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What's a Hero?

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Remnant was a wonderful world. Link spent his five years here adventuring and exploring. He would return to their house at odd times, sometimes in the middle of the night or in the afternoon before Button would come home from school. Each time he set out for a new adventure, Link scavenged for trinkets. When he came home, covered in twigs and dirt like a reckless child, Jaune would fondly roll his eyes and give him a peck on the cheek.

With a content sigh, Link opened the door to their house.

Jaune greeted him with a wide smile, “Hey Link! How was your latest adventure?”

Link grinned, his hands practically zipped in excitement as he signed.

‘Pretty good, I’d say!’

Jaune laughed softly and hugged Link. To mess with the shorter male, Jaune playfully ruffled Link’s hair. Link glared at him.

‘Very funny.’

“You’re tiny, so you’re cute!” Jaune reasoned.

Link went red in the face, ‘Stop talking.’

Jaune laughed louder. Link looked at anything but his partner. Jaune gave him a feather light kiss on his forehead.

“You know, my Link senses are tingling.” Jaune offhandedly mentioned as he let go.

‘Link senses? That’s new.’

Jaune nodded. He pointed to Link’s head and poked him.

“Thanks to Yang, we got a mental link. You’re thinking a whole lot about something.”

Link glanced away, feeling a little ashamed. He nodded.

‘Yeah, I am. It’s just-’

Link frowned.

‘I want to explore somewhere else.’

“Like a whole new adventure?” Jaune asked.

Curiosity filled his voice, almost encouraging Link to say more.

Link gently nodded.

‘Remnant is fun to explore, but I want a new place.’

A booming voice rattled in Link’s head. A voice he knew well. Yang.

‘For the low price of zero Lien, I can probably use a portal to send you somewhere.’


‘You don’t sound too happy.’

I feel bad. Remnant is like a home to me, and-

Golden fire roared. It eventually subsided, revealing Yang.

“Hey Yang!” Jaune greeted with a smile.

Yang waved to Jaune as she grinned. It rivaled the sun. She swiftly turned to Link. Her fiery lilac eyes softened.

“Nothing’s wrong with slowing down, you know.”


“Nope! You of all people deserve a break. And if you don’t want to take a vacation here, who’s stopping you?” Yang continued.

Link sighed. Jaune pat Link’s head.

“Yang’s right,” a smile tugged on Jaune’s lips, “you shouldn’t feel guilty about leaving Remnant for a while. That’s why it’s called a vacation, silly!”

Link slowly nodded, mostly convinced.

Yang placed her hands on her hips, smirking.

“With that out the way, I’m pretty sure you need a companion!” Yang chirped.

Link gave Yang an unimpressed look.

“What? Every hero needs one.”

‘Not you.’

Wow! Betrayed by my ex-bodyguard. I can’t believe-”

Link shook his head, ‘You have two other people to take care of. They would start missing you, wouldn’t they?’

Yang looked thoughtful, “Yeah, you’re right. Merc would probably start playing with hand puppets. Blake, well, she’s Blake.”

Link snorted.

Seconds went by as Yang stood in front of Link, thinking. She snapped her fingers. An idea sparked in her head, lighting up her face.

“Button would make a great traveling companion!”

‘Yes, but he has school.’

Yang turned on her heel and ignored Link. She smiled at Jaune.

“Will you give permission to let Button go on a crazy adventure?"

Jaune floundered, blinking in surprise.

“Uh, sure?” Jaune replied.

Yang laughed, “Never change, Jaune, never change.”


“Link, you’ve been overruled.” Yang shot back with a smug grin on her face.

‘By what, exactly?’

“The majority.” Jaune answered.

‘I hate both of you.’

Sure you do.” Yang teased.

Link glared at Yang. Yang chuckled.

Yang hummed a short song. Button materialized next to her with a fire tornado. He looked around in confusion, still clutching his pencil in his right hand.

“Is something wrong?” Button asked, voice cracking.

His high pitched, soft voice gradually got deeper and significantly less squeaky.

“Nah! But your dad here wants to go on an adventure.”

Button glanced at Link. He narrowed his blue eyes. Without looking away, Button chucked his black book bag onto the floor.

“I’ll be right back.”

Button raced up the stairs to his room. Yang and Link heard shuffling. Seven minutes went by. Button returned.

