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Starry, Starry Night

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Starry, Starry Night


It was the middle of the evening, the piano was playing the beautiful, artistic piece of the Prelude to Bach’s Cello Suites in G Major. The music was whole despite missing a second hand. This was why the musician chose the piece.

House sat in the piano looking contented. He hadn’t played since Wilson’s prank, a prank which he had forgiven his best friend for. In all honesty, he was in love with Wilson, he knew now that James was truly in love with him.

A person clearing was throat alerted him, it was his boss and hag, Lisa Cuddy. “House, I brought Pizza, Wilson is still at the hospital.”

“Thanks, Cuddy.” He said. “Come sit on the couch.” He extricated himself, from the piano bench with a thicker cane, he used just after the infarction. He sat on his couch.

Cuddy followed him to the couch. they selected a movie., they settled on a coming of age film, Dead Poet Society. A film was in the main character who killed himself because he wanted to be an actor, not a doctor.

After the film ended, they were both silents.

They both came from families like Neil’s. Cuddy’s father was a doctor himself, who wanted one of her daughters to be a doctor too. They both had to deal with parental pressures. So when she asked him, “Did you ever try killing yourself?” He wasn’t surprised.

House looked at her, appraising her motivations. When he noted no pity or mockery on her face, he answered with a nod. I was seventeen years old, After camp, I was in this slump emotionally, like most kids did, when they came from that sort of scenario.” He gave a sad little laugh. “Took my father’s gun in the backyard…. Then I thought it was stupid, and stop at the last moment.” He was silent, watching the blue television screen.

Cuddy was looking at him, studying him. House looked good, not counting the casted right arm, he looked great. The field out a bit with Wilson’s cooking. At work, he was still House, but he was less annoying. She just hoped that Wilson won't cheat on him.

Cuddy wanted to speak to John and Blythe, but it wasn’t her place. She vowed to protect House from his parents instead.

“House, can I asked a question?” She asked House nodded. “I want to know about what your mother knows, about what your father did?”

“Uhh... I don’t… think. No. He didn’t tell her about sending me to conversion therapy.” He said, looking straight ahead. Then his phone rang, it was his office, “Chase… the patient is having trouble breathing, Okay, I’ll be there in 10.” He looked at his friend and sighed.

“I’ll drive you to the hospital,” Cuddy said. House was getting his coat from the coat rack. Cuddy got her key, they got out outside to her SUV. She started her car and left.

“Cuddy, tomorrow is my day off….” House’s voice trailed off. Cuddy smiled, she knew about his date with a certain oncologist.

They entered the hospital entrance. Cuddy was matching his fast limp to the lobby, where he went straight to his office, and she to hers to work on paperwork.


Wilson was working late tonight, there was the department head meeting that got out late. Plus a ton of paperwork that he needed to conquer before he took a long weekend off.

The door opened and he saw House enter. “House, I thought you went home already.”

House looked at him, “My patient is getting worse, come with me, I might need an oncologist.” Wilson knew that this was an excuse to be with him. He knew that cancer had been ruled out hours ago.

Wilson got up, headed outside to House’s office. “Okay, Minions,” Said House, as Wilson was sitting down. “Differential Diagnosis, for difficult breathing and, kidney problems, in an otherwise healthy fifteen-year-old?”

“Well, he wasn’t healthy, to begin with,” Foreman said from the coffee machine.

“That’s my point, Foreman,” House said and rolled his eyes.

“Lupus affects the lungs,” Cameron said.

“You’re an idiot, Cameron, It’s not lupus. The timeline is off.” House said scratching his brow. “Or Cameron is right, and we missed something.” Cameron looked at him. “I’ll talk to the kid.” House got up with Wilson on his heels following out into the kid's room.

“What is wrong with Jack?” Wilson asked, he knew the family, he treated the brother for Cancer, 12-year-old, Leukemia, six months ago. The brother went into remission.

“If I’m right, then Cameron may be on to something,” House said, while they walked to the kid’s room.

The mother and father were with the teenager holding his hand. Wilson walked toward them. “Missis Henderson?” Wilson said, placing his hand on the woman’s shoulder.

The woman answered. “Doctor Wilson?”

House who inpatient with Wilson’s gentleness, took over. “I need to talk to him, I need to do my job.” He said with irritation directed at his partner.

“House, Don’t scare the kid,” Wilson said leaving the room.

House looked at him. “Okay, okay, now get out, Get them out of here!” He hissed to Wilson sotto voce.

Wilson ushered the parents outside their son’s hospital room. “So how long have you been having trouble breathing?” House asked, sitting down.

The Child, Jack was tall, dark hair and hazel brown eyes. The boy looked at House. “Since Andrew was sick.”

“So maybe six months ago…” The kid nodded. This frustrated the hell out of House. He hated people who didn’t tell the doctors that they have an ailment until they have a serious symptom. He needed to say something though. “You’re an idiot, kid.” The child looked at him clearly hurt, and House back off. “You were protecting your family.”

House sat as the kid list his symptoms and when it occurred. and said. “Jack, you have, Good-pasture Syndrome.”

“Am I going to be alright?”

“Uh… Good pasture syndrome can not be cured, but it can be managed.” House said and stand up.

“Wait, Dr. House? Can you get my parents….” Jack said when House was opening the door.

“Dr. House? What’s wrong with Jack?” The parents said in unison.

Wilson looked at House willing him to be polite with the parents. “He has good-pastures syndrome,” House said without preamble.

“What is good pasture syndrome?”

“It is an autoimmune disease, which attacks the patient kidney and lung. In Jack's case, he would probably survive.” House said, looking uncomfortable. “With medications, this disease is manageable.”

“It can be cured?”

“Nope,” House said, he added. “Autoimmune disease isn’t curable, but it’s manageable, Sorry.” The last word was spoken with a bit of sarcasm.

The parents getting the hint that they were being dismissed, went to their son’s hospital room. “House?” Said Wilson, looking at him.

“Yes, dearest?” House said and Wilson rolled his eyes.

“You can’t be nice?” Those parents are through going to a hard time.“

House looked at Wilson, looking bewildered and a little hurt. “House?” He didn’t reply. Wilson remembered the past week and a half. “Sorry, I am out of line, I know that you’re just doing your job.” Wilson noticed too late that he had set off a flashback. He dragged House to a supply closet. “House?” No reply. “God, House… I am sorry.” House came out of his flashback moments later. “You with me, buddy?” House nodded.

“Let’s go home.” Wilson nodded. They went upstairs, House limped close to Wilson, not touching but close. As soon as they were inside the elevator. “I played nice,” House said in a small voice.

Wilson didn’t know what was going on with his best friend. “House, Sorry, okay.”

“I am not nice, but I’m trying.”

“Yes, You are, I’m just saying you should be more tactful.” The door opened, and they went to their respected office.

Wilson guiltily entered his office. Tomorrow was their date, he smiled at that thought. Deciding to close-shopped until the next week, he went to House’s office.

House was ordering his team to check on Jack. When he entered the glass door. “I am going home.” He told them while moving past Wilson with a glare. “My ride is here. He shouted to his stuff. While they were at the elevator, he said. “I am still pissed at you.” He said to Wilson point-blank.

Wilson was surprised to hear that words come off House’s mouth. “I am sorry.” He said and kissed him on the lips. “Can I asked you a question?” Wilson asked. House nodded. “Does your dad says that all the time, that you should play nice?” House nodded again.

End of Chapter 1