pretty— and I— Uh, wait no, not pretty! I mean y-yes— you’re pretty but that’s not why I want your number— Well it is kinda but— I’m leaving now.” That totally fixed the problem. Well done. 

Shouto turned to leave before he feels a hand grab his bicep, willing him to stay in his spot. He refused to look at Midoriya because he already knew the boy was staring at him with his intense green eyes. 

“I-I’ll give you my number.” Those words cause a spurt of ice to shoot out of Shouto’s right hand, freezing Midoriya’s feet to the floor. 

Everything happened too fast, Midoriya screamed in shock, his arms swinging wildly to catch his balance that he eventually lost and tumbled clumsily into Shouto’s chest. 

“I’m sorry!” Shouto yelped, getting on his knees -leaving Midoriya to lean awkwardly on the ramen shops wall- and began thawing the ice as quickly as he could. The burn of embarrassment quickly fell onto his cheeks. This was a mess. He was a mess. And he just froze a cute boys feet to the floor because he said he’d give Shouto his number. Shouto wanted death. He wanted it now.

Once the ice was thawed, Midoriya’s red boots were soaked and were now a darker red color than they were originally meant to be. Shouto was thoroughly embarrassed and wanted this entire night to be over so he could die in his shower. Cute boys couldn’t follow him into showers. 

“Midoriya, I’m so sorry for this. If you wouldn’t mind forgetting this whole thing ever happened I would be eternally grateful.” Shouto was definitely not looking into his eyes. No way. 

“How do you know my name—? Wait so you don’t want my—? Wait, what’s happening?” Midoriya spewed questions left and right, Shouto knew the answer to all of them but stayed silent. 

He ruffled his dual colored hair and ran a hand down his face, really hoping that this was all a bad dream but came to the realization that it wasn’t when he made eye contact with Midoriya. He cringed inwardly. This was so awkward. 


“Yes, I want your number. Yes, I think you’re pretty. I know your name because I read an article about the night I saved you. It had a picture of you and your name.” Shouto said robotically. He really wanted to run. Run as far as his legs could take him. 

Midoriya blushed profusely at his words. What had he said? “Y-You think I’m p-pretty?” Oh.

What had he done in his past life to deserve this? “Did I say that?” He tried steering the conversation to be more in his favor. 

“I-I think? You’re not making a whole lot of sense right now, Shouto.” Midoriya frowned. 

Shouto sighed loudly, thinking about all the different ways he could end his life right in that very moment. Midoriya sank into himself. “S-Sorry! I’m probably being so a-annoying right now. I-I’ll leave.” Shouto’s eyes widen and this time he grabs Midoriya’s bicep, preventing him from moving even a step away.

”No! That’s not what I meant— God I’m such a mess.” He groaned out loud this time, causing a small giggle to come out of Midoriya’s mouth. Wow, that was the most adorable thing Shouto had ever heard. “Can we start all over? Please?” 

Midoriya face lit up at his words. “I would like that.” 

Shouto literally feels his whole body relax and his heart rate slow down to a normal pace. That was the most stressful conversation he’s ever had in his life, and he has Enji Todoroki as a father. He believed with his entire heart that he’d messed up any chance at getting Midoriya’s number, thank goodness the boy was so forgiving because if the roles were reversed Shouto would’ve ran off the second he had been hit with ice. 

“Here’s my number. Next time we meet, please try not to freeze my feet.” Shouto’s heart swelled at the thought of there being a next time with Midoriya until he realized his other words. “Hey! I thought we were starting over!” Shouto frowned. 

Midoriya laughed heartily. “I couldn’t help it!” His phone dinged in his pocket and a look of realization falls on his face. “Oh my gosh, it’s so late! I-I have to get going!” Midoriya buzzed. 

Shouto hadn’t realized how long they’d been talking. It was almost one in the morning. Disappointment swelled in his stomach, he really didn’t want Midoriya to leave. It’d be so boring without him. “Would you like me to walk you home? It’s late, you never know what could be lurking at this time.” Shouto hoped his attempt at being able to spend a little more time with Midoriya wasn’t too obvious. 

Midoriya smiled sheepishly and scratched the back of his neck. “Yes, please. If you don’t mind.” 

Shouto let a small smile creep onto his face. “I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t want to, Midoriya.” Shouto really had not business acting so boldly towards Midoriya after the mess of the conversation he had previously with the greenette. 

A faint blush seeped into the apples of Midoriya’s cheeks. “R-Right. Well, let’s get going then.” 

After Midoriya had made it safely to his mothers house, since his apartment had burned down, Shouto couldn’t stop replaying the better parts of their conversation. 

The rest of the five hour shift went by fairly quickly, Shouto’s mind solely on a certain green haired boy. 


The third time Shouto talks to Izuku Midoriya is on the phone in his office. The two of them had been calling and texting regularly since Izuku had given Shouto his number which happened to be two weeks ago. 

Hey, Shouto! How’s your day going so far?” Their conversations usually went like that. Shouto never got bored of it though. Not once did he ever think of the possibility of hanging up on the blabbering green haired boy. 

“My day started a while ago actually. I got stuck on night patrol again.” He quietly groaned into the phone, Midoriya giggled at him. 

Is night patrol that bad?” His voice crackled through the receiver. 

Shouto sighed in despair. “It’s the absolute worst. You have no idea how boring it can get sometimes.” 

Maybe I should join you, and keep you company on the most boring nights.” Midoriya chuckled nervously on the other end of the phone. 

Shouto bit his bottom lip at the thought of spending an entire night with Midoriya. “Maybe you should.” He spoke lowly, a small smile grazing his lips. 

“Hey, Shouto!” Katsuki suddenly yelled, popping his blond head into his office. 

Shouto just about had a mini heart attack at the sudden loudness, almost throwing his phone across his entire office. Once he’d quieted his heart from the panic, he scowled pointedly at Katsuki who was now sitting in one of his office chairs in front of his desk. Katsuki merely smirked playfully. 

Shouto? Are you ok?” Oh right, Midoriya was still on the phone.

“O-Oh yeah, I’m fine.” He pointed silently at the door and looked Katsuki dead in the eyes. 

‘Out’ He mouthed. 

“No! I just came in to say hi, but since you’re being such a little priss, I’m gonna annoy the hell out of you. Who’re you even talking to?” Just great. Of all the times Katsuki had to walk in, it had to be when Midoriya had called him. 