Button wore black aviator goggles with tinted green glass. It was snuggly placed on his head. A simple dark gray mask covered half of his face. It stopped at the bridge of his nose. He wore a pitch black short sleeved hoodie. A minimalistic lime green fire was printed on the right side of the hoodie. A silver pin of his emblem was attached to the hem of the hoodie. A forest green ‘B’ with two small feathers. Around his neck, he wore a silver necklace with a custom made ring. Mint green gems were engraved into the ring in the shape of feathers. The inside of the ring had the group’s name. Rising Moon. Gray baggy shorts with a cyan cloth wrapped around one of the belt loops, thin weighted wristbands that followed a black-teal gradient and obnoxious bright blue sneakers finished the look.

During his time in school, as well as training with Rising Moon, his weapons changed. On three of his fingers were silver rings, while his pinkie fingers had different colored rings. Each silver ring had a single chain which included a tiny dagger at the ends. Six rings were engraved with a celtic knot. Those rings were imbued with fire Dust, lighting up the black engravings. They burned with a faint orange glow. Aside from the aesthetic, the six daggers had a small hole poked into the tip. The two other rings were gold and simply had cut gems. On his right pinkie, the gems were emerald and blue sapphire. On his left, the gems were yellow sapphire and white topaz.

Like every weapon in Remnant, Button’s Feather Light also served as a gun.

“I’m ready!” Button exclaimed.

“Well, you heard the third man of the house! Off you go, Link!” Yang teased.


Yang hummed a short song. A yellow portal materialized behind Link. Button shoved the blonde into the portal, hugging him. The boy quickly transformed into a bird.

Link and Button watched a sea of golden light dance around them. Scattered, unfamiliar voices pierced the area. Link fell flat on his face as the portal disappeared. He was yanked off the floor by a thick white-gray scarf. His arms and legs were bound. A little too tightly. Now upside down, he stared directly into narrowed cherry red eyes.

This may be bad. Oh well. Urbosa!

A quiet buzzing noise filled his head.

Alright, then.

Link sighed. His ears twitched at the murmurs swallowing the room.

“Is that really a villain?”

“I’m scared, Aizawa-sensei! What are we gonna do?! Sensei!”

“This should be easy to deal with.”

“He looks so young.

“A villain our age? That’s insane.

The man holding Link captive grunted. His hair completely disregarded gravity, floating upwards. Link noticed the plethora of bandages covering his face.

“Where did you come from?” The tired black haired man asked in a muffled voice.

His question sounded more like a statement.

Link had no intention of telling him anything. He couldn’t really talk, anyway.

More high pitched, worried screeching came from a comically short boy. The noises made Link’s ears ring. He tightly shut his eye. Button frantically chirped.


‘I can’t breathe!’

A boy with rock-like features for a head rapidly waved at the man, averting his attention. He rapidly signed at the black haired man.

‘You’re suffocating a bird, please stop!’

The man’s red eyes widened a fraction. He loosened the scarf around Link’s body. A relieved sigh left Link’s lips. Button climbed onto Link’s pants to avoid having blood rush to his head. He flapped his wings, angrily squawking at the black haired man. He ignored the small bird, but wore a soft smile on his face. He briefly turned to the boy.

‘Oh, um, the bird is saying to let him go.’

Button quieted down.

‘He sounds scared, now.’

Button narrowed his eyes. The boy faced him.

‘I’m going to use my Quirk on you. Is that okay?’

A low, distressed chirp was the boy’s answer.

‘It won’t hurt, I promise!’

A loud angry chirp ripped out of Button.

‘Please! We just want to know if your owner is dangerous.’

The boy worriedly glanced at the black haired man.

‘Aizawa-sensei. The boy can’t speak, but he can sign like me.’

The man, Aizawa pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. He didn’t take his eyes off of Link. The black haired man tugged on his scarf, finally releasing Link from his binds.

“Explain.” Aizawa ordered.

‘I don’t know how I got here.’

Aizawa gave him a look. A couple of the children seemed put off by the expression.

‘I’m telling the truth. I just woke up here.’

“Without any memory?” Aizawa dryly asked.

Link closed his eye, rubbing his head.

‘I don’t remember.’ Link lied.

“I don’t get paid enough for this.” Aizawa muttered to himself.

A second passed. Aizawa spoke up louder, addressing his students.

“Iida-kun. Take care of your classmates. I’m going to Nezu’s office,” Aizawa turned to Link, “you’re coming with me.”

Link nodded. Button climbed up to Link’s shoulder as his feet touched the ground. He followed behind Aizawa once the tired man walked out the door. Mind numbing silence filled the air.

“Use your Quirk against me and I’ll have you arrested.” Aizawa warned, looking back at Link.

‘Got it.’

It wasn’t hard to understand what a Quirk was. It was hard to understand that laws were created for Quirks.

The pair strolled down the hallway.

Wow, I think this school looks way better than Beacon.

In record time they reached Nezu’s office, while Link was distracted by the school’s interior design. Aizawa gently opened the door.

