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Danganronpa One Shots (all 3 main games)

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Hi everyone!! Go ahead and request whatever you want, there are a few rules though.


-no smut, I just don't feel comfortable righting that stuff but no judgment if you do


-please be patient I'm super slow and school is kicking my ass


-please be nice with your requests


-don't be...weird...with your requests, no creepy shit like Hajime x Monokuma


-I won't do anything like the above or anything I don't want to do


-also i forgot to mention this the first 2 requests don't need to follow this format but if you request plz mention your talent if you have one in your request, and what gender (Y/N) is and what time the story is, plus whatever else you want to add

Example: A Shuichi x female!Ultimate Toymaker, after Kaede and Rantaro's death, spending time with shuichi

that's all :)