“Midoriya, I’ll call you back in like fifteen minutes—“ 

“Midoriya!? You mean like the one you saved, Midoriya!? The one you think is cute, Midoriya!?” Katsuki purposefully yelled as loudly as he could. 

Shouto panicked and set his phone down without hanging up. “Katsuki! Shut the fuck up!” He yelled, throwing a roll of tape at his spiky head. 

Katsuki leaned over the desk and swiped the phone, putting it up to his ear. Shouto was gonna kill him. Absolutely demolish him. 

“Katsuki, give me back my fucking phone!” Shouto shouted, chasing the red eyed boy out of his office and into the hallway. 

Katsuki put Midoriya on speakerphone. “You hear your boyfriend!? He’s going absolutely feral!” Katsuki laughed and tossed the phone over to Eijirou who caught it easily. 

“Who’s on the phone?” He asked, still holding the phone out of Shouto’s reach. 

“Izuku Midoriya, you know, that boy Shouto’s been pining over since he saw his picture in the news.” Katsuki laughed as Shouto’s face turned cherry red. Midoriya could hear all of this

“Eijirou, just give me back my phone and maybe I won’t freeze your lunch solid for the rest of the week.” Shouto wagered. 

“Eijirou, don’t do it.” Katsuki warned, pointing a finger at his red haired red. 

What’s going on?” They all hear from the phone in Eijirou’s hand. 

“Your boyfriend is trying to hide you from us!”

”I don’t know!”


The trio shout at the same time, eliciting a small giggle to come from the receiver. Shouto smiled fondly at the sound. 

“Midoriya, just hang up. I’ll call you later, I promise.” Shouto spoke, kinda embarrassed that he had to do this in front of his supposed friends. 

“Awe, isn’t that cute. Romantic phone calls during work, so unprofessional, Shouto!” Katsuki playfully chastised. 

Midoriya giggled louder this time. Shouto’s face reddened. Fucking Katsuki. Shouto would murder him later. “Midoriya, I’m begging, please hang up!” Shouto pleaded. Katsuki and Eijirou laughed. 

Alright. Call me later?” Midoriya’s sweet voice crackled through the phone. 

Katsuki snickered. Shouto glared at him. 

“I will, promise.” Shouto sighed as Eijirou laughed silently at him.

Alright, bye! Talk later.” 

“Y-Yea, later.” 

After Midoriya hung up, the room erupted into boisterous laughter all aimed at Shouto. “This is too good! ‘I’ll call you later, I promise’. You totally like him!” Eijirou teased, ruffling Shouto’s hair before tossing him back his phone. 

Shouto turned as red as the left part of his hair. He really hadn’t given much thought to what his feelings were towards Midoriya and now that Eijirou had brought up the idea of ... romantic feelings Shouto tried to convince himself that Eijirou had gotten the wrong idea. But maybe the red head was on to something.

”You're not denying it.” Katsuki smirked. 

Shouto frowned deeply at him. “I’m not confirming it either. I think I’m just ... confused.” 

“Confused, how?” Eijirou quirked an eyebrow and crossed his arms over his chest. 

“Like I’d tell you guys.” Shouto scoffed, walking past them both and to his office. They followed behind him. 

“Oh c’mon! We could help you get with Midoriya.” Shouto did not like that idea in the slightest. Not after the stunt they’d just pulled. 

“After that phone call, I’m pretty sure Midoriya thinks Im a creep, thanks a lot, Bakugou.” Katsuki rolled his eyes. 

“He literally asked you to call him later. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t think you’re a total creep.” Shouto groaned into his hands. 

“Why do you even care? Since you claim you don’t have any sort of romantic feelings for him. Whats the big deal?” Eijirou pointed out, a smug look on his face. 

Shouto scowled at him and was about to protest but then shut his mouth. Why did he care? Did he actually have feelings for Midoriya? Well he was certainly very attractive and funny, and sweet, kind, selfless, did he mention insanely attractive? Shouto flushed at his own thoughts. Maybe he did have romantic feelings for the greenette. 

“What’s got you so red?” Katsuki laughed. 

Shouto gulped. What was this feeling in the pit of his stomach? Why were his palms becoming sweatier than Bakugou’s? Why was his heart rate abnormally fast? “M-Midoriya.” He sighed his eyes a little wide. “I think I like Midoriya.” 

“Yeah, no shit. Doesn’t exactly take a genius to figure that much out.” Katsuki scoffed when Shouto scowled at him again. “What? You’re not that subtle, especially since you’ve never even shown interest in anyone, like, ever.” 

Shouto supposed he was right. He’d never felt this way about anybody he’s ever met. He’s had minor crushes in his earlier years but they never made him felt like he was dying on the inside, in a good way. So what was different about Midoriya? 

“What do I do? I-I don’t know what to do.” Eijirou chuckled into his fist. 

“You should ask him out on a date.” 

Shouto’s left side burst into flames. Katsuki and Eijirou all but helped as Shouto feverishly struggled to pat down the fire that had singed his button up. His shoulder was suddenly chilly.

“I-I can’t ask his out on a date! Why would I do that!?” Eijirou seemed to have lost interest in the conversation as he pulled out his own phone and started fiddling with it.

“That’s the type of thing you do when you like someone, idiot.” Katsuki said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. But Shouto was still 18, and embarrassingly enough he’s never had a romantic partner before. How was he supposed to take someone out on a date when he himself had no experience in the ‘dating department’. He was screwed. 

“Oh, that’s right. You’ve never had an ‘other’ before.” Katsuki spoke again, mostly to himself. Shouto still flushed a bright red. 

“Ok, here’s what you’re gonna do.” 


Shouto sat on his bed, in his apartment, chewing on his fingernails as he fumbled with his phone. It was now ‘later’ which meant Midoriya was supposed to call at any moment, and Shouto could finally put Katsuki’s plan into action. 

The first step was to successfully ask Midoriya on a date. He could do that. As long as he didn’t have to look into Midoriya’s bright green eyes, Shouto should be fine. He could do this. He could do this!

His phone rang, Midoriya’s picture illuminating his screen. 

He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t do this! 

He let it ring for a couple of seconds before he gulped down a breath and put the phone to his ear. 

Hey Shouto!” Midoriya spoke excitedly into the receiver. Shouto felt his heart rate speed up. Damn it.

