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Everyone told Luo Fusheng that he would be good for be one model, so he decided to give it a try for the photographer Han Chen. For one popular magazine. 

When Luo Fusheng have think at be friendly with everyone to break the ice, but he was also a little intimidated by the photographer Han Chen. 

He followed his direction, and he was a good photographer. 

The theme was about the "Years 30".

The photoshoot was one success that Han Chen proposed to him other photoshoots. 
And he was trying to make him in ease because Han Chen really wanted to top this guy. 

Everyone knew how much he was one flirt and that no one resisted him, so Han Chen decide to invite lots and lots Luo Fusheng. 
Until one day where Luo Fusheng ask him shy "Would you have dinner with me" 

And Han Chen thought he looks cute like this. 

They had one wonderful night where they had one nice dinner and then Luo Fusheng invited him to his home. 

"You are beautiful Luo Fusheng, you are really beautiful" have said Han Chen to Luo Fusheng when he takes off his clothes. 

He really wanted to top this guy, what Han Chen didn't know is that Luo Fusheng had a little crush on him. 

Their night was wonderful because they kinda have worn out each other. 
It's was one wonderful experience and they were incredible. 

"When can we do it again?" ask Luo Fusheng 

"Mmh I don't know, darling but I would love to do it again with you, you are irresistible" 

Luo Fusheng was over the moon because he had one wonderful night and one beautiful morning.
He even loved kissed Han Chen who was just one good kisser. 

Then some week after, when Luo Fusheng arrives at the studio for one new photoshoot. And he saw Han Chen kissing another model. 

When he saw this he thought that his crush was finished that it's was only one night stand between them. 
Especially since he was tactile with the other model. 
And he becomes very insecure and jealous of all of this because he feels that everything that was one lie about the fact that he was wonderful, incredible, that he wanted him again. 

He thought it's was only rumor about the fact that Han Chen was a big flirt and that he sleeps with other models
He thought it's was only rumor that photograph does it a lot with their model. 
He didn't want to believe it. 

He has slammed the door with the strength that he didn't care if anyone has heard it, he was so furious and so hurt. 
That he have take one decision is to leave the town. He will also not answer his call or even his text. 

He have returned to the countryside where he kinda be one farmer again like he was supposed to be when his friend told him he had one talent for be one model. 
Maybe when he will be not so hurt he would try to be one model again for one another photographer. 

Han Chen had heard the door slammed, it's thought it's was the wind but he also saw Luo Fusheng. 
Was it angry or upset about him?
He doesn't really care about it since he thought that Luo Fusheng thought that he knew the rule of photographer and model sleeping together. 
And he didn't tell him that he wanted other moments with him or whatever. He was vague, he used what he does on everyone. 

But little by little he becomes to sens the feeling that Luo Fusheng was no present anymore, no more friendly moment or see his smile. 
He didn't think he would be so impacted by the passage of Luo Fusheng. 
He doesn't have the envy to flirt or makeout with the other, he just missed Luo Fusheng and he couldn't stop thinking about him. 

"Where are you? Why are you not back?" 

"Did you hear that Luo Fusheng have left us for another magazine?" says one of the model

"What?" asked Han Chen 

It's been 4 months since his departure from the studio of Han Chen and Luo Fusheng was working for the cousin of Han Chen who was Yang Xuixian. 
Han Chen couldn't believe the magazine and who was the photographer and he was so mad at why he left him… 

"Do you know where I can find Luo Fusheng?" ask Han Chen

"He will be present for the party tonight, so you will see him," said someone 

At the party when he arrived he was checking for seeing Luo Fusheng but he wasn't alone he wants with his cousin Yang Xuixian and they looked like they were very close. 
Luo Fusheng was the new model for Yang Xuixian magazine, he have meet him when he thought he would do one return to modeling. 
And Yang Xuixian was very good with him, everything was clear with him. 
They have talked about Han Chen where he have agree to mess a little his cousin. 
So he have tell Luo Fusheng and if we play a little game at the party. 

Yang Xuixian kissed his neck and told him "I'm gonna search something for you" 

Han Chen was so jealous that he had to see him 

"Luo Fusheng what are you doing here and with Yang Xuixian" 

"Han Chen, I'm here because I'm still one model you have maybe saw my new photo and Yang Xuixian is the new photographer and we are kinda together. Why are you jealous?" says Luo Fusheng 

Then Luo Fusheng leaves for join Yang Xuixian where they were talking and laughing. 

" So it's working I have do my job" says Yang Xuixian 

"Yes thank you, and I'm sorry for our relationship" 

"I don't mind and it's was fun between us, go grab your man and show him who is the boss, maybe we will see each other soon for family stuff," say Yang Xuixian and leave him with one kiss. 

Han Chen was so angry that he grabs Luo Fusheng and kiss him 

"You are mine," said Han Chen

"What do you think you are doing?" say Luo Fusheng when the kiss breaks off. 

"I'm not yours, you have fucking used me as you do with other, I have believed your words and drink them but it's was bullshit," said Luo Fusheng

Then Han Chen said to Luo Fusheng "I never wanted to hurt you, I care about you and I missed you so much, I'm sorry" 

Then he explains that he was cold because he tries to not be attached to models and that why he is a flirt. 

"I don't believe this, I still love you and want you but I don't know if I will totally believe in you" 

"I can change, we can be together I'm sorry" 

Some weeks after Luo Fusheng happen to be with Han Chen at one of his photoshoots where he kisses him, Luo Fusheng was back with Han Chen for the magazine and other stuff. 
He was the exclusive model to Han Chen. 

There is kinda some photoshoot with Luo Fusheng having some love bite and he have do one with Han Chen where they had both love bites. 
Luo Fusheng was more dominating and possessive of Han Chen now where he doesn't hésite that in bed their relationship takes the turn of dom/sub. 

And Luo Fusheng like to remind him every time when Han Chen is looking at other "You don't want one reminder of the last night with a handcuff and maybe something for cage something, and I would tease you the whole night and then after you will only think at me"

Han Chen loves really Luo Fusheng, he likes the idea of him possessive like this. 

One day one new model arrives and tries to flirt with Han Chen and Luo Fusheng looks at him and then he asks him " Did you try to flirt with her?" 

"Huh no, I didn't do something" he was now nervous then Luo Fusheng kiss him and touch his ass

"I love you" 

When Luo Fusheng décide to be one assistant, all that Han Chen was thinking was "Please that no models don't flirt with me, or I think tonight I will have some issue"

Then he said to some models "Please don't do something, think I don't exist." 

Then Luo Fusheng is at the back of Han Chen and he is leaving one love bites. 

"You are mine, darling" 

And now all the models think that they don't have to flirt with Han Chen, he will not give attention to them. 

During the photoshoot, Luo Fusheng had his arms around the waist of Han Chen

Han Chen was tamed now. And Luo Fusheng have tamed him.