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Dumpster Baby

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"Hey you," Taehyung was getting more brutal with his thrusts, yanking at Namjoon's bubblegum hair and shoving his fingers deep into his mouth far enough to have drool pooling down his chin and having choking sounds gurgle out from around them. They boy looked up and away from Namjoon's fucked out expression, his staccato moans still loud in the air since as Taehyung spoke he never once let up on his thrusts. Another small dribble fell out of his cock as his boyfriend addressed the stranger, a burning knot in his stomach coiling itself in hopes that what he thinks is about to happen will happen. "Yeah you, baby boy hiding behind the dumpster with his baby cock out."

The boy grew pink, flushing prettily and that made Namjoon thrust his ass back onto the punishing thrusts hitting against his swollen and fucked out rim.

"Like what you see," Taehyung moved the hand that was in his mouth around his throat and started to choke him, pulling him hard against his dick and making him take it as tears started to roll down his face and moans grew a little to loud. The boy nodded at Taehyung's question and Namjoon groaned louder, trying to put on even more of a show than he was before. He was throwing it back, eyes lidded and pleading towards the boy as his mouth dropped open, tongue out and drool pooling down his chin as he whined enticingly.

Taehyung noticed and thrust harder, going a little deeper and staying there to grind into him and against Namjoon's prostate in order to make him more of a mess for their guest, a devilish smirk attached to his lips. "Wanna fuck him?"

A groan spilled from the boys lips, high pitched and needy as he gripped his cock and stared at Namjoon longingly. Namjoon wiggled his ass against Taehyung's dick in a way to entice both boys further. He got a hard smack on his bruised and purpling ass in retaliation, making him groan deep in his throat. "Can I please?" The boys voice was surprisingly deep but it was whiny as well as he watched Namjoon with clear want. It was obvious he would do anything to get his dick inside of him.

"What's your name baby boy?" Taehyung gyrated his hips before slowly slipping his thick cock out from Namjoon who wailed at the loss. His ass was slapped again, Taehyung's large hand gripping onto the thick flesh afterwards.

"J-Jungkook," The boy stuttered out but Namjoon could only focus on the large length in his equally as large hand as he tried to figure out how to get it in him.

Taehyung suddenly grabbed Namjoon's hair once more and pressed him into a startled Jungkook's crotch, pressing his face against him and he couldn't resist. He licked along the throbbing cock his cheek was being smashed into and whined high in his throat. "Look at how needy he is," Taehyung's voice was a growl and Jungkook was whining just as much as Namjoon was. "Come on baby boy, fuck his throat a little, lube up that big cock so that you can fuck him good." Teahyung was getting off on this, on making his boyfriend deep throat a strangers dick behind a dumpster, of shoving him down another's length until he choked and cried, wiggling his cute ass and squeezing his legs together because he wanted attention on his sore cock even though he had already cum so many times before that he surely didn't have anything else to give. Just selfish for the pleasure, for Taehyung to use him and abuse him and string him back together afterwards and it made him love him even more.

Jungkook was keening, gripping Taehyung's arm tightly since he didn't know where he could touch, what he was allowed to touch, but the pleasure was so good. The wet heat and suction made him tremble and he wanted to badly fuck the sexy boy with the cute dimples and jiggling ass. He wanted to sink his fingers into the bruises and leave some of his own but right now he was overwhelmed.

Namjoon was being pulled off of his dick and was being pressed face first into the ground, ass presented to Jungkook pretty much on a silver platter and Taehyung placed two large veiny hands on teh others purpled cheeks to spread and show off his glistening and gaping hole. "Fuck him."

Cock in hand, Jungkook waddled forward and did what he was told. Sunk into the tight heat of the boy being held open beneath him and moaned high pitch and needy, unable to control his hips as they bucked forward into the warmth. Namjoon was moaning, begging for more and Jungkook obliged, thrusting harder, thrusting faster, clinging to the others waist for dear life as he lost himself in the other's body, not even caring that they were being loud and were still very much in public. It all felt too good. To amazing to stop. He couldn't control himself.

A hand was being pressed into Jungkook's back and he was being moved forward so that he was leaning against Namjoon's back and suddenly fingers were being pressed into his ass and they stung but felt so good also. Taehyung was attacking his prostate right away as he stretched him out, but he only did it for a moment, just enough to make him wet and loose enough for him to sink in and Jungkook nearly screamed at the intrusion. It burned, but with the pressure on his cock he couldn't focus on it for long because Taehyung was pumping into him and not holding back, fucking him and Namjoon into the ground and there were stars in his eyes. "Yeah, that's it," Taehyung went impossibly harder and the two men beneath him were a mix of emotions and sensations. "Fucking take it!"

Namjoon was the one to cum first, biting into his arm in order to muffle his screams as there was more pain then pleasure, his balls drawing up to his body and spurting out nothing but clear liquid from his cock. Jungkook didn't last long after, with the way Taehyung was fucking him and Namjoon was squeezing him he came hard, blacking out and collapsing onto Namjoon's back as Taehyung fucked both of them into tears and over sensitivity until he came messily inside the younger boy.

"I'm Namjoon by the way," They were all tired, panting over each other and wearing dopey smiles on their faces.

"And this is Taehyung, my boyfriend." Said boyfriend was disconnecting them all from each other and cleaning them off as best as he could with what he could find on his person, already trying to snuggle them both much to Namjoon's amusement and Jungkook's nervous humor. "He get's insufferably needy and clingy afterwards so I hope you don't mind."

Jungkook smile a cute and cheeky bunny smile, "I don't mind at all."


~ 1 hour later ~

"What the hell?"

Jimin didn't expect to see three half naked young men cuddling in an alley but he didn't mind either.