”Midoriya, hey. Before you say anything, I-I have something to ask you.” Shouto cringed at his own voice. He sounded so nervous. Midoriya probably picked up on it. 

Are you ok? Is something wrong?” Shouto was right. 

Shouto chuckled nervously into the speaker. “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

If you say so.” The green haired boy sighed through the phone. “So, what is it you wanted to ask?

Shouto felt the tightness make a comeback in his chest. “Uh, right. I was wondering if you wanted to go ... if uh ... if you maybe wanted to ... go out on a date ... with ... me?” 

An awkward silence passed before Shouto heard the phone call disconnect. He looked down at his phone in a panic. Midoriya had hung up on him. What does this mean? Did this mean he didn’t want the date? Did he hate Shouto now? Was he upset? He knew he shouldn’t have listened to Katsuki, now his relationship with Midoriya is ruined—

His phone rang again, Midoriya’s picture illuminating his screen for the second time that night. Shouto didn’t think he could answer but his thumb had already pressed the green accept button. “Why’d you hang up!?” He cried, feeling all the embarrassment hit him at once. 

I don’t know! I was nervous!” Midoriya yelped. Shouto could imagine how red his freckled face was. “Sorry I hung up, I swear I didn’t mean to, I-I just panicked.” 

Shouto ran a trembling hand through his red and white hair. Was he going to have to ask again? Shouto didn’t think he could? He was way too mortified to ask again. 

T-The answer is y-yes, by the way.” 

Shouto stayed silent. He could feel the temperature on his left side go up and before he could do anything about it his left side bursted into flames for the second time that day. Shouto yelped, in fear of ruining his precious bed and dropped the phone to the carpeted floor of his room. Shouto thanked God that Midoriya couldn’t see him. 

Shouto!? Are you ok!?” Shouto snatched the phone from the floor and put it to his ear. Christ, what was wrong with him? 

“I-I’m fine, Midoriya. It was— I just— set myself on fire.” Shouto groaned as Midoriya chuckled sympathetically at him through the phone. Shouto gulped and chose his next words wisely. “So ... that was a yes? F-For the date, I mean!” 

Midoriya audibly gulps. “Uh, y-yeah! I’d love to go on a d-date with you.” 

Shouto sighed in utter relief. His chest suddenly felt lighter than it did a couple of seconds ago, and he felt like he could breathe again. “Oh thank God, it would’ve been so embarrassing if you had said no.” 

Why would I say no?” 

Shouto shrugged and then realized that Midoriya couldn’t actually see him. “Uh, I don’t know. I’m a pro hero, my life isn’t exactly what'd you call peaceful.” 

I’ve never cared if I’m being honest. I always saw you on the news and I would always think about how brave you are to have gone into heroics. About how brave ALL pro hero’s are for going into heroics. You save people, Shouto. That’s something you should hold closely to your heart.” He’d never heard Midoriya talk in such a passionate way before. Normally the green haired boy would stutter over some words but this time he didn’t. 

“Thank you, Midoriya. That truly means a lot.” Shouto leaned back against his bed. This all, somehow, still felt like a dream. 

Of course.” 

After their conversation had died down, Shouto had to excuse himself because he needed to ‘shower’. In reality, he just really needed to scream into his pillow. 

Their date was set for next Friday at 7pm. And you would not believe how nervous Shouto was. 

Step one of Katsuki’s plan was completed and Shouto couldn’t help but let out the smallest squeal from excitement. He couldn’t wait for next Friday. 


The fourth time Shouto Todoroki see’s Izuku Midoriya is the day of their date. Katsuki had invited himself over to help Shouto prepare for the night ahead of him. 

“You should always keep one of these in your pocket when you go on dates.” Katsuki threw a little plastic square at Shouto, who'd caught it easily. 

“Uh.” Shouto said, inspecting the plastic in his palm. “What is it?” 

Katsuki deadpanned at him. “Shouto, you’ve got to be fucking joking me.” 

“I’m not ‘fucking joking you’. What is it? And why do I have to keep it in my pocket?” He questioned, furrowing his eyebrows at the blond. 

“Damn it, Shouto. It’s a fucking condom.” 

Shouto’s face immediately burned a dark scarlet as he throws the plastic back at Katsuki’s face, who was now clutching his sides from laughing so hard. “You’re 18 and you don’t know what a condom package looks like!? Ever watch porn?” He barked out more laughter. 

Shouto hid his face in his hands. How did Katsuki always manage to completely humiliate him? “Of course I’ve watched porn before! But I’ve never seen them use condoms ... why am I even talking about this with you!?” 

Katsuki shrugged and physically stuffed the condom into Shouto’s coat pocket. “I hope you know how to put one on, because I’m not showing you how—“

”I don’t even need it! I don’t plan on having ...  s-sexual intercourse with M-Midoriya.” Shouto’s face burned even more at Katsuki’s disapproving face. 

“Sexual intercourse? Are you kidding me, old man? Wait, are you a virgin?” 

Shouto groaned in utter embarrassment. Yes, he was an 18 year old who’d never had sex before big deal. “So what if I am!?” Shouto was too embarrassed to talk in his normal deadpan. Stupid Katsuki.

”That’s cute.” He laughed and ruffled Shouto’s -already done- hair. Shouto growled at him and slapped his hand away. “Stop talking to me like I’m some kid.” 

“You’re literally younger than me.” Katsuki scoffed, slapping the back of Shouto’s neck. “Are we done here? Your date is literally in like twenty minutes” He said, looking down at his wristwatch.

Shouto’s eyes widened as he looked down at his own watch. It was 6:43 pm. “Fuck!” He bolted up from his bed and grabbed his dress shoes, fingering them on as quickly as the universe would let him. “Lock the door when you leave and hide the key underneath the plant I have outside! I have to go!” 

“Tell me how it goes!” Katsuki yelled back. 

“Fuck no!” 


Shouto was out of breath when he reached the glass door of the ramen shop. It was 7:11 pm. He was fucking late. To a date he had proposed! Some guy he was. 

He spotted Midoriya from the see through door. He was sitting patiently and looked to be playing a game on his phone while he waited for Shouto. The partial red head cringed at the idea of having Midoriya wait for even a second longer. He was probably hungry! 