“Nezu. We have a situation.”

Nezu peeked his head out. The bear-mouse-dog hybrid blinked once he spotted Link.

Link waved, unfazed by Nezu’s appearance. Nezu grinned and motioned towards his office. Aizawa stepped inside with Link following behind him.

“It’s certainly no fun when a person doesn’t freak out over a talking animal.”

‘You aren’t the craziest thing I’ve seen.’

Nezu laughed, “Well, this thing is the principal of U.A.”

‘It’s nice to meet you, Nezu.’

“You’re a rather polite young man, that’s wonderful.” Nezu commented.

‘Young man?’

“Nezu.” Aizawa called.

“Yes, yes. Why don’t we talk over some tea?”


I don’t think I have much of a choice.

“Just give me a moment to notify a few staff members, as well as some guests. Some special, some not.”

Nezu walked into another room. Link heard water boiling from the other side.

Within a few minutes, Nezu’s staff members shuffled in. Link jumped at their out there appearances.

Nezu came back into his office, grinning at Link’s bewildered expression. He set eight steaming cups of tea on the wooden round table they sat by.

“Not only are they teachers at U.A. but they are also heroes! Quite exciting, isn’t it?”

A loud “YEAH!” ripped out of the blonde cockatoo-looking man. Link grit his teeth, covering his ears.

“Are you alright, little listener?” The man asked in concern.

Link opened his eye and glared at him.

‘Sensitive hearing. Don’t do that again, please.’

“Got it!” The blonde replied in a softer tone.

The blonde gave Link finger guns and a wide smile. Link smiled back.

“Aww, this kid is so cute! That little cape is adorable!” A blue-black haired woman cooed.


The woman jumped out of her chair and walked over to Link like a curious animal.

“Now, now Nemuri-san.” Nezu chided.

Nemuri pouted as she sat back down. Nezu took a sip of his tea.

“Naomasa-san and Todoroki-san will be he- Oh! Good morning!”

Todoroki-san’s footsteps were heavy, almost commanding everyone’s attention. He scowled at the muscular blonde, then turned to Link. In contrast, Naomasa’s footsteps were light. He politely nodded to each person in the room. The black haired man stopped at the same muscular blonde, smiling.

“Why did you send for me?” Todoroki groused, flaming beard gently whipping around.

“We have quite the bizarre situation.” Nezu said as he motioned towards Link with his teacup.

Todoroki narrowed his cold blue eyes at Link. Link stared back, both confused and a little annoyed.

Why is he staring at me like that?

‘Is there something wrong?’

Todoroki didn’t seem to understand, but Aizawa and the zany blonde did.

“Todoroki-san here is just a big fat grump!” The blonde said with a snicker.

Link slowly nodded.

Nezu set his teacup down and clapped.

“Let’s all introduce ourselves! Starting with our pointy eared guest.”

They all glanced at Link, save for Todoroki. Link sighed as Button chirped up a storm. The man gently took Button off his shoulder and pet him. The green bird settled down.

‘My name is Link Dorephan. It’s nice to meet you.’

Nemuri cooed at him again. Link slumped in his chair.

I really hate my height. It makes me look like a child.

I’m Nemuri Kayama! Pro Hero name: Midnight, the R Rated Hero!”


“Aw, you aren’t fawning over me? Most teenage boys do.”

Link glanced away.

Teenage boys.

The teachers ignored her and swiftly moved on.

“Aizawa Shouta. Pro Hero Eraserhead.”

The loud blonde next to Aizawa pat his shoulder with a surprisingly soft smile, “He loves cats.”

Link blinked, staring at Aizawa.

‘Cats are very cute, but I think birds are better.’

Aizawa smirked. His smirk dropped once he glanced at the blonde sitting next to him.

“There’s one bird that I can tolerate.”


The eccentric blonde let out a laugh, “He’s talking about me! Pro Hero Present Mic, real name - Hizashi Yamada!”

‘You remind me of a friend.’

Hizashi grinned.

He does remind me of Nora. It’s funny.

Link turned to the last staff member. The insanely tall blonde smiled wider at him.

“All Might!” All Might bellowed with a flair.

Todoroki’s ice cold glare was a stark, almost ugly contrast to All Might’s boisterous attitude.

‘Uh. Okay. What’s your real name?’

All Might visibly deflated. He brightened up a second later.

“I’m sorry, but that’s a secret, Dorephan-shounen.”

Link narrowed his eye at All Might.

“You’re still curious, young man?”

‘It’s your business, but calling you All Might would be weird to me.’

“Oh? How so?” All Might asked, very curious.

