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Buried alive

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“Eat up, bastard”, the guard threw his food carelessly on the dirty ground and stared disgusted at the old man. He hasn't been showered with the hose in weeks, his hair was greasy and sticking into his wrinkled forehead. His beard was way too long and gray strands poked out of his thick dark hair. The clothes he wore were ripped and dirty, kind of worn out and a little too big.

“Can't believe you were the biggest thread the fire nation had”, he spit on the ground, almost hitting the man, “Pathetic”

The guard left without saying another word and the older man waited for a few minutes before he mustered up the strength to crawl to his food. His arms and legs were tied together which prevented him from bending. It made it a lot more difficult for him to reach for the bowl but once he held it in his hands he smashed it into the ground again and again until there was nothing but shards across the ground.

He spent almost 35 years in this rotten cell and all these years he was certain that his friends would come to his rescue but that never happened. He didn't even know if his friends were still alive. No one ever told him what happened with them.

False hope let him think that he could get out of this cell and fix everything he did wrong in the past.

He was a disgrace and didn’t only fail his friends and the love of his life, he also failed the whole world.

Even though he didn't know what happened to the rest of the world when he was defeated, he knew that they needed the help of the Avatar.

Time was running and he had to hurry up. It was only a matter of time until the next guard would show up to check on him. He reached for a big and pointy shard with both of his hands, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Someone had to safe the world and cursed himself for not doing it earlier.

And although the fire nation has taken over the world, he believed the next Avatar can save the world.