Shouto made sure that his breathing was even before stepping into the shop, revealing himself to Midoriya, who grinned brilliantly up at Shouto as he walked up the booth the green haired boy currently sat at. Shouto could feel his own grin twitching it’s way into his lips.  

“I’m so sorry for being late. I literally ran here from my apartment.” He slid into a seat across from Midoriya, their knees slightly bumping against one another.

Midoriya smiled even wider at this. Shouto wanted to make sure that smile never faded away. “I can tell. Your hair’s a little messy.” 

Shouto suddenly felt self conscious as he ran a hand through his hair, hoping, praying that it looked presentable. Why’d he always look like such a klutz in front of the cute boy sitting across from him? “I-I didn’t mean it in a bad way! I meant it l-looked cute.” Midoriya gasped, suddenly grabbing Shouto’s wrist and tugging it back down to the table. 

Shouto desperately tried to ignore the tingling sensation from where Midoriya was currently holding him. He smiled shakily. “If you say so.”  

“I say so.” The boy reciprocated the smile. Shouto believed that Midoriya’s smile was the best in the universe. 

Midoriya suddenly let go of Shouto’s wrist, leaving it feeling cold. The greenette was warm. Really warm. Said boy reached for a menu and began feverishly flipping through the pages a red blush decorating his cheeks. Shouto laughed silently to himself as he grabbed for his own menu and scanned it looking for something good. 

The pro hero couldn’t seem to make up his mind. Everything looked good. But he couldn’t order everything off the menu, now could he? “You’ve been here before, what do you recommend?” Shouto asked, laying his menu flat on the table. 

Midoriya’s eyes lit up like a christmas tree. “Well, my personal favorite is the katsudon but the cold soba is also pretty good.” 

Shouto had already eyed the picture of the cold soba on the menu before Midoriya had even said anything, now he knew he had to get it. “I think I’ll get the cold soba then.” 

Midoriya’s eyes squinted as he smiled the widest smile Shouto had ever witnessed. It made him feel all warm and mushy on the inside. He, impressively enough, managed to keep a composed look on his face. 

The waiter came and took their orders, he seemed a little too nice with the freckled faced boy sitting across from him, who didn’t seem to notice at all. Shouto definitely noticed. He felt the uncomfortable twinge of jealously creep into his stomach as the waiter walked away with a dazzling smile which was directed at Midoriya who merely smiled back, politely.

With the sudden feeling of possessiveness, Shouto reached his hand across the table and interlocked his fingers with Midoriya’s, who jumped at the sudden touch. “Is this ok?” Shouto asked after a moment, suddenly feeling bad about not asking beforehand. 

Midoriya’s face was a bright pink. A small smile etched it’s way onto his face. “It’s perfect.” Shouto’s heart stuttered at his words.

”Good, I kinda didn’t want to let go, your hand is really warm.” Shouto tightened his grip on the smaller hand. Although it wasn’t the complete truth, it wasn’t a lie either. Midoriya’s hands were very warm. Even if Shouto could regulate the temperature in his body, he’d rather have the green haired boy do it for him. 

Midoriya giggled. Shouto smiled lopsidedly. 

Their food had been placed in front of them by the same waiter who’s eyes lingered on their interlocked ones a little longer then Shouto would’ve deemed as appropriate. Pride swelled in his chest as the waiter stalked away, his mood seemingly dropped. Good

The pair reluctantly released their hands from each other and dug into their food, making small talk throughout most of the dinner. 

“So, what’s it like being a pro hero? Is it everything the media portrays it to be?” Midoriya suddenly asked, putting his chopsticks down to the side of his bowl. 

Shouto got this question a lot, and he always had the same answer. ‘I love everything about my career! Wouldn’t change it for the world!’ But Shouto felt the urge to finally change his answer. It wouldn’t make sense to treat Midoriya like some reporter. He didn’t have to lie to. He could be himself. He could say the truth. 

“Well, while it’s definitely rewarding, being a hero still has lots of downsides. I love saving people, I love that people feel safe when they see me. That’s the reward of being a hero, getting to see the faces of the civilians who look to you for safety. It makes any hero’s heart fill with pride. One downside of being a hero is not being able to save everyone. People could die on my watch. You could’ve died on my watch. Having that kind of pressure on you everyday is really ... scary. Especially since I’m the son of the number 2 hero. I have big expectations to live up to, sometimes I forget that I’m still a teenager.” 

Shouto’s breathing was a little heavy from speaking so much in one go. He looked up at Midoriya’s eyes. They were swimming with emotion. Those brilliant emerald eyes. Shouto cleared his throat before speaking again.

”I get that question a lot during press conferences, and I always answer in the same way, but I feel like with you I could express what I truly want to say when I get asked.” Shouto admitted, and reached over to interlock fingers with Midoriya again. He’d been itching to feel his soft palm since they’d let go of each other to dine. 

Midoriya’s eyes shone over a determined look glistened in them. “Thank you for sharing that with me, Shouto.” He spoke softly, and gripped  tighter onto Shouto’s hand. 

Shouto’s heart swelled with affection for the boy sat in front of him. He wanted to hold him and caress him and tell him how perfect he was. Midoriya was so amazing. How could someone so amazing exist? 

“Enough about me, though! I get to talk about myself all the time, since I’m a hero. I want to know more about you.” Shouto declared, he sat straighter in his seat and leaned in closer to Midoriya’s face. 

The green haired boy smiled sheepishly. “I-I’m not that interesting, not as much as you, probably.” 

“I’d bet good money that you are. It’s fine if you’d rather not share, though. I won’t pressure you.”

”It’s not that, it’s just ... my life is kinda ... boring, I guess? And I don’t want to put you to sleep.” He chuckled, self deprecatingly. 

Shouto frowned. He had a gut feeling that Midoriya might’ve been hiding something from him. So he went against his better judgment and pried. Shouto never pried. He never wanted to make someone feel uncomfortable but for some reason he couldn’t just drop this. 

“I promise I won’t fall asleep, I just really want to get to know you better, is all. There’s only so much phone calls can do for a relationship.” Shouto said, determinedly.

Midoriya chuckled weakly. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Shouto smiled encouragingly.