He’s almost like a puppy. It’s strangely cute.

‘Hero names aren’t very big where I’m from.’

“Interesting!” Nezu exclaimed.

“What world are you living in?” Todoroki hissed, almost sounding venomous.

Link frowned.

“Todoroki-san, don’t be so cruel to Dorephan-shounen!” All Might chided.

Todoroki scoffed.

“Be sure to remember the name Endeavor.” Todoroki preened as he introduced himself.

‘I’m bad at remembering names, sorry.’

Present Mic translated for the group.

Present Mic snorted, then roared with laughter. The flames on Todoroki’s chin burst. It briefly doubled in size as the muscular redhead glared Link down. Link flat out ignored him, calmly sipping his tea. He smiled.

This tea is just as good as Blake’s. It’s a little less hot, though.

Link held out his teacup towards Todoroki’s flames, heating the tea up.

Link felt Todoroki’s rage. The man literally began to steam.

‘Are you alright?’

Todoroki grit his teeth, restraining himself from attacking Link.

Link took another sip of his tea.

Nezu cleared his throat.

“I have some questions for you, Dorephan-kun.

I’m starting to realize this world has different customs. Last names are used first. Then there’s suffixes? It’s strange, but not that hard to understand. Lie used his last name like this.


Nezu smiled, “First question!”

Link waited for Nezu to finish drinking his tea.

“Are you truly unable to speak? It’s not as if we can’t make accommodations for you, but it may be problematic for this little interview.” Nezu said as he stared at Naomasa for a moment.

Link briefly glanced away, touching his neck.

‘I lost my voice a few years ago, but my Quirk technically allows me to speak.’

“Wonderful! Go on, Dorephan-kun.”


Crimson washed over his blonde hair as a mix between gold and amber bloomed in his left eye.

They all stared at Mipha. Todoroki looked unimpressed, however.

“Is that all you can do with your Quirk?”

Mipha slowly turned to Todoroki. A soft frown settled on her features.

I am not willing to answer your questions.

Todoroki scowled.

What’s his problem? I don’t understand.

‘Perhaps he had a bad day?’

Try a bad week.

“We shall proceed with the interview! Do you know where you are, Dorephan-kun?”


“You are currently in U.A., a high school for heroes-in-training!”

Mipha’s eye went wide.

It’s like Beacon! This is cool, Miphs!

Nezu continued as he sipped his tea, “Yes, yes! The number one Hero academy in Japan!”

Japan? I’m sorry, what? Is that a country?

“Japan is a country, young man. No need to fret.” Nezu explained.

Nezu smiled a bit wider.

That leads me to my next question! Please be sure to be truthful.”

Mipha nodded.

“I’ve already come to the conclusion that you aren’t a foreigner, so to speak. You are a strange specimen, Dorephan-kun.”

Strange how?” Mipha asked, a little on edge.

There was a gleam in Nezu’s beady black eyes.

“You aren’t from North America, either.” Nezu mused to himself.

Mipha’s face contorted in confusion.

The smile on Nezu’s face turned maniacal.

“You came from an entirely different world, haven’t you? No, a universe!” Nezu rambled with a frightening look in his eyes.

Mipha’s face darkened.

“Answer, Dorephan-kun, answer!”

“Nezu.” Aizawa called, glancing at Mipha’s tense posture.

How did he figure that out so quickly? What is he? Where did that tea-loving, nice principal go?

Nezu stopped, coughing into his paw.

“I’m sorry if I scared you, Dorephan-kun. It’s a part of my Quirk and my harrowing past.”

Distrust flashed in Mipha’s eye.

“I gained my Quirk, High Spec, which enhances my intelligence. The way I got it was rather,” Nezu sipped his tea, grimacing, “disturbing.”

You don’t have to tell me anything, Nezu.

“You’re a very polite young man.”

Mipha blushed, “Er, thank you.

It’s true that I’m not from here, at all.

Nezu perked up in curiosity.

“Do you know how you got here?”

A portal, I think? I don’t remember too much.

“Are you really going to trust the word of a child?” Todoroki questioned.

“Not quite! We have Naomasa-san for that.” Nezu replied after a beat.

“Continue, Dorephan-kun.”

Mipha nodded.

The last thing I remember is winning a fight. Everything’s still rather fuzzy.

All they have to know is that I’m from a different world. Nothing else.

“Is there a reason as to why you’re being vague?”

I suffer from amnesia.

Todoroki snorted as if Mipha said something funny, “You could be lying, Dorephan.

“Again, Endeavor-san, we have Naomasa-san.”

Mipha feigned a pained look that swiftly changed into anger.

I don’t remember!”

“It’s alright, little listener! Just tell us what you remember.”