“Uh, let’s see. Well for starters my name is Izuku Midoriya, I was born July 15, so I’m older than you.” Shouto chuckled at that. “I’ve kinda been obsessed with All Might since I was a kid. I always wanted to become a hero and save people, like he does, but I was born quirkless, so I couldn’t. The urge to want to save people never left me so I’m going to school to become a doctor. It might not be heroics but I’ll still be saving people, one day, and when that day comes I’ll feel like I’ve finally reached my ultimate goal in life. To save people. To make them feel better. Even if it’s nothing like being a hero, I’ll still treat it like it is. I’ll be a hero, like you, like all the other great hero’s out there. I’ll save people one day, and I’ll be amazing at it.” 

Midoriya’s eyes glazed over several times during his monologue and Shouto was worried he was going to burst into tears. He was the one who had pushed the greenette to talk about himself. Shouto began thinking back to all the times he had wished he was never born with a quirk, all the times he’d wished he was born to a normal family, without any expectations. He was selfish. Shouto was selfish. There were good people like Midoriya who wanted desperately to be hero’s, to save people. Shouto was blessed enough to have been born with a powerful quirk. A quirk to save people with. He’d never take advantage of it ever again. He promised to Midoriya in his head.

”Thank you, Midoriya.” Shouto whispered. 

The boy sitting across from him looked dumbfounded. “Thank you? F-For what?” 

“You just— you opened my eyes. You made me realize something I should’ve realized a long time ago. Thank you.” Shouto spoke sincerely, his thumb now running across Midoriya’s small knuckles. 

The boys cheeks burned a violent red. Shouto felt the urge to pinch them. “Y-You're welcome, Shouto.” So adorable. So incredibly adorable. Just like a puppy. Mina was definitely right about that. 

It was now 9:30 pm. Midoriya had to be home soon, he had school the next morning and unfinished homework. Shouto teased him about still being in school. Midoriya stuck his tongue out at him. 

“So, when’s our next date?” Midoriya asked, a shy toothy grin etched onto his blushed face. 

Shouto’s eyes blow wide. He didn’t even consider the fact that Midoriya might have wanted a second date. He nearly froze Midoriya’s feet to the cement again. 

“Whenever you’d like. You pick the place and I’ll take you. Wherever you’d like.” Shouto hoped he sounded smooth and not like he was completely dying on the inside.  

The greenette smiled wildly at him. “Give me some time to think about it.” 

Shouto tugged at their interlocked hands and brought Midoriya closer to his left side. The night was chilly and Shouto didn’t want Midoriya getting a cold. Or that’s the excuse he told himself in his head. “Take all the time you need.” 

Midoriya leaned his head against Shouto’s shoulder, basking in the heat Shouto was radiating just for him. “Alright.” 

They continued on the route to Midoriya’s, hand in hand, silently enjoying each other’s presence. Shouto didn’t think he’d ever felt this content in his life. The green haired boy that leaned on his shoulder might’ve been the answer to all his life struggles, he felt. Maybe he was being a little rash, but it certainly felt like all his issues had just melted away when he was with Midoriya. Everything was so easy with him. Shouto didn’t have to pretend around him. He didn’t have to be Pro Hero Shouto, he could just be Shouto Todoroki the 18 year old, awkward loser. 

“I don’t want to let go! You’re basically like a walking heating pad.” Midoriya sighed and nuzzled his face into Shouto’s bicep like a cat. It kinda tickled. 

Shouto hadn’t realized that they’d made it to Midoriya’s mothers front door; disappointment settled in his stomach. He didn’t want to let go either. Midoriya made the first move to untangle himself from Shouto’s hold. “I’ll call you tomorrow?” Midoriya smiled, his big eyes staring right into Shouto’s mismatched ones.

Midoriya’s eyes were still the same vibrant green color they were when Shouto and him had first officially met. They were beautiful. Midoriya was beautiful. 

Shouto nodded. “I’ll call you tomorrow.” 

Midoriya grinned brightly. “‘Night, Shouto!” The green haired boy practically skipped to his front door and unlocked it before Shouto legs were suddenly possessed. 

”Wait!” Shouto yelped, tumbling over to the slightly shorter boy who stared up at him confusedly. With his new found confidence, Shouto gently held both sides of the freckled faced boy and gently pressed a kiss to his forehead letting it linger for a few seconds before pulling away to catch a glimpse of Midoriya’s very red face. Shouto chuckled. “‘Night, Midoriya.” 

The red faced boy smiled sheepishly up at him before wiggling himself out of Shouto’s grip. He waved once more before shutting the door quietly. Shouto couldn’t move. He wasn’t sure if he had frozen himself to the floor or if it was just his body refusing to move itself. He couldn’t believe he’d just done that. He replayed the last moment he had with Midoriya in his head over and over again. 

He replayed it on his way back home, in the shower, when he was brushing his teeth, and as he tucked himself into his bed. He couldn’t stop thinking about Midoriya. 

He wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not.


The fifth time Izuku Midoriya needed Shouto Todoroki is when he was kidnapped by the league of villains. Yeah, shocker right? Couldn't the author of this oneshot get a little more creative? 


Izuku had been walking home from school, he was exponentially tired that day. A day full of human cadavers usually meant an increase in adrenaline in Izuku’s body. Today wasn’t any different. He always enjoyed getting his hands a little dirty if it meant he was getting closer to achieving his dream. But with that added adrenaline meant a very sleepy Izuku. 

He was practically stumbling over himself as he walked to his mothers house; his mind solely on the hot shower he would get to take and the soft comforters that awaited him. It encouraged him to get home faster. 

In hindsight, Izuku should’ve known better than to walk by a dark alley way when it was late at night. 

A sharp kick to his temple had knocked him out, sending him tumbling to the floor in a heap of limbs. His body was dragged away, and was swallowed up by the darkness.

Izuku didn’t make it home that night. 


It had been an entire week and Izuku Midoriya was still missing. His mother was a wreck, Shouto made sure to visit her everyday to inform her of any new information they had on her son. Most days he had nothing to tell her.

Shouto hadn’t gotten a full night of sleep since the news broke of Midoriya’s disappearance. There were purple eye bags that were beginning to form underneath his pale skin. He looked dead. He felt dead. Katsuki had scolded him thoroughly for not taking better care of himself. But how could he? When Midoriya was out there, somewhere. Nobody even knew if he was alive or ... dead. 

A shiver ran down Shouto’s spine at the thought. He didn’t want to think about that possibility. He absolutely refused to. There was no possible way that someone as pure and as kind as Izuku Midoriya would just be taken from this world. The world needed people like Izuku. Shouto ... just needed Izuku. He needed to see him and hold him and to tell him that everything would be alright. 

Izuku was probably scared and hungry. Were they feeding him? Were they making sure he stayed alive? Were the people who took Izuku keeping him healthy? What were they waiting for? Would they kill him? 

Shouto almost had a panic attack that night, again, not getting enough sleep for the seventh night in a row.   


Another punch was nestled into Izuku’s stomach, his breath had been knocked out of him five punches ago, this time extracting the little contents that his stomach held. He retched horribly, dry heaving absolutely nothing but stomach acids. His throat burned tremendously as tears creeped into the corner of his lifeless green eyes. 

Izuku felt dead on the inside and out. It had been two weeks since he had been taken hostage by the league of villains. Everyday had been tortured filled, each day worst than the last. They figured out Izuku was quirkless and abused it to their full advantage. 

But they weren’t the only ones taking notes. 

Izuku had found out that the only reason why they took him was to lure in All Might, they’d somehow found out about his relationship with Shouto and knew that he’d be all over Izuku’s case until they found him. Wherever Shouto went, All Might was sure to follow. 

“He’s so loud! Someone knock him out!” Himiko Toga screeched, grabbing a fistful of Izuku’s matted down green hair and pulled roughly. Izuku let out an involuntary yelp from the harsh treatment his already bruised head was getting. The bruise from the kick he’d gotten a few weeks prior still refused to heal. 

“If we knock him out, he probably won’t wake up this time. We should probably feed him something before Shigaraki comes back.” Dabi deadpanned. 

“Feed him? Why would we do that?” Twice asked incredulously. 

”Boss said he’d be more valuable if we kept him alive. But if it were up to me.” Dabi crouched down, and cupped Izuku’s jaw with a calloused hand. Izuku winced in pain and tried to shrink away but the grip only tightened. Tear prickled his eyes again. “I would’ve killed him two fucking weeks ago.” 

Tears of humiliation, anger, and frustration ran down his face as the rest of villains laughed at him and called him names, even going as far as pressing on some of his freshly made bruises. After that, they’d all left the room where Izuku was left alone, chained to the floor. His ankle was starting to seriously bruise from the metal that constantly chaffed at his skin. It was too heavy for his weak body to even lift an inch off the floor. Every inch of his body seemed to be littered in bruises and gashes from the past two weeks of torture. He truly felt like a prisoner. 

Was anyone looking for him? Had they given up on finding him? Did they think he was dead? Was his mother ok? 

Where was Shouto?


During the same week, an anonymous person had left a hard drive at the police station, it was labeled ‘For All Might And Friends’. 

Shouto’s leg bounced up and down anxiously. What if it was Izuku? Was he alive? Who’d taken him? Who did Shouto need to kill with his bare hands? 

“Although I haven’t seen the contents of the hard drive yet, I’m sure they are not pretty. Let this be your first and only warning.” All Might pointedly glanced at Shouto who glared back at him. All Might had wanted to keep Shouto off of Izuku’s case because of their relationship but Shouto absolutely opposed the idea. He’d almost strangled the older man for even suggesting it. 

All Might sighed deeply before pressing a few buttons on the laptop before a paused video illuminated the projection screen. It was a still of a brown wooden chair. There were speckles of blood on it. 

“If it becomes too much for anyone, you may step outside.” 

Katsuki and Eijirou take seats on either side of him. Shouto knew they were staring at him, they were worried, but he didn’t care. He needed to see the video. He needed to know if Izuku was alive.

The video begins. 

There’s multiple footsteps that can be heard, and the sound of a chain scraping the floor. Then, Tomura Shigaraki’s ugly face comes into view. The press room gasped simultaneously. Shouto gripped on to the arm rest of the chair he was sitting in. He had a very bad feeling about this.

“Hello hero’s. This is the league of villains’ leader speaking.” Shigaraki stood creepily in front of the camera. “We think we may have something you want~” He spoke condescendingly. “Dabi, bring him.” 

A trembling figure is shoved roughly into view. It’s Izuku. “This is Izuku Midoriya, I’m sure you already know.” Shigaraki fisted a handful of the boys hair, lifting his head up for the camera to see. Izuku whimpered in pain. Shouto was going to be sick. 

Izuku ... didn’t even look like Izuku anymore. His eyes looked lifeless and his cheeks looked like they were sunken it. There was a humongous purple bruise, decorating the left temple of his face and there looked to be dry blood in his mouth, vomit stains all over his school uniform. His hair was matted down from ... blood. Izuku was trembling, and hot tears were wistfully coming out of his hollow eyes, he looked into the camera and right at Shouto. He wanted to look away, he wanted to run out of the room and back to his apartment. But Izuku’s eyes had put him in a trance that he couldn’t break out of.

“He was such a brat when we first got him, now look at him, he can barely keep his eyes open.” Izuku looked like he was about to pass out. Shouto was on the verge of a panic attack, frost nipped at his right cheek. 

Shigaraki let go of Izuku’s hair, his head falling down limply. “What I want is simple. I want the symbol of peace dead. If by 12 o’clock, midnight, All Might is still breathing, I will mutilate Izuku Midoriya until his body is unrecognizable. Your call, hero’s.

The video ended with that. Everyone in the conference room was silent. Nobody dared to utter a word. Shouto was shaking. There were too many emotions building up in his body that he was used to. He felt out of control. 

“Shouto, calm down.” Katsuki spoke. “I ... I know this is hard but we’ll save him. Don’t w—“

”Are you going to tell me not to worry? After watching that. You have the audacity to tell me ... not ... to worry?” Shouto’s breathing was labored, his multi colored eyes going dark with hot molten anger. “If it weren’t for me, he probably wouldn’t be in this mess. He wouldn’t be ...” Shouto gulped. “Half way to death. So, I’m going to worry until I have him ... safely in my arms.”  

Katsuki’s eyes widened. He’d never heard his friend talk with such conviction, not even when he brought up his childhood. “You’re right, Shouto. I’m sorry, that was a dumb thing for me to say. I’m just worried about you ... we’ve all been worried about you.” 