I was fighting a woman. Someone so evil.”

“A Super Villain?” Aizawa asked, incredulous.


You? How did you defeat a powerful villain with such a useless Quirk?”

The thing is,” Mipha’s gentle voice frosted over as she glanced at Todoroki, “I couldn’t use my Quirk in that fight.

“You must be joking.”

“He is telling the truth, Endeavor-san.” Naomasa countered.

“What happened, then?” Todoroki hissed out.

Mipha’s mouth stayed shut.

“Did you arrest her?” Nezu politely asked.

Arresting her would have done nothing.”

“You murdered the woman?” Todoroki questioned.

Mipha nodded. All Might’s smile was strained.

“At such a young age.” All Might mournfully commented.

“How did you feel, Dorephan-kun?” Nezu interrupted.

Link remembered the smog in the air, the disgusting smell of Dark Beast Salem. Rotten flesh. He remembered sobbing once he defeated her. A chaotic mixture of emotions swelled in his heart.

I was,” Mipha paused, not sure how to respond. She might be called crazy or even insane. Mipha settled for something neutral, “I felt relieved.

Naomasa hummed, “Are you sure, Dorephan-kun?”


“Please be honest.” Naomasa said.

Okay. I was very stressed, to say the least. She and I had a history. She was a villain, through and through. I had to be the one to put a stop to her. I failed once.

“Of course you failed. You are only a child playing games.

Mipha’s inky black pupil dilated.

Shut the fuck up, Todoroki. You know nothing of me so stop making baseless accusations.

“Dorephan-kun.” Nemuri whispered, trying to calm Mipha down.

Mipha exhaled hard through her nose.

I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have lost my temper.

“You’re fine.” Aizawa drawled, cracking a smile.

Todoroki simmered with anger.

Link pictured Mercury messing with the man. Mipha brought her hands towards her mouth as a soft snort left her lips.

Fucking high and mighty headass. His flames must be so hot that they “accidentally” burn boiled eggs.

Mipha wheezed, chuckling at the Mercury-like voice in her head.

“What’s so funny, little listener?”

Nothing, I’m sorry.

Button chirped out two words.

“Boiled eggs!”

Mipha sputtered and laughed harder. She regained her composure after everyone stared at her.

Um. Next question, please.

“You mentioned failing to defeat the villain. What happened?” Aizawa asked.

No comment.

Aizawa nodded, asking another question, “How did you manage to win against her?”

With my weapons, really.

“Weapons?” Present Mic exclaimed.

Mipha nodded, “Yes. I have them on me right now.

“May we see them?” Nezu asked.

Mipha rose from her chair, unsheathing her dual scimitars. They were enchanted with Yang’s magic, virtually unbreakable. Nicks and scratches covered both blades. Link liked the dents in the metals, so Yang left it alone, much to her disappointment.

“These are very well made!” Nezu praised.

Mipha smiled, “Thank you, but I can’t take the credit. These swords were a gift.

Mipha sheathed them.

Any more questions?”

“Yes! The most important question. Why do you want to be a hero?”

Mipha blinked, dumbfounded.

I’m already a hero?”

“You? A hero?” Todoroki snapped.

Without looking at Todoroki, Mipha continued, “I will personally shove your ass out the window. Kindly shut your mouth, please.

Nemuri howled with unrestrained laughter.

I am a hero and have been since I was seventeen.

“Wait. How old are you?” Present Mic asked as something dawned on him

Physically, twenty one. Technically, ten thousand one hundred and twenty-one.

“What?” Nemuri asked.


“I am so sorry for using the wrong honorifics, Dorephan-san!” All Might hastily apologized.

No, no, it’s alright!”

“It is quite rude.” Nezu reasoned.

Present Mic snapped his fingers, grinning.

“Instead of becoming a student at U.A., why don’t you become a teacher?”

Mipha smiled, “I’d love to teach your students! Thank you.

“We could have you take a written exam.” Nezu wondered aloud as he got up from his chair.

Nezu walked over to a desk, pulling out the drawer. He retrieved a sheet of paper. Mipha eyed it. Symbols were typed onto the page. She knew what she was staring at. A language. Mipha couldn’t read it, at all.

“Or not. We will observe your skills in one of the testing areas.” Nezu said with a smile.

Mipha nodded.

“Come with me, everyone!” Nezu chirped, already walking past them.

Everyone stood up, walking behind Nezu.

One question, Nezu.

“Yes, Dorephan-san?”

Will you or will you not launch me off a cliff?”

“Oh, that’s a wonderful idea. I’ll try that next year!”

Mipha grinned, “Someone would be happy to hear that.