Shouto inhaled deeply and shut his eyes. He thought about everything that had led up to this moment in the past two weeks. All the nights he’d stay up, roaming the streets of every city in Japan, looking for Izuku. He didn’t want anyone to be worried about him. He wasn’t being tortured or beaten or starved ... he was safe. Izuku was not. Shouto exhaled. 

“Once this whole thing is over, you can start worrying about me. Everyone should be focused on finding Izuku. We have to find him by tonight or—“ Shouto’s voice cracked. “Or they’ll fucking k-kill him.” 

Tears welled in Shouto’s dual chromed eyes, too fast for him to blink away. He felt like a complete failure. He was supposed to be a hero, he was supposed to save people. Why couldn’t he save Izuku? Why? Why? Why!?

Shouto growled and threw his head into his hands, frustrated sobs wracked violently through his entire body. He’d never felt like such a disappointment in his life. He’d failed everyone. He’d failed the police station. He’d failed Izuku’s mother. And He’d failed Izuku. 

The room had cleared everyone but Katsuki and All Might stood in the room, and they watched Shouto with pity in their stupid eyes. Couldn’t they see? He didn’t want their pity. He didn’t want anybody’s apologies. He wanted Izuku safe. Standing around wasn’t going to bring him back.

What’re you two standing around for!? We need to go find I-Izuku!” Shouto yelled, he kicked roughly at the brown conference table in front of him. It felt good. so he kicked it again. And again. And again. Until it splintered in half. Shouto was breathing heavily, his head was spinning, his leg ached, and now his heart was in the beginning stages of breaking in half. 

His knees buckled and he fell to the floor in a bow. “I’m a f-f-failureI’m n-n-not a true h-hero.” He hiccuped into his forearm. “We n-need to find him, p-please, l-let’s find him.” 

Katsuki knelt down in front of his friend and carded his fingers through red and white hair. A gesture he knew calmed the partial red head down in the worst of times. “Shouto, look at me.” 

Shouto solemnly looked up at the blond. Katsuki looked more determined than normal. There was a fire lit in his ruby red eyes. “You have to calm down. I know that’s not what you want to hear right now but if you’re going to help us find Midoriya, you need to be in the right state of mind. Can you calm down for me? ... For him?” Shouto winced at his own state. 

He was trembling and his face was wet and hot from tears and snot. Shards of ice were jutting out of his forearm in an aggressive manner. He felt like he was suffocating, and his heart felt like it would explode at any second. 

Can you calm down for me? ... For him?

Shouto nodded his head and sniffled harshly his tears beginning to subside. “Breathe Shouto, deep breaths.” Katsuki coached, taking in some deep breaths for himself. Shouto followed his example. Breathing was a little hard at first, but it got easier. 

Once Shouto had finally fully calmed down, Katsuki wrapped his muscular arms around his waist and held him flushed against his own chest. “I-I’m ok now, Katsuki.” Shouto sighed, too tired to push the spiky haired boy away. His arms stayed by his sides as the grip around him got tighter. 

“I know, you just scared me, Shouto.” Katsuki spoke into his hair.

Shouto frowned. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.” 

“I know.” 

A moment of silence passed.

“We’re going to find him, right?”

”Of course we will. We’re bringing him home. Tonight.“


Izuku was terrified. It was 11:30 pm. The pro hero’s had 30 minutes left or his life was over. Literally over. He was still chained to the floor, the group of villains were drinking and chatting as if they were out on the town with good friends. It made Izuku sick to his stomach. How could they stand the smell of all his bodily fluids? How could they just sit around and chat as if Izuku didn’t even exist? 

“You think they’d let him die? I mean it’s almost time and nothing!” Twice spoke, finally acknowledging Izuku’s existence. The green haired boy sighed in relief. He knew he shouldn’t have felt grateful that he’d been seen. But nobody had talked or abused him him in over two days and he was starting to believe that he was dead. 

“Of course they’ll come! You know how hero’s are, always trying to make a big entrance last minute.” Shigaraki sounded like he was trying to convince himself of the statement, scratching his neck feverishly. “And if they don’t ... we’ll broadcast the boys death for all of Japan to see.” 

Izuku shuddered as he felt wandering eyes on his shaking form. Where were the hero’s? Where was Shouto? 

Tears fell rapidly down Izuku’s bruised face, the chain rattling next to him as he stirred. His body was so weak, he was surprised he could still cry. There was barely enough food or water in him to keep him alive. 

He continued to cry silently, his face was kept in a neutral expression. It almost looked like the tears were placed there by someone else.

It was 11:40 now. Izuku felt like sleeping. He was very tired. Maybe if he fell asleep, all his pain would go away. Forever.


Everything happened so fast, Shouto almost passed out from the adrenaline pumping in his body. The police force and every pro hero known to man was standing outside of the building that currently held his Izuku. Even his father was there, amazingly enough.

At 11:55 pm, All Might smashed the brick wall in, the impact from the massive punch shook the floor beneath them.

Don’t be afraid! I Am Here Now!

After the cue had been uttered by All Might, Shouto and Ground Zero blasted their way into the building, narrowly avoiding the violence that was happening. This was all apart of the plan. 

While the pro hero’s kept the group of villains busy Shouto and Katsuki looked around the room for Izuku. “There!” Katsuki yelled, dashing towards a sleeping figure who was slumped against the wall behind the bar. 

It was Izuku. 

Shouto willed himself to follow, the world around him suddenly disappearing. Everything sounded buzzed in his ears, like his head had been filled with cotton. He fell to his knees in front of the sleeping boy. His head immediately filled with the worst possible thoughts. 

“Katsuki.” The blond looked at him, a nervous glint in his eyes. “Is he alive?” 

His partner gulped but didn’t answer. He pressed two fingers to the side of Izuku’s throat, and kept them there for twenty seconds. Relief flooded his hard features. “He’s alive, but barely. We need to get him to a hospital, now.

You didn’t have to tell Shouto twice. “Wait, but he— he’s chained. To the wall.” Shouto frowned, picking up the heavy metal that weighed down Izuku’s battered ankle. Hot molten anger filled him up the the brim. “Katsuki, blast it off him.” 

Katsuki did as he was told, afraid that if he didn’t Shouto would go feral on him. “There’s an ambulance waiting on the street.” Katsuki told him as Shouto balanced Izuku’s frail body in his arms. “Take him there quickly, I’ll have your back in case anyone tries to stop you.” 

Shouto nodded firmly before taking off toward the enormous hole that punctured the brick wall of the villainous hideout. He held Izuku flushed against his chest before jumping off, landing with an ‘umf’.

Paramedics pried Izuku from Shouto’s grasp and Shouto almost set them on fire. “I’m going with him!” He growled, following closely behind where Izuku was being carried to a gurney. The two men in medical uniform glanced at each other warily, before agreeing. Not like they had much of a choice. 

Shouto huffed out an impatient sigh as they put an oxygen mask around Izuku’s mouth and nose, the mask turning a bit foggy. Seeing that made Shouto feel a little better. Izuku was breathing. He was still alive. 

Shouto hoisted himself into the back of the ambulance and took a seat on the bench next to the gurney. The doors shut, the siren on top of the truck blaring loudly. They were on route to the nearest hospital. Shouto heaved out a relived sigh, tears almost pricking at his eyes again but he willed them away. Izuku was safe. He was finally safe. 

Shouto stared at the sleeping boy that lay in front of him. He looked awful. He looked so exhausted. There were bruises everywhere. Shouto exhaled shakily and reached hesitantly for Izuku’s hand. He was scared he would wake the boy, who looked like he needed the rest. Shouto interlocked their fingers, just like they had done on their date. That was such a happy day, it felt like a million years had passed since then. Since they were both happy. 

Shouto pressed a fluttering kiss to Izuku’s bruised knuckles. “I promise, for the rest of my life, I’ll keep you safe. I’ll be the best hero I can be, for you.” 


Izuku woke up to a bright light shining in his face that hung from the ceiling. Had the villains moved him? Would this be the place he died? 

But then he realized he could breathe. A plastic oxygen mask encircled his mouth, and he was laying down on something soft. Why did he feel clean? And why was his ankle ... free. Izuku sat up hastily in the hospital bed he hadn't even realized he’d been sleeping in, his head spun from the sudden movement, but he didn’t care. He’d been saved. He was safe. 

Soft snoring could be heard coming from beside his bed. Izuku peeked his head through the curtains that hid the mysterious person from him. Izuku gasped and almost jumped out of bed if it weren’t for his injured ankle. He ripped the oxygen mask off his face as tears sprung in his eyes the moment he caught sight of the person he’d been wishing to see since he was taken. ( other than his mother of course ) 

“Shouto!” Izuku choked out, startling the boy awake, a snort escaping his mouth as he tried to subconsciously wipe the drool that had dribbled down his cheek.

Their eyes finally met. Everything happened so fast. One moment Shouto was sitting in the uncomfortable chair and the next he had Izuku flushed against his chest, his arms wrapped around his body reluctantly to not press down on any of the bruises Izuku’s body had sported. 

Shouto nuzzled his face into Izuku’s wild green curls and inhaled deeply. “I’m so glad you’re alive.” He whispered hoarsely, peppering soft kisses into Izuku’s slightly bruised scalp. “I swear I never stopped looking for you until we— until knew where you were. I never stopped looking, Izuku. Not once. Please forgive me for not finding you sooner.” 

Izuku’s eyes widened at the sudden apology and he pulled his sore body away from the soft embrace. Shouto’s head hung in shame. “Please look at me, Shouto.” Izuku pleaded, his own eyes filling with tears that threatened to spill over at any second. 

I’m so sorry.” Shouto whispered thickly, it was clear that he was trying to keep his own self from crying and Izuku was having none of that. 

“Shouto, please. I-I want to see you.” Izuku brought his hand up to Shouto’s chin, gently guiding him to meet his own gaze. There were tear streaks going down the dual colored boys face, his eyes were bloodshot red and he had dark purple eye bags. He looked miserable. “S-Stop crying! N-none of this w-was your fault!” Izuku sniffled, wiping away Shouto’s tears with the heels of his hands. 

Shouto leaned in to the touch a shaky sigh slipped past his trembling lips. “I should’ve looked— I should’ve looked harder.” The younger boy hiccuped, fresh tears filling his eyes. 

Izuku shook his head in bewilderment, the tears he’d been holding in, had streaked down his face, leaving wet trails on his freckled cheeks. “D-Don’t say that! Look at me!” Izuku pleaded again. Shouto hesitantly flitted his eyes to meet with Izuku’s. The latter cupped the younger boys face in his hands, determined to make him keep the eye contact. 

“Don’t you dare blame yourself for this. Don’t you dare! I believe you when you say you never stopped looking, I can see it on your face.” Izuku caressed underneath Shouto’s eyes. “Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for never doubting me. The same way you never gave up looking for me, is the same faith I had in you, that you’d find me. It didn’t matter when, I just knew you would, Shouto. I never doubted you.” Izuku gulped down his hiccups. “D-Do you understand what I’m saying?” 

Shouto nodded his head, solemnly. 

Izuku continued anyway. “I knew that you’d save me, and that’s what kept me alive, those two weeks I was gone. Knowing that I’d get to see you again. I stayed alive ... for you, Shouto. Do you understand? S-So stop blaming yourself and stop a-apologizing, because in the end I always knew you’d come.” 

Shouto’s eyes softened almost immediately at Izuku’s words, the scowl he had on his face had disappeared and was replaced with a blissed out expression. There was still some pain behind his eyes, and only time could heal the rest of his emotional wounds but for now Izuku was willing to offer his help. He’d be his temporary fix if he had to. 

“I missed you.” He finally spoke, his voice sounded stuffy, it made Izuku giggle. “I missed you so, so much, Izuku. I’m just ... I’m happy that you’re back. I’m so happy.” Shouto buried his face into the crook of Izuku’s neck and nuzzled it there, eliciting even more sweet giggles from Izuku. 

“I missed you too, Shou.” Izuku sighed blissfully, carefully wrapping his arms around the pro hero’s neck, holding him close. 

After what felt like centuries of holding each other, Shouto mumbled something into Izuku’s neck. Izuku giggled at him. “What was that?” 

Shouto lifted his head from where he was hiding his face and smiled down at Izuku. That smile made Izuku’s insides squirm. “I said—“

Hot and cold lips suddenly connected with his own pouty ones for a split second. “When’s our next date?” Shouto grinned lopsidedly, as he stared down at Izuku’s -sure to be red- face. 

The green haired boy gaped dumbly up at Shouto, who laughed quietly at him.

“Wanna kiss again?”

”... Yes, please.”